Sleepy Hollow Recap: Can't Unring That Bell — Plus: Find Out Who Died!

Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Recap

Sleepyheads, circle the wagons, because we’ve got a lot to talk about.

This week’s Sleepy Hollow not only killed off Henry and sent Abbie skipping through time like a smooth stone, it officially turned Katrina into the Witnesses’ adversary.

This is a big, witchy deal. And, if you’re like me, you have thoughts.

Let’s take a look at what happens in “Awakening.”

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HELL’S BELLS | Ichabod and Abbie open the episode in a bookstore, where a nice clerk is trying to help them locate some titles they destroyed when they blew up the fenestella last week. The clerk makes Ichabod a cup of tea, he smiles at her, so therefore — given his history — SHE WILL DIE. (Though she doesn’t in this episode. Also, anyone else notice the shout-out to supervising producer Doug Aarniokoski in the window?)

Ab laments that they didn’t really think through the plan grab any of the books Jefferson hoarded before destroying the Witness Cave, but Ichabod says they need to “define the rules as we see fit.” They also talk about living by a code of conduct. “To be effective, we must put our bond as Witnesses before anyone or anything else,” she says, and he wholeheartedly agrees.

Just then, a very old bell mounted in the town square starts clanging, and it causes some people nearby to go all milky-eyed and do strange things: choke someone with their mind, electrocute someone, speak with the voice of the dead, etc. Is it any coincidence that Henry’s nearby, chanting from the grimoire Irving stole from Solomon Kent?

When Ichabod and Abbie figure out that the bell — which is akin to the Liberty Bell, which Ich cracked on George Washington’s orders — is somehow turning people witchy, Mills suggests they talk to Katrina… but Crane demurs. She’s been “distant” since the Kent case, he says.

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FAMILY REUNION | What’s Special K been up to? Oh, you know, dabbling in blood magic to summon Henry to her side. He shows up (looking rather snazzy) and spins a happy, if twisted, future for the two of them: Using the grimoire, they can do an awakening spell and really ring that bell, thus activating all of the descendants of witches who happen to be in the area. It’ll be like the Coven of the Sacred Heart on steroids, and Mama Crane and her baby boy will be at the head of it. “I can’t do this without you, Mother,” Henry says, and by the smile on Katrina’s face, you know she’s all in.

HENRY’S LAST HURRAH | Crane and Mills somehow (no seriously, how did they do that?) get the bell out of the square and adjacent to the tunnels, where they’re planning to damage it the way Ich did the Liberty Bell. But Bad Irving shows up and starts shooting at them, so Jenny pursues him.

That leaves the Witnesses to realize that Katrina and Henry, who’ve also shown up, are working together now. Ich warns his wife that the whole thing is a trap, but she’s pretty much done being Mrs. Crane — which she makes clear by using magic to blast Ich and Ab back into the tunnel, which Henry quickly re-seals, brick by brick.

So the Witnesses come up with a plan to destroy the bell, but they’re thwarted and lashed to a post while Katrina and Henry make the final preparations. Little do the evil twosome know, Ab was able to place a charge on the bell before she was caught. And Ich is packing heat under his coat. So he passes a gun to Abbie and then stuff. goes. down.

Ichabod aims at the bell, but Henry stops the bullet before it hits its mark. Abbie aims at Henry, and nothing stops her bullet: Yep, Henry dies. Just before the Warlock Formerly Known as Jeremy dissolves into dust, he looks up to see Katrina and Ichabod kneeling by him. “My family,” he whispers… and then he’s gone. Ichabod counsels his wife that the blame isn’t hers. “No, it’s yours,” she growls.

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THE WRATH OF THE WITCH | But wait, she’s not done. As this is the first time we’ve really seen Katrina do much of anything this season, I feel it’s important to give you the full picture. Commence redheaded rant! “You are the source of my sorrow, Ichabod Crane. You are the reason I was not there to save my son. I never should have saved your life when the horseman put you down. I never should have put you to sleep. I should have let you die. And this time, I will.”(Now that is someone I could have rallied against earlier this season! Where’ve you been, girl?)

Then Katrina does a huge, swirling spell, and disappears — but not before Abbie, who takes a running tackle at her, gets sucked in with her. Oops.

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THE REAL IRVING RETURNS? | Let’s take a moment to catch up with Jenny and Irving. She lures him to the cell where they held the Headless Horseman, and she’s ready to show him the gorgon’s head (thus turning him to stone and buying them some time to figure out how to restore his humanity). But when Henry dies, Frank pukes up the Smoke Monster from Lost and then seems to be back to himself. Jenny doesn’t take much convincing before she’s hugging him close. Wise move? Let’s hope we find out next week.

THE TABLES HATH TURNED | Abbie wakes up in the woods and, in short fashion, realizes that she’s landed in 1781 Sleepy Hollow. (Side note: Nice parallel to the pilot, there, with the sequence of Abbie in the road and the instrumental version of “Sympathy for the Devil.”)

Katrina, too, is back in ye olden days. She comes to in a field hospital, where she’s a nurse. It seems like she’s going to try to start over with Jeremy, as she pats her abdomen and says, “I will never leave you ever again.”

When Abs goes into the town square, she draws the attention of everyone. Naturally, she’s hauled into jail, where colonial soldiers demand to see her papers. “There’s only one person I’ll talk to,” she says. “Captain Ichabod Crane.”

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MY TWO CENTS | This episode gives many of us what we wanted — Katrina with a purpose! A solidifying of the Witnesses as a team! — but I wouldn’t have minded seeing it happen at the midseason finale instead of one episode away from the season-ender. I can get behind Mrs. Crane as a baddie (in fact, I’d been hoping for that since she came back), but I wish we’d seen it threaded through the season a bit more than in the past two eps.

Still, I adored the amount of time Ichabod and Abbie spent teasing each other and talking about how much they value each other — “One thing’s for sure: I’m glad I’m not in this alone” — and I’m glad that the Cranes’ marriage is (seemingly) kaput. Because when it comes down to it, I adore Ichabod but never thought his mousy, weak, easily swayed wife lived up to the hype he built around her in Season 1.

