Vampire Diaries' Ian Somerhalder on His Directorial Debut, Lily's Return and Damon's Next Step With Elena

Vampire Diaries Spoilers

Despite the Salvatore brothers rarely (if ever) seeing eye-to-eye, The Vampire Diaries remains rooted in family, which is the exact philosophy Ian Somerhalder employed for his directorial debut, airing Thursday at 8/7c on The CW.

“When you talk about performance on set, you’re actually talking about the performance of an entire crew, as well as the actors,” Somerhalder tells TVLine. “You’re talking about 70 men and women who, when they’re at their best, allow the actors to perform their best. It’s then the actors’ job to show up prepared and ready to explore [the material].”

Somerhalder says he’s learned a lot over the years by closely observing his superiors, including executive producers Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson, and producer/director Pascal Verschooris.

“Production managers and the crew are really the unsung heroes of our performances,” he says. “They’re the ones that design the sets, work with the writers to get these amazing spaces, and deal with every director and actor who comes through. When they speak, you listen, and I’ve learned a lot from listening.”

Below, the first-time director discusses what the return of Lily Salvatore means for Damon, how he feels about Alaric’s impending nuptials and whether or not Damon might be inspired to get down on one knee anytime soon — or ever.

Vampire Diaries SpoilersTVLINE | Damon just found out his mom is alive in a prison world. What’s going on in his head?
After finding out his mother is alive and didn’t want him? Think about this: Basically, the two most important women in his life — his mother and Katherine, the love of his life, or so he thought — both abandoned him. So he’s thinking, “There’s no way this happened to me twice. And not only did they abandon me, but they did it with a smile.” That, I think, is a really huge thing for him.  A huge, huge, huge crush.

TVLINE | On a more positive note, Damon’s pal Alaric is engaged. What are the odds he’ll ask Damon to be his best man?
[Laughs] Highly unlikely. They’re buds, so I don’t think Alaric would be the problem; it would be the beautiful woman Alaric is marrying who might have a problem with this crazy bastard. If I had a friend like Damon, I’m not so sure my wife-to-be would think it’s a good idea to make him my best man. But I’ll tell you, I’m really excited [for that wedding].

TVLINE | At least it would be a hell of a bachelor party.
Oh my God, can you imagine Damon Salvatore throwing a bachelor party?

TVLINE | Weddings tend to get people thinking about marriage. Might Damon be inspired to take that next step with Elena?
[No hesitation] Nope. Think about it this way: Damon’s 173 and Elena’s 18 or 19. I mean, come on. Something tells me that’s not the best idea.

Vampire Diaries SpoilersTVLINE | And then there’s Caroline. Will Damon help pull her out of her downward spiral?
I think he’s going to have to step up and do a bunch of stuff to make s—t work, but the thing is, Damon doesn’t care about very much other than Elena and Stefan. That’s really it. So I have to be very careful about making sure Damon’s not too concerned with a lot of other people. Sometimes, people want to make Damon really sweet and thoughtful — but no, that’s not him. Here are his priorities: “Is there bourbon? Is there gas in my car? Are Elena and my brother safe?”

TVD fans, what are your hopes for Damon and Elena in Season 6? Do you think a wedding is really that crazy? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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  1. tonnie says:

    No bamon question? Really?

    • Kelly says:

      Bamon sucks! Quit thinking they’ll be more than friends, silly girl. Lol

      • nellie says:

        Quit thinking that you or any other fan have any REAL say in which way this show goes. The bamon fandom are a fandom for a reason because the chance that B’D could happen is actually very real. Dont be rude!

        • Dany says:

          They never said anything about having a say in it. Look at the big picture: Damon and Bonnie’s friendship has more or less been used as a device to get Damon and Elena working together again. They don’t have much of any chance to get together romantically. If the writers wanted it to happen, Bonnie wouldn’t have been away for 15 episodes, 10 of which Damon was back home for.

