The Walking Dead Recap: Die Job

Walking Dead Recap Season 5

As the fifth season of The Walking Dead lumbered toward the finish line, the Internet was abuzz with speculation about who’d kick the bucket next. The smart money was on Noah. (Back in January, portrayer Tyler James Williams signed on for the Criminal Minds spinoff.) But was it the teen who met his maker in “Spend”? Read on and find out!

TOP OF THE MORNING | The episode kicked off with Gabriel becoming so upset over a gift of strawberries left for him in his makeshift Alexandria chapel that he tore pages out of a Bible. (Cue a full-on meltdown in 3, 2… ) After the opening credits, Rick discovered that Jessie’s owl sculpture had been trashed. By whom? She couldn’t imagine. Nearby, Noah took a breakfast meeting with Reg to ask for a crash course in construction. Deanna’s husband was so delighted by the request – it meant that the youngster was in it for the long haul – that he gave Noah his notebook to jot down all of his future lessons. (Never a good sign when someone on this show starts planning for their future… )

Reluctantly on a run with Aiden, Glenn, Nicholas, Noah and Tara – their goal: find micro inverters to fix the power grid – Eugene whined that he was “not combat-ready or even for that matter combat-inclined.” Tough, said Tara, adding that it was past time for him to start pulling his weight. His response? He already HAD pulled his weight by getting the group to Alexandria with his lie about D.C. Shocked by the scope of his cowardice, Tara just shook her head in disbelief. After the brainiac found the electronic doodads in a warehouse, reckless Aiden shot at a walker wearing body armor. And shot at him. And shot at him. Glenn cried out for him to stop, but it was too late. Aiden hit the grenade that the walker had on it and wound up being impaled in the blast!

IMPALED BY COMPARISON | Though Eugene failed in his first attempt to protect an injured Tara – Glenn had to step in – he swore that he was up to the task so that the others could go try to save (dis-impale?) Aiden, who still appeared to be alive-ish. Back in town, when Sam bugged Carol for more cookies, she unleashed a hail of snark and sent him off to steal chocolate. Doing construction work near the compound, Abraham seemed to be thrilled that things went a little awry so that he could bean a few walkers. Meanwhile, a drunkish Pete paid a house call to Rick. On the surface, it sounded friendly — the doc even suggested that the newcomer bring in his kids for a check-up. But the tension in the room was thicker than walker blood. “Let’s be friends, man,” Pete said with a smile that I was sure meant “or else.” Rick shook on it, yet it was obvious that they were never gonna be buddies. (What common interest could they discuss but the Mystery of Jessie’s Broken Owl?)

Back at the warehouse of doom, a terrified Eugene carried Tara to safety while shooting walkers in all the wrong body parts. Simultaneously, though Glenn fought valiantly to save Aiden, his efforts were for naught. Before being devoured in one of the show’s gorier demises, the d-bag confessed that the crew members they’d previously lost hadn’t been the ones who’d panicked in the field, he and Nicholas had been.

DYING YOUNG | Fresh from saving construction worker Francine, Abraham learned that the Alexandria system is to leave anyone who’s in trouble for dead. (Same m.o. as Nicholas applied to Aiden.) Impressed by Abraham’s heroism, Tobin encouraged Deanna to put him in charge of the construction crew. “He’s leading them better than I ever could,” Tobin said. Down the block, Sam returned to Carol, chocolate in hand. And while she fought hard not to get the least bit friendly with him, she couldn’t help but become concerned when he revealed that he broke things when he was upset (like, say, an owl sculpture) and asked if he could have one of the guns. Later, off a futile visit to Pete and Jessie’s place, Carol told Rick that she’d deduced that the doc was hitting his wife and maybe his younger son as well. “There’s only one way it can go,” she added. “You’re gonna have to kill him.”

At the warehouse, Glenn, Noah and Nicholas became trapped by walkers in a revolving door. Eugene, of all people, rode to the rescue, honking and drawing most of them away. But, because Nicholas wouldn’t trust Glenn’s plan to get them all out safely, he escaped, and Noah was devoured even more horrifically than Aiden had been. At the getaway van, Nicholas was trying to strong-arm Eugene into leaving without Glenn and Noah when Glenn caught up with the creep and gave him a pounding. As the hour drew to a close, Gabriel showed up at Deanna’s and, as Maggie eavesdropped, insisted that Rick and his group were wolves in sheep’s clothing. “The day will come,” the rat said, “when… they will destroy everything you have here.”

