Arrow Preview: How Oliver Will Live On, Diggle Suits Back Up, an Awkward Friendship, Thea's Discovery and More

Arrow Season 3 Spoilers

Oliver Queen may be dead… but he’s not gone.

On the winter premiere of The CW’s Arrow (airing Wednesday at 8/7c), the vigilante will still have a presence despite having suffered a fatal stabbing at the hand of Ra’s al Ghul, showrunner Marc Guggenheim tells TVLine.

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Oliver’s loved ones, however, will be feeling his absence, while Thea inches closer and closer to learning the truth about her brother. Meanwhile, Felicity finds herself in a déjà vu scenario with Ray and forming a bond (of sorts) with Laurel.

Here are answers to some burning Qs about what’s to come, as we mourn Oliver Queen….

HOW WILL ARROW LIVE ON WITH OLIVER DEAD? | “You will certainly see him in flashbacks,” Guggenheim says. “In fact, Episode 10 has, I think, some of the most intense flashback action we’ve ever had. We’ve got Oliver literally ziplining between buildings, as the camera follows him through a window, and there’s a huge shootout…. You’re still going to get plenty of Oliver. The how and the when and the why, that’s all a surprise.”

HOW DOES TEAM ARROW Left BehindREACT TO THE NEWS? | Professionally, Diggle will again don the Arrow costume as he and Roy/Arsenal fill the crime-fighting void. But personally, for Team Arrow, “There’s a lot of emotional examination that we have to do,” David Ramsey says of the aftermath. With his military acumen and her techno-smarts, original team members Diggle and Felicity “become essentially the leaders on Team Arrow,” Ramsey adds. “And you also see me have very wonderful, poignant scenes with Katie [Cassidy], which is great. We both love Oliver, so you see these people, because of their different attachments to Oliver, react in various ways.”

WILL OLIVER’S DEATH INSPIRE RAY TO (A.T.O.M.) SUIT UP? | Arrow Season 3 SpoilersRay “was already on that trajectory,” Guggenheim notes. And even though what happened to Oliver isn’t public knowledge, there is a connection. “The relationship between Oliver’s death and Ray’s journey really lies in Felicity,” says the EP. “Felicity is of the opinion that Oliver went off to have a duel to the death with the most dangerous man in the world… basically, a suicide mission. And here she finds, contemporaneous with Oliver’s death, Ray embarking on his own suicide mission. In [Episode] 9, she said, ‘Why does this keep happening to me?’ and Ray represents an opportunity for her to try to fix what she considers a mistake that Oliver made, to prevent him from also tempting fate. Whether or not she’s successful, that’s part of these upcoming episodes.”

WHO CAPITALIZES ON THE ARROW’S ABSENCE? | For starters, Vinnie Jones (Elementary, Galavant) debuts this week as Danny “Brick” Brickwell, a rather impervious fella who “comes to take over the Glades” with a little help from some frenemies, says the guest star. “He gathers up some villains to help him — and it’s not a little team. It’s a pretty impressive lot!”

ARE LAUREL AND FELICITY ON THE CUSP OF FRIENDSHIP? | If only because the former is poised to join the costumed brigade, as the new Canary? “I would say they’re definitely friendly,” Guggenheim answers. “Are they on their way toward becoming friends? We’ll see what’s organic and feels right. Part of the fun of watching these two characters interact right now is they don’t have this background of friendship to fall back on. All they really have is this common denominator in Oliver, and in Oliver’s crusade. So watching that relationship slowly unfold and build naturally — with all of its awkwardness, where Felicity’s like, ‘Am I out of line by saying this? Am I out of line by saying that?’ — is really fun and interesting, especially to watch Emily [Bett Rickards] play it because she always brings such  an authenticity to those sorts of moments.”

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WILL THEA BE TOLD ABOUT OLIVER? | “One of the things that is sort of the stock-and-trade of the show,” Guggenheim reminds, “is people keeping secrets from other people — when are those secrets going to get revealed? How do we turn those cards over? And once we do turn those cards over, what are the reactions? The Secret Origin of Felicity SmoakIt’s not spoiling anything, knowing us, to say that eventually Thea’s going to find out what happened with Oliver. Her reaction, though, hopefully will surprise you. And the how and when and why we do it will also surprise you.”

