Was Good Wife Overstuffed? Did Parks Tourists Teleport? Fave Galavant Tune? Castle Too Secretive? And More Qs!

Golden Globes Billy Cosby

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including the Golden Globes, Galavant, Forever and Parks and Recreation!

1 | Golden Globes hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s Bill Cosby jokes/impressions: Deserved disses, or kinda inappropriate? And did the awards show rely too much on December’s The Interview controversy for laughs?

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2 | Did The Good Wife overstuff Sunday’s episode with issues? Racism and Alicia’s out-of-left field accusations of sexism?!

3 | Wasn’t it weird seeing Revenge‘s Louise introduce herself to Emily? Like, we’re 12 episodes into the season and they’re just meeting now?

4 | Which Galavant song is your favorite thus far? Does the pirates’ shanty chantey — with repeated, humbled acknowledgment that they’re not actually on the sea — rank high on the list?

6 | How annoying was that judgmental saleswoman on Downton Abbey? If you’re going to give a married woman that much grief for buying a diaphragm, why even carry it in your store?

7 | Has Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Jake Peralta ever seemed more relatable? Not only does he rely on Yahoo Answers for vital information, but he never gets to the dentist when he should (and his teeth really hurt).

8 | Richard Castle’s biggest “affront”: Not telling Kate he got his P.I. license, or that he had also rented an office?Eye Candy

9 | Did knowing that Daniel Lissing isn’t a series regular on Eye Candy ruin the killer twist for you? (It sucks to understand the TV business sometimes, doesn’t it?)

10 | Who else was ready to throw something at the TV when Switched at Birth‘s Bay wouldn’t stop apologizing to that punk girl at community service?

11 | Was the escape of Major Crimes’ Phillip Stroh the darkest commercial for Uber ever?

12 | Does the new Fashion Police panel come up short on laughs? (You are missed, Joan Rivers!)

13 | The moment Agent Carter eyeballed that “bad baby” muscle contractor, you knew it was just a matter of minutes until she’d have to use it, right? Also, did everyone (save Hayley Atwell, obviously) lose their old-timey New York accents this week?

14 | How were two public servants like Forever‘s Jo and her late, ADA husband able to afford a brownstone in Manhattan’s extraordinarily pricey real estate market?

15 | Did the Parks and Recreation premiere seem a bit shout-y? How thankful are you that the show spared us a shot of Jamm in the Ron-forged chastity belt? Meanwhile, TVLine reader KatsMom asks: “Was anyone else bothered by the fact that Tom, Andy and Lucy were wandering around Chicago, and, with no break in their conversation, wound up miles away from where they’d been seconds ago?”

The Mindy Project Season 3 Recap Lee Pace16 | Which of Dr. L’s exes would win in a Mindy Project throwdown: Lee Pace’s Alex or Timothy Daly’s Charlie?

17 | Should New Girl keep spending as much time at Jess’ school as recent episodes have done, or are you already sick of the air-headed school nurse and the bearded biology teacher?

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18 | Did Person of Interest’s Yasin Said know there was a giant crate full of packing peanuts beneath the window he leaped out of? Or just dumb luck?

19 | When it comes down to Lucious vs. Cookie, is anyone watching Empire actually on Team Lucious?Chicago PD Lindsay Halstead

20 | Chicago P.D. “Linstead” ‘shippers: Was the wait worth it?

21 | Did American Horror Story: Freak Show outgross even its revelation of Twisty the Clown’s mouth with that shot of a freakified Stanley?

22 | On Hindsight, does the romance between Becca’s brother and her best friend have shades of Wonderfalls‘ Aaron and Mahandra?

23 | Was @midnight host Chris Hardwick’s pro-breast rant as refreshing as it was out-of-left-field?

24 | We can’t believe we’re saying this, but did Ashton Kutcher give his best-ever performance on Two and a Half Men when Walden thought he was about to lose foster son Louis?

25 | Did Parenthood‘s Adam make the right decision, agreeing to remain in business with Crosby at The Luncheonette? Because if he really isn’t happy, can’t he just help Crosby find a new business partner?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Dude says:

    19. I don’t know how anyone can be Team Lucious. I see nothing redeeming about him and Cookie is THE BEST.
    20. That Linstead moment would have been more worth it had the cast not spent an entire week hyping it on Twitter. It’s weird since Sophia and Jesse seemed really against them being a couple at the start of the series and now they’re all for it.