What did you think of the episode? Did you cheer when Aiden bit the dust? Were you sorry to see Noah die, or did you blame him for Beth’s demise? Hit the comments!

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  1. shaw says:

    This was the best episode in this second half of the season so far. But if they try and kill Glen I Will Stop Watching. No matter how much I love this show. Glen, Darryl,michone,
    and Rick are off limits

    • WalkerBrainBeater says:

      You’re full of crap. You’ll keep watching.

      • wrstlgirl says:

        LOL I laugh every time I read someone say they’ll stop watching if…… reminds me of a child that needs a time out.

        • Rick says:

          Yeah I know what you mean. I’ll never stop watching… unless they kill off Daryl.

          • vickie says:

            I know right !

          • Jimi says:

            Everyone would continue to watch regardless who dies…..unless the writers run out of good material. Always someone out there depending on one…or a few…characters that must remain in the show to keep their attention. That’s a bunch of…..well I’ll keep it respectful. Most of the characters you enjoy will eventually die. Glenn and Daryl will be eliminated sooner than you expect! But… will continue to watch the show as long as the writers maintain the level we are addicted to!

      • carlito says:

        …and little Carl.

    • tacmedic says:

      Glenn dies in the comics….and we’re coming up to that point pretty quickly

    • Seaturtle15 says:

      I agree with shaw 100%! It was sad to see Noah go (really liked the guy), but the ones who keep me tuning in are Rick, Glen, Michone, & Daryl. Without them, there would be no show.

  2. Ralph says:

    Can we PLEASE get rid of Gabriel next. MORE than useless troublemaker!!!

    • Lovely says:

      I agree even before this episode I wanted him to be the next death but now I REALLY want him DEAD. Judas… They should have left him to rot at that church.

      • Musicfan5 says:

        Yes, not since Andrea went googly-eyes over the Governor have I so disliked a character on this show. Can’t wait for him to meet his maker.

    • Ralph says:

      Are you kidding? His is definitely headed to judgement day. I’d bet before seasons ending.

    • A fan of TV says:

      I don’t know if I want him to die quite yet, but I definitely thought it was ironic he was using Satan as an angel of light analogies to describe Rick and his group, but not including himself. Even though what he was doing was shady and traitorous, and he’s kicking off a battle that will get plenty people killed.

    • AngieD says:

      There will be cheering when Gabriel dies. He’s a coward and totally unappreciative that Rick et al saved his life multiple times. He’s responsible for more deaths than Rick et al since he locked his congregation out of the church.

    • Shannon says:

      Gah I know. Dude, you left your ENTIRE congregation outside to be eaten. You are NOT the good guy here. Why he thinks he is some savior with a message is beyond me. I think this episode has shown that the townspeople’s incompetence is a bigger threat to the town than Rick and Co. If they took some lessons from them they could actually survive.

  3. Ralph says:

    Absolutely agree with Shaw. Never want to lose Glenn.

  4. Lovely says:

    This is why Walking Dead is unrealistic… Besides the fact that it’s a show about zombies…
    1) we already know from season 1 that if people cover themselves with zombie guts that the walkers ignore them… Yet we never see this tactic used… That’s the first thing I would do before a run or anything is cover myself in some walker guts… Yet Nobody is smart enough to think of this
    2) these people are so intelligent to build this self sufficient community yet they can’t come up with some body armor… Heck even some duct tape or something to protect from bites… No they just go out on dangerous missions like la-dee-da
    3) did I miss something or did Glen and Noah not have anything other than empty guns? Everyone not just Michonne should have a katana sword or something similar… They should have been slicing off heads

    I love the show but these stupid deaths frustrate me a lot!

    • Kutaba says:

      4) Also couldn’t Noah and Glen being two people just push the revolving door the other way. They should have had twice the man power/strength of the guy on the other side. Simple math 2 is greater than 1.
      ……also agree with the non use of body armour. Unless tank tops and t-shirts qualify. Can’t anyone even find a leather coat. ???

