Grey's Anatomy Fans: Don't Rule Out This Baby Storyline Just Yet

Grey's Anatomy Owen Callie Baby

Grey’s Anatomy‘s Callie Torres was angling to have a second baby (via adoption), until her already tenuous marriage to Arizona Robbins crumbled to pieces this fall.

And for so long, Owen Hunt lobbied Cristina Yang to start a family, only to be rebuffed every step of the way — right up until his ex-wife left Seattle for greener pastures in Zurich.

Might Callie (who’s bisexual) and Owen, each now quite eligible and regularly working side-by-side at Grey+Sloan, ultimately come together as a couple, and satisfy their common want?

Series creator Shonda Rhimes, when asked if she ever was tempted to pair the characters in part toward that common goal — rather than steer Owen (played by Kevin McKidd) toward Amelia Shepherd, as seems the plan — didn’t rebuff the idea outright. At all.

“I have thought of that — and I don’t know why that is still not a possibility. I don’t know why you think that’s not a possibility,” she answered. “Yeah, we’ve thought of every possibility for Owen and how he can have a baby — believe me.”

The question, though, may be whether Callie (Sara Ramirez) is still itching to give Sofia (her and Arizona’s daughter via the late Mark Sloan) a sibling, now that she is single and gradually getting ready to mingle.

As Season 11 resumes Thursday, Jan. 29, “Callie is trying to figure out who she is, by herself,” Rhimes previews. “That’s her plan, it’s what shes doing, and it’s very charming to watch her try to get back out there and see what it’s like.”

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  1. Dominique says:

    the last thing callie should be worrying about right now is another baby. her marriage is over, she doesn’t know how to live alone anymore, and her big storyline is STILL how she’s going to get her 2nd baby? seems like a bad idea.

  2. Addie says:

    Yeah that’s not the baby storyline I wanted more information on! Though the one I’m interested does feature a redheaded trauma surgeon. And the other person does have a Mark Sloan connection.

  3. Ellen says:

    If Shonda’s goal is to lose viewers, she’s doing a very good job. This is getting more and more stupid.

  4. Sara says:

    LOL.. I’m pretty sure Owen and Callie are going to happen this season.

  5. Cdeno says:

    For the love of God just no. It’s funny how after the alternative relative episode when Callie and Owen were married Shonda was all see they don’t work together, and now apparently they might.

    What about Arizona? Callie is again trying to find herself, but what about Arizona, is she not trying to find herself after she was blind sighted with a divorcee from Her wife. Why is it al aye about Callie ( and I like that character)

    • Ike says:

      I’m actually enjoying Arizona very much this season (as with all seasons (She’s my favourite)). Starting a new specialty, playing/being the learner, failing at work; all things we’ve never seen Arizona do. And we’ve got to hear about her side of the story for once in therapy. Or at least attempt too, you know, before Callie starts putting words in her mouth.

  6. NC says:

    Callie and Owen have no business being together.

    • the girl says:

      Who says they are going to “be together”? Perhaps they are just going to make a baby.

      • Ellen says:

        You don’t make a baby with the intent to not raise it together, that would be totally selfish. “We don’t want to be together, but let’s make a baby. Then we can each have it every other week”?! Don’t think so……

  7. pamela says:

    the people in this hospital need to stop sleeping around with each other one after the other, i know this is a drama /soap but enough is enough.

  8. Ike says:

    They (Callie and Owen) were together in the alternate universe episode and had three kids. It would be nice if Callie and Owen ‘hooked up’. Would be more entertaining than the obvious direction of Amelia and Owen the writers are probably going to show us.

    Also, Callie always does this; after each break-up she tries to find herself, but she usually finds herself going nuts over someone else (except after Arizona cheated on Callie). As Cristina said to Callie once “you were hardly ever single”.

  9. Alia says:

    They have a baby storyline and it seems they are going to kill the baby. I like Owen/Callie but now I like Owen/Amelia even more.

  10. thisismenow says:

    I’m still in the minority that is hoping Callie and Arizona get back together. The show has pulled the it is so over thing enough times that I never buy a relationship is fully dead and gone until someone moves or dies on the show.

  11. Lea says:

    TVline, you got any Meredith Grey scoop please?

  12. Tina says:

    WTF, HELL NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I will for sure STOP watching this show, Callie and Owen are like brother and sister

  13. Dodi says:

    No surprise there. Shonda break Calzona up to pair Callie with Owen. Since Patrick will be spending not much time on Grey’s, they need another leading couple.
    And Ms. Ramirez is finally free from Calzona like she was wanting for years. Now she can enjoyCallie’s precious bi journey.

