Constantine Finale Recap: 'None of Us Get to Escape Our Fate'

Constantine Season 1 Finale Recap

There’s a moment, almost midway through Constantine‘s Season 1 — and quite possibly series — finale, when the irreverent exorcist reminds Zed that there’s only one sure thing in life: It ends.

“We can all shape our destiny, but none of us get to escape our fate,” he says. “So when my time’s up, that’s it.”

It’s a fitting quote for the last episode of what likely will be the supernatural series’ only season. Let’s review what happens in the rest of the episode, titled “Waiting for the Man,” then you’ll weigh with what you thought of the hour.

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AND YOU CAN TELL EVERYBODY HE’S THE MAN | The episode’s very creepy case of the week involves a backwoods Louisiana dude known as “The Man” who kidnaps little girls and makes them his “brides.” Gross. We see one girl get taken at the top of the hour; when she comes to in his home, three girls of similar age — and wearing lacy, long-sleeved wedding gowns — attend to her and spin tales of how great life will be when she marries The Man.

Constantine and Zed arrive in the bayou area after Jim Corrigan calls about a mummified cop; the officer was working on the case of several missing girls in the area. From the marks on the corpse’s body — yeah, they dig it up — John divines that the guy they’re looking for is a Satanist. Lovely.

And then the rotting body sits up and addresses John by name. Actually, it’s Gary Lester’s spirit, temporarily inhabiting the corpse to deliver an important memo from the underworld to his murderer old pal: There’s a price on his head, and he’s in grave danger.

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AFTER MIDNITE, WE’RE GONNA LET IT ALL HANG OUT | Cut to Papa Midnite, who kills a man and then reanimates him as a Constantine-seeking voodoo zombie. Papa wants to kill John in order to release his sister’s soul from eternal damnation or something. (Honestly, there are so many people eternally damned in this show, I lose track of who’s doing what and why.)

After much tussling and shooting and some parlor tricks of his own, John gets the drop on Papa Midnite and turns him over to Corrigan’s cops, freeing Constantine up to join Zed and the detective at the address where they’ll find the girl. (There were visions, hair-eating and electrocution involved; all you really need to know is that Zed’s conflicted about telling Corrigan she’s seen him dead, and that it’s messing with her ability to be a productive member of the team.)

BETTER DEAD THAN WED | The kidnapped girl gets away from her creepy groom-to-be, and Constantine & Co. show up just in time to save her. Corrigan is going to take the man into custody, but Jim convinces him to kill him, instead. (Seriously, just like that. I mean, yes, he’s total slime and deserves to die a thousand deaths, but still…) And as John’s checking out The Man’s house, he finds the long-dead bodies of the other missing girls — aka the trio of baby brides who were hanging around the newest girl earlier. (He frees their spirits, though, so all’s good.)

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THE DEVIL IN DISGUISE? | With the case closed, Zed finally gets up the courage to tell Corrigan that she’s seen visions of him deceased. Interestingly, the cop takes it in stride. “If I’m gonna die, I’m gonna make every moment count,” he says, and then kisses her… which Constantine witnesses.

Outside, Manny appears to The Blonde One and they have what seems like a little mutual pep talk, full of phrases like, “We can win this war” against the Brujeria, which we all know by now is behind the oft-mentioned Rising Darkness Yay!

BUT, soon after, the cop car Papa Midnite is in freezes to a halt, Manny-style, and the winged one appears to the voodoo priest. He frees him from his handcuffs and says he’s canceling the contract on John’s life.

“You work for the Brujeria?” Midnite asks, surprised.

“No,” Manny says. “The Brujeria work for me.” (???!??!?!?!?)

And that’s where we’re left, Constantine fans. A cliffhanger if ever I saw one, though one with not much chance of resolution. See you in the funny papers!

We want to know what you thought. Grade the season finale of Constantine via the poll below, then elaborate in the comments!

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  1. Tran says:

    I have a feeling that Constantine is “least likely” going to get canceled. Still 50/50 on NBC’s decision.

  2. James says:


    • It has to come back, we have to see what Manny is truly up to and have him be on a collision course with Constantine.

    • squeeb says:


      We can only hope—-I don’t think so, though. And what’s interesting is that there’s no replacement waiting in the wings for it, so you’d think the show would be renewed for the simple fact that,so far, they have nothing to replace it with,plain and simple.

  3. This episode was a rollercoaster of tones, emotions and threats… So pretty much exactly what you would want out of a season finale that leaves you begging for the next season.

