Once Upon a Time's Lana Parrilla Talks Regina's Clash With Team Evil, a 'Cool' Resurrection, Losing Robin and More

Once Upon a Time Regina Spoilers

Once Upon a Time‘s Regina is on a mission, to find the storybook Author and in turn hopefully secure her own happy ending — whatever that might be for a famously evil queen.

Rumplestiltskin, though, has appropriated Operation Mongoose’s endgame for his own purposes, allying with the Queens of Darkness (Maleficent, Ursula and Cruella de Vil) to storm Storybrooke and hunt down the Author themselves.

With Season 4 of the ABC series resuming this Sunday at 8/7c, TVLine invited Lana Parrilla to preview Regina’s next move, assess her alliance with Emma, weigh in on Regina’s romantic sacrifice and more.

TVLINE | You’ve been busy this morning! In just the one hour that I was at the gym, I saw you on the TV twice.
Oh, yeah. It was a fun, fun morning, bouncing around [New York City]…. There’s nothing like GMA for a wake-up call. The energy there is so fun. I loved it.

TVLINE | Once Upon a Time resumes Season 4 this Sunday. What has Regina been up to since last we tuned in?
Well, a lot has happened, but she’s still on the hunt for this Author, and she’s paired up with Henry (played by Jared Gilmore) — which is adorable, in my eyes, because it’s so nice to see them kind of working in tandem. They’re kind of like little “partners in crime,” and they’ve developed a friendship, Once Upon a Time Regina Spoilersnot just a mother/son relationship. And Emma (Jennifer Morrison), having learned of [Operation Mongoose], decides that she wants to be a part of it as well, so the three of them kind of work together to find this Author.

TVLINE | Last we saw, they had found the library with the blank books in it. What new clues do they have to go?
Regina gets this idea that the one person who may know more about this book than anyone else is Pinocchio, so she goes to Marco to speak to Pinocchio and see if he can tell her anything about this Author. We also have Eion Bailey returning — I can’t tell you how or when! – but that’s going to be very interesting.

TVLINE | There is a new promo that shows Emma and Regina in the street unleashing some magic at a Chernobog. Have they been honing their “team-up” skills, as far as working in tandem together?
Yeah. I think what they’ve realized is that they are stronger together — like the yin and yang, the light and dark, they go hand in hand, so working together they’re much more powerful than they are working alone.

TVLINE | In that clip, they kind of like give each other a nod like, “OK — let’s do this,” and then they let things fly.Once_Season4B_SwanQueenW Would you say they are still frenemies, or are they full-on allies at this point?
I wouldn’t say they’re full-on allies at this point, but I think that they are still discovering what their relationship is. Obviously they’re both Henry’s mom, and they’re kind of forced to be in each other’s lives because of that, but I think what’s going to surprise them is actually how much they really do care for one another on a friendship level. And over time, what you’re going to really see is how close they’ve become, more so as family. Which is also how I see the Charmings at this stage, with Regina and Henry — they’re all a family of some sort. So, I think Regina and Emma are quite surprised by how close they have gotten over the year. And one thing I love is they ultimately have each other’s backs.

TVLINE | [Series creators] Adam and Eddy told me that what Rumpelstiltskin is up to with the Queens of Darkness will put them on a “collision course” with Regina and Operation Mongoose. Is that kind of the crux of the drama for the second half of the season?
Exactly. “Team Evil,” which is what we like to call them, bands together and they make their way into Storybrooke, so Emma and Regina are going to have to deal with this evil trio.

TVLINE | Of course, Maleficent, trapped beneath the library, has been vanquished twice before. Without saying how they do it, is it pretty convincing the way they bring that character back into the mix?
Yes. Absolutely. It’s very convincing. And it’s super cool. I saw a cut of it the other day, and I got chills throughout my entire body.

TVLINE | If I’m not a Dalmatian, why should I be afraid of this Cruella de Vil (Victoria Smurfit)?
Because she’s not a threat to just animals. She has an evil streak that runs deeper than we know, and you’ll see that, I believe, in Episode 18, when you get her backstory.

TVLINE | Are there any new kernels of information about Regina that we will learn through flashbacks?
In Episode 14 there’s a really great flashback with Regina and Mal, about how they met and first became friends. And we have something else coming up, down the road. In Episode 20, we have a surprise that you’ll see in a flashback.