  14. Caitlin says:

    Yeah…. can’t say I’m too much a fan of Callie & Owen making a baby. They both would be better off adopting or each finding a surrogate. Also, TVLine, I know there is a lot of chatter about Arizona and Callie being “done” or “over for now”… is there ANYTHING to say that they might actually end up together? Personally, if they are supposed to mirror MerDer, and Shonda says no to divorce for them, there’s gotta be reason to believe Calzona are end game. Right?….Right?

  15. tahina says:

    Why I’m not surprised. Shonda is being cooking this pairing for ages, now that Calzona is done, they can be the next couple, and Sara has been doing, along with Kevin, the TGIT promos. Wait for Calzona fans rage! Ugh.

  16. Cristina says:

    All you’re missing is Callie pregnant of Owen, and Arizona have having to create her son with someone else again, as happened with the Mark. Shonda is very unfair to Arizona.

  17. yoleidys says:

    shonda y productores no le quiten el picante a la serie por favor hagan cambios en el personaje ARIZONA y dejenle con calli por favor !!! ;)

  18. Jen says:

    I’m sorry, but this show has gone completely off the rails at this point. I’ve been a faithful viewer for this long, but this show has taken a turn that I really don’t like. Instead of bowing out gracefully seasons ago, they continue to make this show and throw every last idea that they can come up with, regardless of how nonsensical it might be. It’s more than obvious that this show has run out of good ideas. So now they are ruining and tearing down every good relationship on the show to create more ridiculous, out of whack storylines. I can’t with this show anymore. It’s become too ludicrous.

  19. Cristina says:

    I wonder what Shonda has against Arizona to get pregnant.

    • Ellen says:

      Sara is Shonda’s favorite, always has been. I used to like Callie, but I’m disliking her more and more now. To me, it seems like the character Arizona has only been used as a phase in Callie’s journey. I’m not even sure that Callie ever truly loved her. Re watching episodes, I see evidence of that once in a while.

  20. yoleidys says:

    not sepraen by GOD at q more desire mucgo want to see them together !! please

  21. RMR says:

    Wonder if Capshaw is leaving GA, ergo Cazona kaput.

  22. Biz says:

    We all remember that Callie can’t get pregnant (or at least carry to term), right? That was a story line from last season. So Callie and Owen, what? Get a surrogate? Adopt? Seems unlikely to me.

  23. Luiza says:

    If, after everything that happened, Calzona Shonda simply unite Callie and Owen, I’ll say that fans of Shonda were wrong all this time. Everything was just to gain followers for the serie. That sad.

  24. William says:

    *sigh* I wish Teddy were still around because now that I think about, she would’ve stood as a better love interest for Owen. She would’ve given him the family that he always wanted.

    • Ms. R says:

      You are right! Teddy shouldn’t leave the show earlier. After Cristina left Teddy might have a chance to be with Owen & maybe they can start a family together and they will have a baby. I prefer Owen & Teddy together other than Callie or Amelia.

  25. Cristina says:

    Also I never believed very much in love with Callie for Arizona. Arizona has always shown more love than Callie. Callie never said “I love you” for Arizona, Arizona always is speaking I love you. Callie speaks just me too.

  26. Tina says:

    Matt: When did Shonda give you This interview?

  27. Cristina says:

    I’m thinking now. And if Callie pregnant but have problems with pregnancy and Arizona save your life and the life of his son? It would be the second time that Arizona would save the life of a daughter of Callie. But I don’t know if I would want Arizona with Callie after she get pregnant again to someone else.

  28. megan says:

    Why does every character on the show have to be coupled up just for the sake of it?

  29. Tina says:

    Matt: Do you have any Dr.Herman scoop for us?

  30. Cristina says:

    If it’s for Callie to get involved with Owen, I hope a new, great and true love for Arizona. She deserves.

  31. nitemar says:

    If they are going to pair Callie with a guy, can it be someone other than Owen. Please. I want her with Arizona, but it seems they want a Callie bi journey this time. It doesn’t have to end up having a child though, Callie already has a child who we barely see anymore. Paging Sofia!

  32. Anna says:

    No. If this happens, I’m so out of there. I’m not over Owen and Christina, but I’m okay with him with Amelia. Not with Callie, though. She belongs with Arizona.

    • Ms. R says:

      Callie can’t get pregnant again after the car crash remember? So maybe it’s not gonna happen. But its Shonda after all, you never know what she’s gonna do with Callie & Owen’s journey.

  33. shouw says:

    I don’t think Callie/Owen is going to happen

  34. alex says:

    just. stop.

