Sleepy Hollow Finale Post Mortem: EP Talks [Spoiler]'s Death, Missing Horsemen and That Crucial Selfie

Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Finale Video

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Monday’s Sleepy Hollow Season 2 finale.

Ding dong , the witch is dead.

Sleepy Hollow‘s fast-paced second season-ender was, for most of the hour, a mirror of the series premiere — but with Abbie the woman-out-of-time and Ichabod the skeptical authority figure.

The Witnesses’ chemistry, however, remained the same.

The similarities ended, though, when Mills thwarted Mrs. Crane’s attempts to rewrite history (read: kill Ichabod and leave him dead this time) and restored both of the women to the present day — where Katrina promptly tried to kill Abbie, tussled with Ichabod and wound up dead, mortally stabbed by her own knife.

Sleepy Hollow showrunner Mark Goffman granted TVLine an exclusive interview to chat about the finale, the season as a whole and what the series might look like if/when it is renewed for a third season.

Read on to hear what he had to say — and come back tomorrow, when we’ll have star Tom Mison’s take on the events of the finale.

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TVLINE | So now we have Hawley gone, Katrina and Henry dead, and a re-focus on Abbie and Ichabod as partners: Is this a reset of the series, based on fans’ sometimes harsh feedback throughout the season, or were these past two episodes the plan all along?
This had very much been the plan from the beginning. It just took a while to get there. But we always wanted to keep the show focused on them and always knew that some form of this was going to be the ending. Of course, you always want to give yourself room during the course of the season to see how things are playing and see how audiences are reacting, how the writers are reacting, how the cast is meshing, but ultimately, this really felt like the right way to end both this season and launch Season 3.

TVLINE | Moving forward, will we see Ichabod harbor any anger at Abbie for shooting Henry? Will we see him feel a lot of guilt over the way Katrina died?
There are so many stories to tell. Some of it is in the aftermath of these incredible, emotional moments that these characters went through here. Obviously, for the better part of two seasons, Crane has been wishing his wife were free from Purgatory, but it didn’t really play out the way it had planned or hoped. There’s a lot of room to continue telling the story. There’s also the ability to launch in a whole new trajectory, because there really is more to both of their lives that they’re going to find out in these many years of trials and tribulations.

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TVLINE | Whose idea was it to make Ichabod’s birthday Abbie’s passcode?
[Laughs] I really wanted that sequence to be painfully long, because I just thought seeing Ichabod Crane in that world, who’d never experienced a piece of modern technology — I actually took my iPhone and started going through all of the things I would do if I had seen it for the first time — even though it’s remarkable that my 18-month-old can figure out how to use an iPhone. [Laughs] And then I thought, ‘Well Abbie’s clearly going to have a passcode on there.’ I used my birth month and my wife’s birthday as the code. Then Tom [Mison] is so great with the physical humor, when it says “Slide to the right to open,” he runs it along the table. He’s just brilliant. We knew we can give him those moments, and they’re always really fun.

TVLINE | When you and I spoke before New York Comic-Con, you said that neither Abbie or Ichabod are the kind of person who would break a marriage vow or be complicit in the breaking of a marriage vow. Katrina’s no longer around… has a door opened for something much farther down the line?
Their friendship and their bond as Witnesses is first and foremost and at the forefront of their relationship. They are extraordinarily different people who have incredible chemistry. But we’ve seen all season long, the mission has to take precedence. I think that there’s plenty area outside of romance that works in their relationship; I don’t know if any of that is worth risking or worth getting into and certainly not immediately following these events. I would say I’m certainly not looking for them to be romantic anytime soon.

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TVLINE | You had more episodes this season than last season.
Almost 50 percent more!

TVLINE | Is Sleepy Hollow a show that works better with a smaller episode order? Or is it the opposite: Would you have preferred more episodes this season?
Season 1, we were all kind of finding it. Thirteen episodes worked great because we really wanted to go balls to the wall as these two were cascading into very unknown territory. In Season 2, I liked that we were able to take a little more time with them and not every story necessarily tied to the overall [arc]…

I think that 18 is a pretty good meeting in the middle… It’s not going to have that same kind of momentum with an event show like you find on a lot of the premium channels. [If we were doing 13 or 10], this would’ve felt much more novelistic and much more like Season 1. But there are people who are going to like it more and we do see a lot more of Abbie and Crane, hopefully build out more of their world.

TVLINE | Have you had any talks about how long the coming season, if you’re renewed, will go?
Have not.

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TVLINE | I’m going to throw questions — big and small — about various points in the season at you now, cool?

TVLINE | Where was the Katrina that was supposed to be in 1781?
Oh. So, a very simple rule in time-travel: If you go back into the past, if you already exist in the past, you conveniently inhabit that body. I don’t know if you were aware that that was the physics. [Laughs] If you don’t believe me, try it!

TVLINE | The battle at the beginning of the episode looked like the biggest one you’ve shot since the pilot. Was it?
Yes. This [episode] was extraordinarily ambitious… [Series co-creator/EP] Len Wiseman actually shot that battle sequence. It’s got the Wiseman genius to it.

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TVLINE | Is Irving completely out of the woods, evil-soul-wise?
I love where we are leaving Irving’s character. I can’t wait to see what mysteries may come forward now that his soul has been released from Henry’s grasp and he is now back. He was dead; he did die. There’s some really fun story territory that I think we’ll get to show there.

TVLINE | Will we see Sharif Atkins’ character, Calvin Riggs, next season?
I got to work with him first on White Collar, was familiar with him for a long time. I feel really lucky that we got to bring him in to Sleepy Hollow this season. I really hope we do get to see him again. I thought he was great, the chemistry is a really interesting character for the show.

Sleepy Hollow Season 2TVLINE | The show released a cryptic photo (see right) on its Facebook page before the season started, and at the time, fans speculated that it might have something to do with Abbie’s mom. Can you enlighten us?
That’s a rehearsal with our stand-ins. Kristin Holloway is facing us. Interestingly, she got a cameo in “The Awakening” toward the end of the episode, when the bell tolls and we see Sleepy Hollow residents on the street. There’s a shot of her eyes turning white.

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TVLINE | We didn’t see Neil Jackson in the final episode; any chance we’ll see him return as Abraham? I know he has other work now.
He’s shooting a pilot down in Australia. We couldn’t make the dates work. He’s been such a gift to the show; he’s fantastic. I really hope we get to see him. He’s terrific.

TVLINE | Tom Mison has a theory on where The Kindred is. In the writers’ room, do you guys have a plan for The Kindred?
We have an endgame for it. We didn’t need to play that card this season, but clearly, The Kindred not only is a really cool creature and the first of our own — meaning Abbie and Crane’s design — but also, he’s got the Horseman’s head. So he’s critical to having the Horseman of the Apocalypse come to fruition. The Horseman of Death needs that. So it definitely will play into future storylines.

TVLINE | In the Thomas Jefferson episode, why did Abbie and Ichabod have to blow up the fenestella? It seemed like a very all-or-nothing move from people who always seem to find another solution to problems like that.
In the moment, there really wasn’t the ability to salvage it. And that was incredibly unfortunate. I really wish that they could have. It’s a shame that they weren’t able to [do it] but this is also something that we have a plan for in the future that we’ll be able to elaborate on.

