Grey's Anatomy Recap: Herman's Head

Grey's Anatomy Recap

Is there a word for a bromance between women? If not, somebody needs to come up with one, stat, because in this week’s Grey’s Anatomy, it was on between Arizona and Herman (and “gal pals” just ain’t gonna cut it).

As the docs tried to plow through as many cases as they could before Nicole’s surgery, their growing closeness fascinated their colleagues almost as much as Amelia’s lectures on the daring procedure that she believed/hoped would eradicate Herman’s tumor.

And that was just the beginning of what happened in “Staring at the End.” Read on, and we’ll go over the rest…

TAKING STOCK OF A BOND | Early on, Herman appeared to be her usual snarky self. “Are you ever not chirpy?” she asked Arizona before turning down the case that Bailey wanted to add to their workload. But, as Nicole began undergoing radiation, her fear came to the fore – so much so that she first reached out to take Arizona’s hand and later declared that she wouldn’t continue that course of treatment. Period. (She and Arizona even got drunk and burned the radiation mask!)

Observing her ex and Herman yukking it up in the hospital cafeteria, Callie couldn’t help but be jealous — but not for the reason you might expect: She was ticked that Arizona had found a hurt-proof rebound for whom she didn’t even have to wax. “Oh my God,” Callie said, her own words ringing in her ears. “Am I seriously wishing for a sexless relationship where I don’t have to groom myself?” Weeks later, she brought up Herman to Arizona and expressed concern that Robbins had gotten so tight with someone who… well, might die soon.

TALK SHOW | Meanwhile, Amelia was so laser-focused on Herman’s head that she even strove to keep Owen at arm’s length. “You’re very hard to ignore,” she noted. And it was for the best that she avoided distractions, because even before she began her lectures, never mind the groundbreaking surgery that they were about, they were already a big deal. (Two other hospitals wanted her talks recorded, and Richard called them “a master class in neurosurgery.”)

At the dais, Amelia killed it, likening the tumor to a fat-cheeked baby fighting to survive and calling it “one of God’s masterpieces.” Behind the scenes, however, she was fraying, refusing to endure Derek’s “transcontinental smugness” by phoning him with a question and snapping at Stephanie. But rather than just be her mentor’s stress relief, Edwards snapped back that she idolized Amelia and challenged her to “be worthy of being believed in.”

If only Amelia’s doubts had stopped there… Before a lecture, she confessed to Owen that “I have this sick feeling that when I face that tumor, I will discover that I’m not just ‘the other Dr. Shepherd,’ I’m the wrong Dr. Shepherd” – a feeling that was exacerbated when Callie asked during a post-lecture Q&A whether maybe, just maybe Derek should be scrubbing in, too.

TIME’S UP | Though Herman was pissed when Arizona tricked her into seeing Bailey’s patient – the expectant widow of a patient she’d lost – a baby’s tragic demise left room for a new notecard on Nicole’s bulletin board, so she relented and took on the case. Unfortunately, just when the patient needed her most, Herman was being wheeled into surgery herself. After her vision began failing, she asked Amelia to do a new scan, and as feared, Shepherd told her, “It’s time.”

Like, right then. That very second.

Arizona was understandably nervous about the prospect of tackling Bailey’s case on her own. But Herman – especially after seeing how inventive Robbins could be in the OR – assured her that she could handle it. Finally, it really was time: Herman had to be wheeled into surgery.

OK, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Herman’s gotta live, right? Pretty please? Hit the comments.

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  1. kn1231 says:

    I started tearing up at the end of the episode as Herman was being prepped for surgery. Herman has been quite light, funny and positive the last few episodes so I am expecting her to die. I am emotionally trying to prepare myself for her death, but if she dies next week I will be crying for a long time. I also would like to see Amelia get this “win”, so even if Herman dies I hope Amelia is happy with whatever the result of the surgery is.
    Finally, Shonda stop teasing me with the Callie and Arizona moments! Callie showing concern about how Arizona is going to handle Herman’s potential death gives me hope that there will be a reunion soon. I will sacrifice Herman if that means I can have Callie and Arizona happy and together!

    • Walter Freeman says:

      I’d wager that Herman survives with her mental faculties fully intact, but dies overnight by random stroke or heart attack. Amelia has already endured enough heartbreak in Shondaworld. A failed surgery would only set up too more tired drama between her and Derek. Seems like those storylines would be too repetitive to interest the storywriters, but you never know.

