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Looking Season 2 Finale Post Mortem: EP on That Last Scene, Russell Tovey's Future and... a Patrick-Dom Romance?

Looking Season 2 Finale

HBO’s Looking closed out its second season Sunday much the same way it ended its first: With Patrick jockeying between Kevin and Richie. The one key difference? This time around, Richie had the advantage, at least that’s my take on the sweet, subdued closing scene.

Below, series creator Michael Lannan offers his interpretation of that barber shop-set cliffhanger, clarifies the state of Patrick and Kevin’s tattered relationship, and teases the possibility of a new romance for Patrick in Season 3 (assuming there is a Season 3).

Oh, and yeah, he knows how you feel about Agustin.

TVLINE | When Patrick told Richie, “I’m ready,” what was he really referring to? Because it wasn’t the buzzcut.
[Laughs] He’s ready to go after what he wants. I don’t necessarily think he’s saying he’s ready for Richie though. He just reaches a new place within himself, and has a better idea of what direction he wants to go in with his emotional life and his relationships.

TVLINE | But it can’t be a coincidence that the person he goes to at that moment is Richie.
No. Definitely not. Kevin’s last question to Patrick is, “Do you trust me?” And I think Patrick answers that question [by going] to someone he does trust, someone he feels safe with and is on the same page with him in many ways. It’s not a coincidence but it’s inconclusive what’s going to happen between Patrick and Richie.

TVLINE | Was Patrick looking for a reason to cut and run from Kevin? Because he was really blowing the Grindr thing out of proportion.
That’s an interesting question. Kevin has that great line: “Is this fight to keep us together or to break us up?” I don’t know the answer. People will probably see it both ways. He did react very strongly, but he also [raised] a good point that they have different ideas about relationships and monogamy.

Looking Season 2 finaleTVLINE | Some fans find Patrick’s brand of innocence and naiveté cloying. And I’m sure this finale won’t do anything to change their opinion, especially with regard to the Grindr stuff. The fact that he would be shocked that Kevin would still have the ap on his phone seemed a bit of a reach, even for him.
I think it was more of a culmination of things for Patrick. He may have been overreacting. He may be naive. But something really resonated for him in this situation. Perhaps it triggered some other things about Kevin. I personally don’t think it’s unusual for people to have Grindr on their phones to just check out the scene.

TVLINE | I’m calling bull–t on Patrick’s claim that he deleted Grindr off his phone.
[Laughs] You could be right.

TVLINE | Did Patrick and Kevin break up?
I think it’s ambiguous. Patrick is clearly turning away from Kevin in that moment. It’s not conclusive but it seems likely at this point. It was a pretty big rupture.

TVLINE | If there’s no Patrick and Kevin, does Russell Tovey still have a major presence on the show moving forward? He’s not really part of that core circle of friends.
We love Russell and we want to have him in the show as much as possible. We’re still thinking about what happens between Patrick and Kevin.

TVLINE | I’m sure you’re aware that Agustin isn’t the most beloved character on the show.

TVLINE | Was his arc this season — the new boyfriend, the new career working with homeless teens — part of a concerted effort on your part to make him more sympathetic in viewers’ eyes?
I don’t know if we thought of it in those terms exactly. We wanted to force him into relationship with someone who helps others professionally, and into a world where people need help and guidance. And Agustin hasn’t really had to be Looking Season 2 Finalearound people like Eddie. Nor had he had people really need him in that way. We wanted to see what would happen if we put him in an environment where he was forced to think of other people beside himself. And I think the end result has been him becoming a lot more sympathetic to a lot of people, and we’re happy with that, too. It’s shown another side to him; he’s gotten deeper and richer and more complicated. But people like Agustin don’t ever change completely.

TVLINE | What’s been the motivation for keeping Dom from tasting success?
We wanted to show that not everyone’s dreams come true and you can still find a way to be happy. There are so many interesting dynamics that come up in that journey, one of them being the rupture between Dom and Doris and how money can come between friends. And how your dreams for yourself can confuse your relationships, especially when you’re overly ambitious.

