Did Good Wife Reveal an Exit Plan? Did Empire Go Too Far? Is Agent Carter's Pal a Spy? A New Horseman? And More Qs

Good Wife Cary Set Free

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including The Good Wife, Marvel’s Agent Carter, Person of Interest and Chicago Fire!

1 | Did this week’s Good Wife telegraph Archie Panjabi’s imminent exit? Who do you think asked Peter to stall Judge Cuesta? (And could Peter’s aide have been more of a dunce for leaving his cell on the table in plain sight?) As for Diane grabbing the altered meta-data off Kalinda’s computer: Wouldn’t the super-sleuth travel with her laptop and/or keep it password-protected?

2 | Would Revenge‘s Daniel really want Emily at his funeral that badly? And was Louise’s busty dress the most inappropriate funeral attire ever?

3 | Which is your favorite of Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Amys? One-drink (spacey), two-drink (loud), three-drink (dance pants), four-drink (pervy) or five-drink (weirdly confident)?2 Broke Girls

4 | Anybody else take one look at 2 Broke Girls guest star Jaime Moyer and think to themselves, “Now there’s a future John Waters muse!”?

5 | Does NCIS: Los Angeles — which this week served up a small-scale Die Hard — not get enough credit as one of TV’s best action series? (Just one nitpick: If Deeks had to dangle out the window to get any sat phone signal, how was Nell able to send back the bomb schematics after he was back indoors?)

6 | Sleepy Hollow fans: Do we think that Frank Irving is the Horseman of Famine?

7 | Major Crimes thinksMajor Crimes Sanchez (played by Raymond Cruz) has anger issues? Have they met Tuco Salamanca??

8 | Is it any wonder The Bachelor hit an all-time premiere low given its ponderous, overly padded three-hour running time — complete with unnecessary interviews from past contestants? Also, are we in agreement that Farmer Chris’ rose ceremony time-out most likely involved a plea to producers to let him cut loose plastered Tara?

9 | Analyzing the assorted Person of Interest simulations, was Fusco not stealing a kiss from Root somehow the variable that allowed Shaw to join up with the team during the final shootout?

10 | What are the odds that Agent Carter’s Angie (played by Nikita badass Lyndsy Fonseca) isn’t just a waitress? And do you think we’ll ever see Jarvis’ wife, or will she be like Cheers’ Vera?

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11 | Were New Girl‘s Nick and Coach right to be worried about Winston’s new gig as a member of the L.A.P.D.? (After all, this is a man who gets headaches whenever he gets a paper cut.)

12 | Since we welcome as much Ana Gasteyer as we can get, weren’t you disappointed — and surprised — her Mindy Project guest stint was so short?

Chicago Fire13 | Can someone please explain to us what Chicago Fire‘s on-the-outs Dawson and Casey are fighting about?

14 | Did Ground Floor tie up the strife between Brody and Mansfield with too neat of a bow? Or has enough time been spent keeping their surrogate father-son dynamic on the back burner?

15 | Did Cougar Town make a mistake by not naming Tom’s 1920s speakeasy “Cougarton Abbey?” Or would that nod to Community be too on the nose?

16 | Who scored more laughs from its school production of Romeo and Juliet: This week’s black-ish or last month’s About a Boy?

american-horror-story-coven17 | How much did the sparkly red costume Neil Patrick Harris wore on American Horror Story: Freak Show remind you of Cheryl Ladd’s get-up in the circus episode of Charlie’s Angels?

18 | Is The Mentalist’s Wylie crushing on Vega TV’s cutest new ‘ship, or is it just Rigsby/Van Pelt redux? And were you kind of nodding along with Vega, that Jane’s “tricks” rob the FBI of actual investigative work?

19 | Wasn’t the tone of this week’s Modern Family absolutely odd? Are near-calamitous car crashes now considered funny? Cam sexualizing Phil?? Also, when did Manny suddenly mature, like, five years?

20 | Why is CBS — “America’s Most Watched Network,” after all — so insecure that the People’s Choice Awards annually robs select rival shows of on-camera acceptance speeches? (To cite but one example, how many more than three awards must Castle win to earn stage time?) Stana katicAlso, are  winners legally obligated to feign surprise when their names are called? Finally, who noticed that Ellen DeGeneres was one of the only celebs to stick around after grabbing an award? (On a related note: How quickly can Castle write in a red carpet event for Beckett to attend?