TVLINE | At one point in the finale, Ben Franklin tells Abbie he’s surprised she hasn’t encountered more modern-day people who know about the secret war. It read to me as foreshadowing. Was it?
[Laughs] Yeah, I think so. I’m so glad you noticed that…. That’s something that will play out.

TVLINE | I know Tom hates selfies. Did that inform his rant during the video?
It’s funny how pieces of the character come out of conversations you have with the cast. We had talked about karaoke once, and that evolved into an episode. It was a nice little moment that both the character of Ichabod Crane can make a comment — we’re actually going to put the entirety of that scene online. There was a little bit more, the way that it played, we didn’t feel that we had to play the entire scene out but we actually shot a whole scene of Abbie and Crane together. We just thought it would be a nice moment.

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  1. Joey says:

    “This had very much been the plan from the beginning.” – A showunner can never become a showrunner without memorizing this lie.

    • kat says:

      I had so much respect for the showrunners on the Good Wife when they flat out admitted they got rid of Kalinda’s husband sooner than originally planned because the story was bombing. I don’t get why more showrunners don’t do that. They’re not fooling anyone, they’re just insulting our intelligence.

    • Ashley says:

      Yeah, as happy as I am that it ended with the Sleepy Hollow team that we loved, it’s pretty clear that this end was a result of the creative changes Fox had them make.

    • m3rcnate says:

      Lol amen. This season was a mess, and per-usual i blame it in no small way with the episode order. Im sorry but very few, if any shows can sustain creativity and a solid tempo when writing 18-22 episodes a season. This show belongs in that 13-16 sweet spot. Then of course comes bad writing and bad decisions (Katrina, etc). Out of the blue in the past 2 episodes she switches from trying to make her marriage work to being dark, bad, evil, a blood magic practicing witch and wanting to kill Ichabod. I mean…WTF?! lol

      I’m sorry but i call BS on that fenestella answer. They couldn’t have even grabbed a book or two when they were running out of that place? They set the charges they had a little bit of time. Wasn’t there a box or book that Jefferson showed them saying was the most important…they couldn’t have grabbed that at least? It was right there on the table. Bad writing.

      Overall…i hope this show-runner gets fired, someone with a solid vision for the future gets the job, and Fox orders a 13 or 16 episode season 3. Get all the writers together, and write out the plan for the entire season (3) and while you are at it, write out a skeleton plan for where you want the series to go in future seasons and where you want it to end (shows quality go up by a multiplied factor of 10 when they have a plan for how the show starts, what it does in the middle and how it ends, and even more important, WHEN it ends…don’t just try to stretch out your jobs to last 10 seasons. This show is a 5-6 season show tops…can only toy with the “end of the world” Armageddon plot for so long).
      My recommendation? Key is Ichabod and Abbie’s relationship…specifically i do like the idea of them getting together, though i dont feel sparks flying between them i think if written on the page both actors can create them no screen. Abbie needs to lighten up, smile more, she is a very cold character..the actress doesnt even smile much on her instagram lol (so maybe its her). Add some spark like Kensi and Deeks have to go along with the mutual respect, trust and partnership.

      • Hmmm…do not like Abby actress at all (boring) Maybe that is why Crane was smiling after he killed his sole mate… don’t know what the writers on that show are thinking about..Katrina is good, Katrina is evil, Crane kills Katrina…really …I am done…

        • Ha! Nicole Beharie is an amazing actress. This show wouldn’t exist without either Abbie or Crane. Nice try. The Katrina character was a mess, as the majority has been screaming from the first season.

          • WillieMae Adetunji says:

            No matter which direction the show went, some people would still complain. The fact of the matter is, “You can’t please everybody.” You never will. It’s impossible. The best thing to do is to please the majority (if it’s your ‘bread and butter’), and I think that’s what the SH writers did. They heard the complaints, tallied the votes, and made the necessary changes. I think that in the end, it served them well to do so. Because even if they do not get another season, though I sincerely hope that they do, they would have left on a strong note with the majority of the fanbase. That’s better than a lot of other shows.

        • Lady T says:

          Keep trying…..

          season one Abbie + Ichabod = 10 million viewers

          season two Katrina + Ichabod = 4 million viewers

          Please stop lying

        • Angela says:

          agreed…this show needs to be put to pasture.

          • Rob Britt says:

            Hey Angela, here’s a novel concept. Stop watching it, and allow those of us who still enjoy it to do just that. Of course, you are so pompous and self-important that anything you don’t like needs to cease to exist. Go away, kid, you bother us.

        • Bored says:

          Abby started out pretty dynamic. Now she just comes across mostly as impatient, intolerant and something of a know it all and yes, a bit self righteous. Why was her character ruined like that?

        • Janet says:

          Isn’t it funny how Nicole is getting so much flack on this comment board? Katrina has been the main problem of this show this season yet so much shade is being thrown at Nicole. She has supported Katrina’s character since the beginning, even when she was sidelined as a lead actress. She is also the only lead actor to not express frustration with the show this season. Even Katia Winter trashed the writers and her character!

          Nicole is so classy and diplomatic and so many of these comments are stating that she is a bad actress or that she was rude when Katrina died. Katrina tried to murder her and her partner half a dozen times, along with compromising the entire team. Excuse me if she didn’t break down and mourn her. So obnoxious to see the blatant hate to an actress who has done nothing to deserve it.

          • Angela says:

            Frankly, I think the hate and nasty comments for EITHER character or actress has gotten way beyond ridiculous. I don’t get why this fandom seems so intent on pitting these women against each other, why it has to be a competition.
            You are absolutely right that Katrina has done far more to make her worthy of dislike than Abbie has. But even still, at the end of the day Katrina IS just a fictional character, there was a time on the show when she was presented as a good-hearted character, or at least, seemed more like one until she got roped in with Henry and Moloch, and even if she survived and stayed evil, there’s plenty of ways to make evil characters interesting and worth watching and even possibly liking.
            And to those complaining about Abbie? Yeah, she’s been a little more terse and nagging this season-there’s a lot at stake and things got even more serious with Katrina coming back and the stuff with Henry and Moloch being even an even closer and bigger threat to her, Ichabod, and the town at large. Add in her sister nearly dying in a car accident, and her fear that she’d lost Irving forever and that bringing back memories of Corbin, and yeah, I’d say she kind of has every right to be a little more “uptight” and “intolerant” (I’m kind of mystified as to where the “intolerant” accusations come from amongst some fans, but whatever) and have less patience for some of the stuff that’s happened with Ichabod and his family. Heck, I managed to find some sympathy for Katrina’s side of the situation, especially in regards to her concern for Henry, and I still could sympathize with, and ultimately agree with, Abbie’s attitude about that whole mess.
            And to anyone who is hating on the actual actresses themselves, sending nasty comments to either of them (and apparently, racist ones to Nicole, as I’ve heard it told from some people)? You are idiots, and you desperately need to grow up and get a life. They are not their characters. They do not deserve to be attacked for what their fictional characters do on a show. And any racist crap floating around just needs to stop, point blank, for obvious reasons (and why would a racist be watching a show that’s got a predominantly non-white cast to begin with?).
            Seriously, people. This insane debate over which woman is better, or which actress is better, and so on, is pathetic. It’s stuff like this that is making me just want to back away from the fandom altogether and just focus on enjoying the show on my own. It IS possible to like both characters and actresses, and even if someone has their preferences, fine, but there are so many better, more mature ways to discuss those preferences. What I’m seeing in these comment sections each week is generally not an example of mature discussion.

