The 100 Boss Previews 'Dark' Finale for Clarke and Bellamy, Hints at Season 3

The 100 Season Finale Spoilers

Saving her people from Mount Weather is only half of Clarke’s battle in Wednesday’s season finale of The 100 (The CW, 9/8c), executive producer Jason Rothenberg tells TVLine.

“The other question is: How dark will [Clarke and Bellamy] have to go in order to get this job done?” Rothenberg poses. “They were trying to do it like the good guys before, minimizing civilian casualties, so now what’s left? How are they going to save everyone?”

Rothenberg describes tomorrow’s finale as The 100‘s “Empire Strikes Back moment,” with everyone at their lowest points. “Clarke’s been abandoned and betrayed [by Lexa], Bellamy’s lost the inside army he was also trying to protect and Octavia has also lost everything she’s worked so hard for, her place within the Grounder world,” he says. “Will our heroes be able to bounce back?”

As for how it all ends, here’s what we can say for now: Remember how you felt at the end of Season 1, when you first saw Clarke wake up in that “mysterious white room” and had no idea what was coming next? That’s pretty much how you’re going to feel during the final scene of the Season 2 finale.

“We told the story of Mount Weather in full, so in Season 3, we’re going to tell a different story,” Rothenberg teases. “It’s going to feel like the same show — it’s populated by the same people in the same world — but we’re going to expand the playing field yet again.”

Fellow humans, how do you hope things work out for Clarke and the others in tomorrow’s finale? And where do you hope the series goes in Season 3? Drop a comment with your thoughts and theories below. (And check back after Wednesday’s finale for our spoiler-tastic post mortem with Rothenberg.)

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. I really hope that they resolve this story first before giving us more questions at the end

  2. mike says:

    I believe the city of light is a run down topless bar. If they somehow manage to bring back lexa i think that somehow Clarke should betray lexa for the very same reason.

  3. xomareen says:

    God, I am so pumped for the finale. Really excited but at the same time terrified I am gonna lose some of my favorite characters.

  4. Lincoln says:

    Yea, I dont want the Mount Weather story to end in a cliff hanger… have the ending twist have something to do with the city of lights stuff.

    • Letti says:

      it’ll probaly happen… I’m sure they’ll finish Mount Weather.

      • Jami says:

        MM are done. Clarke probably going Anakin Skywalker on the MM.Season 2 has been awesome. I loved season 1. Eliza Taylor, Bob Morly and lindsey Morgan have been great . I love the gal that plays Lexa. I do hope Clarke and Lexa meet again in season 3. I have shipped Bellamy/Clarke for so long, but liked the twist that the main character Clarke was Bi-sexual. Honestly did not think the writers or the network would go there but they did. Season 2 has been a blast. I am pumped for the finale. I don’t care at this point who Clarke chooses to love, however she really needs some love in her life. Lexa and Finn betrayed her. Finn was promised to Raven and Lexa just straight abandoned her and betrayed the alliance. Who would have thought Bellamy from season 1 is the only one she can count on.

        • ashleigh says:

          i dont think lexa abonded her i think lexa would of tried to get the sky people in the deal but the mm would of refused and would of killed them all so lexa could of had a choice go to war and get hundreds of people killed for clark or only get a few killed and a few saved. lexa knew what finn did for clarke killing all those people and all the guilt clarke felt because of it and i dont think lexa wanted to put her thre that well thats my opinion

          • dacaria says:

            I agree. Lexa didn’t go into the alliance planning on betraying Clarke. Remember first and foremost, which Clarke stated, this was a rescue mission. Lexa was left with few options, save her people or risk more lives. Despite having feelings for Clarke, Lexa is the leader of the Tree People, aka the Grounders, and must put her people’s safety above her personal feelings. If Clarke only had a chance to save her people but had to leave the Tree People behind, would she have chosen differently knowing many would die in the war?

