Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Hookups, Mergers, Deaths and More in 2015

Vampire Diaries Spoilers

Still reeling from Thursday’s Vampire Diaries midseason finale? Well, don’t get too comfy, because it sounds like there’s more heartbreak on the way in 2015.

Executive producer Julie Plec — probably because this week’s episode was such a freaking downer — decided to brighten fans’ spirits Thursday night, tweeting 12 spoilers from the new year. Assuming she isn’t pulling our collective leg, here’s what we can expect when TVD returns Jan. 22:

1. Two of the Gemini witches, either Kai and Jo or Luke and Liv, will merge.

2. We’ll meet the real Sarah Salvatore. (Bye, Felicia Monique!)

3. Bonnie will return — changed! — to the present day.

4. Younger versions of Stefan and Caroline will be shown in flashbacks.

5. Caroline will experiment with “the functionality of vampire blood.” (Can Sheriff Forbes be saved?!)

Vampire Diaries Spoilers6. Enzo encounters a (new) lady friend.

7. Jeremy will apply to art school.

8. Matt will find his true calling in life.

Now, for the biggies…

9. More than one person will die — which is always a given, yet always stressful.

10. This one’s too good not to quote directly: “Stefan Salvatore fixes a friendship… and then some.”

11. Here’s another one I have to direct-quote: “Elena Gilbert gets a proposition that could change her life forever.”

12. Lastly, there will be a hookup, a breakup and a makeup — though not necessarily involving the same couple.

So, TVD fans… Which twins do you think will merge? Which current couple will call it quits? And is there any hope for Sheriff Forbes?! Drop a comment with your best guesses below.

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