  35. B says:

    You know, Calzona fans are already suffering enough and if Shonda wants to do something good for them once she won’t give Callie a child by Owen. That will be just a copy of the Callie/Mark storyline (because both wanted a baby) and I’m not sure if Owen fans will like the idea either. This way maybe the characters will have a baby but the viewers will be very upset. I know that Shonda Rhimes doesn’t write her stories according to the fans’ wishes but she can’t keep kicking the Calzona fans in the butt repeatedly. Please just find another way for Owen to have a child.

    By the way, for someone who has wanted to see Alex have a baby since season 4 maybe I should give up already, right? Cause nobody ever talks about giving him and Jo a kid. That’s at least something the fans want since they are in a happy relationship and there isn’t anybody who would be hurt by them having a child. It would make us fans so happy. But yeah, I guess in the end everyone except Alex will have kids. Which is funny because when someone asked Shonda Rhimes during season 6 which one of her characters would make the best parent she said Alex. 5 years later still no kid for Alex.

  36. Kelsy says:

    This would be pretty disrespectful to Calzona fans after having to put up with the gross “modern family” with Mark and then all the baby talk last season only for that to end up where it did. And that Callie can only end up happily with a kid with a man. No thanks. But I honestly don’t think it will happen. But if it does, this show has seriously run out of ideas.

    • I agree! Just reinforcing a bisexual woman can only get what she needs and be happy with a man. Why couldn’t they show calzona work through their problems and have a baby on their terms. Callie just stuck with Arizona out of fear of being alone? Interesting timing, Mark died and suddenly Arizona was no longer enough. Now their “transitionary period” lasts 5 episodes? And boom Callie has a new love interest? Can you say opportunist? Some respect tossing calzona and the fans to the curb, like their marriage never existed. So easily thrown away. What message is that sending for society who already view same sex couples as less than? Shonda and Sara should be ashamed of themselves. This has nothing to do with bisexual invisibility.

  37. Dil says:

    I love callie and owen together, but now that amelia is in the picture..I LOVE the idea of owen and amelia even more.. Though sara kevin do have chemistry and I hope they get more screen time together as friends!

  38. kn1231 says:

    I actually really like the idea of Owen and Amelia. I think they are both what the other needs. I can’t see Callie handling Owen’s PTSD episodes very well… she didn’t with Arizona. I am a fan of Calzona, but more of a fan of Arizona. So all I am waiting to see if Callie crawling back to Arizona, begging for her back. Arizona has put up with enough crap from Callie, would be nice to see the other side.

  39. ann says:

    save callie torres

  40. Mara says:

    I love the idea of Callie and Owen together! So done with Arizona and her blaming Callie for everything and taking no responsibility. She cheated instead of talking. I think after what both Owen and Callie have gone throigh with their past relationships they could be really good together.

    • Kelsy says:

      Speaking of Arizona cheating, you do realize Owen has cheated on two different women on this show, right? But guess it’s ok because he’s a man.

    • tiana says:

      Interesting how you bring up Arizona’s cheating as a reason for her not being good enough for Callie……. yet are you forgetting that Owen is a serial cheater himself? He cheated on Cristina out of revenge/spite because she aborted their baby. He cheated on Emma with Cristina, and then broke up with Emma and not only did he not tell her he slept with his ex, he also blamed her for not wanting to be with her anymore. WOW WHAT A GREAT, STAND-UP GUY. Clearly Mr. Wonderful-Knight-In-Shining-Armor for Callie Torres. /sarcasm

    • DoctorWhoFanatic says:

      LMAO. We’re obviously not watching the same show. Callie is manipulative, selfish, and completely self-absorbed.

    • Era says:

      Don’t tell! Callie and that huge Pig of Owen? Callie has to have more luck than that. In fact no woman deserve that serial cheater. And as far as Amelia is concerned, now that I was warming up to her they seem to be pairing her with that sample of a man (cough – boy),Uhhg. I was so happy when cristina was freed. That was what a real Woman would have done if she had been in a sad, toxic relationship with that pathetic sulky child. It seems that I may have to disinvest in Amelia afterall.

  41. T says:

    Why is TVline so obsessed with Callie and Owen? They make no sense! Callie can’t even have children and it’s not like Arizona said she never wanted another kid! They broke up for other reasons, obviously. But Callie and Owen getting together is just stupid. They’re not romantically involved and becoming friends that raise a child is unnecessary. Why don’t they just have a “single father” storyline for Owen? That would be more plausible than Callie and Owen.

