Supernatural Preview: Dean's Mark of Cain Will 'Test Sam's Value System'

Supernatural Season 10 Spoilers

Sam Winchester is having a change of heart.

As Dean struggles with the effects of the Mark of Cain on Supernatural (returning Tuesday at 9/8c on The CW), the younger hunter will have to reevaluate his beliefs in order to help his brother.

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In the process of ridding Dean of his darkness, Sam — and Castiel — will pair up with some questionable allies and take “pretty strong risks,” executive producer Jeremy Carver previews below.

TVLINE | How do Cas and Sam react to Dean having left this trail of dead bodies in his wake?
They’re a bit shocked. Their immediate question is, “How do we keep this from happening again?” And they waste very little time coming up with what they think might be a solution.

TVLINE | Dean wants the Mark gone, but is this a situation where things are going to get darker for him before they get better?
Not necessarily in that order. It’s a bit of rollercoaster… Let’s just say Dean and Sam are going to throw a lot of things against the wall to get this Mark off of Dean or to figure out how Dean can control the Mark. So yeah, you can expect darkness… and everything in between.

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TVLINE | This is a very powerful force that’s inside of Dean. Is there a part of him that likes that power?
We’re going to be asking some questions: “Don’t we all have a bit of darkness inside?” — particularly someone like Dean — and, “Do you embrace it? Control it? Learn to live with it?”

Supernatural Season 10 SpoilersTVLINE | What is Sam doing to help Dean?
Sam is doing everything he can. That’s going to mean a Sam who is really taking stock of the declarations he’s made in the last couple of years. He came out pretty strongly [against the idea of] preserving their lives if it meant losing the life of others. It’s like Dean is put to the test by the Mark. Sam’s value system is put to the test by what is happening to Dean. Over the second half of the season, we’re going to see these guys, along with Castiel, really [searching] for a solution here. That’s going to mean pairing up with folks you might not think they’d pair up with and, frankly, taking some pretty strong risks on behalf of ridding Dean of this Mark.

TVLINE | Cain and Metatron both return. What can we expect from them?
Supernatural Season 10 SpoilersThey’re going to definitely each play a role that is framed around looking for a way to get rid of the Mark [and] also looking for a way to live with the Mark. These are two folks who each have a particular insight into the Mark of Cain – Cain, obviously, being a little more educated to it. They are two of the more logical people to go and question and try to enlist. What they have to say is going to both help and hurt the boys.

TVLINE | You left things up in the air with Claire as to her situation with Cas. How is that relationship going to develop?
When we left them, basically, the boys rescued Claire. [But at the same time], she’s not really certain how she feels about Castiel yet. Dean killed her surrogate father, and that leaves a scar. I’ll just say we are not done with the Claire and Castiel story. Nor are we done with the Claire and Dean story.

Supernatural fans, stay tuned to TVLine for more scoop from showrunner Jeremy Carver!

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  1. Kara says:

    There goes all of my anticipation for the rest of them seaso, thanks Carver. demon Dean was interesting for the three episodes we got. Moc so far has been a let down. Sam was smart and supportive until he was silenced and sidelined again. I miss whe Sam and Dean were the heros of the show.

    Sigh and with craptacular characters like Claire and Metatron there really is nothing to look forward to.

    • Daisy says:

      “I miss whe Sam and Dean were the heros of the show.” ME TOO!! *seigh*

    • Angel says:

      Sam’s been “sidelined again”? I guess 9 seasons centered on Sam wasn’t enough?

      • Kara says:

        I would argue that Sam has not been the center of nine seasons, but I suspect neither of us would convince the other on this topic.

        I’ll just say that it is possible to have Dean as the main story, while giving Sam some story as well, a personal, protective story which is what a lot of us were hoping for.

    • Justine says:

      What are you talking about? Did you miss the reply about how Sam is going to be soul-searching and doing everything he can to save Dean? It’s about time we got that after Dean spending most of the previous nine seasons worrying about Sam. :)

    • Rick says:

      Claire and Metatron aren’t craptacular – they’re side characters, which every good show needs. Sam and Dean ARE still the heroes, but the show would not have lasted nearly as long as it has (and gotten better each year) without bringing in new characters.

