Sleepy Hollow Recap: The Fellowship of the Sing

Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Recap

Pardon me if I sound like Saturday Night Live city correspondent Stefon, but this week’s Sleepy Hollow has everything.

Jenny kicking tail. Hawley leaving town. Ichabod and Abbie singing karaoke — both solo and together. Callbacks to prior episodes. References to both Star Wars and Meghan Trainor. And the human lie detector — It’s that thing? When Katrina uses her powers to discern an important truth about Irving? But otherwise keeps to herself for most of the hour?

The most important aspect of the episode: Abbie and Crane feel more like the Witnesses we love than they have all season. And that’s a good place to return to, four episodes before this go-around draws to a close.

Read on as we review what happens in “Kali Yuga.”

SING IT, ICH! | We open on karaoke night in the Witnesses’ favorite watering hole, where Abbie is wailing on Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy” and Ichabod, Jenny and Hawley enthusiastically cheer her on. (Side note: If you ever need a visual for the word “rapt,” just look at Ichabod’s face while he’s watching his partner on stage. Also: Very nice voice, Nicole Beharie.)sleepyhollow_ichgrin

Hawley leaves to do some shady deal, but he promises Jenny he’ll be back. (And while you’re at it, please take note of Abbie’s face while she watches Jenny and Hawley say goodbye. I’d file that look under “Oh, you boning now? OK then.”)

Ichabod then gets up to sing a sea shanty about syphilis (and not the one “about the bass, ’bout the bass,” he says), and Jenny uses the opportunity to probe her sister about intra-Witness relations. “We’re fine,” Abs replies, but Jenny looks skeptical. Abbie ignores it, asking Jenny what’s up with her and Hawley… and Jenny admits that she and the treasure hunter have been plumbing each other’s troves. OK, OK — she merely admits that there’s something going on between them, but I stand by my inference.

MAMA’S BOY | Meanwhile, Hawley arrives at the transaction rendezvous place and realizes that he’s been set up: The whole thing was a cover so Carmilla, the woman who raised him, could make contact again after their decade-long separation.

Five-second backstory: Hawley’s parents died in an accident when he was 12, and Carmilla the antiquities collector/dealer (played by Defiance‘s Jaime Murray) took him in. But he ran away from her years later when he realized that she wasn’t afraid of killing people who got in her way.

As it turns out, Carmilla is now a vetala, or monster from Hindu mythology. She claims she was turned while seeking him out in India, so a guilt-ridden Hawley agrees to help her with one last job: breaking into the Knox estate to nab an artifact that will make her human again. “One and done,” he warns.

WHAT AN INCREDIBLE SMELL YOU’VE DISCOVERED | Abbie and Ichabod catch wind of the whole thing when Hawley breaks into the archives to steal the Knox (same family as Fort Knox) blueprints. Carmilla is there, too; after her fangs and nails-dripping-acid nearly do Jenny in, they decide to save Hawley from his evil surrogate mom. That means Ichabod and Katrina take care of research while the Mills sisters retrieve intel on Carmilla. Jenny earns my love (who are we kidding — she always had it) when she questions the Witnesses’ split (“You really think you work better apart?”) and then slams a shifty source’s head into a glass display case in order to shake information out of him.

Next you know, Team WTF (minus Katrina) is at a black market supernatural objects party at the Knox property, but things start to fall apart when Hawley takes Jenny’s phone and locks her in a closet. Then, Abbie and Ichabod corner Carmilla in the vault, but Hawley helps the vetala get away with a statue of the goddess Kali… then locks his pals inside.

With a limited amount of space and no distractions — save, y’know, trying to figure out how to escape — Abbie and Ichabod awkwardly acknowledge that their recent miscommunications have led to hurt feelings and a loss of control of the situation. He brings up Orion’s sigil, which he found in the tossed archives, and she apologizes for keeping it from him. He, in turn, apologizes for deciding to save Abraham without consulting her. “What if we’re not as good partners today as we were in the past? Maybe our whole thing is starting to go awry,” Abbie says, basically reading from the Twitter feeds of half of the show’s fanbase. But then Ichabod makes a bad decision about which button to push to get them out, and the walls grow spikes and start closing in (causing Abbie to make a snarky Star Wars comparison. At least you’re not up to your ear buns in trash, Abs).

