Castle Recap: Private Practice

Castle Season 8 Nathan Fillion Staying

This week on ABC’s Castle, Rick — with a shiny new P.I. license in hand — pitted himself against wife Kate and her team at the 12th, as he adjusted to his “break-up” with the NYPD.

As I was saying to some followers on The Twitter and as covered some during my most recent Inside Line column, Rick’s first foray into private investigation, chasing the same case as Kate & Co., was highly entertaining and downright sexy at times (as the marrieds bartered intel or worked themselves into quite a lather assembling clues).

There were so many fun little things to watch for, like Kate’s smile of pride as Rick relayed some clues he himself dug up. Rick noting that he arrived at a key location first, “So, really, you’re following me.” Kate waving her ring finger in the air when arguing that husbands tell wives when they rent a P.I. office. The phone call where Beckett over-cheerfully starts, “Hey babe!” and proceeds to try to coax clues out of  her man

There was that whole sequence with the filled-to-the-rim wine glasses, and the afterglow scene it ultimately uncorked. (“It’s been forever since we tried that. I forgot how creative you can get.”) Kate stating how much Rick impressed her with his independent work on the case, and her look of giddy anticipation as he opened his Sherlock-ian gifts.

Beyond the “Caskett” of it all, you had Ryan playing “the C-card” by doing his best Rick impression at the murder board, or Espo having the last laugh by beating Rick to a tell-tale coffee cup. (“Sorry, Sherlock. Not this time.”) Perlmutter blocking Rick’s view of the corpse with his clipboard, and then freaking upon finding his frenemy foraging inside the M.E.’s office.

As for Rick himself, the episode reminded us of how keen a mind he has, piecing together clues (or how a “serviceable falsetto” can gain access to credit card statements!) on his lonesome. And that’s a big plus for the character.

The question, though, is how many of the above amusing themes/beats can be repeated in any way, as Rick continues on “separate” from the NYPD. Or was much of the aforementioned enjoyment born of the “first time” nature of the rivalry?

In the next, telenovela-set episode, I understand that Rick has an actual client, so that could offer a variation on the above, by having (a perhaps guilty?) someone to answer to. So, I could see this “Castle, P.I.” arc feeling sufficiently fresh for another two, maybe three episodes. But perhaps it’s the events of the February sweeps two-parter that pave a way for Rick to rejoin the team at the 12th?

Or does anyone think his solo act could possibly stretch on further, even to the finale?

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  1. leigh says:

    This was such a fun episode. Don’t get me wrong…I’m looking forward to Castle getting back to the precinct but so funny!

  2. c-mo says:

    Rob Hanning wrote a fantastic episode! Favorite scene was Castle with Perlmutter int he morgue, still laughing. I really enjoyed seeing the Caskett competition but will be glad when they go back to being a team which I hope doesn’t last more than two episodes but would be okay if it ended early in the third episode.

    • S. says:

      I died when Rob Hanning pointed out something writer Chad Creasey had suggested and then put #thegoodCreasey as part of his fun lil war with Dara, Chad’s wife and fellow Castle writer. Found out today that he once followed a bunch of people named Dara on Twitter except her. I enjoy the playfulness of that cast and crew. Sounds like a fun group.

      • c-mo says:

        This season’s twitter parties are almost as much fun as the actual episodes have been! It’s so much fun hearing the BTS antecdotes and the good-natured jokes. I love the twitter war between Hanning and Dara, it’s hilarious!

    • Harvey says:

      Second fav after the morning scene. Loved it.

      • c-mo says:

        The only reason that wasn’t my fav scene was because of their body language. I know, I’m nit picking (and over-analyizing) because the dialogue was fabulous but them looking in completely different directions was a bit odd for me. An awesome scene for me has to get me with both dialogue and actions (not that they have to chase each other around the morgue table) but any actions, i.e., hand gestures, body movements, etc. have to match the dialogue.

  3. Teri says:

    This was pure Castle delight. I LOL the entire hour. Great, great callbacks to what made Caskett who they are: sexy and great together. Can STANA and NATHAN bring it or what. Just stellar writing by Rob Hanning.

  4. Susan says:

    I loved this show tonight! It kept you guessing, had humor, and great chemistry between Castle & Beckett. I also liked the inclusion of Castles mom and daughter. We are actually enjoying this season. It’s fun to have Ricchard Castle a major character, once again.

  5. James D says:

    great episode. I had my reservations about this arc but they played it beautifully. I chuckled on more than a few scenes especially Rick playing a recording of himself doing a full blown Dashiell Hammett that was pure gold. I’m not sure they can keep it up for more than a few episodes but it certainly brings a fresh element to the show.

    • c-mo says:

      He was using his “Joe Flynn” voice from s4’s Blue Butterfly and it sounded like Robert Duncan was borrowing the music from that episode too.

      • Rich Abey says:

        My thoughts exactly. It has to be a nod to that fan favorite episode, cause Castle was getting into the mind of a 1940’s P.I in Blue Butterfly too.