  2. Joe says:

    Serious question…how does Castiel even make sense on this show as a character anymore? I’m finding myself less and less interested in him as the seasons wear on. I’m starting to feel that way about Crowley, too. I know that’s probably an unpopular opinion, but as a genre fan it just irks me when fan favorite characters are kept around simply for fan service and it starts to drag the quality of the show down. I started watching this show for the ghosts and monsters, not for long, drawn out arcs about an angel and his vessel’s daughter, or a demon and his witch mother. I really don’t care for all of the angst they have Sam and Dean going through either. Okay, we get it, they’re flawed heroes. They make mistakes and fight with one another and then make up again. Can we move on, now? Put the brothers back in the Impala and get them back to doing what they do best – which is kicking some monster a**. I just miss the days when this show was scary. Sorry for the old man rant.

    • selina morgan says:

      THIS. ditto man. I have been rewatching seasons 4 + and it used to be a scary show about the brothers. Now its a freaking soap opera about Angels and their petty ass family drama. I DONT CARE about angels and demons. Im here for the boys and their MOW.

      • Daisy says:

        Dito… thanks reading your comment was refreshing… I’m totally bored & annoyed with Castiel & Angel Storyline…

    • ninergrl6 says:

      I’ve been over the angel storylines for 5 years but I don’t think they’re going anywhere.

    • Angel says:

      I like the character of Castiel, but I do agree he doesn’t seem to fit. And, I too miss the days when this show was scary and centered on a Monster of the Week. This show went off the rails seasons ago and I’m only hanging on in hopes that it will finds its way again someday.

    • Ines says:

      Yes, this, all this. I enjoyed Castiel back in seasons 4 and 5 but I’ve had enough, everytime they bring his angel quest it’s a snooze-fest and it doesn’t add anything to the show or the boys storyline. I’ve been a fan since the beginning and annoys me to see it no longer is about “hunting, the family business” but staying at the Men of Letters checking hunters online network.

    • Clare says:

      ” it just irks me when fan favorite characters are kept around simply for fan service and it starts to drag the quality of the show down.”

      Every character and every actor on the show is there as fan service to his/her particular segment of fandom. That’s how TV shows get people to watch.

    • Rick says:

      Because Cas has always been more than just an angel – he’s part of the family now, one of the closest people to Sam and Dean, and he’s a huge draw for viewers. I’ve enjoyed watching him develop over the years and slowly become more and more human. The arrival of the angels in season 4 revolutionized things for me and really took the show to a new, deeper level. If the show had stayed with a monster of the week format and just two central characters, it would have gotten redundant and ended a long time ago. Shows have to evolve and grow to stay fresh and keep people interested, and SPN definitely has. Like Jim Michaels said, I can’t imagine Supernatural without Cas – and I feel the same way about Crowley. They add so much for so many people.

      • How is Cas a ‘huge draw for the viewers’? It makes zero difference to the ratings whether he is there or not, Even the Collin’s fans that pretend they like Cas are forever trying to blackmail the show into making him Dean’s boyfriend because they know the only thing that would ever make that lame character interesting again.

        I wish they’d clear out the whole angel shower. yes yes, it is easy to fast forward all of the angel bits if you don’t like them, but filling up the show with 30 minutes of angel soap means 15 minute episodes of Supernatural.

        At the very least they could split it into a separate shows, with no Sam and Dean in ‘As the angel world turns’ episodes They’d never do that though! No Winchesters and you’ll soon see that the Winchesters are the only ‘huge draw’ on the show.

        • Kat D. says:

          Thank you! Enough said. If they gave cas/crowley a spin off it would fall flat. However, give sam and dean a spin off and we’d have our great successful show again. Cas’s story is so bad that I LITERALLY fastforward it!

  3. Linda says:

    Ugh, Claire. I hope tomorrow’s episode is the last we see of her.