  42. cyclone says:

    Owen is a train wreck and still can’t forget the way he abused Cristina; 1- when he choked her out, 2- when she pulled the burning pan off the stove, and 3- when he tried to guilt her into having the kid are the most notable examples.
    I DO NOT want Callie to get mixed up in his crazy. He already tried to bully her by giving her the “order” to continue the vet project.
    I don’t know why everyone thinks he’s such a good guy and why he’s Shonda’s golden boy.

    • Era says:

      4- When he invited a woman he knew he had feelings for to work with him at the hospital and later couldn’t choose between the two of them until a shooter came in.
      5-When he micromanaged and belittled her continuously in her day life at the hospital.
      6-When he played favourites with everyone but Cristina.
      7-When he messed with her career by not choosing her for chief residente saying he knew better what was best for her. April was the chosen one, way better than her or any other residente by that matter.
      8-When he shouted at her calling her baby killer before her co-workers in a party.
      9-When he betrayed her in a huge way by siding with people who advocated her to operate on Henry without inform her who the patient was. He was her husband the others not.
      10-When he used to have selective memory and hearing by not aknowledge that he knew she was a free kids woman before marriage when she clearly stated this in the middle of an OR where he, Teddy and Callie were among others.
      11-When he offensivly insinuated that a grown up woman was childish because she dared not wanting what he considered important for him. Children.
      12-When after maybe one and half years of marriage he decided that he was in his right of cheating on her over an abortion he had been there standing supporting her for awhile back. As if he had been submmited to decades of torture at her hands and finally had the right to a blast.
      13-When after the cheating he had the most nauseating attitude of trying to convince her that was her fault he had cheated. She should have walked the door right there. In that way SR would have shown to be a true woman e and a true feminist which she is only in paper
      14-Cherry on top of the cake, he didn’t give two…about cheating on Emma too turning his deranged fans blue at the face.
      I can’t understand why anyone in the world would want this man, let alone to have a kid by him. I wouldn’t want this weak, sanctimonious serial cheater with Callie or even poor Amelia. One more for him to cheat on and mistreat.

  43. S says:

    This show is circling the drain! Absolutely no respect for devoted fans who stuck with Private Practice and rooted for Amelia and James, only to have that ripped apart to feed the Seattle drama. Cristina and Owen were denied their ending, and now we are shopping out Callie to any male with baby-making capabilities, while also maintaining she loves women. So upsetting for a show I once loved.

  44. Katie says:

    Wow, I’m surprised by the negative reaction over here since Callie/Owen exactly what would get me to start watching the show again. I used to love Arizona and Callie together, but I’ve had major issues with them as a pairing ever since Arizona lost her leg. Arizona was pretty horrible to Callie during the whole process, and then it seemed like the exact week when she started feeling like herself again, she started flirting with that other girl. Cheating, after EVERYTHING they went through, was horrible, but even worse was her actions afterward. How she didn’t seem to be sorry at all, how she was mad at Callie for being mad. She never tried to get Callie back, never really worked to earn her forgiveness and trust. The episode where she told Callie that Callie needed to get over it was the last episode I watched because I grew to hate Arizona so much and felt like Callie had lost a lot of respect by not defending herself better. Really, I just want a new love interest for Callie, and I’m definitely open to seeing how that relationship would pan out. And my anger towards Arizona versus Owen has nothing to do with Owen being a man. I didn’t think he and Cristina should be together after he cheated, either. He wasn’t half as apologetic as I thought he should be and Cristina was my favorite character. But Callie and Owen do have a bit of chemistry they could build on. I think pairing her with a man, at least for a little while, is a great idea. There ISN’T much bisexual representation on television (practically none) and it’s important that show not forget that she didn’t just become a lesbian because of Arizona and Erica. She hasn’t been with a man romantically since George. Maybe they could write in another girl for Arizona as well. Give them both time to really heal and then perhaps revisit the relationship a bit down the road.

  45. Justyna says:

    Callie cannot be impregnated. That’s because of the accident in season 8. The whole idea of a baby made by Callie and Owen makes no sense then. Either it’s a gossip, an attempt to confuse us or the writers got it all wrong.

  46. Ms. R says:

    Please don’t say that Callie will have a second baby by having a sex with her new love interest (whoever he/she is). And oh, Callie can’t get pregnant again since the car crash right? So how come she’ll have a second baby? Didn’t Shonda said last season that Callie & Arizona are doing a surrogacy on this season? And now, what? They broke up 😒 I’m so done with all the Calzona drama already. Please Shonda, just don’t mess up with my brain & heart.

