Grimm Stars, EPs Tease Nick and Juliette's 'Biestly Confrontation

Grimm Juliette Hexenbiest Nick

Grimm‘s beauty is officially a (Hexen)biest — and tonight (NBC, 8/7c), her significant other has to figure out how he wants to handle that.

Yep, this week’s episode is the one where Nick, who by birthright and choice is tasked with wiping out the fairytale monsters of the world, reels as he realizes that his longtime girlfriend Juliette has become one of the uglies he hunts.

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“She knows my history with Hexenbiests,” star David Giuntoli says when TVLine visits the series’ Portland, Ore., set. Plus, her new state of being is “probably affecting her mood and stability a bit. She’s becoming something else. It’s not Juliette really there, entirely, anymore. It’s like there’s a new lobe up in her brain.”

He adds with a laugh, “It’s like I say: Hexenbiest is the worst STD she could catch.”

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A quick catch-up, in case you’ve been too busy searching for the seven keys to remember how we got to this point: When Nick was stripped of his Grimm powers, Juliette selflessly volunteered to take part in a spell that required her to become Adalind (kind of) and sleep with him. All seemed to have worked… until an unforeseen side effect transferred some Hexenbiest powers to the otherwise totally normal human Juliette.

And the fact that Juliette went first to Capt. Renard (who’s a Zauberbiest) — and not Nick — with the news is completely understandable, star Bitsie Tulloch says, given that her honey hates Hexenbiests with an ax-swinging passion.

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“She doesn’t understand what’s going on, but she knows enough about this world that Hexenbiests are basically the mortal enemies of Grimms,” Tulloch says. “She’s scared that he’s either going to kill her — or she could kill him. She really doesn’t know how to rein in her anger.”

That consideration’s not a minor one, series co-creators James Kouf and David Greenwalt say during a chat in the Spice Shop’s back room. “It is a real possibility,” says Greenwalt, citing that Juliette — a Hexenbiest “who is made, not born” — may be stronger than any baddie Nick has encountered before. (A fact Adalind learned the hard way in the previous episode.)

Nick and Juliette “are a couple that is assailed by forces beyond either one’s control, and sparks are definitely going to fly,” Greenwalt adds.

The very nature of who they now are, Kouf says, is “already kindling for a fire.”

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  1. javadude54 says:

    “Biestly”? Oy….

  2. Kris says:

    So glad this show is back!

  3. I hope they never cure her and she stays like this. It works great.

  4. Another one of my comments didn’t show up. Strange.

  5. Kate says:

    I am so holding my breath on this one, I read an interview somewhere where it said Nick’s reaction is more guilt based, which makes me feel so much better. Yes, his main experience with Hexienbiests are bad, but its because his actual real nemesis is one. He has no issue with Sean (who is half) and he wasn’t hateful toward Elizabeth. His character has adapted so much that a prejudice seems out of character. That he blames himself though. That makes total sense even if it really isn’t, I mean, other than he brought this world to Juliette’s world and she risked this for him. Once Juliette gets that, I imagine her being like, I was freaked out by this world at first, but it gave me my best friend, I would make the sacrifice again and, well, look what I can do. You don’t have to worry about me getting hurt anymore.

    • Shannon says:

      I agree. The main issue in the beginning when Nick became a Grimm and was with Juliette was that she was a human and his calling put her in danger. His aunt urged him to end things with her. She’s already learning to control and embrace this new side of her and she’s defended herself against two incredibly dangerous villians without Nick’s help. This could be a great development in the story and in a way, put her on an even playing field as she’s entered into Nick’s world. Not having to worry about Juliette helps both of them because she’s not a weakness for him that others can exploit and she’s not a target, at least not an easy one!

    • JC1 says:

      Yeah I’m worried about how this is going to end up being handled. I don’t really think it makes sense for Nick to come down as being uncompromisingly against hexenbeists. He works just fine with Sean. And he’s never been so closed-minded that he couldn’t see the individual rather than just what they were. He’s not that kind of Grimm. Whether he can be in a relationship with a hexenbeist is another story I guess, but I really hope they can work it out. I love them together, and I think Juliette being a super powerful hexenbeist is actually pretty cool and could be really interesting.

  6. grimmer says:

    Why can’t Nick just give her some if his blood to drink or am I the only one that remembers this from Season 1 with Adalind?

    • Hannah says:

      That’s what I was thinking, but they’ll probably explain that away because she isn’t the same. She was made, not born so it doesn’t work for her.

  7. Kay says:

    Why can’t Nick do to Juliette what he did to Adalind (where she ingested some of his blood) to cure her?

  8. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    I don’t think Nick is going to anything to Juliette, I think she could help him in the long run with her new abilities as a hexenbiest that’s more ”powerful” she can do some damage. I mean come on now she kicked Adalind’s ass and ran off like a little B*! Can’t wait to see this ep. tonight!

    • Georgia Madman says:

      I’ve disliked Juliette from the beginning because she was so boring but now I’m totally digging her. Nick needs her help.

  9. Luis says:

    As a more powerful Hexenbeist, Juliette is likely going to end up right in the Royals’ sights.

    • Nona says:

      Good theory beause the Royals will eventually find out that there is anotehr Hexenbiest out there more powerful than Adalind, and power is what Royals want. They may set eyes to Juliette that way the story could have twists and stir things up

      • isosim says:

        On the other hand the Royals are NOT all powerful I don’t think they will do well going up against potentially 3 Grimms and two and a half hexenbeists – Then there is the Resistance. And we don’t know where Diana falls in all of this she may no be so malleable as the Royals think.

  10. Katherine Nieves says:

    Nick’s reaction was selfish

  11. Crystal says:

    Adalind slept with Renard just before she slept with Nick, so Renard is probably the father of baby #2.
    Also, why can’t Juliette drink some of Trubel’s blood (since Juliette is immune to Nick’s blood)??

  12. tsevca says:

    Sure, Nick would kill her. Why? Because he is a Grimm? Grimms kill every Wessen, no questions asked. Did Nick do that?

  13. Regina Childress says:

    I’d like to see Juliet return somehow to the show. I’d like to see her back with Nick.