Empire Recap: Super Gun Night

The phrase “No. 1 with a bullet” takes on a whole new connotation during this week’s Empire — thanks in part to a shifty dude named Reg, the Artist Formerly Known as Olivia from The Cosby Show and a confession that really could use an epilogue featuring Maury Povich and a DNA test kit.

Add one dose of a pantie-free Cookie lasciviously climbing atop a dining room table, Naomi Campbell’s Camilla dropping a colostomy bomb on Lucious, and Jennifer Hudson’s “music therapist” making like a Madonna video and mixing up the religious and the sexual, and “Sins of the Father” — Empire‘s final episode before next week’s two-part finale — certainly doesn’t skimp on the drama.

Still, the majority of the week’s “OMC” (oh my Cookie, obvi) moments are more about clearing a path to/laying the groundwork for a Season 1 finale in which “everything is going to change” (that’s a direct quote from showrunner Ilene Chaiken to TVLine).

With that in mind, let’s recap the action from “Sins of the Father” — and oh what sins they are!

But before we do… at the end of this post, we’ve got an exclusive video highlight reel of the hour — narrated by Ta’Rhonda Jones (the woman behind the endlessly entertaining Porsha).

“LUCIOUS, YOU ARE THE FATHER!” | I’m not sure who has the biggest reason to hate Lucious by the end of the episode, but my photo-finish camera gives the edge to Jamal. The family’s freshly out-and-proud middle son finds his connection to newly discovered daughter Lola is having a huge impact on his life — he writes a sweet song for her, says goodbye to love interest Ryan when the documentarian says he has no interest in reading What to Expect When You’re Dating a Hot Gay Dad, and then tells Lucious he wants to take custody of the child who’s been living in the Lyon mansion.

EmpirePapa Lyon, firmly entrenched in his ’70s-era homophobia, drops one of his ugliest lines in weeks — “Lola don’t need to be raised in that kind of lifestyle” — and it makes me feel some type of way (AKA wanting to put Lucious’ in an Oscar the Grouch-style split-level trash can.) But Jamal is holding his own these days, and his pointed response — “What if she’s not perfect? What if she has a deviant trait you just can’t look at?” — could just as easily be about his sexual orientation as Andre’s bipolar disorder. Also, we experience the world’s cutest scene ever — or at least on TV in 2015 — when Jamal and Hakeem serenade little Lola to sleep. HAVE I SHOUTED LATELY HOW MUCH I LOVE THE BROTHERLY LOVE ON EMPIRE?

Here’s where it gets crazy, though. Lola’s mother Olivia is trying to escape her crazy boyfriend Reg — but he catches her at the bus station on her way to Tampa. She, in turn, makes her way (with a relapsing Vernon’s “help”) to the Lyon residence, and it’s Jamal (with an increasingly paternal presence) who notices the “scary bird” tattoo on Reg’s arm. He puts two and two together — this man is the cause of Lola’s nightmares — but before he can make his way angrily across the room, Reg has his gun out, his eyes wild with rage.

Jamal — whose history of not being remotely intimdated by bullets makes me think he might be Actual Superman — is all, “Do it!” Cookie wrestles control of the thug for a second, but then winds up with a gun to her head. And finally it’s Lucious who intervenes — telling Reg not to direct his jealousy at Jamal, since Jamal is not actually Lola’s biological dad.

“I’m the father. I put the baby in her — not him,” says Lucious, and while we want to believe he’s spinning a yarn to save his family, the look on Olivia’s face tells us that the truth is rising up in the room like the unmistakable scent of cow manure in a dairy farm. “I promised her if she married Jamal, I’d make her a star.”

Lucious is probably right when he finally tells Reg to shoot him — that he’d be a hero to every person in the room (aka his entire family) — but Malcolm slinks around a corner and puts down Reg with a single bullet. (Ummm…might a cold-blooded kill in the family room be problematic for the Empire IPO? Just askin’.)

Cookie — witnessing yet another betrayal of her boys by the man she once adored — isn’t exactly thankful for Lucious’ Grand Gesture. “I wish he would’ve shot you,” she huffs, and I can’t say I blame her.