  4. maermae says:

    I do not care about the Claire & Cas story. At all. I’m especially bitter it was such a focal point of the mid-season finale too. I don’t get it. Sam & Dean were sidelined in THEIR mid-season finale. And now there is going to be a Claire & Dean story – why, show, why??

    I have been so unimpressed with Cas’ storylines this year – he has had so many (Hannah, heaven, Metatron, Claire), and yet none have worked. Cas might be a great character, but he can’t really support story lines on his own. Crowley either. When both interact so separate from the Winchesters, I just get…bored.

    I hope it’s not just lip service & Sam’s story & POV is given more time in the second half of the season. We desperately need it. I was excited to see Sam playing the “support” role to Dean this season as it really flipped the brothers roles..however, the writers have done a terrible job of writing Sam playing the support role. We need WAY more meat there. I was to see Sam’s desperation & moral battles & I want to see him REALLY fight for his brother.

    I need him to save Dean.

    Carver has not proved himself to be a good show runner. At all. So this interview gives me zero hope for how the rest of the season will play out. Boo.

    • selina morgan says:

      Carver seriously sucks and does not know what to do with Sam as a real character. :( Bring back Sera!

      • Drew says:

        Seriously? The producer who brought us the Leviathans? Please no. During season 7, I was close to dropping the show entirely. In my opinion, Carver has turned that around and proved that there is still life in the Supernatural universe.

        • Joe says:

          I never understood all of the flak season 7 got. I loved that they went back to basics in that season and just focused on the brothers and what they had to deal with. It was more realistic to the show’s roots IMO. It was dark, it was moody and even somewhat depressing, but this is exactly the kind of world you’d expect the Winchesters to be thrust into without the support system they had come to rely on in seasons past. What killed it was the execution of the Leviathans as far as the special effects were concerned. The show was on a shoestring budget at the time so they came across a hell of a lot less scary as they were originally intended to be. That’s not really Sera Gamble’s fault.

          Carver may have some great ideas, but he has way too many dangling plot lines that never end up being resolved. He also devotes way too much time to secondary characters and developing arcs for them instead of making them useful to the Winchester brothers, who should always remain the main focus of the show. Gamble wasn’t perfect but at least she understood that this show is supposed to be about Sam and Dean Winchester. She also had a way better grasp on the show’s continuity than Jeremy Carver seems to have. The amount of retroactive continuity and canon errors that has happened during his reign is really disconcerting and make his “revolutionary” ideas moot when all is said and done because he hasn’t followed through on a great deal of the concepts he’s started. From my vantage point, Carver is just spinning his wheels and that’s a real shame because if he’d devoted more time on exploring the Men of Letters and how Sam and Dean fit into it, the quality of this show would go up exponentially.

          • Daisy says:

            Yes! Yes! & Yes! A+

          • Drew says:

            I disagree. The problem with the Leviathan storyline is that it didn’t fit into the series at all. The creatures themselves were more or less monsters that we have already seen, made out to be super powerful even though they weren’t really. Sam and Dean ignored opportunities to behead several of them which only made them look stupid. The Leviathans were too “big business” whereas Supernatural has thrived on truck stops and back roads. They lacked focus and purpose on the show and the only time they were ever remotely cool was the brief glimpse of them in purgatory (season 8) when they finally showed some power that other monsters didn’t already have on the show.
            They were a waste of time.
            Gamble did a great job for most of her run on the show, but she was not a good choice to run the show. In season 7, the tone of the show changed. The gore was cut way back. The car was barely seen. I liked the idea of taking away the comforts for the guys, but the execution was wrong.
            I also disagree that she had a better grasp of the show’s continuity than Carver. He is picking up a lot of threads that she left dangling and that is pretty cool.
            What arc has Carver neglected to follow up on?
            His seasons haven’t been perfect. I did not like what he did with Tessa last season. But he has a much better feel for the show and has set a multi year arc in motion. Gamble never thought ahead. It felt like she considered the show a sinking ship and thought her job was to tread water until it ended.