      • Lovely says:

        Great point. They shouldn’t have let that jerk through… The two of them should have been able to hold him back…
        And yes if they can build that wall surely someone in their community can make body armor with metal… They just go out there with absolutely no protection… It’s baffling. They should have this thing down to a science by now… The fact that they went out there so unprepared was crazy. I mean I guess it’s TWD and they just need deaths for entertainment. I guess it’s like any horror flick where people do stuff that’s dumb… But I yell at the TV and I’m upset because I’m horse now 😂

        • lildaddy says:

          Actually I could completely see it go down in real life just the way it did on TV. People do not do what’s smart a lot of the times, not to mention they easily get complacent, arrogant and a host of other dangerous and stupid personality traits.

        • A fan of TV says:

          What would the point of holding him back have been? He wasn’t going to help them and his actions made that clear. Holding him there just would have gotten them all killed, probably.

          • Lovely says:

            What would be the point? Him squeezing out the door got Noah killed. When he was forcing the door and trying to get out they should have held his ass there. If it were me we would have been in a Mexican standoff… Douchebag wouldn’t have been able to move the door period and he would have eventually given up and cooperated with Glenn’s plan, Noah would still be alive, etc.

          • AngieD says:

            It wasn’t just Nicolas pushing the door , it was the zombie’s too. Also, once his foot was stuck in the door, there was no way for Glenn and Noah to move it back

        • AngieD says:

          THe guy jammed his fit in the door, they couldn’t push it the other way to keep it shut. Also, add in the force from the crazed zombies…..

        • AngieD says:

          I don’t think leather coats are protective enough… if you can tear away someone’s cheek, leather isn’t going to stop a tear either….. Also, they are typically on guard and know how to avoid gathering zombie attention. However, once surrounded you can only try to get away from the horde. The only clothing that might help is armor, but you can’t move around quickly in it and you’d probably die of heat exhaustion running around in it……

          As for the dead zombie covers, you have to have one handy when you aren’t surrounded already.

      • AnnieM says:

        They should have a store of protective clothing for anyone going on runs like they do weapons. We know people lived there before, so clothes should have been left behind. And it’s Virginia, so it *would* get cold enough for coats, so there should be leather, or Carharts, or *something* – heck, even polar fleece would provide some protection – it doesn’t tear that easily. Better than poor Noah’s flannel shirt or bare-legs Eugene.

        • Lovely says:


          I agree with you and if someone was actually focused on that task, say an armor maker… There’s no reason why they couldn’t come up with some really cool protective uniforms for when they make runs. They have architects, builders, etc in the community… The stuff they collect on the road, ie, this episode the walker with all the gear on and the grenade… I’m sure they encounter plenty of stuff like this… They could have been collecting uniforms, head gear etc then adding metal plates to it for even more protection. Heck they have tools and machinery, there’s no reason why they can’t make full out gladiator style armor 😂

        • Aimee says:

          Zombies being able to bite through flesh is absurd anyway. We see over and over again bodies that are so rotted that you can easily pull their limbs off or completely crush their heads to a pulp just by stepping on them and yet…we are supposed to believe that their jaws are still strong enough to bite chunks of human flesh off. I don’t think so. A simple leather jacket would be all the armor you need if they were really that weak and falling apart.

          • Lovely says:

            Aimee, Hmmm… I never thought about that but now that you mention it you’re right. Sometimes the walkers are shown to be so weak and falling apart… Other times they have super human strength… We’ve seen the survivors literally rip off their jaw with their bare hands yet they’re strong enough to bite through flesh… Silly. If they’re as weak as they appear it would actually be quite difficult to get killed by them I mean they can’t even run… yet the group continues to be picked off. Great point!

          • Brenda says:

            People are still turning so there will always be a “fresh” batch of zombies wandering around. I do agree that there are for sure walkers that have been roaming for 3 years. Those ones would be pretty fragile. Side note, I’m wondering what those things smell like? Maybe that’s why they don’t cover themselves with zombie gore.

    • AnnieM says:

      You make some excellent points, especially about the zombie guts. Maybe it’s too much of a pain for makeup & wardrobe if they did it too often, but like you said, it’s been shown to work, so they should do it at least from time to time.

    • TV Gord says:

      You can over-think any show and then ruin it for yourself. Have at it, but I’d rather just watch the show and enjoy it. I wonder if nitpickers have any favorite shows.

    • hahaa I still couldn’t figure out why, when they were living in the prison, they know that when people die they turn, no one bothers to think they should close themselves in their cells to contain a possible threat.

      still love the show though.