  6. K says:

    I loved the episode. It was filled with fun, laughs, wit, charm, romance and flirty/sweet/heartwarming moments. I kinda didn’t like Castle as a P.I. when the episode first started, but I started to warm up to the idea as the hour progressed. My favorite scene was when Castle and Beckett were in bed together the next morning. It was so sexy. Beckett teasing Castle was so great. Nathan and Stana’s chemistry in that scene was red hot.

    • Sexy? Again in an after sex scene, we see both wearing clothing again. So my question is do they make love then put on clothes before sleeping? Or, do they make love with clothes on? It’s always a distraction to me when a so-call “sexy” morning after, they are wearing so-so looking clothes especially Rick with his un-sexy T-shirts and shorts. Anyone else have the same problem about scenes being called “sexy”?

      • lkh says:

        There might be a continuum as to what folks think is sexy. Some think watching people eat is sexy–seriously. This an’t The Affair where you get to know a little too much about the cast :]

        • Yes, “sexy” is different for each of us. However, I was commenting when viewers talk about the making love scenes specifically. I was not talking about “sexy” in a broad general way. The only time that a morning after scene was realistic in my opinion was the opening scene in 5×1 “After the Storm” back in 9/24/12. Both were unclothed. There was no question as to what happened the night before and the morning after. And, the only time we saw Rick bare chested, too.

    • Beckstle says:

      Ditto to this! Smugness is not endearing. Glad I stuck around after the horrible scene with Alexis coaching him on the phone though because things got so much better! I liked the dog throughline, because everything about the dog felt like Castle’s real contribution to the case – the other P.I. stuff didn’t thrill me. The stolen information would be useless for a case. I loved Nathan and Stana’s chemistry being on display. However, I don’t get why it’s so hard to have more of this in general. I don’t see it as being a result of the P.I. storyline, just as a choice they made to go there this time.

  7. Mika02 says:

    A+ episode great job to the writers. I have so been waiting for this even better then I expected.

  8. Morgane says:

    Yay finally an episode with a lot of Beckett ! (& Caskett).
    They really need to do something about Espo though, even Alexis is not that annoying this season …

  9. BetiSA says:

    see? these writers can still write good stuff. It is great to know that, after 7 season, they can keep the show fresh, funny and interesting!

  10. N says:

    I guess I was the only one who didn’t care for this episode!

    • maria says:

      No, you’re not.

    • lkh says:

      No, you’re not

    • S. says:

      You guys are why we can’t have nice things. Seriously. If you don’t like this episode on some level (at least get the vibe behind it), you aren’t watching the show that Castle is. Full stop. It’s not a matter of opinion because it’s being intentionally created by the writers and so permeates the series that not liking it must surely make most of the show unwatchable. This is a tone they’ve embraced in the Castle/Beckett relationship, the partnership of the guys, Castle’s relationship to them, his family, the overgrown puppy attitude he can have, all of it. What were you watching before? Why are you watching now? It just makes no sense. If you tune in for case-of-the-week, there are plenty of crime shows that do that and don’t have the tone typical of this series and this episode is a textbook example of, so really.. Why are you even here? I genuinely don’t get it.

      • BetiSA says:

        S.: I couldn’t agree more.
        Probably they are fans of a certain show that insulted Castle’s fans on twitter (for 3 or 4 days!) because Castle won all the PCA!!!

      • lkh says:

        S… I’m betting that ‘S’ doesn’t stand for Sunshine or Sensitive or Sweet tempered or even Sympathetic. If I’m the reason you can’t have ‘nice things’ you need to expand your universe. Please do not presume that you know anything about what I watch or what I think. If you were really openminded or wanted diverse opinions you would ask for them and if you really enjoyed the show I would think you would like to hear them.

        In regard to that last point, although you attacked me about my television ‘watching’ habits and have decided to shunt me off in another direction due to what you perceive as my worth, I will nevertheless tell you. I thought the story was good, the change in direction of the story line is welcome and needed. My difficulty with this episode was the acting seemed forced for me. Beckett (SK) does not do comedy smoothly and generally I am a big fan of her, but her timing was off and the pitch of her voice changed. Castle’s (NF) interpretation of comedy is to be goofy and have strange body language. Actually, the goofy was tempered some this episode. I don’t what the guys were doing, but again it seemed forced and didn’t work smoothly. These words have never passed my lips, but I thought Alexis (MQ) did a really good job. She seemed to handle her scene with Castle really well. It wasn’t overdone, and she didn’t seem frenetic to me. Do I think what I was uncomfortable with should be ‘blamed’ on the actors, actually no. We’ve all seen them deliver at a higher level in the past. Even though the director has also been great on many occasions, I would place the so-called ‘blame’ there.

        So why I was watching before, or now or the fact that it makes no sense to you could have been interesting questions, but instead you used them as an attack. Maybe that ‘S’ could be changed to an ‘I’ for intolerant.

