Vampire Diaries Recap: Mommy Issues

Vampire Diaries Recap

“I’ll be OK, mom,” Caroline told Sheriff Forbes before her gut-wrenching funeral on Thursday’s Vampire Diaries. “Everything will be fine after today.” Unfortunately, she had no idea how wrong she was.

Just as Candice Accola previewed, Stefan and Caroline indeed discussed last week’s #SterolineKiss, though probably not at the length most fans would have wanted; as she noted, “There’s no time like the horribly inappropriate present to get to the bottom of that.” Not ready to discuss the issue, Stefan told Caroline they should wait to talk after the funeral — triggering an unfortunate series of events he never could have predicted.

A brother-to-brother chat with Damon helped Stefan realize how he really feels about her (“I think this could turn into something even better”), but it was too little too late. By the time he mustered up the courage to tell Caroline how he feels, she had already snapped Elena’s neck, turned off her humanity and fled the scene. Man, that girl moves fast.


Vampire Diaries Bonnie ReturnsWHOA, MAMA! | It’s official: Bonnie Bennett has the absolute worst luck in the entire universe. The wayward witch thought she’d finally figured out how to escape from Kai’s ’90s prison, which she did… only to reappear in 1903, or as she described it, a “snowy hell dimension.” But because there’s no such thing as a coincidence on this show, Bonnie encountered a strangely familiar face in this new prison world: Stefan and Damon’s mother, Lily! She eventually made it back to the present, where she was greeted with a #BamonHug of epic proportions, but the question remains: What’s next for Lily Salvatore? (Maybe Damon didn’t need to deliver that eulogy, after all!)

Vampire Diaries Jo PregnantBABY ON BOARD | Watching television for the past 26 years has clearly taught me well, because the second I saw Jo puking at the top of tonight’s episode, I immediately imagined the beautiful offspring potentially cooking in her magical oven. My hopes were (temporarily) dashed when a slightly bearded Kai showed up, also puking, to explain that they were only sick because he merged with the wrong twin — but when her symptoms remained after surrendering her magic, my suspicions were confirmed. Not only is Jo pregnant, but following a pity proposal from Alaric, it looks like she’s also heading down the aisle!

Vampire Diaries Matt CopBOYS IN BLUE | This was also an eye-opening episode for Mystic Falls’ token humans; while Tyler showed up drunk to Sheriff Forbes’ funeral (no surprise there, to be honest), the emotional event sparked a fire in Matt. He decided he wants to join the Mystic Falls Police Department (again, no surprise there), and he even snagged an application for Tyler. Something tells me Tyler isn’t destined to don a uniform, but Matt? I mean, they don’t call him Matty Blue for nothing.

Vampire Diaries fans, what shocked you more: the return of Mama Salvatore, or Jo’s surprise pregnancy? And how do you hope Caroline’s little humanity problem plays out? Drop a comment with your thoughts and theories below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Julia says:

    That scene between Damon and Bonnie where they reunite was so beautiful and epic. BEST SCENE IN THE ENTIRE EPISODE! It overshadowed everything else. BAMON!

    • aunni says:

      as a kat graham fan, i want her out of this mess called tvd, they r keeping her as a token of black,she is really talented. she sd try other projects,where showrunners will utilize her

    • Homesick says:

      Damon and Bonnie needed a victory, everything had been so grim in their lives for so long, they badly needed a victory and this hug was their happy ending: the moment of perfect joy they both had been craving for.

      • Alice says:

        It was a great hug. And when you consider that, when Damon first came back, that was the kind of reunion he was expecting to have with Elena- only that reunion was a bust. So it was nice that at this moment when Bonnie comes back they both had someone who was ecstatic to see them.

        • Homesick says:

          It’s like Stefan said: just because is not Elena doesn’t mean it can’t be better, extraordinary even. And Damon only got a hug out of this, imagine how glorious can be what Stefan is willing to archive…

    • JC says:

      Yes, Yes, Yes. Kat Graham (Bonnie) is TVD’s current MVP. Loved that scene, I cannot help but smile :) I feel like her journey this season has been great and well developed. More Bonnie pls. BTW Candice Accola can sing!!!

    • Gwen says:

      No Bamon but I can go for BonKai.