TVLINE | Did you write tonight’s episode as a season finale or a series finale?
We wanted to write a season finale, because we feel like there’s much more to come with Patrick and Kevin and Richie and that entire world. We didn’t think of it as an ending to the entire series.

TVLINE | Looking ahead, and let’s assume all goes well and you get that pickup, is it fair to say that Season 3 would show us what a Patrick-Richie relationship looks like?
We’re still thinking about that. It may be about what happens with Patrick and Richie now. I don’t think Kevin is completely out of the picture though. But, also, there’s space for some entirely new possibilities that Patrick hasn’t even experienced yet. His statement about being “ready” at the end of the episode — I think we’re going to find out what he’s ready for.

TVLINE | Hmm… I have to say, whenever Patrick’s in a scene with Dom, my antennae picks up a spark or two. There’s something there. You agree?
[Laughs nervously] Oh, Michael… I don’t know if I can go there. But I will say they obviously have a history together so… who knows?

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  1. Julio says:

    Typo! third paragraph above RELATED: double you, instead of “how you…”. :-)

    • Michael Ausiello says:

      Good catch. And.. FIXED! –MA

      • Julio says:

        No worries! Great review, as always!

        • Ben Kabak says:

          Nothing worse than grammar nazis

          • Nellie says:

            I think it was just being helpful. I’ve been following Michael since his days at tvguide, and I almost think of him as a friend I’ve never met. If this was an article written by a friend I would have mentioned it too. Is that weird? I AM a total grammar nazi, but sometimes we have to be to help friends out.

            Anyway, I know some people use grindr to check out the scene, but I was in this situation once and my partner almost became my EX. If your man is “checkin out the scene at all hours of the day and making plans to check out the scene without you…… you have a problem. I would be peeved if my man had it on his phone. Queue “gimme one reason to stay here’ by Tracey Chapman.

          • I dunno, actual Nazis are probably worse.

  2. Ali says:

    I used to hate Agustin in season one, now he’s one of my favorites. I imagine it has to be the same for a lot of people. Anyways, I hope that if next season happens, it has a LOT more Richie.

    • seabelly says:

      I feel the same way about Agustin. I love him now, and I feel his struggle back from his excesses in season one has been phenomenal. I love everything about this show.

  3. HonestJoe says:

    getting sick of the idea of a monogamous relationship being coined as naive or out of reach by the gay community. Believe it or not, there are people out there who can resist the temptation of temporary pleasures. Hell, for some, it’s not even a temptation when your in a relationship. It’s not naive to think it can’t work if the person being coined as “naive” believes in it. It’s just a matter of finding someone else who feels the same way, and although it’s a rare thing to find, it must exist for the person who believes in it can’t be the only one who desires such.

    • I completely agree with you. It’s funny how monogamy in the gay community gets raised eyebrows from other gay men. I just don’t get it. As much as Patrick as a character frustrates the hell out of me, I can at least understand why he was upset. When I was dating in SF a few years ago, I found it ridiculous that on a first date, I had to clarify 1) if they were actually single and not in an open relationship, 2) clarify what their definition of monogamy is. I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with open relationships, I just feel like people who want to seek out monogamous relationships are just looked at as naive or “behind”.

    • 1hungry2fool says:

      Maybe I’m wrong, but it’s not that Patrick is naive because he wants a monogamous relationship. It’s more about him moving in with Kevin without asking these questions first. Although I mostly like Kevin (and yes, a lot of scenes of season 2 showed us that he can be a real jerk) he’s still a cheater. And it’s definitly naive of Patrick to think he’s the first one, without discussing it (I don’t want to say, that someone who cheats once, cheats everytime; hell I cheated once and never again, but it’s justified to at least ask about any other hook ups)

    • Ronald Tan says:

      For the greater half of 2014, I had to work around my personal issues with the idea of open relationships and polyamory. A good friend of mine helped me accept the reality that monogamy isn’t the only acceptable construct of relationships. I—finally—accepted and reached a conclusion that any couple is free to make their own lifestyle choices afforded by free will and freedom of choice. I will be using the same free will and freedom of choice afforded to me to practice the strict monogamy in my future relationship.