EmpirePUTTING THE ¡AI! IN IPO | Lucious skips going to family-therapy day at the psychiatric hospital where Andre is under 48-hour hold, while everyone else attempts to be soothing/encouraging/super reverential about the Andre-led IPO that’s about to go down. Only Cookie is thrown off-kilter by frank talk about Andre’s diagnosis — dismissing bipolar disease as “white people problems,” though it’s clear she’s just trying to put on a brave/tough front because she’s truly scared for her eldest. (Loved seeing her at the computer the same afternoon, doing her research on the disease.)

Over the course of the hour, we get a flashback to Andre’s first psychological break — a college-era manic episode for which Mary J. Blige is on hand as a party guest — and we also see Andre reject Rhonda in the present day for her role in his being committed. He refuses to return home for the sign-over of his shares — the last step to the IPO filing — and coldly tells his wife her power of attorney is in a signed envelope at the front desk.

Here, Andre and Rhonda go very separate ways. He stays at the hospital and receives “music therapy” — an excuse just to let Jennifer Hudson sing, methinks, because the scene is kinda jank — but then J.Hud’s therapist character is suddenly kneeling in between Andre’s thighs, her lips closer to his than yours would be to a spoon as you blow on hot soup to cool it down. But instead of an off-label therapy like wahh-chicka-wah-wah, she suggests… prayer?  “Dear God,” she says (just seconds after I was expecting a sexy “Oh, god!”) and that’s where we leave ’em.

Rhonda, meanwhile, now estranged from the man she loves, has nothing left to lose or to prove – and she takes it harder to Lucious than almost anyone other than Cookie this season. When he tries to dismiss her as an entitled country-club chick, she reminds him nothing in life has been handed to her — how does a guy who’s always seeking an edge know so precious little about his daughter-in-law? — and when she goes to sign the paperwork, she’s the only one who smells something rotten in, well, wherever Lucious’ mansion is located. (The Hamptons, maybe?) Andre’s cool 1 million shares are now only 750,000 — ditto for Jamal and Hakeem’s — and their A-shares are now just common Bs. (I can’t pretend to know what this means, but I trust Rhonda’s business school degree is on-point.)

Lucious claims he shorted his sons to benefit their mother — “I did it for you!” he tells an unimpressed Cookie — which is when Rhonda strikes a cobra-esque death blow to Lucious’ jugular. “How many shares did you personally give up?” Before he can answer — duh, it’s obviously none — the scene is interrupted by the arrival of Vernon (with Olivia, Reg and the subsequent death-by-handgun insanity yet to come).

Empire“BYE, CAMILLA” “BYE, OLIVIA” | Camilla tries to make a boss move by showing up on IPO night, introducing Hakeem’s new song “Age Ain’t Nothin’ but a Number” and selling their April-October romance to the family as this generation’s Anthony and Cleopatra. “Y’all know that’s a tragedy where they end up dying,” offers Jamal, in the night’s most hilarious line.

Lucious, though, doesn’t see Camilla as part of his son’s brand — and having investigated her currently bleak financial picture — tries to pay her off to exit his son’s life. When she balks and walks, he hits the remote “door lock” button — a deeply disturbing gesture considering they’re all alone in a very big mansion — and huffs, “I didn’t say you were dismissed.” Camilla relents and agrees to head back London — but not before she tears up Lucious’ check. Yoko may want to play the tambourine, but she’s not playing games with Hakeem’s heart, after all!

As she exits, Camilla points out Lucious’ grim medical diagnosis — and promises she’ll be back in Hakeem’s life once the old man passes away. “He will forget you within a month,” sneers Lucious, thinking he’s scored match point. But Camilla — clearly sharper with a retort after her run-in with Cookie — has the last word this time: “And in six months, you’ll be rotting in a wheelchair like a vegetable with a colostomy bag trailing behind you.” That hit harder than a cellphone to an assitant’s head, yo!

Olivia also exits for parts unknown — and takes Lola with her — at episode’s end. She came to Jamal because she knew her sham of an ex-hubby was a good guy who’d step up — even though she’s pretty sure it’s Lucious, not him, who’s Lola’s bio-dad. (HAVE NONE OF YOU HEARD OF DNA TESTING?) Cookie, whose capacity to love, empathize with and forgive the players on the Empire Entertainment chessboard appears to be growing each week, sends Olivia off with words that really hit home: “You left your baby to save her — there’s nothing harder than that.”