  2. c-mo says:

    8. Neither actually bothered me too much but if pressed, I’d say renting the office…and speaking of the office, I want to know in what universe he could rent an office and move in the same day?

    • Susan says:

      I don’t think he rented it and moved in on the same day. He’d clearly been working on the license online for a while based on Beckett’s comment about him being on the laptop all the time, so he probably went ahead and rented the office before completing the course.

      • Grey says:

        What you said. :-) You beat me to it. And btw, it’s amazing to me how many viewers don’t realize that time, as in weeks and sometimes months, passes in between episodes.

    • dan says:

      I don’t think either are an “affront”. It wasn’t some deep dark secret, it was a surprise! Look, we can work together even if we can’t “work together”. Part of his charm and very Castle. I hope the office and the P.I. gig stick around awhile. They can do private cases even after he gets to come back to the precinct. Question is, who will be the Girl Friday?

  3. Shar says:

    Re 24 – Kutcher’s interactions with the child have been heartwarming and wonderful… maybe his next projects should involve more kid friendly movies.

  4. Daisy says:

    25. I don’t know why a new partner wasn’t his very first thought when Crosby said he didn’t want to let it go. Seems like a basic/obvious solution even if it would take awhile to find the right partner.

  5. Yoki says:

    13. I’m just sick of the Stroh storyline period.

    19. I think that ship has sailed

    20. Team Cookie

  6. Monica says:

    20. yup! my inner fangirl was happy. now i just hope they don’t make it a one and done thing.

  7. ... says:

    25. He definitely didn’t make the right decision, but Parenthood is absolutely ludicrous when it comes to financial issues, so it was pretty much par for the course.
    22. I can kind of see that. I think the reason Lolly and Becca fall out has to do with Jamie and his addiction, though. My guess is that Lolly either sat back and let him get bad or introduced him to the drugs in the first place.
    12. Joan Rivers was never funny on Fashion Police. She was mean and she was incredibly hacky, so it’s nice to get a fresh voice or two in there.
    3. Yeah, I think they should have been introduced earlier, as well. But last season started out fairly slowly and then went out like a bat out of hell, so here’s hoping season four follows suit.

  8. Shmroc says:

    #5… Where is #5?

  9. Kim R says:

    1. I thought Tina & Amy were great & their jokes were ballsy. The way I look at it, if Cosby can make jokes in his act at the expense of the women, it is all fair game. Good on Tina & Amy! :)
    2. Not a fan of the current election storyline on The Good Wife. I’m not sure why but maybe it is because there is always some campaign going on. On a visual note, I wish they weren’t back in the LG offices. Feels like we’ve gone backward a bit.
    11. I was just annoyed that Stroh would be alone with the judge in the first place. It was so stupid. How would that really even happen?
    25. On Parenthood, when Adam talked with his wife about how Crosby had saved him with the Luncheonette when he needed it, it made it clear to me why Adam felt he needed to now do the same for Crosby. I’m good with it.

    • B says:

      2. totally agree with you about the location move back to LG, the warehouse style offices fit in with how they were building something new from the ground up. Also I gotta admit Alicia’s sexism complaint was such an eye roll, seemed like an excuse for her not getting her cake (running for states attorney, still being 100% involved with the practice)

    • Kat says:

      11. Seriously, everywhere else Stroh went there was a whole team. When he goes into the office of his friend, shouldn’t there be more instead of fewer? That was so annoying.

  10. dman6015 says:

    “19. When it comes down to Lucious vs. Cookie, is anyone watching Empire.” You could have just stopped there.

  11. N says:

    14-I don’t know, but thanks for mentioning Forever!

  12. Kate says:

    Re: Parenthood — I was frustrated by the Luncheonette storyline last night. Adam wants out, Crosby’s hurt and sad, Adam realizes how much it means to his brother and stays — that’s EXACTLY what happened at the end of season 3 when Adam wanted to sell. With so little time left, I wish they weren’t retreading on the same ground they’ve already covered.

  13. Viv says:

    19. I there is only the choice between Cookie and Lucious… I still wouldn´t choose one of them! As brillant as the acting is I can´t stand those two. They aren´t the nicest people around… Cookie lost me in the broom scene and Lucious with the trash thing. Sorry, not sorry.