      The Looking: Season 2 finale raised valid questions for a healthy discussion concerning relationships. There is no “right” or “wrong” methods in a relationship. As long as the people involved are not breaking laws or hurting anyone or themselves, let them live their own lives and make consenting adult decisions.

      I identify most with Patrick (Jonathan Groff). If I was in Patrick’s shoes at the end of season 2, I would have a heart-to-heart talk with Kevin the following day after a good night of rest. I read somewhere that states that if couples had a huge fight, they should still go to bed together while cuddling and resolve their conflict the following day. As a fan of the show, I do want Patrick and Kevin to work out their relationship.

  4. Para says:

    I never see Patrick and Richie together, because at the end of day, they are not at the same intellectual level, As for Kevin, I wish Patrick realized he is being a baby, and talk it out and set some ground rules and work it out. It’s not like Kevin doesn’t love Patrick. He is just being realistic

    • William says:

      Kevin and Patrick don’t work. The two clearly want different things and Kevin has already shown himself to be untrustworthy. This relationship is a train wreck waiting to happen.

    • Ladym05 says:

      Please tell me, that you are not implying that Patrick
      Is intellectual above Richie because the exact opposite is true.

        • Robert says:

          I also agree that Patrick would be a very lucky man to have Richie as his boyfriend or husband! Richie is honest,supportive and compassionate. I do not have to mention he is freaking HOT!!!! I would get on my knees and thank the universe every hour if I had a Richie in my life and as far as his intellect goes, Richie is just as smart as any of the guys because his smarts comes from life experience and having a open heart .

  5. Fernanda says:

    many people hate Kevin after this episode but if we look back the first episodes, he chose Jon and then he chooses Patrick because he is seriously in love with him but he is not perfect. He is honest, brutally honest about monogamy and Patrick could be aware about that if he thinks how they start their relationship.

    The finale is not about Patrick returning with Richie, obviously they had an inconcluded chapter in their lives, but I see them as friends and even soul mates but never as a couple. (I have a Dawson’s Creek flashback by the soul mate part and because of that: Patrick is Joey Potter, Richie is Dawson and Kevin is Pacey, no more Rachel and Ross references)

  6. Carmen says:

    I loved the ending, just woww. If there are Season 3 pleeeease more Richie than this season.

  7. Axl Morgan says:

    Unfortunately, Nothing really relevant happened to any of the characters throughout Season 2 and After seeing the whole 2nd season, the very last episode was the only one that truly got my attention. Dom has been trying to open his chicken factory since Season 1 episode 1! Agustin quitting Art and experiencing PrEP for dating a poz guy and Patrick moving in with his boss after his boss broke up with his bf, to find out that he’s not monogamous. THAT IS IT! Really?? 10 episodes to describe what I described in a paragraph? I feel like the last episode should’ve been the 1st of the second season. Sadly I don’t think they will renew it because there’s nothing that really make people think or empathize, or identify with any of their stories since they don’t lead to anything. Doris’ Father died.. and?! Patrick’s mother is getting divorced.. and?! Agustin ran into his ex bf.. AND?! The mexican with the redhead.. ANDDD then what? I have no clue what are they trying to tell us with all the irrelevant things that happened in this 2nd and unfortunately last season. :-(

    • Alex says:

      Sorry, but how does things happen in your/in the real life? Can you open a restaurant within a week? Or what do expect should happen after your father dies? I think the problem of people like you with this series is that is too grounded, too realistic (naturalistic in a sense), while you want fast-paced, condensed plots that can remove you away from  your everyday reality. Great news: the TV right now has a lot of crappy unrealistic sh*it to offer!

    • William says:

      I actually agree with Axl. The only characters I find relatable/likable are Richie, Dom, and Eddie. Nothing gets accomplished in any of the episodes and the plot is almost non-existent.

      • Liam says:

        Actually alot of things happen. Patrick is growing as a person and is finally realising what he wants in a relationship/life. They have 30 mins every week and only 10 episodes what more do you expect!