  47. J says:

    If Shonda truly goes this route I will burn my dvds and never watch another one of her shows again. It’s the most insulting story she could possibly do. It’s what Calzona fans have honestly feared since the If/Then episode paired the two years ago. Why? Because it’s what media does with bisexual women. Give them a vacation in lesbianland only to ultimately pair them up with a dude. And honestly, the entire point would likely be to keep Owen available for a series finale ending with Cristina. He gets to have his kid and Cristina while Callie will go back to Arizona. Gee, lucky Arizona. Not.

    To me, it suggests that even with Sara and Jessica on canvas and Sandra off, the more important relationship to Shonda is Crowen.

    What’s up with this show needing a male/female couple to make a kid together? Owen’s got money, he can adopt a kid. Or he can hire his own surrogate and be a daddy all on his own. He chose a kid over Cristina, give him a kid and be done with it. Don’t ruin a same sex relationship for his aching male womb. Or hell, he can start parenting Derek’s kids since Derek’s off to DC. Maybe Owen and Meredith can get drunk together and end up knocked up. Meredith and Derek can reconcile and when Cristina returns it’ll be perfect. Owen will have his kid and Cristina can be the fun aunt w/o having to play mommy.

  48. Norah says:

    I believe everyday that Shonda will be pushing Owen and Callie down the throat of those who will be watching. If Shonda makes this a couple, the character of Callie will not emerge from this, just as Addison sleeping with Sam made ‘Private Practice’ a byword, so Grey’s Anatomy will enjoy the same fate.

    I would really hope that Shonda would have grown and we wouldn’t have to witness Callie with her ex-roommate ex-husband. If Callie and Owen get together, to me it would seam that not Shonda, Callie nor Owen has any respect for Cristina, who was Callie’s roommate for two and a half seasons. And what would be Meredith’s reaction that her new friend is sleeping with her best friend ex husband when she heard Cristina say ‘it didn’t end’. It shouldn’t have to matter that Cristina is gone for them to respect that boundary. And if Shonda was true to the Callie’s character, Callie would not be with Owen. But then I remember how Shonda will adjust her characters to create an event.

    Callie and Arizona has only had one storyline that was developed, NURTURED, and played out on screen. And that was the issue of ‘Callie wanting to have a baby’. With that story line we saw the inception of the idea, the discussion, and finally the couple’s decision to part ways because of their disagreements. And since that SL everything Callie and Arizona has been an event. I’m sure in Shonda’s mind this is the ‘roller coaster/shock effect’, when in fact in comes off as bad writing. Callie and Arizona has been the subject of ‘event’ writing since season seven. The uncompromising, unsupportive, abandonment, pregnancy, car crash, wedding, amputation, cheating, miscarriage, house, bickering, the ‘therapy sessions were all events that not only came out of nowhere, but has yet to be explored or explained. And it’s really sad that the fans are to accept that the last seven years was explained in less than a minute in a forty day ‘therapy session’ that lasted one episode and ended their relationship.

    In the ‘therapy session’ I heard where Arizona’s head was, but didn’t get any information form Callie about the last five years. And again honestly after all the crap they’ve gone through the only reason they consent to therapy was to discuss ‘Callie wanting a baby’….seriously?

    This is why I am so very disappointed about Callie and Arizona, their story has never been told well. Any event that has happened to them has always occurred in two episodes or less and the missing parts the fandom had to fill in which we had to do quite often. I think this ‘wanting a baby’ is full circle for Callie and Arizona as this is where their troubles begin and it’s also a justification for a Callie and Owen coupling. And if this happens it will destroy the memory of Owen and Cristina relationship. It will destroy the memory of Callie and Cristina friendship, and it will crush the hope of any fan that think Callie and Arizona still have a chance of getting back together. Shonda has been alluding to the coupling of Callie and Owen lone before the ‘what if’ episode. No fandom wants to see this but as Shonda has stated she doesn’t write for the fans, she tells a story. And in her mind to justify it, she probably will tell a Callie and Owen story where Callie and Arizona fans are left wanting.

    • Ella says:

      Any fan who over the years have heard of this woman concealed contempt for them, should show her the middle finger with a sharp nail. But no, they continue to drag after her even if she shows zero respect for them and happily contribute to her hit although she’s a mediocre writer assisted by even worse writers.

  49. carla says:

    Callie would be better off with Arizona they have a baby, they both went threw hell in back. They are good together plus Shonda at least keep one couple together. There is no prefect marriage or couple, But show your fans people can come back after one bad thing after another. Yes your the boss, in real life we all have ups and downs but I don’t think we go threw what you had them go threw. All your cast go threw hell then die yes this is just a show how much can you keep going with the show. Meredith what a new man, then what. Owen someone he can have a baby with. I think the show is coming to a end unless someone has some happy times.