Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Grey's, Castle, Bones, Glee, New Girl, The Flash, Arrow, Shameless and More

Grey's Anatomy Callie Romance Spoilers

Has romance been prescribed for two Grey’s Anatomy docs? Will the original Team Arrow get some alone time? How will Castle mark a milestone? Will Glee‘s grand finale satisfy? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

Both Stephen Amell and Colton Haynes tweeted or Facebooked ominous-sounding things about the 65th episode of Arrow (airing April 15). Is there something (or someone) fans should be worried about? –Sarah
“You’re just going to have to wait and see” is the answer from EP Andrew Kreisberg, who then adds: “We’ve certainly had major characters die in the past, so we haven’t been shy about that. And I can promise that even more so with this season, every episode that comes along, the show’s never going to be the same. It’s really exciting that the show feels like it’s strong enough to be able to weather cast changes or survive paradigm shifts.”

I really miss Arrow‘s trio dynamic of Oliver Queen, Felicity Smoak and John Diggle. Is there anything coming up for them together? –Brittany
In a manner of speaking, yes, there is. “We have some really good Oliver/Diggle moments, The Offerand we have some incredibly confrontational Oliver/Diggle moments in the latter part of the season that I think will have implications that reach past this season,” Stephen Amell answers. “And we have a lot of Oliver and Felicity in Episode 20, because they’re away with Diggle and some other people on a mission.”

Do you have any scoop on Castle‘s 150th episode? Anything special fans can look forward to? –Sandra
UPDATED! This just in, fresh from showrunner David Amann: “Obviously, the 150th episode is a milestone for the show but it also directly precedes the season finale. At this point, we intend Episode 22 to be a buoyant, classic episode of Castle, while [the finale] will focus on compelling, high-stakes story-telling surrounding Castle and Beckett mythology.”

Hey, what can you tell us about upcoming New Girl episodes? –Denizcan
Hey, I can share that when the show returns on March 31, Jess sends her first “sext” — and then panics when finds out that the recipient has died. Cue her scramble to find the deceased’s phone before his new girlfriend does. In the same episode, SNL alum Nora Dunn guest-stars as Schmidt’s mother, Louise, who arrives in town just as her son is readying to invest in the bar with Nick.

Got any scoop about Ward on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? I miss seeing him on the show. –Amy
Well, you won’t miss seeing him much longer, at all. And when he does resurface, alongside Agent 33, think: “Opening scene from Pulp Fiction.” Bonus scoop: By the end of the next episode, Skye will have something in common with Steve Rogers.

Grey's Anatomy Callie Romance Spoilers

A few weeks ago you gave us this Grey’s Anatomy scoop about a “new fella for the ladies of Grey+Sloan Memorial.” Do you know what episode this “Jack Pruitt” will appear in? –Tanja
Kevin Alejandro (Southland, currently on The Returned) will play police captain Jack in the April 2 episode – and thus far is slated for just that one appearance, though I hear the role is still potentially recurring. Meanwhile, in the same episode, Taylor John Smith (aka Hawaii Five-0‘s Young Steve McGarrett) guest-stars as a class trip chaperone that Stephanie takes a shine to.

In his most recent appearance, Bones‘ Max hinted at hiding some secrets from his daughter. Are there any plans for those secrets to resurface and be explored? –Amelia
We delivered your Q to no less than Emily Deschanel, and she responded, “Yes, we get to the bottom of and explain certain things from my childhood. Max lies to me again and doesn’t tell me where he’s going, and I get very suspicious. But then things are revealed that help us understand certain things about Max, his history and my history with him.”

Glee is ending on Friday, and I’m feeling sad yet relieved at the same time. I would like the mother of all scoops, and some assurance that this finale won’t be as bad as How I Met Your Mother, or True Blood, or Dexter. Pretty please? —Samantha
If the buzz trickling out of McKinley is to be believed, the Glee finale will be viewed as a (mostly) satisfying conclusion to the show’s six-year run. The final shot, in particular, sounds pretty damn near perfect, IMHO. On the scoop front, the five-year time jump that comprises much of the final act will allegedly find one character pregnant, but there’s a twist. Also, Rachel will have bid adieu to single life, but the identity of the man on her arm may surprise you. (Or it may not.)