        • Clair Blue says:

          I do think Damon and Elena should get married, they are perfect together. It world be werid if Damon got together with Elena’s brothers girlfriend :/, I feel like Damon and Elena r soulmates

      • Chantall says:

        Get real bamon are so real..damon had to chase after elena for almost the whole series..but with bonnie their chemistry grew naturally over time..i have a feeling they stand a chance at being endgame

  2. Me says:

    Ok did I miss something…his mother did not want him?? Ouch that is rough! Did she not want both her sons or was it just Damon she did not care for..anyway this should be interesting.

  3. Babybop says:

    I’ll watch this episode to support him!

  4. Val says:

    I hope Damon will die because he is a loser

    • Jessica says:

      Then TVD will die along with him…
      And Loser really?!?!?!?! To know who and what Damon is exactly, I suggest you to watch the series all over again!!

  5. Kelly says:


  6. Even so, i still think that he also cares about Bonnie.

  7. Tara says:

    Oh can´t wait for it when Ian to signs off for the Delena meltdowns! its gonna be good! other than that the show has become staler than stale! and the ratings are a prove of that! another season low coming tomorrow night!

  8. Dany says:

    I don’t think Ian really cares about what comes out of his mouth in these interviews. “Damon’s 173 and Elena’s 18 or 19. I mean, come on. Something tells me that’s not the best idea.” Coming from the guy who said he should get it on with Bonnie, that’s rich. Bonnie and Elena are the same age. He used to always say great things about Damon’s relationship with Alaric, and now he sweeps it under the rug. He either doesn’t get Damon at all, or he doesn’t care enough to think on it.

  9. Letti says:

    I stopped watching TVD a long ago, but I’m thankful for this interview and I’m glad I’ve read it. It’s great to read that there won’t be a Delena marriage. The show is already ridiculous without that…Also imagine the scene where Ian asks Nina to marry him on TVD, after everything that happened between them. And maybe Nikki Reed watching. That would have surely been embarassing. xD
    P.S: I love how Ian called Katherine the love of his life. It’s been a long time, but it still warms my heart. However, I guess I’d be happy whoever he’d name the love of Damon’s life as long as it wouldn’t bee Elena.

    • Kim&Bey says:

      Lol way to comfort yourself by thinking that Elena is not also Damon’s great Love! Well whatever warms your heart I suppose.
      You do realize Ian does not have the final say on Damon & Elena’s r/ship. If it were up to him then there’d be no Delena, he has always voiced that the age difference btwn the two is disturbing.
      Seeing as Julie and Caroline are so much into fan service, I would not rule out a DE wedding just yet.

  10. The Fixer says:

    “Damon doesn’t care about very much other than Elena, Stefan and Bonnie” it’s okay Ian I corrected your mistake free of charge.

  11. MK says:

    I really don’t see Damon and Bonnie as a romantic item, but I think it’s pretty clear after this season, that Damon cares for Bonnie — guess we will have to disagree on this one, Ian!

  12. Jane says:

    What other step with Elena? ZZZZzzzzZZZzz I’m so over Damon and Elena and I’m not even a hater, seriously, just end it, it’s been milked to death already

  13. Cindy says:

    I don’t think Ian is right on many of his comments. Damon cares for Stefan, first and foremost, Elena and now Bonnie as well. On the age difference between Damon and Elena; who cares?!? Haven’t they been together (as in fused together) since Elena chose him over Stefan? What difference does it make if they get married or not? That was kind of a dumb comment…imho.
    Marriage or not, Damon did not think about age when they got together. In Ian’s mind marriage is not the best idea for them, but having a serious, physical and emotional relationship with a “18 or 19 years old” Elena is a good idea? Puhhhleazze… Ian is talking about what Ian thinks and would like to happen, he is not thinking about who Damon is and what Damon would think and choose. Disappointed!