Those are my thoughts. What say you? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Rebecca Parker says:

    What they did with Katrina feels like complete fan pandering. Fans hated her, and so they turned her completely evil out of nowhere and it makes no sense. And as someone who actually was a fan of the character, it felt like they just completely gave up on logical plot and characterization in order to create a new Big Bad and do something with a character people didn’t like and they never quite figured out what to do with.

    • Maki says:

      Holy cow, and I was starting to think I was the only one thinking this. I think it is total pandering. Reading the tweets every week, so many saying “Kill Katrina!” “Make her evil!” “Put Abbie with Ichabod!” Just…no. Its not needed. I liked Katrina and hope they go back to having her as good.

      • KCC says:

        The writers have been building toward this all season. It was the inevitable next step for her character and I look forward to seeing what happens next.

        • Tom Mc says:

          Inevitable? Not hardly. They have only been really hinting at this for two episodes. Defend it all you want, it’s still poor writing and fan pandering. This show is going down hard.

          • Deb says:

            Yes it is I don’t like where they are taking Katrina character. I notice after there date might and Ichabod sais they would make their marriage work. Then in the next after they were told to re write, they have him out on a double date and the sight seeing with Abbie.. They have catered to the Abbie fans and made Ichabod in to a jerk, he spend all his spare time with Abbie leaving Katrina alone. No wonder she feels lost and clings to wanting her son.

    • BBussey says:

      I’m also disappointed with Katrina’s turn. Hopefully it’s not a permanent condition, even if she’s the Big Bad for the third season.

    • Gloria says:

      Please explain in logical detailed what did you like about her character. Please be concise, and to the point. Also please do not use excuses like she never got a storyline, really, please explain why you liked her character, I honestly will like a Katrina fan to articulate this point of view.

      • Rebecca Parker says:

        I like that she was willing to sacrifice so much for Ichabod and for Henry. I like that she saw the good in people and was willing to fight for them. I like that she brought the witch aspect to the show. I like that she was more willing to embrace the 21st century than Ichabod was. I like that she was a strong, smart female character who could also be soft. And yes, I do think the showrunners never quite figured out what to do with her this season and thus her character seemed in plot limbo. I can like a character and also recognize how she was failed by the show.

        • Hodan says:

          “she was a strong, smart female character who could also be soft.” LMAO!

          Katrina…strong and smart female character!?!! HAHAHAHA

          • Edwin says:

            She was definitely smart. She knew things that Abbie and Crane didn’t, if only through her witch’s training. And she was obviously shown to be able to hold her own against enemies like the Weeping Lady and Solomon Kent. The show has completely under utilized her and not given her full potential. And this evil Katrina totally came out of nowhere. Yeah, I can understand her son was just killed and she wants revenge, but how about before that, when she asked her son to have Ichabod be in the coven with them and as soon as he said “No”, she went and broke up her 200 year old marriage? Something just ain’t right here.

          • They had to do something to save the show from boredom.

        • Angela says:

          I like that she saw the good in people and was willing to fight for them.
          This was the biggest thing I liked about Katrina. Abbie and Ichabod were so focused on their mission, and rightly so, considering they’re Witnesses and all that sort of thing. But it was nice having that character who would fight on the side of good while still trying to find the sympathy and the understanding for the villains. In order to defeat the enemy, it’s best to really get to know them on a personal level, and that’s a side of Katrina’s personality I was all for seeing more of. The fact that one of the evil men was her son made the dilemma and conflict that much more interesting to me, personally.
          And I liked that Abbie and Katrina were a good balance both for Ichabod and to each other. Abbie appealed to Ichabod’s logical side, Katrina to his emotional one, and I liked seeing Abbie’s toughness against Katrina’s softness when they did have their moments together. I would’ve been all for the show allowing the two women to do more together, and use their differences to bring a whole new dynamic to the mission.
          If others weren’t fans of Katrina’s character, so be it, but I don’t get why people would be mystified as to why some of us DID, or do, like her. I’ve no argument that the show could have and should have done more fleshing out of her character from the start, but I think there’s a lot of good potential there with her that’s worth exploring further.

          • KatsMom says:

            Agreed. That’s exactly the dynamic that I enjoyed as well.

          • Hodan says:

            I really would love to have seen this Great Katrina you write up cause the one I saw on my screen was terrible. Honestly, watching old ladies knitting would have been more entertaining but that is just me.

        • She was and is a plot device and I hope they get rid of her. The character serves no purpose.

          • Angela says:

            The character serves no purpose.
            I really do not get people who say this about her. Her son is one of the four horsemen! I’d say that makes her character rather significantly important.

      • The only thing that they will say is ‘she is pretty’ and ‘she is married to Ichabod’.

        • Angela says:

          Not true, if you bothered to actually read some people’s reasons. I gave some reasons that don’t involve either of those comments.

        • Deb says:

          The thing is Katrina gave up a lot for the witness, she went against her coven by putting him in an enchanted sleep she lost her son to protect the witness, she spent 231 years in purgatory she desever a happy ending. Yes the writer wrote her poorly but I don’t think the Abbie fans gave her a chance from day one. Because she would take time away from Abbie, they were afraid that Katrina would push Abbie in the background. They couldn’t see it that Katrina could of stay his wife and help out once in awhile. Abbie and Ichabod are the witness I never saw or though Katrina would take over.

          • amjm2014 says:

            I am so tired of hearing about the writer pandering to the Abbie fans..if that was true then the whole season would have been about Abbie but, yet in still it was about Crane and Katrina will they or won’t they fix their marriage, redeem their son, do something about Abraham being a scorned lover.. The show only had one episode with Abbie doing it alone and even then Hawley was there. If you care to look around some of the other sites at the beginning of the season most of the people that shipped Ichabbie had probably already resigned to the fact that it wasn’t happen per showrunners said at one the comic con things.. So we was not looking for a hook up of them. All I wanted to see from Katrina this season was what they said she supposed to be with was this bad-ass witch, spy, and the love of Crane life. I didn’t see that nor did the individuals who stopped watching the show midway thought the season saw it. The people who are maybe to blame are the writers who wrote her story in a unflattering light.

