Vampire Diaries Boss Talks Delena's 'Emotional Obstacles,' More Steroline Twists and Another Big Death 'Soon'

Vampire Diaries Spoilers

Happiness is always a rarity on The Vampire Diaries, but it sounds like the drama’s Jan. 22 return (The CW, 8/7c) will find our favorite couples more divided than ever — at least initially.

With seven days until TVD‘s glorious return, TVLine caught up with executive producer Julie Plec for seven teases about what’s to come. Think of this interview as your personal vampire-themed Advent calendar — or you can just read all the answers in one sitting. This is America.

TVLINE | Kai seems to be the only obstacle standing between Damon and Elena at the moment. Will any additional problems arise? 
There are a lot of emotional obstacles, the little details. Can Elena get right with her feelings for him? Is she falling in love with him all over again? As they fight the bad guys, deal with loss and grief, character exits, that kind of thing … do they stay strong, or do they drift apart? I’d really like to see them make it and be happy for a little while.

TVLINE | We’re loving Kai. How long will he stick around?
That’s the problem when you have an actor who’s so great and who the audience responds to as a villain. You have to take stock: Is there more that I can do with this character outside of his run as this year’s villain? If so, you have to come up with the right way to do it, and if not, you have to let the heroes get the win over the villain. Every day, we talk about Kai, and we debate it. It’s an ongoing conversation.

TVLINE | Who has a better chance of surviving: Sheriff Forbes or Steroline?
[Laughs] I think that both of them have some pretty extreme hurdles to cross. Both story lines are going to be incredibly emotional, no matter how much you look at it.

Vampire Diaries SpoilersTVLINE | We know Stefan will be helping Caroline save her mom. Will that bring them closer together?
At first, it’s going to shore up their friendship and bring up more of those romantic questions. But I can’t guarantee there won’t be a stumbling block or two that prevents them from seeing things clearly.

TVLINE | Do you have a time frame for Bonnie’s return from 1994? What will her biggest adjustments be?
We can expect it by the end of the run of this next chapter, which is approximately Episodes 11 to 15. It changes her forever. She’s been to hell and back, so to speak, and she’s had to do a lot of it on her own. Anyone who goes through an experience that isolating and that lonely isn’t going to come back ready to dive back into their old life. We’ll see her try to find her way and heal herself. We’ll see if her friendship with Damon is true, and if he’s someone who can help her heal.

TVLINE | How is Sarah Salvatore going to factor into the story as we know it now?
Sarah Salvatore factors into the story right away when we come back from the hiatus. Stefan hears that Caroline’s going to Duke to talk to a researcher who specializes in her mom’s condition. So he hitches a ride and goes to check in on Sarah, make sure she’s still doing OK. Only this time, he’s had someone follow him who’s also checking on Sarah, which is Enzo. Stefan knows that all the work he’s done to keep this girl away from the supernatural is jeopardized by the fact that Enzo knows who she is.

TVLINE | You also recently teased a big death on Twitter. When can we expect that?
There’s going to be at least one major death coming — and soon. I think the death count by the end of this season is going to be astonishingly high.

TVLINE | Do you have an end in sight? How much further beyond Season 7 could the show go?
When you’re dealing with a show like The Vampire Diaries, which kind of gave the network a boost it really needed, and has continued to have such a loyal and passionate fan base, I don’t think we necessarily get to make the decision about when it’s over. The decision will be made by a lot of things: How much story is left to tell? How many actors are left to tell that story? How many shows like The Flash will come along, with great success, so that the network doesn’t necessarily need us in the way they used to? That could take a couple years, or it could go on as long as possible.

What are your hopes for Mystic Falls’ finest as we move into the second half of Season 6? Drop a comment with your thoughts and theories below.

Reporting by Vlada Gelman

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  1. Riana says:

    I really hope that they don’t keep Kai past the season finale. They should learned their lesson with Silas.

    • Sara says:


      Kai is a season-long villain and needs to be killed off at the end of this season. This show either kills off villains too early or keeps them around for way too long and then tries to de-villianze them. There needs to be a better balance.