    • Ila says:

      That’s exactly it. Ian is projecting. He doesn’t think about who Damon really is. He talks about him like he’s still this dark, two-dimensional character from early season 1. He dismisses important relationships to Damon’s character (did he not just finish filming all the Damon/Liz stuff? Really now, Ian). He refers to Katherine as the love of Damon’s life, like he doesn’t remember all the times that Damon has shown to have stopped caring about Katherine one bit. He says that Damon won’t propose to Elena because the age difference makes it a bad idea… are you kidding me? Damon would marry her in a heartbeat. (Then again, Ian has a tendency to outright dismiss something when it turns out it’s going to happen. So maybe that’s our hint.) I’ve learned not to take anything he says seriously, but it’s still frustrating to get these interviews and hope for something interesting, but all he cares about is talking about his oh so awesome friendship with Kat.

    • Jessica says:

      Ian does not talk much about Delena.. He often jokes about them.. Remember the vamp sex in season 4,,he lied that it was not him.. we kept assuming until we finally saw the episode.. Everything will come up as a huge surprise.. And he cares for Bonnie now,,she sacrificed her life so that he can return back to his love ‘Elena’.. Their friendship is evolving.. But from season 1 it has always been Stefan and Elena,,even tho he used to hate him at some point of time.. And as concerned Katherine,,i was not expecting him to mention her as the love of his life when Damon actually blames her for ruining his life!!
      Uhmmmm i don’t think he will just throw everything just like that….

  14. Gise says:

    I just Hope they don’t end this TVD like true blood they change soo much the storyline that at the end the final episode was the wrost they did to us!!! After all Elena and Damon fans we have being to and waiting patientionlly to see them together for 6 season and now they say that is not going to happen BS end TVD with the best Final ever let us see at least to have a relationship!!!! and we want to see Bonnie as a Whitch again!!! we want season 1 back except Elena-Estefan together pleaseeeeee…

  15. Nikki says:

    If Stelena and Bamon don’t happen, and soon, the writers and producers are idiots. The ratings are dropping, the current story lines are not cutting it. Shift focus, change the game and really and truly go back to basics. The first two seasons and even the third were the best. Since Kevin Williamson left the show has gotten progressively worse. Stop listening to Delena Fans. Stop the fan service and just write good story lines like was being done in season one. I’ve never seen producers stoop so low. Produce a show YOU produce Julie..not what the fans produce in their fantasy worlds. You all are leading the show down a bad path. Get back on the right one before it’s too late and CW cancels the series. Stelena, Bamon and Klaroline or Carenzo. That’s what needs to happen, and soon. Rewatch the series and you’ll see the magic this show once was and what it’s become since the Delena Fan service began. No hating. Just speaking the truth. I’m a Stelena a shipper, but I’d take Stefan and Lexi over Stefan and Caroline. That story line is crap. Delena has been wrung out. Really. Enough is enough. It’s getting painful to watch.

    • Nelly says:

      Stelena is never gonna happen!! There is no hope for them, Elena does not even thinking about it. Fortunately :D

    • mariSol says:

      stelena is over!!!elena chose damon, loves damon and she wants be with damon!she is not a bitch, who will still exchange two brothers!!!

    • lorna says:

      i wantStlena back, too.

    • Liza says:

      I agree!! What the hell did they do to this show! Delena wants a rain kiss, delena gets a rainkiss,it’s so unreal. Elena loved stefan so so much that love just can’t dissapear just because she became a vampire. It also sucks that every scene there is between stefan and elena they just end up talking about delena. This show was about a love triangle, the books are about a love triangle, i can’t believe that they just let go what the show was all about. Damon and bonnie? AMAZING chemistry and they just don’t do anything with it! same goes for klaus and caroline the fans want caroline to go to new orleans so bad and they just don’t give it to them!! And stelena.. well don’t even get me started about that, that couple had so much love for eachother so much chemistry and they destroyed everything that that fandom had left.. Hope. Delena’s fire is out, Steroline is so boring and sick, they are like brother and sister, caroline was a freaking stelena shipper. It makes no sense at all. Can’t believe these writers.