    • wild_child says:

      They had to pander to fans because so many had stopped watching. Had they continued down the doomed path of writing Katrina in the same fashion there would have been no one(except perhaps you OP) left watching this season. Katrina was a weak poorly written character portrayed by a weak actress.

      • Moria says:

        Thank you! Of course a small group is always going to be unhappy no matter what but major changes have to be made or the show is doomed. That said, I’d bet money Fox will renew the show simply because so many of its others are doing relatively worse in the ratings. I think Fox is just making them sweat as part of renegotiations. I do think it’s a good sign the higher ups like Damian Kindler & Len Wiseman seem at least publicly more involved lately. Anyway, I hope they can turn it around big time in the third season or it certainly will be the last.

      • canadian ninja says:

        When the show gets cancelled after next season just know it’s because they pandered to the worst kind of fans – the ones who hate.

        Great recap KRoots!

        • hellosweetie says:

          Sure, it won’t have anything to do with the millions of viewers the show shed this season trying to push Katrina to the forefront. Seriously, if the show gets cancelled next season (assuming it even gets a next season considering its current ratings), it’ll be because the show didn’t dump this problematic character soon enough and instead chose to change the entire premise (two witnesses fighting to stop the horsemen of the Apocalypse) in order to showcase a terrible actress. Once you lose viewers, they rarely come back. They’ll be lucky if they manage to just stop the hemorrhaging by finally “pandering”.

          • sam says:

            Exactly. It doesn’t matter when the show gets canceled. Katrina and the showrunner, who pandered to her 5 stans, ruined the show. Worst character ever!

      • Rebecca Parker says:

        But my main argument is that how quickly they turned Katrina so completely evil is bad writing and bad plotting, and that’s the kind of thing that has helped to ruin this show this season. if they had, through several episodes, slowly build up that momentum and reasoning, and then turned her evil, I would have been okay with it. But this felt like a fumbled Hail Mary pass.

        • A.C says:

          I agree with you. The fact that it took one episode for Katrina to turn evil was shocking. If the writers were planning to make her evil, why couldn’t they make it so that in each episode she got more evil and then in the finale she is super evil? The choice they made is really dumb.

          • Joanne says:

            She was always evil, even way back when she killed Ich’s colonial girlfriend and covered it up so neatly. It’s when she tries to be a good witch that she sucks. But truly, the transformation was too abrupt. And Henry’s great love for mom? Should have been worked into the story sooner, making Katrina’s choice part of a natural progression stemming from maternal feelings she already possessed.

        • Gern Blanston says:

          I disagree. All season long she was trying to save Henry. She could have left Henry a few times early on in the season but, always chose to go back to him. They didn’t show Katrina slowly turning bad but, they showed that the relationship between her and Crane wasn’t what it once was so, she feels alone and with the loss of her son she loses it. They worked up to it just not in the same way that other shows did, a la Buffy.

          • Hodan says:

            She didn’t choose to stay with Ichabod. It was him that was stuck with her. The struggling witch was always fainting and needing her special tea. Also, she she didn’t save Henry. He just realize his father Moloch didn’t think he was special as he thought he was. So, he got mad and killed him. All this talk for I did it for you mom was a total BS.

      • wild_child: I agree with you totally. She and Ichabod together weekly would be very boring. No chemistry there, AT ALL.

      • Deb says:

        No the ones that ruined is the show are the ones that are so afraid of one character that they did everything to get the writer to change their work. To make them happy they turned Ichabod into a jerk towards his wife.
        Yes she was poorly written but that could of been fixed, but that is not good enough. If we get a third season I don’t think it will get beyond that because the one that have been most vocal about Abbie are not going to be happy unless Abbie is the main lead and Crane becomes her yes man. If that doesn’t happen they will start up again.

        • Angela says:

          Well, considering Abbie IS one of the lead characters, and the main female character for sure, it would kind of make sense for the show to put a lot of its focus on her, wouldn’t it? And I don’t think anyone who likes Abbie and Ichabod interaction, be it as friends or potential romantic partners, wants Ichabod to simply be a “yes man” to her. I certainly don’t. I love it when they’re of similar minds about something, of course, but I also like the moments when they’re at odds, because it’s fun to see how they try and compromise and meet in the middle. I never want either of them to be afraid to speak their mind to each other.
          And I don’t think Ichabod’s been a jerk to Katrina at all-you did notice how frustrated Abbie got with him because of how often he kept trying to defend and listen to Katrina’s suggestions this season, right? He’s been angry with her sometimes, yes, because of all the secrets and lies she’s told, but he’s also done a lot to try and keep their marriage going, too, and sympathized with her mission to redeem Henry (course, part of that was due to his own guilt as a father, too, but still). You can love somebody very much and still be frustrated and angry about things they do.
          I like Katrina, too, but she’s not the main character of the show, and never has been. She’s a supporting character that I’d like to see fleshed out and playing an important role in the Witnesses’ lives alongside Jenny and Irving, be it as a good person or a villain, depending on which route the show wishes to take her (I’d prefer the former, but if they can do something good and fun with her as an evil character, then I’ll go with it). I don’t see, and have to disagree with, the complaints you seem to have about Abbie, or Ichabod and Katrina’s relationship.

