Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Castle, Haven, Bones, Mad Men, Good Wife, Teen Wolf, Blue Bloods and More!

Castle Season 7 Spoilers

Is a Castle shake-up ahead? How will a Haven hero handle big Troubles? Is there hope for a Teen Wolf twosome? Which new face will support Bones‘ Booth? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

I’d love to read anything new you have for Castle! Please?! –M.
This is a bit interesting: I asked showrunner David Amann – on behalf of a reader, maybe? I forget – if there might ever be an episode that pits the men against the women, sort of how that one Lisa Edelstein episode did, but sticking with the regular cast. Think: Beckett, Lanie, Gates and Tori (and you could even throw in Alexis) vs. Castle, RySpo and a reluctant Perlmutter. And Amann said, “There may be something like that, where there’s a different configuration to the investigative team that emphasizes a couple of the women. That’s something to look for around [Episode] 21.”

When Haven returns, how is Duke going to handle knowing he’s unleashed all those troubles? –Aimee
As we await word on when Season 5 of the Syfy drama will resume, I hope I can tide you over with this: Presented with your question, executive producer Matt McGuinness answers, “Duke will struggle with the guilt of causing some serious pain to the town, and deal with it in a very Duke way: By being selfish, noble, clever, and brave — in that order.”

Any scoop on Strike Back, Grey’s Anatomy or Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? –Alamin
I choose Door No. 3, and in turn tease that Drea de Matteo’s “gifted” baddie when we first meet her on Tuesday is a bit more “Edward Scissorhands” than the new promo suggests; Jemma and Bobbi bond some over the “comes with the job” aspect of colleagues lying to each other; and May’s ex (played by Blair Underwood) gives her some guff when they reunite, stemming from an unreturned phone call.

When does the final season of Mad Men start? Any scoops? –Kathi
The acclaimed AMC drama launches its very final, seven-episode salvo on April 5. And having seen the season premiere — and after consulting the list of things we have been asked not to reveal – I shall tease:
* One of the characters goes on a surprising blind date
* An iconic hosiery product makes its debut
* Elizabeth Reaser fills a quite interesting role
* At least three series regulars are nowhere to be seen
* There will be a debate over who looks the most groovy these days, Stan or Ted
* There is a randomly spilled glass of red wine that is sure to launch 1,000 think pieces on “Who will die?”

Anything on Kalinda’s departure on The Good Wife? –Ricardo?
Only that before Archie Panjabi’s character exits stage left, one very loose, dangling thread will be dealt with — the fact that Cary was freed from the clink on evidence forged by his lover. “Certainly, that was a big moment, and it’s going to come back around,” affirms Matt Czuchry, who adds that it’s an especially “complicated thing” seeing as Kalinda didn’t intended for the fudged email to be submitted as evidence. What’s more, if it the hack does get exposed, it’d have significant implications for, at the very least, both her and him. “Oftentimes what happens with a character leaving the show is it’s a ripple effect for all the characters,” Czuchry says, “so that could happen here.”

This excruciatingly long Bones hiatus is coming down the home stretch. Please say you have some new spoilers to tide me over until March 26th? –Geraghty
Turns out, I do! As Ask Ausiello told you, the show will be revisiting Booth’s gambling problem. To that end, Alex Skuby (The King of Queens) will be guest-starring as Gavin Chadwick, Booth’s long-time sponsor at his gamblers anonymous meeting. There, he urges a reluctant Booth to “share” during the meetings, insisting that it is a vital step towards his recovery. Update/Bonus scoop: I just screened the second episode back (airing April 2), in which Brennan learns to use Twitter, and it promises to be funnier than any sitcom on TV that week. #SheDoesReallyBadHashtags

Bones has 12 episodes left to air in less than 12 weeks (if it were to end in mid-May). Do you know how Fox is planning to schedule it? –Cassidy
Indeed, there are 12 episodes slated to run pretty much straight through, beginning March 26. As such, I’m hearing that the season finale will likely not land during, but instead outside of, May sweeps.