HAWLEY HITS THE ROAD | Crane eventually pushes the right button, saving them from becoming Biblically ordained shish kebabs, and they make it to the location where Carmilla has drugged Hawley in order to make him a vetala like her. (No way! The bad woman lied?!) Ich deduces that a combination of fire and iron can take down the Hindu monster, so they stop a few of her henchmen while Jenny frees Hawley. A shirtless, shirtless Hawley…

Where was I? Oh yeah. Nick moves to end Carmilla’s life, but she runs away before he can do the deed. So later, he finds Jenny to tell her goodbye; he’s leaving town to find Carmilla, sheepishly telling her that now she knows why he doesn’t let anyone get close. Oh sure, the “It’s not you, it’s the fact that my faux mother is a Hindu monster” excuse. If I had a dollar for every time I heard that one during my dating years… Then they kiss, and it’s sweet, and I’m sorry that Hawley won’t be around (at least for the foreseeable future).

Meanwhile, Ichabod and Abbie realize that they have to “tend to” their bond in order to make sure things stay copacetic. In other words: Mommy Witness and Daddy Witness need a date night every once in a while. So they get up and sing the Ike and Tina Turner version of “Proud Mary,” sadly cutting out before the frenetic “DOO-doo-doo-doo-DOO-doo-doo-doo” part.

Sleepy Hollow Season 2 RecapNOWHERE MAN | Cynthia, who’s representing Frank in court, is stunned when the new evidence hinted at in the last episode exonerates her back-from-the-dead husband. But still, she can’t shake the feeling that he may not be who he says he is. (Side note: I thought the “I can’t want to get home to you and Macey” thing might be a tip-off — they weren’t living together before this whole ordeal. Anyone else with me?)

So Katrina uses her powers to delve into Frank’s mind; when she surfaces, she says he has no more link to the Horseman of War. But things are certainly not back to normal, as evidenced by the fact that Frank can’t see his reflection in the cabin’s glass door when Cynthia hugs him in joy.

Now it’s your turn. Did you love the “Are you having a moment?” moment? What about the Cranes’ discussion of Mary Poppins? Theories on Irving? Sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Amy says:

    You didn’t mention the Mary Poppins reference. That was the best line of the night!

  2. Bellmari says:

    Love this episode. A lot better than previous ones and was quite enjoyable to watch. Hope Sleepy Hollow is renewed for next season!

  3. Angela says:

    Those karaoke scenes were fantastic and I want more. I loved the end scene with Katrina and Irving, ’cause of all the weird, potentially unsettling setup apparently going on there, and seeing Katrina use her magic and working with Irving-there’s a dynamic I’d be interested in exploring further…but I too seriously wish we could’ve seen a lot more of Ichabod and Abbie’s duet before we got to that point. Ah, well. Ichabod referencing Meghan Trainor had me dying, and he and Abbie both have lovely, lovely voices. Did I mention I want more karaoke?
    And yes, Ichabod’s face as he watched Abbie perform was lovely. There were some very sweet, touching moments between them in general in this episode-the scene in the vault was great, too. Nice to see them properly talking out their issues and working through them.
    Agreed on Jenny being all bad@ss this episode as well. I liked the scene with her slamming that guy’s head into the counter. Dang. As if we needed more reasons not to mess with her. There were some nice moments between her and Hawley, too, before he left. I liked Hawley, and that ending made me kinda go, “Aw” at seeing him go, but eh, well. *Shrugs*
    And yes, the “Mary Poppins” discussion was great, too. Good episode! Lots to enjoy here, for sure.

  4. Ashley says:

    I know I’m in the minority, but I like Hawley and I’m sad to see him go for awhile. I like Matt and have for awhile. I was actually preparing to send in a question for the next AA about why they flipped Hawley’s feelings from Abbie back to Jenny, but thankfully I was waiting ’til after this episode or I’d’ve felt embarrassed sending that in.

    • Melissa says:

      I like Hawley as well. I think he’s a great recurring character because they never tried to make him more. Perhaps fans weren’t as receptive because he came along in season two when so many other changes were going on. We weren’t seeing our main players as we were used to, and this random drifter just shows up. But I think playing the dude all about his money and girls worked for him. Too bad. I hope they didn’t completely write him out as a fan service figuring they won’t sacrifice Katrina, but they will make a concession by getting rid of Hawley. What a shame…

      • twilla says:

        I’ve read quite a few comments that they were trying to “whiten” the show up by getting rid of Irving, having less Jenny scenes and adding Hawley. I didn’t agree and I still don’t.