21 | Did you cringe at Empire‘s Cookie using the terms “sissy,” “queen”and far worse — or did you view it simply a case of a streetwise mother reclaiming slurs in reference to her gay son? Also, should Julianna Margulies, Claire Danes and Viola Davis be worried about Taraji P. Henson turning the Emmys’ Best Actress race on its head?

22 | Did Kirstie Alley’s larger-than-life persona fit small-town The Middle, or did her guest spot stick out like a sore thumb? And should more time have been spent on Sue’s hilarious efforts to conquer the oboe?

23 | Granted, we only catch Two and a Half Men sporadically, but: In which season did Alan become an grotesquely icky letch vs. a garden-variety horndog?

24 | Any other Parenthood fans think it odd that Zeek’s first visitors upon being admitted to ICU included all his kids but Julia? And how lax are the neighbors, passersby and cops of San Francisco that thieves were able to walk out of The Luncheonette with such big and clunky equipment as a mixing board and drum set (cymbals and all)?

25 | On Thursday’s American Idol, do you think J.Lo had any idea what Harry Connick Jr. was talking about when giving Savion Wright a detailed critique about chord progression?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Pia says:

    24. The Luncheonette is in San Francisco, not Sacramento. Although the Parenthood Bay Area actually exists in a parallel universe that is remarkably like LA.

  2. 3. 5 drink Amy was the best. (weirdly confident)

    9. I thought Fusco stealing a kiss then saying “Why not we are in a simulation” was great.

    14. I thought it was very rushed. Should of had Brody on the odds all season.

    15. I love Cougar Town, but I am ready to say goodbye.

    22. She stuck out like a sore thumb. But I was a nice call back for long time viewers of the show, who were aware of Pam.

    • Wordsmith says:

      3) I completely agree.
      9) It was a great little moment, but the only statement that it seemed to be making was that the Machine apparently has a sense of humor (or maybe that it has a proclivity for ‘shipping really weird pairings…).

    • 1. I could give Kalinda a pass this time because she was severely multi-tasking – even getting in a quicky…which I found more of a stretch…
      2, Wasn’t it more ridiculous that Charlotte didn’t attend? (I know she’s off the show, but really?)…
      15 – Cougar Town has run its course…
      18 – Loving it!
      19 – Even it’s odd episodes are better than any episodes of any NBC comedy. Yes, even Parks and Rec…
      23 – Can we just skip to end when Charlie Sheen pops in…

    • Ro says:

      I love Fusco…for some reason, I couldn’t figure out what he said. Thanks for clarifying.

    • m3rcnate says:

      14) I disagree. The show just isnt feeling like the same show that i loved in season 1 and the two huge reasons for that are Brody and his boss/father-figure and Brody and his GF. Since season two the couple has gotten almost no story line. It went from a show that was 80% Brody and Jenny a episode (and their great chemistry/comedy/etc) to 5%-10% a episode. NOT GOOD. Then the other 15% which was Brody and his boss (their comedy) is gone up till now…so what have we been left with? Mainly story involving Harvard, the new girl (who i dont like at all) and Brody fighting with his boss and working downstairs and then getting a new job.
      Basically its like they looked at last season and its highly successful recipe and said “nahh, lets not do it like that at all this season!”.

  3. Tran says:

    Max & Caroline from 2 Broke Girls are becoming like the modern day version of Lucy & Ethel or perhaps Laverne & Shirley.

  4. 23 – The “Ross” effect…take a character and turn them into something else towards the end of the series.

  5. Gail says:

    Anyone else find it odd that Diane, previously shown to be non-computer savvy, (remember the virus?) suddenly “downloads” info from Kalinda’s (private?) laptop?

    • Ella J. Wade says:

      They seem to be forgetting lots of things these days. Anyone know what happened to Robin or Taye Diggs’ character?

      • G. says:

        Maybe Julianna Margulies didn’t want to do any more scenes with them.


      • AA says:

        I don;t know about Taye Diggs. But they mentioned Robin couple of episodes back as she stills works for the firm but off screen. I am guessing she is off screen so they can focus more on Kalind’a exit.

    • Piyalover1 says:

      Diane could access it because Kalinda had left her laptop with that same page open right there at the desk.

  6. Dude says:

    That was what was “too far” about Empire? Not Lucious throwing his son in the trash? Cookie may not have the most PC vocabulary but she stands by, supports and loves her gay son which is more than can be said for Lucious. Actions mean far more than words.

    • Yoki says:

      Agreed. That scene was so hRd to watch.

    • Babygate says:

      True! At that moment want went through my mind was, OMG, is THIS what happens in the black community?? It was horrifying!