        • Ladym05 says:

          Well, it would have been nice if Richie had screen time this year.

          • 1hungry2fool says:

            Well it’s still Patricks story (you can like that or hate that, but that’s what it is) and although I love Richie as a character I really like him as a friend of Patricks, someone Patrick trusts and can confide in.
            Every one of his appereances has been great (as with Eddie). Don’t overdo it!

  8. Michael says:

    So love this show for bringing in more than the typical look we have on gay society and that we can love and hurt like everyone else . I loved this show but the season finale left me heart broken in a sense that it doesn’t give hope for having to work in having a relationship but that we just go to the next one , you have to show that it works and really work for it. I have been in a relationship for and still going for 16yrs and yes lots of work . I hope and wish for a third season

  9. Jess says:

    After last week’s episode I said I hoped Kevin would be out and that Patrick would at least in some ways approach Richie, and the show did not disappoint. I was shocked that so many people seemed to like Kevin, when there were so many red flags. I thought the show beautifully explored the ways in which Patrick and Kevin just don’t fit. Patrick was always “looking” for his family’s approval. It wasn’t until he gave up caring about it that he could see the glaring differences between himself and Kevin and begin to figure out what he actually wants from a relationship. When they are finally at the end of their marathon discussion, Patrick goes to the man he does trust (and for good reason). I thought that was so lovely. He just wants the solace and a simple haircut from Richie. Whether or not they explore Patrick and Richie in season 3 (fingers crossed!), I think that Patrick and Richie have a chance of working and I’d look forward to watching that journey.

    • alex says:

      I hope Patrick works it out with Kevin becouse I’ve been there were u feel like the situation can echo out into the relationship ,so u test n sabotage ur self into not being happy anyway so why not b open minded n take a chance with something that’s working n it’s taking alot from both parties to make it work so I hope Patrick realises that it’s worth a shot n i hope Kevin can actualy keep his word n compromise becouse he obiously is human n sabotaged his own happiness with ought realizing it becouse we get a sense of entitlement once we get what we desire becouse we subconsciously feel that if we a knowledge how lucky we are to find love well somehow loose it becouse the other person will figure out ur flaws and can do better witch is not the case but that’s human phycology for you .lol

  10. Really??? says:

    Personally, I love Patrick and Kevin together. To me, Kevin has proved that he was actually being honest after all the red flags. I still don’t trust him 100% but he does love Patrick… who is a bit too “naive” and apparently very insecure. He really tends to bug me sometimes. So as to Richie, even though I like him, I really have a hard time seeing him as a good fit for Patrick. The chemistry is much more obvious with Kevin. However, I don’t know if he and Patrick should end up together but before breaking up, it would be nice to see a relationship evolving now that they are (supposedly) living together, just above the KKK butt orgy (that was a good one). Regarding Agustin, I don’t dislike him much as I used to in season 1 but I’m still not a fan

  11. This is completely Insane…., sorry writers, you took viewers for granted….

    From the first episode of Season 2 ,we saw Kevin madly in Love with Patrick, he broke up with his boyfriend for Patrick.He said to Patrick’s mum that he was the luckiest guy on earth to be with him.He asked Patrick to move in with him.

    This open relationship you wanted to portrayed about Kevin makes no sense!You showed us so much intense Love of these two especially the prom scene.

    You just wanted to ruin the chemistry between Kevin and Patrick so that Patrick can go for Richie.You should have showed this open relationship maybe on the last episodes of finale of season 3 but not now,this makes no sense at all.

    • John191 says:

      Totally agree. They showed Kevin this whole season how much in love he was with Patrick. Yes, he screwed up with Jon but not because he was looking for any excuse to cheat, he just fell for someone else. Two episodes ago he asked Patrick to give it a try “just the two of us”. It seemed like the writers just wanted to make it as dramatic as possible. They completely changed everything about Kevin, makes absolutely no sense.

    • I am sorry but I disagree with you — You can truly love and be the luckiest guy in a relationship (as I am) but you can also have an open relationship. I also believe that Patrick is the one who probably should have more questions before jumping into a home with someone — no matter how wonderful he is.