Shameless‘ poor Episode 510Fiona’s really trying hard this season to get her life together, and chaos still just follows her around. Gus is a real stable person for her — is he sticking around? –Adrienne
Yes, though that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s a part of any happy (by Gallagher standards) ending. Because although Fiona wants to work things out with her hubby, that spark between her and boss Sean is far from over. “That is a storyline that will really rev up” in the back half of the season, executive producer Nancy Pimental says. And in true Gallagher fashion, it’s “one of the things that’s left as a cliffhanger” in the finale.

Any scoop on Caity Lotz’s role in the Arrow/Flash spinoff? –Catarina
Ah yes, this spring’s burningest question: Will she play Sara, and if so, how will that character be resurrected? Or will she play someone new? “We definitely noticed that people have been asking those questions and we’re glad. And we kind of want them to ask those questions a little longer,” says Marc Guggenheim, an EP on the spinoff project. “I would say that by May you’ll know the answers to those questions, but we’re going to keep those cards a little close to our vests for a while.”

Is there anything you could tell me about The Flash??? I’m kinda curious to know what comes next! –Sofia
For one, I can tell you that Liam McIntyre’s Weather Wizard will be back not just next week, but in another episode airing later this season. Also coming up are assorted flashbacks, to help flesh out some characters’ pasts. “In Episode 17 (airing April 1), we’re going to get a flashback from [Dr. Wells’] point of view, which we’re really excited about,” says EP Andrew Kreisberg. “And in [another] episode, everyone’s going to flash back to when Barry was in the coma. So, you’ll see that time from Wells’ point of view, Caitlin’s point of view, and Joe, and Iris…. You get to fill in a little bit more of the backstory.”

What will Laura Benanti’s Supergirl role mean for her Nashville character if it gets picked up for Season 4? –Meaghan
If Supergirl gets super-officially greenlit and if Nashville is renewed, I see no conflict. Benanti (thus far) isn’t a series regular on Nashville, and even if she were to get promoted, typically you’re allowed to sneak away for three appearances on another show – and I can’t imagine Kara chatting up her dead Krypton mom’s avatar in every episode.

Real questions, real answers. If you need the Inside Line on a favorite show, email!  (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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  1. AL says:

    Do you have info about the Grey’s finale? It seems we are due for another big catastrophe after S9 and S10 were more character driven?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Email address is denoted at the bottom of the column.

    • Grey's Fan says:

      Season finale is May 14 (episode 24).
      But the episode you may have to prepare for with Kleenex is Episode 21… major car accident.

      • Tahina says:

        If you mean the sides for ep 21, it could be anyone..but some have their bets between Derek and Webber. But, on Grey’s everything is written on sand until it’s reported by a reliable source..looking at yea Matt! ‘)

        • chris says:

          Dempsey is missing a race to film ep 11×21-this weekend. He wouldn’t miss a race to be a body on a gurney. My guess is if a greys character dies it will probably be jacksons mom flying in for a visit

        • Grey's Fan says:

          Yeah I know the “sides” are written to confuse people, but TVLINE had a spoiler a while ago about a FEMALE doctor being involved in a car crash and helping another victim despite her injuries. So it’s obvious the he/she is to confuse people and keep the identity of the victim a secret – though things could change. Are any contracts up at the end of this season? (Richard, Derek, Bailey, Meredith, Alex and Callie are all signed for Season 12 – what about everyone else?)

      • misscepat says:

        please kill jo

  2. oh no says:

    Klaine baby is going to suck so bad.

    • Eric says:

      I know Rachel is preggers based on pictures. But i’m thinking she’s being surrogate for Klaine? Yes?

      • Ally Oop says:

        Maybe her and Will. That would be surprising.

      • Mallory says:

        aw i was hoping it would be Quinn as their surrogate based on the video they made for Mr. Schue’s kid. “And I donated the egg!”

        As for Rachel’s new man, I actually think in some random twist, it’s going to be Will!!

      • iHeart says:

        if she surrogates Klaine, I won’t be surprised. Considering that Rachel’s mom Shelby was a surrogate for her dads.