      • Winston says:

        As someone who has seen it, yes, this is not a stretch as to how this kind of situation is handled in the Black Community. All of Cookie’s remarks and behaviors to her son, as well as Lucious’ is actually what sold me on the show. they were surprising moments of realism that I had not seen portrayed on TV before.

        • TigerLIL says:

          I’m gonna have to diddo you on that Winston because those terms are enduring in the Black community and the phobia is very real. See we can’t let the don image of Lucious fool us he is still a well bred street thug who has been polished up by the success he obtain through his ill gotten means. What is so interesting is that he has now left the masses and joined the Black Bourgeoisie. To be sure, and its not historically inaccurate depicting how the underworld and the Black Bourgeoisie intersect at a street called big money and still we see how these characters operate in the shadow of the underworld and the glamor of their new found power in corporate America’s alleged “legitimate business world”. I will say this someone has done their home work. Lucious could easily be portraying a modern day Bumpy Johnson and for sure Cookie is playing a real life female gangsta either Mrs. Sinclair, the Queen B from Harlem who dominated a man’s game, “the numbers” (before the modern day lottery) way back in the day or the more modern day version of the female gangsta, Philly Queen Pen Thelma Wright who in the 80’s and 90’s was legendary for how she came to dominated another male controlled street enterprise the drug game, which she also successfully integrated with the entertainment business. This show is going to give a good look into a lot of issues far beyond the surface glow and glamor of the music business but a good look into the new Black Bourgeoisie, family ties and a rise from the streets into the corridors of power America’s corporate world. This new Black elite who rose in the late 80’s and 90’s came after the civil rights movement and are a far different breed than their forerunners. I hope the show stays on course and keeps telling a real story like Ice T once said the quest for “cash money ain’t never going to play out” this is going to be an interesting ride….lol

      • evababy says:

        Well according to a lot of people who have been commenting on the show around the interwebs, homophobic parents freaking out and rejecting/abusing kids isn’t limited to the black community.

    • cuius says:

      Somebody just out of prison is unlikely to be up-to-date PC-wise?

      • cerreno says:

        Oh I think she is, She is claiming the words for herself. Its not really cringeworthy because She accepts him for who he is and not who Lucious wants him to be. People who are claiming homophobia and stuff need to get off, she’s not demeaning him, Its his mother.

  7. Wordsmith says:

    6) Famine? Ooh, interesting. that hadn’t occurred to me right off the bat, but it totally fits.

  8. Dani says:

    #6 – I hope not. I want Irving to come back. He could still be battling for his soul. Though it would give Abbie a better understanding of what Ichabod is going through with Abraham/Headless.

    #25 – Nope don’t think so.

  9. Dee says:

    #5- I think NCIS LA is quite underrated.

    I love the Mindy Project! More Ana Gastayer would have been great, but the part she did play was hilarious.

  10. Amanda says:

    19: I loved this week’s Modern Family. It was hilarious!
    24: I was wondering how someone could have gotten out with so much stuff as well.

  11. Angela says:

    #6: Someone else posed that question elsewhere recently…that would be very interesting if that’s the case. I ultimately want Irving to stay the good guy he’s always been, but at the same time I like the idea of watching him struggle with his demons and seeing how long he can manage to escape his fate, if he is indeed meant to be the horseman.

    • Wordsmith says:

      Doesn’t it seem a little bit redundant with Abraham, though, if they’re both going through the same thing? Unless the outcomes are decidedly different.

      • Angela says:

        Good point. I suspect the two will veer off in different directions, though, and given each horseman will represent something different, I imagine that’d add a unique perspective and setup to each person’s situation.

  12. Letti says:

    2. Hey, Daniel died to save Emily, proving how important she was for him, so I’d say he’d have def wanted her to attend his funeral. But still, he would have wanted Charlotte more, I was sad we didn’t see her. And Louise’s dress… it was pretty inappropriate, but I loved it and it was so Louise.