EmpireIN OTHER NEWS… |  With Lucious unable to forgive Vernon’s collusion with Andre, the Empire chief’s right-hand man relapses into a messy pool of drugs and alcohol. Will his unraveling spell doom for the IPO efforts — or even Lucious’ freedom?

Cookie and Malcolm, meanwhile, finally hook up — seconds after he tells her he can’t. (So much for will power… Mmmmmkay?) Meanwhile, it’s clear Lucious is angling for a reunion with his ex-wife — especially with Boo Boo Kitty out of the picture. (Anyone else miss Anika this week?)

Cookie, though, is all about the new man in her life. When Lucious coos, “Whatever Cookie wants,” she looks almost aghast: “I want you to be a better father,” she says, detonating the kind of truth bomb he just can’t handle.

And at the end of the hour, after she tells Malcolm, “Take me somewhere. I want to be alone with you,” it’s clear that Lucious’ repeated betrayals of his family have caused her to lose that loving feeling. She tells her ex that, yes, she’d had a fantasy they’d reunite when she got out of prison, but now her eyes are wide open. In fact, she sneers before exiting the room with a sly grin, she’s figured out Lucious’ main motivation for pursuing her is this: “You just don’t wanna die alone.”

What did you think of this week’s Empire? How do you think it’s setting up next week’s finale? Stay tuned to TVLine tomorrow for my Q&A with Jussie Smollett — you will love it, I promise — and until then, share your thoughts in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Diva Diary says:

    I’m upset with myself that I didn’t see that twist coming. This show is just too much and yet I can’t get enough of it.

  2. Why do you keep calling Lucius’s apartment a mansion? It’s a big tacky expensive apartment in New York City. Really confuse people are running back-and-forth two hours each way to the Hamptons every time they need to change clothes?

    • Ronnie says:

      It most certainly is a mansion (although we don’t know that it’s in the Hamptons). We saw it on the outside when Cookie first got there and pulled up the long driveway. We also saw it when Anika left.

  3. MJ says:

    OMG. The episode was amazing. I’m both ready and sad to see next weeks season finale. It came much too fast.

    I was worried that Jamal was not the father but I wasn’t completely shocked when Lucious said he was the father. I could not believe it. This episode was good and powerful.

    • Mary says:

      I actually thought he was saying that to protect everyone. I cannot wait till the finale but I am going to miss watching it every week.

  4. Justin Burnell says:

    Reblogged this on THB Files and commented:
    I can’t wait to watch the season finale for next week. I’m not gonna be the only one to miss it though. The episode was intense.

  5. laurelnev says:

    Damn…Lucious sure described himself well this week! And I am SO GLAD Cookie is finally seeing Lucious for what he really is too. I am loving how realistically this show is portraying this culture and the associated bias against homosexuality and mental illness. They’re PROUD to not be mainstream, only if YOUR version of against the mainstream is not the same as theirs, it’s unacceptable. The only thing I’m hating is that so-called therapist’s performance. I hope it’s revealed she’s just another wannabe singer, and that little stunt with Dre ends up getting her fired. There was absolutely NOTHING Jennifer Hudson did that even remotely resembled music therapy. And the only reason I’m SO disappointed is because they’re doing such a GOOD job with the mental health storyline otherwise.

    • Mary G says:

      You didn’t get it. When you’ve tried pills, music, therapy and everything else and none of it works, try prayer. Along with everything else that this show is trying to bring forth, why not religion?

      • laurelnev says:

        Mary G, that was not my point. My point is that JHud’s idea Music Therapist is SO unrealistic, contrary to the rest of their portrayal of MH issues. A therapist is forbidden to come on to a patient, or to force any type of religion into the situation. The character even acknowledged that when she locked the door–also something that is verboten in that profession. And when Dre said I don’t pray, she ignored him altogether. Realistically–locking the door alone would be a terminable offense. Why not religion? That is prohibited in any MH entity that receives public funding, and JHud’s little stunt could cause the MH center to lose their fundinhg. What she did was unethical and illegal unless this is a church-affiliated MH center. If they wanted to bring prayer in, there are dozens of other characters they could do so with. Having a professional Music Therapist do so is totally unrealistic, unless, as I said, she’s just another wannabe who does not care about keeping her clinical job.