    • Angela says:

      This is what I’m worried about, too. I wouldn’t have a problem with her turning evil in and of itself if it suits the storyline, and I think her powers and fierceness she displayed tonight in and of themselves were pretty exciting in a lot of ways. But I do worry that turning her evil here was done to try and placate those who couldn’t stand her, too, yes. And even if she had turned evil, I still didn’t want to see her evil coming in the form of trying to hurt and kill Abbie. Sure, those two had been at odds this season, to put it mildly, but they DID have moments where they’d worked together, and Abbie did have moments of trying to understand Katrina’s perspective. Most likely because she cared about Ichabod and felt for him with his struggles he was dealing with personally, and wanted him to be happy by extension, but still.
      I’m hoping that next week she’ll either get a chance to redeem herself with this potential “changing the course of history” deal, or it’ll be shown that she had some spell cast on her, if not by Henry (as I’m guessing if he was responsible for her behavior tonight, she would’ve turned back to normal once he died), then by someone else (Moloch, perhaps? The effects of her long stay in Purgatory all that time ago still messing with her mind?). Guess we’ll see.
      And I’m also wary of the idea of Abbie being held captive in 1700s America. She may not have seen the sign indicating she’d gone back in time, no, but I was rather surprised to see her just wandering around the town like normal given how everyone else was dressed. I’m figuring she just thought it was some reenactment sort of deal at first, perhaps.
      Those two issues aside, though, I did like the rest of the episode. I breathed a massive sigh of relief when I saw that Jenny and Irving survived the hour-I’d been rather nervous about them throughout, Jenny especially (mainly ’cause I didn’t think the show would kill off Irving again so soon). Now I just hope Irving is back to normal! And I like Noble and enjoy his portrayal of Henry, but I’m okay with him dying (and hey, this is a supernatural show, so there’s all sorts of ways they could figure out how to bring Henry back if needed down the line, if they wanted to). And Ichabod and Abbie working together is always good-and I liked Ichabod’s gleefulness and curiosity while they were poking around that home depot store :D.
      So! Next week sounds crazy, and I’m very interested to see how the hell they’ll wrap this season up, and how that “altering courses” thing will go.

    • Carla Krae says:

      It’s makes sense because of her feelings about her son. It wasn’t the smoothest path to this, but she’d do anything for her kid and has felt guilt for so very long. Plus, Purgatory twists you.

      • Angela says:

        Plus, Purgatory twists you.
        I firmly believe this is the reason for a lot of what Ichabod, Abbie, and Katrina have chosen to do or who they’ve chosen to side with this season. There was that moment, in the season premiere, when Abbie had to try and figure out which Ichabod was the real one…if that’s the sort of thing that can happen there, then who knows what else that place did to these people physically, mentally and emotionally? It’s an interesting idea to consider and explore further, I think.

    • Cass says:

      I completely agree about the fan pandering. I’m not going to go as far as to say that I liked Katrina, she had her moments, but I don’t think the shippers were ever going to give her a chance. If this abrupt change was brought on by the dwindling ratings, I’m curious what they writers had intended for the last portion of the season.

      • Susannah says:

        I don’t agree that it’s all shippers that disliked Kat. I’m a fan of Ichabbie as committed witnesses and friends but I never liked Katrina. She would come between the Witnesses, trying to sway Ichabod to her side regarding Henry and Abraham, even though we’ve seen them kill countless people and are two Horseman of the Apocalypse. She also was a really poor witch who could never complete a good spell, well at least until last night when she tapped into her dark side.
        I just never found Katrina a compelling character or the actress able to add much depth to the character, to make me see any layers. I liked Hawley but his writing was very good either. It was just that Matt Barr could add some charm to his acting and Hawley would ultimately help with cases and not hinder them like Katrina.

    • Lady T says:

      Katrina was a non essential character…that is why no one but the two fans of Katia liked her. Sleepy Hollow lost 60% of total viewership because of this one character. I for one is sick of Fox pandering to the two fans of Katrina. Kill the character off.

      • L says:

        I agree. I think the writers didn’t really know what to do with her character and the season suffered because of their indecisiveness. They should have killed her off or made her evil much sooner. I hate to say it, but I also think that maybe Katia was miscast. I have never felt an emotional connection to anything that she’s tried to convey onscreen. I don’t think it completely her fault, as, IMO, the writing for her has been pretty terrible, but I just didn’t connect with her. Also, I know this is nitpicky but she rarely speaks above a whisper. I don’t know if that was an acting choice or if its her regular speaking voice, but it really took me out of her scenes. It got so bad that when she began to monopolize screen time, I’d put the t.v. on mute. I do think last night’s episode was better in terms of the writing and her acting, but I kind of feel like too much time has passed.

      • Moria says:

        Agree. Personally I consider Katrina to be a case of what I call “Ed Burns Syndrome”- where a director or producer casts a poorly suited actress or gives her a much larger part than makes sense purely because he is smitten. Think of a certain recent Snow White movie. Sorry, don’t think person playing Katrina is a very good actress, she has zero chemistry with Tom Mison, and all her facial work plus unnaturally colored hair never worked for me as 18th century. Then to have her running around in a corset & skinny jeans was just insulting. And I am not an Abbie & Ichabod shipper. As for her change not making sense, Henry’s change at the midseason finale pretty much came out of nowhere also. The writers are bad! That’s been the problem. But terrible plots involving terrible Katrina ruined the show.

        • Tish says:

          I’m with you. I think Goffman has a thing for Katia and that is the sole reason she has been pushed on us. Even in a recent interview he was going on about what a terrific actress she was. Wouldn’t comment on the fact that she has turned off fans and addressed that. He comes off as a 15 year who was ignored by the cool and pretty kids. Now that he’s a head honcho, he’s trying to win over the girl he thinks is so pretty by giving her starring role, even though she doesn’t deserve it.

      • Tish says:

        Totally agree!

    • Zelda says:

      Definitely felt like that to me too. Disappointing move.

    • LucasCorso says:


  2. Alichat says:

    Well if fans didn’t hate Katrina before, they certainly do now.

  3. Gallifreyan13 says:

    I don’t know what has happen, they went from amazing to mediocre in just two seasons . I can barely get through the whole hour without looking at the clock to see how much is left . I can’t see it getting a 3rd season .

    • David4 says:

      Two seasons? It went from “Awesome!!!!” in the season 1 finale to “Bleh” two episodes into season 2.