    • lizo says:

      I agree that keeping Silas into s5 felt weird….but then we got that *amazing* Original Doppelganger backstory stuff and that made it all worth it, because that was really cool.

    • RivoniaK says:

      I agree. Aside from Silas, they did the same with Klaus. They kept him on so long that fans rooted so much for him that they couldn’t get rid of him … though I guess that worked out in the end because we have the brilliant series that is the originals … but that can’t happen with every villain that we love … so Kai must unfortunately go.

  2. diane says:

    nothing worse than a showrunner who dosent know when to end a show! hint jp it was 2 seasons ago

    • Guest says:

      I’d say this one thing for Caroline: she’s the only woman in the entire show that could make Stefan move on. If she doesn’t get him to forget the other one, no one will.

      • Di says:

        It’s prerty clear that she won’t. Elena’s golden beaver trumps all.

      • hawk62 says:

        I don’t believe that any woman will make Stefan forget Elena. I don’t believe that Stefan will ever fully love another woman the way he loved Elena, and that will be his and Caroline downfall. ..

        • Non says:

          Ya so true.. I wonder if they will show that. Putting Caroline and Stefan together is simply an awful idea. Although, I would like to see Bamon.. that would definitely spice things up on the show.

        • Adrianna says:

          I will always root for stelena in the end….but aside from that, i do love caroline! she deserves happiness and love too!

        • Lies says:

          He will always love elena, she is the love of his life and he would go back to her in a heartbeat. Maybe the writers are trying so hard to make us forget stelena, but we never will. Caroline is great but as a friend. It will be indeed their downfall.

        • Guest says:

          Stefan did not believe himself he could love another woman the way that he loved Katherine, until he did. After Elena wronged him with his brother I seriously doubt he could care, let alone consider her in any light. Caroline may as well be the love of his life and Elene the big roadblock that prevented him to see her

      • team stelena says:

        He doesn’t need to forget Elena and Caroline don’t need to have all of Hey x’s

  3. Gwen says:

    I am looking forward to Delena FINALLY having their time in the sun. They deserve to be Happy.

    • Di says:

      They already had it and it was complete shiet lol. Nobody wants to see it again
      Ive had enough of that craptastic excuse for a couple

      • Non says:

        AGREED! Also, WHY DOES EVERYTHING HAVE TO BE ABOUT SAVING ELENA! Can’t she do anything for herself!! She’s a vampire now for pete’s sake… take care of yourself for once. These writers (who are women might I add) should be showing how girls/women are capable of taking care of themselves! Instead, the writers give all the women storylines that revolve around men. SHEESH

        • Mopf says:

          Just stop writing please,you have no idea what you are talking about.You are just a Delena hater and have nothing better to do in your life than leaving comments on internet pages about something you hate,let me repeat HATE not LIKE , desperate much? Delena is the best and u can go die in a hole nobody cares !!!!

          • ksw says:

            Sorry MOPF given the news today about Ian’s engagement you desperate Dullena worshippers need to give up on Nina and Ian. They have lost all on screen chemistry and it shows big time. YUCK. Now Bonnie and Damon would have some sassy spark.

        • Guest says:

          I wish that any of the Salvatore brothers would actually argue with Elena for endanger either Caroline or Bonnie, for once.

        • hawk62 says:

          That’s why I think Damon and Bonnie would be great together, she doesn’t try to justify everything he does

      • Daisy says:

        I couldn’t agree more!

      • Delena says:

        Delena deserve to be happy after all they have been through. They are happy together when the supernatural things dont come between them. If you cant see how deep,passionate,intense and STRONG their love is you are either not paying attention to the show and missed episodes or you are a hater without justification.

      • Mopf says:

        That’s the problem with you who hate on Delena for no reason @ Ksw…you are too shallow to know that a lot of us are into the Delena relationship not the Nian relationship. We are able to separate reality from fiction . I just know that they broke up and i have no idea what they are up to now. I just wish them happiness but i don’t care if they are together in real life or not. I’m just a fan of the show who find Delena to be amazing and I always gonna support them on the show.

      • Mopf says:

        @ Ksw….also keep dreaming about Bamon as you say cause at least you will see them together in your dreams cause in the show it will never happen,only Delena will happen.Sorry , just being honest.