  14. happybincas says:

    10 – that was really annoying, and I thought they made up too fast!
    And I was really happy to see Max Adler twice this week (Glee and SaB), thank you very much for letting this one slide, TV Line!
    15 – Me too! Like, Wrigley, North Beach (not remembering the name now and too lazy to use Yahoo answers – sorry, Peralta) and Downtown Chicago are not that close! But it’s always great to see my favorite American city on TV, so it’s all forgiven
    16 – My money is on Lee Pace. Have you seen those moves?
    22 – I don’t know Wonderfalls but I have this feeling that it needs to be binge-watched ASAP as possible!
    Plus, bonus, how awesome is Hindsight?

    • happybincas says:

      Also in the letting it slide category, was I the only one who noticed Annie mentioning Happy Endings in Marry Me? Spoiler: Brad was her favorite! Oh well, Max will be pissed…

  15. Harvey says:

    Hiding the P.I thing wasn’t a big deal. He thought he was going to surprise Beckett and that’s why didn’t tell her. It wasn’t keeping her in the dark about another city or anything, it wasn’t any problem to him anyway, he just thought of it as a surprise. Later he didn’t want to tell straightly about the office because Beckett disliked the first thing even. Beckett saying he is giving her a headache was too much I think.

  16. Abby says:

    I hope the point Parenthood is trying to telegraph with Adam’s choice is that he’s such an ultimate family man that his issues with the Luncheonette’s bankability can be overcome by the fact that when his family is happy, he’s happier, too. He probably also realizes that another partner for Crosby, who is no businessman, won’t necessarily be that easy to find.

    • Abby says:

      *he’s no businessman, but certainly isn’t short on opinions how to run things, which would irritate anyone. At least Adam, being family, is obligated and content to deal with that, whereas someone else might get so frustrated they’d push Crosby out of his own dream job.

  17. Letti says:

    3. Late or not it doesn’t matter to me. It was just great.

  18. Meh says:

    1. I thought their initial jokes about both Cosby and the Interview were funny, but their impersonations of Cosby and the continuous use of Margaret Cho were not.

  19. Marco says:

    1. I wasn’t really crazy about those jokes, but the one that came out wrong was the one about Clooney; I mean, even Amal Alamuddin herself was uncomfortable with it. They meant it as calling Clooney Mr. Alamuddin, but the way they actually executed it came off as mean and spiteful.
    2. Alicia’s off-the-cuff sexism accuse was an immediate reaction, or a deflection a la tumblr “feminism” (Air quotes sorely needed) ‘You don’t want me running because you hate women!’ So she could shut Diane up AND make her feel bad.
    20. Pretty much.
    21. Not really. I personally thought Maggie’s Half The Woman She Used To Be moment was grosser.
    25. Yes, but then again…IDEK with those people.

  20. herman1959 says:

    1) Some things are just not funny. The Cosby joke completely put me off.

    14) I know, but I don’t care because I love the show.

    19) I haven’t seen Empire since the premiere because I just don’t care for Terrence Howard – does that put me in the Cookie camp?

  21. anna says:

    8- Why did you put affront in quotations marks? Both of those decisions were, in fact, incredibly disrespectful of both Kate and their marriage. Would you enter into a new career and/or buy/rent an office without taking it over with or at least informing your spouse prior to doing so? Because if so, you really need to reevaluate your marriage. Castle was, as always, thinking about only himself and his own desires without any regard for the effect it might have on his wife or her job.

    • Grey says:

      Well, she did the same to him with the DC job. I’m not saying it’s right but maybe Castle figured what’s good for the goose ….

      • Anon says:

        They weren’t married then!

        • lkh says:

          or even engaged.

          • Harvey says:

            Married or engaged? They were in a strong relationship, and if they can’t share then how are they supposed to be married either? It wasn’t that they were in a simple relationship started by dating or anything, they loved each other, she should have told him that, as that involved a real career change, not working with Castle, another city. This was something that he thought Beckett would have liked, not something that was only about himself. He was wanting to work with Beckett, it wasn’t a career change, it was a surprise.

    • lkh says:

      I dunno. There’s a bunch of stuff on the computer–classes you can take, credentials you can get (remember Joey on Friends got a license online to do weddings), even degrees and evidently a PI license. We all do stuff like that, not a major issue for me-doesn’t require a huge conversation (unless there’s a money/time issue). However, renting an office, probably time to talk about it since you’re pretty serious about starting a business.