      • Nichole says:

        I’m with you, loved season 1, but this season has been all over the place, no clear direction and it’s suffered for it. Having Katrina turn “bad” as such is a good idea, but they should have been building too it, it’s happened too fast, like a last ditch attempt to breath some life into the show. Plus this season the lady that plays Abbie seems to be over doing it a bit with the facial expressions, maybe it’s just me, but she seemed great in the first season, but no feels like she’s trying too hard. Hopefully it gets another season and the writers get their poop together!!

  4. Alichat says:

    Uh so, is anyone else wondering where exactly Headless is? Has he just been roaming around the backwoods of Sleepy Hollow waiting for Katrina to free him as promised? How pissed is he going to be when he finds out she basically forgot her promise to him so she could band together with the child she had with Ichabod??

    • Isobel says:

      A little but he’ll probably be happy she seems to gone off Ichabod

      • Alichat says:

        Perhaps……and too stupid to realize that she hasn’t really gone off Ichabod. She’s angry with him because he’s 100% right. Everything she’s doing now is because of her guilt.

  5. jwb says:

    It feels like the writers are throwing everything at the wall and seeing what sticks. Time travel? That came out of nowhere. Season 1 was great. Too bad the show strayed from the original premise.

  6. charlie says:

    Henry dead?? He’s one of the reasons why i had stopped watching a few episodes ago. too bad they went a different direction this season.

  7. TvPeong says:

    Can’t wait for next week. It’ll be good to see Abbie out of time, the way Ichabod is in our time.

  8. BEST EPISODE EVER! I loved every minute of it. So glad I stuck around. THIS is the direction that Sleepy Hollow NEEDS! Hope it gets renewed for season 3!

    All you haters, F off! >:(

  9. Babybop says:

    Wow. People are being more negative than I thought. I loved the episode. At least evil Katrina has a spine (and FINALLY speaks at a normal register instead of a whisper). Can’t wait for next week, thought the whole “who will make the ultimate sacrifice” tagline has me a little worried. I’m hoping Ichabod and Abbie will be reunited in present day to deal with the other three horsemen that are out there somewhere. And that we get a season 3…

  10. Ashley says:

    Considering what a shaky season it has been, I’m more than a little nervous to see how they handle putting Abbie in the 1700s (considering the obvious implications). Also think they could’ve been a bit more gradual with how they handled evil Katrina so that the transition would feel a bit more realistic.

    • herman1959 says:

      Ditto on all points. Plus, may I add that I’m tired of having to see Abbie struggle to escape from another timeframe (Purgatory) AGAIN…I’m over it.

  11. lessthanrighteousindignation says:

    “His mousy wife”? Are you joking? Katrina is gorgeous.

    • Hodan says:

      “Mousy” could mean a lot of things.

    • suzi says:

      Oh but that would be a compliment, and nothing even remotely positive can be said about Katrina, the show killer. Sleepy Hollow just can’t win…return to the balls to the walls mayhem of Season One, and suddenly the plot holes matter. Follow through with what was evident to many people from last season, evil Katrina, and either it happened too quick or it was fan-pandering. I never gave up on the show, and am excited for the future I hope it still has.

      • Tai says:

        Thank you! I saw the evil Katrina coming a mile away. My cousin and I have been wondering when they were finally going to reveal and boom, it happened. I’m excited to see how this all plays out. But I saw the darkness growing in Katrina last season and it only became more obvious as this season progresses.

        • Raynell says:

          Thank you!! The darkness has always been there. The writers didn’t focus on it that much, but they have been giving us hints since the first season. Katrina has never been a trustworthy character. And she is so easily swayed. I don’t see how anyone could miss that.

    • sam says:

      Not really.

  12. marquai says:

    Excellent episode! I’m nervous for Abbie, but I think it will be quickly resolved when she meets past Ichabod for the first time and explains their roles as Witnesses.

  13. Hodan says:

    Henry is dead. So, I feel like that is at least something.

  14. Ian says:

    For a penultimate episode, I was just… bored. Great stuff with Jenny and Frank, but Katrina going evil was too rushed, and a time travel spell should have some kind of cost for the caster, but Katrina paid no price at all.

  15. Any idea who does the instrumental cover of Sympathy for the Devil at the end?

  16. Edwin says:

    I honestly have so few words to describe this episode. Only good thing was Abbie at the end going back to 1781 and basically recreating the Pilot.

  17. Bartimeus says:

    God I am so freakin sick of this Katrina debate, which always seems because people have a Katrina vs Abbie mentality. I happen to love both. I happen to love both equally. The sadly few scenes that have happened between them rank as my favorite scenes. After a freaking amazing episode like this and seeing how many people still only want to dwell on their hatred I think I’m done having online discussions about this show. Sleepy Hollow fans are becoming worse than the fans of Beauty and the Beast, and I *hate* that show, and I love Sleepy Hollow, but damn. Seems like the majority of vocal online fans can’t just freaking enjoy the story and see where it goes now that Twitter lets them believe their opinions about a show should have some affect on the writers and convince them of their crazed fan girl opinions. I find it gross and I hope the writers have enough self respect to write the story they want to tell. That is what writing is about.

    Anyway, can’t wait for the season finale. Hope Katrina stays evil for a while because she’s kinda freakin amazing as a villain, although I do want her redeemed soon.

    • Angela says:

      God I am so freakin sick of this Katrina debate, which always seems because people have a Katrina vs Abbie mentality. I happen to love both. I happen to love both equally.
      These are my sentiments :). I don’t get why some insist on pitting them against each other, why it always has to be an either/or situation.

      • roz12 says:

        This is the healthy way of enjoying a tv show :) I totally agree. I appreciate the fact that people use the media to express their opinions and this actually makes it all much more enjoyable and fascinating but all this hatred! The shipping thing, when so vociferous, I don’t understand either. There are lots of instances of other shows when reading the comments after review becomes almost painful. Favouring a couple or whatever is totally acceptable and human but becoming crusaders just for a couple of characters it’s a bit sad. It’s like the Sam vs Dean fans in Supernatural. You like both characters, you feel all alone!
        I too am a bit disappointed at this season but I still enjoy the show a lot, I want to let the writers tell me a story that has been conceived to last 7 seasons and I assume they know where they are going so, please, more! I want to know the rest of it! Also, regarding Katrina turning evil, or at least changing sides, I think it has been hinted throughout the season, in the way her relationship with Henry and Abraham has been developing.

