Pretty Little Liars Finale Teases: Who's 'Safe'? And What's Up With Andrew?

Pretty Little Liars Finale

Never before in Pretty Little Liars history have the details of an episode been as tightly concealed as with Tuesday’s season finale (ABC Family, 8/7c), but that doesn’t mean executive producer Marlene King is staying completely silent.

“‘A’ loves ‘A’s games, doesn’t ‘A’?” King muses to TVLine, in what might be the most PLL statement ever stated. “It’s, by far, the biggest episode with the biggest reveal we’ve ever done, and I can’t wait for fans to see it.”

Below, King drops five teases from the final hour of Season 5:

1. The finale also promises to be a multi-generational affair. “The parents on the show, all of the parents, are about to find out some shocking news,” King teases. “It sends their course on the show into a new direction.”

2. Following Toby and Spencer’s recent reunion, King says the fan-favorite couple is “safe… for now,” though she’s quick to note that “nobody’s ever really safe on this show.”

Pretty Little Liars Finale3. Remember the final scene of last week’s episode, which found “A” playing with a set of dolls in prison garb? Remember how “A” appeared to separate one doll from the group — either Aria or Emily — and place it in a castle? King confirms that there’s “a significance” to that.

4. King says fans will love the “fun” dynamic between Ezra, Toby and Caleb as “our three guys … work together as a team for the first time to find a way to free their loved ones. We’ve never seen them all have a beginning, middle and end story together.”

5. King’s reluctance to discuss Andrew’s role in the finale speaks volumes. All she’s willing to say is, “He’s definitely in the finale, and he plays a large role in it.” Seriously, that’s it.

With only hours to go until the Pretty Little Liars finale, what are your eleventh-hour theories? Who’s atop your “A” list, and how do you hope this will all go down? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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  1. Nick says:

    I bet that doll is Aria and she is “A”.

  2. zac says:

    Please dont disappoint. coz I’m getting tired of these people teasing about something big happening then nothing happens.

  3. Alie says:

    I thing Bethany is -A. It makes sense! Could be CeCe or Cece’s twin also :)

  4. l.a.p says:

    i think that who ever that doll is, has a twin

  5. Shelby says:

    I just discovered that Matt buckler the name on the trinity card last week is also on a letter about Marriane Cavanaugh from radley where he is a first officer and an MD/PhD

  6. it is the vengeful spirit of the girl that was buried in the grave. What? The spin off established ghosts exists, so it’s plausible :P

  7. Angel says:

    Spencer has a twin. The doll is Spencer and the twin is Andrew.

  8. sammy says:

    Andrew is -A and wants Aria to be the Queen of his castle.

  9. aph1976 says:

    I think we are going to find out who A is on tonight’s episode and also wondering if not everyone will survive.Plus i think it’ll turn out one the girls has a twin and that’s A.So that could explain A has been able to be out in the open to do some things without been caught.

    • marlayyy says:

      Ali does have a twin sister, but I believe that Andrew is ‘A’. It only makes sense, right? ‘A’ tricked Ali’s mom when they were little and ‘A’ was actually insane but she was smart enough to make it seem like Ali was the crazy one and got Ali sent off to a nut house for God knows how long. The actual Ali ended up getting out somehow and her crazy twin was the one that went to high school and made the posse, become a posse. I hope I helped :)

  10. I think that Byron is A and he put Aria in the castle.

  11. sarah j says:

    I have said for weeks now that Andrew is A and it seems like he will be.
    The doll that is separated will be Aria.
    I am looking forward to Caleb, Toby and Ezra working together.

  12. I think Marion is A and Jessica is her twin

  13. Cornelius says:

    I’m still wondering who could make Mrs. D bury Ali alive (unknowingly). I’m assuming she did it to protect someone, and that hasn’t been addressed at all yet. A twin is the only reasonable option which would make sense seeing how in the Xmas flashback young Ali found those 2 dresses.

    Lets hope this finale gives us an actual lead that they stick with and not make it irrelevant come season 6.

  14. kiara says:

    i think its andrew because when ever they show “A” it always has manly features like when ezra was shot in the building and “A” jump from one building to another you can clearly tell it was a man and also when they found out about the varjack thing in the hospital and that person wrapped in bandages has broad shoulders and no boobs so i really do believe its andrew oh and he is always missing when aria needs him

    • Anna says:

      But the “A” on the roof in New York was Shana. Ezra knew who she was, which was why she shot him. They film the “A” scenes with a stunt person, so I wouldn’t read too much into that part of it.