          • Beth Kindred says:

            I know, I’m shocked by all the “Abbie is a bad character” or Nicole is a bad actress stuff I’m reading here. Maybe I’ve led a sheltered online life (like that’s possible) but I’ve never seen anything but praise for Nicole Beharie and her acting.

            I wonder if the detractors actually mean- ‘I’m not used to seeing a strong female character who can handle her own stuff and isn’t a simpering fool’?

            And poor Katia Winter was a victim of poor character building. They should have made her maybe evil from the get go. It would have made her so much more interesting.

            This is my favorite show and even though season two had some major speed bumps I’m still hoping for a season three. As in, I would be crushed without one.

          • I would complain also about the writers if my part was written so vaguely and for supposedly being a ‘powerful witch’, the most she ever got to do was some hex spells. Whooppee. Only in the last few shows did she get to be more than wallpaper except for the painting/Historical Society episode where she got to have something to do. That was a great episode. As an actress, she was wasted.

        • Sandra says:

          I don’t think she’s boring, just unemotional. She does a lot of face acting, but I find no empathetic qualities in her and that makes me care very little about her. I think Lyndie Greenwood has a much more flexible quality.

      • Kimberly says:

        I agree with you 100% they need to read your comment and make this changes before they lose the people and the people don’t want to watch the show anymore.

      • Lady T says:

        “Abbie needs to lighten up, smile more, she is a very cold character..the actress doesnt even smile much on her instagram lol (so maybe its her)”

        hmmm….we must be looking at different instagram account.
        She do not need to change anything. She was the lead actress that ushered in the 10+ million viewers and maintain it during season one not Katia. Nicole do not need to change anything about herself.

        • Bored says:

          As Abigail Mills, she could stop that silly looking at the ceiling and near eye rolling thing she does. That would be a good start. She’s a better actress than to resort to that.

      • i liked this season and i like the fact that they got rid of katrina cause quite frankly her character served no real purpose and took away from the abbie/crane relationship. the question is if the show is renewed, where do they go from here as Witnesses.

    • Ellinas1978 says:

      They had problems with the larger order of episodes, yet they are doing a 3rd season (if it gets renewed). They wrote something that works perfectly for a series finale. Let’s call it a day and give a new show a chance in the fall.

      • Rose Demure says:

        No way! I love the Erie feeling this shows gives off , the subtle yet effective comedic moments of Ichabod’s character and the real life-Ish chemistry of Abbie and Crane. I believe in this series. It have so much more story to tell:-)

      • Go away, Ellnas1978. You can watch another show if you like. We need supporters, not disinterested ex-viewers.

    • Jeff says:

      Goffman is a failure of a storyteller and i will be SHOCKED if he doesn’t lose his job. I will also be outraged if he isn’t fired. No one in a normal work setting would be given the opportunity to keep their job after losing so much money.

      Aaron Baiers on twitter has said during the airing of the season that they were changing courses for the season because it was bombing and the fans were angry at the sidelining of the main characters and all the characters of color.

      Goffman is trying and failing to cover his butt. He let his boner for Katia Winter and Katrina and the Cranewreck Family Problems sideline what made the show work and now he’s trying to take credit for what other writers have done.

      If he had the courage to own up to his mistakes and admit he was wrong i would give him the benefit of the doubt but as it is, he is a hack and hasn’t learned squat. They need to give the reins of the show to someone else and hire black women writers (more than one).

      • Sandra says:

        Funny, Baiers was telling Katrina/Crane fans how much they loved Katia, as if our pleas to fix the problem were an insult to their commitment to her and her character. It had nothing to do with sidelining anyone but the character they let sit untended. Color was not the issue until a “petition” and hyper fans made it one. It never seemed to occur to them that Katia was a living, breathing person who was cast as a team member and expected to be a part of the cast. I thought the constant harassment of her and the character was way out of order and no one on that side seemed to want to see a better Katrina. No one really thought Katrina was there to replace anyone.

    • I frankly don’t care. I’m more happy that they went the way they did because that story was headed in a very boring direction. I’m not sure why Katrina didn’t work out. I think she could have, but it’s a very good end game for his character to deal with and gets rid of both Henry and Katrina. Yay, and who cares what the show runner says.

  2. JenE says:

    Dear Mark Goffman: You are full of BS. You were all about making Katrina the star and now you’re covering your a** by saying this was the plan all along. I have oceanfront property in Arizona is you want it.

  3. Tran says:

    Season Three or bust. Fox needs bigger fish to fry.

  4. Lysh says:

    Abbie seemed so cold in the last scene, it was weird. I know she wasn’t Katrina’s number one fan but she was still Ichabod’s wife and you could see he was hurting. That said, I’m glad Katrina is gone. She was a promising character that they never fully let her be a witch until she was evil. If it doesn’t get renewed, it was still a pretty good final episode.

    • KCC says:

      Abbie couldn’t have consoled him. Ichabod killed Katrina to save her, it would have been inappropriate at that time.

      • marquai says:

        Absolutely agree. I saw her walk over conflicted about how to approach Ichabod. The situation was entirely awkward. Cold isn’t the right word at all. She was trying to show him she’s there for him, but at a time like that no words can really provide solace.

        • scampi says:

          Agree. Enjoyed the episode. Hope show is renewed, but if not am satisfied with this ending. Wish they had been able to use Jackson, but understand he is busy.

    • Miss Thing says:

      If they bring the show back, that’s when we will see more of her consoling him. Right now, she was right to ‘pull Ichabod back into business’. But if you watch it again, notice how soft her voice is when she says “ready Captain?”.

      • Angela says:

        Yep. And the way she was wincing and looking on in horror as she watched Ichabod kill Katrina, you could tell she felt deeply sorry for him having to do that. My guess is if she had tried to go up to him in that moment, he probably would’ve brushed her attempts to console him aside anyway, and I think she knew that. There are some moments it’s best to just let a person be with their pain, and let them come to you for comfort when ready. She did speak kindly of Katrina at times in this episode, so I’ve no doubt Abbie does feel genuine sadness that it had to come to this for both her and Ichabod.

    • prish says:

      If someone creates a master plan to go back to the past to kill/not save someone, expect relief they got whacked instead, not guilt or sorrow, from the survivors. imho

    • wild_child says:

      she was probably thinking what the rest of us were “thank God this bitch is finally dead”

    • Hmm. I don’t agree totally. Some of that is time issue but also, Abby seems much more intent on being all about the Witness than even Crane. She’s shown numerous times that’s her main intent, be all and pretty much end all. This kind of fell in with that. And frankly, she’s a little religiously fanatical about it. (I like Abby, actress and character BTW very well.)

  5. MJ says:

    I hate the storyline for Katrina. I liked her character. The writers seemed all over the place this season. I wish they had stayed true to a vision and had not wavered because of some fans.