TVLINE | Regina herself is “opportunistically evil” these days. What anymore brings out her biggest, baddest self? Is it threats to family…?
I think that when someone is being wronged, when something is unfair, when justice is needed in a specific moment, she’s learning to embrace her darkness. She’s learning how to use her powers differently than she did before. Before it was just to hurt, to manipulate, to terrorize, and now it’s to protect. And that’s the difference between Regina and some of the other heroes. They don’t want to kill, they don’t want to hurt anyone, but Regina is not afraid to kill or hurt someone if it’s for the right reason. If she can protect the greater good, and if that means ripping someone’s heart out, then she’ll do so.

TVLINE | Did you enjoy this past half-season, getting to finally play an actual romance for Regina?Once Upon a Time Regina Spoilers
I did. It’s such a beautiful, vulnerable side that we haven’t seen in her — you know falling in love and seeing the hearts in her pupils….

TVLINE | To see her face light up….
Yeah, and genuinely smile without any sort of evil plan behind it. She’s feeling love in a way that she hasn’t felt in a very long time, if ever, because she’s an adult. Puppy love, with Daniel, her first love, is very different from what Robin is to her and her life now.

TVLINE | She was pretty magnanimous there, letting Robin head out into the real world with Marian. Do we file that under, “Better to have loved and lost than to have not loved at all”?
I think it was a heroic act, and a very selfless act as well. She really put herself on the backburner and did the right thing, saving Marian, even if it didn’t feel good in the moment. As hard as it was for Regina to make that decision, ultimately she did the right thing, and deep down inside she knows that she did, and so she’s very confident with her decision, even it if it means having a broken heart for however long. Saving the life of someone took precedent over her relationship with Robin, and ultimately it’s for Robin too, because [he and Marian] share a son. It’s a very complicated dynamic.

TVLINE | It really is, because Regina and Robin had to pursue this romance while Marian was frozen for a bit there – and some viewers took issue with that.
Yeah, but I think what a lot of people unfortunately had missed — because they called it adultery and all these things — was it’s really hard to look at that relationship and compare it real life, because it doesn’t work that way. First of all, someone doesn’t die and then come back 30 years later. The only example I can give is the movie Castaway, where Tom Hanks gets stranded, or, you know, a prisoner of war. Someone is pronounced dead because you haven’t heard from them and the wives think, “I guess my husband is gone, and I need to move on in my life.” That’s exactly what this was with Robin Hood. His wife had died 30 years ago, and he moved on, and the fact that she came back… is not a natural thing that would happen in our lives. It’s called “a television show,” and it’s a fantastical television show at that, and it all happened through magic.

TVLINE | Lastly, there’s another promo that suggests Emma might take a walk on the “dark side” at some point this season. Is that a case where Regina would swing into action and use her evil for good to prevent that?
I think Regina has learned a lot from her mistakes, and she doesn’t want to see Emma make the same mistakes, so she’s going to stand by her side and protect her as much as she possibly can to make sure she doesn’t cross over to the darkness.

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  1. Kylie says:

    I am so here for this friendship. I love it. I also love their respective romances with their two guys, Killian and Robin. I can’t wait to see these two face off against the QOD. As much as I can’t wait to see Hook fight for Emma’s heart and Robin and Regina hopefully reunited.

    • Len84 says:

      Well said Kylie. To everything :)
      I kinda think by the season end – Robin and Regina will be reunited
      And also cant wait to see Killian fight for Emma and her heart, and pull her away from the darkness, he will not let her get dark, he fight and risk everything for her like he always has.

    • KennaM says:

      Why… is there such a need to mention “Killian” and CS as soon as an interview addresses the Regina and Emma relationship? You know, I love Regina with Robin and I sure hope they’re gonna get their happily ever after together at the end of the show. But I noticed a few times that as soon as there is an article that also talks about the changing frenemy-friendship dynamic with Regina and Emma, CS fans are quick to comment and remind everyone that Emma has a boyfriend. I just find it totally weird and don’t notice the same from my fellow Regina fans who ship her with Robin.

      • Ginger Snap says:

        For CS shippers, everything is about Emma and Hook. It’s called selfishness.

        Whole article is about Regina and her journey.I’m quite sure that Matt has something planned CS shippers.

    • KennaM says:

      I loved reading this interview. Lana knows how to tease in a good way. And good on her for addressing the special situation of Regina and Robin after Marian came back through time and after she was dead. I agree with her 100%.