        • oh no says:

          Best part of that would be that Rachel’s dad’s got a divorce. So if Rachel is a surrogate like her mom was, then it implies that Klaine will get divorce too at some point. lol.

  3. Tatiana says:

    I hope Caity Lotz is Sara but then this season feels wasted. And I REALLY hope we get to see Iris at Barry’s coma bedside… Maybe letting some secret feelings slip?

    • Drew says:

      Since one of the characters is a time traveler, I think that this will be a pre-death Sara. If played properly, it could be really interesting to see her take part. We know she dies… Will she know? Her only response to Thea was “why are you here?” So maybe she wasn’t surprised to be dying, just surprised at who was killing her.
      Or she could be completely oblivious :)

    • Joey says:

      The show has pretty much confirmed that the Lazarus Pits exist, and the Ra’s is immortal. I wouldn’t be surprised if Sara’s body disappears from her grave and winds up in a pit, bringing her back to life. But just like when someone uses a pit in the comics, they typically come back broken and insane, so it’ll be interesting if Sara comes back, but isn’t the same person she was before her death.

      • John NYC says:

        Ra’s is a seemingly regular user of the show’s version, that spring, and he doesn’t appear eithe broken it insane. Just tired., and far from immortal as he shared. The water is starting to work less for him.

  4. Nona says:

    I guess that a character will probably die in Arrow because it is a hint about what they said about having characters died in the show liek for the producers is kind of normal

  5. Bwhit says:

    I like Fiona with Sean more than Gus. Sean just seems better for her and her siblings. Gus hasn’t spent any time with the kids and he doesn’t seem like the type that will get over what happened with Jimmy. I think Fiona and Sean work in a way Gus and Fiona can’t.

    • Joey says:

      I really don’t care which of them Fiona could potentially end the season with. Either one is still a major step up from Jimmy.

  6. tonnie says:

    Interested in seeing Caitlin watching over Barry.

  7. Jared says:

    I love Caity as Sara on Arrow but this is what I dont understand. If Sara does come back to Arrow or the spinoff doesnt that defeat the purpose of the whole Sara storyline on Arrow? It almost cheapens the storyline for her to return. But on the other hand do any of the fans of Arrow really want Caity as any other character but Sara?? I dont know a lot about the canary as far as comic mythology but could she be another character that would make sense??

    • Sarah says:

      Assuming they toss her in a Lazarus Pit, the person that emerges wont be Sara as we knew her, so… she’ll be both Sara and a new character? IDK. I guess it’s a decent work around for why she wont stay with her family in Starling and why (I’m also assuming) she wont take back up the mantle of Canary. I’m not super fond of the idea of Sara returning, but I’m going to wait and see how it plays out before I cry about it.

    • Sarah says:

      That definitely wasn’t supposed to be a reply to you. Sorry.

    • Azerty says:

      If Caity is playing a totally new character not related to Sara it would confuse the fans. I mean if they don’t want Sara back in any form, why choose Caity? It’s not like there is no other talented actress in the world. I would even prefer a clone storyline rather than a totally different character.

      • Karen MT says:

        It would still be Sara, but a mentally-broken Sara, or maybe just some major personality changes.

        • Azerty says:

          I agree it would still be Sara, what I mean is if Caity Lotz plays let say Wonderwoman or Artemis (random examples they probably won’t go there) that would be ridiculous.

  8. Re the Cancellation Buzz, has anyone considered that the haphazard, unreliable scheduling of these shows might play a role in how many viewers are attracted to, and stay with, shows that appear and disappear so randomly? How do viewers plan their viewing time when favorite shows jump around from time-slot to time-slot, and from week to week may or may not even air, depending on the whims of the home network? This season has been worse than any I can recall. Virtually every network is guilty of shoving shows aside in order to air “specials” and/or sports. I LOATHE sports. And that is putting it politely. When I discovered that sporting events ALWAYS supersede every other program on TV, I decided never, ever, under any circumstances, would I watch any sporting event. Ever. When viewers of shows like Castle, or Bones, or CSI are shown respect, then, and ONLY then, will I ever watch a sporting event. As it is, I am refusing to watch any NEW series on every single network because I’m sick to death of having MY favorites destroyed on the altar of Jock Central! TV is becoming just another sports venue. And it sucks the ocean dry. I’m not holding my breath waiting for networks to start taking series viewers into account when scheduling shows vs. sports. I know we don’t count. Heck, I don’t even know why I bother writing this, because Castle fans, and CSI fans, and Bones fans simply don’t matter. For some reason, we fall under the radar of network schedulers. So… eventually I’ll just watch movies on DVD or news channels. Maybe go back to reading books. It’s for darned sure I’m never going to watch any new series that may show up, only to be tossed under the bus in favor of overpaid jocks. Pfffft!