        • Angela says:

          Completely agreed. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I do not understand people hating a character so dramatically, on ANY TV series, unless they’re a villain (and even then some fans have a disturbingly hard time separating the actor from the character in those instances). It seems to be a rarity nowadays to like all the characters on a show to some degree-I have my favorite characters on my favorite shows, too, just like anyone, but I can still find something worthwhile and interesting about everybody. If a character is dragging down my enjoyment of a show THAT much, then I just don’t watch it anymore. It’s not that difficult.
          And if people didn’t care for Katrina, instead of sitting around talking about how much they wanted her gone, why not instead offer up suggestions of things they’d like to see her character do, things that might improve her character and their opinion of her? What good would constant hating and wishing her gone or dead do?
          And I’m all for criticism of episodes if the storylines aren’t working, or if a character’s behavior doesn’t make sense, or whatnot, but yeah, there’s a line between criticism and outright bashing, and some people don’t seem to know where that line is. And if you DID happen to like an episode, or a character, it’s a little discouraging to come online and read nothing but angry, ranting posts.
          I completely agree that there’s plenty more that can be done with this show, and I think they do deserve a chance to fix up the aspects of this season that were shaky and didn’t work as well, perhaps flesh out the characters, too. And like stated above, I don’t mind the idea of Katrina having an evil side to her, especially since, like you said, there were some hints of it building throughout. I just hope it’s done in a way that suits her character, and isn’t done just to make people who don’t like her happy. That’d be a bit of a cop out.

      • rebecca says:

        So glad to read this post! I enjoy all the characters. It’s the mix that makes it interesting. Sure, Ich and Abs are great, and I’d love to see that work out. I sympathize with Katrina’s character. I get the wishy washy temperament of this season. Come on, blasted into the future, back with a husband with a great mission, an adult son she abandoned who’s evil…Holy cow! Imagine that psychic and emotional load on yourself, AND be reunited with a husband who’s completely distracted. She has to have felt without purpose, especially next to someone as capable and self-assured as Abby. I wish these struggles had been played out front a littleore. I think many viewers could have understood that more.

        • Angela says:

          And while I was ultimately on Abbie and Ichabod’s side in regards to redeeming Henry, while I agreed with them that it was a futile hope and Henry had no plans to or interest in changing, I sympathized with Katrina’s stance on the issue. I’d be very interested to see how many viewers, if they were in her shoes, wouldn’t at least consider fighting to save their child, or at least get them help, if they went down a dark path. That’s just basic parental logic at work. And since Ichabod didn’t have the sort of attachment to Henry that Katrina did, since he didn’t even know Henry existed for the longest time, it was easier for him to be a little more dismissive.
          But she couldn’t be, and it amazed me how angry fans got at her for daring to do something I would expect any mother with a heart to do. I can understand much better the frustration over her sympathy towards Abraham, but her concern and love for Henry? That made total sense to me, whether she was doing it for evil purposes or not.

  18. tvdiva says:

    I blame the sleepy season 2 writers for how they write Katrina and this whole season. Henry was the best villain and used the lesst. Katrina should have turned evil much sooner and we should have time traveled much sooner. What a wasted season.

  19. sam says:

    Go, Abbie! I’m so happy she killed Henry! Ichabod is too spineless to do the job. Good girl! Now I hope she kills off that useless witch. Dumb as fake good witch and even dumber as turned evil.

  20. Captivated Fan says:

    The first episode of Sleepy Hollow’s season 2 was my introduction to the show and I was captivated. This show is the best supernatural action thriller sh on TV today! And it certainly deserves a season 3 and many more to follow.

    • Captivated Fan says:

      Sleepy Hollow and Forever, respectively, are my favorite shows on TV right now. Both shows have restored my faith that Broadcast TV can offer great entertainment. A cancellation of these shows will cause me to return to watching nothing on Broadcast TV.

    • herman1959 says:

      I hope you were able to go back and see the Season 1 episodes, they were Sleepy Hollow in it’s prime.

  21. Lila says:

    I understand that Katrina is not well-liked. I’m not a big fan of her myself. But the tone and words of some of these comments are just so hateful, I find myself ashamed of being a part of this fandom sometimes.

  22. joe says:

    Well for all those that are tired of the Katrina debate, fear not……there isn’t going to be a Season 3 so no more debate to worry about.

  23. M says:

    Even when an episode is actually really good, all of you so-called “fans” do nothing but whine and complain about every little detail. Your total lack of support and loyalty is the real reason why this show is going to get cancelled.

    • Aprilcot says:

      How are people who actually still watch the show going to get it cancelled? If it does get cancelled, it would be because of all the viewers who jumped ship after S2 began to veer from its original premise.

  24. evababy says:

    I liked this episode for what it was… a method to try to pull S2 out of the mess it got itself into. Itself it was a bit of a mess. But still I enjoyed it. And as set up for what looks like a very compelling season finale it did its job.

    I agree with people who say that Katrina turning evil was too quick. But that is symptomatic of this season. What they should have been doing all along is building to this instead of making it happen in two episodes. I put the blame squarely on the writers who had an obvious agenda: Make S2 about Katrina and Ichabod, their family, their relationship (and downplay all the Ichabbie business). Problem is…. nobody wanted to see Sleepy Hollow turn into a family soap opera. And trying to tank the strongest thing about your show — the chemistry of your two leads — is dumb.

    In a sense the ‘Katrina Debate’ isn’t really about Katrina but about how poorly served the viewers have been by the showrunner’s insistence on centralizing her. Even in his interviews all he could do is talk about her. If she were even a half competent actress and the writing made her at all compelling we wouldn’t even be having this discussion. But she isn’t and it wasn’t. You don’t lose 6 million viewers because people like what you are doing.