    • lol says:

      Patrick started an affair with Kevin while he was in relationship with Jon, and holds it against Kevin after they are together. So much for trust, and whom to blame? I am pretty sure Patrick knows what open relationship is. But do you now what monogamy means, St. Patrick?

    • alex says:

      I agree I know it’s just a show but I’ve been in that situation and watching their relationship grow reminded me how lucky some of us are to find our soulmates, but being gay complicates things that much more and watching the prom scene gave me butterflies. Then they drop that antimonogamy bomb and it made no sense that Kevin would still want more when Patrick had already made his peace with the break up, and after leaving John he just drops that on him ,and the way he reacted after the grinder thing was insane I Thot he was going to apologize and do something cute n sweet and end the season at a high point but all and all I was very disappointed I love richies character but after the prom scene it’s clear who Patrick lives for so that was not a good idea for a season finale.

  12. Carlos Alvarez Jr says:

    I need a Season 3 of Looking. Kevin is not good for Patrick. I feel what Patrick wants is what Richie wants also and I want them to be endgame. I hated Agustin season 1 this season they made him more likable. Here’s hoping the show gets picked up for another season

  13. The writers assassinated Kevin’s character and destroyed their credibility and this show, all in one episode. Remember the scene on the couch when they were cuddling and talking about doing a threesome with the cartoon characters they were watching? Kevin said “I’d have a threesome with you and your inner boyfriend.” They made us believe all he wanted was Patrick. And now an open relationship? Where did that all come from? Awful, horrible writing! What happened to consistency and realistic character development? And the scene in episode 8 when patrick made breakfast for kevin and all Kevin said “You in bed in enough”!!!So where the hell did the open relationship came from???Better end this show now

    • lordgray says:

      I agree with you completely, it’s like the real Kevin was killed by his evil twin. This twist felt rushed and non logical at all. I really hope HBO cancels the show, don’t want to watch the probable crazy season 3.

      And I really loved the show, because it was funny and the friendship of the lead characters was amazing, but this episode was truly stressful to watch because it didn’t make any sense at all.

      • Maria MichÆl says:

        couldn’t agree more with you and Justin.Since episode one aired I was praying constantly for the show to get renewed. Now couldn’t care less if i gets renewed. Deep inside i wish it will be cancelled. So i can watch these two seasons forever.

        • Yes Maria and if you remember the 1st season , episode 3 when Patrick first met Kevin at the party on the boat. Patrick wanted him and Kevin clearly said “I HAVE A BOYFRIEND”.So the so called open relationship of Kevin and cheating makes no sense!!!

        • Me too, I would be nervous on mondays about the ratings, now I’m wishing inside that they cancel the show, for me the series finale was Season 2, Episode 9

    • Elsie says:

      I believe the scene you are describing happened when Kevin was still with Jon. He was cheating on his boyfriend with Patrick. He was enjoying an open relationship without his boyfriend’s knowledge. He was no saint.

    • Shell says:

      I totally agree that what they did with kevins character was awful. It was a complete left field turn from earlier statements he made. I personally would like to see them still together in season three if there is one and patrick grow up a bit. Relationships are hard and he made the choice to be in this one so he should try and make it work. He didnt seem like he left the relationship at the end just needed to see someone he trusted. It would be nice to see how the relationship develops because kevin said he would adjust for patrick. I dont agree that cheaters are always cheaters, maybe kevin just needed to find the right person and someone to call him on his bs. If they stay together I can see patrick messing up the relationship which would be a nice turn for his character and see how kevin handles it. I dont want richie and patrick together, think they are better as friends. The haircut represents the new patrick and how he is going to handle this relationship with kevin. I would just like to see how the relationship evolves with kevin being monogamous and if it has to end, just do it in a better way then they did in this episode. Hoping for a season three because I just found this show and I like the characters more this season and there is so much more that needs to be explored.

  14. I honestly don’t get it. If being monogamist is naive, then I’m naive and I don’t expect anything less from any of my partners. If the choice is between having an open relationship and being celibate, I choose being celibate.