  2. LEENA says:

    Perfect time for a TO crossover!! Klaus loved Caroline sooo damn much because of her light. What better way to bring the shows together for a crossover event! To get her to turn it back on!! organic even!

    • Yes!!! Pllleeaase! It is sooo perfect. I think Caroline and Klaus would be epic.

      • Homesick says:

        Caroline & Klaus were tormented, not epic. Following their line of tormented love, the last thing Klaus needs is a dark Caroline to make things easier between them. It would be best if they wait for Stefan to get to know the dark side of Caroline to have a real crossover. If only because Stefan isn’t Tyler, so Klaus can’t forbid him to see Caroline.

    • aplwrites says:

      They shouldn’t do a full on cross event a la Arrow/Flash, but I do think having Caroline show up in New Orleans would be great, leaving her off TVD for a few episodes and let other storylines play out. Let’s be honest, it has been the Caroline show since Liz got sick (seems like forever). Her being MIA in NO would leave Stefan to deal with the woah my mom’s alive bit, give Bonnie’s return some focus, and allow some Matt/Tyler time that seems to need more attention now. However, despite how much sense it makes, I feel like a crossover, whether big or just having Caroline show up in NO, would have been announced or leaked or speculated already.

      • I think they should have Bonnie and Caroline and Kai come to new orleans!!! That would be perfect and awesome!

        • aplwrites says:

          Caroline isn’t going anywhere now that Nina Dobrev is leaving. She will probably be the leading lady following Elena’s exit. There are enough witches on the Originals and not enough on TVD, leave Bonnie where she is and let her bromance (turned to romance at some point?) with Damon brew. Kai in NO would be fun though.

    • R says:

      Oh please…stop creating story lines that didn’t really happen. He loved her ‘so damn much”? Good lord. Give it up…it’s not going to happen.

    • Ayla says:

      YESS Klaus comes to Mystic Falls and spends a couple of episodes there trying to get Caroline we all know and love back. He succeeds and they have a epic reunion kiss.

  3. Remy says:

    I have been waiting since Season 1 for the real story behind Damon & Stefan’s mom. I never bought the consumption story they’ve told the last season or so.

  4. Tanya says:

    hmmm first of all Andy? is there a Julie/Caroline Dries interview coming? Because this episode threw a lot of questions in the room, haha.
    Caroline – like with the cancer storyline I feel that this is only drama to make steroline happen. It feels too much of a S4 rehash, which we all know ended with with Delena coming together. Still I can’t wait to see how the writers imagined dark Caroline. What will be the difference between her and dark!Stefan, Damon, Elena, Bonnie and Enzo (hahahah)

  5. Julia says:

    I’m not here for no humanity Caroline. We all know this will be used as a prop for steroline

  6. Jo says:

    Yay! a fantastic episode like the ones they had in early seasons. Twists and turns galore! The only issue I had with it was that I knew from the first moment Caroline said “I only have to get through today” that she was turning off her humanity, saw Jo throwing up and went “yep she’s pregnant” and when I saw the table set up with the crystal drink set when Bonnie was in that house I said “that’s Damon’s. Something is going on here with his mom” because they have been setting that up for weeks with all his talk of his mother and his heart to hearts with Liz while she was dying. I don’t know how they would have kept it a secret from Stefan and Damon but I think their dad was somehow part of the Gemini coven and he put her in that prison world. I’m excited for next week! And I have to agree with Julia – best scene of the episode was Damon and Bonnie’s reunion! Loving BAMON!

  7. Kevin says:

    Caroline singssss!!!! Even better than en eulogy!!!!

  8. jerrired says:

    Expected to hate the episode after last week’s one. But overall I really enjoyed it, especially everything with Jo and Alaric. Usually TV couples moving that fast bug me but I welcome their sweet dynamic. It’s a great change from the usual TVD couples. Also, Bamon. The ship will never really sail but I’ve been shipping them since season 1, so it’s just nice to get this friendship. And man Plec played into our Bamon emotions with that epic hug.

  9. Tina says:

    I know it won’t happen, but this is the perfect time for…. KLAROLINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😊😊😊😊😊💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  10. bluegossip says:

    whatever damon’s mom did to end up in her prison must have been huge, if you notice how cold his treated damon. He seemed to have love stefan more or at least kept damon at arms length…guilt?