  2. Z25 says:

    Great interview, thank you Matt. I’m excited for a couple of things with Regina on OUaT this year. I like the search for the author and that it’s a Regina and Henry mission. I think it has good potential to send out a message about how in the end we’re all in charge of our own happiness in that we need have to love ourselves first. Like, we’re all the authors of our own happy endings. I also hope to see more of Regina’s dynamic with Snow White and I’ve been really enjoying what they’ve done with Regina and Robin Hood before they were seperated in the midseason finale.
    The Queens of Darkness are interesting. The writers and actors have teased a couple of times now that Cruella especially is… quite something. But as far as Regina goes I’m mostly very curious how her reunion with Maleficent is gonna go down.
    Big round of applause for that answering concerning the Marian situation. It’s drama television that literally brought someone back from the dead with the help of time travel, people need to chill.

  3. Lisa says:

    the “little” difference between Castaway and OQ is that Tom Hanks’ wife (I don’t remember the name of the character) didn’t know “Tom” was alive. So she went on with her life. Robin knew Marian was alive when she slept with Regina. Marian’s heart was in the same vault where they had sex, so….the parallel doesn’t work. Sorry.
    Everything else is wonderful to hear! thank you.

    • Meghan says:

      whoosh, that was the point that flew right above your head.

    • crysania4 says:

      You realize that Marian was DEAD when he first got involved with Regina, right? That’s the point. Marian was dead. He moved on, met Regina, got involved, and then POOF! His dead wife is back. And he’s ALREADY in another relationship. That’s completely out of the realm of possibility in this world.

      • He choice to go back to Marian on his own free will then the mother of her son was frozen and dying and Regina was trying to find a solution and robins goes and has sex with her, thats in my book is a selfish douche. He couldnt live without sex for a short time? while the Marian situation resolves.
        It looks like Regina was far more preoccupied about Marians well being than Robin, that’s why I dislike his character so much, I hope Regina ends up with anyone but Robin. the writers did a terrible job with his character i actually like him before the Marian coming back to life thing.

        • Kat says:

          100% agree with you rochiss. You can’t ignore canon to make a ship happen. The more they retcon the show for oq the more inorganic and forced the ship is.

        • Maddy says:

          Although I am an OQ shipper, I do agree with this. I thought it was jerkish and uncalled for.

      • Kali says:

        I think the main misunderstanding between the people that defend the relationship/say it’s not adultery and the people that say it’s adultery is the time frame. No one called OQ adultery when Marian first came back, because yes she was dead so Regina and Robin having a relationship was fine. People started calling it adultery when Robin chose to go back to Marian; when he referred to Marian as his wife and reestablished his commitment and vows to her. When Robin pursued Regina and had sex with her AFTER that is when people started calling it adultery. Even if you try to say it’s not “adultery” because she was dead and the “till death do us part” breaks that covenant, it is very clearly cheating because he renewed his relationship with Marian when she came back and didn’t break up with her before he got with Regina. Now even acknowledging that, you can say that you still like OQ and that’s your choice, but people have a right to not like a relationship that has had adultery/cheating in it, which OQ clearly did.

        • Quen says:

          Nah, I think it’s not about whether or not Regina and Robin sleeping together in that episode fits the definition of adultery. It’s what Parrilla describes, it’s so easy to scream ‘adultery’ and use that to attack the whole relatonship, the Robin character, call them evil people who shouldn’t be together or god knows what. But the truth is they made a human decision of acting on feelings that had grown as they’d fallen in love and begun a relationship in a terribly difficult and not at all common situation of a spouse being brought back from the dead with magic time travelling.
          Yes, Robin Hood had first made the decision to go back to his wife, because he wanted to do the honorable thing and not just leave his wife, the mother of his son after she came back from the grave so to speak, but the reality of his feelings for Regina being stronger eventually became impossible deny. In a perfect world they wouldn’t have let their feelings overwhelm them and wouldn’t have given in to them until after Marian was save and awake. But it’s a television show and perfect worlds and perfect people are often boring to watch. Neither Regina nor Robin are perfect people in the context of this show anyway. So yeah, I don’t get what the big deal is either, sorry.

          • C says:

            You make 1 point that explains why I cannot take it serious that this is a discussion.
            This woman was the Evil Queen. A mass murderer. A tyrannic ruler. The thing with having the Huntsman as her “pet”.
            But consensual sex with a man she loves whose wife was food for worms until a few eps ago is the big dealbreaker? Come on. You gotta be kidding me.