    • Martin says:

      In part 1, Lexa asked Clarke to come with her to the capitol. That might be the City of Lights

  5. wrstlgirl says:

    Thank god they are moving on from Mount Weather. This was dragged out wayyyyy to long. I have no idea where season 3 is gonna go but hopefully it’s more exciting.

    • agnes says:

      Agree. Also I need more Bellamy, I need Bellamy being co-leader along with Clarke again. She’s not as strong without him. As long as Lexa don’t get close to Clarke it’s OK.

      • wrstlgirl says:

        I really enjoyed it at the beginning but there were too many episodes where nothing really happened and I got annoyed, lol. I like Bellamy too but Clarke gets on my nerves. I’m sure the Sky people will run into Lexa again at some point. Didn’t they take Lincoln with them in the last episode, I can’t remember but Octavia will need her man.

        • Juliet says:

          I love Clarke, Lexa and Bellamy best part of the show . Eliza Taylor owns that show. Octavia gets on my last nerve always whining she has no people. Bellamy just superb growing into a hero. Lexa well she is so ruthless, still like her. Hopefully a little romance for Clarke, after all she and Bellamy are always saving someone.

      • Applea says:

        Sorry to disagree, bellamy is boring and lexa is fierce and there is no chemistry between Bellamy and Clarke. Clarke and Lexa belong together! They could rule this world.You can see it through their eyes. Clarke wants Lexa. Bellamy needs to just disappear or like find a new group and take octavia with him.

        • wrstlgirl says:

          Not sure what you’re seeing in those eyes but I see no chem between Lexa and Clarke so different strokes for different folks. I love Bellamy but I wouldn’t saddle anybody with Clarke. She’s just meh.

      • Bear says:

        Clarke & Bellamy are endgame.

    • Jami says:

      Why watch a show you whine about. Never understood why someone keeps watching a show where they can’t stand the main character or the storyline.

      • wrstlgirl says:

        There are plenty of other characters to enjoy, that’s why. I’d take Raven over Clarke anyday. And I never said I didn’t like the storyline. It was just a bit slow.

  6. J. says:

    My favorite show! I’m so pumped for the finale, but also sad the season is over. I feel so bad for Clarke right now, but her pain will give her strength to fight even harder to save her people.

    I can’t wait to see how the episode ends and what the heck season 3 will be about. I’m assuming Jaha’s team will be the cliffhanger.

    We need Lexa back in season 3. She’s amazing and so isher dynamic with Clarke.

  7. I’m on episode 10 right now and they’ve started talking about “the city of lights”. Well, Paris is called the city of lights, which makes me wonder if Yaha’s journey is going to take him from Washington all the way to Paris to find it or something. Either he’s going to go deeper into the US, in which case the city of lights must be in reference to a place there, or he’s going to go in the opposite direction into the sea. Very cool show overall.

    • Lincoln says:

      I’ve been expecting the city of lights to be someplace like Vegas but now that they are on a boat it might be in Cuba or something…. Paris is a loooong way for them to travel unless they find a faster boat or an airplane… hard to figure out the geography on this show.. how is there a desert outside of Washington?

    • psychoactivetoad says:

      I thought the city of light moniker was in reference to the light reflecting off the solar panels.

  8. Carola says:

    I am so excited for tomorrow and so nervous too! OMG. I just hope my faves are not killed. Please! That includes (Jasper, Octavia, Bellamy, Clarke, Monty and Raven). All of them have to be safe!
    I am happy to see a Jasper/Octavia mini reunion from the pice above. I missed their dynamic this season and hope they can rekindle their friendship in S3. I really cannot wait to see how this ends this season and I am looking forward to the new story in S3…
    This show is one of the best on TV right now and soo underrated.. People who are missing it out please watch it on Netflix during the summer. So worth it!