      • vickie says:

        Really there is so much going on you just don’t have time to think everything thur , are you saying that you would know
        Everything to do no you wouldn’t , however the show does make you stop and think about the what ifs.

    • Ben says:

      1. imo, that tactic is only effective if you are going on solo or not in a big group.. like carol did in the first episode of the season or like glenn and rick in the first season. besides, it didn’t really matter if they’ve covered themselves in walker guts, the explosion was enough to trigger the herd to come after them in the warehouse. besides it’s just not practical (imo).
      2. I agree with you on this. duck tapes seem to be the safest way to go in the zombie apocalypse! (eventhough it can be argued that you need to scavange for a lot of duck tapes first.)
      3. not everyone can wield a sword/machete/ or a knife as good as some of the people in the group could. michonne is a pro with her katana as rick with his machete.. the others seem capable of handling knife.. i guess. but you just can’t take down a herd of walkers with it. even michonne can’t.

      Noah’s death was not stupid.. it was a direct cause from Nicholas cowardice and HIS stupidity.. but to me, his death is up there along with other major characters’ deaths in terms of ‘wtf’ moments like Merle’s, Lori’s, Dale’s and Sophia’s death.. and it was insanely gruesome too!

      • Lovely says:

        “That tactic is only effective if you are going solo or not in a big group”… And you know this how??? Just because we’ve only seen people do this alone does not mean it wouldn’t work in a large group. The theory is that if you smell like a walker they will not attack.. So that has nothing to do with being in a group or not. If one group of walkers encounters another group of walkers they do not attack each other they just blend in and form a big herd.
        “besides its just not practical”… Why isn’t it? There are walkers everywhere so it’s not like they would run out of walker guts. If you mean that covering yourself in walker guts is nasty and who would want to do that everyday listen… I would rather cover myself in walker guts everyday and LIVE than the alternative. And they’re lucky because they live in an environment now where they can wash every evening when they come home. Just because it is messy and smelly, if it will saves lives it’s crazy for them not to do it.

        “But you just can’t take down a herd of walkers with it. even Michonne can’t”… Actually we’ve seen Michonne do just that and plenty of times. If someone isn’t good with the sword again that leads back to my original point… This is the crew that goes out on dangerous missions, they should be trained in all of that. Why are they so unprepared? Why aren’t they being trained in different weapons? If both Glenn and Noah were yielding swords and had on protective armor I think they would have had a shot. It was just crazy they they were stuck there with no bullets, seemingly no other weapons to fight with and no protective armor on. No matter how you slice it the group was woefully unprepared for that mission.

      • AngieD says:

        + a knife requires close contact and when you’re surrounded by a horde, it increases your chances of getting bitten…. You don’t want to be at arms reach – thus swords and guns work best under mass attack.

    • Firekitty4669 says:

      Nick had his arm and foot in the door so Glen and Noah couldn’t push it back… also Nick has the ammo

  5. irishrose4583 says:

    I had been expecting Noah to die since he was getting a new show but wasnt thinking it would happen tonight. what a way to go! figures Aiden would die b/c he wasnt as doucchey this episode and seemed to want to work with Glen. nicholas and gabriel though….Gabriel people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones….kind of feel as a reverend you should be aware of this….people saved your life. i was wondering why that kid kept coming up to Carol after she threatened him. makes sense he wanted her as an ally.

    • A fan of TV says:

      Aidan dying will just tip his mother over the edge in terms of not trusting Rick’s people, after the seeds that were planted last night. She will hate them for that and their peace will collapse.

      • elm says:

        Yeah, especially since they didn’t take Nicholas back with them. That only leaves Glenn to explain the situation – I love the group, but if I was Deanne, I would find that highly suspicious.

        • Shannon says:

          They took Nicholas back. Glenn just punched him out and had Eugene put him in the van. That was who Eugene had his gun trained on during the drive back.

  6. DAG says:

    Wow – Carol. She is trying so hard not to get invested in another child who might end up dead. And, now we know why Sam isn’t scared of her-he’s already living with a monster.

    • Homesick says:

      All I could think of when she told Rick is that he lived with Carol & her husband at the camp on season 1, and all the while Ed was beating her & Sophia. And Rick did nothing

      • Steve F. says:

        Keep in mind, he just got to the camp, and about a night later Ed was gone in the walker attack that killed Amy.