        • Mally says:

          Of course YOU wouldn’t agree. But, that’s the beauty of being human; differing opinions.

          • twilla says:

            Are you trying to imply something with the emphasis on “YOU”? They didn’t get rid of any of the Black actors and they introduced one white guy. I don’t see how that could be interpreted at “whitening” the show.

          • @Twilla I think they are implying that because you’re white it would be much more likely that you wouldn’t see that, much in the same way a man might say, that they don’t agree that something was sexist.

          • twilla says:

            Yes OnAnotherPlane, I took it that way as well. Which was basically saying I’m racist. I’d say there’s a fair divide between black and white actors, if anyone wants to cry about discrimination, they should be concerned at the lack of Asians in the cast. Or we can agree that it’s a good show with a cast of talented actors, regardless of their skin color?

        • Angela says:

          I’d just assumed that the reason Jenny, at least, hadn’t shown up as much early on this season was because they’d started filming it before the announcement came last spring that she’d been made a series regular. Now, how that explains the lack of Irving, I’m not sure, but that’s one theory, at least, to throw out there.
          Whatever the reason for the lack of Jenny and Irving early on, I’m just glad it’s being remedied and they’re much more involved of late.

      • uhhh says:

        The only reason I wasn’t receptive was because he filled the role that Jenny had filled (purveyor of surpernatural doohickeys), and his arrival coincided with Jenny’s disappearance. Jenny adds a unique and interesting energy to TeamWTF that Hawley never did. If he’d been around a little bit while Jenny had remained as important as she was last season (rather than the other way around), no one would have objected to him at all.

    • lane says:

      I’ve had no problem with Hawley either. His character is simply a victim of bad writing. They never should have brought him in as having a romantic past with Jenny and having this shallow, devil may care attitude. Since his past was so tragic and he was raised by this.. Frankly I’m not clear what she really was to him.. It seems to me that he should have come across as being cold and brooding, not this happy go lucky jokester. I do like that he showed this selfless vulnerable side. By the way, am I the only one that’s thinking Frankly might be Henry’s avatars? Just a thought.

    • Tanya says:

      Can you explain it to me then, because I still don’t get why they flipped him from Jenny, to Abbie, and then back to Jenny.

      • Claire says:

        THIS. I don’t mind Hawley and Jenny but the change is just jarring. I hope we get an explanation from the showrunners.

  5. I really enjoyed this episode. It had everything I liked in it an then some. Glad to see Ichabod and Abbie reconciling. Jenny was AMAZING. GOODBYE HAWLEY! And it was great to see a deeper dive in the Irving family turmoil. I hope things work out for them. And perhaps we’re getting some hints at Evil!Katrina, which I can totally go for. Very solid episode and if this is what the writers mean by getting things back on track then I am TOTALLY for this. Hope to see what is in store for Frank, what Jenny will be doing now that Hawley is gone and she can rightfully become the resourceful arms/artifacts dealer and of course Ichabod and Abbie furthering/strengthening their bonds as witnesses. Definitely a good start to things. :)

  6. Alichat says:

    (played by Defiance‘s took him in. But he ran away from her years later when he realized that she wasn’t afraid of killing people who got in her way.

    I think you forgot to finish this sentence. Jaime Murray and a closed parenthesis.

    Tonight’s episode had so much Ichabod and Abbie…….missed those two bantering so much! The Star Wars trash compacter bit, the mustang banter, the Meghan Trainor shout out, singing about syphillis, Proud Mary!!! (Ich & Tina!!!)…….loved it so much!! I do find it weird that Katrina wasn’t at the bar with them at the beginning of the hour. If she’s living with Ichabod, shouldn’t she be out with him and the only people she can call friends in this time? Her not being with them at the Knox estate was odd as well (cause wouldn’t a witch be handy when going up again an acid flinging Ventala?), but could have been explained with one line from someone that she was performing the spell on Irving. While I feel less Katrina is best sometimes, the continuity was a little bumpy in trying to accomplish that.

  7. Babybop says:

    Loved it. They are too cute. Did you see his face when they were singing together? Also, Matt Barr is lookin’ gooood.

  8. Drew says:

    This felt like another burner episode to me, detracting from the real meaty arc of the series… If such a thing exists anymore. Hawley’s interactions with the group have been really inconsistent over the course of the season. The monster this week with random ties to him was weak and looked lame.
    There have been really solid episodes this year, but I feel like the show’s average is being brought down by the higher episode count and lame filler.