  11. Homesick says:

    You know that moment? When two characters gaze into each other’s eyes, run to their embrace and everything is, finally, right with the Universe? Well, those were Damon and Bonnie tonight. That hug fixed everything that was broken, those pancakes waiting for Damon to come home and his laugh as Bonnie came home to his arms? Epic!

  12. bluegossip says:

    i dont know from the books i think…might be wrong but have always thought so

  13. Ilirida says:

    They need to bring more action into the vampire diaries especially since damns mom is still alive.

  14. Tiffany says:

    For some reason, I have a strong feeling that we’ll be seeing a Klarione crossover in the near future! Who else thinks Caroline will flee to New Orleans to see our favorite bad boy?

  15. Katie says:

    Oh man, this episode was amazing. I’m primarily a Delena shipper (and I barely even ship them) but I do have a huge soft spot for Bamon. I agree, I don’t think it’ll ever be canon, but seeing them so happy to see each other was absolutely glorious.

  16. Anna says:

    Does Matt want Tyler to trigger his werewolf curse again? A police officer, really? A person licensed to kill in his line of work, especially someone with Tyler’s temper and well-known self-restraint? Matt, Tyler, please join Enzo and Bonnie, on the list of the superfluous characters. Seson 6 is a total letdown.

    • 221bsam says:

      Excellent point about the werewolf curse, Bonnie I do find superfluous too, though I respectfully disagree on your viewpoint about the rest of season 6.

  17. RME says:

    LOL at how for weeks now the comments here have had people being all “omg using the Liz storyline to make Steroline happen is soooooo gross and wrong!!!” and yet now lots of the same people are commenting saying Caroline’s reaction to Liz’s death should be used to make Klaroline happen.

    That’s not ragingly hypocritical at all and totes doesn’t make it obvs y’all were full of it.

    • Tai says:

      It’s classic shipper games. They rag on one ship while propping up another. It’s actually pretty funny when you looking at from the outside aka not into any ships on this show except friendships.

    • Jess says:

      I hate both ships, to be honest. I want this storyline to be about CAROLINE, which it doesn’t feel like it really has been. Steroline and Karoline can both go straight to shipping hell. Fix the storyline and let the ships go away for awhile.

  18. Erin2 says:

    I never realized that Damon was so much older than Stefan!!! I mean he was already an adult and Stefan was only 10 at their mother’s funeral!!

  19. Jose says:

    Did anybody just loved the fact that Bonnie threw herself at Damon to the point that she crossed her legs around him….. That did not look like a friends kinda hug

    • zed says:

      Oh,YES!! Loved the twist with his mother appearing in the tvd picture. lol

    • Homesick says:

      He was home. Bonnie may have make pancakes for him to come home to, but in that moment? Damon was home for one Bonnie Bennet, and she wasn’t truly back until she fully settle within the embrace he laid out for her.

    • jerry says:

      You moron,they were stuck in a prison for about 6 months spending every single day with each other….Surely,they drew close when they were the only ones in the entire world

  20. Me says:

    I’m shipping Bonnie and Kai

  21. Fran says:

    I know it won’t happen, but Damon and Bonnie have so much more natural chemistry than him and Elena… Its a shame that will never be explored. Caroline turning off her humanity? That just feels like a repeat of Elena doing the same thing when Jeremy died.

  22. Cali says:

    Emotional ep!!! Candice kicked all kinds of ass, Caroline singing had me crying buckets. Bonnie finally making it back was great, her jump-hugging Damon was the best. Stefan finally realizing how he feels about Caroline was perfect, the brothers moments were on-point, the Delena scene where she gives him advice was the cutest and OMG MAMA SALVATORE!!! JP pulled some really strong performances out the cast and it was a solid 1st effort as a director imo, tho the 1 thing I didn’t like was how she kept focusing on 1 face and leaving the other blurry, she did that was seemed like a lot and tbh it was distracting lol.

    Next ep should be great, Caroline with her switch flipped, Lily, Bonnie adjusting, only problem is having to wait a couple of wks for it!!!!

  23. zed says:

    BAMON!!!!!!! Need not say anything anymore! EPICNESS!!