        • Homesick says:

          Jacqui said so herself: they all saw the bruises. Heck, Rick heard Carol’s confession when she admitted she couldn’t stop Ed from hurting Sophia. And all Rick could do for Carol was to shot her daughter when she turned.

          • AnnieM says:

            Well…that just goes to show you how much these characters have changed since then. ::shrug::

          • Jack says:

            Season 1 Rick is different than Season 5 Rick. Just like Season 1 Carol is different than Season 5 Carol.

          • I thought I would mention that Ed was not hurting Sophia the way he was hurting Carol. Carol herself said that Ed was “looking at his own daughter” meaning that he was molesting her.

      • Lovely says:

        Yeah I kind of feel like it’s none of RIck and Carols business… I mean they’ve seen so much horror and now a man may be being abusive to his wife… Maybe I sound cold but it doesn’t seem like their business or what should be a priority at this point. There are problems everywhere and people will be people. Some are bad; you can’t solve everyone’s problems. The fact that they have a safe place for now should be enough. They should be laying low. But from Ricks perspective he wants Jessie so I guess this is the little thing he needs to be justified in killing the husband SMH…

        • Drewboo says:

          It’s not that he wants Jessie. They want this place. It’s being run incredibly poorly and has survived on dumb luck. Aiden just admitted to getting tons of people killed by being incompetent and leaving them in need, they had no lookouts, they don’t carry guns, they are thinking about the future when the present is almost extinct, groups like the cannibals and Wolves are running around ruining the world… It’s as simple as: Rick is the Sherrif and this guy is another BAD one of THEM. Rick is the leader and his team is the Alpha. This community will recognize this peacefully and cede control entirely or they will have their paradise taken from them.

          • Lovely says:

            Ok I agree with your points about the community BUT Rick also wants Jessie. If you can’t see that then you missed something very obvious to most viewers. Did you not catch how Rick kissed Jessie at the party and how he stared at her? Did you not catch Jessie and her husband walking by and Rick leering at the husband and putting his hand on his gun? This was BEFORE he knew anything about the husband abusing Jessie or being a bad guy. That was clearly a “if I want I can kill you and take your wife” move. Guess you missed it!

          • AnnieM says:

            I wanted to reply to Lovey, but her last comment here has no reply button! Anyway, it seems like I am the only person on the internet whose first thought about all the Rick/Jessie/Pete interaction was partly Rick having a sort of cop(Spidey)-sense about the whole situation. As a cop, he probably saw/interacted with a number of people in abusive situations; I thought his hand on his gun was just a cop instinct to protect a women he suspected was being abused by her husband. And The Kiss? Well, maybe I’m wrong. ::shrug:: But, 2 eps left, hopefully we’ll get more answers than questions.

        • Homesick says:

          Then again, Sam didn’t break something from his father, he broke something his mother made. And he must tell her everything: he said so himself. So, what if Jessie is the abusive parent and Pete drinks because he can’t stop her? What if Carol is projecting her own scenario and Rick ends up killing the one parent that actually protected the kids from the abusive one? What if Rick ends up putting Judith & Carl in Jessie’s care/danger?

          • AnnieM says:

            That would be a very interesting twist on things.

          • Nate says:

            My fiancé mentioned this. We both think (he) is the bad guy but the cameras have zoomed on her tattoos before and have played her up to be mysterious from the first episode with her until rick becomes obsessed with her half way through the first episode like she’s a mermaid. It’s possible and would be a really cool twist but might be too much for the direction they are going already to do a 180! We can all tell the husband will be dead in the next 2 episodes regardless. MAYBE the pastor professing stuff from the bible is actually a reference to her, maybe she’s satan in disguise and the show is trying to hint at something more?

          • A fan of TV says:

            This would be pretty interesting! I caught myself thinking ‘ why are we concluding abuse? Because of people stereotypes and the husband us a tall drinker? I mean Rick is a cop and his evidence is hearsay, no physical proof or even the kid using words and not his creepy-eyed stare, which he’s accepting probably because of the fact he’s got the hots for Jessie, he implicitly trusts Carol again, and because they want control of the town.

          • WalkerMD says:

            I was thinking the same exact thing – it seemed to convenient to think Pete was the abusive one.

      • relaxxx says:

        Shane beat up Ed n tried to help Carol. She started crying n told Shane to stop n started to baby Ed so what’s your point? How about Carol help herself or take the help when it was given.