      • Lisa says:

        Do you realize that i’m fine with Getting over a wife he couldn’t see in 30 years!??
        and the point is the sex with R when he KNEW his wife was alive? And after he choose his very much alive wife? Lol

      • Susanne says:

        Marian died 30 years ago because Regina killed her. This is not good.

    • Stephanie says:

      Robin lived without his wife for 30 years. that is actually longer than castaway.

    • heather says:


      I like Robin and Regina but adultery is adultery, period. I understand the point that time was frozen for 30 years and Robin had time to move on but the other important point that got missed is that Robin made a conscious choice to return to his wife and honor his marriage vows upon finding out she was alive. Perhaps had he opted not to do that and remained with Regina from the getgo because he moved on, perhaps a different argument could be made in their defense. Instead, they hooked up while Marian was frozen under the assumption she had a faithful husband by her side. I love Lana and her interviews but I have to respectfully disagree with her on that storytelling point. That kind of hook-up really bothered me for a couple I ship.

      And why is Daniel suddenly being downplayed to puppy love and only a first love? The early seasons made it very clear he was her first TRUE love. It does not need to be a competition with a possible second chance at true love and her soulmate, Robin Hood. Downplaying the significance of Daniel undermines the whole emotional tragedy that served as the catalyst to Regina turning to the darkness and transforming into the EQ in the first place. It is not about condoning what she did but rather feeling and understanding the underlying loss and pain which motivated her anger and thirst for revenge. Am I to now believe mere puppy love incited this? Um, no.

      Aside from those points, love the interview and looking forward to what is to come of this season with Regina’s progression. She still remains my favorite character.

  4. UT42 says:

    All hail Queen Lana. Excellent interview! Always love reading her thoughts on her character.
    More Operation Mongoose, three new evil Queens in town, hopefully more Regina & Robin eventually… season 4b sounds amazing so far!

  5. Lex says:

    I’m excited for dark!Emma! Anything with Regina/Henry. I really enjoy that little patchwork family of The Charmings/The Mills/Swan. Good stuff.

    I don’t care about about this incarnation of Hood. I felt completely left out of that story because it felt forced so it just made me angry. I wasn’t a fan of the pixie dust, soulmate, destiny thing.
    I’d rather see Regina DATE. I wanted to feel a part of her falling in love. Not be told that she’s in love. But you know, if YOU like it the awesome for you!

    Perhaps people wouldn’t have been so harsh on the “adultery” thing if his wife wasn’t FROZEN and stashed somewhere nearby. Bad storytelling.

    Can’t wait to see the backstory of Regina/Maleficent. YAY! Much good stuff to look forward to.


  6. Bianca says:

    LOVE this. I am excited for Regina’s journey this year – to see her learn to love herself, watch her relationship with Henry grow & finally have Robin back in her life.

  7. Kat says:

    Its not castaway and it’s not 30 years. More like 3 at most. Robin was frozen in time and space and it was not 30 years

    Are we also going to brush aside that he reason marian was dead it’s because Regina killed her?

    Are we also going to brush aside that the OQ relationship was 1 week long and Robin chose to go back to his wife and then decided to cheat on her?

    It’s not castaway Lana stop comparing it. It was adultery and it was gross

    Marian died because Regina killed her. Robin was a widow and Regina had a chance at him because she killed Marian. It’s not castaway. It’s adultery and it’s gross either way you look at it.

    Regina killed Marian. It’s not Castaway. It wasn’t 30 years. Robin went back to his wife and then when she was sick he had sex with Regina 2 meters away from where her heart was. It’s not flying over my head at all.

    Robin is sleeping with his wife’s initial killer. Robin cheated on his wife because he chose to uphold that marriage unlike in castaway.

    It’s adultery, it a relationship that was only built because if Regina killing marian the first time around it’s gross.

    That’s all OQ is gross and as the story goes so far it’s nothing lana said it is. Read the script watch the show.