    Also, we get it. You’re driving a Ford. The product placement almost reached Alias levels tonight. “Quick, Vaughn! Get to the Ford F-150!”

    • Angela says:

      Also, we get it. You’re driving a Ford. The product placement almost reached Alias levels tonight. “Quick, Vaughn! Get to the Ford F-150!”
      Ha. My sentiments exactly. But product placement’s the thing with many TV shows nowadays, unfortunately, so…

      • Drew says:

        When it is well done, I don’t mind (Chuck is the champion of all time for this). But it looked like more effort went into filming the car than any of the scenes with actual plot.

        • Rook says:

          No. Nothing is worse then when 90210 did State Farm. It was beyond bad.

        • uhhh says:

          Actually, I thought this one wasn’t that bad. No one actually said the name of the product, it was certainly plausible that a guy like Hawley would drive a Mustang, and the horsepower conversation was quite in character. It could have been so much worse.

      • herman1959 says:

        I thought it was cute and fit right in with the show; the bad part was when it was followed with the Ford commercial – too much!

    • David4 says:

      It’s still not as bad as when Bones dos product placement, they make the whole case / episode the product. “Avatar is the most amazing thing ever made in the history of the universe!” I still gag thinking about how great that show was in season 1.

  9. flo says:

    Crane driving the mustang reflected this episode of Sleepy Hollow perfectly. They were stuck in neutral this whole season (more like a carwreck but anyways). Sleepy Hollow is best when they go all in, and they FINALLY did it with this episode. Go crazy or go home! EVERYTHING was done wonderfully. The interaction between all characters. The communication between our Ichabbie. Frank and Jenny given stuff to do! A plot! And Katrina – Katrina works best when she’s not at the front, but at the side being sneaky, as she was with this episode. So happy Sleepy seems to be back on track.

    • Isobel says:

      Agree this episode seems to be bring sleepy hollow back on track

    • suzi says:

      Also agree. Loved the episode, enjoyed the joy on Ichabod’s face while driving and watching Abbie sing. I think he would add the car to the list of things he wants, like the the motorcycle.

  10. meresger says:

    The karaoke was pretty good. And the Mary Poppins joke and Star Wars bit. Kinda disappointing that Henry Knox had to be relegated to a Hawley-centric, though. I love the Sons of Liberty tie-ins, and devoting anything to Hawley is just a waste of screentime, IMO. I don’t know why the writers think his ‘courageous and compassionate’ (ha!) character ads to the show, but he’s basically to Sleepy Hollow what Hook is to OUAT: a pretty boy perv for fangirls who adds nothing to the plot and takes away screentime from the characters that matter who are forced to suddenly decide he’s a heroic part of their posse even though he’s still basically a sleaze (AKA “romantic”) in the way he’s written. I know some fans submitted a petition to the show to get rid of this character. I’m just hoping that his “departure” here is a sign that they listened and when (inevitably) he returns, it’s as something more interesting: like the Horseman of Pestilence — since his character as it’s written now is a blight on Sleepy Hollow.
    (When Hawley said “one and done” did anyone else’s inner Jake Peralta giggle: “That’s the title of your sex tape!”?)

  11. puck says:

    Great episode, sorry to see Hawley go, but hopefully he will return in the future. I’m glad the Witnesses are back on track and Jenny is in the fold.

  12. DonnaMaMa says:

    didn’t that actor that plays Hawley get cast in another show? why he is leaving the show, I really like him and they could integrate him as part of the “scooby gang” ?? Always going to need artifacts and weapons, wonder if they will re-fill/re-do that void? Love that Mustang and that color red was awesome as well!

  13. Matthew B Lawler says:

    Me and a friend that were watching Sleepyhollow together at the same exact moment after Ichabod said Parasal we both at the same time yelled Mary Poppins

  14. Matthew B Lawler says:

    The first thing I thought when Irving was unable to see his reflection was vampire it also look like wall Katrina said that he had no ties left of the horse man that she knew more than she was saying she looked like once again she was keeping secrets which is why Katrina seems to do best

    • notsorighteousindignation says:

      Katrina did have a mysterious look on her face that went beyond what she told Frank and his wife.

      • Marie says:

        Of course she did Katrina is an accomplished liar. Is anyone shocked by that? She’s manipulated Crane for theirs noire relationship and I’m not convinced she’s actually on our side.