          • spnlit says:

            I agree. The worst season for me was the second half of season 9 when we had all that manufactured arguing between Dean and Sam. Season 10 had a fantastic intense start with a seriously damaged Dean and a determined Sam. Mid season finale was a disaster. The focused storyline of Castiel (I like Cas) wanting to be a father to Claire the immature whiny teenager is contrite and boring; should be shipped off to ABC Family. This is an epic show about the relationship between two brothers in a dark supernatural world. If that dynamic ceases, the story ends.

      • Rick says:

        Sera was a terrible showrunner. No thank you.

    • Joe says:

      I agree with a lot of what you’re saying here. Especially about how the show seems to be sidelining Sam in favor of secondary characters and focusing way too much attention on exploring their POV instead of his. He’s the most important character in terms of how it relates to Dean’s storyline. Why aren’t they showing more of his thoughts and feelings about what’s going on with Dean and the Mark of Cain? Whenever they had Sam going through a mytharc, they always showed Dean’s POV throughout those and we got a real sense of how it affected them and their relationship as brothers. They’re just not doing the same thing with Sam for the Mark of Cain and it makes the entire storyline seem very one-sided and more trivial. At least to me, anyway. As a viewer it makes me feel less connected to the struggles Dean is going through and it just seems like a lot of needless angst without any follow-through. It’s getting to a point to where I wish they’d just let these guys be human and knock it off with the whole Sam’s an angel one season and Dean’s a demon the next season crap. This show is a far cry from what it was in the early days when they had a nice balance between both brothers and their POV and you cared about what they were going through. Now they just seem to be flinging crap to the walls to see what sticks and they’re not doing a very good job of getting from point A to point B. Focusing all of this attention on secondary characters at the expense of one of the main characters isn’t helping.

      • maermae says:

        “Focusing all of this attention on secondary characters at the expense of one of the main characters isn’t helping.”

        SO much this. It’s baffling how much time is being spent on Cas & Crowley POV and insight…when SO little is being spent on Sam.

        I’m really beginning to wonder if the writer truly get & understand why fans love the show so much, and have for ten years. SPN begins & ends with the brothers, but the current writing staff are not writing the show like they understand this.

        In the S10 retrospective, everyone acknowledged how Sam & Dean are the heart & soul of this TV show, and yet that is in no way being presented onscreen anymore.

      • Amber says:

        *the show seems to be sidelining Sam*

        Sam’s in support this season. When Deangals complained about Dean being relegated to support, Sam stans told us Dean’s story *was* Sam. Guess what? This time, for once, Sam’s story is Dean. Deal with it.

        • zkch says:

          As a Dean fan (a both brothers fan leaning towards Dean), even I am feeling that Sam is being sidelined. Notice how the person said Sam is being sidelined in favour of ‘secondary’ characters (not Dean).
          I am loving that Dean is getting story arcs this time… I hated it when the first trial episode started as if Dean would be getting an arc and they ended up giving it to Sam, I have always hated Dean’s arcs cut short (which they did this time too btw by giving him 3 demon episodes only) and Sam’s lengthened, but I agree to them that whenever Sam was the focal point, Dean was at-least visible in the background. These days, it’s Dean as the main lead, Cas and Crowley (and Claire and Rowena and blah blah) as the side characters and Sam is usually nowhere to be seen.
          At this point I am not asking for a separate Sam storyline, I just want to see Sam’s point of view on the existing Dean arc. What made Sam arcs strong was mostly the effect they had on Dean and I would like to see the same for Dean arcs.

          • If you were really a Dean fan, you’d recognise Dean’s supposed arc has been grossly underdone too. Three episodes of Demon Dean and mostly just finding out he’d been singing Karoke and partying with Crowley? Same old same old. Only decent thing about that tiny little arc was the cat and mouse between Sam n Dean in the bunker!