    • A.C says:

      I agree. I liked Katrina as a character but her storyline made her easily unlikable which caused fans to immediately hate her. The writers seemed unsure what to do throughout the season. This season could have been a lot better and made more sense if the writers didn’t listen to the negative comments.

      • MJ says:

        I completely agree

        • Sayre says:

          Yeah. I would have liked seeing Katrina as the star somehow.. Not sure how it could have worked either though.

          • liame says:

            And that’s why she’s gone. Make her “the star” ? LOL, the show would never survive.

          • Angela says:

            I personally don’t think it would work with her as the star-the show got it right making Ichabod and Abbie the main characters. But would I have liked to see Katrina be an important supporting character alongside Jenny and Irving? Yes. I think there’s ways the show could’ve made that work.

          • Tenney says:

            I don’t understand how they would make Katrina the “star” or why Abbie and Ichabod would not be the main characters. Abbie and Ichabod are the witnesses and the only ones that could stop the forces of hell from decending upon Sleepy Hollow. How in the world would Katrina be more important than the two witnesses who were called?

          • worldtraveler9 says:

            Katrina was a main character, but she could never have been “the star.” The two Witnesses are THE MAIN characters. I liked Katrina, but it was clear from the time she knew who Henry was that he was her main focus, not her husband. She had a blind spot as far as Henry was concerned and that blind spot was her undoing.

      • Carol Gibson says:

        I liked Katrina I think most of the more vocal fans who don’t want to see Annie and Crane as a couple. I don’t want to see that because it is trite and has been done to death. How about just have them be what they are friends and partners.

        I do think they mishandled Katrina I don’t think they knew what to do with her and her powers. The writers had her all over the place. She should have been of more use but they kept finding reasons not to let lose on the evil they were fighting.

        I don’t blame the character for the ratings slump. The show drafted a lot this season I think the extra episodes hurt the flow.

        • Sandra says:

          Absolutely. Katia is being attacked for putting the blame for her misery at the feet of the writers and she has every right to do so. I don’t understand why they kept derailing the Katrina character. Why the evil son? Why the stupid triangle trope? If they had kept to the portrayal of the Katrina we see in the flashbacks, she should have been an accepted and useful part of the team. I hated what they did to her character and to the Crane character as well. Other keep citing the lack of chemistry between these characters, but I saw plenty in the flashbacks. It didn’t translate later because of the deliberate blocks they created to throw in that path and a 70 year old son was the icing on that cake. I think about how great it would have been if they had just rescued her from Purgatory and delivered her into the modern world to join Crane and the team and continue the fight she was part of in the 18th century. Katia was betrayed and so were the Crane/Katrina fans. Having Katrina go against everything she believed in and finally obtain her powers only to use it to try to murder her “soul mate” was beyond even Sleepy Hollow standards for unbelievable and painful for her fans to watch. What a waste. It could have been fixed despite the ugly comments of the Ichabbie fans, Katia had nothing to work with and no direction in which to confidently go. Waste!

    • prish says:

      She should have shown up for three episodes, then sacrificed her life to free Henry from curses, etc. imho

    • Robert says:

      I also liked Katrina and I truly believe they could have given her a better storyline. She could have been their source for Occult information and it would have been great to see her trying to fit in with the 21st century and see what society think of magic.

      • Yes, I believe a witch is important and fun in a show like this and she was fine peppered in during season one, but what they did in season two did NOT work. They should’ve never banked on everyone signing up for the Katrina show because most people were not around for it.

  6. Jose says:

    I think this is where I disagree with Mark Goffman. There is no way they would have planned all along to kill 1 of the 3 only canon characters…..

    Seriously you get the woman out of purgatort to kill her off?

    They must know that any chance for a season 3 depends on not dropping any more on the ratinf and they must assume the only way that happens is by dropping Katia…

    • Cal says:

      In the original “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”, Katrina marries Abraham and Ichabod flees town (or is killed, depending upon your interpretation) … so her being with Ichabod wasn’t exactly “canon”, either.

  7. Kingmose1 says:

    This opens the door for a romance between Abbie and Ichabod. Hooray! I am totally uninterested. Doesn’t matter if it is renewed, it ended for me tonight.

  8. Just hate it when show runners don’t admit they made mistakes and pretend something was the plan all along. The ratings tanked because of the Crane family drama instead of concentrating on Team Abbie and Ichabod. Fans and Fox intervened. The finale reset it back to season 1. But Goffman still won’t see that it’s Abbie and Ichabod’s chemistry that drives the show and that kind of chemistry cannot just stay friendly. Hope Fox renews it so we can see their story play out like it should.

    • sam says:

      He needs to go. Even to this day, this guy keeps underplaying the importance of their chemistry, which inevitably will lead this show to its doom.

  9. lisa says:

    Please bring back sleepy hollow its a damn good show and I love the line up after gothem..I just dont know how the following has a following

    • Callie Layton says:

      I’m with you, Lisa. We stopped watching the Following after about the third episode. Law enforcement was just too stupid. Love Sleepy Hollow and very much hope for Season 3.

    • rowdyred says:

      Agreed. For me, Gotham and Sleepy Hollow are a set pair that I have looked forward to weekly. They’re both based on existing material but have little else in common, yet I have watched and enjoyed them both from the start. Both leads are great and have great charisma together. I have all but four eps of SH dvr’d, but I want a third season.

  10. flo says:

    Please stick to Abbie and Ichabod and don’t introduce disastrous romances no one asks for. If you are going to Mulder and Scully them you have to stick to THEM and their mission. Explore their friendship. Slowburn and milk it! Do it right!

    And yes, please renew this show!

    • Miss Thing says:

      AMEN to all you said. Milk the relationship, draw it out. Remember what happened on the show Moonlighting. The writers could always do a dream sequence or something with them sharing a kiss. But not in real time. But if not, I’m still satisfied that KATRINA IS GONE!!!!! Great finale. God I hope they bring Sleepy Hollow back.

      • Rose Demure says:

        Yes! Please bring it back! My Monday nights will never be the same. #teamabbieandichabod

      • Moria says:

        After 30 years can we get over the whole Moonlighting Curse myth? It’s been certainly shown to be false – Castle being a current example. Shows fail – when they are already on their last legs and as a last chance they get couples together, it’s not the couple’s fault when they get cancelled. And anyway, even Moonlighting failed because Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd hated working together, then Cybill left for ages to have a baby. When she came back on the show they were no longer even a couple, she was with a different guy. That’s what killed the ratings. The whole curse thing has been a myth and then excuse for bad writing for decades.

        • Angela says:

          Well said.
          I will say, though, that while I’m personally fine either way with Crane and Abbie’s relationship-whether they remain friends or become a couple later on down the line if the show continues, either option’s cool by me-I do think fans should take a bit of pause before getting so eager to put them together in a romantic relationship. If the show decides to be smart and just put them together someday AND LEAVE IT AT THAT, then okay. Cool. I think, done right, they could make that work.
          But if they ever do go the romantic route with those two, whether they do a slow burn or put them together quickly, if they write in a whole bunch of up and down drama for them, then that would kind of suck the fun out of it, and it’d turn into the very same issue with them that people had with Katrina and Ichabod-too much drama and angst. And I’m pretty sure nobody would want to see that.
          So ship Crane and Abbie all you want, people, I like the idea, too. Just…something to think about before immediately pushing for them to get together romantically.