Desperately seeking some Stydia hope on Teen Wolf. Can you give me any? –Mary
I’m not sure if this qualifies as “hope,” but Stiles and Lydia will be spending quite a bit of (platonic) time together in Season 5. “[They’re] at the forefront of … trying figure out the next mystery,” Holland Roden says of her and Dylan O’Brien’s characters. Lydia will also be heavily “involved” with Deputy Parrish, whom she vowed to help at the end of Season 4. In terms of romance, though, exec producer Jeff Davis teases, “She may not end up with the person you think she does at first” — so who knows?

Any news on Teen Wolf‘s new villains or new creatures? –Tom
How about the skinny on Cody Christian (Pretty Little Liars), who’s joining Season 5 as new werewolf Theo? “He’s a lone wolf that comes into Beacon Hills, and he’s got sort of a cloudy, mysterious past,” EP Jeff Davis says. “He’s looking for a pack, and he’s looking to be a part of Scott’s pack. Whether they accept him and whether they trust him is something that’s debated in the first few episodes.”

On Blue Bloods, are they trying to gear up for Jamie taking the detective’s exam? Seems like he’s been playing detective himself quite a bit lately. –Peter
I brought your question to showrunner Kevin Wade, and he said that while he has no “road map” for any potential sixth season, the thinking is that if Jamie has a particular ambition, “It might be for something that is not detective.” As he explains it, “The role of beat cop, which he is well suited to, is one where you react to something instantly, you use your judgment on your feet. While detective work is the opposite — something has already happened and you try to deconstruct it.” As such, Wade’s more inclined to see Jamie eventually “taking the sergeants exam, or in an undercover operation. There are better ways to use him, so we’re looking in those areas more.”

What are the chances for SmoaknLance happening on Arrow? –Nikki
I like your thinking, giving Laurel’s sad dad some happiness in the form of Felicity’s got-it-going-on mom. And Paul Blackthorne himself noticed that when he tweeted out this selfie of him and Charlotte Ross, “It did seem to go down well!” He thus seconds the “SmoaknLance” idea, saying, “I think that Lance deserves some loving in his life, don’t you? And I think it’d be hilarious. He’d be sitting there across from her at dinner thinking, ‘What is this in front of me?’ and at the same time, ‘Why am I so attracted to what’s in front of me?’ I think it’d be a brilliant couple, because they’re obviously so different yet seemingly so perfect in a crazy way, so I hope it happens.” As for whether it does happen during Ross’ Episode 18 encore, you’ll just have to stay tuned.

Now that Jane the Virgin is back, anything new and fun to share? –Gina
Our interest was piqued after these comical-looking photos of Rafael, his ex and a pooch, so we asked Justin Baldoni what exactly is going on. “There’s a celebrity that comes to stay at the Marbella, and Petra and Rafael are entrusted to watch his dog,” he describes. “You have some Lucy and Desi moments between the two of them. It’s very slapstick. It’s fun.”

Real questions, real answers. If you need the Inside Line on a favorite show, email!  (With reporting by Vlada Gelman and Kim Roots)

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  1. kmw says:

    I would like Bones to have 12 more episodes but FOX has been running promos saying only 11. Is Bones getting a double episode night? I am just glad the wait is almost over

    • Frankie707 says:

      Well the promo says 11 in a row, so if they skip a week after the 11th then return a week later for the 12th, and there you have it. Both the 12 episodes and 11 in a row are correct Or yes they could double up and count it as one.

    • Mel says:

      Bones comes back March 26th. Fox has announced the season ends on June 4th. That is 11 weeks for 12 episodes. My assumption would be the season finale is going to be two episodes.

      • NF and SK fan always says:

        cool if they do get a two hour finale. to me it;s like watching a movie when they do that (if they get one) hope that this show get’s renewed, looks like some of my others might not……but then again I always have reruns……(so i’m happy with that….smiles and runs off)

        • I have really come to relllly on USA reruns..a breath of fresh air to watch and hear Kate, and Ziva instead of watching Bishop make NO progress in the acting of an agent dept.