WHAT DOES OLIVER’S DEATH MEAN FOR MALCOLM? | Like, is the League of Assassins still after its castoff and those he loves? “That question gets answered very specifically [this week], because Malcolm is going to be the one to tell the team that Oliver’s dead,” Guggenheim shares. “All the repercussions that you’re talking about are still very much in play, and Malcolm’s the one who knows it the most and is worried about it the most.”

HAVE WE SEEN THE LAST OF RA’S AL GHUL? | Or was he brought on to do more than fell Oliver? Exec producer Greg Berlanti promises that the League of Assassins overlord is “very vital in the back half of the season,” adding: “You’re probably starting to see our tricks by now, where the midseason cliffhanger is very much declarative of the back half of the year. “

Coming later this week: In an in-depth Q&A, Stephen Amell ponders Oliver’s fate, discusses whether Arrow has room for a great romance and teases the show’s “most enjoyable” episode to date.

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  1. sarah j says:

    Oliver will be back, he is not dead forever. He will fall into the Lazarus Pits and be resurrected.

    • Dj says:

      Stephen did an interview in which he says that the Lazarus pit is in their universe but it wouldn’t be used on his character. Which sounds like it will be used on someone.

  2. wrstlgirl says:

    Oh come on, Oliver’s not really dead is he??? LOL!!

    • Vetteliv says:

      Oliver can’t be dead-dead. That would be utterly stupid!

    • Joey says:

      I wouldn’t be surprised if he stayed dead for awhile, maybe even until the last few episodes of the season. It would be a huge risk, but they’ve already renewed it for another season, so it’s a risk they could take.

      Then again, it wouldn’t surprise me if they brought him back almost immediately.

  3. nikki says:

    When you guys do another interview about Arrow, please ask about Quentin and if / when he’ll get a love interest or storyline and most importantly if said love interest or storyline will be Donna Smoak. Please.

    • GildedRose says:

      Yes! Very much interested in Quentin. Where’d he vanish to? I’d love for him to get a story and I’m totally behind Quentin and Donna Smoak getting hooked up and getting a a story together. Let the guy have some fun. I think Paul Blackthorne and Charlotte Ross would be a riot together.

      • Monalisa says:

        Not necessarilywhat the fans wants is what we get. Just because the fans want Quentin and Felicity mom to become an item does not mean it has to happen. We may have a voice but at the end the writers and producers are the ones who decides the tings not us. So why wish of a relationship between QUentin and felicity mom. I dont see why the rush in that and why her. Not up to us, WHy cannot be another woman, why her?

  4. Lindy says:

    You can’t put out a poster with Oliver’s hand and an arrow coming out of a green pool and then expect people to buy that he is dead.

  5. herman1959 says:

    Yes, we all know that Oliver will be back, so I’m watching this week just to see Malcolm. There may be a lot of fast forwarding involved.

  6. Gail says:

    I guess the only question is does Team Arrow find out about Ollie at the beginning of the episode or at the very end.

  7. Maryann says:

    Particularly after this interview, I would be shocked if Oliver comes back any way other than with the Lazarus Pit. However, I would have preferred if he never actually died but was only very seriously injured, evn if he Pit was still involved.

    The other issue is that I would love to see Laurel’s dad have an actual story line. I have really liked the actor since he did The Dresden Files, and he seems wasted in the way his role is currently being handled.

  8. JJM says:

    It’ll be good for Oliver to be absent for a few episodes. I look forward to some growth amongst a few characters that have been on the backburner this season and hopefully Oliver’s absence will do that. Definitely looking forward to some Laurel and Thea reaching their full potential this mid-season.

  9. Sara says:

    I am one of those fans that believes that Oliver will not be put int he Lazarus Pit…he is not really dead in my opinion.
    Yes I don’t want the friendship of Felicity and Laurel shoved in my face, they can be friendly but please don’t have them trading stories about their love for Oliver.

    • GildedRose says:

      I hope you’re right. I don’t want powers introduced on Arrow. Keep it grounded, keep it real.

      • herman1959 says:

        I’m with you, but how can a man who has been run through with a sword and thrown off a mountain and yet SURVIVE be “real”? I think the writers went too far; let’s see how they get out of it.

        • Rob Watkins says:

          They’ve already introduced powers into the show with Barry and Mirakuru.

        • derek117 says:

          My fav theory on how Ollie will come out of this is that he and Ra’s put on a “show” to draw Malcolm out. The fight had to seem real, so Ollie may have taken the drug he fed Sara, or some concoction that Ra’s gave him. The sword thru the chest would have been “surgically” placed by Ra’s…who definitely knows the vital organs to be hit or missed.

