Glee Recap: Hostile Makeover

Glee Season 6 Recap

Sue Sylvester suffered the most crushing setback of her career on Friday’s Glee, but like a majestic phoenix (with hepatitis), she rose from the ashes to claim an even loftier throne.

It all began when a scorned Becky exposed Sue’s hurt locker to the superintendent, thus revealing her many twisted ambitions — her Klaine reunion blueprints seemed even crazier from an outsider’s perspective — and getting her fired from McKinley. This forced the once-great Ms. Sylvester to go where all disgraced lunatics inevitably turn up when they have something to say: Fox News.

Despite promising a fair and balanced interview, Celebrity Apprentice runner-up Geraldo Rivera put Sue through the ringer in a live primetime special, getting shadows from her past — including everyone’s favorite Christian caveman, Joe Hart — to testify to her insanity. He even got Michael Bolton to denounce her as the mother of his child! (Follow-up question: Is it weird that, until now, I actually believed he impregnated her? I’m far too trusting.)

But rather than admit defeat, Sue struck a deal with the occasionally accented leader of Vocal Adrenaline to become the group’s new coach, before schooling Will in a “psychopathic” rendition of Europe’s “The Final Countdown.” (Also, did Sue really perform “The Trolley Song” with Carol Burnett? I have a rare condition in which I hallucinate entire musical numbers, so I’m just checking to make sure it really happened.)

TWO BECOME ONE | Over at McKinley High, the New Directions were forced to merge with the Warblers after Dalton Academy suddenly burned to the ground — a fact Will apparently wasn’t aware of until Blaine mentioned it in passing. (Seriously, how was that the first he heard of the fire? I’m beginning to think he’s living in that auditorium.) Anyway… After a bit of resistance on both ends, the two groups were able to come together in song — and in style — for a performance of “Rise,” the original Darren Criss tune we told you about earlier today. (I have to admit, though, I was a little bummed not to get more of the new kids this week, especially after last week’s episode finally got me to care about them.)

DECISIONS, DECISIONS | After landing a part in Russell Simmons’ new musical — an audition she “forgot” about for some reason — Rachel thought her future was set… until she got a call from NYADA informing her that, despite Madame Tibideaux’s initial hesitation, she was welcome to resume her education in New York. That’s where things got a little messy. Everyone supported Rachel’s decision to choose the play over her education, except for Sam, who insisted that she reconsider and not “make the same mistakes all over again.” And because we all know Rachel loves being told what to do, this sparked a bit of a lover’s quarrel between them, one which wasn’t resolved by the episode’s conclusion. (Could the end of Samchel be nigh?)

And now, we play the Rating Game…
New Directions: “Rather Be” — Rating: C+
Sue and Doris: “The Trolley Song” — Rating: B
Vocal Adrenaline: “Far From Over” — Rating: C+
Will and Sue: “The Final Countdown” — Rating: B
New Directions and the Warblers: “Rise” — Rating: B+

Glee fans, with only two episodes left, how do you hope all this drama plays out? Should Rachel choose NYADA or Broadway? And are you worried about her future with Sam? Drop a comment with your thoughts and theories below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. F says:

    One of the worst episodes ever!
    Only good thing was Rise

    • jacey says:

      Rise was terrible. And Sue has been an annoyance and time waster since season 3, and even worse this last season. So unbalanced. What a dull episode.

    • Sally says:

      LAST WEEK WAS THE WORST! This was a close second. They’re just phoning it in the last few episodes. I still cant believe Myron exists. Why couldn’t Brit or Quinn be in the episodes instead of dumb people like Myron?
      I hate that Dalton burned down…..and suddenly all the Warblers from a private school are at McKinley? So they all lived in Lima? No one seemed to care that their school was ashes. I cant wait for the last two episodes. I am looking forward to putting this to bed and looking at it fondly when I think of the first two seasons.
      Also it looks like they’re celebrating Rachels Tony win in the picture above.

      • Rafael says:

        Madison is considered the pointless character right now.

        But I was wondering if that Dalton Academy may have been gotten burned down by Sue Sylvester, not to be offensively wrong in the meantime.

  2. Co says:

    Wow that was one of the worst episodes ever and that’s saying a lot. I can’t believe they wasted basically the whole episode with this stupid sue storyline. We basically had no klaine and when we did Rachel was all over Kurt like they were married wtf? I can’t stand what they are doing with Rachel she all of a sudden wants Nyada again oh until Broadway came calling back. I so agree with Sam on this one that she needs to go back get her education cause she needs a backup plan and having a college degree will help. She keeps greeting these second changes and keeps screwing up. Plus blaine got kicked out and I bet he would never be allowed back in. I can’t believe this is how they are focusing the last few episodes ever on this crap.