    • geraghtyvl says:

      As per Steven Nathan on Twitter: Stephen Nathan @squarechicken · Mar 10
      @ohhelloarianna There are 22. 11 in a row, then 1 off, then the season ender.

      And the double up issue:

      Teresa ‏@omelette73 Mar 10
      @squarechicken @FoxSpecOps3 I’m sorry but I’m still confused, how can we have 11 episodes in a row?

      sandra holl ‏@3526sandy Mar 10
      @omelette73 @geraghtyvl @squarechicken @FoxSpecOps3 I wondered that also/// only explainatin must be a couple doubles!!!?

      Stephen Nathan
      @3526sandy @omelette73 @geraghtyvl @FoxSpecOps3 Yep.

  2. Matthew Weber says:

    Thanks for the Castle scoop! Sounds like a fun episode.

    • NF and SK fan always says:

      sounds fun to me too, can’t wait and yes they do need a shake up!

      • Ernest says:

        They need to address the time Castle was missing. Not getting to the bottom of that has left a hole in the storyline that really needs to be filled. If your groom-to-be just disappeared the day of the wedding, could you really just pick up where you left off and not find the answers? That was the turning point in time when I started to lose interest in the show.

        • NF and SK fan always says:

          that will be later on in the season. esp 20 I think….and your right we do need them to discuss that.

  3. Peggy says:

    No ones talking about CBS stalker. Is it canceled? If so, why, it’s a good show and I’m not thrilled with the way were left hanging. Could we it least have some closure?

  4. tyranthraxus says:

    I dont suppose there is any news on if Hoon Lee’s Job from Banshee is going to survive to the new season? Hes one of the main reasons to watch the show at times.

  5. Loretta, Fl. says:

    Ok I think the grieving “widow” on NCIS New Orleans has had time to heal, so when are you bringing back Laura Allen opposite Scott Bakula to develop a romance. Patiently waiting!!!!

  6. Tran says:

    Any chances we might see a possible return for Paul Kinsey aka Michael Gladis (Beth Behrs’ boyfriend) in one of the final episodes of Mad Men?

  7. E says:

    Matt, If Cody Christian is joining Teen Wolf does this mean his days are numbered on Pretty Little Liars?

  8. Abby says:

    Finally some Jemma and Bobbie goodness! Now if only Bobbi would train Jemma. The girl needs to learn how to fight and how to shoot a gun better.

  9. NF and SK fan always says:

    finally something to look forward to (if it is on the up and up) on Castle!

  10. Georgia Madman says:

    I’m SO looking forward to SmoakNLance. I think my stomach will hurt from all the laughter. Charlotte Ross was so good last time!

  11. kmw says:

    One of those nights must be counted as a double for Bones otherwise, FOX isn’t giving us twelve episodes or they cannot count. March 26th thru June 4th would be 11 episodes. I guess I should be grateful we are getting so many episodes in a row, but June 4th? FOX sure “loves” Bones.

    • Stacey says:

      It does. But it is a 10 year old show. Given they only have Empire that qualifies as a success. BONES is still needed. But given I am sure Emily’s pregnancy. And the lack of timeslots. It is a risk to go into June. But hey, if it means longer BONES. I’ll take it. And really if the show is ending (if they can’t come to a agreement), ratings won’t matter. Or if they renew. It won’t matter any lower ratings… I think BONES could get a pretty decent rating even with lower ratings expected…

    • A says:

      With Bones having more than half a season still to air, S10 finale in June was to be expected….plus I think Fox wants to use Bones, as always, to launch & benefit other shows, this time Wayward Pines airing May right into June.

  12. B says:

    probably not the place to ask but is marry me cancelled? Can’t seem to find an air date for the next episode

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      TVLine’s hand-carved Renewal Scorecard is linked from atop every TVLine web page.