  13. c-mo says:

    #5 I wondered the same thing. Also how good is Nell to be able to understand exactly what Deeks was saying?
    #10 She has to be as hard as she was pushing to get Carter into her boarding home. I know it wouldn’t really fit the show but how awesome would it be if Mrs. Jarvis would be just like Mrs. Wolowitz.
    #14 I would have liked them to have Brody work longer for Jasper than so long in the basement, that could have been really funny.
    #16 I preferred About A Boy’s version. blackish make Jr. too clueless sometimes. I understand that he was excited to play Romeo but seriously, he had no idea that he was going to have to kiss his sister, really?
    #20 WORST AWARDS SHOW EVER! I love Castle so of course I would have loved to seen Stana presented with the awards but I think it was even more of a slap in the face to the shows that were relegated to “after-thought” status like Outlander where the stars just waved to the camera holding their award. Why couldn’t they cut the skits or the New Years resolutions? I have no clue who any of the responders were nor could I have cared less what their resolutions were! Besides they sounded as sincere as the Miss America answers to their lame questions. Ok, I understand that it was a tie-in with Walgreen’s but that should have been considered a commercial and thus the breaks were shorter. I’m so glad that I won’t have to waste my time watching the show next year since Castle will be over and therefore won’t be nominated.
    Phew…I feel much better now. :)

    • Grey says:

      Do you know something the rest of us don’t about “Castle’s” renewal status? If so, do tell.

    • LL624 says:

      How do you know Castle will be over?

      And the New Year’s resolutions was the only screen time Stana got, so glad they didn’t cut that out.

      • SOrms says:

        Heard that the upcoming show may be more like the older fun shows with more of Stana In scenes that the viewers want. Story is evolving, so it’s bound to be a little different than 1 thru 5. I will still watch it.

    • lugnut says:

      Yeah, what Grey said! And the PCAs were a joke! I didn’t even bother watching–I just watched my Twitter timeline For the info I needed. CBS, you suck. There hasn’t been anything worthy to watch on your network since Magnum, P.I. and Simon & Simon went off the air.

    • Guest says:

      Honestly what’s all this fuss about Castle, its an average show at best.

      • SOrms says:

        Strange that they won 3 PCA awards & ABC’s top watched show!
        Apparently something is working right. Guess not everyone has the same taste for an entertaining show!

  14. KCC says:

    5. NCIS: LA is amazing! But the scene with Deeks hanging out of the window was unnecessary as the phones worked inside

    6. Sleepy Hollow: I never thought of that. I hope that Irving is NOT a horseman.

    10. Agent Carter: I totally think that Angie is either a spy or will start helping Agent Carter with her spying. Do you think that Jarvis doesn’t really have a wife, but just said that he did so that she will trust him?

    • John NYC says:

      Satellite phones do need direct sightline access to the satellites they’re communicating with and that’s a big “up” angle in comparison to cellphones where the towers are often at the same level or even below buildings and so the transmissions get in directly through the windows. (and they were using a cellphone spectrum jammer until it got disabled)

      And it’s further complicated by the satellites moving across the sky: so you’ve got access one moment and then, pop, the satellite goes behind that big mountain and you’ve got zilch: which might explain why his unit later worked inside: as the satellite dropped lower towards the horizon; it had a batter angle into the building much like how the setting sun can blast into a wester facing office late in the day.

  15. lizzie says:

    23 – I think it was when Charlie Sheen left and the writers decided that if they couldn’t be funny anymore, they would just be gross.

  16. Heathers says:

    Why would ANYONE remember what Cheryl Ladd wore on an episode of Charlie’s Angels?! Taraji p. Henson- is she acting in POA or Empire? Which is the closest to the real Taraji? Quiet and English speaking Joss on POA , or ugly thug like behavior speaking in Ebonics on Empire?

  17. Yoki says:

    13. I’m tired of the back and forth. I’m definitely tired of whining Dawson.

  18. znachki says:

    #4 My immediate thought on seeing this item was, what’s the crafty left-hander doing making TV cameos? Baseball season obviously can’t start soon enough for me.

  19. Re: Parenthood — I could see that bitchy neighbor who complained to the city council smugly sipping her coffee as she watched the Luncheonette get cleaned out. Unless they parked in her parking spot.

  20. Luis says:

    7. Raymond Cruz plays a guy controlling barely concealed rage better than anyone on T.V.
    10. It would be an awful waste for Lyndsey Fonseca to only be playing a waitress
    21. I appreciate Empire not softpedaling the currents of homophobia in the hip-hop/rap community, but Fox will be straddling a line in how they deal with that character.
    23. I think it was Season 5

  21. Allie says:

    #20!! CBS has failed two years now to put on any type of show that actually celebrates the winners and not just shameless promoting of their shows. If I had to hear “Mom” one more time I was going to break my TV. I am with you on the Castle dis. The only thing I can think of is Katic was a last minute attendee (yes, we all know, they know, they are going to win before they get there) and had already planned out the show with confirmed attendance winners. I hate that is an award show decided by the fans, but is produced with only the intention of promoting their network shows.