  4. Jalen says:

    I have an idea for why manny said that he is the boss for the bruhari (sorry is I spelled wrong). Now I know it is also kinda far feched but what if manny is the first of the fallen aka lucifer after all lucifer is the minipulator and who was the one to set Constantine on his current path? Manny. If we think along these lines what manny said makes complete sense as well as before when the other fallen angel kinda happened he couldn’t tell she fell nor did he even check just in case. Then there is the fact that we have never seen any “punishment” for his killing of the fallen angel which both he told Constantine would happen and yet there has been no change in his interaction with Constantine other than his personality shifts caused by his experiences. Thank you for your time if you have read all of this please respond with your opinion.

    • squeeb says:

      Hmmm—-interesting hypothesis—I wondered what he mean by that last cryptic remark. Cool to see Manny and Papa Midnight meet face to face. One can only hope tha tif the show gets picked up somewhere else,it could be picked up exactly where it left off, if possible, or start all over with a fresh new beginning, which may be more likely.

    • I really like your theory. I also just realized from reading your statement that for the previous episode until now, Manny was really fascinated with Zed’s powers, stating that she’s lucky to both have the vision as well as the freedom of choice. I think that was a foretelling of Manny’s revelation, since Lucifer envied humans because they had free will, and the angels do not. I hope this gets renewed, it sucks when good shows like this one gets canceled.

    • Karen says:

      Remember the episode when Papa Midnight told Constantine that someone he trusts will betray him? Looks like it’s Manny… For now.
      Whatever the motives of Manny are for any link with the brujeria and influencing the rising darkness, i’m sure the producers and writers will want to surprise all with a unique storyline. They will be very cautious of not coming out as a close copy of the Supernatural TV series and its story of the angels.
      I am really hoping the series pursues a season 2. Very cool possible storylines have already been introduced in episode 13. Assumed evil Manny, the coming of the spectre.

    • ambermist80 says:

      Who to say that was Manny at all that Papa midnight meets???

      • Adrienne says:

        To avoid seeming like another “Supernatural” knock off, all they need do is follow some of the characters from the original “Constantine” with Keanu. He had a Catholic priest working with him as well as a bowling alley buddy who supplied him with magical gadgets and weaponry. Even if those particular characters are not reintroduced there is plenty of room for a few more supporting central characters. Because the Zed, Manny, and Can’t-be-killed-guy,(sorry, forgot his name), don’t seem able to prop up the long term underpinnings of future plots all on their lonesome. Within the term of the first season I expected Zed’s character to play a more active role and I confess I hope Manny doesn’t actually turn out to be on the wrong team after all. And Papa Midnight made a better Switzerland in the battle between good and evil in the original, which is one of my favorite movies. I so hope someone picks it up and the show can pull itself together and go forward!!

        • Emjeed says:

          This show is following the comics, not the movie. The guy who can’t be killed (Chas) was changed to the little guy Shia LaBeouf played. The comics came first so the “Original ” is what you are watching on the show. It’s closer to the comics than the movie. Also in the comics, Papa Midnite is exactly the way he is on the show. He helps Constantine when the threat is bigger than both of them. But on the regular they can barely stand each other.

  5. Janet says:

    Best show ever keeps me on edge of chair

  6. Mary goodman says:

    I hope this isn’t the last season of Constantine!

  7. Zorkel says:

    What about the SciFi network?

  8. Cheri Clark says:

    Please bring Constantine back for season two awesome show

  9. Andrew Vanle says:

    It better not get CANCELLED. I love this show and this genre and think this show can sore up to great heights. I mean damn let it go at least 2 more seasons. Dont just blow it off at its knees.

  10. mike says:

    Great tv show and finalie worst time slot
    you goofed tv company for timeslot for this great show.

  11. Johnny Toh says:

    In my opinion, “The brujeria works for me” could mean that its part of god’s fancy plan to test John. The conversation Manny had with Imogen(the female fallen angel), he clearly didn’t know she was fallen and had no reason to pretend because there was no one around. Plus the time he was figuring out how to use the computer and received a blowjob, he genuinely does not seen evil. The finale is just trying to create misleading suspense.

    • Jalen says:

      While I do understand why you think this (and please don’t think I mean to say your opinion is invalid) I believe there is evidence of both instances of your idea of this being gods plan as well as manny being evil however i personally am sort of hopefull that manny is indeed evil after all it not only will be a huge shock for Constantine as well as zed which will be very interesting but manny as a character seems to be a little lack luster compared to the others however an evil manny may be much more interesting than him at this point once again if you read all this tank you for your time

  12. Sheldon W. says:

    Constantine stuttered coming out of the gate – after a pretty cool pilot (though I preferred the original demon to the reflection of Constantine we got in the series premiere), the next couple eps floundered pretty badly. But by the fifth ep the show was finding its feet and getting pretty impressive.