      • SUSO says:

        I know she’s going to die, but I really don’t want her to. Just like every other damn character Shonda has made us love and then snatched away from us between “Grey’s” and “Private Practice.” RIP 2/3 of the cast/recurring characters.

    • H says:

      It’s BFF. The point of “bromance” is to mock two (or one) straight guys because they’re affectionate towards each other. If two women are it’s no biggie.

  2. raly says:

    Bored. I thought this surgery would be wrapped up tonight.

  3. Ike says:

    Boring episode.

  4. JJM says:

    I’m really liking Callie and Arizona apart to find themselves this season, so I’m quite pissed off that Callie feels the need to be checking in on Arizona even though she requested they split and basically told Arizona she barely misses her. Now, she’s hanging around like some fly that won’t bugger off. And no, I’m not a bitter Calzona fan or bias Arizona fan.

  5. Babygate says:

    I’m honestly not ready to see Herman die. It will devastate both Amelia and Arizona. As much as i love Amelia, I found the opening lecture to be super boring and the baby analogy did not work for me. I don’t get why Callie should be in any way jealous. Arizona chose surgery over her family. Are there are too many things she has done that she hasn’t owned. And laughing at Herman calling her a dirty girl and being impressed by her cheating did not help. At a professional level, however, I’m glad to see Arizona flourish and become a new level of badass in the OR. Overall, enjoyed the episode. Geena Davis is a queen. What a treat to watch her.

    • Babygate says:

      I think i figured out why we haven’t seen Sofia for a while. That little girl playing her looks like she’s a pain. Last time she was on during 10.8 she ruined the scene because she was so hyper and not in the mood and now over a year later she still didn’t doesn’t seem comfortable on set. It was obvious when Jessica kissed her that she yelled “no”. We don’t see this with Zola or any other kid. They should recast her like they did Little Tuck.

    • Ellen says:

      Arizona did NOT choose surgery over her family. She was going to say no to the fellowship, it was Callie who told her to do it. And after that, Callie herself took on more work, so why is Arizona worse than Callie? Callie didn’t even talk to her wife about it before deciding to do it. Arizona only had her job, while Callie had her job AND her research-thing, before they BOTH took on more work. Arizona wasn’t laughing at the fact that she cheated, she was laughing at dr. Herman. It’s quite obvious that people look for anything and everything they can bash Arizona about. You’re right about one thing; Callie shouldn’t be jealous. But not for the reason you mentioned, but simply because she did this to herself. She gave a big speech about wanting Arizona to be happy and love herself. But I guess that was a lie. Callie also wanted to love herself again, but all she does is bitch about not having sex. Finding someone to bang, does not make her love herself. I do hope we’ll get to see a more interesting SL for Callie other than her looking for someone she can have sex with.

      • Marge says:

        Arizona literally says in episode 6 that she traded her marriage for the job. She said that. That happened.

        • Ellen says:

          She said that because Callie ended their marriage, despite that she told Arizona to do the fellowship. So of course Arizona is going to feel like that broke her marriage, or at least it was the last nail in the coffin. If Arizona doing the fellowship was the only reason for Callie to break up with her, then she’s not worth it anyway. But that’s what Callie does every time Arizona want something, she belittles her, and makes her feel guilty. Callie is dismissive, condescending, and controlling.

      • Olivia says:

        Right on (Callie stans don’t care about facts though)

  6. R. says:

    Did anyone else find this episode extremely repetitive? Amelia kept giving pretty much the same lecture about how scary the tumor was, just adding new nouns and adjectives and Arizona kept doubting herself more than I have ever seen her do before. As far as the story goes, I don’t think Herman will die, at least not in surgery, because then whenever Derek comes back he’s going to throw in Amelia’s face the fact she didn’t even call him. Unless Herman ends up dying and he comes back with a “you did everything anyone could possibly do” speech and they bond over it, but I think it’s less likely.

    • Kim says:

      i think this was Geena Davis’s send off… Great episode… At the end she watched Arizona perform that surgery with a new technique and she knew she set out what she wanted to accomplish… Also seeing az do that made her have hope she’ll live and she was ready for surgery…

      I really don’t want her to die but I think she will… One of her last commebts was “you have to leave something behind” and they flashed arizona … Arizona is her legacy..