          Remember: Malcolm “set up” Ollie and Ra’s to battle each other–and eliminate one or both of Malcolm’s enemies. So, the way to get back at Malcolm would be to make him believe he succeeded, then catch him while committing whatever evil next steps he had planned. That would be a twist worthy of Ra’s, Ollie, and (maybe) the Arrow writers.

          • Vetteliv says:

            I like your theory!

          • herman1959 says:


          • Shelley says:

            Yeah! I’d go for that. But, these writers are going for a huge surprise.

          • Shelley says:

            Besides, with Malcolm’s manipulation of Oliver to fight Ra’s and his drugging and videoing Thea, how could the Arrow team and us believe Oliver’s dead? Ra’s knows who killed Sara. He doesn’t believe Oliver killed her. And if Malcolm is the one to recover his body and say he’s dead, why all the ruse?

          • I really do like your theory too. It sounds like something they might have worked out to save face and Thea. I had felt that way from the beginning of the fight the way Ollie was thrusting the swords up and down more that at Ras until Ras got a sword from Oliver then the full out fighting started. I figured Oliver’s humanity got the best of him and he couldn’t bring himself to really try to kill Ras until he did have a weapon. When he hit Oliver in the throat then punched him to his knees and said that prayer while having Oliver stare at him I was in shock…and when he thrust the sword into his chest or under the ribs i lost my breath then the kick off the ledge. I didn’t know what to think. I was totally wrong??? Or could he actually survive such an event. I guess we have to trust in the writers to let us know, they sure got my attention. I know they will. They are about the best writers out there now. I am so happy i found the Arrow show and I hope it continues for years to come.

        • dodger says:

          Raz could have stabbed him through the chest but instead he stabbed him through the lower abdomen. Missing vital organs. I think cause he knew he didnt kill sara. Just a thought but maybe he is alive somehow.

          • says:

            Since it was so cold and snowing, wouldn’t that slow his heart beat and stop the bleeding??

    • Isobel says:

      I don’t think Laurel and Felicity will get that close, I can see Felicity and Thea becoming actual friends, and Thea also getting on with Caitlin and Iris if they ever met, but Laurel can be prickly

  10. Mikaylah says:

    I love how Laurel’s decision to suit up is somehow part of Oliver’s crusade? Like she isn’t doing this because of Sara or for her own reasons. Laurel’s journey shouldn’t be tied to Oliver in any way. I wish they’d let her actually have a story line that belongs to her. And I wish we’d get more than a ‘we’ll see’ on a Felicity and Laurel friendship. It’s ridiculous we haven’t gotten more of them together.
    I am very excited for John to be wearing the hood again. He’s the perfect choice to fill in while Oliver is gone.
    I don’t want to see or hear about Malcolm. Laurel needs to find out real quick what he did and make him pay.

  11. GildedRose says:

    I can’t wait to see what happens with Oliver and Felicity after this. She’s going to be so shattered by Oliver’s death and when he walks back through that door…. then what? That’s going to be a huge shock for her. So happy that Diggle and Felicity will step up as team leaders. I’m really hoping we’ll see Felicity and Thea building a friendship. I think that would be fantastic. As for Malcolm? Whatever. The guy’s so slick you can’t trust him at all. You never know his agenda. Am I supposed to believe he sent Oliver after Ra’s thinking Oliver wouldn’t end up dead? What’s he really after? I’m hoping Felicity knees him in the groin.

  12. Jake says:

    Ugh. This is all so contrived. We are in the middle of just the third season and what do the creative folks do…developed one of the most trope storylines…ever…the main character coming back from the dead. Which is hilarious when you consider the entire show is pretty much based on Oliver Queen coming back from the dead. And for anyone that really believes that Oliver Queen/Arrow is really dead….let’s talk about a bridge that I’d like to sell.

  13. Trish says:

    *Yawn* I didn’t read a single thing that managed to sell me on watching until 3×14 when hopefully the show’s protagonist is back in present day. Arrow is not Arrow without ARROW. They can dangle Felicity in front of me all they want. This is not her arc they’re trying to sell to fans. Let the object of this arc sell this hot mess that’s coming. If she can’t even stand up to being highly promoted during this, because they actually still want people to watch, why are they doing it? Yeah, no.