    Didn’t like this episode at all, it felt rushed, it didn’t make any logic with what we were seeing the previous weeks, I think that messing everything up was like a way to convince HBO to renew them so they could fix the storylines

  15. Matty Si. says:

    I’m not a fan of Richie. He’s very judgey. I like Patrick and Kevin together but it would be interesting to see a Dom/Patrick relationship. In the first season didn’t they say they hooked up? I feel like I remember that being how they became friends.

  16. DavidSask says:

    There can’t be another season with Patrick being gay ret**ded. there just can’t!!! (Maybe Patrick’s shaved head will make him a new personality). It is very frustrating that the so called lead for the show is written as such. That is why this show is suffering as is. The writers need to switch up Patrick’s character or they deserve a cancellation. Yes it would be nice to find out what would have happened with the show if it ends. the creators can do so if inclined.. Kevin is not a full on sex addict but no way he should be anyone’s partner, this was clear long ago. Is anyone buying Kevin will change his ways? The lesbian U haul move never should have happened. We will all miss Russell’s ass though if this is end of show!

  17. Liam says:

    This tv show is incredible- i cant believe how perfect that ending was with Ritchie asking Patrick if he’s ready. He looked like he trusted Ritchie so much more than he could ever trust Kevin. I’m so glad Patrick and Ritchie are still trying to be friends and who knows where it could go from there. The buzzcut at the end says everything- Patrick wants to start again, make better decisions, he now knows what he wants in future relationships and is stronger because of that. PLEASE RENEW FOR SEASON 3! We love this show too much to let it go.

  18. Ladym05 says:

    I feel gay men of color our completely marginalized with in the gay community. That marginalization is never more present then the representation on TV. I was excited during the first season of Looking because I saw this beautiful dark Mexican brother not only being presented but being taken as an equal and having something to offer as a partner in a relationship. I was excited. And this season completely destroyed that, Richie was completely marginalized this season. He is been given the postion that most people of color are given in TV and film the BFF of the main white character. I can’t help but see the show saying once again, like all other shows on TV , he is good enough to serve, be that shoulder to cry on but not good enough to marry, they need to stay in their place. How disappointing, and give the fact the Castillo had almost no screentime this year, I feel that the marginization was intentional.
    I loved Looking S1 , S2 just feels like a betrayal to me. And I suspect, that a S3 would be more of the same. I am done Patrick and Kevin show, there is nothing cutting edge about and nothing I haven’t seen before on TV or in movies. It is sad that in 2015, when most television shows have began to challenge the entertainment industry in terms of of race, gender and sexuality, the only gay show on TV is trying to give us more of the same.

    • The thing is that Richie is totally not for Patrick, Patrick is always thinking of the future, and what he would like to do, he is always thinking of the next step in his life, Richie however is not he would have been happy cutting hair from time to time and staying all day in his appartment having sex with Patrick; he is kind of underachieving for Patrick

    • Art says:

      Generally agree. Need more of Richie in 3 but not necessarily with Patrick. How about Richie with another strong Latino man? And have Richie not need Patrick as nothing more but a friend

  19. Ben Kabak says:

    Love it

  20. Pompadour says:

    I Love Kevin! Maybe they could bring in John Barrowman as a love interest for Russell Tovey. I’d watch he hell out of that show.

  21. D. says:

    I hope it gets renewed… I need more Looking and definetely a real finale.

  22. Will says:

    The depressing thing is – I am Patrick! I like that there is a character that represents me. Love this show so much!

  23. I feel totally wierd about this season ending thing. It’s just contradictory between Such a Sweet or a totally in love Kevin and a badly educated man… He shouldn’t use Patrick’s mother’s divorce to surpress Patrick, cause he has no right to juge Patrick’s familly business, that’s not his own. And what I hate the most, is when he said that Patrick was also a liar while he was with Richie, the way he put it really makes me feel uncomfortable. We do remember that it was him who called Patrick back to the office and jumped into Patrick’s mouth, while Patrick was mentally weak because of things that didn’t worked out with Richie. I did believe Patrick and Kevin had some chemistry, but now, this Kevin in the season final maybe showed his real face. I can’t believe he said that he was really happy to have cheated on Jon. Jon was his past, but he deserves his respect all the time. Jon was not a liar or had hurt Kevin. Kevin has the right not to feel guilty about Jon, but he can’t say this kind of horrible things. I can’t believe a over 30 year old man could say some thing like that. He really got no respect for anyone except himself. He is so selfish but that sounds also reasonnable because of his unhappy childhood.