      Great episode, great storyline and please keep Arizona away from callie and keep this stuff going

  7. Bla says:

    I’m getting so annoyed. I have not been liking the majority of this season and every episode that other people on these websites loved I thought were the worst and just filler space. This is the first episode in the entire season that I actually found myself really drawn into the story line and intensively hoping that all goes well for Amelia and Herman. I have disliked Amelia till this point because I dislike people that aren’t reliable and dependable but something about this episode changed my mind about her. I feel like she will blossom into a real grown up if this surgery is a success and I’d like to see that happen. And I have to agree with some of the other comments about Callie. She has been so annoying the entire season. All she does is whine and she is the one that wanted to separate. It’s funny too cause I never cared whether Arizona continued on as a member of the cast this season or not but now I’m liking her more than Callie. I have nothing against Sarah Ramirez as a person don’t really know anything about her but she cannot act to save her life and I don’t understand why Shonda Rhimes has kept her on as a cast member for so long. She is far more talented at singing than acting.

  8. LoloCurray says:

    I’ll be pissed if they kill Herman, because, well.. Geena Davis…

  9. Eddie G says:

    Please someone save Geena Davis 🙏🙏

  10. Normandy says:

    Did the actress who plays Arizona accidentally say Meridith Shepherd instead of Amelia Shepherd at round the 32 minute mark? She said it really fast, so it was tough to tell, but based on the mistake they made with editing last week, it just stood out to me.

  11. Alicia says:

    Oh my god! Tonight’s episode was so boring!!!!! If it’s “Grey” Anatomy, than why was there just one short sequence with Meredith Grey in it??????? Bad enough that Yang is gone from the show, but to have to watch these two in every episode along with Derek’s sister….horrible! The episode was too horrible to tolerate. If Meredith doesn’t want to be in the show anymore than cancel it, it’s just not worth watching anymore!

    • Zee says:

      Just because Meredith is “grey” doesn’t mean the series will be all about her, I’m glad I don’t have watch about Meredith being abandoned by her parents every week or of her whining about Derek leaving either, so will watch the “anatomy” instead…that’s why it is categorised as medical soap 😏

      • Alicia says:

        The show is called “GREY’S ANATOMY” because it’s about her and her co-workers as they grow in their profession!!! From the very first episode it’s been Meredith! The other characters are there to create a story line and whichever other actor compliments the scene/show than that actor also becomes part of the “Grey” characteristic! Cristina Yang, Derrek, Alex, George,Izzie, Bailey, Preston, Lexie, Sloan…etc, these characters became main characters because they integrated well with “Meredith Grey”! It is about Meredith and her interaction, her socialization, and her life with these characters that have become a part of her life. As she grown, they grow. But tonight’s episode with Arizona’s constant whining and pretentious just got to me.

        • Ellen says:

          Huh, Arizona’s constant whining?! Guess you must have watched a different show than me. Either that, or you’re an Arizona hater, because they look for faults in her anywhere and everywhere.

        • Zee says:

          Have got a medical book call Grey’ Anatomy definitely not about Meredith Grey and her colleagues lives and their relationships but they got all their medical situations in it thought, so grey anatomy is not all about Meredith Grey!

  12. I have been a fan of Callie’s since she first joined the cast. I saw her come in as someone that was an outsider and fight to be accepted and included. So last night, her comment to Amelia about whether or not she would be doing the surgery alone… whether or not she needed to call in Derek to help – really pissed me off. There is a time and a place to ask that type of question and it is NOT in front of ALL of their colleagues, all of the people watching, and the entire staff. Not only did it shake Amelia and her confidence it is the exact thing that Callie HATED when it was done to her… I seem to remember episodes early in Callie’s start where she was questioned and nudged and she hated it.
    But, what really pisses me off is that the writers thought this scene was okay. More often than not the person tearing down a woman is ANOTHER WOMAN so why did they feel the need to feed into this stereotype and tear a woman down?

  13. EM says:

    I found Amelia’s monologues very boring. While Arizona and Herman had some funny and touching moments, this was too Amelia, Arizona and Herman centric for me. A few more minutes of some of the other characters would have made this a better episode IMO. I suspect Herman will survive the surgery but never make it out of the hospital alive. Like Denny, she was dead man walking from the beginning.

  14. CC says:

    Gawd why is this season so tedious?! I want to see an original intern get some screen time – why is there never any love for Alex? It’s all about the women on this show.

  15. Iloen says:

    I found myself not caring at all for this episode. I don’t dislike Arizona, Herman or Amelia, but I don’t find them interesting enough to be the centre of the episode. I missed Alex and Meredith.