  14. CJ says:

    It’s worse then it just trying to be a Felicity arc. They writers really backed themselves into a corner when the fandom took to Felicity and Oliver as a couple. Because they need to fans to now like and accept Laurel as Black Canary and to be with Oliver at some point in the future (to stick with cannon), they have to do something to *break* Olicity completely….so what do you do? You “kill” off the main character and then have them come back to create all this unnecessary and ridiculous drama. There were so many ways the writers could have gone…instead they went with the most overdone storylines.

    • Rob Watkins says:

      Who said this is a Felicity arc? Where did this idea come from? The purpose of this arc isn’t to get Oliver back with Laurel. Can’t we just wait and see before judging something that has yet to even air?

      • Tai says:

        That’s asking way too much. I find that people really just enjoy reading an article, jumping to conclusions and the ranting about those conclusions, even when they’re wrong.

        • Brigid says:

          It’s so annoying! I feel like I can’t read a normal opinion any more. It’s like watching 2 5 year olds moaning and complaining that they can’t get their way. It’s not your story so it won’t go your way. I watch a show for the writers story and I stay if I like it, which most times I do, or I stop and watch something else. This show to me is very well written and I enjoy the stories of all the characters, that’s why I continue to watch.

    • Briggs says:

      Yeah, what on Earth makes you think a show like Arrow is sticking to canon at all?

      • Rob Watkins says:

        Canon in comics is an overused and misunderstood term. There’s not much canon. Events, characterizations, etc. change all the time. However, your point does still stand, the writers aren’t going strictly by the comics.

    • Isobel says:

      Green arrow and black canary are divorced in the comics, and arrow is a mainstream television show, it doesn’t have to completely follow the comics

  15. Kate says:

    Not interested in anything to do with Ray. I think he’s one of the most pointless characters they’ve had and yes, I remember how much they wasted Isabel in S2. I’m annoyed Felicity is stuck with him all the time. She deserves more than that.

    I can’t believe people really think Oliver is dead. *laughs*

    I’m glad Thea finds out the truth. Her story hasn’t exactly been what I expected from spoilers before the season started. It’s time she gets some screen time. I hope she finds out what her father did too. He’s the worst.

    Not much interest in Laurel but I’ll see where it goes. At least she’ll be doing something this time.

  16. Fosho says:

    Hmm, I’ll check out episode ten whenit airs but if Diggle and Felicity are relegated to propping up masked characters for the winter run then I’m gonna have to go on a little Arrow hiatus myself. Nothing about this article excites me other than the impact Oliver’s “death” will have on his season long struggle with reconciling the two parts of his life. Ive been a fan of the heroes on Team Arrow from the beginning and constantly reading about how hero wannabes are the reason to tune in after the shows back in the air isn’t enough to get my live viewership. Come on, Arrow! You know what works and what doesn’t.

  17. chaouad says:

    the next episode will be like Bargaining : Part One ( Buffy S6 )

  18. Ritas says:

    I’ve LOVED season 3 so far because of the character arcs and emotional development of Team Arrow inparticular. I was very excited about the fall finale but for the first time in so long I’m not excited for the show to come back. I know why Arrow gets my viewship. Oliver, Diggle and Felicity always. Thea, Roy, Quentin, and Malcolm almost all the time. Guest stars have their time and place and purpose. All others need not apply. Watching episode 10 but I’m not holding my breathe with the way these episodes are shaping up.

  19. sophia7470 says:

    I feel like they’re systematically removing and destroying all the elements of the show that I’ve always loved, and there is little left for me.

    There is no new information in here, and certainly nothing they’re releasing is making me excited about what’s coming.

    Until Oliver returns, it’s all just annoying filler.

    I can’t stand Ray, and I don’t like the sound of Felicity’s reaction to events.

    I’ll tune in, but I’m not excited, which is a sad state of affairs for your favorite show returning :(

  20. Riana says:

    I bet Thea will want to suit up herself.