      • Brigid says:

        I can’t stand Damon and Elena either, they wig me out and have no chemistry. However you talk about fan service and then proceed to fan service for Caroline and Klaus which is another gross coupling. You can’t hate it for 1 and not the other, otherwise you’re a hypocrite.

  16. anne says:

    I want Damon and Elena to get married. Their relationship is the reason I watch the series. They have chemistry and are good together. I don’t mind the age afterall the originals are thousands of years old

  17. Cassie says:

    It seems like Ian always takes the time to credit the crew. Good of him, so many actors don’t.

    I’m excited to see where the Lily Salvatore story goes and to see what happens with Caroline’s downward spiral and Steroline. IDK if I believe Ian about Delena not getting engaged/married????? I’ve felt like there were a few hints this season that they might do and sometimes it seems like Ian gives the most definitive answers when he’s lying to keep spoilers secret, LOL. I love Delena so if they’re getting hitched, great. If not, as long as they’re together that’s all I care about LOL!!!

    S6 has been a good season, hopefully the end of the season will keep that up.

  18. Sandy Spencer says:

    Don’t get Elana”s age makes a difference in marriage but not when it comes to having a relationship. Will stop watching after season 6 if that’s the case. 6 years is long enough to wait.

  19. Monica says:

    I think they all need to finish singles, each character needs to be rediscovered themselves and maybe years later reunited as friends, especially girls, they’re too young to talk about eternity with someone.

  20. lorna says:

    finally alaric gets a storyline this season

  21. Essie says:

    Damon cares about Bonnie, more then he admits.

  22. Donna says:

    I think Damon and Elaina should get married what a ending to a beautiful EPIC story. With everything they have been through i think a wedding is perfect for the two. Please consider this in your episodes. They have wonderful chemistry and if their on screen chemistry is epic i can only imagine their off screen. Two people who clearly have it,don’t loose it please.

  23. charlotte says:

    Sadly this show has been horrible since they turned it into the Dullena Diaries and now the forcing of Stefan with Caroline will lose even more fans/former fans. Just cancel it already. How they could take such a great show that EVERYBODY went absolutely crazy for and turn it into what it is now is such a shame. I was a loyal fan since the very first episode and LOVED seasons 1, 2 and 3 and Thursday’s couldn’t come fast enough. The show was exciting, suspense, scary, love and so much more. Now it’s just Damon, Delena, Damon, Delena and a little bit of what ever. Like so many I’ve tried hanging on/watching but honestly Dullena killed the show. I’m done with the show. Bye

  24. Hannah says:

    Delena wedding 😄

  25. Stelena says:

    I want Bamon, Stelena, and Kleroline(if he comes back). But, to be honest, I really wanted to slap Caroline for doing what she did in Season 6 Episode 16. GRRRRRR

  26. katie says:

    Is Damon going to ask Elena to marry him the next episode

  27. Viv says:

    Great job, Mr. Somerhalder.

    The blue-white backlight as Caroline danced & her eyes turned black is a gorgeously compelling shot… The red and black silhouette of Caroline on the bar is all 21st century Fosse and the final shot of Stefan and her laying on the bar was sublime — it inspires a completely new show!!

    I would KILL to see a Ripper S & C spin-off.

    Darling, SO foxy… You’ve got such a great career ahead of you. Bravo…

  28. Tara says:

    A Delena wedding must happen in season 6 or 7. we don’t care about how old is ELENA or DAMON because they’re immortal. And damon wants to marry Elena it’s sure and Elena too so where’s the problem. The best the directors can do is to put the Delena wedding in the last episode of the show! (Sorry for my English)

  29. Ashley says:

    I do not want delena to happen i really really really want stelena back!

  30. karina says:

    Damon and Elena should have more romance together!!! I love them but there a little borring.