        • Luis says:

          Ouch! I actually thought Stana was more comfortable with the comedic elements of this episode than she has been in the past – the red wine scene was delightful. I liked how supportive Beckett showed herself to be and how readily she acknowledged that the wall between them, professionally, will be honored more in the breach than the observance. I think this will be an interesting dynamic for the writers to play with.

          • lkh says:

            You may be right but I felt she was doing a better job in those scenes when she was not trying to be funny. It may be that I just might have to change my thinking of what she will deliver and adjust to the ‘funny, silly’ Beckett. Could that be an STI? Dunno. :]

      • knd says:

        Just because someone didn’t care for one episode you can’t have nice things? That makes absolutely no sense. They didn’t criticize or speak terribly about the episode, they just said they didn’t care for it, which is completely allowed. Very rarely has there been a series where every single episode is perfect. Just relax.

    • arial2 says:

      I liked the personal stuff, like Martha siding with Kate, and Alexis helping her dad. And I liked the humor. However, I felt the case-solving dragged when they kept splitting between Castle’s lack of access and the police work. I guess I’m spoiled because I like the way this show usually moves at a good pace through the cases (it’s a dramedy, not a drama, so I don’t expect true-to-life case work, which would be much slower, more concerned about the fine legalities). It left me a little frustrated, enough so that I kept going back and forth between ABC and one of the local PBS station’s Agatha Christie mystery.

    • knd says:

      I’m with you!

    • No, your not. It seems in Season 7 only Rick can solve the murder mysteries. The episode writer went overboard with making Rick the better crime solver. It’s getting old, writers! I am guessing that Fillion in his contract re-negogiations last year demanded more episodes with that in mind. Up to this season, the crime solving was a collective effort by Kate,Rick, Ryan and Javi. Wish the writers would get back to that.

      • lkh says:

        I agree–the balance is not right. Maybe the change in leadership has resulted in them trying to find that recipe again.

  11. Patty says:

    Fun episode. Great on-screen chemistry between Mr. Fillion and Ms. Katic.

  12. Laura says:

    Loved every last bit of that episode – especially the part where Beckett made the arrest with Castle at the end! Thought it was great how Beckett seemed to support Castle’s PI thing more and more as the episode went on. I think it can definitely go a couple more episodes, either with Castle’s cases being directly linked with Beckett’s in some way, or where you have them helping each other out? Though solving two cases each week probably won’t work out too well…either way, very pleased with this episode.

  13. Morisot says:

    I loved it! I thought it was the best episode in three years! I like Castle–writer/detective. I liked the Castle and Beckett interactions. My ears perked up the minute I heard Beckett say, “I’m getting a headache.”

  14. Emma says:

    Serious question, why NF never take off his shirt ?

    • fei says:

      Why Ryan never takes his shirt off?

    • Emma I ask that question, too. In the so-called “sexy” after making love morning after both Rick and Kate are fully dressed. So do they make love then after which put on clothes before sleeping. Or, do they make love with their so-so sleeping clothes on. (Rick’s un-sexy t-shirts and shorts are a turn off,too) On the other hand, in previous season, Nathan had put on too much weight. He looked pudgy and chubby. So, I am glad he didn’t take off his shirt during those years.

  15. Jkl says:

    I thought all the Caskette moments and the banter between BECKETT and Castle were great. The only problem I had with the show was Castle solving everything without the benefit of the help of police sources and actually solving the murder. So ridiculous.

    • KCC says:

      There’s nothing you can’t accomplish with a “serviceable falsetto.” Seriously though, there are plenty of PIs in the world that find out all kinds of things without police resources. I thought it was totally believable, at least in the Castle Universe.

      • Why isn’t Castle gun or self defense training? Most PIs do carry at least a gun as their job puts them in harms way. He also has no backup like he did when he was part of Beckett’s team. The scene were the dog walker easily overcame him and pepper sprayed him comes to mind. His inexperience, lack of self-defense and no gun were a distraction to me. How long are the writers going to write scripts were he avoids real danger? Are Beckett and boys going to magically appear for those scenes? All the while he is the only one now who can solve the murder mysteries. Why didn’t Pearlmutter (sic) report Castle to Gates? Why did Gates confer with Castle in the 12th precinct when she knows he’s not suppose to be there? There are so many holes in this PI story arch.

  16. lauri5567 says:

    I’m going to assume what Castle’s being a PI who works with the police is Constitutional because I laughed out loud many times during the episode.
    Castle & Alexis vs. Kate & the boys on the phone was great. The banter was great.
    I agree that Espo seems to have had PMS for a very long time. I think he could have some interesting/valid reasons for it and wish they would explore it.

  17. Just one thing says:

    A solid, entertaining episode. You pretty much have to ignore pesky logic throughout the episode, which is nothing new, but the fun outweighs the flaws.
    Since episodes like this have been rare over the last couple seasons, I won’t hold my breath that its vibe can be soon replicated. But it’s nice having an episode that I wouldn’t mind re-watching. Not sure what they needed to do to maintain this momentum throughout the rest of the season, but I hope they… ya know… did it.