    • k ra says:

      marry me and about a boy were benched on the nbc midseason schedule, they are ‘supposed’ to come back later on in the season but cancellation bear has both as sure to be cancelled

  13. MK says:

    Thanks for the Teen Wolf scoop! Really looking forward to this season now — I’m thinking Lydia will be with Parrish at first, then Stiles!! (Well, I hope.)

  14. Courtney says:

    Fox announced that Bones would be ending the season on June 4th, at 8 PM. That’s 11 weeks. So, like others have said, unless there’s a double episode night/week, 11 straight new eps is what we’re going to get for the remainder of this season. I just hope that they end the season on a better note than they have the last several: IE NO screwing with the cast in major cliff hangers. I love the show, but the last several seasons have ended in such a way that makes me wonder if watching is still worth it if I’m just going to be left mad as h*ll at the end.

    • NF and SK fan always says:

      you got that right that is why i stopped watching years ago and then came back to it was was made at the shows endings. but i did get over it. hope that the rest of this season is a good one.

  15. Ella says:

    is it wrong that I ship Rafael and Petra? :D They’re just so pretty together, lol.

  16. Shirl says:

    When is Under the Dome coming back on?

  17. Joey Padron says:

    Good Haven scoop. Can’t wait for the show to come back!

    • I wished Syfy would give us a return date. This is getting maddening to the fans that adore Haven to just leave us hanging. To me Haven is one of the very few good television shows left. It is bad enough they have not been renewed yet, but to leave us waiting all this time without an air date to the second half of this season is crazy.
      Anyway thanks for the tidbit of news.

      • Lyra Pope says:

        Yes, I’m super irritated that Haven has not been scheduled to return yet because I’m a die hard fan and when it ends I want to know when to expect it to begin again. Pretty reasonable? Hope you are well and happy at IS the hold up??? Anyone? Any news is good news…

        • NF and SK fan always says:

          love haven can’t always remember when it’s on though, that makes me wonder a lot. i usually miss esp that way.

  18. kath says:

    I’m looking forward to that Castle episode. Go, Team Women!

    I’d love to see SmoaknLance happen on Arrow. People without costumes are interesting too.

    • NF and SK fan always says:

      I loved the last Castle esp like that one, hope this one is a good one too. and yes go team women, (of course I love it when they go against one another-that’s why liked about the show in the first place-the competitions-kinda corny I know). And yes that show needs some shaken-up.

  19. prish says:

    The husband didn’t like Jamie as undercover, saying it was too much like Mod Squad (whatever that means). I could see Jamie fast tracking into the DA’s office, becoming a young DA. He’s had his fling as a street cop, and his talents need more opportunities. With such a famous family, his undercover work doesn’t seem realistic. I keep thinking, “Give me a break.” He would, also, do well in the Public Defender’s office, imho.

  20. Barbara says:

    Hey, does anybody perhaps have any information on About a Boy? There’s no return date, no information of any kind … I realize that it probably (sadly) won’t get a 3rd season, but there are a couple of episodes left (and they really should end the thing properly).

  21. kmw says:

    I know that FOX had no other place to put it and I realize that the ratings don’t really matter to FOX any more and I know it is an older show, but it deserves better than this. In my area Bones only gets promoted at 10 news hour. Just because it no longer is the show for FOX to promote, doesn’t mean it should get NO promotion(also shoving it to different nights so many times, last year Friday and this year Thursday is not indicative of respect, no matter how you spin it) Oh well I am just irritated it has been off for so long. As for season finales, every show needs stories to make you come back. Last year they got it right, the two previous seasons not so much. Hoping for at least another year for Booth and Brennan

    • anon says:

      FOX moves Bones around to its detriment…the more you move a show the more it hurts it….you would think that a 10yr show that has been nothing but a work horse for the network when all else was faltering would garner more respect….but here we are, Bones returns to the network after 3.5 months off air and FOX has aired just two, yes just TWO primetime promos promoting that fact….double sighs.

      • John NYC says:

        I agree, for time shifters such as myself there’s no difference as my DVRs season pass will follow the shows I subscribe to wherever. But the live viewers the shows sell? Not so much.