  31. cassie says:

    I don’t think that Damon and Elena will stay together because bonnie is someone he can relate to and he feels responsible for her pain and now there great friends its not a question weather they should stay together its a question on do they deserve to stay together because Damon doesn’t seem interested in Elena anymore

  32. Kinnley says:

    I think DELENA should stay together and get married. Because Selena was over a long time ago, and Elena never thinks about them anymore. And bamon will never happen, because they will never be more than JUST FRIENDS.. Sorry to all the Bamon fans. Because Bonnie and Damon’s friendship grew in the 4 months that they were stuck together in the prison world. Damon is just trying to be friendly, because Bonnie sacrificed herself for him and he feels bad that she had to stay there all by herself while Kai tortured her. But as for Caroline, I think she should try a relationship with klause because I honestly feel like klaroline was a cute relationship, because klause rarely ever cares for anyone, he only cares about a few people INCLUDING Caroline. So I think it’s kinda cute that he likes her, especially when they kissed in season 5!! If we are talking about marriage, then yeah Damon should atleast propose to Elena sometime this season, but right now I feel like they are focused on getting Stefan and Caroline’s humanity back. But Damon should atleast THINK about it ;) I think that “the vampire diaries” has lost its name. Elena should start writing in her diary again, but since she threw them in the fire when she was sick after kathrine poisoned her, she could atleast go out and get a new one. I’m not saying that I’ve stopped watching the show, because I haven’t.. I LOVE the vampire diaries and I think it should keep going, just bring more action into it PLEASE.


    • fbgngn says:

      Yes delena should stay together!they both are discusting filthy selfish creatures so they are the perfect couple!!!

    • Kayla Spore says:

      Amen girl took the words right out of my mouth i agree with you whole heartedly Delena Forever <3 ;)

  33. Emmanuel says:

    For me…stelena bamon doesnt js make sense…damon shud js stay with elena d age stuf for me is crap wen he ws dying for her nd later won did he tink abt it??bamon?no pls js friends pls…for more actions brng d originals back car is ok wit klaus bt pls no stelena or bamon

  34. Kayla Spore says:

    Okay for all the bamon fans out there why the hell would damon just drop elena after taking 6 seasons to be with her seriously just think about it not to mention jeremy i mean do you really think she is just going to drop him cold, granted jeremy tends to “fall in love” with literally every girl he meets, and yes they care for eachother but in a frienimie kind of way they only care when they can you eachother so that still doesnt dismiss the fact that it would be insane for damon and bonnie to get together it would be more realistic if kai and bonnie got together… im just saying they wouldnt take 6 years building a relationship with such love,passion,and hardships and promises just to destroy it.

  35. jhijio says:

    There is no chance for bamon not to happen!if they are going to last this is something i do not know but i do not see any future for delena either!

  36. binod says:

    season 1,2,3 are the most watched and best rating seadon of TVD because of the stelena but when they trying to set up the delena relation then the rating goes low and viewer also so cancel the delena relation then it will get positive review……..

  37. dovelina says:

    and what about bonnie or did he just forget to mention her

  38. dovelina says:

    and bonnie, don’t worry fixed your mistake for you. ian

  39. Love Love says:

    Please allow them to get married and at least have a baby and let there be a season dedicated to just the baby. and that season should be about Damon and Elena raising the baby and how many problems the baby goes through because of the confusion of her being a vampire and then still having to deal with all the issues that come up while doing that, and I think Ed be a cool little twist if Caroline ends up pregnant with Stefan’s baby. I don’t ever want the show to end and the CW 18 should make this show the Guinness book of world records that it has the most seasons to one show!!!! All of the suspenseful Mystery twists especially the ones that go back in time as flashbacks are the best of all!! Good job to everyone that has took any part in making the show the best that is ever aired on the CW 18!!

  40. KelseayM says:

    I just want Stefan and Elena back together!!!!