    • Moshai says:

      Surprisingly, one of the best episodes of the season. My problem with the episode has to do with the actually P.I arc. When I think about C&B in a vacuum, they were fun and sexy; however, when I’m forced to exam the larger picture of this P.I arc and how it originated, my head hurts. Best not to think too hard about it.

      Also, after reading the comment section I’ve had the least surprising revelation. No one has brought up Castle not telling Beckett about his P.I. license. It can be assumed a reasonable amount of time has passed from 7.10 to 7.11, and yet, Castle decides it’s completely unimportant to tell Beckett about his career change? He rented an offense where he’ll be spending a decent amount of time, and when asked by Beckett when he was going to tell her he gives a cavalier “eventually.” I don’t think it’s the biggest deal in the world, but I thought we were done seeing C&B keeping secrets from each other. Of course, if it were Beckrtt who did what Castle did this fandom would vilify her to no end. Le sigh, I guess that’s an argument for another day,

      • Harvey says:

        Castle said he had a surprise for Beckett, so that explains why he didn’t tell. He was actually wanting to surprise beckett. It would be hiding and all if he didn’t tell beckett for some other reason, but surprise is something else. And then he wanted to spend time with her rather than go. BTW, why to use so much logic. I mean, there are very less shows you can watch if you don’t let go of some logic.

        • Moshai says:

          I know Castle said he wanted to surprise Beckett; doesn’t mean I agree with it. Castle went through the entire process of getting a P.I. License and renting out an office where he will be spending quite some time. All of this leads to him essentially starting a new career. That isn’t something you surprise your spouse with. Career changes usually have a significant impact on both parties. Beckett’s job keeps her busy enough, did he think about how this would impact them seeing each other on a daily basis? Did he think about what would happen if, however unlikely, they were working the same case? How would the logistics of that work considering he’s banned from working with the NYPD? Is Beckett’s opinion on the matter not worth anything? These are all significant questions that absolutely should have been discussed. Do I think it’s some relationship breaker? Absolutely not, but Castle was wrong not to tell her. It goes back to the distinct difference this fandom holds in accountability between Castle and Beckett. When Castle does wrong it’s considered cheeky, funny, and just Castle being Castle. When Beckett does something wrong she is keeping more secrets and doesn’t love Castle. My intention isn’t to start some rally against Castle’s character, but the double standard in this fandom is so obvious and annoying. This is probably my last post on the subject because I actually enjoyed the episode. I’d tentatively put it in the top three for the season.

          • Harvey says:

            Actually that’s mostly said for the reason they do it. For castle, it was a simple surprise. Not really a whole career change, or changing cities and the main reason was to work with Beckett. And thinking Beckett would like the surprise is in his character. And then the show almost always makes Castle do it when it’s not that big deal, when they are not really having a problem but make Beckett do something like this in big cases, when they are already having problems and not to surprise Castle or work with him (just telling the reason and saying it’s not really double standard). And you are taking the season 5’s end situation with this, that’s not really right comparison, as Beckett had actually gone to D.C and returned, the relationship was down, she was changing cities. Trust me, it’s very different to do somethings on good point in a relationship and the other in not-good-point yet alone a down point, and that also with different main results, one stopping to work and the other coming back to work with the other. Beckett already has less time to spend with Castle, yeah, but that was the point of this for Castle, to spend more time with her actually, mostly to work the same case I think, he won’t be working with the NYPD but still could be there, that’s why he thought it’ll be a surprise, and he has a license, not the need to always use it, thus giving Beckett to have her opinion if by any chance she didn’t get surprised, that she did in the end. :)

          • c-mo says:

            It’s not a career change, he’s still a writer. He even told her that he got some new material for his next book. If you’re talking about not working with the NYPD anymore, she already knew about that, we just didn’t see the conversation.

      • adh says:

        well Firstly it wasn’t that big career change issue if we consider Beckett’s decision at the end of S5 and how castle handled the situation….. Secondly Castle really kinda hoped to surprise Kate and he himself was disappointed when he noticed that she wasn’t that thrilled :(

        Kate: When were you gonna tell me that you had an office??
        Castle: Umm…eventually!
        Kate: No…we’re married. ……married people tell each other things! ! :@
        Castle: Yeah!! :( …..but you weren’t actually thrilled when I got my P.I. license. :(

      • carbono says:

        Well he did say in the beginning that he had a surprise for her. I think that he was just thinking that she was going to be happy that they could work together again & he wanted to surprise her. I didn’t see that as a big deal.

      • lkh says:

        Speaking of the office (slightly off point here) but nobody that I’ve noticed has said how great it is. That building and especially that elevator–I’ve seen it before in other stories (probably movies). The choice really had the feel of the ’30s, ’40s detective/PI movies which I believe both SK and Marlowe have said on numerous occasions that this is what they are trying to emulate in the show, the flavor they want, that is a couple that solves crimes together and have that clever banter relationship. Love the elevator and office. Great pick.