    • abz says:

      “Are we also going to brush aside that the OQ relationship was 1 week long….?”
      In regards to comments like these stating they’ve only been together 3 days, two weeks, etc. Time frames are meaningless on this type of show. They could meet and be madly in love in 5 minutes, it wouldn’t matter. It’s a fantasy show where things like “True Love’s Kiss” exist and can break the curses. Meeting someone and falling in love with them 2 minutes later is basically all of the classic Disney movies. Snow and Charming basically fell in love after like a day when she tried to rob him and they spent the day together and then they couldn’t stop thinking about each other and then the whole “I will always find you” thing started.
      Also, not commenting about their relationship, but her 30 years comment was probably referring to how the curse lasted for 28 years and and its been many years since Marian had died and Robin was without her.

      • Kat says:

        3years it’s not 30. That’s a huge gap.

        And no I don’t buy it’s the type of show. Why didn’t Regina romance him in FTL when she didn’t see the tattoo but she did in SB after she saw the tattoo?

        Also see you ignored the part where I said the reason Robin was a widow is because Regina killed Marian. Why is no one addressing that in Interviews?

        I would have been 100% on board with OQ if they had Robin address that issue and feel conflict over the fact that he fell in love with his wife’s killer. Way more dramatic and heart wrenching than having sex with Regina while his wife is frozen.

        You know the same wife he said he would walk through hell for just the morning before she came back? What was that all about? He wasn’t even into trying to save marian. He was more into having sex with Regina. That’s just disgusting.

        • abz says:

          Not everyone is gonna be love at first sight like Snow/Charming or trying to be together right away, but that doesn’t mean its a stretch that now she loves Robin just because its only been a week or two. The type of show this is definitely a factor that needs to be considered IMO and I agree with Lana on that. On other shows, the whole soulmate, “I will always find you”, true love stuff wouldn’t always work.
          I didn’t ignore it. I just chose not to comment on their relationship. I’m not entirely opposed to Regina/Robin (although the actor is kinda blah lately; needs to work on his facial expressions and acting), but I agree that the fact that she killed Marian is something that should be addressed.

    • Abby says:

      Except Regina never killed Marian. Emma saved her and brought her forward in time. Robin assumed Marian was dead because she never returned to him and Roland, but that’s because she had jumped forward in time with Emma and Hook.
      Now you can argue that Regina TRIED to kill Marian and that she WOULD’VE killed Marian had Emma not intervened, but Emma did so Regina didn’t. If Marian can get over the fact that Regina tried to kill her why can’t Robin?
      Robin has never denied who Regina was. He knows she was the Evil Queen and that she did unspeakable things and he loves her anyway. Why would that change because he found out that she tried to kill his wife back when she was in Evil Queen mode? She isn’t the Evil Queen anymore. She’s changed. Robin sees that. Even Marian sees that. They both know that this Regina isn’t the same Evil Queen who tried to kill Marian so they’re not going to hold it against her now.
      As far as how quickly they fell in love it’s no different from several other couples on this show. Snow and Charming fell in love in a matter of days. Ariel and Eric fell in love at first sight. Emma and Graham fell for each other in a very short time, as did Mulan for Aurora. If that’s acceptable for all of those couples why is it not okay for Robin and Regina?
      You can dislike the adultery/cheating all you want because, yes, that did happen. Robin did sleep with Regina while he was technically committed to his wife so if you want to dislike R/R for that, that’s your choice. But a similar thing happened with Snow and Charming in season 1. David was married to Kathryn. He had an affair with MM. So it’s not like Robin and Regina are the first people on this show to have an affair.

    • Nice try; but I already asked Adam the timeline question and he said time wasn’t “frozen” the way you’re saying; it still was 30 fracking years okay; he said it was a sort of haze; but those years still passed! He was a widower!!! Everything Regina went through over Daniel Robin went through grief all those years also. Be gross if you want. People I know that watch OUAT not part of social media saw Robin as widower & screwed up situation. And they all support Robin & Regina. Be gross; I’ll be enjoying the hope of Regina & Robin finding each other again. Last time Lana spoke about this in an article SQ haters blew up her TL & insulted her to no ends. Like I’m really sick of when she speaks her opinion ppl jumping on board to tell her she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. I’ll take her at her words and not insult her; hope you’re not one of those ppl that will be on her TL trying to school her; cuz hell to the no!

      • My reply is to Kat BTW; don’t know what it didn’t post as such!

      • RamblyBobbie says:

        Um, 30 years passed for everyone in the Enchanted Forest in a hazy way? All of them? Really? The people who were safe in the EF were in Cora’s bubble thing, and it was like no time had gone by at all. Cora and Hook woke up like nothing happened just like everyone else they protected including Robin.