            I suppose they are making decent enough noises about what will happen with the Mark of Cain, but I don’t trust Carver with EITHER brother. They’ll probably have Saint, Asstiel take the Mark from from him in a fortnight and we’ll have them both sidelined again and we can all be bored silly by yet another storyline centered around the great pretender.

            I used to wish Supernatural went on forever. Under Carver, I long for the day the Js say ‘enough is enough’. I could quit the current show in a heartbeat, but I’ll never be able to quite the Winchesters – one of the most amazing relationships ever to grace TV screens

          • zkch says:

            Julia (@openjools)
            I agree with everything you said except for that first phrase :/
            My comment was mainly about other characters taking up more space than the brothers and I stand by that. See that I too mentioned the 3 episodes they gave demon dean when they advertised it as a year long thing.
            My main point was that whenever Sam had a storyline, the whole supernatural world was involved in that particular story, and both the brothers were there (we could see Dean being effected by it). Whereas they are not doing that for Dean. Now that he does have a story arc, we can’t see Sam even in the background and we aren’t allowed to see his reactions to stuff happening with Dean. And the side characters have their own storyline which are not related to the brothers and take up a whole lot of screen time, which I am not really interested in.
            My comment isn’t Dean vs. Sam, it’s Sam vs. other characters, which is impacting the Dean story negatively.
            On a side note: I don’t understand what Carver is trying to do, and how does he manage to sound so utterly confused/wrong when talking about the show he is running.
            Also I won’t stop watching the show either, I like the actors/characters way too much for that. :)
            Peace out

      • Yuri says:

        Joe, I so agree with you. Thank you very much for expressing the thoughts I couldn’t make sense of. 100% agree

    • Daisy says:

      CHAPEAU!! geez…thx!… and I thought I was alone with my opinion…

    • Chris says:

      See, I disagree. I’m really loving Castiel and Crowley’s plots in this season – they add a lot of depth and prove as nice mirrors to the brother’s storylines. I don’t see how you could possibly say Dean was sidelined in the show’s midseason finale (not just theirs, though, it was a midseason finale for ALL the core characters). The midseason finale was focused heavily on Dean with some interesting subplots that add emotional content. Carver is doing a fantastic job and the show feels a lot more cohesive than it has in years with him at the helm.

  5. selina morgan says:

    Wish you were done with the Cas and Claire storyline YAWN. but more boys yes! I love Supernatural.

  6. Joan says:

    wow…its a complete shame what has happened to this show the last 3 seasons. We saw glimpses of it getting back to brothers against evil early in S10 and now we’ve slipped again into a shotgun blast of side stories I don’t care about. The mid-season finale was one of the worst episodes this season. Why would you focus on Claire in that pivotal episode. She was a bit part numerous seasons ago. If after killing her father she comes to form a relationship with either Dean or Cas I’ll lose my lunch. The complete side-lining of Sam these last few episodes has me wondering if this show/writers have any clue what kept this show on the air for 10 years. The whole watered down evil of Demon Dean thing was dreadfully lame even during the few episodes they had it. The show is giving me perpetual whiplash with how inconsistent the brothers relationship has been portrayed. Needs a new show runner!

  7. Carrie says:

    What’s with the negative comments? I’m just glad that my favorite show is back and looking forward to new episodes.

    • Jane says:

      Thank you. I totally agree. While I like some story lines better than others I always look forward to watching Supernatural. I take every season on its on merit and try not compare it to past seasons.

      • Debd says:

        I totally agree; I don’t think any one season was bad; maybe some episodes weren’t the best but I have loved this show from day one and still love it. I think the overall story arcs have been great – we are in our 10th season – I’m thinking the showrunners are doing something right. Love Supernatural!

  8. Thanks for this! I’d personally love to see them take the route of Dean learning to control and live with the Mark. More character exploration there, IMO, and places to go story-wise then just getting rid of it. Glad to see that possibility mentioned in this interview!

    Can’t wait for tomorrow’s ep!