        • adh says:

          ya that was nice touch…..all and all I would say it was a great episode….. caskett relationship was taken to a whole new level during the last 30secs of the episode! :)

          it was nice to see kate appreciating castle’s work and Castle seeking kate’s permission in his decision to carry on as CASTLE P.I. :D

  18. DarkDefender says:


    • DarkDefender says:

      Had to watch it twice to collect my thoughts. This was a great episode. It had all the best elements, a not so easily solved COTW, sexy (hot) Caskett-y banter (that actually got consummated!!), Kate “staying on top of things” while Rick showed his “creative side”.. Light hearted moments (Pearlmutter).. Ryan channeling Castle at the scene and at the murder board… Wine (lots of it – is it the new coffee?).. We even got throwbacks to the Blue Butterfly, take out at the office, Castle/Alexis time.. Healthy (and fun) competition (of the double down variety and not the scrabble kind).. The list goes on.
      I think a few more fun eps like this would work… It is nice seeing secure and playful Caskett (sans doubts). Even by episodes end, Gates was coming around. Won’t be long till Rick is back at the 12th. Maybe he will start carrying a weapon.. Should come in handy when 3XK comes back and he gets back with NYPD.

      • KCC says:

        I seem to recall Castle being denied a carrying permit early on in the series. There was a line about some mook being able to get a permit and Castle couldn’t. I think Castle proving the aspiring DA was innocent could get him back at the 12th, if the guy becomes the DA. Another friend in a high place.

  19. Luiza says:

    Really great episode – fun and sexy, as you pointed out, Matt. I have to admit that I was concerned about how this would play out. I kinda hated the Christmas episode, but this was so amazing. It felt like those early episodes with an extra special flavor of Kate and Rick together. Fantastic episode.

    PS: I love Pearlmutter. He should be on more episodes. It’s so funny to ser how much he hates Castle.

  20. Flick says:

    I think you’re spot on Matt , my money is on the two parter to bring Castle back to the precinct. The episode was funny, sexy with plenty of banter and theory building! It was such a classic Castle episode (really reminded me of ‘The Double Down’ with two sides trying to solve the case first! One of my all time favourite episodes).

    Gates + Beckett in interrogation was so refreshing and awesome to see as well! I think it’s a really nice change up and idea for this short arc, but the 3XK will bring Castle back.

    A++ for this episode!

  21. Matthew Weber says:

    Really really liked it. Was seriously worried after the last epi, and the promo for this one, but after they got past the beginning, I kinda fell in love with it. I like the added scenes at home between Beckett and Castle, and we got a lot of intimate moments between the two which is great. I think that eventually Gates is going to be the one that invites Castle back into the precinct.

    I was bitching for the last two weeks, not really looking forward to the return of this show (for the first time ever), but now I’m excited again. Though with the news that the actual 3XK is coming back I’m going to be a little reserved. Still don’t care for that storyline.

  22. Jennifer says:

    Fantastic episode! Some other delightful moments- Martha and Kate greeting each other, Rick telling Kate “You’ll see” about kids and her little smile after, Espo calling Ryan “baby Castle”, Alexis teaming with Castle, Gates teaming with Beckett… I could go on. It was just full of laughs, sexy banter, and charm.

  23. Rick Katze says:

    Watched the show hoping for the best and fearing the worst. They really pulled it together. But I tend to agree that it won’t work forever. The two-part episode probably will be the connection back to Caskett. The show demonstrated that together, the team works miracles. Separated, they are good but just good.

  24. Tyler says:

    Yes, I think castle’s solo act will
    stretch on further, until the series finale this may.

  25. Nicole says:

    That was an awesome episode. Funny, a smart case and heart. Perfect in every way and the acting felt….fresh. Seems like the break did everyone some good! ;-)

  26. m3rcnate says:

    I had a smile this entire episode…i dont get why its so hard to write episodes like this way more often. The chemistry, the flirtation, the spark, the competition, this episode had it all, and heck the “case” wasn’t 100% predictable like they normally are. I mean this episode had more sexiness/implied sex (even implied kinky sex) than any episode they have ever had, including episodes such as the first time they did it (was just once in that ep) and their honeymoon.

    Overall, A+.
    Though It felt weird seeing Alexis in this episode, its been so long, i feel like if they dont have any story for her and shes gonna be in 15 seconds a episode or less, just release her and let her become a big TV/Movie star like she is destined to be (good actress, unique look, insanely gorgeous).

  27. Harvey says:

    Awesome episode! Out of the box thinking back, banter back, sexy, fun, kind of everything for a regular castle ep. Nathan and Stana were awesome and cute! Loved Perlmutter scenes. Loved Ryan. If Castle doesn’t get back to precinct in the two parter somehow, then it would be awesome to have the next episode after that with Perlmutter being framed, or Gates being framed, and eventually wanting maybe some out of the boxoffice thinking, which would be very realistic after the 3XK episodes, as that would show Castle’s cleverness more perhaps, in return of which Gates maybe helps put in a good word or something and have him back!