  15. Kathleen says:

    Wait, so are there really only 4 new episodes left!??!?

  16. notsorighteousindignation says:

    I have never been as hard on this season’s version of the show as others because I am still having a great time watching it. Granted there were plotline flip-flops this season with no main story holding it together as season one was pretty singular in its story trajectory. But I still count Sleepy Hollow among my favorite shows and am hoping so very hard that it gets a season 3. I love ALL the characters and hope they all come back. The show gives us some of the funniest moments on TV from Ichabod ‘s comments. And why oh why did we not get more of that fabulous Ichabod/Abbie duet .

  17. marie says:

    Sleepy.Hollow’s back!!! An amazing episode! There was sooooo much going on. And as a certified nerd/geek girl they gave us karaoke, Ichabbie moments, a Star Wars reference, and a freakin’ Ford Mustang. Best night ever! Glad to see the powers that be listened to the fandom and went back to what works. As for Katrina perhaps all her damsel in distress behavior has been a ruse and she really is a minion of Moloch? Can’t wait to see the remainder of the season and PLEASE renew Sleepy for season 3. There were a few missteps this season but overall FOX needs to trust Sleepy Hollow’s writers and producers to keep us coming back for more. Although perhaps as a side note FOX might consider their lack of support for the show in the recent decline on viewership. Just my two cents

  18. TVPeong says:

    I hope they release a clip of Abbie and Ichabod singing the whole song. They sing remarkably well together.

  19. Tv diva says:

    Is Hawley gone for good? I love him and I hate to see him go? Did he get cast for another series? I’d rather him stay and Katrina go!!

  20. twilla says:

    Ah, I couldn’t figure out what he was looking at in the window! Thank you.

    It’s like the writers responded almost immediately to all the fan complaints, particularly Hawley and his rather unexpected departure. They actually made Katrina slightly interesting in this episode too but I did miss Headless… I like that actor very much.

  21. scotlore says:

    Did I miss an episode? Wasn’t Hawley crushing on Abbie like 5 minutes ago?
    Now it’s back to Jenny ?
    In other news, I still enjoyed the episode. The Hindu translations thanks to Abby’s yoga knowledge and Ichabod’s reaction was fun.

  22. herman1959 says:

    A Slam-Dunk for the writers! They managed to address every issue the viewers have voiced and fix them, creatively, in time for an end-of-season arc. Yes, the show is back and I can’t wait to see what happens next week. Prediction: look for Hawley to show up in the finale.

  23. KT says:

    Just the first paragraph alone had me. That was a great intro to a recap!

  24. GhostWolf says:

    All I’m gonna say is I’m glad Blondie is gone (hopefully for good). He just did not fit in at all.

  25. DallasMa says:

    Is it just me that I can’t stand Katrina? She’s anyways unpleasant & I don’t think they should trust her. After reading some of the other comments I guess I’m in the minority on this, but I like Halkey. The monster’s link this week was a little weak, I’ll agree, plus the flip flopping from Jenny to Abby & vice versa, but I like the breeziness of the character.

    • Angela says:

      Oh, no, you are FAR from being the only person who can’t stand her. This episode didn’t have as much focus on her, that’s why so many people liked it and liked her moments in it. But if you look at previous recaps there’s tons of ranting comments about her and how much many of the fans can’t stand her.
      People like myself, who do like her, are the odd ones out in this fandom.

  26. Liza says:

    I really liked the character of Nick Hawley and hope that he returns some day. He is a great match for Jenny!

  27. Lovely says:

    MUCH better episode than last week. Abbie and Ichabod together! Katrina having a little role… That is how I like it. And the episode had an interesting story line. Thank You! I had to look up the actress who played Hawley’s aunt… I remember her from Spartacus, the second season. I like the actress. I’m glad to see Hawley go; he came across as kind of a sleaze to me honestly. He screws one sister, starts crushing on the other, then goes back to the first… Didn’t care for that. Buh-bye!!! Won’t miss him. Hope he stays gone. Some parts of this show make me laugh… Like exactly what evidence was found that exonerated Irving… Did I miss that part??? The story has more holes in it than Swiss cheese but whatever LOL…

  28. Lovely says:

    “I got caught by a thuggy death cult”… Gotta luv the writing on this show LOL

  29. Rhonda says:

    When will this show come back on?????
    I really loved watching the show.
    GreAt story line and lived the cast. Great casting!