  6. What’s up friends, how is all, and what you desire to say about this
    article, in my view its really amazing in favor of me.

  7. Annie says:

    The twist was predictable, but I still loved the scene. It wasn’t the best episode, but I guess that’s because they are setting things up for the finale. I hope they finally have Jamal lash out at his father, Jamal has just been too forgiving. Rhonda was great in the episode. They need to give her character more screentime.

    • coreyt says:

      Lucius fathered the child: I did not get see that twist coming at all, but watching the episode again I saw several hints. Great episode, reminds me of Dallas back in the day. Lucius is the new JR for the old heads.

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  9. Lila says:

    I don’t see how the show can ever redeem Lucious. Or is he set up to be the bad guy through-out the whole series?

    • TigerLIL says:

      You not lying dam they need to deal with his mental illness the guy is sick no shame, no guilt, no remorse and he built a multimillion dollar company I don’t know how he made it to his illness it’s a wonder he has not be cracked upside the dome by now. Next week looks like he trying to toss the security man out the window. What is this guy on some steroids? Did money bring out the fool cause look like he use to be a King in Cookie’s life…gee wish he had stayed with Anika I really don’t want him with Cookie now…

    • Annie says:

      It’s funny, Lucious stepped up to save Jamal’s life, but even doing that he still came out looking like a villain.

    • TV Gord says:

      They may be killing him off next week. Maybe he just signed on for one season. They’ve set things up so that his “presence” will leave repercussions on the lives of everyone for years to come.

      • Maya says:

        Since Taraji agreed to be on Empire only if Terrence was on the show, I can’t see the writers killing off Lucious.

        • Lila says:

          Which is why I think they shot themselves in the foot with this whole ALS thing.

          • TigerLIL says:

            Well not necessarily a percentage I think it’s 5% of people with ALS live 20 years somebody might have shot his face off by then what a jerk…

      • MiaB says:

        I agree. I think they’re killing him off. Next season will be whodunnit, since so many people have it in for him.

        • TigerLIL says:

          MiaB good shot on that one they already pulling out the JR (Dallas) play book and we have not had a good whodunnit since that time it bout due too…lol

        • leo21 says:

          They need a release valve in case T. Howard becomes unmanageable.

      • TigerLIL says:

        Naw, not a villain, they can’t kill the Devil off just yet Jesus has not returned. Annie, saving Jamal’s life? Looked like a double barrow shot gun blast to me, hell it’s a wonder the sons have not knocked daddy dearest off yet. But Annie, I get your point and here is the kicker, he told Cookie he did things he had to do and he would spend the rest of his life correcting his mistake. She wasn’t hearing it because all that mother is thinking about is the damage he did to her sons. Lucius is extremely angry at Cookie I think he feels she abandoned him and he has done nothing in the 17 years she was gone but take it out on her boys. That is some displaced anger to the eff degree. I can’t wait for his back story he is totally in primal mode he is going to crush everything in his path. I got one word for Cookie, duck…lol TV Gord the only person who might be leaving the show in flames is Andre, well at least he look like he might be leaving the company heading out the door with a box. Looks like next week the Lyon roared on to the God status inaugural ball with no Cookie in site, or she is in the back making Cookies with Malcolm putting her in the oven. Think it was ugly this week when he finds out those two knocking the boots somebody is going to get mugged. Looks like its going to be a ugly finish…stay tune…

  10. This was the best episode in my opinion!!! Hakeem and Jamal are just AWESOME!!! What also made this episode better was that Mary J Blige and Jennifer Hudson were in it!!! :)

  11. Jennifer says:

    I’m pretty sure it was 1 million shares reduced to 750,000 shares, not $1,000,000 reduced to $750,000. The company’s valuation is over a billion, even Lucious isn’t that stingy!