  11. Ian says:

    I don’t care about Calvin Riggs. What about Orion?

    And yes, Goffman is full of BS. This episode was a mess. He now conveniently has an answer for all the ideas they threw at the wall this season, almost all of which they forget about the very next episode.

    And Ichabod’s and Abbie’s relationship isn’t worth risking for romance, but it was OK for them to bring in a wannabe cowboy to come between Abbie and Jenny’s sisterhood?

    This man needs to be fired.

  12. A.C says:

    Honestly, I was really disappointed in the last few episodes of Sleepy Hollow. I actually liked Katrina and hoped in the start of the season that the writers would prove to the fans that she had something more to her character but instead, they make her evil the episode before, which made some people hate her more and a lot of people (including myself) pretty pissed off and then the finale was killing her off?! Seriously?! I know people didn’t like her but the writers could have tried to make something work. I really don’t want to see a Ichabod and Abbie romance. They have a great friendship which has made them a good team. Having them be a couple would just be very uncomfortable since Abbie had no sympathy for Ichabod when Katrina died. Just because she was evil doesn’t mean it was any less painful for Ichabod. The writers shouldn’t have given into the negative comments. Now they have to bend over backwards to find a way to make a Season Three happen. Whether they have a Season Three or not, the series ended for me tonight.

    • TerraNuit says:

      Bye Felicia

    • Well apparently, Goffman doesn’t want to see a romance either. So, nothing for you to complain about there. I wanted to like Katrina but they screwed up royally and part of it was that Katrina and Ichabod had no chem. The writing sucked and their drama brought down the whole dynamic of the show. If they had written it better, then I don’t think she would have met this ending. It is not true that Abbie had no sympathy. You can tell by the looks on her face that she hated that Crane had to do what he did. However, Katrina did just try to kill them and Ichabod. She was evil. Crane closed down. What was she supposed to do? He chose her as a witness over his wife and I’m sorry but that is awkward. If they hadn’t given in to the rather valid criticism, the show would have continued to tank. I agree that they could have handled it differently but just because people are complaining that the writing sucked didn’t mean they expected him to kill off Katrina. People wanted him to do something about her.

    • A solution was to have Katrina follow Henry into Purgatory to save him – sort of put him in Limbo – it would have been a mother’s love for her son (despite everything). Therefore she is still there, but not there, but able to communicate through some medium. Chances lost UNLESS…hmmmm. Perhaps that is where Henry/Jeremy and Katrina are?

    • rowdyred says:

      I thought Abbie showed incredible compassion for Ichabod when the showdown resulted in Katrina’s destruction. Her “Ready, Captain?” was beautifully paced and delivered. What more could be said, or needed saying?

  13. TvPeong says:

    This episode was amazing!! Nicole Beharie did an excellent job!!

  14. Anita Bonacci says:

    Best show on tv I will miss it now that the finale is over. Please renew! I love all the characters the plot and story lines . Nothing like it on tv

  15. Ethan Dickerson says:

    I love Sleepy Hollow and hope it returns for season 3! I think it would be interesting if the writers did a episode dealing with the historical story non as the “Female Stranger”.

  16. Angela says:

    Regarding Katrina’s death and the way she died in this episode, all I’ll say is this: if we get a season 3, I really hope I don’t hear anyone complaining about any possible moments of Crane angst and drama that occur next season as a result. I’d be VERY surprised if he moved on from this quickly and felt no guilt over it. Very surprised. People wanted her dead, fine. Just prepare for the possible aftermath of that, then.
    Whether she stayed evil or not, I wish they had found a way to keep her alive, and if she must die I might’ve gone with a different means of her dying, personally. But at the same time, considering this show’s supernatural bent, I imagine if they can find a way to bring anyone who’s died these past couple seasons back in the future, they’ll do it, so I’m not too bugged ( hell, I hope that’s true if for no other reason than it means we’d get to possibly see Benjamin Franklin again! That was quite a shocker tonight).
    And there was plenty to like in the episode itself, too-the sweet hug Abbie gave Ichabod, Ichabod poking about with the phone (actually sliding it across the table was perfect :D), Abbie’s meeting with Grace Dixon-if the writers are indeed paying attention to fan input, and looking at possible season 3 ideas, I’m all for Grace showing up again, and Abbie and Jenny interacting with her further.
    And I enjoyed the role reversal with Ichabod and Abbie here, in comparison to the pilot, and Abbie taking down that guard with a chokehold (hello! That was pretty dang impressive). The ending with Abbie, Ichabod, Jenny, and Irving walking off together as a team was great, too-I’m VERY glad Jenny and Irving are alive and well. I would’ve been really mad if one of them died in the finale. Now let’s just hope Irving is completely and truly okay and back to his old self again!
    Interesting finale. I hope we do get a season 3, and if we do, then I look forward to whatever stories they might have planned next. Hopefully this reset works.

    • Sally Ann says:

      Ben Franklin’s is still (1781) alive. The murder never happened. The original timeline was restored when the spell was undone. Thus the original timeline events remain intact (Ichibad is killed…Katerina saves him by putting him in the cave…etc). Ben Franklin did not die in original time thus he is not dead in 1781. However, I ditched my University Timetravel 101 class.

      • herman1959 says:

        Ditto. Franklin said the spell would reverse everything that happened after Abbie and Katrina arrived back in 1781. Franklin actually died April 17, 1790.

  17. KCC says:

    Katrina was much more interesting as an evil character. I expect that she will be back again to wreak havoc.

    • herman1959 says:

      Ditto. If they had made Katrina turn bad at the beginning of the season she might still be with the show. Evidently, the writers couldn’t make her character work – they had 2 season to do so – let it go Katrina fans. Fox, make a season 3 happen

    • A.C says:

      This could be possible. Frank Irving died and then came back (even though his soul belonged to Henry). There could be a possibility that they bring Katrina back.

      • Didn’t the writers say people who died in the last episode would stay dead? Also Tom mentioned how hard it was so say goodbye to John Noble and Katia. It didn’t sound like they are coming back, but who knows if anyone will? No. Keep hoping and bugging Fox. They must know SH is something special,

  18. Drew says:

    I enjoyed the finale a lot. That said, I still believe that the season would have been stronger with less episodes. There was so much that could have been edited out of this season.
    I think that Katrina was a good villain, but the way it happened was so abrupt. They could have made more out of her time in purgatory, driving her a little crazy. They could have played more conflicting emotions for Ichabod, who she did love at one (very recent) point. I buy her going bad, but they could have put more into it.
    And they totally did not need to blow up that library. Just saying.
    I am looking forward to the show refocusing on Abbey and Ichabod, and am happy to hear that they won’t be ruining this partnership with romance. There is no need.

    • Cheyenne says:

      But they have such mad chemistry together…

      • Drew says:

        Yeah, but that doesn’t mean that they need to be romantic. Sometimes it is just better to let characters remain friends or have a sibling-like relationship, without the drama of romance.There have been times when putting characters with great chemistry together wound up doing more harm than good, and I just don’t see it being necessary for them to go there on this series. It would only take away from the main storyline.