  24. Steroline says:

    Felt so much for Caroline in this episode. Was so frustrated with the terrible timing between Stefan and Caroline. Still praying for Steroline endgame ;)

  25. 221bsam says:

    I’m going to start with questions:
    How is Bonnie alive, she died, then became the anchor, what, she’s just alive now? #confused
    I thought the Bonnie & Damon hug was a bit OTT personally, talk about the fan service many like to mention so much.
    Like a lot of you, I guessed Jo was pregnant too, no real shock there.
    The funeral was so very poignant, I cried… again! damn you TVD.. it was beautifully acted & shot. The part that really got me was the last call for the Sheriff over the radio, does anyone know if they really do that at police funerals in the States, or whether it was just there for the show?
    Damon’s eulogy & how Elena schooled him that it’s meant for the grieving was lovely, Ian delivered that so well.
    Candice’s singing was beautiful, I could never sing at my Mum’s funeral, I’ll be in pieces!
    Mama Salvatore, hmm, so she’s bad we’re guessing? the thought I had is that her husband sent her there as a way to save her, I guess I was wrong on this.
    I really don’t want her in present day Mystic Falls, that just seems lame, maybe she’ll just find peace or something, we’ll see how that plays out..
    Caroline turning off her humanity, fun! I really loved Elena without hers, it changed things up, those episodes were so edgy. I’m really looking forward to this though, like many of you, I can’t help thinking it would make a great Klaus crossover (don’t see it happening)

  26. scotlore says:

    The “Humanity Switch” has already been done so I am not looking forward to a redo of that. Waste of time. I did enjoy the great hug between Bonnie and Damon. Who knew these two would ever become friends. It’s been a nice progression to that over the seasons between those two. I also wish they had an actual plan for Tyler.

  27. Cas says:

    I personally think a no humanity Caroline will be interesting. I mean she is sort of annoying with her “I am better than you” complex sometimes. So now when it is all said and done she will be just like all the other vampires.

  28. Jess says:

    I tried so hard to like this episode. SO HARD. I was a huge fan of Liz and I felt like they got her death scene just right last week. But there was too much weirdness going on here. The Steroline stuff continues to be awkward and dull, the Salvatore mom thing seems vaguely intriguing, I don’t understand where in the fresh hell the Jo/Alaric domestic bliss even came from, I don’t understand the Kai redemption motivation, and I just don’t understand why it’s so hard for even one episode this season to be entirely cohesive. It’s all plot and no real development and that sucks. The only good things from this episode were Candice’s wonderful voice and Bonnie’s return. That’s it. What should have been poignant came across as emotionally manipulative and dull, and that was a huge disappointment.

    • Mame says:

      It seems you are the only one who did not enjoy the episode,cause the majority of the comments here they thought it was a nice episode not brilliant but better than the preceeding ones. Just saying

      • Jess says:

        Okay? Does it matter? I’m not speaking for everyone else, I’m speaking for me. And other recapping sites like AV Club and EW had other people that had issues with the episode, so I’m not exactly lone wolfing it here. It’s my opinion, though. I thought the episode was terrible and try-hard.

  29. Kat says:

    Omg when Bonnie and Damon were reunited was so awesome! There hug was epic! Remember when Bonnie hated Damon

  30. murley says:

    I can’t count how many times I watched Caroline sing. I had no idea Candice Accola had such a lovely voice. That was a beautiful scene. I also liked the conversation between brothers with Stefan acknowledging that his feelings for Caroline were different than previous loves but that was a good thing. It resonated with the way their story is unfolding. I am interested to see how the no humanity story plays out. I hope it is a fresh take on it and not a rehash of previous storylines. It obviously will serve to keep Caroline and Stefan apart a little longer but I hope there is more to it than just that. And Bonnie and Damon reuniting was the best thing ever. I love them together.

    • Jo says:

      Caroline sings in season 2 episode 16 as well. She sang eternal flame to Matt at the mystic grill. You should go check it out! Candice is a beautiful singer.

  31. 221bsam says:

    If Lily comes back from 1903 prison land, does that mean she’ll be living with Damon, Elena, Stefan & is Bonnie going to live there too?

  32. Dayenzo says:

    Bamon are reunited and it feels so good!!! Baby alaric on the way sweet. Mama Salvatore what naughty thing did you do? maybe she is a witch or 19 century scandal had a baby (pls let it be Enzo) that was not papa salvatore’s.You never know Enzo always talks about caring for damon like a brother!!Caroline needs some Klaus let her visit the big easy.