    • Yeah, I think the writers really need to focus on the Mark of Cain and not dilute it with too many unrelated side stories. I don’t mind more characters, but they all need to be more connected together storywise and since Dean and Sam are the central characters it makes sense for them to be the focal point that all the secondary characters revolve around. At least when it comes to multiple episode storylines. There just isn’t enough time, and the writers sure as hell aren’t sophisticated enough, to turn Superatural into a Game of Thrones type ensemble tv show with a hundred different storylines, not even with 23 episodes per season. I thought Demon Dean was awesome, but ended too soon and I can’t help feeling like they’re holding back with the Mark of Cain too…why?? they need to just go for it. As for Sam? While I hate for him to go down another dark path, and never want to see What’s Wrong With Sam ever again, I think it would be nice to see him play a bigger part in helping to save Dean and hope we do get some good drama there..I love protective Sam and never understood why the writers don’t give us more, since it makes Sam a lot more likeable and easier to relate to.

  9. Drew says:

    Glad to hear that they will be bringing Claire back. I was worried that they would ditch her after one episode and move on. Her addition has made this the most interesting storyline for Castiel in years.
    So far, this season has been pretty strong. I like getting away from angel and demon wars and back to human stories. I agree with others that Crowley should probably go soon. I could see Cas going either way at this point, but that is just since Claire came back.
    I’d also like to see Cole return. I hope that he is human and doesn’t turn into a monster like his father. They were never really clear on that.

  10. Al says:

    Thanks for the spoilers and what it was shared about Sam and Dean.

    I don’t care about Claire at all. She will try to kill Dean for getting rid of the man who sold her to be raped and they expect me to feel any empathy for her? Yeah, no. Not happening. I hope she’s gone as soon as possible.

  11. Meg says:

    Oh dear, that’s not inspired me to tune in for the rest of the season. I have watched since The Pilot and never have I been so bored by SPN as I am this season. I am not at all interested in Claire and Castiel’s story, I’m not interested in any of the angels, I’m not interested in Crowley’s story. All I am interested in is Sam and Dean and they are being sidelined in their own show. They were hardly featured in the mid season finale which was just a travesty. The writers don’t seem to want to write for the brothers.
    It’s even worse for Sam. He’s got no storyline and no POV. Why is so little time being spent on Sam? Tons of time and storyline given to Castiel and Crowley and nothing given to Sam, one of the two leads. It seems that none of these writers know how to write Sam. If I won the Lottery I’d pay Sera Gamble whatever she wanted to come back and write for Sam.

    • Kara says:

      I agree with all of the, A+. Looking back at s6 and s7 it’s striking how both Dean and Sam still had a strong emotional presence on the show. Something. Sorely lacking now unfortunately. I really miss Sara’s presence as well.

  12. As much as I like Crowley (cassbutt not so much) I was done when Demon Dean was cured after 3 episodes. S10 was promoted as the YEAR of the Deanmon, not the 3 WEEKS of the Deanmon. This “will he or won’t he go dark” with the MoC is irritating and senseless. If the Demon Dean arc had been properly written and executed fully it could have been a showcase for ALL the characters, including Sam. Now screen time is being taken up with that whiny Claire (who I hope gets killed soon) and those stupid angels. It’s as if the writers decided to take the easy way out and focus on second rate characters instead of the real reasons we watch: Dean and Sam Winchester.

  13. Journey_95 says:

    ughh will they ever let this show go out with some dignity?
    this season especially sucks and now we are getting S11 next year and maybe even 12
    milking it to death

  14. Drew says:

    I think it’s funny that this year has been the most grounded, most human, least demon/angel centric season in years and people are slamming it for coming back to earth. I have been waiting for years for them to drop the angel wars and demon wars, and focus on more human stories. I have been waiting for them to go back to what Castiel did to Jimmy’s family, and now they are finally showing that. Not to mention, we got the first Adam reference in forever.
    Sorry if people thought that the midseason finale was boring, but exploring the consequences of what has happened before is in no way a waste of time, as far as I am concerned. That was one of the most compelling episodes in a long while for me. Lives don’t just go back to normal when the Impala drives off into the sunset. Good to know.