      • A fan of TV says:

        No, Rick met Ed and Carol for all of ten minutes before he was looking for Merle in Atlanta, and then Ed was dead before he got back. Jacqui mentioned seeing the bruises, but Rick wasn’t there. Shane beat the crap out of Ed, but there was nothing Rick could or should have known or done in the span of time he knew Ed or Carol.

    • or is sam a liar causing trouble and carol’s perception is clouded by her own awful experience?

      • Joe Gannon says:

        But he didn’t actually come righit out and tell her anything. She’s speculating what’s wrong based on him talking about his mom needing “protection.” It would take one incredibly smart little kid to have the idea of “fooling” someone into thinking his father was abusing his mother and go about it in such a subtle way. If it’s not true and he wanted her to think it was, he’d have simply come right out with that lie.

        • AnnieM says:

          Not only that, though, I thought it very interesting that he never got to tell her who the gun was for. I agree with the folks who think that the comic storyline is being flipped, that *Jessie* will be the abusive one, and not Pete. But how that will play out against our group is anyone’s guess. There are many ways the writers could play this out.

  7. is it really necessary for you to put spoilers directly in the title of your article?

    • TV Gord says:

      It’s not really a spoiler to hint that someone dies. It’s The Walking Dead. Someone dies almost every week.

      • AnnieM says:

        Except it’s not just a hint. The header says: /the-walking-dead-recap-season-5-noah-aiden-die/ . They coiuld just as easily word it: the-walking-dead-recap-season-5-episode-[place either episode # or title here], and leave it at that. However, I also agree that if spoilers bother people, they should not seek to read about that night’s ep until after they’ve watched it.

  8. Carlos Lee says:

    I knew Noah was dead meat since he was announced to be in “CSI: Cyber”. I am sure Gabriel will be dead soon.

  9. Steve F. says:

    Everybody ate Chris…

    Seriously, while I wasn’t surprised about Noah’s demise since I heard about Tyler James Ferguson signing on to the CM spinoff, that was BRUTAL.

    And Gabriel needs to be strung up.

  10. mark w says:

    So what exactly did Aiden admit to?

    • Lovely says:

      Good question I missed it… Did he say that he and the other guy killed their own crew, the 3 they “lost last month?” Someone please advise.

      • omar says:

        Yes and No. Haha. They left them behind to die.

        • Homesick says:

          It’s the “Alexandria code”, if someone gets behind the rest leave him to be eaten by walkers. Some community! No wonder Deanna wanted Rick’s group

        • Meagan says:

          They didn’t just leave them, Aiden told Glenn the two of them panicked and got the others killed. He definitely seemed more guilty than just over leaving them. At least that’s the impression I got.

    • omar says:

      Alexandria system is to leave anyone who’s in trouble for dead. Aiden and Nicholas left the others to die, that’s exactly what he admitted.

      • Mr. Ellie Pooh says:

        Tobin also left Francine for dead and Abraham had to rescue her. The whole town will likely self-destruct.

  11. Robert says:

    So many long commercial breaks.

    Noah death scene ouch

  12. DLmellert says:

    I don’t think no one got Beth killed. He actually tried to get her out of the hospital!

    • AnnieM says:

      I think Beth got HERSELF killed; when she stabbed Dawn with the tiny scissors, didn’t her gun go off by accident?

  13. youknow says:

    I agree it’s “douchey” to put spoilers in the title of your article. And you totally skimped on Gabriel’s part but otherwise, good recap!

  14. Ben says:

    I am (brutally) disappointed your headline includes spoilers. Please show some consideration to random Googlerites such as myself who often stumble blindly into glaring and shocking truths in headlines that by their nature take ruthless zombie-sized bites out of unprepared souls. May any characters who have passed (and the piece of my soul that dies with them) rest in peace.

    • A fan of TV says:

      Someone usually does on Walking Dead; that can’t be considered a spoiler. The headline doesn’t name names.

  15. wrstlgirl says:

    I don’t know about anyone else but our people dying has just become normal and not shocking anymore. It happens so often now that it’s just expected. I miss the days of the unexpected.

  16. Whatever says:

    Excellent episode.
    Noah Noah Noah you can’t be makin plans for the future on TWD. Come on man !
    Somebody needs kick that preachers a*s. What a douche. Thankfully Maggie was listening.