    • Aoife says:

      Honestly I think it would be too obvious if Andrew was A. I think he may be one of A’s helpers. If he is A it will be a big let down

  15. -A says:

    Oh, great tries, great lies,

    but tonight my identity will be revealed

    And your lips shall be sealed

    kisses -A

  16. Josh says:

    Andrew is not A they have said A is someone who has been there from the first episode

    • Chel says:

      Andrew was in the first episode! When Hanna and Mona are in the mall pay close attention! Andrew passes right behind them!

      • Barb says:

        Do you have a screen shot? I went back and watched and couldn’t see him. I’m not doubting you I just want to see what you saw

  17. Andrew is 🅰 and he want Aria to be his queen!

  18. Natalie McKnight says:

    Spencer Hastings mother, Veronica Hastings. Look at it this way: she definitely does not like the DiLaurentis family. Especially Mrs D. She has enough authority in town to always get what she/her husband want. That’s just my mom’s and my opinion.

  19. Destiny says:

    I actually think Andrew is in A’s team. He probably also has some say in the team because [I think] the doll that was placed in the castle was Aria and we all know he likes her. Plus, in episode 24 of this season, when he was talking to Aria about Mona, he was saying that the world was probably better off without Mona and that there were more people on the team. That whole scene made him look really sketchy.

  20. Tanya says:

    I think “A” is Ezra and maybe Aria is working with him ! And I think that the doll might be Aria because she’s probably going to be separated so she can be free from jail.

    • Caprice says:

      This is funny because I don’t think they would be partners after what she did to his apartment even though they got closer

  21. BrianR says:

    This show should be called Pretty dumb girls who get trapped every week in a building on fire.I would feel better if they at least carried some mace, a taser and a baseball bat whenever they go into a darkened building. Come on and then they wander off alone or go somewhere alone and …………….

  22. Does anyone think Andrew is A

    • VPJ says:

      Totally! What is it with the Campbell Farm ? Campbell is Andrew’s surname and that is where the A stuff were… So Andrew is A

  23. Chelly says:

    In the books, Mona was A even though she was with them when some texts got messaged to her so maybe that’s what A’s doing. A could be Aria and is doing what Mona dI’d in the books.

  24. Kimberly says:

    I bet A is tanner because she knows everything

  25. Brandon says:

    Are we sure that doll isn’t Mona?

  26. Ashley says:

    what if Andrew is actually Charles which would make Charles A which it is actually Andrew who is A??

  27. Chel says:

    I think that “A” is actually Andrew. I think Andrew was really Jason DiLaurentis’ twin, Charles. When he was put up for adoption maybe they changed his name to Andrew?

  28. Chel says:

    I believe that “A” is actually Andrew. I think that Andrew was Jason DiLaurentis’ twin. Andrews birth name was actually Charles DiLaurentis’ but was changed to Andrew after adoption.

  29. Ashley says:

    I think Andrew is actually Charles. Charles is A which brings us to Andrew being A.

  30. Kya says:

    I think Charles or lucas is Andrew ! He changed his name & is Jason’s twin .

  31. Alexis Lewis says:

    My theory is that Andrew is Charles who we all know is A. I belive that Andrew aka Charles is Ali’s other older brother and the possibly fraternal twin of Jason( in the video played while Spencer appears to be in an old timey movie room there is a video of mrs dilurentis holding ali telling two young blond boys to give their sister a kiss…). Andrew being Charles seems to be the only logical explanation to his sudden turn to creepy town. As for why and how Andrew aka Charles came to be A and for what reasons that i am not sure of at this moment…

  32. Mak says:

    A is Arias’ father, he screwed Ms Delaurentis years ago and had a n exteded affair with her. They split up and lived separate lives until Ms delaurentis shared her secret with several folks and was killed for it. All of Aria’s fathers little sex toys (he had a thing for young girls) were the original A gang and they had there own gangs (that never knew Aria’s Dad asa ) when things started coming unglued Aria’s dad started wacking them all.

  33. Kayla says:

    So in the new promo poster that was released recently, notice how the girls’ strings (except Hanns) are cut… Separate doll = Emily? She’s the only one with both cut off (or separated or set apart)??? Just a thought.