    • TigerLIL says:

      Yeah but he duped the kids by giving them some non-voting shares cause he did not want to give up any of his. Instead of splitting his share of the pie with Cookie like he should have he took the voting stock from his sons and gave her shares which still gives him majority ownership instead of the 50/50 split between him and Cookie. What the hell he hanging on to the shares like that for? Dam he gonna be out of here in three years anyway. Besides if they remarried she would have gotten his shares upon his death anyway. That dude is really out of his mind he better hope he don’t get stoned in the streets before season two people mad as hell at him…lol

    • I actually found that less offensive than everyone else. The talk about him “cheating” his children out of shares…it was his company and Cookie helped him start it. The shares were never really the children’s to begin with and he should have been able to split them up exactly as he wished.

      • TigerLIL says:

        Ah, michaelangleo dude didn’t start the company and Cookie helped him. Cookie started the company cause Lucius could not get a record deal and she provided the financing plus it was a marital asset that should have been a 50/50 split in the ” jail house divorce”. If you gonna leave a legacy you want your family always holding the majority share of the stocks. Meaning that if he had given Cookie the deserved 50% from his share and given his boys their inherited share of the stock he bout could have insured the company would always be owned by the family and would remain a family asset. In other words quiet as its kept he actually gave Cookie nothing anyway robbing the kids pie so she would look like he was giving her something, then wanting her to sign a prenup for what? She earned any penny she gets out of the second marriage cause he duped her in the first divorce. She should have simply been issued 1 million shares of the stock like a partner which would have been the right thing to do. I hope and pray it comes out that the divorce papers never went forward through the courts so she can burn him at the stake. This dude is a total jerk who deserves to die alone just like he left everybody else…he can kick cans, rocks and his own self in the ass…I’m too done with him hope Cookie is too…lol

  12. TigerLIL says:

    I can’t even speak on how ugly it was tonight, it was brutal. I’m with the writer here can we please get a DNA test so these boys know weather they got a new sister or are uncles this is outrageous. Can they stand the expense? I’m like dam where is the fun now it’s getting to some hard core drama and next week is going to be some bullet dropping action up in here. All hail Queen Lioness Cookie who finally became fed up with Lucius antics and mistreatment of her sons and she is looking to leave the Empire behind, get her name out there and finally get some creative credit and her own company with a new man in tow. Oh how I am loving that. Empowerment to the eff degree you go girl now you know you rock. Then next week the hood gonna ride down on Lucius too, killing Bunkie you know Vernon done spilled the beans..this is gonna be a past ugly shell shocker for the show’s season one ending. Looks like Anika strikes back and the Cookie Monster vs. Anika brawl cat-fight promises to be better than the Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao monster to come is going to be a hell of a remix. Its been a lot of fun and certainly entertaining let the beat go down and the music play on!…All season I have been LMAO…

  13. sladewilson says:

    Rhonda rocked in that scene with Lucious. I liked how Cookie looked at her like, “Go on, girl – let him know”. You could tell this episode was one big set up for next week’s finale but it was still good. I saw the twist a mile away. The only two things I’m hoping for is that Jamal and Hakeem always stay close and waiting for Cookie and Anika to finally throw down…

    • TigerLIL says:

      Saldewilson you saw that too. The Anika vs. Cookie throw down action packed better than the most anticipate fight in 50 years Manny vs. Mayweather. Then Lucius look like he bout to throw Malcolm out the window cause he know he done lost that grip on Cookie. But that isn’t the kicker its the hood ride down on Lucius next week over the Bunkie murder. Looks like Cookie’s family is in town and it’s not looking like a friendly family get together. Vernon done bout spilled the beans on Lucius and its bout to get real ugly up in here….LMAO oh what a night….

  14. Eleida Diaz says:

    I knew something was up with lucious and Olivia during that flashback and then it hit me he the daddy….he wants raise lola with cookie even though he says he wants his boys to be responsible but won’t let Jamal take his “child” hmmmm i knew he was the daddy

  15. johnhelvete says:

    It was obvious that Jamal was not the father (no DNA test) but I didnt see the twist coming. Guess I didnt realize that it was Olivia in the flashbacks.

  16. roy relvas says:

    Because of me taken actually acting classes I missed the last 3 episodes

  17. M says:

    Okay episode. It didn’t seem to flow as well as others. But the bedtime song scene was really adorable. And it’s good that they’re dealing with mental illness even if that plotline got a bit muddled in with the Lola thing. Lucious just keeps amassing crimes against his family….