  17. Mr. Ellie Pooh says:

    Time for padre Gabriel to meet the angel of light in the guise of a pack of zombies. Rat. Very sad to see Noah go. Happy with Aiden’s death and can’t wait to see what they do to Nicholas. Alexandria will likely self destruct with the town’s cowardice and poor decision making.

  18. I hate father gabriel…hes the wolf in sheeps clothes….i love TWD FOREVER!!

    • Nate says:

      Did anyone else wonder if he was trying to get intell spilled from Diannna? Maggie never is shown telling anyone the news, there is a slight chance it’s set up! I don’t think so but he keeps pressing the issue almost like he needs her to believe it before he leaves the house as if rick ever put HIM in danger before!

    • Jax&Juice's Girl says:

      Father Gabriel is an A-HOLE ratting them out like that! Thank god Maggie was there on the steps listening……I hope she tells Rick or Carol about him. His ass dies next before the finale! As for Noah I still blame him for Tyrese’s death but the way he went out was F-in gruesome and Glenn having to watch that was just sad…….That Nicholas bastard I hope he dies too!!!!

    • Jax&Juice's Girl says:

      That town is going to hell Rick & Co. better take it. Those people are WEAK! Father Gabriel is an A-HOLE for ratting them out like that! Thank god Maggie was there on the steps listening….I hope she tells Rick or Carol ASAP! His ass better die before the finale! As for Noah I still kinda blame him for Tyrese’s death, but the way he went out was gruesome and Glenn having to watch was just sad. Finally Eugene grows a pair!!

  19. Tom says:

    Noah is 100% responsible for Tyrese’s death. And mostly responsible for Beth’s. He was turning himself around, but he had red on his ledger.

    • Cristi says:

      I don’t think Noah is responsible for any deaths. Certainly not directly nor 100%. Noah didn’t bite Tyrese, a walker did.

    • AngieD says:

      On Talking Dead, the actor who portrayed Noah said he did play his death as balancing out Tyrese and Beth’s deaths. However, he was not responsible for their deaths…. Tyrese wasn’t paying attention, which allowed the walker to bite him. They were in an area where they had seen walkers – it wasn’t a secure area….. Beth died because the cop shot her – no other reason. Beth let herself be recaptured to help Noah get away while he was injured, but he didn’t abandon her. He was trying to figure something out when he met Rick et al. I don’t think Noah was going to abandon Beth.

  20. Eve says:

    So what did Noah say before he was devoured?
    Didnt understand him the third time around

    • AnnieM says:

      “Don’t let go.” On Talking Dead they said he was being metaphorical. How you could even *get* metaphorical right before being eaten by zombies, I don’t know, but they said that’s how the line was meant.

  21. A Fan of TV says:

    Gabriel. I can’t even.

  22. AnnieM says:

    I guess those bible pages Father Gabriel was tearing up were the ones with the parable about he who is without sin casting the first stone. ;-)

  23. Come On! says:

    Not crazy about another African-American protagonist character dying this season. I mean he wasn’t exactly a main character but given Noah hadn’t really managed to do much but ultimately be the factor that resulted in Beth’s death, his own death didn’t really amount to much. Be kind of nice if the character they lost someone trying to rescue was more useful before dying, since while certainly in tune with the show to a degree it just kind of makes the whole arc that introduced him seem even more useless.

    • Whatever says:

      Seriously? Just enjoy the show. All races are represented in the group. Unless you want to start complaining that there’s only one Asian and one Hispanic, but I guess you don’t care about those.

      • Rachel Scott says:

        I don’t think the person was trying to start something by mentioning race, but three African American males have died recently. All this person did was point it out.

  24. I am going to have nightmares about Noah’s death. But such a great episode nonetheless

  25. relaxxx says:

    Congratulations to Tyler James Williams on his new job at Criminal Minds. Steven Yeun, Michael Cudlitz, and Seth Gilliam were all great last night. I like the Francine girl already. I also think that Rick and Carol are going after the wrong Anderson. Yes I read the comics but I refuse to believe they wouldn’t remix things. Sam never said he’s being abused or who is abusing him also Tara is unconscious if they kill Pete they could inadvertently kill Tara. She needs a doctor. There’s a reason Daryl and Michonne has not interacted with Pete n Jesse. Their bs detector is always on fleek. Aaron has said Daryl knows a good person from bad n so far he hasn’t met the Anderson’s. I’m waiting to see what Daryl and Michonne have to say about the situation.