    • Sawyer says:

      Pretty sure Clarke, Bellamy, Octavia and Raven ares safe. Jason Rothenberg said lots of death, it could mean the mass slaughter of Mt. Weatherly. Clarke is wound pretty tight and if she loses her Mother or Bellamy expect her to fall to the Dark Side, I am thinking she will go Anakin Skywalker on them. Jasper, Monty, Maya, Abby and Cain could be goners. I like Miller and Wick hoping they make it. I am pretty sure if Clarke or Bellamy bite the dust. I think the show is done. No point coming back for season 3. Finn’s death never bothered me, and really the show never skipped a beat, after his death. That may sound harsh bit Finn character was not in the book.

      • jenn says:

        The books are good , with Bellamy and Clarke ! Love them my fav after watching the season fanali and Clarke only kissing Bellamy on the cheek was kinda dissapointung ex specially after reading the book

  9. atinuke1ng says:

    Jeezh, m too mad to comment, oh crap!, I am typing already. Loll. @ this stage, m annoyed that Lexa is not going to be in the finale. What’s the point, I am pretty sure, the finale shocking scene, will be the Ice queen kidnapping Clarke cuz she heard she is Lexa lover, and Lexa will come try to save her or, Jaha and his croons are taken and kept and the others have to come save them.

    Jason, are you gonna make Clarke sad forever, there is no happy endings or a relationship that hasn’t hurt her, make her happy for a while, m pretty much sure that she will end up with belllamy who seems like the only person who hasn’t hurt her yet. But I wonder of you can recreate the chemistry that was between Clarke and Lexa, they really had something hot. Oh well. Will tune in 2mrw. I hope noone dies, you owe us that much for crushing our hearts in the last episode.

  10. Resjav says:

    I hope there is a trump card saved for the end.I guess Finn didn’t die…remember his body wasn’t revealed when he was burnt…maybe Lexa saved him and will release him to help Clarke.I really loved the chemistry between Clarke and Finn.Can’t wait for the finale.

  11. cc says:

    I’m thinking there will be yet another group of advanced earthlings who survived. They will be earthlings initially left on earth who had the means and technology to build another space station, and now live on it, but only visit earth for supplys. They avoided contacting The !00 and their group on their space station and now on earth, because they new they were doomed, and didn’t want to possibly destroy their attempt at surviving in their space station

  12. A says:

    I can’t wait to see what happens with Raven and Wick

  13. Santiago says:

    In season 3 I think they should start discovering clues to why Earth unleashed a nuclear holocaust to begin with, and in that should be some mysterious/secretive evil society that caused and survived the destruction and are building a new nation somewhere. Once they get discovered, the Ark people and some Grounders could also learn about another society that is the ‘resistance’ which is trying to take down the mysterious evil society, and eventually join forces to take ’em down.
    I also think that introducing an all CG character could be bad-ass if he/she is down well and has real purpose in the story line. Could be a character that is 10′ tall because he/she came from a couple generations of folks living in low gravity and so their bodies grew taller in each generation, or maybe there was genetic engineering involved, I dunno, something believable-ish but still outlandish enough to fit in a sci-fi story.
    This show is fun to watch, it’s fun to see the teenagers in leadership roles, and would like to see them screw-up big time in fun ways now and then, they come across as too good to be true at times. But so far it’s cool, can’t wait for Season 3! And please give Bellamy a more prominent role in Season 3, he’s an awesome actor with probably much more to offer. Raven is also amazing on screen and deserves more depth in her character story. Lincoln started interesting but his character has really deflated and doesn’t seem to care about anything but Octavia, which is an evaporated relationship. I say add a new dimension to Lincoln’s character, give him a cause to fight for and an enemy to fight against, and he’ll soar.

  14. anon says:

    i really hope clarke and lexa can work things out because i think they would be good together clarke rubs off on lexa and lexa rubs f on clarke

    • Applea says:

      I agree they are the only reason the show got my attention and I was thrown off since season 1. Producers have to realize you can’t just throw us a love story and break our hearts in one episode. We need them! They can rule the world together.