  28. giggles says:

    The writing this season still feels all over the place, they made a total mess of their new “mythology” and seem to be floundering with no new ideas. But the return to Castle of old still brought back some fun and freshness that the previous season seriously lacked, in my opinion. In fact I definitely enjoy this season way more than the last 2, it probably is on par with season 4 in my enjoyment level. But I still think they should wrap things soon. This season or one more at best.

  29. Imzadi says:

    I missed Lainie. Where was Tamala Jones? Aside from that, I was sad that, as the murder was connected to a preschool, there would be a child as collateral damage, as his/her parent would be a murderer. This reminded me of an old Law & Order episode in which Roger Rees played the headmaster of a very exclusive school (a woman whose daughter didn’t get in said they’d have to move to Connecticut because of the shame!) who killed the admissions officer, who refused to admit a pornographer’s son (who would have paid poor underpaid Rees a lot of money to get his boy in!).

    • Harvey says:

      perlmutter scenes were damn funny so didn’t really miss her much in this ep, maybe in the next one.

      • lkh says:

        I really like Perlmutter–he’s grumpy and I’ve known a lot of pathologists just like him–absolutely no nonsense–guess they see too much. But I also like Lanie, don’t know why we don’t see her more.

        • Harvey says:

          I thought Lanie will be there in the next one, wanted to see her reaction and funny walk with Beckett, but I think perlmutter’s there too.

        • Fandom accepts Perlmutter’s absolute disgust with Castle while Javi is absolutely raked through the coals by the viewers. I like that both characters do not kiss Castle’s ring. Tension in the family of crime fighters is good for the show.

          • lkh says:

            Thank you. Agree 100%. What is it about Espo that people don’t like? I don’t think every character should be cut with the same cookie cutter. I like people who disagree, who have a different approach and different personality, style, etc. Every time some takes issue with one of Castle’s idea, fans get upset. Doesn’t it make more sense to have at least a few to say wtf?

          • Harvey says:

            Castle solved the case? At the end it was Beckett and Castle, obviously, it’s only different it you want all Beckett. As for Perlmutter, he has always been like this, hating castle, and he isn’t anything like him, Espo is jackass himself who was good to Castle, a real friend once, and now a jerk. Explainable with how his trust was gone with Montgomery and now he is a bit different, but still, they are not the same. They aren’t the same as Espo turned from a friend to a jerk, Perlmutter, always being like this was never a friend, so never a jerk.

  30. carbono says:

    H’m my comment for some reason didn’t get posted so I’ll try again. I loved this ep! It was great to see the competent Castle back! Loved the banter between Caskett & how proud Kate seemed to be the more the ep went on. I was really looking forward to this P.I. thing & I was not disappointed. I think that they’ll be able to do a couple more with him as a P.I.but think when 3XK returns he’ll get reinstated to the precinct. I am hoping that 3XK grabs Beckett & maybe this time a “kick-ass Castle” comes to her rescue! Always seems that Beckett is the one to save him (well I guess she is the cop but still) so it’d be cool to see a hard-ass Castle stopping at nothing to save her. It also seems only fair that he should be the one to bring 3XK down as Beckett had the whole Bracken story-line for so many years. Not to mention that it is Castle who has been affected the most by 3XK.

    • carbono says:

      Oh I did forget to mention that I am sick of Espo!! What the hell did Castle do to make him such a jerk to him? It came out of nowhere a few years back & is still going on. I do wish that instead of Espo always working w/Kate (when Castle isn’t) that they’d team Ryan up w/her.

      • John NYC says:

        Yes, I thought that would get resolved long ago but his sniping just carries on for no reason I can see. It’s a change from how he started out retarding Castle and an unwelcome and off-putting one.

      • lame says:

        Ha, if this was NCIS or POI, Eposito would have been caught in a cross fire and killed.

    • Harvey says:

      Exactly! I have a hunch 3XK would die at the end, killed by Castle, or maybe that’s my head making different stories, but that would be awesome to add some seriousness to Castle character maybe and not be like Bracken. Beckett would kick the lady doctor having black belt’s ass.

      • How is Castle suppose to kill 3XK (and maybe his Dr. Gal pal,too) without a weapon and martial arts skills? If the writer has Rick killing 3XK in a no-gun cleaver, out of box way, I’ll be laughing out loud.

        • Harvey says:

          Wow! That is a weird comment! You think anybody wants the police or Castle to just show up where 3XK is and arrest him like they did with Bracken? It’s different here. Writers could obviously come up with maybe Castle picking up Beckett’s gun, I don’t know, maybe Beckett kicks the lady doctor’s ass and 3XK comes from behind, then Castle shoots him. There are many ways to make Castle have a gun. If that’s your thinking, then that way Castle can never really do anything.

  31. anna says:

    This episode was everything I hate about the Castle character. Smug and insufferable. I don’t understand why this entire season has been about splitting Castle and Beckett apart. He’s so much more tolerable when he’s with her.