    • macs says:

      Wow, good to know you can never touch your friends again or have them touch you once they get married. How young are some of you kids? Every single one of these kids keeps getting second chances. Like Kurt getting into NYADA at all. Her second chance is to go back to Broadway if given the opportunity, and stay there, not to waste time at a performing arts college that is supposed to prepare you for Broadway.

      • Co says:

        That’s not what I meant I just wish that Kurt and Blaine had a little more scenes together alone and not with Rachel. I understand they are best friends I just don’t like it looks like she is always hanging on him. I like the 3 of them I just like a few scenes without Rachel sometimes.

        • macs says:

          They’ve had whole episodes without her involved in their unhealthy and boring relationship drama this season alone. Frankly it’s a juvenile and petty complaint. But juvenile and petty encapsulates the majority of this fandom so I shouldn’t be surprised.

          • S. says:

            Wow that was some unnecessary nastiness, macs. It’s not juvenile and petty at all. Maybe look in the mirror on that one. You might not get it, and I personally don’t have feelings one way or the other because very little about this show seems redeeming these days, but it was a completely valid feeling. Not sure where the need to insult the fandom’s coming from because the show’s got it coming as far as most criticism’s concerned.

        • odd says:

          They had one scene with Rachel. Why is Rachel always to blame for everything.

    • CK says:

      How much of a back up plan would a NYADA degree be though? Anything that she could possibly get with that degree, she would probably have leg up on getting by having a resume with a lead Broadway role. I could understand if NYADA wasn’t a performing arts school, but it’s not and any field she could possibly get a degree in would much prefer actual experience.

      • gsbd says:

        Exactly. What kind of backup is a degree from NYADA supposed to provide besides how to be mime at children’s birthday parties or a lifetime of menial jobs to pay off the loan you took out to attend the school if you don’t make it as a performer? It’s not like she’s giving up NYU or Columbia which force you to get actual degrees even as a performing arts major for Broadway. That this is supposed to be a real choice, again, is utterly ridiculous.

      • I agree maybe the back up degree at nayda won’t help her in the long haul. I just don’t like like her idea of quitting school again or I guess in her case not going back. I understand broadway is huge for her.

      • AngieD says:

        NYADA is perfectly willing to have students get roles on Broadway as long as they don’t expect special treatment – i.e. complete assignments, check the attitude at the door. Rachel was not acheiving balance. While a role on Broadway is great, it’s often fleeting. One show does not guarantee another. Also, the lead role usually is not long term – difficult for the voice and lets face it, boring to sing the same songs 6-8 performances / week….. The ‘strength’ in attending NYADA is that it will help make you a better and stronger performer and challenge you. One of the reasons Rachel left Funny Girl is because it got to be routine…. Barbra Streisand experienced the same let down.

    • Sil says:

      This show derailed the start of season 4. I read the recaps to keep up with Rachel and her story. This didn’t even sound good. The music has been less than fresh forever. This show is failing terribly. Once was my favorite show. Now, I don’t even DVR it.

  3. Glee says:

    Best episode of glee ever. @F have you completely lost it?

  4. Will says:

    This show is limping towards the finish line. Way too much Sue and Vocal Adrenaline all season. I love how of all the terrible things Sue has done, what upsets Becky is her not being accepting of the groups merging. Or what gets Sue fired is the creepy hurt locker and yet not physically abusing students or calling them names.

    • Nana3 says:

      That is what I was wondering as well. There has been up to a dozen or more at least from the past 6 seasons where she was bullying and beating up the kids. Last night’s episode was more her than the rest of the Glee cast. When I thought that Glee was going to finish up their last season, I really thought the episodes would be good after the first two forget it.

  5. Bizzle says:

    Last week, the songs were underscored on this site. This week, I think the scores you have were to high.

  6. Sam says:

    Glee is on on Fridays now? Wow.