        If 30 years went by in a haze that allowed Robin to process his grief wouldn’t Roland have matured beyond 4 years even if he didn’t physically age? If Robin could feel the years passing couldn’t Roland? Couldn’t Mulan? Couldn’t Lancelot and Hook? Wouldn’t they all have some thoughtfulness that resulted from living life in a still, hazy way that allowed for 30 years of introspection?

        Adam goes back and forth in his answers sometimes because they are still writing the show, but if he did say this it doesn’t make very much sense. It makes the least amount of sense than most of his explanations. I doubt he said this with the meaning exactly like you describe. Maybe you misunderstood?

        Basically you can’t apply real world logic to this show beyond character portrayals. It’s a fantasy show without consistent world building. The only thing that can be applied to real world logic is the inner life of the characters in metaphorical and realistic senses, since that’s what’s been consistent since the pilot. The character journeys have to do with morals, in this show.

        Robin went down an immoral path. He behaved selfishly and said that being with Regina made him want to go back to his original selfish ways. That alone, beyond adultery, makes the pairing unfortunate. We also saw that he was being set up to make a choice between two women (like choosing between two types of lawn furniture? How Flattering) and was evidently given quite the headache from this quandary. Ultimately, he couldn’t go with his choice because other factors came into play. Regina chose to do the right thing. I wish that’s where the pairing ended, because she deserves better than him. *Anyone* would be better than him for her. That Blackbeard guy would even be better. Smee. Maleficent. Anyone.

  8. Izzy says:

    I love this. I can’t wait to see where the show takes Emma and Regina’s relationship. It’s good to see their interactions grow after 4 seasons.

    I’m really hoping their friendship turns to something more. If the show were to ever go that route, I’d be pretty damn amazed

    • Emily says:

      I second this! Such a beautiful dynamic between the two, and Lana puts it perfectly “yin and yang, the light and dark, they go hand in hand”


  10. Jennifer says:

    I loved the preview of Regina and Emma and I am so happy you asked about it. Also great to see her express what so many have said all along about them being yin and yang and complementing each other. It also makes sense for her to help Emma deal with her inner darkness and I am so here for that. As for the adultery, I understand what she’s saying but I don’t think it came across that way because Robin chose to honor his vows so that gave them weight. Then Regina said she felt ashamed after sleeping with him. So if it seemed like adultery it’s because the characters and the show actually treated it that way. Nevertheless, thank you for a great interview.

  11. charly says:

    I always love the question you chose to ask Matt! There’s something for everyone. Your interview are always the best so thank you!

  12. Kelly says:

    Thank you so much for interviewing Lana, Matt! :)
    I’m sooo happy it’s almost Sunday and OUAT is about to come back. I’ve missed and Regina most of all. All the goodies & teasers in this interviews make me even more impatient for the new episodes. I agree with everything Lana said about the Regina and Robin relationship on OUAT too. Their reunion will be glorious! :)

  13. Amy says:

    For me the main problem with Regina and Robin is that Regina is the reason that Marian was dead and lost all those years with her family and Robin treated it as no big deal. That’s when I lost all respect for him. Beside when they had sex in the crypt when they were keeping her heart that’s just kind of gross and they knew she was alive. But my main issue is that they keep treating Regina being the reason Marian was gone as if it’s no big deal.

    • Kat says:

      I agree. They should have addressed the fact that Regina killed Marian. It would have been a lot better and much more dramatic in a psychological way.

  14. Eleanore says:

    As a fan of Outlaw Queen, it makes me happy the writers and actors try to keep their story in the second half season 4 under wraps as much as possible. The seperation hurts for now, but I have faith they will find a way back to one another. The moment of their reunion will be worth the wait. Lana Parrilla and Sean Maguire have wonderful chemistry. The love in Regina’s and Robin’s eyes when they are around each other is beautiful to see, it will be even better when they are back together after this seperation.

  15. gloria 098 says:

    CAPTAIN SWAN spoiler please!

  16. gloria 098 says:

    Scroll down and enjoy guessing which Storybrooke resident said each line!

    QUOTE: “It’s time the villains got their happy endings.”

    QUOTE: “Your life is crap.”

    QUOTE: “You were blinded by love.”

    QUOTE: “You have a mark in the hero column.”

    QUOTE: “I know it sounds crazy.”

    QUOTE: “I will never go back to where I started.”

    QUOTE: “This is not our first monster bash.”