    • dan says:

      I haven’t watched the PCAs in years. The show is ridiculous and the awards are bizarre. Was there really an award given for favorite tv show actor who is no longer on? How does that make sense? Lets give an award to an actor for not playing a character just because we miss him/her. And so many of the categories seem to overlap. I flipped by CBS just in time to hear them introduce Ellen Degeners as the 15 time winner in her category. 15 times??? They didn’t even bother naming the other nominees. And don’t get me started on the feigned surprise of the winners. It has been known for many, many years that the PCA winners are told in advance so they’ll show up to the broadcast. Somebody needs to start over with this show.

    • Rich Abey says:

      The problem is that CBS has been running the show for quite some time..maybe if it gets rotated between various networks there would be a much better balance show promotion. Besides it wasn’t always this was as I recall a much fairer & wider coverage just a few years back.

  22. Luis says:

    3. I though Louise’s middle name was Inappropriate

  23. BTM says:

    #6. This didn’t even occur to me, but it would be a good twist.

  24. Momo says:

    I think Stana Katic may be my number 1 TV woman, she is incredibly beautiful.

  25. Beckstle says:

    #20 YES! CBS came off as totally lame! Castle is the largest example, 3 awards & no stage time, but what’s the point of calling it “The People’s Choice” if they can’t swallow the idea that the people watch other shows besides CBS? On the karma side, Stana Katic’s drop dead Hollywood glam look is the most photographed and talked about appearance regarding the PCA’s. Guess being on stage is overrated. Next year I suspect more people will just watch the red carpet arrivals and skip the show altogether.

  26. neaorlean says:

    I have a few questions too. On NCIS, did you not find it extremely weird that McGee and Diane reacted that way when they saw Gibbs and Rebecca sleeping on the couch, when a few seasons ago we saw the exact same thing happen to both of them, and they were the ones that spent an entire episode telling everybody that nothing happened? Why didn’t anybody mention it at all? And are we supposed to believe Gibbs really didn’t notice the copycat thing when he saw the first crime scene? Even I thought of that the moment I saw it, one might think he would figure it out sooner.
    On Switched at Birth, how irritating was it to watch Bay take he blame for her idiot sister, and everybody being OK with it? And why was Emmett the only one calling her on all the bs she did last year? One would think at least her family would make her spend a few months under house arrest too and sign her up for some community service to make it fair, but no, she’s all free to do whatever she feels like and even find a Chuck Bass carbon copy for a future boyfriend. I can’t be the only one that can’t stand her.
    And when will CSI figure out that nobody cares about their evil twin serial killer storyline?

  27. Tom says:

    3 | Which is your favorite of Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Amys? One-drink (spacey), two-drink (loud), three-drink (dance pants), four-drink (pervy) or five-drink (weirdly confident)?
    I liked five-drink Amy honestly
    6 | Sleepy Hollow fans: Do we think that Frank Irving is the Horseman of Famine?
    I do now!
    10 | What are the odds that Agent Carter’s Angie (played by Nikita badass Lyndsy Fonseca) isn’t just a waitress? And do you think we’ll ever see Jarvis’ wife, or will she be like Cheers’ Vera?
    Unsure about Jarvis’ wife, but there is something more going on with Angie than what we’ve seen. She’s sure intent on getting Peggy to be her neighbor. Maybe she just really likes her?
    14 | Did Ground Floor tie up the strife between Brody and Mansfield with too neat of a bow? Or has enough time been spent keeping their surrogate father-son dynamic on the back burner?
    You weren’t really expecting there to not be some sort of happy ending were you?
    15 | Did Cougar Town make a mistake by not naming Tom’s 1920s speakeasy “Cougarton Abbey?” Or would that nod to Community be too on the nose?
    Since not enough people watched Community, it would have been PERFECT
    16 | Who scored more laughs from its school production of Romeo and Juliet: This week’s black-ish or last month’s About a Boy?
    About a Boy is funny?
    19 | Wasn’t the tone of this week’s Modern Family absolutely odd? Are near-calamitous car crashes now considered funny? Cam sexualizing Phil?? Also, when did Manny suddenly mature, like, five years?
    It was a decent vehicle for the story they wanted to tell. I don’t see anything wrong with the Cam checking out Phil stuff. Every so often we see someone in a new light and boom there it is. As for the last question, season 1.
    22 | Did Kirstie Alley’s larger-than-life persona fit small-town The Middle, or did her guest spot stick out like a sore thumb? And should more time have been spent on Sue’s hilarious efforts to conquer the oboe?
    It’s not unrealistic. It happens. And really, to me, all of Sue’s stuff felt tacked on.
    23 | Granted, we only catch Two and a Half Men sporadically, but: In which season did Alan become an grotesquely icky letch vs. a garden-variety horndog?
    It’s been growing for awhile now.