  15. Natasha dewhurst says:

    Give bellamy a bigger role next season x

  16. Steve Sandham says:

    I think season 3 will centre on the city of light and Jaha, I believe the people from there will somehow resolve the problems but inso doing create new paradoxical problems otherwise the program would have no direction and reason for being, unless of course season 3 is a wrap up and we all live happily ever after

  17. Applea says:

    I think lexa is a great commander she understands war and she’s trying to teach Clarke but clarke is stuck in between her growth as a leader and her moms views. The “good guys” don’t exist in this world. I don’t think lexa betrayed her but she has her own people to worry about and thats exactly what clarke told her. Lexa will probably come back for her, but she has to sit this one out. I’m hoping the producers let thie chemistry between Clarke and lexa develope they are strong together! Lexa just needs love and Clarke needs lexa to continue to protect her. We need a REAL love story! Bellamy is so boring. We need hot guys in this show! And keep lexa and Clarke together or ratings will go down.

  18. Rach says:

    I’ve loved season 2 more then 1.. The whole development of clarke and lexa was amazing.. But we don’t even know alycia debnem Carey will even be in season 3. Jason is in talks to try and work something out with walking dead Colbert producers. Fingers crossed as I am routing for them. I think Indra is great. Can’t wait to watch it tomorrow see what happens. I think Octavia, Bellamy and raven are grear too 👍

  19. Karley franks says:

    I want to see Bellamy and Clarke get it on and her to have something work out and I want to see lexa wallow in it!!!

    • jenn says:

      This I totally 100% agree ^^^^ honestly this is my fav show lif lexa and Clarke end up together I will be so dissapointed

  20. Clarke and Bellamy need to have a thing and lexa need to be taken down a couple notches after what she did to Clarke and the sky people!

  21. jenn says:

    I hope Bellamy and Clarke get together ! Perfect couple !

  22. Val says:

    Clarke and Lexa! That is a good one for season 3!

  23. Aliah star says:

    I want Bellark! Lexa and Clarke’s story isnt possible unless they basically elope together if the grounders didnt accept. Also Clarke would never forgive Lexa for abandoning her so I think Bellark is more of an option if Clarke comes back.

  24. Alexia says:

    I just want to see Clarke reunited with her people once more, but stronger and more confident than ever. I can’t wait for a deeper character development in terms of leadership, and Clarke should be given more respect by the adults than they give her, she deserves it. I love Clarke and Bellamy, and hope they will realize in the next season that they are meant for one another.

  25. kingasha says:

    i want clarke and bellamy to be together.. screw lexa!

  26. kingasha says:

    i want belamy and clarke! frick lexa!

  27. kingasha says:

    i want belamy and clarke togeher.. just get rid of lexa!

  28. Summmer says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE in season 3 make Bellamy and Clarke meet again and really Kiss on the lips this time it’s made me cry when they left each other.please;MAY THEY MEET AGAIN!!:) :(

  29. Paige says:

    In season 3 I think and hear that people agree with me that Bellamy and Clarke need to start dating Bellamy has to find Clarke or something like that they just Need! to be a couple ever since the first episode I saw chrmistry and wanted them to be a couple so please make them a couple

  30. belle says:

    Bellamy and Clarke need to be together they make the show better!

  31. Ariana says:

    I honestly am hoping that Bellamy and Clarke end up with each other I mean the together thing with the radiation and may we see each other again thing I mean cmon and Bellamy is the person she can always count on not Finn or Lexa but don’t get me wrong I did like those characters but please Bellamy and Clarke!!!!!!

  32. Renea says:

    Honestly I wish they would ship bellarke already and keep them together there a good team they always get the job done and when clarke didnt go in with her people after mount weather you could tell bell didnt want her too leave he did try to get her to stay he even hinted that he would go with her…he is the one who always helps her when she is in danger yeah they have there fights and at first i didnt think her and finn could pull it off because he seemed like one of those preppy guys but then it happend and i was so exited for them….but the that was over with and we barley got to know finn and in the beginv i always said its bell of finn…and yes i loved clexa i definitley shipped that but now both her lovers are gone she needs someone who is going to stay(bell)!!!!!!I really hope this happens!!!!