  22. sarah j says:

    20)It was worth the wait.
    25)I think the fact that Adam wanted to do for Crosby what Crosby did for him was a great reason.

  23. delfiteblu says:

    1. I was disappointed in Amy and Tina’s beginning. The part about George Clooney’s doing all the good and HIM getting the humanitarian award was just about the only thing I laughed at. I thought the Cosby stuff was bad taste and i DEFINITELY thought Margaret Cho (whom I didn’t recognize until I read about it the next day) was racist and wrong. The guy in North Korea isn’t going to see it but Koreans in this country are and I think it was out of place.

    2. I just had a chance to watch the last two weeks of TGW last night and the more I watch this show I have loved so much over the years, the less I like it. I’m sick of Eli being in her face and her not doing anything about it, I’m sick of the whole Cary thing. I’m glad he got out of jail (and I think we know where Kalinda will be going at the end of the season) and I was INFURIATED when Cary and Diane took over the firm, re-hired David Evans (the pig) and left Alicia completely out of it. I’m sick of Alicia running for state’s attorney. This is NOT the show I signed on to watch – THAT was about lawyers and their cases and Alicia trying to prove herself after not working for so many years. I could NOT believe she let those people surround her and shout at her right before the debate – it was rude and gross and malicious; I’m even MORE irritated that she didn’t push them all away and tell them to leave her the hell alone. They’re making her look distracted and addle-brained which we know she isn’t.

    I’m REALLY disappointed – at the end Diane and Cary were looking at her like she just came off a spaceship. And after all she’s done for them.

    • delfiteblu says:

      Duh – in post up above meant to say George Clooney’s WIFE doing all the good.

    • cp1945 says:

      Alicia running for State’s Attorney is completely in line with the original story line. How better to prove yourself than to win Peter’s old job and do it superbly? And it’s David Lee, one of the best villains around.

    • Nate says:

      More often than not I’ve found myself really disliking Alicia this season. Frankly, I feel Cary and Diane were completely justified in their actions…Alicia didn’t even talk to them before diving into the State’s Attorney’s race. And don’t even get me started on how Zac is basically a non-entity in her life now because he had the audacity to keep his sex life and the subsequent fallout of it away from his mother! What show does Alicia think she’s on, Bates Motel?

      • G. says:

        “Subsequent fallout” is FAR too euphemistic. Zach had sex with Nisa, got her pregnant, and helped pressure her into getting an abortion because a baby would just be too much trouble for him. And he kept ALL of that from his mother. It was a very calculated, callous decision that showed just how much like his father he really is. I would be VERY disturbed to find out my child — whom I have instilled actual values into — had heartlessly thrown away a fetus because it would get in the way of their having all-night keggers at college. That’s reprehensible.

        Alicia’s wild rant against Cary and Diane was totally out of nowhere, and I agree that they were within their rights — although stupidly short-sighted — to hire back David Lee. But I’m totally with Alicia on wanting little to do with her amoral child at the moment.

        • Marco says:

          ‘Pressure her into an abortion’? Nisa decided herself to get an abortion, he only accompanied her.

        • Dan says:

          Maybe subsequent fallout is sugarcoating it, but I don’t remember Zac putting Nisa under any pressure at ALL. He just went with her for support and kept it from his mother. I don’t know what you’re reading into that scene, but all it really did was serve to vilify Alicia and make her come off as selfish and self-absorbed. It’s a damn good thing the show’s not called The Good Mother.

      • Jenna says:

        Bravo…Alicia’s the biggest hypocrite on the show and completely believes her own lies such as that run in with Cary and Diane. Her entitlement is on full display right now. It’s amusing that CBS promotes her campaign as if we’re all rooting for her to win when, in reality, most of the feedback I see hopes Prady wins and the entire campaign has a quick end. The episode was an overstuffed turkey but wish they’d been able to squeeze in some Finn all the same.

        Love Forever..Jo and Henry and the great supporting cast..is a joy. Glad Jo has nice digs.

    • Marco says:

      I thought the joke about Clooney came off as obnoxious and spiteful, and according to her tight smile so thought Amal. Margaret Cho was the only fun part.

  24. Sarah says:

    25. The whole time I was thinking that Crosby should just find a different business partner! Also, doesn’t running the new school require a lot of work? Adam and Christina act as though Adam would be jobless without The Luncheonette.

  25. Mandy says:

    Re: 25 I really thought they would close the Luncheonette and then open a music department at Chambers…seemed like a logical next step.