        Hurts their earnings.

  22. Gail says:

    Let’s see L’eggs was introduced in 1969 so I guess that answers the question if there is going to be a time jump on Mad Men’s last 7 episodes. at least not in the first episode.

    • Mel says:

      I had always heard that the show would not leave the 60s, even though 1970 counts as the last year of the 60s decade.

  23. Tali says:

    Bones is way past caring about. It’s just a soap opera now, and not a very good one.

    • NF and SK fan always says:

      some-what right about that, it all changed for me, from the baby to the death of characters to added new people in. I don’t mind it that much but it did for me anyway take away from the show I watched once weekly since it started., then they changed days and that screwed me up too, now if I’m lucky I watch it every once in awhile live that is. I’m not sure if I will continue with it or not if it gets renewed for yet another season!

      • anon says:

        Shouldn’t you be use to Bones moving around the schedule by now ? its been happening now for 10 YEARS….Emily got pregnant, twice, like she said herself she gets big, there’s no way they can hide it, it has to be introduced to the show, unless you want Brennan to be in a coma for a year, cos that wld be a soap move….characters die, new characters get introduced, it happens, infact your show in your handle did that too with the Kate’s boss, right?. Just saying.

        • NF and SK fan always says:

          yes I should, I stopped watching bones -on a weekly biases (i got bored with it) say season 7 maybe and then came back to all the recent changes……as for “Castle” I didn’t start it from the beginning I started with season 5 and had to catch up-those changes I didn’t see live.

          but yes I do know that changes come in shows, I guess I just wasn’t ready for that big of a change. And the changing of times, breaks, ect, I got confused on when new ones were on.

  24. Luis says:

    Totally down with SmoaknLance! Quentin needs some love and we need more Charlotte Ross!

  25. Fizo says:

    On Mad Men and whoever the actress that was mentioned above, there will always be an endless new woman for Don in every season as usual. Hence, I predict Don Draper is still a compulsive adulterer yet again or seducer and will always on the lookout for a sexual encounter as early as in the first episode of the final season though I may think he and Megan only got separated not even less than 10 weeks. I suspected that quite interesting role is, she ‘probably’ be playing a hard to get woman at first then what happen next, think by yourself or maybe a miss goody goody two-shoes or whateverrr. Don, the compulsive womaniser, cheater, drinker and a heavy smoker are the core theme of the lead character of this show. He remained unchanged. What else can we say anymore.

  26. V says:

    No Flash scoop? I need anything on Barry and Iris please.

  27. Cheryl Snapp says:

    They are ruining Castle with all this new stuff. Get back to the murders and Castle and Kate solving them.

    • NF and SK fan always says:

      to me it’s a little late for that they already have ruined Castle. but then again what’s one more shake-up?

  28. Momo says:

    SmoaknLance would be the funniest thing ever and I would love it more than words can tell you. Go Lance! Get the girl.

  29. Bob Backus says:

    So happy I don’t have to watch Bones anymore! That unlearning robot Bones is probably the least interesting 1 dimensional character on TV. Absolutely horrible. If you want to see that character written properly watch Isles from Rizzoli and Isles. Bones is still (or at least was a few years ago the last time I watched thankfully) the same as she was on the 1st ep. Dull.

    • Anon says:

      Do you feel better now? Ranting & raving about a show & character you don’t watch anymore, haven’t watched in YEARS, doesn’t seem like a very productive or healthy way to spend your time.

    • NF and SK fan always says:

      i like bones, like many others here, but i will give you points that R&I does have a better character-the way that she talks ect, in that field. I love that show too. Each one of these shows combines something new for me.

  30. gieseler4 says:

    When will Haven return? Nothing has been posted?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Nobody knows, that is why. TVLINE keeps no secrets.

    • NF and SK fan always says:

      i didn’t know that show was still on the air. I loved the show but forget when it comes on, to much of a break for me to remember. I do hope that it comes back soon.