        • Lies says:

          Maybe only delena will happen, but lucky for us that ian wants bamon to happen, even he can see that he has way more chemistry with kat then with nina, its too awkward between them, he is dating one of her good friends, don’t think she wants to kiss him all the time, even you delena fans must see that :) and i know that they are good actors and trying to hide it and that they are pro’s, but come on their chemistry in season 1/2/3 maybe a bit in 4 was so much better then the rest of
          The seasons.

  4. marie says:

    Stop steroline!

  5. jerrired says:

    So if what Plec says is true about lots of deaths, either a lot of minor characters (like Enzo, Luke, Liv) are about to die, or some actors decided not to renew their contracts.

    I’ve always been team I love Kai but he has to die. However, if they did some kind of Spike chip thing we him it could be interesting. I just don’t know if I would want Kai to have the same lame type of faith as Damon. He was a totally good villain that got reduced to someone’s love interest.

    • hawk62 says:

      So true and Elena always caught in the middle. The writers have really degraded their characters. I really don’t see how they’re going to justify are clean up the mess they may but the show. Tyler, Matt. Jermey, Liz, Luke, and that creepy Enzo all need to die off the show their characters are useless.

      • jerrired says:

        Enzo is the worst! I like some of those characters you mentioned, but yeah I agree there is nothing really for them left to do with them. Jeremy has been let go. So I think the others could be soon as well.

  6. katie says:

    Stop Steroline. Nobody wants romance between them with Liz being sick. Or at all

  7. katie says:

    Stop Steroline eww. Nobody wants romance between them with Liz being sick. Or at all

  8. Emily says:

    I’m loving Kai, but I hope they don’t keep him around TOO long. They struck gold with Klaus, but it’s hard to keep a villain interesting for too long before you either have to redeem or destroy them. Kai doesn’t exactly have ‘redemption’ tattooed on his forehead…

    Personally, I just want them to stop with the Steroline. For some reason they felt the need to trash a really beautiful friendship in order to make their romantic relationship more dramatic, and I hate that. Caroline is not good for Stefan and Stefan is REALLY not good for Caroline. Plus, the actors have little to no sexual chemistry. It still bugs me that Caroline’s mother is dying purely to serve her romantic story with Stefan. That’s awful. Hopefully the writers let that ship die and move on quickly.

    I don’t know where the heck they’ll even go after this season is over. Ian will be gone, Steven will be gone, apparently Kat wants to leave too? I don’t get why the network would renew a show that is so clearly dying.

  9. Netty says:

    As much as I love Kai as a villain he has to meet his demise at some point. They need to kill him off.
    And honestly The Enzo storyline is just ridiculous, why does Enzo even care about the Salvatore family and were does his hatred for Stefan come from. They brought him back with no clue what to do with his character.

    And then Steroline, just needs to die, their friendship was so much fun to watch than this awkward forced chemistry.
    I’m loving that Delena might still have their happy ending.
    I really miss TVD when it still had TO, those days were fun.

  10. Cindi says:

    Ugh, since they shoved Dullena down our throats the show is just awful. Bought seasons 1, 2 and 3 on DVD. Done with this show, actually stopped watching in the middle of last season but still read recaps and articles. As soon as they talk about Dullena I’m glad I didn’t watch.

  11. Jessica says:

    STOP Delena and Sterolie please! No more!

    • noooon says:

      AGREED.. please stop delena! Also I don’t understand why she keeps saying in interviews that Delena has had their struggles and need to be happy.. such nonsense because Delena does not deserve any attention! No body cares about that relationship anymore. I never cared for it then and I certainly don’t care for it now. Everything they do now is to service Delena like having Kai come between their mistletoe kiss.. as if anyone cared about that!

    • Queen says:

      Why stop them? Because you say so? Who are to make that call? Just go away. Delena forever <3 <3 <3

  12. hawk62 says:

    I agree with you.

  13. hawk62 says:

    please just kill the Stefan and Caroline romance that’s like throw up. Kai need to die because no one should have that much power didn’t you learn your lesson with the originals. Damon and Elena should just disappear. Enzo a f****** gay predator that’s what you writers has made his character to B.