  26. hud says:

    What was the paper Gabriel put in the bible? Carol found one when they first came across him, was it ever explained?

  27. Bye Noah! says:

    So hopefully Deanna realizes that Gabriel is batcrap insane and ignores him completely (or possibly isolates him for the safety of the town.) When you call the person who saved your life the devil, and start rambling like a madman, that is how you should be treated.
    I guess the only thing I can take as an upside from this episode’s departure is that he leaves this little zombie-ridden world with a destination. Hopefully this CSI spinoff works out for him (and doesn’t steal anymore of our important characters).

    • Jack says:

      Coupled with the fact that Deannas son is now dead, and that Nicholas(I think thats his name?) will probably lie and say it was because of Glenn and the others, along with the fact that Rick is about to go off on that wife beater…yeah, I think its safe to assume that she is going to believe Gabriel. Maybe I am wrong.

  28. dan from down under says:

    so is carol’s view of the surgeon being an abuser clouded by her own experience of being a victim of abuse or is there something there?

    maybe the kid is just a compulsive liar and trouble maker who is about to make what should be a good thing for the group turn to hell (maybe the priest is right but it’s the kid that’s the wolf in sheep’s clothing).

  29. AnnieM says:

    I wonder if Morgan will be arriving in the Season Finale. Well, so much for him being related to Noah, I guess.

    • A fan of TV says:

      I liked the idea, too, but it would have been a stretch. I mean when Noah talked about his uncle in Georgia, he didn’t talk about a cousin. He wouldn’t have known that Duane was dead, so overlooking any mention of him would have stretched to make the connection fit, in the long run.

  30. Joe Gannon says:

    You can definitely see what’s going to happen when Glenn and company get back. Glenn has no living witnesses to the death of Aiden and Noah who can back up his story. Eugene was off saving Tara and Tara was unconscious. The only other witness to what happened is Nicholas, and he’s obviously going to come up with a story that blames Glenn for everything that happened. He’ll probably say that Glenn killed Aiden in cold blood. Deanna will be grief stricken over her son, and has just had Gabriel fill her head with stories about what a danger Rick’s group can be, so she’s likely to believe everything that coward Nicholas says. This is undoubtedly going to pit the two groups against each other.

  31. AngieD says:

    I don’t understand why TWD actors/actresses are not nominated for Emmy’s… They are amazing in expressing the hopes, devastation, etc I don’t think they’ve even been included in People’s CHoice awards…..

  32. Firekitty4669 says:

    re Jesse situation – abuse is assumed because of the graphic novel

  33. vickie says:

    Over the last two years I look at this to be a lesson , no one lives for ever . Made me think this can really happen , who can you trust , the things that can really happen to you. It all comes down to faith in GOD.

  34. carlton says:

    Too say I was happy to see aiden die would be wrong…I’m sure he had a good side to him and when I first heard of noahs death I wasn’t distraught after watching the episode it was a selfish unnecessary death just as beths was and Rick is in his feelings hard his position shouldn’t outweigh what he’s been through

  35. Lynda Harris says:

    Noah was done wrong why not let him make regular appearance’s as a ghost to help the group in tough times

  36. Lynda Harris says:

    Noah was done wrong why not let him make regular appearance’s as a ghost to help the group out in tough times

  37. lynda harris says:

    I agree and to me noah could have pulled his self free and glen didn’t even try to help

  38. Steve says:

    Why they killed off just about all the black men?

  39. It’s starting to get really dark, and “Scarrol” isn’T taking prisoners.
    Does anyone know what was yelled outside of Deanna’s house after Gabriel betrays the group and leaves, and Deanna is deep in thought?

  40. start crying your eyes out, darryl is next on the list

  41. john says:

    I love the walking dead its a great show

  42. Josh says:

    Noah has been the most pointless character. All he did was get Beth killed and then shortly after that he got Tyreese killed. And then he just does after 5 more episodes.

    • says:

      I think you are wrong on that noah was one of my favorite he wasnt the cause of any one getting killed

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  43. lynda harris says:

    I dont agree noah wasnt the cause of anyone getting killed he was my favorite he was one of those character’s you just loved