  25. onelastemperor says:

    I hope Katrina kills Ichabod and Abbie, saves Abraham and lives a good life with him and Jeremy…….but of course the stupid, boring, Mary Sue-like witnesses will prevail…….

  26. As someone who gave up on this show after “Deliverance” I’m glad to see that they finally seem to be fixing what went wrong. First Hawley, now Henry. (I never thought there would come a time when I could get sick of John Noble but somehow the show managed to make me do that.) Unfortunately for her fans, Katrina’s got to go. She’s become a symbol of a season’s worth of mismanagement. She got to go and so does Goffman. He never really wanted to write for the show we watched in S1. Instead he tried to turn it into something else and millions tuned out.

  27. Matthew B Lawler says:

    I guess this episode finally laid to rest for your speculation that Abby and Jenny are witches or descendants of witches since neither one of their eyeballs turn white enrolled in the back of their head during Katrina is spelled with the bell

  28. Nick says:

    This episode really got me back into this show, but if this opens the doors to Ichabbie I’m going to be PISSED

  29. Bryan says:

    Where is this program filmed

  30. LaLa says:

    That’s it? THAT’S the plan Henry was sitting on all of this time? To reconvene a coven made of descendants of witches that don’t even know that they are descendants of witches and do what? Have a non-stop, magic and spells block party? Nothing to do with the Apocalypse? Nothing about the 4 Horsemen? Nothing about the barrier between Purgatory and Earth being open? How f-ing lame!
    I liked the interaction between Crane and Abbie, and I loved that he didn’t make the same mistake twice and hesitate when dealing with Henry. I liked that Katrina finally got a personality – even if it’s as the enemy. I loved the parallel between Ichabod’s arrival in modern times and Abbie’s trip back through time. I’m actually looking forward to next week’s episode because I think watching Abbie cope with time travel will be as interesting to watch as Ichabod has been.
    But once they make it back to the modern day, the writers are stuck with the same problem: How are they going to write themselves out of having no Big Baddie to bring on the Apocalypse that was the central plot and problem of the brilliant 1st season?

  31. A.C says:

    As a person who likes Katrina, I was a bit shocked that the writers made her evil. If people didn’t like Katrina in the first place, they aren’t going to like her now. I don’t think Katrina should remain evil for the rest of the show. The only reason she turned was because of Henry (Jeremy) and possible that flower that pricked her in last weeks episode. Maybe in the new season Ichabod might find a way to get Katrina out of this.

    • Aprilcot says:

      As a person who hasn’t lIked Katrina, this actually made me like her more! I still think Katia is only a middling actress, but I’m glad they are finally giving her something to do other than get captured and whisper. I’m hoping this sets her up as the big bad for next season (provided there is one) with a big showdown to the death. I think there have been hints that Katrina was ultimately destined to embrace her dark side all along.

  32. Mally says:

    The people who keep trying to blame “certain” fans for Katrina turning evil are the worst, and are clearly pressed. A lot of us could see her turning or being evil from a mile away. Don’t try to blame some of the fans for that. I didn’t see the ones complaining when the writers were “pandering” to you Katrina stans and the ratings tanked. Funny how it’s a problem now, when you don’t get your own way. I really like this episode. Hope this show gets renewed and the writers stick to what the majority of the viewers want.

  33. CA says:

    It would be very easy to blame the “lack of” everything in season 2 on Katrina. Except it is also too simple a blame. One of the reasons Season 1 was so strong was because the writers and producers had a compressed timeline of only 13 episodes to tale their story. That isn’t a lot of time in TV terms so their decision making process was acute. Being granted an additional 5 episodes in Season 2 left the writers floundering for filler information and it dragged the show down. Then there was the fact that Fox allowed almost 9 months to pass before Sleepy Hallow graced the TV screen again. Attention spans are short in this day and age and with there being so much good on TV, viewers are making pretty stark decisions in what they are choosing to stay with. I would have banked on a third season for SH but with Fox seeing such success with Empire, there is no sense from a business perspective (and TV is a business, fans be damned) to keep investing in a show that has lost it’s way complete with mediocre ratings.

    • Moria says:

      Empire is only 1 show & it has a shortened season just like Sleepy Hollow. Fox has to fill a whole schedule. The only other dramas Fox has that get better ratings than SH are Gotham and Bones – and we don’t know if Bones will renew (I’m hoping yes). That’s it. Three dramas that do better than Sleepy Hollow. That’s how sad Fox is. I’m sure they’re waiting to see how The Following does but otherwise they have to rely on new shows.

  34. Jamie says:

    I agree it seemed a little too much too quick with the “Katrina turning evil” thing… Though she never believed Henry was all evil…and Ichabod had a hard time agreeing with her. That was the rift in their marriage. That she regretted being with Ichabod because he wasnt a witch… that idea seemed to come out of left field. Though we have no idea what she was stewing about all those episodes she was alone in the cabin…

    In the next episode, maybe being back in that time will allow Katrina to realize why she loved Ichabod…if theres time for that…if not, hopefully Abbie can get her ancestor witch to help save Ichabod or find a way to send them both to the present… I just hate cliffhangers…I hope they at least wrap at least some of it up before the end!

  35. Thanh says:

    Bad move, making Katrina evil now. I’ve been saving up this season’s episodes to watch as a marathon, once I’m less busy. I was looking forward to learning more about Katrina, and how Ichabod and Katrina’s relationship would be with them finally together, instead of from afar. I thought their love story was well done in the first season, and that Katrina’s character was pretty firmly a force of “good”. To find out the show has made her evil, with a somewhat flimsy motive, is poor writing, in my opinion. Total fan-pandering. How frustrating, when a show I like, starts substituting good writing, with fan pandering, cheesy, writing like this.