  21. Briggs says:

    The flashbacks being a surprise *might* mean he’s not in Hong Kong in them or even that far back in time. Just a theory.
    The Team Arrow scenes are what I look forward to the most in this episode. I especially want to know if they end scene for the ep has anything to do with them… or another scene entirely.
    Oh, Felicity may try to talk Ray out of his ‘mission’ because of what happened to Oliver? Now that makes a lot of sense.
    I can’t wait to see what they do with the villains. This Brick is very different from the comics, just based on what I’ve seen, but so was Captain Boomerang. CB turned out great. I hope they can do the same for Brick.
    Awkward Felicity/Laurel moments? Not a shock. I hope they somewhat get to bond. But Emily Bett does comedic awkward very well. :)
    I could do with more surprises. But I hope they don’t make Thea evil. She just doesn’t have the gravitas for it.
    Oooo, Malcolm knows he’s in trouble. I, for one, think he honestly thought Oliver stood a chance. He still has a debt he has to wipe clean, and he’s in a lot of trouble if he can’t.
    Yeah, we’re seeing Ra’s again. We’re definitely seeing him again. I can’t wait. :)

  22. Arrowette says:

    Common people do you actually belive that Arrow is dead? Pleazzzeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Noone is buying that stuff. No Arrow/Stephen Ammell, not show is as simple as that. His absence is a way for other character to grow on the show. Stephen said that in an interview. And also if Arrow just beeng renewed do you really think Arrow will be dead?? Common sense.

    The question is how Arrow will be cured from his stab and how he will return to Starling city and in what manner. People are assuming he will be healed by the Lazarus Pit just like in the comics, but what if the producers or the writers of the show do not want to follow by heart that option, by using the pit? WHat if they will use another way to cure Arrow in order not to follow 100% the comics? Maybe the story tells the use of a similar thing or even a device like the pit but is not 100% the pit? The show does not necessarily needs to follow the comics by heart and with exactitude perhaps the writers and the ep like to bend a little, just a little bit the story for the TV so not to make it exactly like the comics. Myabe Arrow will be saved with a similar thing like the pit but is not the pit, it is something else but the result is the same: heal him and return stronger.

  23. says:

    If Oliver is is the show. I won’t be watching

  24. Kim R says:

    Hold on! Oliver is dead??!! I thought it was just going to be some last minute grab on a rock or whatever but that he wasn’t really going to be dead. I am so over flashbacks that I’m hoping this is just a bad dream at this point. I really hope they don’t ruin a good thing.

    • John NYC says:

      Classic cliffhanger: the puzzle is HOW he survives, not WILL he survive. My guess is some of that concoction he gave Sarah that time.

  25. says:

    If Oliver is is this show.. I won’t be watching. Arrow is the name of the show. We need him back.

  26. Andy says:

    Diggle and Felicity being the leaders of Team Arrow all day, every day. We were told last year that the season was so packed that Felicity’s back story about her father and Diggle’s HIVE storyline were pushed to season 3 and now we are getting half a dozen masked crazies running around trying to be heroes. Putting on a mask doesn’t MAKE somebody a hero. It needs to be earned. You show me that Arrow instead of telling me and maybe I’ll be tuning in after 3.10. If not. No thanks!!!

  27. Joey Padron says:

    Good preview about new episodes. Can’t wait to watch new episode on Wednesday!

  28. DonnaMaMa says:

    I can’t wait for Thea to find out EVERYTHING, time will tell where this is going. I hope she sides with Oliver and not her “father”. Wait till she realizes that she killed Sara…………..

  29. Important feedback. says:

    I’m so happy that Oliver really died, because that means they have to introduce Lazarus pits or something like them into the show . . . which means Sara can come back too! I bet Malcolm recovers Oliver’s body and is the one who does it. I bet we learn that he, too, also really died in season one on that rooftop with Oliver and came back, regardless of how he explained it to Moira. And since he was the one who arranged Sara’s murder, I bet he did it to bring her back as his ace in the hole against the League . . .

  30. James says:

    Gareth from Galavant? Is he gonna sing in here too? :D

  31. Tammy Case says:

    How can Oliver be dead and still have a show called Arrow, plus I really don’t want to seem him die and then come back to life that has been done way too many time’s on T.V. Why do I have a feeling he is going to be held captive some where then boom there’s Oliver.

  32. Maria says:

    Thea will finally find out? Easily the most underutilized character/cast member of the show. She had so much promise at the beginning of this season and… they haven’t done jack with it. Training scenes (she should be an archer like Mia Dearden, not use a sword), a crappy love interest no one cares about, being kept in the dark about everything for three seasons etc.

    Hopefully all that changes, and quick.

    • derek117 says:

      So far, I’m a little disappointed in the development of Thea–though I knew from ep #2 of this season that she’d killed Sara. So, I assumed the writers were trying to keep her out of our face, so we wouldn’t think of her as the killer.