    Now, with the show finally (and consistently) hitting its stride, it’s done. Doesn’t quite seem fair, but as John said…

    Still, Waiting For The Man pretty much captured the comic it was based on and the final reveal was handled really well. Maybe fans will go find the first volume of Hellblazer, which collects the Rising Dark story. It’s well worth reading.

  13. Joey Padron says:

    Great episode. Surprised about cliffhanger at end. Hope the show will get renewed!

  14. Temperance says:

    I loathed the leaked pilot, but they considerably improved the aired pilot. Then the show just got better and better as it went. I look forward to it every week!

  15. Carla Krae says:

    NBC’s VP of drama programming was at the live-tweet party tonight with the Constantine cast and crew. :)

  16. kirads09 says:

    I have to wonder if “the Man” HAD to die in order for John to be able to free the dead bride girls spirits? If so, maybe they should have made that clearer.

    I do hope this isn’t the last we see of this show. I think it may still have a chance. I definitely want more of John working with Jeremy Davies character. And they can’t leave us like that – can they – Manny – what?!?!

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t think the Man dying had anything to do with John helping those girl spirits (he probably would have done it anyway). I think it was more to do with Jim becoming the Spectre in eventuality. I haven’t read the comics, however, so if I’m wrong, someone correct me! :)

      • Emjeed says:

        You’re right on track

        • Karen says:

          The episode also spoke about the evil in men and that it is something new for Constantine. Perhaps if there would be a season 2, he will be battling human evil as well in addition to the demons and supernatural beings.
          For Manny, it could be possible that he is actually carrying out God’s long plan. Would be nice to have a great twist that there is actually a good end to the twisted means. What does the comic book say about the rising darkness? It mentions that it wants to destroy God and Heaven however it cannot exist without light. The plot can revolve around bringing back the balance of good and evil. Who knows.

  17. dman6015 says:

    I wish NBC would just rip the Band-Aid off quickly, instead of slowly. Just tell us, NBC, and get it over with sooner rather than later. #SaveConstantine

    • C$ says:

      They probably have not come to a final decision yet. Every other show they canceled so far this season they’ve been upfront about. No reason to assume they are leaving us hanging with Constantine for nothing.

      • Anon says:

        Unlikely to stay at NBC. Very likely to go to SyFy Channel with a rename to Hellblazer. (and picking up where it left off in NBC)

        • Ray says:

          No, not very likely. It’s basically canceled at NBC but another network pickup while not entirely out of the question is a long shot.

          • partisan says:

            Normally true, but NBC owns syfy and this show fits with the new direction of that network. They want hard edged ski fi and horror lineup, a retooled version of Constantine/Hellblazer is a win-win.

  18. Pat says:

    I hope this show will not be cancelled. It was a great show last night. I have always said and I even posted this when episode 1 was shown that Manny was the creepiest angel that I have ever seen and now he could be bad and we may never know the ending if they cancel this. Please, NBC give us another season!

  19. mike says:

    I loved the twist with manny.
    I pray to Zed that this isnt a one season show!

  20. bob says:

    Constantine’s 1.season was great. However, it just does not make sense that manny who helped john in almost every episode is now an evil angel. Come on why should he help him against the darkness and now be an evil leader…

    • Jalen says:

      Well there is the possibility he has been trying to keep Constantine off the right track to truly end the rising darkness or perhaps he is like those villains who wants a challenge so they help the hero become stronger

    • Jalen says:

      Well there is the possibility he has been trying to keep Constantine off the right track to truly end the rising darkness or perhaps he is one of those villains who wants a challenge so they help the hero become stronger of course this is pure speculation so I may be wrong btw thanks for your time if you read my comments and Id love to hear others opinions on this matter.

  21. Madrose says:

    I truly enjoy this show it was awsome, and I must say that I love the fact that it was broadcast while all other shows were on vacaion. This show has so much potential if only they invested more money and if hey had a much better marketing team in charge. it’s easy to get this show out there threw social media but it takes a clever person to know how too… Maybe they need to talk to Netflix for their future survival. it will be sad if they get cancel..

  22. dee bee says:

    I had a hard time getting into the show the 1st 3 episodes but it started coming together for me & like others on here i made sure i was home every Friday. It really kept me anticipating each episode. Ive been all over leaving comments where i can not to cancel it like NBC did with Dracula. Top notch story telling deserves more than 1 season. NBC, you start these shows on some premise. Don’t keep dropping these great dramas after getting us hooked. You have to see we are not huge numbers but we are loyal!!! Are you going to keep kicking us to the curb???