    QUOTE: “Love is a weapon as dangerous and persuasive as magic.”

    QUOTE: “I’ve conquered realms in less time.”

    QUOTE: “Aren’t you tired of feeling ordinary?”

    QUOTE: “Rumpelstiltskin got the best of us.”

    QUOTE: “A cripple, a coward with the real ability to die.”

    QUOTE: “Beware of lurking pirates.”

    QUOTE: “I’m leaving with my prize.”

    Don’t miss the “Darkness on the Edge of Town” episode on Sunday, March 1st on ABC.

    • gloria 098 says:

      my guess;
      QUOTE: “It’s time the villains got their happy endings.” -rumple

      QUOTE: “Your life is crap.” – Emma to rumple

      QUOTE: “You were blinded by love.” hook to belle

      QUOTE: “You have a mark in the hero column.”-Regina to Emma

      QUOTE: “I know it sounds crazy.” -Regina to Emma

      QUOTE: “I will never go back to where I started.”-rumple

      QUOTE: “This is not our first monster bash.” hook to Emma<3

      QUOTE: “Love is a weapon as dangerous and persuasive as magic.”-rumple

      QUOTE: “I’ve conquered realms in less time.”-Regina

      QUOTE: “Aren’t you tired of feeling ordinary?”-Belle to will?

      QUOTE: “Rumpelstiltskin got the best of us.” –Emma

      QUOTE: “A cripple, a coward with the real ability to die.”-maleficent to rumple(pic of him on the floor)

      QUOTE: “Beware of lurking pirates.”-rumple

      QUOTE: “I’m leaving with my prize.”-rumple

    • Lily says:

      Hmmm…. my guesses:

      QUOTE: “It’s time the villains got their happy endings.” – Rumplestiltskin to the Queens of Darkness
      QUOTE: “Your life is crap.” – Cruella de Vil to Ursula
      QUOTE: “You were blinded by love.” – Hook to Belle
      QUOTE: “You have a mark in the hero column.” –
      QUOTE: “I know it sounds crazy.” – Henry
      QUOTE: “I will never go back to where I started.” – Regina
      QUOTE: “This is not our first monster bash.” – Hook to Emma
      QUOTE: “Love is a weapon as dangerous and persuasive as magic.” –
      QUOTE: “I’ve conquered realms in less time.” – Regina to Emma
      QUOTE: “Aren’t you tired of feeling ordinary?” – Regina to Henry
      QUOTE: “Rumpelstiltskin got the best of us.” – The Queens of Darkness
      QUOTE: “A cripple, a coward with the real ability to die.” – Ursula to Mr. Gold
      QUOTE: “Beware of lurking pirates.” – Emma to Hook
      QUOTE: “I’m leaving with my prize.” – Rumplestiltskin

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Nah. Better game is to guess who said quotes from tonight’s episode that hasn’t aired yet. Like, “What made you choose yellow?”

  17. Letti says:

    Nice interview. I hope Regina will get her happy ending. I don’t really like Robin lately, but oh well. However, I’m not happy that Emma is now on Operation Mongoose. I mean Emma and Regina are cool together, but I’m getting sick of Emma lately. She gets way too much screentime compared to others. I hope Regina and Snow will have some nice conversations, I was so sorry most of them got cut in season 4A.

  18. Adi says:

    Thank you for the interview, I can’t wait to see Dark Emma storyline, Emma and Regina working together and what the Team Evil is gonna bring to Storybrooke. I’m a fan of Lana and her work but I don’t like seeing her excusing Robin’s behavior. The whole storyline was messed up and it made me dislike Robin as a character. Not because of the adultery, which it was, and it was wrong too but there are far more disturbing things in this show, Cora making her daughter mary an old king she herself was supposed to marry makes it one my top five. The thing is, Robin chose his family first. He chose to go back to Marian and Roland. When Marian froze, he suddenly broke his honour code and went chasing after Regina who told him to let it go and fall in love with his wife again. Not so honourable anymore. Also, instead of trying to help Regina to save Marian he was busy confessing his love for Regina while Marian was still frozen. So Regina was reduced to the other woman who “Robin chose” in the end. Not much of an epic love story in my opinion. They could have written it in hundreds of ways better but went with this, I wonder why. I know we’ll see more of Robin but truthfully I hope it’ll be the last we see of him. Anyway, looking forward to Sunday’s new episode, the hiatus felt too long.