  14. Kalee says:

    Jesus, no more Steroline! At least not romantically. Stop dangling the carrot! No one wants to see it.

  15. JJ says:

    Looking forward to DE being happy and stable for awhile and for the moment when Elena gets her memories back. Hoping they really are endgame.The Gemini coven and Kai have been interesting so far so I guess as long as they can keep it interesting, Kai should stick around. Actually enjoying the development of Steroline but the Enzo storyline is beyond pointless. Don’t see how much longer the show could go on. Thought this season could be the end but I understand giving the writers one more to wrap things up. I love the show but I dont want it to end up like Greys current season, beyond awful, especially since Sandra Oh left. But I guess we will see.

  16. rose says:

    so bonnie is dying again…its always bonnie who dies.

  17. TVDGuest says:

    Loving the Delena scoop, can’t wait for a proper r/ship btwn the two and enough already with Steroline.

    • DKatr says:

      Delena also needs to stop being shoved down our throats. Toxic and boring even when the writers are trying to retcon it this season

      • hawk62 says:

        Only because of the Stelena visions of a happy ending when the travelers came to town. Where the writers messed up at was throwing them in the sack together rather than letting them romance each others. Now they trying to make up for it and nobody wants to see them because they are burned out. They should of did that while Stefan was gone those 3mths instead of just having them roll around in the sack……….

      • Delena 13 says:

        Toxic is your brain. Go away stupid hater…… Delena for eternity !!!!

        • ksw says:

          Unless that is your age. Anyone can visibly see since they broke up in real life their scenes are forced. They act like they can barely be in the same room together.

  18. Marlene says:

    Unless, Bonnie, Stefan or Damon dies, then I see no “BIG” deaths coming up for me because those are the only characters I care about and I doubt they will be killed.

  19. Di says:

    My hope for thos season is no Delena, more Bamon and no romantic Steroline. Also please get rid of Alaric again, he’s a douchebag.

    • Netty says:

      Delena is not going anywhere, u might as well stop watching.

      • hawk62 says:

        Damon has a new interest because Elena has lost here girlish figure. He’s looking for someone who will challenge him who can stand on her own and Elena don’t cut it anymore

      • Lies says:

        Please almost the entire other fans did, stelena/bamon/klaroline fans they have nothing to watch for, they even killed katherine, the only thing this shows has left is delena delena delena and steroline to keep stefan away from
        Elena, which was the entire point of the show elena loving two brothers not


  21. Hilary says:

    I stopped watching after they turned Elena into a vampire and pretended that made it all okay for her to choose Damon. I read about Stefan/Caroline possible romance this season and have been watching. I am all for them together and it’s literally the only part I care about.

  22. Amelah says:

    BONKAI needs to happen

  23. anon says:

    Delena is disgusting crap and they need to stop acting like it’s some kind of epic love. It’s wrong on so many levels and it has destroyed Elena and everything that was once good about this show. Fan pandering at it’s worse. Can Damon be the big death? Anything to stop Delena from ever happening again. Elena needs to end up with anybody but Damon. Seriously. It scares me that Julie Plec thinks Delena is actually what love looks like. Worst ship ever.

    • Iris says:

      Wooow you are a garbage.Shut up and stop sharing your stupidity over the internet.If you are not able to see the love between Elena and Damon you have a problem.Their love it is epic!

    • Non says:

      Spot on in my opinion! Elena becoming a vampire and her relationship with Damon made made me dislike the show and ruined it for me. Elena should just end up alone. Its just gross how they keep calling their relationship an epic love. Their relationship has gone on far too long and the writers have no idea what to do with them.

      • Delena 13 says:

        Thats only your opinion,opinions aint facts cause i know a lot of my girlfriends are very happy seeing Damon and Elena together, we will get to see them in a happy place and harmonic relationship in the upcoming episodes. No matter what this two do they cant stay away from each other,they cant move on without each other . That’s love.

        • Fran says:

          Of course its their opinion…. Considering they began their post by saying “in my opinion”! That’s all any of us are giving here.