  26. m3rcnate says:

    1) The Bill Cosby jokes….he hasn’t been convicted, hell there hasn’t even been a court hearing, and there’s no evidence other than women coming out and saying he did this or that. I’m not a fan of convicting someone in the public’s eye before they get a trail but…it was comedy, and it was pretty funny, so its whatever. If he’s guilty then the jokes are all the more valid, but if he somehow proves he’s innocent that damn that sucks, a reputation can never go back to before allegations of rape were made.
    Yeah a bit (Interview jokes relied too heavily upon), my bigger problem is that I found the movie to be quite funny so all the “straight to DVD/it was a sucky movie” jokes didn’t land to me personally.

    7) Yeah I’m really loving B-99, and Jake is getting better and better. The only thing that feels missing is didn’t Jake tell Amy he loved her (or at least really likes her)? It seemed like in the next episode they just carried on like that never happened…did i miss something?

    8) Yeahhhhhh…I didn’t care or think it is necessary to tell your partner (wife/husband w/e) either about the office or PI’s license. Now if he had taken a PI job and not tell her, THEN that would be a problem, but he basically knew he was going to go straight to a crime scene that she was also on once he got his license.

    12) Fashion Police….I liked it but it definitely wasn’t the same without Joan. I was pleasantly surprised but at the same time disappointed with Kathy Griffin. On one hand she wasn’t the brash, loud mouth who just spits out crap…on the other hand she was fairly boring and one noted. I will give her some time to find her groove and what is best for her on the show though.

    13) Yup, the instant a show focuses on something or mentions it, you KNOW its going to be featured in the show. If characters are driving down a street and say “hey look a white van” you know in 30 minutes they are going to learn the nuke is in a white van (the one they saw). Its lame.

    14) Didn’t she say at some point that her husband was rich? That he liked the finer things in life and that she in fact had to talk him down from getting a even more expensive/nice house?

    15) Maybe, i didn’t notice. Yeah I did notice that (Parks & Rec convo continuing from one shot to another yet they are miles away from where first shot was). I however LOVE that they brought back Lucy because I adore that actress and thought the character was PERFECT for Tom…I wished real hard when I watched the show (multiple times) that they’d bring back Lucy for Tom.

    17) I don’t find the school to be interesting at ALL, and the new boyfriend does nothing for me in regards to being interesting, or funny, or anything. I like Nick’s new GF though, I’d prefer them focus on Nick and her.

    20) Eh, first off it was just a kiss so that’s pretty lame, most likely the next episode starts with them getting outta bed so while they are fine showing murders and people burning and characters we care less about (Lindsey + Serveride) banging, they dont show anything of Linstead? It also takes away from it because I would bet the mortgage that very soon she ends up re-joining Intelligence and so she breaks them up cause they can’t be together while partners…and most likely (cause it’s the type of show trying to squeeze every last bit of melodrama out of itself) issues will arise, like he will meet someone new and her be jealous or the other way around, and then they can’t be partners (for a while) or something. Drama Drama Drama….btw so how many dudes have we seen Lindsey bang now? lol…i get shes gorgeous but im not exactly wanting to get into a serious relationship with someone with her past and most likely her lingering mental issues.

  27. Diva Diary says:

    1) Here’s the thing. I hate how people are so quick to comment about how you shouldn’t make fun of the alleged rapes, but most people wouldn’t even know about it if it weren’t for a comedian who made the jokes in the first place. He’s the one that started this whole thing and then Cosby set himself up when he asked for a meme. If it weren’t for this comedian, the alleged rapes would never be talked about, women wouldn’t have come out of hiding, and he wouldn’t be getting sued. So I’m glad they went there during the awards.
    However, I didn’t much care for the imitation of Cosby and I liked the Margaret Cho bit with Streep but after that it was overdone (but I think that may have been because the awards were running late and so Tina and Amy couldn’t talk as much so they just showed Cho).
    2) Racism wasn’t out of left field. I like how the show does current events but the sexism totally was. I still don’t understand how asking why she’s still running when the reason why she started no longer applies is sexist of Diane to ask.
    4) Comedy Gold great song on Galavant
    8) Castle should have told Beckett, but it was a surprise so that would have ruined the surprise.
    18) Pure luck on POI.
    19) I’ll probably start siding with Lucious when he starts showing signs of his disease, but it will be out of pity.