  7. Wes says:

    I agree with Andy – I actually really liked the way the newbies were used last week, so I was kind of disappointed when they went back into the background this week…hopefully we’ll get a little more about them next week. As with any Sue-centric episode, the writing was bananas but at least it generally made more sense than the Hurt Locker episodes, what with her finally getting fired from the school lol, honestly she should be in jail

    • Ronnie says:

      Did no one seen to notice that since this the last season that they finally took issue with Sue and all her lies? It’s good they focused on her and exposed all her crazy. They have never made her accountable until this episode. All these whiners complaining about not enough of the original cast haven’t been paying attention. Britney and Santana, chapter closed. Kurt and Blaine, chapter closed. Mercedes and Sam, chapter closed. Rachel’s story will be the closing chapter. Will and Sue will be a closing chapter. I think they are doing a decent job wrapping things. Besides, there will be a fast forward for all the characters at the end so stop dwelling over what it once was because no series is what is was in the beginning.

  8. H says:

    The only good thing was the promo for next week. Why waste the time on Sue when we are trying to close up this series? Way too much Sue…..

  9. Maurice says:

    I honestly pray that Rachel makes the right decision and goes back to NYADA. This is so like real life, you get a second chance at something you really initially wanted (going back to school) but when Broadway calls, you drop everything to go back on the same roller coaster. I loved what seemed the end of Sue’s shenanigans when her Hurt Locker was revealed especially by Becky. That had to sting. And I somewhat knew that Sue was going to be expose for it. But I do love Sue’s fighting spirit as Will put it. It made him and the New Directions that much of a fighter. What is life without someone constantly bringing you down but really they are making you that much stronger. And the original song “Rise” was amazing. Can’t wait to add it on to my iTunes library. Overall, this episode was great. Only two more to go. Let’s see what role Jesse St. James plays in “We Built This Glee Club” next Friday.

    • j.d. says:

      NYADA is not the right choice tho. When one is already cast in a Broadway production, one does not stupidly pay 50 thousand dollars a year for an unnecessary education. When Broadway calls, she should absolutely grab the chance. Rachel’s mistake is not that she left the illogically uncompromising NYADA, it’s that she left her show for another opportunity that failed. Idiot Sam who didn’t even go to college, and went back to Lima to be an assistant coach of a terrible football team has no room to be offerring anyone life advice

      • S. says:

        And don’t forget just how big a mistake it was to leave for that show. TV shows can fall apart before they even air or even right afterward. It wasn’t even a guarantee of being a tv star. She could’ve easily been on a failed show and should’ve known that. She shouldn’t have even been tempted to bail. That she’d get another chance so soon is crap. Trying to convince us she might try to go to NYADA instead of back to Broadway would be crazy. You’re right. Sam’s basically gonna be a assistant coach or coach (if it’s a small enough school) type of a high school football team and teach so they can justify having him on the payroll.

        • egads says:

          Anything can fail. Her mistake wasn’t leaving for another opportunity, that’s life. Her mistake was how she left, so abruptly, before the end of her contract and not on good terms with the show runners.

  10. Gleek says:

    i recently saw photos of the final episode and rachel is pregnant it seems to be Jessie’s possibly klaines?? I’m pretty Samchel is over which saddens me. Also I’m thinking the gets the opportunity to do both b-way and Nyada. Obviously she wins a tiny by the time warp finale.

    • luckytroll says:

      Not everybody likes to read so far ahead and have things spoiled for them. You might could have put a spoiler alert on your comment to be considerate. I’ve purposely not looked at those photos, but now I guess I might as well.

  11. A says:

    This was the most horrendous wasteful episode of Glee Sue’s storyline was boring and pointless I think fell asleep half way through this terrible writing.

  12. kd86953 says:

    I will say the “Final Countdown” is pretty hysterical, especially with the glee kids watching. But the best part was hands down, “Rise.” Gave me goosebumps!

  13. Matthew B Lawler says:

    So is next week the series finally?

  14. Tvgeek says:

    The only good thing that came out of this weeks episode is knowing Jonathan groff will be on next week…

  15. MattySi. says:

    Well I think it’s obvious that she chose Broadway. I haven’t seen the episode yet but I’m tired of people saying this episode or that episode was the worse ever. Glee has always been what it has been since the beginning. Just because something happens that viewers don’t necessarily like orvagree with its automatically the worse episode ever.

    For me glee has never been short of awesome. When I rewatch episodes I don’t watch the musical numbers again bc I often tomes prefer the song over the performance

  16. German says:

    Wpłacili “nienalezny” podatek, poczekali aż należny podatek się przedawni i US nie będzie mógł wymagać jego spłaty.