      • team stelena says:

        OMG I feel the exact same way👍

    • hawk62 says:

      I agree

  24. They need to end this Steroline and Delena thing, the show was much better in the past when they were just friends. It’s just annoying this storyline.

  25. matreyee says:

    i think stefan and caroline r perfect for one another..they complete each other in ever elena can never love stefan as much as she loves damon..she will ALWAYS b divided among them and that would b unfair on stefan. STEROLINE ALL THE WAY!!!!

  26. zed says:

    Bonnie and Damon have the sizzle and they should really concentrate on that relationship, as it could grow into something amazing- and as for the Bamon friendship thing- please it’s laughable- as with Damon and Bonnie- it’s the hate turning into love- plus she really gets him- all that he has done and how he struggles with his inner demon and his redemption. And there is food for thought for season 7- the Bamon season.
    As for Delena- they drifted apart even before Elena let herself be compelled to forget him. They are so dysfunctional and their happy thing is so fake!
    As for Kai- yeah, great villain- but Bonnie needs to defeat him- as that would show her upper hand which is long time coming!
    Steroline- can they just drop it. It’s like they don’t know what to do with them- and then they gave them Liz’s illness. Caroline needed conflict sl with Enzo- that would have made both character interesting. And it could have involved Zach’s daughter sl- and then Stefan trying to protect her would make sense…

    • Non says:

      Great post! I also wish Bonnie would stand up for herself against these so called “friends” like Elena who has done nothing to help Bonnie. When Damon died, Elena was hysterical. When Bonnie died.. absolutely nothing. Bamon would be very very interesting to watch.. I’m all for it! It would definitely shake things up. Considering how fast she moved on after Stefan.. she should be able to get over Damon in less than 24 hours and have sex with another guy. Something else the show should do is turn Elena back into a human or do something with her character!…Her character became worse after she became a vampire.

  27. Hattie says:

    I don’t get the Kai love. The character does nothing for me. I need Damon and Elena to make their way back together! I want Caroline happy, but not with Stefan. He’s a dud. I still like Enzo. Loved that he called Stefan out for giving up on Damon. I have huge reservations about the Sarah storyline though. It’s too early to tell, but it just feels unnecessary.

  28. Maryann says:

    I just want Enzo and Kai GONE–permanently. Can’t stand it when either of them is on screen. And it would give me great pleasure if Kai is vanquished in the twin merger thing — to his great surprise. The look on his face when he realizes he has LOST! That would make the entire season for me!

    That said, I am really looking forward to Bonnie’s return and her friendship with Damon being further developed. This story line feels natural and organic.

    As for the illness of Caroline’s mother and her possible romance with Stefan? Can’t stand the idea of them being more than friends and I fo NOT want to lose her mother from the show.

    Lookimg forward to next week’s episode and many seasons to come!

  29. Marta says:

    Delena for eternity. The best couple ever <33333

  30. AGH says:

    I’m becoming so tired of the whining of some of you. Why you need to be such a mood kill? Always having something negative to say about everything,ruing it for the others like us.If you don’t like it and really stopped watching it since season 2 or 3 as you say you did, so then you wouldn’t be here talking about this show. Also who doesn’t like Delena can as well move on with their life cause Delena is what making this show what it is. If you can’t understand that.that’s your problem,you might be too slow to understand that. I’m of the few people who have learned to not complain about almost everything in life and I’m of the few maybe who is okay with everything that is happening on the show. It’s a very captivating and interesting show, I dont know why some of you shallow minded talk so bad about it, but it didnt became bad after season 2 .It’s still a very good show,its your problem if you don’t like it anymore but you have no right to talk in the name of all the fans about the show becoming so bad,talk only about your selves cause there are fans like us who are very satisfied by it ok? Now i read a lot of negative comments about Elena,that her character got destroyed that she lost her original personality,that she cries for the smallest things and that she’s annoying. I have nooo idea where u get this things. Elenas character has evolved just like a real person in real life would evolved if all those things that happened to elena would happen to them.It’s absolutely normal to be like Elena is right now.I dont know how you want her to behave but i dont see anything negative about her character becoming who she is now. And lastly, who of you that are too shallow to not understand Delenas relationship let me tell you that remember when Elena asked Bonnie what she saw in her future? Bonnie said that she saw fog and a dark figure in the shadows,that dark figure is Damon and that makes clear, Elena meeting Stefan and falling for him was all leading up to her coming across Damon HER REAL LOVE . The show has always been giving us hints that Damon is elenas real love. Not to mention Delena are endgame in the books too,so you better get used to the facts or quit fallowing the show cause you won’t be much satisfied. Elena loves Damon and Damon loves Elena,love doesn’t need reason or justify.So no matter if want or don’t want them together,facts are facts.