      But, clearly a negative side-effect is that Thea is still under-utilized. In spite of the 2014 ComicCon Arrow panel (with Willa as the only female), when the writers said that Thea would be a major character this year. Again: so far that hasn’t happened.

      Maybe the Arrow writers should stop introducing so many characters that they can’t write something interesting for them to do. I’m thinking: Roy, Amanda, Lyla, Mrs. Lane, Quentin…and of course, Laurel, Thea, Diggle.

  33. Lucy says:

    I’m usually really excited about Arrow, but this arc doesn’t interest me. I watch for Oliver, Felicity & Diggle. I don’t care about the ATOM or Fake Canary, so Arrow won’t be must see live for me until Oliver’s back in present day.

  34. steph says:

    Can’t Wait, LOVE Arrow, esp. looking forward to Felicity and Diggle scenes :)
    Love team arrow!!!!!!!

  35. Monona says:

    If Stephen Amell read all of the hateful or disagreement comments some fans are doing here agaisnt other characters of the show, I bet he wotn be happy at all and lash at all of u.. I know there are episodes where I want to see one character more of the other, and there is always a lead character in this case it is arrow, but if ther are other characters of the show is because they are like the back bone to the lead character Arrow wont be nothing without them and they wont be nothing without him either.

    Some say they do not like Felicity or Diggle others say they do not like Thea or Malcom or Laurel and they only like Arrow. This show is not only about Arrow is abotu Arrow and other characters. This is not t a one man character. Im guilty at times that I may not like certain episodes like many fans, but that does not mean I will stop watching the show because of that, I dont take things too seriously it is just TV show not real life. And if the character is not present for a few episodes, so be it, that gives time for other characters to develop. Even Stephen Amell said taht in an interview, his absence gives the chance for other characters to grow and Stephen himself agreed on it. So why cant fans agree too?

  36. mary says:

    Hum sorry I love Felicity and Digg, but am not going to waste my time watching alive, you can say whatever you want, bring all the guest characters you want, but there is no way that am watching a character that I dont like, afterall this is her arc, right? Am talking abt Laurel.

    • Rob Watkins says:

      It isn’t all her arc. The entire team will take center stage, and the third episode in this trilogy will involve flashbacks centered on Malcolm. Watch before you judge.

  37. Meg says:

    Maybe I am the only one, but I really want to see where Ray Palmer and The Atom story line goes. After reading this I am really curious about how Ray and Laurel will cross paths and ‘bond’. Interesting….I wonder how Felicity will help or dissuade Ray from his suit making plans.

    As for Malcolm/Thea situation, the sooner Thea knows the truth the better, I cannot wait to find out how she will react and move forward. The producers have teased Thea/Felicity scenes…will Thea turn on him with Felicity’s help? Very curious indeed.

  38. derek117 says:

    Nobody teases an episode like the Arrow producers.

    They have really figured out how to work the social media to keep their ratings strong. That said, I’m not sure all their little tricks will work. Everyone knows Oliver is coming back, that Laurel will become the Canary, that Ray will become the Atom. So, hyping the “how” is what Marc and Greg do a striptease with the fans over & over again.

    What interests me more than the “knowns” that I mentioned above, is the characters that don’t have a comic-book derived storyline: Diggle, Felicity, maybe Thea. That’s where the writers could really show their creativity. It’s what made Moira and Sara so interesting–their stories were fresh.

    • Rob Watkins says:

      I think people over estimate the value of social media in getting viewers. While I like a good tease, I feel that sometimes they give a little too much away in terms of spoilers.

  39. Arrowette says:

    Well from the horses mouth himself. Stephen Amell. He just said in an interview that the Lazarus Pit wotn be used for Oliver. What did I say the writers wotn stick 100% of what the original comics said. They will twist the story. Mayeb Oliver will be saved in anotehr way but not thru the Lazarus Pit

  40. aplwrites says:

    Interesting that he said Ra’s is “vital” instead of saying he is indeed the big bad like Deathstroke last season. Maybe that fight between him and Oliver was staged so that Oliver could work off the map to help catch Merlyn?

  41. Television says:

    I absolutely will NOT WATCH this show if Oliver is indeed dead. The only reason this show was successful was because of him. I do not need to watch a show full of sub characters. He better be alive and not flashbacks, and it better be soon, or I’m out.