  34. Lydia says:

    OMG, I can’t believe they only let us see A in coverings and they traveled his name, I’m totally like c’mon man we couldn’t have seen a face!!!!

  35. Hannah says:

    I think Andrew is A, because he has blonde hair, listens to conversations on the Hastings phone, shays weird things about Mona and he also tutors Aria, which means he could’ve been inside ever house and loosened those bolts on mikes weight lifter

  36. Valery says:

    Charles, Jasons twin is Big A! and Andrew helps him, hes on team A.

  37. Tara says:

    The doll is Mona. Spencer knows Charles personally and doesn’t realize it. There’s something that ties her in with that family.. They’re related to each other in some way somehow.. If Charles is A, and he is indeed Jason’s twin.. That makes him Spencer’s half brother(so I’ve read).
    Personally, I think Andrew has something to do with it as well, for all we know he could very much be A. But seriously, I really feel spencer is connected to all of this unintentionally.
    Season 1 finale.. Ian dies (pushed) because Spencer knows too much. Notice how whoever that was technically ‘saved’ spencer..
    Idk just a theory I’ve been sticking too.

  38. Caitie says:

    So King said that Andrew plays a ‘large role’ in this finale however we only see him once when he’s hacking into a call between Mrs Hastings and Melissa. He has to be A seriously. He even LOOKS like Jason! and we know now that Jason has a twin.

  39. Anonymous says:

    I think that Andrew is A, and he is Jason’s twin. It would all make sense after that, if we look at the clues.

  40. *Flawless* says:

    Andrew is A!! His name is Andrew Campbell! A’s layer and van was at the Campbell farm.. Andrew was obviously Jason’s twin brother from the affair with Spencer’s dad which makes him not only Ali’s brother but Spencer’s also. For some reason (probably because he was crazy) Mrs. D gave him up as a child and whoever raised him changed his name from Charles to Andrew. He’s obsessed with the girls because of his sister’s who were loved and he wasn’t and killed his mom for abandoning him..
    The fact that they were on the Campbell farm in the video of Mrs. D, the 2 boys, and baby Ali, and the van and A’s layers was found on the same farm makes it obvious that Andrew CAMPBELL is probably A.

    • Caprice says:

      Good observation but I thought it was Alison because it started with a thought it was aria to maybe it could be something not that obvious but if it is him then I’m sorry for saying what I had on my mind..

  41. Mel says:

    We assume Mrs. D is holding baby Allison. What if Mrs. D is holding baby Bethany? And the brother who kisses her is Charles. Maybe the person recording everything is Bethany’s father, which may explain the later affair (a long history between the Young’s and DiLanrentis’s). Charles takes over from Mona in order to get revenue for his sister and family (the obsession with Allison and Mrs. D and targeting the girls for always sticking by Allie–like dolls). Just an idea I haven’t read yet :)

  42. bet says:


  43. Cam says:

    I think that Andrew is definitely “a”. He may not be Jasons identical twin but he may be his twin or a younger brother. He was really suspicious when he was listening to the Hastings phone call to Melissa even though he just “study’s” with aria. “Charles” in the finale he had black hair but if you look at pictures with Charles and spencer in the room it clearly shows that it is part of the mask and it could only be a male under the mask. It is either Andrew or wren.

  44. Blackrose says:

    Andrew can’t be Jason’s twin, because that would make him Spencer’s half brother and did everyone forget that Andrew was hitting on Spencer on several occasions, always asking her if she was still with the carpenter! He is on the A team but he is not A. They always make us suspect someone, but I believe the only time we will actually find out who A is, is when that mask goes off and not anytime sooner.. They will never let us suspect it by showing us some dodgy scenes and basically just giving the shock factor away..

  45. Caprice says:

    I’ve just started watch Pll. And it is very interesting but I’m so confused. If Alison was alive this whole time how come she didn’t help her so call best friends figure out who “a” is. I’m starting to think that Alison is “A” and she is just trying to get close to them. And that thing that happened in New York I think that was a setup. How did Ezra show up out of no where? And we all know that Shana was not the only one with “a”. Why was mellissa at the meeting? I just don’t get it this show is so interesting but so confusing if anybody have answers to my observation or can agree with me. Please help me understand!!!!

  46. Caprice says:

    Who is the girl in the grave or did somebody take the bones from somebody else grave and got Alison’s clothes and put it on there ( Mona was last person to see she also helped her escape do you think she did that with the grave or someone else?) Need answers!!!