    • Harvey says:

      You might have seen the wrong ep anna. What exactly is it you do like in castle if not this?

    • Jane says:

      Agree completely, Anna.

      • I agree Anna. It has been in his character since the first episode of Castle to be egotistical, self-centered talking head. However, his relationship with Kate has tempered that a bit. For me, he thought too highly of himself and his plan. However, without Kate by his side as before, he definitely went back to his obnoxious ways. For the writers to have Rick be the only one who solves cases this season doesn’t help at all. Hope the writers find a way to get him back to the 12th precinct soon.

  32. KCC says:

    I liked the episode and thought it was a lot of fun. If they wanted to go this route for the remainder of the series run, I think they could pull it off. Having Castle work outside the police gives them more flexibility. Beckett has to stay within the bounds of the law but Castle being a PI allows him more leeway. Getting Castle back at the 12th will just return it to business as usual and all the chemistry and sexiness will return to the level it was before he was banned from the precinct. Having Castle and Beckett together 24/7 makes it difficult to have those spontaneous moments. Before, when they did that theorizing thing they do, they were at the precinct and had to restrain themselves. If/when he returns I would think it will go back to that dynamic. With Castle and Beckett not officially working together it gives more reasons to have them at home talking about the cases or meeting a different locations like this episode. Granted, it will get old after awhile, but that’s true of any scenario. If I was watching the show for the shipping moments (which I’m not) I wouldn’t be in a hurry to get Castle back at the precinct. It might seem counter intuitive, but I think showing them apart more often could lead to more intense scenes when they are together.

  33. javadude54 says:

    Apart from all the other great moments mentioned here, I thought it interesting that Nathan Fillion is one of the very few non-Asian actors I’ve seen using chopsticks that handled them like he/she actually knew how to use them.

  34. Carschmn says:

    I wouldn’t mind the dueling investigations model continuing. Castle could use it as source material for his new book series – or at least claim that’s what it is. The episode is a good illustration that there’s more than one way to skin a cat. I could see him hired as a consultant at some point. He already got that prosecutor on his side.

  35. Lyn says:

    Am I the only one who spotted the glaring “oops” in the episode? In the last scenes they show the attorney picking up Elliot’s cigarette butt from the container WITHOUT GLOVES! The first thing they would have done when they found that butt would be to run it for prints. And no one else”s prints would be on a cigarette except the smoker’s, so two sets of prints would have sent up a red flag.
    Other than that, I loved the episode and actually felt like Rick & Kate were a real couple.

    • Harvey says:

      Maybe the smoker held the cigarett between two fingers.

    • KCC says:

      Like you said, the first thing would be to run it through all of the CSI procedures, prints, DNA etc. so at that point everything was already documented. They wouldn’t check for prints again.

      • Lyn says:

        No. The initial tests would have shown prints from more than one person which should have alerted them to a possible frame-up. Each person would have left a thumb print and they wouldn’t match.

        • KCC says:

          My error, I misunderstood, I didn’t realize you were talking about the photo. Very observant.

        • Jennifer says:

          If they were on top of each other, they could have been smudged enough to be indistinguishable.

          • Piers says:

            True, but it was sloppy on the part of the supposedly clever lawyer who wanted to frame him. She wouldn’t know for sure that the prints would overlap or smudge. Nearly anyone would at least use a tissue to pick it up.

  36. Dj says:

    This was the best episode of the season. I laughed out loud a lot durning it. I agree that it should last till 3Xk returns.

  37. Julie Lamb says:

    A very fun and amusing episode. Loved some of the throw back references too. (Blue Butterfly). I loved Alexis sitting with her dad at his office too when Beckett called. The competition was just so good. Now when is Rick going to get to take the detective test for NYPD?

    • Paul says:

      Detectives are promoted from the ranks unless they transfer in from another PD. Rick would have to go through the Academy or have a degree in Police Science.

  38. pcta says:

    Since we finally get back to the Castle character of early seasons – I hope it goes on forever. I was getting awfully bored with Mr. Beckett.

  39. Ro says:

    The episode was very entertaining.
    I do get annoyed with everyone calling Captain Gates “Sir”. If she doesn’t want to be called “Ma’am”, why can’t they call her “Captain” (ie: “Yes, Captain” instead of “Yes, Sir”)? Very annoying.

  40. Amy says:

    Last night’s episode showed me that the Castle writers are still on top of their game. And, there are so many possibilities with the P.I. angle, I do think it could linger to the end of this season and beyond.

    For starters, this isn’t like Beckett/DC, where she relocated to another city, for another job, investigating cases that typically had nothing to do with NYPD. (S6E3 got a hard eye-roll from me, with the forced Beckett-lands-Fed-case-that-intersects with the 12th!) That just felt temporary, because there was no way that could work and still have the show Castle be the same. However, Castle’s P.I. status is actually a clever way to keep him in close proximity of the 12th and the team, doing what he’s always done with the them…just using his own resources to help solve cases, not theirs. There’s lots that could be explored there, to me!