  42. Delante says:

    Stephen Amell has already confirmed that the Lazarus Pit will not be used at all. That being said I believe it will be one of those situations where we will find out Oliver is still alive before the rest of Team Arrow does.

  43. ray says:

    I watch the arrow for the arrow if there is no arrow I for one will not be watching therefor will not watch the adverts which are paying for the show could be the end the writter of the sow have lost their way they should take a note of how NCIS has become one of the best show out of the US

    • Briggs says:

      Oh, good golly. Spare me from the fans who act like drama queens. He’s not *permanently* dead. And we’ll see him in flashbacks until he comes back. So be patient and just watch.

  44. Jason says:

    So I didn’t read all of the comments, it got boring about halfway down. Oliver can’t be dead because you can’t have a whole show about a character that doesn’t exist. With no lazarus pit, that leaves a miracle drug or a great surgeon. I believe “Sarab” or Maseo Yamashiro finds him on the mountain and nurses him/brings him back to life, either for the league, for himself, or for Amanda Waller. Cutting Oliver out for a piece of this season allows them to fill in the backstory of each of the characters through flashbacks, which they have confirmed will be present in bulk, and to develop each of them from their current whiny status. Felicity cries about everything, but never does anything about it, same as Laurel. Diggle turned soft when he had his baby, and just provides the dissenting father role to everything Oliver does. Roy is the trusty sidekick who can’t do anything on his own. Thea is the disillusioned sister being manipulated by her father. Maybe now with Oliver out of the way one of them will grow a backbone. Oliver gets held back by his team more often than being helped out by them. And can we not see ATOM being a spin-off similar to the Flash, depending on his popularity when he does suit up? I see Oliver coming back at the end of the season and ATOM being introduced for an episode or two before splitting into his own show, and then weaving the characters back and forth between the three series like the have with The Arrow and Flash.

  45. Gail says:

    Maybe the cold of the mountain put Ollie into suspended animation until he is found and saved. Maybe Barry Allen visits after discovering time travel and goes into the past to stop the fight. Maybe Ray already has become the Atom, shrank down and saved Ollie by preventing the sword from penetrating Ollie and then releasing blood so everyone thought Ollie died. . Maybe some mystical thing will happen where Ollie comes back and Team Arrow is afraid he has been changed by the experience of being dead and now think he may be evil. Maybe Malcolm secretly gave Ollie the stuff that made Thea suggestable and caused Ollie to lose the fight and fake his death. However they ultimately resolve the situation go along for the ride. We know he won’t be in the present for several episodes. Or maybe we have been mislead about this and he will be back sooner. Do fans want to miss his return because they think he will not be on? Hopefully there will be great scenes in the past between Sara and Ollie in the “Canaries” episode.

  46. Gail says:

    One thing I would hate is if they bring Ollie back at the end of an episode and then take a break for a month until new episodes resume. We just got over the fall finale, next up Spring Break. Knowing the CW that is probably exactly what will happen. Ollie is indeed dead brought back, it would have to be pretty unique or everyone from including Tommy, Mrs. Queen , and Sara would come back and death becomes more a time out than permanent.

  47. Romi says:

    Is Oliver only slightly dead?

  48. Gail says:

    Arrow Jedi done by a fan on youtube.

  49. Luis says:

    Obviously, we are all having lots of fun with the fact that Oliver appears to have died, which of course makes no sense, but is what appears to have happened. Ra’s Al Ghul being his killer, we naturally assume the Lazarus Pit would play a role in Oliver’s resurrection (assuming he’s actually dead), but Stephen Amell is on record saying the Pit will not play role in Oliver’s return. The “Arrow” team is to be congratulated on the masterful way they have spun this cliffhanger and all the resulting speculation into this massive anticipation for Wednesday night’s episode; I’ll be flabbergasted if the ratings aren’t at least near a record. Frankly, I hope the reveal with Oliver doesn’t come too quickly; I would like to spend a couple of episodes watching the repercussions of Oliver’s death play out among his nearest and dearest, which would set up the impact of his return to the land of the living.

    • I am so glad to see that someone else actually has a good feeling for the shows results. Oliver is back now as you surely know. I am sure you have seen the episode of his return and what has developed with Malcome and Oliver and Falicity. The team has adjusted great together and still realized they needed Oliver to lead them. This series has gotten better each episode.

  50. nti gideon says:

    if oliver will not come again goodbye to your movie