  16. Zee says:

    I don’t know about others why they watch Greys anatomy? I watch it because of the medical conditions they solve or talk about and the intriguing procedures. Sorry, but their personal lives bores me. I hope Amelia perish the tumour in the OR and prove all Derek worshippers wrong, especially jealous Callie, I like the bond between Nicole & Arizona though. And I hope Nicole survive the surgery and recovery.

  17. Seriously??_DRAMA!! says:

    Hated this episode. Seems like the writers were too focused on one-uping each other with high drama. Amelia’s talks were just dramatic narratives – there was nothing that would warrant a master class. The only good part was the relationship between Herman and Arizona and even that got tiring. Based on last night, I’m not looking forward to next week’s episode.

    • LG says:

      So true about Amelia’s long, drawn out dramatic narratives – they were completely absurd. If someone stood in front of a room full of doctors and talked about a tumor as if it were a fat cheeked baby, they’d be laughed out of the room. Don’t insult our intelligence by using a tired & frankly unrealistic narrative device, Shonda!

  18. I wasn’t a fan of Amelia on PP, and nothing has changed on Grey’s. If they had to bring someone up from California, I wish it were Sheldon. Grey-Sloane Memorial could use a good shrink!

    All that said, I Geena Davis is a great actress and I like her character more than any of the newbies of recent years. Let her live!

  19. cheybi says:

    This show is a tribute to the female mind. So many brilliant womwn, doing incredible things. I haven’t seen anything like this on the screen — ever! In addition, we see the types of people who choose medicine for their careers. On one hand, we see the type who tell themselves they just have to “help” other people. And then there are the true scientists who live for the reality of biochemistry and medicine itself. Truly a groundbreaking show. Congrats to ALL who participate in this great offering!!!

  20. Ellinas1978 says:

    Derrick comes back to save the day, but she still dies.

  21. Jessica says:

    What a boring episode, one of the worst episodes ever. I really don’t care about Amelia.. I find her too annoying. I want this to be over with already.

  22. I’m in a quandary. I can’t stand the insufferable Amelia so would like to see her get knocked around a bit but I LOVE Geena Davis and her character. She even makes me like Arizona again. If they could find some way to have Herman survive but it not be entirely Amelia’s doing that would be perfect.

  23. Salem says:

    The choice to have Geena Davis castigating someone for crying was brilliant. I kept waiting for her to scream “There’s no crying in surgery!”

  24. Honey says:

    I would think she will survive. Even though I am a little less devoted to Greys, I will watch it. Make a hero out of the surgeon

  25. Shar says:

    Seriously, Amelia on her own is going to do a 18 hour surgery, she was annoying on PP and even more so on GA. So incredibly stupid. Love Gena and wish this was Derek planning the surgery.

    • Soo_Mo says:

      past episodes have shown teams of doctors preparing for long surgeries, but Amelia is so flipping great she can go from Scan to surgery and Herman doesn’t even have to leave the scanner, gurney delivered real time. Found the pre surgery talks strange and boastful considering the surgery could be a big fail. No more newbies… each episode needs maximum Merideth, Alex, Bailey, Derek and Richard time followed by Callie time, the rest can come and go.

  26. kpmom says:

    Does no one else find it infuriating that Amelia would risk her patient’s life by refusing to ask her brother a question? I was annoyed at Amelia this entire episode because she put her ridiculous sibling rivalry ahead of her patient. And I thought Callie was completely out of line to question Amelia like that about Derek in front of the entire class. Yes, I believe Amelia should be reaching out to Derek and any other neurosurgeons around the country for their input on this, but that doesn’t mean Callie was right to do that to her in that setting. She could have approached her after the class was over.

  27. Anna says:

    Holy crap, this was easily one of the most boring episode of Grey’s I’ve seen. I was straight up falling asleep.

  28. Mer Dancy says:

    I have always enjoyed Greys. Watch all reruns on lifetime.. It is time to end it.

    • tvadictmom says:

      YES. I agree. But I think Shonda’s ego is too big. As long as ABC is willing to renew she’ll never decide to wrap it up. It’s such a shame! This was once a great show.

  29. julia says:

    I think this was one of the most intriguing episodes since Season 11 started airing. However that said, with the cast remaining constant, what other new storylines can one expect. The current status of the various doctors relationships feel all too familiar….

    Oh and Dr Herman will die! Most probably post op.