  31. L Huckerby says:

    when is the new haven series starting in the uk

  32. Melody Brown says:

    Hope BECKETT is not going to step aside to become domestic??!

    • John NYC says:

      It’s a cop show and she’s the main cop.

    • NF and SK fan always says:

      no I think that she might have to team up with say some other cop-you know not “her team” and it could cause them to “bet” against each other. or could mean that she’s looking (hopefully not) at a cheer change, not that either one of these would help the show. I would like to see Gates help out some though. I like her character. Could be interesting to find out….

  33. Shonda says:

    Any news at all when Haven will start again? What would it take for the writers to give us some Duke and Audrey Lovins?!?

  34. kmw says:

    I get that some people have left Bones and that’s fine, but if you were still watching you know Temperance Brennan IS NOT a robot. Bones gave us a beautiful wedding last year that showed just how far she has come and grown over the years. I do not understand why anyone wants to see characters just bicker back and forth but not move forward. Having children is a natural part of life and if you think that is boring, fine. I happen to enjoy watching Booth and Brennan change. And yes I should be used to them moving around all the time but that doesn’t make it right. Like last year Kevin Reilly stated that Bones was going to stay on Friday and then not long after they get moved back to Monday against HIMYM’s last episodes. How often did FOX move around 24 or The X-files? Not as much as Bones. The fact that FOX says its running 11 episodes in a row and in this same article 12 episodes are being promised is one of the many reasons FOX is almost or at the bottom(Empire and Gotham notwithstanding) I would like Bones to get a decent sendoff and then hope David and Emily run away from FOX. (Anyone who follows their show, whatever that show may be, consistently would not like their show treated this way) Just because a show is 10 years old doesn’t mean it has no value that the network cannot promote it.

    • NF and SK fan always says:

      you got that right. I don’t know if this is the last season on Bones or not but you are right when the show does end they need to run……

      I just started catching up on bones again-I take in an esp here and there (i usually forget when it’s on) and saw the wedding and no offence but it wasn’t all that. yes it was good, but just how do I say “ordinary” not always bad I just I don’t didn’t really like it. but it did fit the characters. as for the “robot” I think it was more about the way the character goes about her work and talk, I do like it when they grow, I’ve seen that. Each show you watch is not going to be the same so you as a fan have to adapt to them.

      the show for me has been a great ride and hope that it will continue on.

  35. Cobra says:

    You guys need to give some love to “Better Call Saul.” The show is amazing. Give me some scoop!

  36. lame says:

    Congrats to Nathan Fillion for raising $1.4 million in a record 35 hours for his upcoming web series.

  37. D. says:

    Check your paragraph about The Good Wife. There’s typos stemming from a paste.

  38. worthymagic says:

    It sounds like Castle will be back next season(even though nothing has been said yet.) That would be good news.

    • lame says:

      What is strange is Stana’s tweet saying being on Castle was a great experience and it was a great run.

    • NF and SK fan always says:

      I sure hope so, I know for me anyway this season has been good. yes a little down in ratings, I think that not all is forgiven for 6X23. not for me I’m getting over it though. I think it could go one one more season but only time will tell. What ever happens it has been he!! of a ride for me! thanks guys.

      • lame says:

        Since 7.10 all the episodes have had a demo hovering around 1.6, That directly affects the amount of revenue a studio can demand from sponsors. 1.6 is a huge drop from 2.4 or better of previous seasons. It also negates the ability of the lead actors to ask for a raise.

        • NF and SK fan always says:

          that was some what my point people stopped watching the show, cause of 6×23 and now are getting just say not so good esp. I can still hope for a season 8 but in my heart I don’t know. I wish all the actors good luck!

          • lame says:

            It seems 6.23 lost the shippers, Still had TPTB had followed through with the who and why of Castle’s abduction and brain washing the series could have remained fairly strong.
            When they all but ignored it they broke Castle canon and gradually lost the hard core Castle fans. The possible death knell was the 3XK episodes which averaged a combined 7.95 and 1.6 demo, shockingly low. There doesn’t seem to be anything in the horizon that can give the series a much needed boost.