  28. Babygate says:

    1- I don’t like what Good Wife is doing with Kalinda. I don’t buy for a second her ‘romance’ with Cary. And I feel that they’re going to kill her off and after that, no more GW for me.
    2- Agent Carter was a complete surprise. I expected it to be over the top, cheesy and ridiculous but I enjoyed it immensely. Much better written and acted than SHIELD. Feels like this should be a regular 22-episode show and SHIELD should be relegated to a special presentation-type show.
    22- Watched Empire but after a strong start it went quickly downhill. Won’t be tuning in again. And definitely did not appreciate Cookie calling her own son a ‘sissy’. I guess the show is meant to be ‘realistic’ but in real life there’s this much overlap between hip-hop and crime, I don’t want to know. It completely ruins the effect. And, am I the only one that was scandalized when Cookie beat up her son with a broomstick? Like, WTH? No thanks…not interested.
    23- Kirsie Alley was good on Cheers and the Look Who’s Talking franchise. I can’t recall anything else she’s done that has been solid since that. Even her book bored me half way through with her over-the-top attempts at humor. Unlike the Brooke Shields character that I always enjoy and is pretty darn funny, I did not enjoy Alley’s performance on The Middle at all. I would have much rather watch Frankie trying to clean up the house, Sue struggle with trying to find a good ‘in’ for college and Mike dealing with the missing sink. Oh, and Axel courting the girl is pretty cute too. This show is strong and funny and endearing because of the characters and the horribly mundane situations they get into. Alley’s character was way out of place in this universe. IMO.

  29. bj says:

    NCIS LA is amazing. Maybe if they changed the awards system so that the nominators and voters had to actually watch the programs on network television more shows would be recognized. As is, the prima donnas who criticize most of the shows haven’t even watched them because they’re above such things. Most only watch cable because it has no limitations. Producing a good tv show with limitations is much harder to do and should be recognized as such.

    I recorded the People’s Choice Awards and when I read about the back stage presentations for shows such as Castle I deleted it without even watching. That was pathetic and a real slap in the face to the actors who showed up to thank their fans.

  30. Both Lyndsy Fonseca and Enver Gjokaj set off red flags for me on Agent Carter hello Lyndsy played a Russian on Nikita LOL! Nah really the nice ones always make me shifty cause I wonde WHY are they being so nice.

  31. Kendall says:

    4) You mean to tell me she wasn’t in Cry Baby? In other words: good lord, yes!

  32. 20 – I personally don’t care. If they did show all three awards for Castle (again….) I would have thrown something at my TV, and in turn scare my cat into digging his claws into my legs. So I’m glad they didn’t show it. And the only yelling in the house was cheers of joy after the Capitals won. (That was worth my time…)

    The People’s Choice Awards were 2 hours I’ll never get back. I don’t know why I watch because Criminal Minds is always nominated, but never ever, ever, ever wins. Heck I wanted Shemar to win just to break the monotony of Nathan Fillion/ Castle wins… I’m sick of it. Let this be Castle’s last year so other shows can actually get a flipping chance to win.

    Sorry for the rant. – A very disgruntled Criminal Minds fan

    • Vickie B. says:

      The show is called People’s Choice Awards. The fans are the ones that vote for the nominees and Castle has a very loyal fan base, myself included. That’s why they won 3 awards. So maybe you should try watching instead of putting down the show just because Nathan Fillion won again.

    • LL624 says:

      Nathan didn’t win last year. He wasn’t even nominated. So you apparently missed the break in the monotony.

  33. Kim says:

    I agree. Castle cast was robbed. Ridiculous to not even let them on stage. No wonder stars bail immediately after they get their trophy. Next time they should have a drive through pick up window and give out the trophies with a double double In N Out burger. And I agree with you. Castle writers should be running to their laptops to write in a red carpet scene for Beckett. Stana Katic is stunning.

  34. ClarkKent_DC says:

    Some more questions about “The Good Wife”: What happened to Robyn? Why did Castro drop out of the state’s attorney race? What happened to Clarke Hayden? Is it likely that Kalinda wouldn’t have her computer password-protected? What happened to Dean Levine-Wilkins? What happened to Patti Nyholm?