    • Baileigh says:

      Actually, that could be very interesting (and since it is interesting they probably won’t do it) if they reveal that Enzo is Damon and Stefan’s half brother. That would put Damon and Stefan at odds again…over something that has NOTHING to do with Elena.

  33. Baileigh says:

    Seriously, how many years are there between Damon and Stefan? That flashback (with a 10-year old Stefan scolding Damon) made it look like that Damon is at least 8-10 years older then Stefan.

  34. Paul says:

    it isn’t going to be easy for d Salvatore brothers,their mom came back to live,Caroline humanity turn off. I really need to thank the producer of this movie should it up BT none of d Salvatore brothers should die they u did in season 5

  35. liame says:

    Bonnie’s scene are always short.

  36. Darla says:

    Candice Accola was beyond fantastic in this episode. The range of emotions she expressed was perfection, as were all of her reactions to the events of the episode. I am beyond pleased with the story lines they have thrown her way this year. Both she and Bonnie have been given something meaty to play with, and both actresses have risen to the occasion. I think it says a lot that both of these characters have been spending significant screen time with the male leads. There is a certain confidence in their story lines that is coming across on screen – the idea that TVD could live on with different heroines should Nina ever leave.

    Other things I loved:

    – Matt. Everything he did in this episode was wonderful. And I love the idea of him wanting to do some good in the world. In 20 years he could be the next Sheriff Forbes. Fantastic.

    – Alaric & Jo. Life IS short, and Ric knows that better then anyone since both Isabelle and Jenna are dead, and oh yeah, he died himself.

    -Baby Stefan’s tears

    -That joyous hug between Bonnie & Damon

    -Caroline’s smack down of Elena, and telling her it wasn’t her choice to make.

    -Elena actually being a real friend to Caroline

    -Stefan realizing that 1.) Taking advice from Damon is stupid, and 2.) A good love affair can and should not be so “epic” it becomes torture.

  37. Tom says:

    How did Bonnie get her hands on the ascendant to get back home, I thought that Kai destroyed it ?

  38. Doshi says:

    well Liz Forbes funeral was really beautiful and the way all carolines friends were always around. I liked how attentive Elena was. But if caroline turns off her humanity and moves to T O i doubt Klaus will like the bad version of caroline or ANYONE around his daughter. Bonnie return/hugging Damon was beautiful. But am wondering, if the Kai or any leader of the Gemini dies then all his coven die, what if he gets hit by lightening or shot while his walking and dies. And Finally we see the connection of Gemini to the main cast well its MAMA SALVATORE. i think that even Matt joins the MF force Tyler will not plus he might be on his way to triggering his werewolf curse again.

  39. Liza says:

    PLEASE TELL ME THAT CAROLINE LEFT TO NEW ORLEANS! this would be the PERFECT timing for it!!! and then stefan and damon go looking for her there because they know the place! and klaus is trying to help her please please please this has to be it!!!!!!!
    And that bamon hug OMGG they must do something about that!! they are perfect!! And stefan and damons mother? this can’t be better finally some salvatore history again!!

  40. Essie says:

    Bonnie and Damon’s hug was epic and so cute. Best moment of the episode!

  41. Renay Bentsen says:

    Caroline and Enzo are my two least favorite people on the show I wish they would kill at least one of them off …………………PLEASE !!!!!!

  42. Renay Bentsen says:

    Instead of death, Why didn’t they just make Caroline’s mother a vampire too ? She accepted her daughter & Damon & Stefan & Elena etc etc etc so what was the big deal or did they need to have a budget cut ?????????

    • Exactly what I thought! OK vampire blood doesn’t cure cancer, but give her some blood, break her neck, and tada.. she dies like almost everyone else does.. of something vampire blood CAN cure! Would have thought that would work just fine, and if it didn’t.. nothing lost… can always do a quick and merciful stake to the heart. And she had sooo many people who loved her to help with the transition. Aggh.. well it’s a fantasy show.. guess that means logic isn’t required!

  43. Chantall says:

    O.m.g more bamon! That was epic..that whole bonnie wrapping her legs around damons waist would have been a perfect oppertunity for them to kiss..and when she said the one and pretty sure damon loooovvved it

  44. Bamon rules the world😘😘.. Niw if they would only make them a couple.. So much more chemistry than DELUSIONAL delena