  17. John K. says:

    I’m just happy they brought back Samuel Larsen, even if it was just for five words (and the hilarious way the others looked at him like “Who the eff is this?”) I also agree that the newbies were underutilized. There was obviously some tension between Jane and the Warblers given how they turned her down back in the premiere, but that wasn’t developed at all. Instead, we wasted time with Carol Burnett, who told Geraldo she never loved her daughter and, IN THE VERY NEXT SCENE, said she does love her and they sang a duet.

  18. S. says:

    Has anybody *not* coached Vocal Adrenaline? They’re basically the town bicycle at this point. With this lack of consistency of leadership, how are they in any way a threat? The team discipline can’t be holding up under all that. I’ve seen how quickly a school club or team can crumble when the person at the top changes. The new student blood coming into their program just isn’t gonna be able to get all ambitious and weird. They’re gonna be leaning into a pre-established system and it’s bound to be losing integrity now.

  19. Para says:

    I love Rise

  20. Basil says:

    Rather be & Rise were awesome performances, this episode had too much Sue Sylvester but i understand why they did it, it is because to conclude her story and get her out of the way.
    I wish they have focused more on Rachel’s plot to go back on track.
    This episode was not all bad and from the spoilers i have read the next episode will be BIG.
    They are going to perform good numbers:

    Roxette – Listen to Your Heart – Rachel Berry
    Starship – We Built This City – Vocal Adrenaline
    Toni Basil – Mickey – Vocal Adrenaline
    Hozier – Take Me to Church – New Directions
    Sia – Chandelier – New Directions
    Styx – Come Sail Away – New Directions

  21. greysfan says:

    Rise was the best thing about the episode. Love original songs. The rest of the episode pretty mediocre.

  22. Maggie Cunliffe says:

    mason i am here to say about your performance i want to break free i heard that you are spectacular and i love you for doing that performance is outstanding and i love you so much and i am still sad that you are almost done and i am getting emotional right now it has been good talk to you

  23. Tom says:

    They’re still forcing trouty mouth on us?

  24. KC says:

    Well, first – this episode was much better than last week’s. The newbies belong in the background – end. I’d rather see Sue get her ‘happy’ ending. Although coaching VA is not it.
    Rachel is such a idiot.
    Who knew Sam would be the voice of reason (and Rachel not listening to him)
    Myron and Becky were the worst!
    Way too little Klaine – but I can see the narrative was totally about Sue.
    Carol Burnett is perfect!!!
    Geraldo was surprisingly good – glad Sue punched him though.
    Barefoot Jesus!!

    Jesse is back next week – not sure how I feel about that.

  25. liame says:

    I really enjoyed last nights episode, that’s a rarity, It was about someone other than Rachel. Thanks!

  26. Judi says:

    How did Sue manage to get hired as Vocal Adrenaline’s coach after being fired by the Superintendent? I always thought Carmel High and McKinley were in the same school district given the ease Jesse and Sunshine transferred from one to the other.

    • Rafael says:

      Judi, we already revealed and exposed Sue’s dark secrets to big publicities leading her to get expelled from McKinley High School.

      But since Sue joined in to coach to Vocal Adrenaline, which is the only remaining enemy of New Directions as weakness, you still continue revealing and exposing Sue’s dark secrets to that club as much as possible!

      I think Sue should get jailed at the end, no offense, IMO!

  27. Tracy says:

    Rachel crashed and burned on Broadway and on TV so she is lucky to have anyone willing to take a chance on her! NYADA will always be there – she should choose Broadway!

  28. Tracy says:

    Another nasty dig at conservatives from Ryan Murphy! Between this, the non-stop pimping of gay relationships, the constant Sue Sylvester nastiness and Shannon’s out of character sex change I think this has been the worst season Glee has ever had! The show has turned into mediocre ad for everything Ryan Murphy deems important! Love Lea Michelle but I can’t watch Scream Queens – I can’t waste time on another Ryan Murphy show!

  29. ShariaLynn says:

    Dear god or goddess please just make it STOOOOPPPP!!!!!!!

  30. lina says:

    They have taken Sues character too far. She has always been a nut job but deep down she cared and had a little softness. They took away the redeeming qualities and just made her character look awful and spun her out of control. Too bad. I found the part where her mother said she didn’t love her just wrong. Why not just give Sue someone to love and who loves her back like she always wanted and give her character something to focus on besides spreading her misery around. I like when she’s tricky and sneaky. But now she’s a complete abusive wack job. Poor Jane Lynch

  31. Aintha says:

    I misss Finn…