        • corbo80 says:

          The ratings will not matter as much for one more season. The show does well in syndication and another season will add to the syndication revenue that will make up for any lost ad revenue next year. Let’s hope they come back one more year with a plan and proper send off

  39. kmw says:

    Would Castle really go on without either one? I hope not. Just like Bones I cannot see this show minus one of their leads. Hopefully Castle has something good for their fans if this is the end.

    • NF and SK fan always says:

      no it wouldn’t and it doesn’t seem like there’s much change anywhere. I hope they can give the fans a happy send off when ever that will be.

  40. Djenkins says:

    Do not cancel the Good Wife. It’s a different lawyer show.

  41. Virginia LeBlanc says:

    I love Castle Blue Bloods Hawaii five-I Bones and watch all these shows in reruns on UsA and TNT. You can stop with all the CSI’s there are too many and too weard.

  42. Question, they get rid of so many shows every season due to lack of live viewing. Do they not understand that most people have DVRs now, I for one have not watched a live show in years. With the technology as it is, isn’t their a way to judge a shows viewing on this? I fear we will be left with nothing but the voice, DWTS and other shows just like theses, and that is scary.

  43. Are you for real Castle is the best detective shows on tv you take all the shows I watch off like Stalker Revenge you also took of Dallas. Pretty soon I wouldnt be watching any tv .

  44. Vincent Reagan says:

    I really like castle! The report that Becket and Castle have is classic! Tonight’s episode with the Hong Kong police officer was good. A nice twist. Now that his daughter is older and in college it’d be nice to see if she has inherited her father’s creativity and imagination!? Perhaps by her enrolling in an English course where she has to write an essay and see where it goes from there!? Hope this isn’t too terribly off topic but I wish he’d bring back Revolution and what was the one with the little boy and the lizard? Species right? Love to see them both in syndication on TBS, TNT or maybe the CW. Haven’t really watched blue bloods.

  45. mary says:

    please do not take off Blue Bloods, Hawaii O, Bones, and Castle. The best shows on TV

  46. Rosie Ervin says:

    Keep Castle and Blue Bloods running. They are my favorite shows

  47. Maury Simkovitz says:

    I hop the powers to be keep the show, “forever”. The casting and stories are very likeable. It’s one of the few shows that my wife and I truly enjoy, together. There are so many shows that that are an insult to anyone’s intelligence. We turn on to cable shows when these appear.

  48. Ron says:

    Just read the article about Castle being cancelled…BULL ! For someone who does this for a living you didn’t do your home-work. The episode in question you referred to in your article was episode #11 Castle P.I. which when the over night ratings came out it garnered a 6.77. But what you failed to mention was after you factor in the DVR ratings that episode went to 11.31 in viewers. Also what you failed to mention was that all programming for that night was DOWN, why…. because of the ESPN’s record-setting College Football National Championship game (Ohio State-Oregon) was on opposite it.
    Castle’s rating’s are up and the only way they would NOT be coming back is that Nathan & Stana’s contracts are up and “IF” they decide not to renew them. ABC wants them back because they are winning there time period.
    As you might guess I’m a Castle fan and that episode along with the next 4 episodes til you get to Reckoning #2 where they reunited Castle back with his wife. Granted this was the dummest move they did by splitting them up.

  49. AmericanNana says:

    I do hope they are not thinking of taking Blue Bloods off. It is one of my favorite shows and it has a lot of good morals, no sex….. I get so sick of all the vampire, futuristic shows and I am on basic cable so not many choices. Please do not cancel Blue Bloods. One of the best shows on tv.

  50. AmericanNana says:

    I am hoping there are no plans to remove Blue Bloods. It’s one of the best shows left I can watch. There are too many sitcoms, reality shows and vampire/futuristic shows on. I am on basic cable so not many choices for me. Please do not cancel Blue Bloods.