    If there is a season 3, I do want to see that Patrick get himself a right guy, not Richie , cause only in the case that Patrick and Richie remain friends can make them together much longer, not Kevin for god’s sake.

  24. Eric7740 says:

    I completely understand why Patrick was upset about the Grindr thing. I was in a relationship with a man, and while I had the Grindr app on my phone, once we were in a relationship, I never used the app(and thats the 100% truth). Come to find out that after we broke up, my ex was on grindr the whole time we were together!!! Now, did he hook-up with anyone else why we were together, I don’t know (I don’t believe so), but it was very upsetting to know he was on there while we were together.
    Now, to Patrick and Kevin and Patrick and Richie:
    For me, its Patrick and Kevin, they are more compatible and have more in common with one another. Now I don’t believe Kevin ever said he wanted an “open relationship” what he said was that they needed to be able to talk and hopefully work things out, should something happen with someone else. That’s how I took it.
    Patick and Richie would never work because they are from to different “worlds” so to speak, they both have different upbringings and in the end, that would end their relationship (I speak from experience here, it is what ended my last relationship) they would always have arguments and about money and family and ways of living. Someones going to always want more, and the other is just content to be exactly as they are.

    • I agree with the Richie part, that’s really why I don’t see them together. But Kevin did ask for an open relationship he warned Patrick that maybe “some not serious things” could happen and that it should be ok, he even told Patrick that “even his mother didn’t believe in monogamy” which was for me one of the most upsetting part of the episode.

      I don’t want Patrick to be with Kevin nor Richie

    • Shell says:

      I agree that kevin and patrick are a better match. Even if the relationship is destined to end, at least give us fans a better ending. If there is a season three, whats going to happen now? Kevin suddenly transfers his job and disappears? At least show patrick taking some accountability for his choices and give kevin a chance to be faithful. Hes been declaring his love for patrick all season. Let him prove it. Show them dealing with their issues, might make for some good tv rather than leaving us with this episode that came out of nowhere.

  25. Nona says:

    So tell me how can y ou describe Patrick current relationship? Monogamous or open? I mean I dont get him, he wanted to be with Richie in the beginning then Kevin came and he wanted to be with him and even wanted to move in with him, so you may think he wants to be with one guy only and now he wants to be with Richie again? WTF? He cant make up his mind? I think Patrick only thinks of himself and what is best for him or I am thinking what he wants is to be monogamous with a guy but at the same time he wants to fool around with other guys at the same time so in taht way he is open but monogamous with the guy he lives with he likes to be in bed with other men as well, Patrick is a very horny guy he likes to get fuked that is why he looks for other guys as well besides Kevin. He enjoys humping one guy over the other one even if it is not Kevin

    What the heck is that? .

  26. Kyle says:

    Russel’s presence adds a palpable sensuality that’s help reduce the sterility of the show’s first season. There’s still a quality to Patrick’s character that seems out of sync with the others. It’s almost as if he’s stepped out of a Disney movie and hasn’t quite made the transition into the gravitas of reality. With smiled-infused whining, he appears ready at any moment to break into song.

  27. Jared says:

    I hate the relationship between Patrick and Kevin and it’s really killing the show for me. Hopefully if Looking gets renewed for a S3 they bring back Richie and Patrick because those scenes are the best!

  28. I actually relate heavily to Patty. Call me the dozens of rude things you called Patty in the interview but people like him exist, and I happen to be one of them. Its what keeps me coming back to this show.

    • Seabelly says:

      For me, the magic of Looking is the way it makes me feel I’ve known – and been each of the characters. They’re me, they’re my friends, they’re my partners. I love and accept them all. It is kind.