  41. Haley Spell says:

    Damon and elena should get married!!💖💖😘😘

    • Ashley says:

      I agree that the love triangle was the best part of the show. Delana definitely have chemistry, however the depth of that love doesn’t seem to have real depth outside of the bedroom. They are so different. And Stefan just accepts their relationship and doesn’t get in the middle of Delana at all… boring triangle. Something different needs to happen to spice things up and it has to be believable. Women will have to be able to identify with Elena when her and Damon start to emplode. Matter of fact… the only time they have epic chemistry out of the sack is when they are royally pissed at eachother! Thats fun to watch… it’ll just have to be something so bad she turns that passion to hate… but not so bad damon and her are enemies forever. Ready for Stelena to resurface… slowly… kind of like falling. They should resist, but when falling gravity wins out and the most epic love scene should happen unexpectedly. I enjoy the triangle… it is what made the books fantastic. Society tells us yiu can only love one person at a time. Believe me, I’d kill my husband if he EVER… but the triangle is intriguing. Delena is getting stale. I loved, loved, loved it… but it’s time for a change. Stelena needs a come back soon :) And this comes from a fan that loves Vampire Diaries… the writers have kept me entertained thus far… can’t wait to see how they fire things up again! So many possibilities ;)

      • Ashley says:

        Maybe bad Stephan will get in the middle… catch elana off gaurd and make damon nervous… he does something epically stupid and… well, elana is epically hurt. Maybe bad Stephan would see getting his girl back (switch off or not) as pay back for his brother going after her in the first place. Stephan shouldn’t care with his switch off the elana is what is keeping Damon boringly grounded…

        • I agree that Elana has basically made Damon a boring character for most of the time they have been together. Just like irl when a friend starts seriously dating someone. Part of that person is lost until they breakup…

  42. Anonymous says:

    Yes I think it gives us a clue one of the episodes are called “I’ll wed you in the golden”😅😅

  43. I don’t think there’s any chance at all for Elena and Damon to get married since she’s leaving the would be pointless although I’d love to see it happen.its just not happening.I think Damon will give her the cure,compelled her to leave mystic falls and let her go for good because he loves her enough to let her go…..just sating.

  44. Lys says:

    I WANT ELENA AND DEMON END UP TOGETHER? WHY? BECAUSE IF THEIR RELATIONSHIP ISN’T THE MOST PASSIONATE CHEMISTRY I’VE EVER SEEN … I’M THE QUEEN OF FRANCE. And, let’s be serious, PEOPLE, all that happened in this show was revealing the evolution of their relationship.
    Season 1 – They hate each other until they start to get along together
    Season 2 – Damon starts to fall in love with Elena and his feelings are starting to be shared by her
    Season 3 – Elena becomes a vampire, being dragged into his vampiric world
    Season 4 – They start to fall for each other
    Season 5 – Their bond deepened
    Season 5 – Clearly DELENA
    Season 6 – The higher point of their relationship
    Season 7 should put an end to the story and, if we make comparison between Stelena and Delena, we’ll observe that Delena has being through too much just to end up destroyed. I just didn’t pay attention to Stelena and it seemed that I’ve discovered that the story ITSELF is showing us a very profound evolution of a relationship. Now, this is my opinion and, if Delena will fade away, I’m going to France to receive my crown.

  45. tiara augustine says:

    I am in love with Delena they are exactly like my husband and I except I am Damon and my husband is more like Elena! I think that they should get married before she has to be sleeping beauty! Tragic romantic storyline!

  46. Elena says:

    I hate that they should soooooo get married I mean come on why can’t you do that I also think Stefan and carolline SHOULD get together

  47. Elena says:

    You suck I had already told you delena should get married no matter how old and Stefan and carolline should get together

  48. Jennifer says:

    I would love for them to get married omg :)

  49. Lisah says:

    I jst luv this couple woow awesum

  50. Angie says:

    Yes Damon and Elena definitely need to get married they are perfect and will have eternity together despite their age difference lol