    • Ruth Ann Walker says:

      I agree, Bones not only has a 3 month Haitus, but has to deal with being replaced by other shows, marathon of shows the network is promoting and sporting events…….they/Bones & others shows (we like) get NO respect at all, andso my theory like you, I have boycotted these networks and watch re-runs of dvd’s I purchased, plus there are NO commercials watching dvd’s, which I again my add these commercials take up most of the shows time, (I know some are necessary for expenses)but have gotten out of hand. Thank you for your comment. Ruth Ann

    • Katherine215 says:

      Tv is a business. Businesses need to make money. High ratings make money. Sports events have high ratings. Do you see where this is going? It’s not about respect.
      And really, I don’t understand refusing to watch shows to “punish” networks. Unless you’re a Nielsen viewer, they don’t care about you anyway.

    • Phyllis says:

      I soooo agree with you about the sports thing. Why do they have sports stations if they keep pre empting the programs on network TV. March Madness that lasts until May or June is unbelievable!!!! Thank goodness I have all of Castle on dvd and Bones and Bosch which I can watch when the powers that be decide to schedule a “sports event” in place of one of our programs .Maybe if enough of us complain maybe they will listen, but I’m not going to hold my breath!!!

      • Phyllis, stop exaggerating! March Madness is over the first Monday in April.
        I am a college basketball junkie. I have been bleeding the red and blue of the University of Dayton all my life, long before graduating in ’66. As for March Madness–BRING IT ON !! And GO FLYERS!!

    • bj says:

      I don’t mind one channel pre-empting shows to show sports. That’s bound to happen. What annoys me is when the other networks then pull their new episodes and show only repeats in that time slot. TPTB seem to assume that every house only has one tv and that one will be tuned into the sports.

    • lkh says:

      So….basically you’re saying you don’t like sports?

      Ah, don’t watch the news, your brain will explode. Reading, hmmmm, interesting.

    • KCC says:

      Have you considered by not watching any new series you’re only adding to the discrepancy between sports programming and regular series programming? It’s a numbers game, the more people watching the more money the networks make. They don’t care what they broadcast, they just want the highest number of viewers, preferable between 18 and 49 years old. You can get many more views for a special sporting event like the NCAA men’s basketball tournament (March Madness) than any series will garner. The other networks then don’t want to “waste” new episodes that are bound to get lower ratings against a sporting event so they show reruns or other counter programming. It’s not personal, it’s business.

    • GuessWhat says:


  9. Sam says:

    Yay give me some Beckett ! :D

  10. Kim&Bey says:

    I’m hoping either Laurel or Roy die…Arrow is getting far too crowded!
    I’m looking forward to the Arrow original trio episode only if Felicity pulls her head in and stops undermining Oliver at every turn or throwing hissy fits. I’m so done with everyone thinking they can confront Oliver and question his decisions. Diggle on the other hand is a diff story, he’s the only one allowed to give Oliver some grief.

    • Dave says:

      no one will die. Laurel will leave to train with Nyssa and will return as a fighter (like her sister) when we least expect. right Matt?