        • Stlblues2 says:

          Amen Drew, well said!

        • GUEST says:

          I’m so sick of this tired “it would ruin the show if they got romantic crap” They work romantically and or platonically. People act like they’ve put them together romantically and it hasn’t worked. WE DON”T KNOW HOW IT WOULD WORK. I think people don’t like a black female anywhere near the white male lead and they just don’t have the balls to admit it. If Nicole was white Fox would be milking their chemistry to death in promotions. And they still shipper bait, the motorcycle scene, the scene in Vessel where she “accidently” has her butt on his face. What friends do that? 2015 and people still can’t handle a black woman near a white man on a tv show?

          • That’s sad to believe that. I think they do love each other, but the writers never write lust. haha. The only hot kiss we got was between Jenny and Hawley. This show does not sex it up much. Many fans seem to think that a good thing. But those two are beyond beautiful, so our minds wander, don’t they? Let’s make racism on both sides, not a thing in our lifetimes. Maybe this show can play a small part.

  19. sam says:

    “This had very much been the plan from the beginning.” LOL, he lies. FOX made him do it.

  20. Babybop says:

    I knew Katrina was going to be the character that died but my heart was still pounding at the end. Loved how similar it was to the pilot, and loved the last two lines of the episode. It was lovely and I will cry real tears if the show gets cancelled!

  21. Diane Villalon says:

    I really liked the finale. Katrina was too distracting to the storyline. Neither Ichabod or Abby can be tied down, so they can continue to focus one their mission.

  22. azu says:

    So all of a sudden Katrina who started the fight for over 200 years and suffered greatly more than anymore else in purgatory suddenly becomes evil and is killed off to make room for icchabbie romance!! How ridiculous. I’m just done with this fan pandering!!!!

    • slim jim says:

      Its really not that serious. Go write a fanfic if you dont like it. Abby hater!

    • I don’t remember the writers or Goffman ever saying there would be a romance. How do you know that will even happen? I don’t think they’ll go there any time soon. She was killed off because the writers sucked and the actress had no chem with Crane. Their drama was tanking the show.

      • Jemjean says:

        When the show was being explained, it was said that there would be something for everyone, Romance was one of the words used, and there was in S1 for a brief time. When the Ichabbies made a fuss about it and the writers relented is when we lost sight of Katrina. They were right about the “drama”, but that could have been fixed and Katrina could have gone on to become part of the team. They will argue that non-stop. But the truth is the writers didn’t need to let the drama continue and the absence of Katrina become a death knell. They need to step up and take ownership of the problems and explain why they felt that redeeming the Katrina character was so out of their control.

  23. Cheyenne says:

    Is Katrina really dead? As in D-E-A-D dead?? YAY!!!! (P.S. Please make her stay dead.)

  24. Jonathan says:

    Will Katrina ever return??

  25. canadian ninja says:

    It’s funny how so many of the Katrina-haters are so convinced the show was tanking in the ratings because of the focus on her character yet they’re still watching.

    My guess is the ratings started going down because the show couldn’t sustain its originally captivating premise of watching Ichabod being all dashing and miffed/confused by the modern world. Those people stopped watching and don’t bother moaning about how much they hated the wife.

    • slim jim says:

      Lol, well you thought wrong!

    • Bonnie Walker says:

      Well, you have a vivid imagination, I’ll give you that!

    • Emma Ball says:

      I stopped watching about 4 episodes ago because I was tired of Abbie being sidelined for a talentless and boring woman with dead eyes. I fell in love with SH because of the chemistry between NB and TM. No, I don’t need it to become romantic but forcing Katrina on us ruined their vibe and what made the show so great in season one. I’m so glad the witch is dead and I’m looking forward to watching it later today.

      • smartysenior says:

        Thank you. The actress playing Katrina has zero spunk. No life behind the eyes. No passion for her character. Dull little mouse voice. I’m very relieved she’s gone and I hope it’s for good. I’m glad to see you noticed this too.

      • A.C says:

        I think that if the writers gave Katrina a good storyline. Fans would have liked her.

    • We still watched because we were invested in the show. We wanted it to be better and hoping that it would. It did tank in the ratings the 2nd season. That can’t be argued. Part of it was the long time in between the seasons and the other was the new writing and yes, the focus on the Crane drama. They went out of their way to lesson the connection between the witnesses in order to focus on Crane and Katrina. It totally fell away from what the purpose of the show was suppose to be to whiny Henry and the awkward Crane relationship. So yes, that partially is responsible. Season 1 was more then Ichabod being miffed/confused. It was the great twists on history and the dynamic between the two leads. You rooted for them. I loved the fish out of water stuff but I don’t see how anyone could like Katrina’s writing in season 2. It was horrid.

    • Don’t be so frakkin’ stupid

  26. Dawn Horton says:

    The last 5 or 6 episodes were the best all season. Goffman has always had a serious soft spot for Katia and her character Katrina. There were rumors as season 2 started that Jenny was suppose to die in that car crash and Abbie was suppose to stay in purgatory. The show would have been about Crane and Katrina. Problem is that they established Katrina from season 1 as being shifty, which was fine. It honestly would have made sense for her to be evil and make questionable choices. Part of the dislike for Katrina was the acting. She became annoying, especially with that dang whispering! The last 3 episodes had Katia’s best acting. If they wanted a shifty female villain or at least a questionable villain, the ones where you can’t tell if they are on either side, take a look at scandal or how to get away with murder. Great acting. I like if they keep Abbie and Crane guessing if they have deep feelings or not for one another. That is the great chemistry they have, you can want them to be lover or friends.

    • herman1959 says:

      Agreed, Katia was so much better as evil Katrina. Fox missed a lot of opportunities by not turning her evil sooner. That said, I loved the finale and I’m looking forward to the show returning with the four main characters. Fingers crossed!

    • A.C says:

      I think Katrina becoming evil in the beginning of season 2 would have made a lot more sense. Katia was pretty good at being evil but ended as soon as it began. She would still be alive if she was evil from the start.

  27. Hodan says:

    Oh, Goffman is such a liar. This is the same guy who was all about the struggling witch at the expense of the show. So, if we get season 3…I hope we get a someone to replace him. Someone who knows about genre shows.

  28. Jason says:

    The problem with Katrina’s character is that her final arc was nothing but a fait accompli. Determination of her own morality was taken out of her hands and made quite arbitrary. Your a witch therefore you must be evil. If people have been annoyed by her all season it is merely because the writers refused to allow her to be anything other than annoying. Even when she was on their side she wasn’t allowed to be more than a shipper obstacle. Certainly not a clearly defined character. It’s a waste of a good actress.