  23. Karen says:

    Remember the episode when Papa Midnight told Constantine that someone he trusts will betray him? Looks like it’s Manny… For now.
    Whatever the motives of Manny are for any link with the brujeria and influencing the rising darkness, i’m sure the producers and writers will want to surprise all with a unique storyline. They will be very cautious of not coming out as a close copy of the Supernatural TV series and its story of the angels.
    I am really hoping the series pursues a season 2. Very cool possible storylines have already been introduced in episode 13. Assumed evil Manny, the coming of the spectre.

  24. Justin says:

    The only reason the show didn’t do as well is because people are a bunch of panzies (don’t know If I spelled that right tbh). I feel people couldn’t handle all of the chaotic supernatural scenes in the show. The writing was great, and let’s seriously give a round of applause to the actors. They did a damn good job in portraying the characters (Matt Ryan is a carbon copy of John Constantine). It’s also not just him that did good, everyone was convincing. From Chaz to Corrigan to Gary Lester, etc. That cliffhanger at the end killed me. There has to be a season 2. The author of this article seemed very confident in it being fully canceled without a network picking it up. I wonder if he/she would have to edit it when it does get picked up.

  25. Kozmik_Pariah says:

    Rumors say NBC SyFy gets it.

    Hope so.

  26. Rodrigo says:

    Don`t you guys think that Manny`s betrayal looks like a “copy” of the movie plot in which Gabriel betrays him as well? In the middle of the season it really looked like Manny was going to betray him (someone close to you…) but I was hoping it would not happen since almost the same thing happened in the movie, I hoped they would be more creative.

  27. Martin says:

    I read a lot of speculation that Manny might be Lucifer, but the fact of the matter is that Manny has already admitted to being the archangel Emmanuel, and that Manny is just Constantines nickname for him. Of course this happens in the comments, so no telling if it goes for the series as well…
    I really hope this gets renewed because I have seen many series getting cancelled after 1 season with a hell of a cliffhanger (pun intended) and I don’t want this to be one of them too!

  28. Adrienne says:

    I’m so very disappointed that there won’t be a season 2!!! It was absolutely in my top five favorite shows set to record. Why has he been scratched?

  29. PKANDCOMPANY says:

    It started out slow … wasn’t sure I liked Constantine (still don’t personally), but I love the show. So, here’s hoping that it works for others and we get it to stay.

  30. Lori says:

    The show is a little rough for mainstream TV but as far as it goes it’s okay. I like the male actors but for the most part the female actors seem like bored window dressing. Just my opinion but I saw more chemistry between Constantine and John than I ever did between him and any of the women. Maybe I’m just prejudiced because I enjoyed the Keanu Reeves film version so much. All that said, I’ll be sorry if the show gets canceled if only because I love the whole horror, science fiction, fantasy blend; so a loss of any of those types of shows is a bummer.
    – PEACE –

  31. Carrie says:

    Seriously hope they bring Constantine back for a second series, at least. Can not believe Manny is the leader of the Brujeria?!?! WTH

  32. says:

    I think Manny is the first of the fallen, because if he were truly an angel of the Almighty, he would have been disqualified when he received a b***job from the nurse in the hospital. Also,he said something about angels not having the power to influence man’s choice and not being able to physically help John but we see him freeing papa midnight, we also see him killing imogen(the female angel). One thing that got me confused was how he was able to transform to an angel of light even after having sex???? The big question is….What does Manny wants with John, why is he helping him??????

  33. Aaron Pérez says:

    They really shouldn´t end Constantine´s series, many people like me love it. I´ve seen every episode twice and I still don´t get bored. Maybe the special effects are not the best, but I personally think that this show is, although dark, awesome. If there was a way to convince the NBC´s people to keep doing this show, I´d try without a doubt,

  34. Marvhynn says:

    I actually don’t like this episode but manny made it work for me. the end part i repeated like six times. he left purple midnight stunned lol. i love that part

  35. Elle says:

    I was hospitalized over the winter, never realized Constantine was ever in jeopardy. It’s a quality show, perfectly cast! I guess I’m not the “stereotype” of a fan of a superhero program. I’m not a 20 or 30 y.o. nerd or comic book fan. I am a fan of genre fiction and I lean toward folklore and the hero myth. I love a great antihero and Constantine is a great antihero! Can’t there be a show for people who want dissection worthy TV? I don’t want more things like undateable or mistresses or whatever. Give us something legendary and it will grow and last for decades…kind of like Constantine already has, in its first form as a DC Comic since 1988!

  36. MA says:

    What a surprised that a show as racist and religiously bigoted as this, decides that the black Angel is the leader of the primary band of villains. What a disgusting show, I hope it is canceled.

  37. Sage says:

    In Episode 6 he says to John after he scares him by appearing i use to have a trumpet and all back in the day! And only Gabriel had the Trumpet. I’m betting his Gabriel and bad !! He isn’t lucifer