    • Lol says:

      In the time Oliver was gone, Felicity convinced everyone that he would never work with the man who drugged his sister to kill their friend, and through black mail almost got Oliver himself killed. And the first thing Oliver says when he comes back is that he’s going to work with Malcolm (again, the man responsible for Sara’s death) of course she’s gonna be pissed at him. It’s not hissy fits

      • Kim&Bey says:

        It’s not Felicity’s responsibility to convince people on what Oliver will or will not do. As we have come to see, nothing is black and white on this show, surely Felicity should realize that by now.
        This is not the first time Oliver has been on shaky moral ground but whenever he is, he has always had a valid reason for it and it certainly does not warrant a confrontation. Felicity should keep her feelings in check and stop questioning Oliver’s actions.

        • E says:

          I think every time Oliver really needs a voice of reason (and he isn’t listening to Dig) he listens to Felicity. I agree she has been very sassy lately but with all these characters have been through I think she’s allowed to throw a fit every once in awhile.

        • Briggs says:

          I realize many people want Felicity to become Oliver’s lapdog again, but I like the way she is. Someone has to call Oliver on his crap, and she’s the only one he really seems to listen to. Good for her.

        • anon says:

          Felicity doesn’t realize anything. She’s a character that does and says what the writer’s want.

      • Heather says:

        Except Felicity doesn’t care that Oliver is working with the man who brainwashed Thea and killed Sara. She only cares that it’s an indication Oliver might one day screw her over the way he’s screwed over every other person he’s ever claimed to care about. People applaud Felicity for calling Oliver out but she didn’t call him out for the right reasons. She’s as selfish as he is, and if she truly had any moral objections she would have stopped working with him while a mass murderer was allowed in and out of the foundry. She didn’t.

  11. Just one thing says:

    I realized the other day that “mythology” is used a little too freely in reference to Castle stories.
    Is a new story arc, without any roots in a character’s past, really a mythos story?

    • Sam says:

      “Fun” and “mythology” are the two favorite words of Amann and Marlowe ;)

    • Barry says:

      Ya but didn’t he say it would involve what she exactly wants to after being a detective her aspirations

    • lkh says:

      Lipstick on a pig. Painting a cow red doesn’t turn it into a tomato. and so it goes

    • S. says:

      No it isn’t used too freely or thrown around. They’ve used mythology in regards to exactly 2 things thus far before this, Beckett’s mother’s murder and Castle’s disappearance, both of which are to involve long term plans for the character (and Rick’s situation sounds like there’s more to it, esp. in that he used something that happened to him as a young man to help prove something to himself later, that youthful event maybe mattering to us). It’s a bit like Mulder’s mythology involving his sister on The X Files. You don’t hear about it every week but it’s a long term thing informing the character. Arc would be fine enough I guess except that just feels shorter. Mythology vs. ‘overall arc’? I’d say I prefer the former because arcs don’t get left alone for such extended periods of time to me. The point is, not overused on Castle. We don’t talk any other character’s mythology. (Can you imagine a Pi mythology? *gag*) Beckett’s career is connected to her mother’s murder so in a way this is just an extension of who she is as a result of that. Maybe there’s a new mythology breaking or maybe it’s a continuation of the old one’s consequences if you wanna think about it like that.

  12. Pirate Bay says:

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    hackers, and true thieves. However may very well not need this service at least for the first year.

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  13. Sil says:

    After Arrow’s 3rd season so far has not impressed me, I don’t hold much positive hopes for anything I’ll like. The creators have already said that from here on Arrow will become very different. Tonight we’ll see. But, when it comes to which character will die, I hope it’s either Malcolm or Laurel. The show seems to turn into more of the comic type stories. This might be where Arrow will go on without me.

    • kath says:

      Every time Arrow’s producers say the show will become different, my heart fills with dread. I’d really rather it just went back to what it was in season 1 and 2. And I still miss Moira and Sara on the show.

  14. kmw says:

    in regards to shows getting respect(in this case Bones Castle and CSI) sporting events to some extent do interrupt these shows, but lack of respect comes from deeper within the networks they are on. Not being sure of CSI , but both of those other shows make loads of money for their network. Money is their bottom line. Both ABC and FOX now have bigger hits that they need to take care of. In the case of Bones FOX has been disrespecting for quite some time and that has almost nothing to do with sports. This last hiatus was put on them because FOX still feels the need to keep 2 hours of American Idol on air and to put Hart Hanson’s horrible new show on.(Also the fact the all these shows are procedurals, and it IS NOT in thing to be a procedural on television right now in terms of how they are perceived in quality of plots) As I said money is the bottom line and these sporting events are making the networks rich(look at NBC, they would be in a real bad place if it weren’t for SNF). That being said these shows do deserve respect but that will most likely never happen in the way us fans want. As for Bones news I am glad they will revisit Max and Brennan that story sound more interesting than Booth’s gambling relapse

  15. Taylor says:

    Betting the man in Rachel’s life is named Tony…maybe Oscar.