    • Jemjean says:

      Well said. Everyone was sold on SH as it was presented. A manipulation of the Washington Irving short story. So we were presented with the main characters and I was intrigued by that as well. The problem started when the writers decided to add Henry/Jeremy and have the horseman as an ex friend/fiancé. This created a conflict that didn’t need to be there and took their eye off the ball. Katrina was touted as a soul mate and witch and we were shown an amazing person in the flashbacks. So of course we were expecting to see this woman/witch get some great writing that sealed her as a part of the team and a powerful and effective ally. Instead, the Katrina character was stuck in abandoned houses, cabins and constant conflict between every other character. She wasn’t colored as evil, she was shown as too compassionate. What a horrible trait! I don’t know why the writers let her linger in that state and become a target for everyone who was waiting for an opportunity to place blame for their confusion. Everyone was confused! It would have been great if they had just done away with Henry/Headless in one sweep and have Katrina be the one to do the honors. The execution of Katrina didn’t make sense (she was powerful in her previous life w/o being evil). So why did she suddenly need to turn evil to have strength? Also, it seemed odd that coven couldn’t kill the Henry character, burying him instead, only to have him be killed by a bullet? Same with Katrina. She declared she was not a mortal, so why was a knife so lethal? Nothing about the finale made sense, it was sloppy writing all the way through.

  29. Moreen Swingley says:

    Love the show. Really hope there is a 3rd season and beyond.

  30. Rinnie says:

    Liar! You totally rebooted the show!

  31. Cee says:

    Mark Goffman, The King of Not Answering Questions With a Straight Answer, And Lying To Save his HORRIBLY Misguided Storylines. “This was the plan all along”. Really? That’s why you said in an interview that you guys went back and re-directed that atrocious Abbie/Hawley?Jenny love triangle, because they found that “things that read well on paper sometimes don’t translate to screen.” after fans cried foul. It would’ve been better if he admitted they got things wrong and tried to fix it. If this really was their plan all along, to upgrade two characters to series regulars only to kill them off in some of the choppiest storylines I’ve ever seen, that is more than enough to show you the quality of his work. Seriously, if this show gets picked up for a 3rd season (which I highly doubt) the FIRST thing Fox needs to do is fire Mark Goffman. He’s like a loose canon who has no qualms about literally sinking an entire show because he won’t let go of what he wants. This show went from being renewed after ONE episode, to all the way to the season finale airing and not knowing their fate. It’s pitiful.

    • rowdyred says:

      Thank you for that reminder of the instant, overwhelming positive reception that Sleepy Hollow’s debut episode earned! It was the Katrina detour in season two that started its meandering decline.

      I loved the season two finale, re-setting the show with a time-travel role reversal on that debut. Now that we have the core four alive and well (as well as can be expected), let’s get back on point. Season Three, Please!!

  32. liame says:

    So glad the show will be on back on track for next season.

  33. Val says:

    Sleepy Hollow really delivered! I love, love, love this show! Please renew it for a 3rd Season with 23 episodes. I can look at Ichabod and Abbie for 2 hours. This show is awesome.@

  34. zagsfan says:

    Ding dong the witch is dead! Whatever they’d hoped for this character, it sure wasn’t playing out on screen. She was boring and spineless and had no shred of personality until the last few episodes. It had gone on too long to be redeemable. Looking forward to next season.

  35. Harry_Wild says:

    Love it that Adam Levine got shut out! I think it the first time that has happen! LOL! And then Blake said something about bringing Usher back to Adam as he was walking out! LOL!

  36. Not quite sure what this site is about..but..Katrina gone..I will be gone..Chemistry between Crane (like him a lot) and Abby (one of the most boring people ever zzzzzz) don’t get it at all. Maybe after he stabbed his wife he might not have had to grin!!!

    • slim jim says:

      Your comment says a lot about how you feel about people with a certain skin tone….

      • Angela says:

        I’m mystified as to how anyone can call Abbie “boring”. And whether one sees the chemistry between Crane and Abbie as platonic or romantic (I’m personally neutral on which way it goes, though if pressed, think it might be a slight mix of both, if anything), the fact that their chemistry either way is strong is pretty undeniable.

        • rowdyred says:

          Both Abbie and Crane are written and portrayed as smart, patriotic and heroic. They don’t need to add “romantic” but I wouldn’t be offended or find it unrealistic if they do, since they have mad chemistry. I just want a Season 3…at least!

      • Kingmose1 says:

        If someone who had never watched the show had read Sheree’s comment, they would have NO idea what Abby’s or Katrina’s or anyone else’s skin tone even was. Your comment definitely says a lot about you, however.

        • Moe says:

          Bull crap and you know it. Don’t try to turn it on slim jim. There is no freaking reason anyone would come in here saying that they somehow like Crane and Katrina, but they will leave if Katrina is gone from the show. Katrina was never that important of a character to stop watching. And Abbie, boring? No. I’d have more respect if you people would actually admit why you hate Abbie so much. You’re transparent.

          • Kingmose1 says:

            Sorry, but I thought the Crane/Katrina love story was moving as it was presented in season one. Risking everything to save him, spending more than two hundred years in purgatory on the slim hope that he could rescue her, and then they were finally reunited – sorry, it was great. To have her turn evil at a moment’s notice and then have to be summarily dispatched by Crane, now THAT was bad writing. Has nothing to do with Abby or her “skin tone.” Bad writing, plain and simple, to satisfy a bunch of complaining ‘shippers. Same thing ruined the X-Files. And someone else said Abby was boring, not me. I personally love Abby and her sister Jenny as well. Jenny with Hawley only bothered me because he isn’t good enough for her. “Transparent” eh? You must be looking at yourself.

    • sam says:


  37. Loved the finale – sorta’ wanted Katrina to be alive, but somehow drain that “baddie” out of her. Now c’mon to the powers that be – renew it!

  38. justsomeguy says:

    I love that the show finally got back on track at the end of the season. I wanted to see the Katrina character integrate into the story naturally, but it never happened that way. You can’t have an entire season build up of this being a battle of the Witnesses against evil only to have an entire season try to focus on anything but that. It was almost like a bait-and-switch. I blame the writers and producers for fans hating the Katrina character. Why remake the show as “The Cranes” when it was clearly supposed to be about something else? All of the actors involved with the show deserved better than they got this past season. The finale was a great step in the right direction. In the end, the writers and producers have no one to blame but themselves if FOX passes on a season 3.

  39. Lilah says:

    The problem with making Katrina evil is that it happened way too quickly. Maybe they could’ve gotten away with it had Katrina gone evil AFTER Henry died, but she went evil before that. And it made no sense that this woman who spent 200 years fighting for good and trying to save her husband would have such a sudden change of heart to the point where she tried to KILL the man she loved. What they should’ve done is introduced the idea of Katrina going dark WAY back in 2×01, then had it slowly play out through the season so when she got to the point of trying to kill Ichabod and Abbie, it made sense.

    So while some developments in the final episodes may have been in place from the beginning, I don’t believe it was always the intention to make Katrina evil. If it had been, it would’ve been more of a slow-burn. They only made her evil after they realized the fans would never warm up to her — which was mostly thanks to the poor writing/poor character development. Katia Winter proved what she was capable of in these last few episodes. If the writers had given us Katrina-the-villain all season, I bet fans would’ve responded more positively to the character.

    I’m sad to see Katrina go. She made a great villain and I would’ve liked seeing her stick around in that capacity for season 3.