  18. christopher bee says:

    Sorry, the praying JHud Scene was a little letdown, but i adore the Lola Childactor with the Brothers Lyon scenes.

  19. KS says:

    Why was Camilla still forced to leave the country if she didn’t accept the bribe? That doesn’t make any sense.

    • karenb says:

      That’s what I was wondering. What’s the age difference supposed to be with Hakeem and Camilla?

      • TigerLIL says:

        She is Cookie’s age bout 44 according to Cookie saying she doesn’t mess with boys half her age. What ever the deal its still a mess. I mean dam she out of baby making range…ain’t she. Plus you in debt up to your ears, you broke, you business bout to go under looks like motive even if its not the case…Hakeems needs to date women his on age but he loves older women mommy issues….lol

  20. Nate says:

    Girl fight next week! !!!!

  21. relaxxx says:

    I’m going to miss Lola. Her scenes with everyone was beyond adorable especially when she told Andre not to be sad. I think J-Hud wanted to slip Andre the cat. That scene was screaming sexy times. I just love this show. Everyone slayed it tonight. I’m pumped but sad that the finale is next week. No I don’t miss Boo Boo Kitty and. Yes to Mary J. Bliege. I loved seeing Bunkie in the flashback. Awesome episode. Awesome recap Michael S.

  22. clever u says:

    this show is the worst kind of car-crash soap-opera set to an urban flavoured soundtrack.

    its quite damning why this is sooo popular!

  23. OA says:

    Can’t wait for the finale! The Jennifer Hudson and Mary J Blidge bits were a little irritating because most of the cameos have been better written than “music therapy that turns halfway sexual”. Also finally having a shoutout to the artwork by Kehinde Wiley thats been decorating the sets.
    Loved having Rhonda discuss the shares, makes me feel like this IPO isn’t a complete Mcguffin. The difference that Rhonda mentioned is the difference between shares that only give you a cut of the profit or having shares that give you actual power in the company ;). Technical issue with that was that Rhonda said the useless shares were B-shares when they’re actually called A-shares to make people feel like they aren’t actually useless. God, 2nd year company law. Why do I even remember that.

  24. Maya says:

    Normally not a big fan of Rhonda’s (or Camilla) but I was so happy when she stood up to Lucious, knocking him down a few pegs. Also love love fierce Momma Cookie standing for her sons, seeing through Lucious and telling him some hard truths. The scenes with Cookie and Andre while minimal were so heartbreaking especially Cookie learning when that her son has had bipolar for so long and she wasn’t there to help him especially since Lucious has known all along and refuses to acknowledge it or help.

    I completely agree with your comment about the JHud scene with Andre when she wants to pray because at first it didn’t come across like that all, was filled with sexual vibes. Because woah!

    Oh, Michael you aren’t the only one who loves the brotherly love between Jamal and Hakeem, and when they were singing that song to Lola, I melted.

    Honestly I didn’t notice Boo Boo Kitty’s absence during the episode until the promo aired and I realized she wasn’t even in this episode.

  25. Taraji knows how to walk that line between big personality and cartoonish personality like a pro. She could teach a master-class on it.

    • TigerLIL says:

      dido I just told the girl on twitter she needs to open a theatrical school for teens and young adults sh really has got her chops in order and her skills on point. You can tell she was paying attention in acting school, her flow is so natural…lol

  26. Kate says:

    Am I the only one disappointed that Jamal isn’t Lola’s father? I mean, maybe just that scene with him and Hakeem was just the cutest thing. And then there is that odd fact they’ve set up a story for later on down the road of little Lola getting mad at her mom for some pre teen reason and running to the person she thinks is her dad (I’m assuming they aren’t going to confuse a five year old). I mean, Jamal will be fine with it but still.

    Now that we’ve seen some of the darker and more interesting underbelly of Andre and Rhonda, I sort of want him back on his meds and them conspiring together as partners again. I doubt after what Rhonda witnessed with both the hospital and in the living room she will be aiming to cause war between Jamal and Hakeem anymore but probably she and Cookie get along better after this stuff (especially Rhonda’s take down of Lucious).