    Not to mention, the Castle/Beckett “put togethers”/theory-building is a cornerstone of this show, and the P.I. twist — where Rick and Kate are doing that not by looking at the same information, but slightly different info/angles — is intriguing to me, and I think it could breath some new life into the same-old case-of-the-week solving procedure.

    Finally, I assume that Rick can keep his P.I. license active, even if he does end up back at the 12th officially. So, I could see the P.I. thing still being used in future episodes — i.e. maybe the writers use it whenever the team feels a case could be better investigated with “Richard Castle, P.I.” versus “Richard Castle, police consultant.” (Think S6E4 when the woman didn’t want to negotiate with cops…that sort of thing.)

    Anyway, I loved last night’s episode not only for the Caskett goodness, but because I felt a small spark of…something. The P.I. twist felt like a nice shot of adrenaline for the show, without having it depart at all from what makes it awesome. :)

  41. Fran says:

    What a great episode! I don’t know how any Castle fan didnt enjoy it, it was like the early episodes again. I’d actually be fine if Rick stays on his own for a little bit. Things can become stale after awhile so I’m okay with them switching it up for a bit….. But of course I just enjoy the show for what it is so I’m fine with whatever they end up doing. But what a truly fun episode.

  42. Brigid says:

    This episode was excellent! I just love these two. The go between that led to the passionate night had me in stitches. God they do banter like no other. This PI stuff was something the show needed that infused a new energy to the show and it’s couple. A few more like this please and then get our boy back to the precinct.

  43. Rich Abey says:

    OMG this was just amazeballs! It was so refreshing & heartwarming…like having a cool strawberry shake on a warm summers day. Plus it had that unique dynamic & banter that Castle & Beckett had back in the day when Kate was pretending to not like Rick.

    – Just loved the scene where the duo first try to ply the other with wine for answers eventually falling into bed with with other, where it turns out Kate also managed to sneak off a tip to Ryan while they were engaging in some horizontal tango (and Castle can be quite creative too).

    – Kate kissing Castle on the cheek, tapping his nose & seductively whispering “We both know it was a…one-time thing” just made my day!

    – Loved the music/tunes playing when Castle was doing his P.I work, when the duo woke up after a night of ahhmmm…one-sided info exchange? & when Castle was listening to his recordings on the case…it was the same used in the ‘Blue Butterfly’ episode when Castle was reading the 1940’s P.I’s notebook.

    – Ryan playing ‘Baby Castle’ or ‘the C-Card’ was adorable.

    – Most hilarious of all was Perlmutter chasing Castle round the morgue table while Castle desperately tries to get info off the autopsy file…I just burst into a fit of laughter!! This is why they should have Perlmutter in the show more often.

    All in all it was probably the best episode this season.

  44. lame says:

    At long last, six episodes after the fact, the newly weds finally behaved like newly weds, with sharpe saucey exchanges, a willingness to use their physical charms on one another in their search for clues. The chemistry absolutely sizzled, for one of the few times this season.
    . It reminded us how resourceful Castle can be when searching for leads. This was fun slightly bawdy and everything we’ve been waiting for.
    This episode demonstrates how uneven this season has been, meandering aimlessly without a focal point. I had assumed the traumatic events of 7.01 would be the thread that would stitch this season together. Seems Castle along with the writers have had their memories erased.

  45. Luis says:

    A good way to shake up the formula, adding the element of competition to spice up the “Caskett” relationship.

  46. Tom-VA49 says:

    Beckett has struggled so long to find justice for the dead that she deserves to enjoy being surrounded by a loving family. Martha adores Kate and Alexis has warmed up to having a step-mother who has her back. The story lines in that portion alone could fill a season or two.

    This last episode really pointed out the weaknesses of both sides when they work alone. Castle has forgotten how dangerous it is to follow people into alleys alone and Beckett, Ryan and Esposito have become accustomed to using Rick’s wild imagination to stimulate their thinking.

    I still want to find out what happened to Rick when he disappeared on his wedding day, and there’s plenty more to explore with Dad, the “intelligence asset”.

  47. Vern says:

    I’m actually surprised it took this long to for him to get his P.I. license. I’d like to see some episodes where they have to come to him since a P.I. They used his non police status before to get evidence Can’t wait to see how this plays out for the rest of the season.

  48. Mary says:

    I really, really, really loved it! So much I won´t even start saying what I enjoyed most or I would be describing almost the whole episode, so…enough said!:)

  49. lame says:

    Agree with Tom VA49, that there is an abundance of stories to be had from the new Castle family dynamic. But the people writing the stories don’t seem to see the obvious.
    Imagine if the writers had gone all out from episode two till say, episode eight in the search for the perpetrators of Castles’ abduction in one continuing arch, while working on the new family dynamic, how many more viewers would have gladly stuck around to see this through,instead of this continuing attrition.

  50. MrCastle says:

    This was the most fun episode of this season so far. Loved every second of it.