    • MIke Ryan says:

      .I was Patrick 50 years ago. You’re not alone. I can’t believe what a reaction I’ve had to all the characters on the show. I swear I know someone who is like each and every one of them. The only thing missing were the married men who hung out at the gay bars and liked to ‘fool’ around.

  29. I completely retract of what I said before for the finale episode.,I watched the episode for the 3rd time again and This was the best performance of Both Russell Tovey and Jonathan Groff ever for the whole season and on TV,i’m speechless and they both definitely needs an award for this outstanding performance.This is a deep powerful love story between them and the connection , the way they argued was simply a pure gem to watch. Unfortunately richie don’t have the same chemistry as Kevin & Patrick does, Richie is more like a guardian angel for Patrick. The writers of this show also needs an award for this story finale.WE NEED SEASON 3 and to see how Kevin and Patrick will sort out this issue. The best show I’ve ever seen on TV #teamkevin #lookinghbo

    • Eric7740 says:

      Thank you Justin!!! I completely agree! They’re portrayals of this couple was amazing! They brought me to tears!

  30. Art says:

    Great season finale for Looking. OK it was melodramatic but why not? Gay men are starved for portrayals of their lives and their love. Wonderful to see a story of gay men with drama and romance. And yea love is corny and so what

  31. Lex says:

    A lot of people are saying the ballistic grindr missile red o by Kevin in the last episode was rushed by the writers (ahem…maybe they’re not so optimistic about being renewed for a third season?) and I’ll agree with that. But seriously, you had to be crazy to think a guy who cheated on his boyfriend and broke up with him on a whim for another guy (Patrick) would live happily ever after with no hangups? Did you really think that? Really? None of the other characters in the show even though Patrick and Kevin would work out… Also the whole nazi gay party (a choice critique on white gay subcultures in large “gay cities” (i live in NYC baby, I know aaaaalll about that) was funny and I think that Patrick’s awareness (uncomfortable feelings) about the whole thing–from the building to the people to the lack of knowledge about Kevin’s favorite
    movie (Field of Dreams?….girl bye)– were all just manifestations of something we’ve known for a while: this relationship is being built on shaky foundation. In contrast, Richie, while yes a little judgy (judgier than the guys surrounding Patty and Kev at the pre-orgy? Me thinks not) and uncomfortable about things in his past, has always been upfront about his life with
    Patrick, hiding only things he felt would derail his chances at happiness with him….like the fact that he had to borrow $200 for a rented tux (so sweet…also tragic)…All in all, I think they just t better, contrary to what others are saying: they both help each other work through their respective identity issues: neither is at home with himself but they feel at home with each other…after all the episode was called “Looking for Home” and I think we can all agree that in that last scene the barber shop felt more like home than that apartment ever did.

  32. I find a lot of it to be very honest. I do hope that if HBO is foolish enough to cancel it that someone else picks it up. I think it would be a great addition to Netflix or Hulu or even Amazon Prime.

  33. Glenn says:

    Kevin’s turnabout is almost on par with Prince Hans from the Southern Isles.

  34. Patrick is upset and he never thought that being in love with Kevin,moving with him and learned the same day that Kevin is realistic for open relationships. From the 1st time Patrick met Kevin, he had a crush for him and on the second season,all we were shown how much they intensely love each other that even Kevin left Jon for him. Patrick first said “I love you” to Kevin which he never did in his whole life not even to Richie,not even to his mum.Their love is true, Patrick is just upset but Kevin did told him that “now that he knows,he will make things better and that Patrick need to trust him”.Patrick cannot go back with Richie as this would be insane as Richie has a boyfriend,he will not break up another couple.We saw intense love between Kevin & Patrick this whole season and i’m pretty sure writers will not break their relationship in season 3 as it will absolutely make no sense.Patrick is in love with Kevin, they both are immensely in love with each other,so this cannot end just like this!

  35. Sam says:

    I still don’t get what Patrick finds in that box of Kevin in the middle of the night. Is it something that has to do with Jon?