    • Jenna says:

      Or, David Lee..I miss his snark but I guess they would need actual cases in order to have opponents in court. Great questions..it’s amazing how many characters have just went poof with no follow up. Looks like there are several avenues to pursue for Kalinda’s exit. I get the feeling that they were setting up Finn’s departure, too, possibly, sooner than later..with the whole push towards Elfman. Seems like a lot of wasted effort in that regard just to switch gears after the fall break.

  35. Bwhit says:

    13) they are fighting because I think Casey finally realized how self centered she is being. It’s all about her, how he (as her lieutenant no less) isn’t patting her back when she breaks protocol, how she expects him to be alright with talking about their relationship with her ex and it being okay for her to bring their issues home but not him if he doesn’t want to talk to her. I loved their relationship before but they have to bring season 1 Dawson back! I don’t think it’s forever but maybe the break will wake her up.

  36. Ceylan says:

    3. Definitely five-drink Amy.
    6. I wanna say yes, but it seems too obvious.
    10. When I first saw her I thought “she has to be a Russian spy.”
    15. I really really wish they had, and they would be paying back, I feel like Community did a lot of advertising for them, no?

  37. m3rcnate says:

    13 | Can someone please explain to us what Chicago Fire‘s on-the-outs Dawson and Casey are fighting about?

    Its hilarious, because we all saw this melodrama a mile out, because this show in fact is a soap-opera disguised as a prime-time dramatic show. But the real reason your question is hilarious is because its so true, now usually the writers of a show will try to add SOMETHING to make the fighting make sense, some meat for us to chew on story wise…typically its a huge typical trope like one of them cheated or w/e. But this time its so vague, its so unclear that we dont even really know why they are fight….all we know is the writers are trying to squeeze every single last drop of drama out of the couple they can before they get them back together and get them engaged for real. Its pathetic and it reeks of a lack of creative integrity. Typical Network TV writing.
    Even worse they made the fight so extremely full of tropes, like her “if he cared he would have stopped me right? he would have fought for us?” etc…LMAO what is she 16?! (Actually i have argued she has always been very immature and acted like a teenager). But wow, so she wants to be a professional, she wants to be treated like shes equal, and that shes a grown woman with no games to be played…well Casey does that, he respects her enough to empathize with her and say ” i didnt stop her because that must have been extremely difficult for her, and i respect her and she seems to have made up her mind, shes a grown woman and begging or fighting to keep her here isnt fair”…so he treated her how women say they want to be treated, like adults, like mature smart women that know what they want…problem is she doesnt and she isnt smart and she isnt a woman, shes a little immature girl who wants him to chase after her like they are in HS.

  38. Skrable2 says:

    Here’s one I had: Why didn’t Gibbs call Diane back and — after finding out the murders were staged like past NCIS deaths — tell her that a rooftop wasn’t such a great meeting place? Failing that, maybe they could have just hit the deck, instead of getting closer to the edge of the roof.
    Of course, had he called, they would have realized neither had called the other in the first place.

  39. Answer your question about Alan Harper, season 1!

  40. Kim R says:

    1. The Good Wife – I think Peter did it on his own.
    18. The Mentalist – Every time I see Wylie he makes me think of The Sound of Music and Liesl’s boyfriend. :)
    24. Parenthood – In ICU there are strict limits to how many can be in the room at one time. I just assumed that someone had to be the one to wait to go in.
    25. AI – I agree that JLO doesn’t seem to get a lot of the music theory but also she comes off to me a little less sharp in general in the critiques. Not the best vocabulary maybe?

  41. Amber says:

    10. No doubt there’s more to her character. She’s probably a Russian spy. I would honestly be surprised if she wasn’t! And as far as Jarvis goes, I’m kind of wondering if his wife is alive at all. Maybe she’s a robot that he built of his deceased wife? It wouldn’t be too far of a stretch for his wife to be a robot considering the history behind that name! Plus, there was an odd moment between Jarvis and Peggy that threw me when he was bandaging up her knee. Up till that point, I believed his wife was real and that the Peggy/Jarvis dynamic would be as friends (which they still could be). In this series we are supposed to find out who Peggy’s husband turns out to be. Could be Daniel (though why hire that actor if he’s not going to turn out to be a spy of some sort?), could be someone we haven’t met yet OR it could be Jarvis. At this point, I can’t rule him out.