  15. enuff said says:

    Cain (Timothy Omundson) is coming back? Oh please make him sing.

  16. Angel says:

    I think the heavy reliance on secondary characters may have to do with easing up on Jensen and Jared’s work load. It is simply my guess, but at this point in the show’s run, this may have been part of negotiating their return each season. The show was originally Sam and Dean centered with occasional bit players, which meant very long work days for Jensen and Jared. All the screen time given to Castiel and Crowley is lessening the load for the J’s, which in turn frees them up for more time with their wives and kids.

    • Drew says:

      Agreed. I would like to see a shift away from Cas and Crowley and toward more human hunters though. Sam and Dean should be training people.

  17. Mary says:

    I really hope this isn’t another sign for ANOTHER drop of Dean’s storyline. this is getting tiresome. Carver doesn’t seem to care about writing a simple plot for this character anymore. “THE YEAR OF THE DEANMON” yeahhhh right!!!

    • Drew says:

      How long could they play Dean as a demon before he stood no chance of being redeemed? If he didn’t do bad things, it would be lame. If he went on a killing spree, he would need to be killed off for good. It is being handled well, as far as I am concerned. I would rather they explore the push and pull of it than go for broke and ignore the consequences, the way poorly written shows (TVD) do.

  18. Eric says:

    Are they trying to sell us that they’re heading into something else with the mark of cain, please. Everyone knows Carver will destroy this story after episode 14.

  19. Joseph says:

    We don’t ask too much Carver, please focus on Dean and its story this year. Give the mark of Cain story some justice. first you ended Demon!Dean too quickly and now you want to rush Cain/Dean story without making any sense.

  20. Sharon says:

    Everyone is disappointed with the poorly treatment to Dean’s arc this year, as if the showrunners and writers of this show don’t care about Dean at all or his stories. They could have done something brilliant, instead we got a very rushed demonic storyline who wasn’t deeply explored, dropped and now we’re just waiting for the MOC story to be dropped again without doing something further, because that’s how much you appreciate Dean as a character.

  21. Kris says:

    Wow, Carver is really pushing Cass. I watch this show for the Winchesters, not the angels. They can gtfo for all I care. I’d rather see Sam save Dean by himself..

  22. Justine says:

    I’m really excited for this, especially knowing we’re going to get lot’s more Cas, and Dean and Cas. I’m so happy Cas is going to be helping to save Dean!

  23. Kj78 says:

    sonezcited for more Cas and TFW scenes. Claire too. Would like to see how the dynamic plays out. He wants to do right by her but all she sees is a shell of her father. It’s gonna be good!

  24. Katie says:

    Yaay! Oh man, so excited to see how this storyline progresses. I, for one, have been LOVING this season. I’m glad to see Cas with the guys, it’s always nice when the three of them work together to solve their familial problems. I really hate seeing Cas by himself, I feel like his storylines are most compelling when he’s with Dean and Sam. This show has really improved since Carver took the helm.

  25. Thank you for the good Carver interview! I feel the season has been off to kind of a slow start. Supernatural really has some pacing issues, but the upcoming episodes seem to have a lot of potential to me. I’m excited to see how Sam and Castiel deal with Dean’s Mark of Cain, and I also love the addition of Claire to the story. I feel like the Novaks have been a loose thread in Castiel’s story begging to be revisited for years now, and I’m happy the show is finally doing so. The actress who played Claire did a great job in 10×09, and I’m glad we’ll see her more. While Claire’s anger toward Castiel is more than understandable, that anger is only hurting her, and so I hope she’ll reach a point where she can forgive him and heal. I love the character development and dramatic potential this storyline has for Castiel too. He’s always been my favorite character. :)

    • zkch says:

      I liked Cas in S4 and S5, I liked his story in S6. I think the best way to go would have been to make him the main antagonist during S7 (and maybe extend it to 8) and then kill him off. I would have loved to see Misha doing a negative role, he was quite good in that first leviathan scene.
      These days it just feels like they keep adding these new angels with no personality whatsoever, just to keep Cas in the story somehow. Cas himself is maybe a good character but his arcs these days (I feel) are pretty lame. What in the world was that whole Barthalmu (don’t know spellings, sorry) thing in S9. I would like to know what you as a Cas fan (or any other fan of Castiel) feel about that storyline,? (You can probably tell that I am not a fan of Cas anymore).
      I just wish they get done with the angels once and for all, but if they just HAVE to keep Cas, they integrate his story into the brothers world a little better.
      As for Claire, I am kind of indifferent. I don’t mind her, but I am not overly excited either. I think she can make for a good storyline, but in my opinion she should have been placed somewhere other than the mid season finale. I just really, really really liked the actress that played Claire previously and wish they had brought her back, but this one is good too. Revenge on Dean thing is kind of lame though…

  26. SnazzyO says:

    Excellent interview! I’m really enjoying the MoC story and they way the characters are redefining themselves. Or rather, spending time sorting out their priorities and figuring out what they stand for.

    Yes, like many I wished the Demon!Dean story lasted longer but I understand why (the 200th) but it was a missed opportunity for a really meaty set of episodes.
    I really hope Cas is back working with TFW. I so enjoy his character and it’s much better with he’s with the boys. Finally, I love Crowley and hope he’s back snarking With the boys soon too.

    I’m also excited about the possibility the Dean may have to learn to live with the Mark. Fascinating story this year!

  27. Rick says:

    I’m really looking forward to the rest of this season! I can’t wait to see how Sam and Cas will save Dean from the mark, how Cas’s grace will come into play (maybe it has something to do with getting rid of the mark?), what will happen with Crowley and his mum, and seeing more Claire. Not to mention Cain, Charlie’s return.. sign me up. The only new character I haven’t really warmed up to is Cole, but that’s because I feel like we’ve already seen his story (at least, ones just like it) on the show several times before.

  28. Morello says:

    Jeez, enough with all the negative comments – the show is better than pretty much everything on tv, and it’s thanks to the beautiful work from Jensen, Jared, Misha, and Mark. I can’t picture the show without any of them, and luckily, the showrunners agree. Those four are just fantastic and I can’t wait to see what’s next for all of them.

    • Debd says:

      I totally agree! I think this show is still going strong after 10 seasons and there is still so much story to tell. I love Cas and Crowley as much as I love Sam and Dean. I think the storylines have balanced out considering many seasons were “Sam-centric” – which I didn’t mind because I love the show. I say keep up the great work and hopefully we have many more seasons!

  29. 49erfaithfulSexy#7 says:

    I too was dissapointed with the Mid-Season Finale. I wish I had Seen more on Dean and Sam in this episode! At least I would have preferred to see Dean in Action killing all those me that house, instead of just accepting he had killed them cause he was full of blood and had a knife in his hand. Also, I agree with many of the fans who have been posting! I think Clair is just a character taking up time, and just lame! However, she is a character who was just left hanging seasons ago, and I guess the producers just thought they needed to add closure to her storyline. I have a feeling that Charlie is just the same! I really think that the episodes she has been in, are fun but irrelevant to Supernatural. So she is probably a character that we will also see and perhaps needs closure to her storyline! Besides that, I just enjoy Supernatural and love seen Hot Dean and Sam! And yes, different characters will probably be coming in the next episodes to keep the show moving foward.

  30. bdblack2014 says:

    I miss Bobby. I hope they bring him back some how.

  31. Kat D. says:

    Please CW give the spin-off to Sam and Dean. OH and I have an idea, make the core of the show about them driving across the country hunting evil and taking on NEW mytharcs every season with INTERESTING side characters. Also keep the focus on their familial relationship and do not introduce a bunch of awkward, lingering, irrelevant bromances with let’s say rogue angels or kings of hell. Please and thank you!

  32. demonhunters3232 says:

    Is Rowena coming back?

  33. demonhunters3232 says:

    That really kinda made me mad. Ending like that, but I really liked the episode.