  27. T says:

    I don’t trust Malcolm. He’s up to something. Maybe working for someone else. Cookie beware.

    • ShakespeareMuse says:

      I say the same about Malcolm! He’s an undercover popo or Fed. I didn’t like the show this week–too much singing when all I wanted was action. Don’t like the Lucious is the father twist. Why’d they let Olivia take the baby? She seems rather unfit & why’s she traveling by Greyhound if Lucious put a baby in her? Where’s her hush money? Fool that I am, I wanted Cookie to remarry Lucious. After everything he’s done, by remarrying him she could at least get half pkus I don’t want him to take BooBoo Kitty back. Andre didn’t get enough time on-screen, as usual. He is such an absolutely beautiful man to look at. Looks like nexf week will be a thriller.

      • TigerLIL says:

        ShakespeareMuse I agree with you something about Malcolm is just not sitting right with me either. Then you go to next week and you got the feds back on her case, what the hell is that? She done told the feds everything she know what they want now. I just hope she doesn’t reveal anything to Malcolm. She is operating with him out of anger at Lucius and if Malcolm is true he is going to be hurt cause Lucius is going to put a vice-grip on Cookie and he is furious with her for some reason can’t figure out why but she ain’t going nowhere till he hits the pay dirt. When Lucius wants something he is going to get it by any means necessary. I really wish Cookie would have let him marry BOO BOO Kitty and let him get stuck with his mess. He is not going to die alone he is going to want Cookie there til the finish he is fixated on her this is a mess…

        • JJmcintyre says:

          Annika will end up with Lucius. They will finally hit if off and she will be at his side and it makes him happy. she will teach him class and etiquette and he will see a new light. Cookie will explode and prove herself to be the Ho she really is

  28. Macy says:

    Michael, I’ve loved you for years because of your American Idol recaps, and now your Empire recaps make me love you even more. I have yet to see a recapper anywhere who can match your humor and your writing skills. And your enthusiasm for these shows is a beautiful thing — I feel that same enthusiasm. <3 <3 <3

  29. Carolyn Crawford says:

    what about lola how many share do she get

    • Macy says:

      Yes! And why wouldn’t Olivia be trying to get child support from Lola’s billionaire daddy? (Unless he paid her a lump sum years ago, trying to make her go away?)

    • OA says:

      Lola isn’t entitled to shares for the same reason that Lucious can alter how much he gives to his sons – they’re his to give as he pleases. She’ll only be entitled to shares as an inheritance after he dies.

  30. B says:

    the twist really grossed me out, instead of being a shocking moment it felt like something out of maury

  31. Leeeeeeeee says:

    couple things.. I liked this ep waaaaay better than last weeks cookie cutter everything works out fine episode. I MISSED ONIKA(?) I am one of teh few ppl that like her.. I like the sass and tension she brings plus the fashion lol!!! I figured lucious was the father, but every episode wondered why nobody said anything about a DNA test( yall are millionares come on now) And I loved how cookie dint just fall back with lucious and the character development for her.

  32. Aimee says:

    It’s just so ridiculous that Jamal wouldn’t have got a DNA test, even if he was dumb and trusting enough to take the word of the obviously shady Olivia there is just no way Cookie wouldn’t have insisted on one before letting her precious boy get attached to Lola.

  33. Lovely says:

    I love Taraji but she needs to get in the gym and work on that stomach if she’s going to be wearing all those skin tight dresses. Seeing her stomach stick out like that all the time is unappealing.

  34. Lovely says:

    Luscious literally pushed Vernon to betray him by treating him like a piece of dirt on his shoe. So Vernon has been with Luscious from the very beginning and he doesn’t get any shares??? That’s crazy.

  35. E says:

    I want to know who is the painting by in lolas room. Does anyone know?

  36. Mrs. Thompson says:

    I am 72 years old and I am addicted to EMPIRE. Lee Daniels, please do not make Lucious , Lola’s father. Please write it that he spoke the words I’m her dad just to save Jamal’s life. Please make me proud of him of Lucious, as a dad and a man. Yes I am ADDICTED.

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  38. Latonya Rice says:

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