    • Tish says:

      Get over yourself. If trying to get the show back to what garnered so many fans, then maybe it is afterall. I guess you rather see the show get cancelled and you can fantasize about what Katrina and Ichabod might have been. Seems like that would make you happy. I’d prefer to actually watch episodes beyond Season 2. Believing that Katrina makes the show so great when she isn’t the main character and isn’t that interesting is the mistake on your part and the reason the show might not make it back to Season 3. I had no issue with Katrina and liked the witch aspect about her but there were still more interesting things about the show than her. I find it amazing that fans like you and Goffman purposedly want to destroy the show and create a lot of unemployment (lost jobs due to show being cancelled) for an insignificant character portrayed by a not so great actress.

  36. smartysenior says:

    The actress portraying Katrina can’t act her way out of a bag. That’s always been the problem. Giving her lines to do badly isn’t helping. Just write her out once and for all please.

  37. Joanne says:

    I agree, this should have been the mid-season cliffhanger. Hmm, Horseman of War, dead, Headless, chilling in some preternatural green room. Moloch, dead… or whatever a demon’s demise is. So it seems we aren’t really preventing the apocalypse anymore, but a takeover of bad witches?
    I loved this episode, tight, exciting and using only the main characters, all in a big way. My favorite bit also was use of “Sympathy for the Devil” exactly as it was used when Crane popped into the 21st century. And the crow. But how come Katrina manifested in a nurses costume and Abbie in 21st century street clothes? Oh yeah, because it’s a perfect parallel to Crane arriving in period garb, landing in jail immediately, and finding his partner Witness in a position of authority.
    God, I love this show! Even when it doesn’t make sense.

  38. Hamza says:

    I saw the whole Katrina going evil coming since like the 12th episode of this season and I stopped watching immediately. The move is what I’ll call sloppy writing, predictable plot setting. Yes! Katrina has become a plot device.
    The actress did, and is doing what is asked of her. If a character sucks, it’s the writers that failed. I can hate Ichabod and Abbie for any of the reasons you hate Katrina.
    Ichabod tends to be blinded by emotions when his family is involved, Abbie tends to demand too much. Yes you’re a witness, and your mission comes first. But in other situations you put your sister first and when Ichabod does the same it’s bad?
    This show failed, but not because of Katrina. It failed because it’s writers went and changed a working formula and replaced it with something guaranteed to kill it.
    Katrina haters are going to hate no matter what. The solution was not the make her character more relevant to the plot, she already was. The solution was to make all the finer attributes she had burn brighter.

    • Moe says:

      You sound super mad because Katrina turned on Ichabod and the writers stopped “pandering” to you whiny Katrina stans. I’m sick of the hypocrisy some of you ooze. The writers had a good thing going in season 1, then they PANDERED to fans like you and tried to mess it up by shoving Katrina and her family issues down our throats. THAT’S where the writers failed. Hop of the hypocrite train and just admit that you and the rest of the minority stopped getting pandered to. This show is not about Katrina and never was. Trying to blame fans or the writers “pandering” to fans is a lame cop out to hide the real reason you dislike her becoming evil.

  39. Ohsnap! says:

    I am so glad Katrina has gone to the dark side (although it felt a bit rushed)…really. Her character is boring and whiny. Nobody wants to see the ‘Ichabod/Katrina reality marriage show’. Her and Ichabod really had no chemistry. Katrina knew (from that scene in Purgatory where Ichabod hugged Abbie…go back and look at her face) that Ichabod had settled into a partnership with Abbie and the new time he was living in. Now that Abbie is in the past, and Katrina in the dark it will be really interesting.

  40. dee24 says:

    With Henry Parish apparently “perished” and with Moloch along with the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse all gone I really didn’t see (at first) any reason why Katrina eventually had become an adversary to both Abby and Ichabod. If anything, I assumed she would’ve been relieved. Instead she grew angrier…and with the whole time travel twist thrown in my guess is that Katrina, now sent back in time and NOW fully aware of future events and also regaining Jeremy is set on reviving Henry’s agenda. That which involves bringing upon the apocalypse also bringing back Moloch and the Horsemen…or making withes part of society…however that’s my assumption. I can’t wait to see how it all unravels!!! :)

  41. Ray says:

    Wonderful news! I might start watching Sleepy Hollow again. The Henry&Katrina Are More Important Than The Witnesses aspect of this year was super boring, when it wasn’t embarrassingly whacka-mole. And while I don’t care if Abbie and Ichabod become a couple, I hated Katrina for diluting the story into soap opera. I LOVED last year’s great, crashing, exploding, horror tale, full of monsters and fiery special effects. So I stopped watching several episodes back, it just got too boring (esp. with Hawley and Katrina so heavy-handedly, obviously, pasted in to keep Abbie and Ichabod apart… really bad writing.) When I caught myself laughing out loud at what were supposed to be Crane family sorrows, I turned the show off.

    But with Frank back (I hope!) and Henry gone (please God) and Katrina bad (duh!) and–why not, not long for the show? Kill her off too)…… it could be an exciting show to watch once again.

  42. CM says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a character destroy a perfectly good TV show as the Katrina character did since Daniel Shaw.

    This episode and the next are reset episodes for the show. They will like render the 2nd season totally pointless, if not the entirety of the show.

  43. Mike says:

    If Katrina and Icabob are at an end then I am at end with this show

  44. Manida Jones says:

    I absolutely hate that they made her evil. It seem contrived. Someone who sacrificed so much to stop evil than at a moment turns evil. I don’t like that they sprung her from pergatory then had ichabod ignore her. Felt like he abandoned her in a unfamilar time while he had fun with Abbie. I think this my last eposide. I was truly disappointed.

  45. Wickedmish says:

    Yeah, I know the flesh and blood Katrina was whiny, weak and boring in the majority of Season 2 .The Hellfire Katrina was fierce, fiery and powerful. For two episodes…and now shes dead. Well that sucks. Sorry they killed her off so Abbie can bat her eyes and pout her lips at Ichabod all next season.

  46. billy says:


  47. steve says:

    It would be nice if they would stop changing the day and time. I was a loyal fan and now I can’t even find it. Well that’s FOX for you!