    • It was too long. If certain things don’t start to change by seasons end this might be the last season I watch. I hope the creators of this show realize that for the show to continue you have to give the people what they want and not wait forever to do so.

  19. greysfan says:

    I love Regina and Emma together!!! They are such a great team and can’t wait to see more of it. Bring on Sunday night

  20. So many people have already commented on Robin and Regina that I have only one thing to point out. Yes they made love but only once. After Regina saved Marion, even Marion admitted that she had changed. She was even willing to bow out if she lost the battle for Robins heart. I don’t think that they should judged too harshly if they took one moment for themselves. I keep thinking that the Maleficent and Regina reunion will be something. I mean Regina did keep Maleficent captive in the dungeon for thirty years. I can’t imagine that she will just let that go. I think that Maleficent will demand a reckoning, I would.

  21. Abby says:

    I’m very excited to see when and how Regina and Emma discover that they care about each other. I love the whole family dynamic with Regina/Emma/Henry/the Charmings and I hope to see more of that in 4B. I’m also interested to see how Regina tries to protect Emma from going to the dark-side. And of course I’m excited to see the Regina/Maleficent confrontation and backstory.
    I wasn’t thrilled with the way Robin/Regina were written in 4A but I still love them together and I’m looking forward to their reunion. I hope the show finds a way to keep Marian around. She seems like a really sweet person and the actress is adorable.

  22. A says:


  23. Stephanie says:

    Love Regina and Robin. Hope we get to see a lot of them in 4B.

  24. Felicia says:

    The minute Regina asked Emma if she thought they were FRIENDS, I held my breath. Because there is no other person in the world that can become Emma’s best friend other than REGINA! And vice versa! They’ve been through the same things, share a son! They have this BOND that best friends hold unto, mutual things. And I’d like to see them continue being this way. Because they were loners for too long. Regina needs comfort. And Emma can give her that.

  25. John NYC says:

    She’s always a thoughtful, intelligent interview for her show. Impressive.

  26. Jennifer says:

    Might I add how beautiful and satisfying it has been to watch Regina and Emma’s relationship grow from rivals who hated each other (although “maybe hate isn’t the right word”) to co-parents to frenemies to allies to friends to family. It’s also gratifying that, as Lana notes, they have each other’s backs and have at least since Emma saved Regina from an angry mob but it’s gone from being the right thing to being for Henry to being because they care for each other. Their relationship continues to evolve and I look forward to much more of their journey.

  27. Lana says:

    So, wait, Regina’s reason for ruining everyone’s life including Emma’s is because of puppy love? Wow, they’re really trying and trying to make this relationship legit to the point Lana’s retconning and talking out of her ass (But it wouldn’t be the first time she’s done it in this season alone)

    And the Castaway analogy doesn’t work. The fiance to the Tom Hanks character moved on after a freak accident made everything think he was dead in a plane crash. Not so with the OUaT arc. Robin moved on because Regina MURDERED HIS WIFE. She’s the reason he had to move on. SHe’s the reason his child was motherless. The only way that her anaolgies work is if the Fiance’s new husband had purposefully sabatoged the plane. Or the spouse of the POW got together with the soldier that supposedly killed that POW. And Robin doesn’t even seem conflicted that Regina murdered or was about ot murder her. No, they handwave it with how much she’s changed (She hasn’t changed all that much, she kept Sidney prisoner and forced him back in a mirror to attempt to kill Marian again and then continued to hold him there all the while abusing Emma verbally in 4×05…which Lana’s deluded herself into thinking Emma deserved) and Robin’s not the least bit conflicted. Yes, the woman Robin broke into the Dark One’s house to save is suddenly a burden because he can’t get together with her murderer.

    So yes, its adultrey. It may not have been when she was dead, but Emma and HOok change the timeline so that she never died. She was just misplaced in time and space. Marian needs to take herself and her son and get away from these two cheating selfish people.

  28. Jj says:

    So people keep going on about changing the canon to make the ship work. But I don’t think it has to be changed to make the ship work. Yes, Robin cheated on the wife he didn’t even really want to be with. He loves Regina. And basically I just don’t care. I don’t care about Marion. I don’t care that Robin felt he had to be with her. I care about Regina. I like how her character has developed. I like that Robin can see that she’s changed. I like that he believes Regina deserves to be happy. There. I said it. QueenHood should be end game.