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  17. chris says:

    Glad to see Steph get a new love interest after the disaster that was Jackson. Also enough already with all the breakups of the couples, all pain all the time isn’t drama it’s tedious, sadistic writing.

    Hope the writers don’t try to hook Callie up with Capt Jack, They need to get with it and move her and AZ back on the road to ‘happy couple raising their daughter together.’ After all why make all the fuss about being a progressive show with a gay wedding and them raising a family if only to trash them every season and pawn the kid off to day care.

  18. Briggs says:

    The rest of Arrow’s third season sounds insane. I love it. :) A death, and a 20th ep that I can only guess what happens. I can’t wait to see how it all unfolds.
    Oh, Marc. I love you. :) I can’t wait to see what’s up with the spinoff. Flash has been so awesome, this can’t be anything but good.
    Ooooo, Flash backstory. I”m now reall excited about the rest of the season. Not that I wasn’t, but Flash has always come in a (very close) second to Arrow for me, so that this got me very excited is a sign.

  19. kath says:

    I’m interested to see the Flash episode from Wells point of view. So far Tom Cavanaugh and Jessie Martin have been raising The Flash from comic book to intriguing TV.

    I have my doubts how much more paradigm shift Arrow can withstand since this season has been a disappointment. But one thing is sure, to me the Oliver/Diggle/Felicity dynamic is the heart of the show so I’m glad to see there is more coming up for them, hopefully supportive rather than confrontational.

  20. JJ says:

    Ugh. I knew they were gonna explore Sean and Fiona again based on that last episode!! But I want Gus and Fiona!! Shameless is getting annoying!! Poor Chuckie.

  21. Azerty says:

    Arrow’s producers need to stop saying that after this or that episode the show will never be the same. I get excited and then disappointed…seriously Oliver’s death or Ra’s offer were not game changers. So far this season the only game changer was Sara’s death but it might change if she comes back from the dead for the spinoff. I know I shouldn’t compare the two but Flash had more game changers since its beginning.

  22. SOrms says:

    Please tell me Castle is not ending, with maybe a shortened season 8!

  23. kmw says:

    Even though I don’t watch Castle and I do watch Bones, Castle does deserve respect. ABC only looks at it for the cash its making them which is one of the reasons you do not see many promos for them either. No one ever said any of these shows are original they all take plots from other shows. As far as Castle getting to their “milestone episode” I hope its good for fans

    • John NYC says:

      Though it’s arguable that ABC would earn even MORE money from Castle were they to promote it more and thus increase viewership?

  24. Bid adieu to the single life? Rachel has been dating and sleeping with Sam for a while.

  25. Cas says:

    It makes me laugh that Fiona “is trying to put her life together”. Seriously she married a guy she just met. And on top of that she goes through men like candy it seems. I hardly call marrying a guy you barely know “getting your life together”.

  26. kmw says:

    What I am saying about Castle is not that more promos would give them more money, is that just because it is an older show doesn’t mean ABC shouldn’t promote it, although maybe that is not true for Greys Anatomy. I guess what I was trying to get at is that some shows aren’t “hip, cool, or relevant” enough to warrant respect from networks. Like many procedurals that people watch, Castle most certainly is worthy of respect and promotion

  27. Ella says:

    I’m so irritated that they keep casting awesome love interests for Felicity and then getting rid of them. Granted they get their own show but still, I loved Barry/Felicity and now I LOVE Ray/Felicity. I don’t want him to leave.

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  29. susan surles says:

    Actually I am tired of the flash/arrow folks playing these games. Kill all the characters off. Lose your fAn base. It is just CW playing games. I can just not watch.