    • Sam says:

      Gooosh finally someone i can agree with. U are absolutely right. I love Delena also :)))

    • Fran says:

      Well that was a rambling post. If you want to be taken seriously you shouldn’t call your opinion “fact”… Immediately after calling out others for doing the same thing. Then again, you also called people with different opinions than yours “slow”…. which was very rude. Its a comment section, we all have different opinions and we’re all allowed to.

    • vgh09 says:

      Actually she said she saw fog and a crow. She also saw death. And The books’ publishers wanted the newer trilogies to be more in line with the show. LJ Smith herself said she was moving in the direction of exploring the Bamon relationship. The ghostwritten books are clearly pandering to the Delenas because those fans whined so much when Stelena was end game in book 10 that they made another trilogy (Salvation). Even in that series Stefan had to die in order for Damon to be a consideration for her character. Delena was forced down our throats in the show which is why it’s awkward and makes no sense. They could have written their getting together so much better and organically. Writers know they screwed up that’s why they Retconned season 6 because they realize the damage they did. Ironically they made more sense in season 3. They haven’t made sense at all since season 4 and the show is dying. Seasons 1 to 3 so much better.

  31. Dayenzo says:

    I agree Kai needs to die,he is a cool villain but his not charismatic as Klaus.Delena can happen next season bring us Bamon!!As for Enzo he was so full of sexiess and mystery last season bring that back, give him some history a connection to the Salvatores.!!

  32. T says:

    I just want Stelena back.

  33. Kim says:

    I’m basically just hate watching this show now!!!

  34. madge says:

    I love TVD, but I’m actually disappointed it’s renewed which means they’ll just prolong everyone’s misery. I’m also on board for STOP STEROLINE.. can a boy and a girl be great friends? Why are you forcing them to be romantic?

  35. Pearl Marie Ecaldre says:

    Kai is awesome he should probably stick to the picture.The “death” is i think talking about Damon,right?hmm,that wont be a problem if it is.Steroline is happening.But guys i think if Ian is really leaving TVD then Stefan needs some serious make over in his character.Make him more interesting,like give him superpowers,he came from a traveller’s lineage and dont forget he is the doppelganger of the first immortal man.I see Paul Wesley do the rough characters in other movies/series and he pulled it through,he can be an amazing protagonist and antagonist at the same time.Give him like literally speaking a superpower anything,control time,see the future,read someone’s thought,control the elements on earth etc.etc.People are worried about Ian and Elena so why dont you let Stefan handle the situation so nothing happens to TVD because unlike Delena,Stelena or Steroline which Paul is really just being professional with the ladies and not trying to hook up with them.So let Paul’s Stefan be the main event.

  36. Pearl Marie Ecaldre says:

    Let Stefan handle the situatiom here.Paul Wesley’s character in the trio who doesnt have an issue.Be either have the Steroline or my favorite Stelena be on the table because if you keep trying the ex lovers to hook up im not buying it even if in an impossibilty they reunite again.Its always the personal problems that gets in the way.Look at Paul and Nind they didnt have a problem when they pulled Stelena into the picture.Guys,if Ian is leaving TVD then you seriously need to brush up,make some changes in Stefan’s character.Make him an angel,give him powers,make him a vampire traveller because he has a traveller lineage,give him the IM THE BOSS can of vibe.I’ve seen Paul Wesley do other characters and he always impress me of the things he could pull through.Just dont let this season 6 be the end.

    • tori says:

      I have never thought about something like that. Now that you say it. If Damon is leaving then I completley agree with you, this could be a huge turning point for Stefan.