  42. Grey says:

    Re #20; THANK YOU!!!!! >:-(

  43. meresger says:

    1: Had to be. I guess she was too preoccupied between Bishop and the bootycall to consider someone would get into her computer.
    3: Five-drink.
    5: I often have to hang out the window to get cell reception where I live in LA, then I will suddenly have a signal inside 10 minutes later. Does Deek use T-Mobile?
    6: Gotta be. Made me think of the milk-guzzling Gotham episode not long ago.
    10: That was my first thought. Angie was just too five-drink Amy to be a real waitress.
    11: He is so gonna get stabbed in the leg by a little girl!
    12: Maybe she’ll be back for more episodes? Fingers crossed!
    13: Casey was overly hard on Dawson at work to show he wasn’t playing favorites, Casey got drunk and thought he slept with a woman but didn’t, Dawson was still pissed and Casey caught her sharing with Mills and holding hands, and then Dawson decided that the Lt./candidate thing was destroying their ship. So, basically, it’s a lot of soapy nothing, maybe because the ship has turned out to be pretty boring after all of the will they/won’t they hype.
    19: OUAT has already tried to prove that car crashes (with children) are HILARIOUS and isn’t 12-year-old Henry a freshman in college now even though only 2 months at most have passed since the start of 3B? Maybe Modern Family is just getting on that bad writing bandwagon, although I’ve never really been a fan of that show.
    20: I started watching (on and off) the PCAs 20 years ago. They always suck. While this year didn’t feel like a 2 hour long CVS Pharmacy infomercial like the past two, they cut even more rival show winners than usual and inexplicably reduced some winners to just waving like idiots in their seats. I bet most actors wish the award was just mailed to them so they could throw it in the trash. Who wants to go to a show mid-filming-week and THEN the good ones have to get ready for the Golden Globes? PCAs should be in the summer like the Teen Choice Awards, because they are just as meaningless!
    25: I doubt it. I also doubt that she does dishes no matter what she claims!

  44. J says:

    The problem with the PCA is that they’re rigged, etc.. NCIS has been the most watched show for like 7-8 years and it’s never won, not even once.

    And it’s hard to take NCIS LA seriously sometimes. It’s so action packed as a way to take away from the ridiculousness of it’s storylines. I love me some Hetty, but seriously, we’re suppose to believe she’s that big of a badass?

  45. lynn says:

    I so agree with you about CBS! It was disgracefull that so few winners from other networks were allowed to accept their award on screen! Castle not only won 3 different awards but the show and Stana Katic were winners last year also and were not on screen to accept. Why do the other stations let CBS get away with this ridiculous slight to their shows? The PCA’s have become just a paid promo for CBS!!

  46. LL624 says:

    13) I don’t even care what they’re fighting about as long as it ends with them breaking up, which it did. I’ve never liked them together. I hope this leads to Dawson and Mills getting back together.

    20) All of this!

    21) The only time it really bothered me was when she murmured a slur to herself after Jamal walked away. The other times I felt like it was in support of him. She loves and accept him as he is, unlike Lucious.

    • Bwhit says:

      13) sorry to disappoint but the EP has said Dawson and Casey are end game several times. Plus Mills and Brett would be super awesome together, they have 10x more chemistry than Mills and Dawson did in my opinion. That’s just my take though, to each their own :)

      • LL624 says:

        No one on the show has better chemistry than Dawson and Mills. Plus they (and Severide) are the hottest cast members! And Brett is just a very poor replacement for Shay. She definitely does not deserve to be with Mills.

  47. Rick Katze says:

    7. YES and your quibble as dead-on.

    10. I don’t read the comic Marvel empire but she definitely feels like something more than a waitress. I suppose the ultimate twist would be that she is Jarvis’s wife but I suspect that will not be the case.

  48. Denise says:

    #1. Yep. Kalinda will have to grab her sledge hammer to grab that go bag again. My guess is she won’t like what Bishop will ask of her and that will be 3 strikes for her (plus white card, threatening Dylan). The metadata will likely be uncovered as well. Further tightening the noose around her neck.
    #3. No contest. FIVE DRINK AMY! Her salary bump request was so great.
    #12. Not only was Ana Gasteyer cameo short but also a waste of her talents in such a ridiculous (not in a good way) scene.
    #13. Casey and Dawson are not supposed to be together under CFD rules. She’s a candidate, he’s her supervisor. They butted heads over favoritism, then her disregarding his orders. It began affecting their relationship as they weren’t communicating anymore. They both got jealous… Just a lot of mess. I hope they get back together by season’s end!

  49. puck says:

    21. Empire was brilliant, I can’t wait for the next episode. Cookie loves her son no matter what, so I give her a pass on those terms she used to describe her son. Taraji is killing it. The singing is on point and the actors chemistry is amazing. Good job Lee Daniels.

  50. Teri says:

    GO BECKETT GO! Walk that Red Carpet. Best looking Detective ever.