    • Marco says:

      Alicia used the tumblr feminist technique of ‘you’re only criticizing me because you’re a misogynist’ which serves to shut her up in shame (remember that Diane is very much a feminist – an actual one – so being called a misogynist would be shocking) and gain sympathy by painting herself as an ‘oppressed woman’.

  28. Paul says:

    4. A shanty is a tumbledown shack. A chantey is a seafaring song.
    14. Did they own it together? Maybe he had a huge term-life policy.
    24. Ashton is underrated as an actor. Given better material, he would amaze people.

  29. What happened to question #5? ;)

  30. Nate says:

    4. I don’t know if it’s my favorite…I still partial to the initial opening song in the pilot…but I think Hugh Bonneville’s line of “So hey, I guess it’s stuck!” made me laugh more than anything else on the show prior to that.

  31. Kelli says:

    15. I found it very shout-y. Also, they have overdone the frantic Leslie stuff. The show really misses Ann and Chris. They’ve made Leslie a caricature of herself. When they did that in the past it would be tampered down by Ann or Tom. A whole hour of her mad at Ron was ridiculous and contrived. I really thought the funniest parts of the show were Andy and April fighting becoming adults. I hope the rest of the episodes are better. I have grown to love these characters.

  32. Jenn says:

    I have a question for TVLine what happened to Question Number 5? Or did we decide to skip that number?

  33. Bwhit says:

    20) it was okay but didn’t hold a candle to Adam and Kim last week (oh the feels!) They are the best couple on that show in my opinion!

  34. meresger says:

    1 | Kinda inappropriate joke just for going on so long. Same for the The Interview bit.

    2 | Racism AND sexism together? Cause that never happens! (Oscars *cough*) Seriously, though, it was a weirdly put together episode.

    4 | The pirates’ chantey was hilarious. Just wish I had been spelling “chantey” right on Twitter since. Now I feel like a dummy!

    6 | Is it wrong that when Anna was buying a diaphragm, I kept thinking of that Seinfeld episode about Jerry dating a virgin and Elaine laughing about carrying her diaphragm in her purse?

    7 | I feel for Jake. Yahoo Answers all the way (should have looked up “shanty”), and damn it, but my dentist office called last month and said I was due for an appointment, and I still haven’t called back! That made me laugh.

    16 | Lee Pace’s Alex would get pummeled by Timothy Daly’s Charlie, unless Alex tag-teamed with his Secret Billionaire Hunger Games girlfriend.

    17 | Enough with Jess’ school. Just because she’s banging a hot teacher (better her than Sleeping Beauty) doesn’t mean we need to see the school!

    19 | If Frank Underwood was a real person, would he be on Team Lucious? Naw, I bet even he’d be rooting for Cookie to take power away from that creep!

  35. Rose says:

    #4. Right now its a toss up between “Jacka** In A Can” and the pirate’s sea chantey! Either way, loving every minute of Galavant and wish we could have it back every year!!!

  36. jbj says:

    16. Tim Daly, but nothing beats the Frat House showdown between Anders Holm and Bill Hader!

  37. Cyndi says:

    Why do rich people on tv have no common sense? I mean who ties up every cent of their money into their family’s company? I’m talking to you Oliver Queen and Jack Hodgins. Ever hear of a savings account or a Swiss account? I mean come on, throw a couple million in there for a rainy day.

  38. Athena says:

    The Good Wife is somewhat drifting…Alicia is evolving…into a Peter. Sad.

  39. Cece says:

    20 | Chicago P.D. “Linstead” ‘shippers: Was the wait worth it?

    YES. YES. YES. 😊

  40. Jonathan Buttall says:

    The Good Wife continues to be the best regular show on TV, and the last episode, about the debate and racial troubles in Chicago, outdid itself. Extant, however, is apparently continuing after all, and that was even better in our household. Under the Dome should have been concluded after the first season, there was no more story to tell after that.

  41. Erica says:

    Galavant’s “Lords of the Sea” – “just not of the actual sea” was hilarious. I’ve watched it like100 times & made everyone else I’m around watch it, too. Now it’s an inside joke in our family. We pop our head around the corner & spout “Though technically, next to the sea”. So fun!

  42. Bigref says:

    The Good Wife has become a sad reflection of what it was. A great cast wasted on a political infomercial. Forever is well written and Ioan Gruffudd is a gifted actor NOT being wasted. I hope it is renewed.