  37. tiffany says:

    i am hoping for bamon definitely! it will sort of spice up the show a little bit dont you think? kai is really starting to aggravate me now so please kill him off julie lol steroline wouldnt be so bad because their chemistry is well done!! but theyre definitely not going to last…

  38. Anna says:

    All I want is for them to keep Alaric around until the end of the show. Seasons 4 & 5 sucked without him & 6 has been much better with him around. I love him and his and Jo’s relationship.

  39. katerina says:

    Can we just get katerina pierce back, since she is not in the otherside when it was distroyed. I think katerina could spive tins up

  40. Adrianna says:

    I wish there could be a million more seasons of TVD & that they’d all be as great as the ones we have already had.. I’m beyond obsessed! Friday-Wednesday, I’m just like “okayyy, i hate tv, i just want thursday for TVD to come on!!” & in between seasons or whatever, i go insane… i will be glued to my tv on jan 22, which is only 6 days awayyyy yayyy!!! <3

  41. Kat Brown says:

    Got to give credit to the actors of Elena and Damon carrying on with Delena when the actors dated in real life and broke up must be hard couldn’t imagine that with my ex’s!! Love Damon and always will so funny love his one liners! The season 5 bloopers were so funny, hope season 6 are just as funny lol xx

  42. Yvette says:

    I Would Love to see Bonnie and Damon hook up maybe even marriage. :)

  43. Yvette says:

    Looking to see Damon and Bonnie hook up maybe even marriage would be nice. :)

  44. I agree with the TV Fanatic crew – they should get rid of Jeremy, Bonnie, Matt, Alaric, Enzo. Plus Stephan should go since he will always love Elena. So at the end of the season they should only Elena and Damon in their eternally damned coupling. Then the show can stop.

  45. chantal says:

    I hope to see damon and elena happy together finally. I’d like to see enzo and kai stay on the show and hopefully caroline will get with enzo since claus left. I don’t really care to much for stefan and I really hope the him and elena bak and forth is over for good those to are not a good match.. lol and I hope Bonnie finds a man maybe kai??

  46. Sensible says:

    I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this show became absolute trash after Elena and Damon got together. I also can’t stand that none of the female characters seem to have a valid storyline of their own. It always has to deal with a man. Always. I hope they cancel it. Put it out of its misery. Also I thought this sounded really self absorbed of JP. I mean Gossip Girl was the one that put the CW on the map. TVD came along later. And now the network does not need TVD or TO to survive. Flash and Arrow viewers knock them out the water and the 100 is a fantastic show and Jane The Virgin just won a golden globe. They are fine. She is not indispensable and there are way better things out there Nona could and should be doing instead of wasting her time on this show.

  47. Lies says:

    Delena and steroline as always, no news about the other couples? What is left for stelena, bamon, klaroline? There are more fandoms that watch this show, hope they get some spoilers soon, the show becomes very boring if it only is about delena and steroline. And bamon’s “friendship” pff… We all know that when ian and kat work together their chemistry is amazing, so that would mean that they don’t get much screentime as soon as delena gets back together, because between them there is nothing left, so bonnie is to much of a risk, same goes for stefan, the only moments that he gets with elena is about damon, because they are to affraid to upset the delena fanbase.

  48. divinabs says:

    Para a série ficar boa,Elena e Damon tem q voltar ser amigos,so isso e nada mais!!

  49. Bob Wood says:

    I don’t understand why in every season their has to be all these major deaths, it for me gets kind of boring and redundant I’m really tired of that and that’s were a show starts to lose me. Now is Caroline going to die? I don’t think so and it would be a bad move unless the actress wants out for good. Caroline could have the biggest advantage in her growing storyline as it would make sense for her character to move over to the Originals when TVD ends.

  50. Alina says:

    Listen, if you hate Delena just don’t read an article about them or at least don’t leave a comment.
    TVD is a show to unite us and not shatter an entire “fanclub” into pieces because of a ship.
    I don’t go to a Delena-haters-page either and say that you are all wrong and whatever you ship is sh**.
    Because I don’t care.
    So, just leave DE’rs alone and talk to someone who cares about your opinion!!! Because Delena-shippers don’t!