    • Angela says:

      Completely agree with this post. And whether they were building up to making her evil either recently or from the very start, then why kill her off after all of that buildup? If they wanted to make her evil, for whatever reason, then why not just run with that?
      Same with Henry. It seemed all season like his plans were building up to something only to have it be small scale attacks and him ultimately dying. Just seems like an abrupt end to some potential storylines and character development that could’ve been worth exploring.

  40. Liz says:

    Reading (intelligent) positive/negative comments are a thing of the past. What a bore.

  41. Blackhoney says:

    Any time a romance between Abbie and Ichabod is brought up Goffman plays the mission must take presidence card. Funny, the mission hasn’t taken presidence for Ichabod since he found out he could free his wife and that his son was alive. But the minute we start talking about love and Abbie we’re told about the mission. To hell with the mission. If the show could find time but the Crane’s to go on a date and Jenny and Hawley to suck face, it can find time to give Abbie some loving too and preferably with Crane. Why Crane? I say, why not? They’re the two leads, have amazing chemistry and the show doesn’t need to bring in any more cock blockers.

    • sam says:

      You know why. Abbie is too black for Goffman and the other EPs.

    • Angela says:

      They are better as friends…they are witnesses, not lovers.

    • Tianah says:

      100% I agree!!!! This is BS and I think I really being turned off from this show b

    • Angela says:

      While you make a good point about how the mission wasn’t as important to Ichabod once Katrina came back (or at least, his ideas about how the mission should go changed once she came back), and how that shouldn’t be an excuse when it comes to Abbie, at the same time, since he was willing to get distracted with Katrina, it is logical to assume he’d get just as distracted with Abbie, too (and she with him), if they’re in a romantic relationship. Unlike Katrina, Abbie’s a Witness, so Ichabod and Abbie being in a romantic relationship would still have an impact on their focus on the mission. It’d just be in an entirely different way. And that impact may be good, in which case, yay…
      …or it may prove distracting and full of issues in its own right, too. And if fans honestly think this show wouldn’t throw in angsty melodrama for a Crane/Abbie romance if that were to happen, then I’m inclined to believe those fans are being incredibly naïve. Because that’s how TV often works-rarely are couples ever happy once they get together on a show, there’s always got to be some drama following them around, some of it good, some of it not so good.
      And if people aren’t happy with the current writers or showrunner, what happens if the network doesn’t fire them? Would people still trust this group of writers and showrunner to make a good Crane/Abbie romance? Think about it: If they wrote a lot of annoying melodrama for the paring you didn’t like, what makes you think they won’t do the same for the pairing that you do like? Hell, even as friends Abbie and Crane were always having some issue with each other this season. So if they’re like that as friends, they’d probably be like that as lovers, too.
      That doesn’t mean they should put the option off the table entirely, mind-I think there’s always a way to write a romance into a show that actually works, and this pairing is no exception. But I also think fans of this pairing do need to keep these arguments in mind, too.

  42. TheDus2009 says:

    let’s face it. this looked more like a series finale than a season finale. and if the show doesn’t come back, i wouldn’t blame them.
    this season was a mess. the whole moloch thing was solved waaay too quickly as was the whole henry thing.

  43. Josh says:

    The “ding dong” on main page totally ruined for me. Thanks a lot.

  44. cookie says:

    Love it, finally the wicked witch is dead! I’m glad that Abbie and I Ichabod can go on. Most of the love stories between famous couples are cultivated Bones/Booth, Castle/Beckett, The Mentalist/Robin Tunney, it took ten seasons to get them together. So let’s let Abbie and Ichabod really get to know each other for a while. I’m all for the slow burn, for them. Let the show return.

  45. Dave says:

    The last four episodes were making me not care about a third season. Last night’s finale made me want one so very badly. The elimination of both Katrina and Henry (although I love love love John Noble) was exactly what the show needed. But if we could get Hawley back, that’d be swell … even just to clean my house shirtless or something?

  46. There is a reason people say “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” To go from a perfectly executed “balls to the walls” first season, to adding time wasters like Hawley and wasting John Noble the back half of the season is ludicrous. But worst of all was writing wonderfully strong women characters except for Katrina. From the moment Moloch died Henry and Katrina should have been the evil that the Witnesses should have been battling through to the finale. That would have been a great season 2. If Sleepy Hollow is blessed with a season 3 I hope they redeem thrmselves.

  47. keenen says:

    I agree with those that say they could have found a way to integrate Katrina without making her so unlikeable. I love that Henry is gone, that was an ill conceived story from the get go, and it just got worse and worse and worse. They should have just made him the sin eater and had him be a sometimes help to the team. The team does need supporting characters and they do need to show them interacting in the town more. Katrina should have been a different character and not Crane’s wife. If anything, I think it would have been more interesting for her to be Headless’ wife, who was working against him.

    I hope there is a season 3, but I won’t be eagerly waiting for it like I was season 2. This last episode was clearly just a “give the fans what they asked for” episode, and it was rushed. They tried to pack every “fix” they could into the 1 hour, and a lot of it came off as just being unrealistic…as realistic as you can be considering the subject matter! If it comes to it, I wouldj be happy with being a series finale, and it is interesting that I think it was written that way just in case.

    The show does not need Abbie and Icabod to be romantic to be successful. I think it succeeds more because they are not. Focus more on really developing her relationship with her sister and with the magic in their family. Now that they don’t have a witch, the team really needs someone that understands that element if the obstacles that they face will continue to be those that have some type of magical powers or connection to the past.

  48. Nick says:

    I will stick with this show through anything…unless Ichabod and Abbie get together. Two main characters getting romantically involved is a VERY tired trope.

  49. AW says:

    Finally, Katrina and her crazy son are gone! Katia Winter and John Noble were great actors in Season 1, but the writing of their characters went downhill for me in Season 2. Their characters should have ended in the first three episodes of Season 2; instead, the writers dragged them through the 18 episodes in Season 2 and the finally put them out of their misery last night. I’m glad the core group, Ike, Abbie, Jenny, and Irving are back in business again, if there’s a Season 3.

    A note to FOX network – I’ll be happy with 13 episodes (instead of 18) if it would help you bring it back for Season 3, since Ike and Abbie’s mission as Witnesses is over yet!

    Also, bring Grace Dixon character back; perhaps she can “time travel” into 2015 and help out our beloved Witnesses in 2015; she needs to help Abbie write the blank pages in the family book; I love this actress’s work on this show (even though her appearances/storylines have been limited).

    • AW says:

      CORRECTION – Note to Fox – Bring this show back for Season 3 because Ike and Abbie’s work ISN’T over yet (sorry for the above typo).

  50. evababy says:

    Great Episode!

    Really this whole episode was tense, exciting, crazy, awesome and it flew by. This is really what S2 could have been all along — the crazyness we loved — but it got derailed by dreary family mess. Not sorry to see the extraneous Cranes gone.

    Also calling BS on Goffman’s answers. Anybody watching this show saw clearly that he was trying to elevate Katrina to a central character on par with Abbie & Ichabod. And dude, it has been all over social media that Fox demanded changes in the last few episodes. If it had been left up to him we woud have gotten more episodes like Pittura Infamante with Katrina by Ichabod’s side and becoming more and more centralized. Give us some credit for being smarter than this.