Sleepy Hollow Photos: Ichabod's Date, Michelle Trachtenberg's Arrival & More

Moloch may be a thing of the past, but the residents of Sleepy Hollow will be faced with plenty of new danger — and drama! — when fresh episodes resume in 2015.

Fox has released photos from the first two episodes of the new year — airing Jan. 5 and 12, respectively — which find Ichabod and Abbie teaming up against new demons, including one called “Farmer’s Market.” (No, wait, that’s just a delightful photo of Ichabod looking characteristically overwhelmed at an actual farmer’s market. False alarm!)

There’s even a shot of Ichabod and Katrina on a date, showing a conscious effort on both of their parts to keep their marriage alive.

“Not only is [Katrina] having to adjust to life outside of Purgatory, but life in 2015 instead of 1781,” showrunner Mark Goffman tells TVLine. “And life with Crane, who now knows she’s a witch and a spy and all the secrets she had kept from him. Their relationship is in such a different place. … They need to figure out whether they work as a couple, and if they do, how? On what level?”

The new photos also offer a first look at Michelle Trachtenberg as Abigail Adams, a casting TVLine broke back in October.

Browse the new Sleepy Hollow photos below, then drop a comment: What do you hope to see when the show returns in January?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Babybop says:

    At least Katrina is finally in different clothes!

  2. dioxinblues says:

    And more Katrina. *sigh*

  3. Tina says:

    This is so boring. Where’s the story? Sleepy Hollow is done for me. I just can’t anymore.

    • worldtraveler9 says:

      The story will come when the episode airs on January 5. You’ll have to watch to find out what exactly the story is.

      • cat says:

        Wait to see ichabod and Katrina go out on their date? Oh yeah, that’s something we should all be waiting for. . . no.

        • worldtraveler9 says:

          I highly doubt their date will the the entire focus of the episode.

          • It should not have any focus at all. They could just mention it. From what I have seen and heard not that many people care about them resurrecting their love life. Do it offline.

          • Jemjean says:

            I think it would be too funny. Two people who have no idea what’s expected of them in a modern setting. That’s not a date, it’s a game show. Love the idea!

          • misstt says:

            Like the Abbie /Luke date…. oh that didn’t happen and we didn’t get to see Abbie in a relationship at all. The Ichabod/Katrina back and forth is so boring. I won’t be watching it.

  4. Aly D says:

    Conspicuously absent in all but two of the photos is Abbie…you know, THE OTHER HALF OF TEAM WITNESS!?!?! When did this show stop being about them stopping the apocalypse and start being about the Cranewrecks? I want season 1 back – where it was obvious the writers knew what worked. Clearly they forgot that this season.

    • Uhhh says:

      Ever consider that maybe any photos of Abbie are too spoilery? You have NO IDEA why she’s not shown here. Honestly, I’m so sick of all this whining. Most of you won’t be happy unless all of the episodes are 100% Abbie-centric. I’ve even read people saying Ichabod Crane, the impetus for the whole darn show, is “superfluous.” It’s insanity.

      Do note, btw, in the entire history of the show, there has only been ONE episode where one of the Witnesses was literally pushed aside and written out, and that was Crane in “Mama.” But you don’t see his fans going to every web site to whine and complain. Enough already. You’re boring the rest of us.

      • Angela says:

        I’ve even read people saying Ichabod Crane, the impetus for the whole darn show, is “superfluous.” It’s insanity.
        Thank you. I love Abbie, and Jenny and Irving, and I love that the show expanded so much on the original story by adding in such awesome characters as they did. But Ichabod and Katrina were notable/main characters in the original story, so it kind of makes sense that they’ll remain prominent characters in the show, too.
        Good point about the spoilery aspects, too. Abbie is still a significant part of the show. Even if an episode isn’t centered on her, she still features very prominently in every episode due to her being one of the main characters. I have no doubt we’ll see plenty more stories featuring her and her past/her relationship with Jenny/etc. So I’m not going to freak out the way some people seem to want to do here.
        In the meantime, it’s pretty darn clear that Katrina’s not going anywhere anytime soon, so anyone who has a problem with that fact will need to learn to just deal with it somehow. Either stop watching the show or just grin and bear it through her scenes. Really not much else you can do.

        • Uhhh says:

          Another thing to note is that we still have absolutely no idea what it is about Crane that marked him to be a Witness–that made him special. But we do for Abbie–we know she has a long supernatural history in her lineage. So in that respect, we actually have a LOT more of Abbie’s backstory than Crane’s. So that’s yet another area where this whining is completely without merit.

          • Yay says:

            yea we have NONE of crane’s backstory not even with the MILLIONS of flashbacks

          • worldtraveler9 says:

            “yea we have NONE of crane’s backstory not even with the MILLIONS of flashbacks” But none of those flashbacks indicate why HE s a Witness. Another question is: was it always intended for him to “sleep” until the 21st century.

          • Uhhh says:

            90% of those flashbacks serve the purpose of introducing some doohickey or piece of information that they will use in that week’s fight against evil. They do not tell you anything about what made Ichabod Crane a Witness. We still have no idea what makes him special. None. All we know is he saw a demon once (the sole meaningful flashback, seen in “Sin Eater”), but we don’t know why him, or how. So you go on convincing yourself that Abbie is the one who’s getting the shaft, character-development wise. The rest of us know that’s nonsense.

          • Are you serious, every show IS about him or his kin.

          • If they get rid of all of the Crane drama they would free up a lot of time to look at other character’s backstory. And get rid of the Ichabod, Abraham, and Katrina flashbacks. By now we know their situation and do not need to be further told about it. Move On.

          • Jemjean says:

            Agree. You never see Crane in a scene alone do you? Abbie is always there and even when husband reunites w/ wife…there she is. So let’s not get all bent out of shape. I know they are introducing another character who has a special relationship w/ Abbie. So never mind the Katrina hate. Just concentrate on Abbie. That is what you want to do?

        • Moment says:

          Problem not a great idea to tell fans to stop watching if they don’t like Katrina, the numbers are already down a few million and seven tenths in the 18-49 compared to what the show was pulling last year(In the back half of season 1) when it was more Ichabod and Abbie vs evil stuff :)

          • Angela says:

            Well, obviously I’d like people to keep watching the show and support it in the ratings. Just that if someone personally isn’t invested in the show anymore, or hates a character to the point where it seriously affects their viewing of the show (which I’ve never understood, personally, but that’s neither here nor there), that’s fine, but then it seems pointless for them to keep watching something they clearly aren’t liking anymore.
            I want my favorite shows to be successful and do well, but I don’t really obsess over ratings the way others do. If the show continues on, fantastic, if it doesn’t, eh, well, it’s a shame, but stuff happens sometimes.
            I also suspect some of the issue with the ratings has to do with what I’ve heard about FOX being a struggling network in general, and then there’s the fact that “Sleepy Hollow”, for all the faults people can find in it, is actually one of their better performing shows right now, as I understand it. So either the network won’t let go of one of the few things that’s bringing it some success at this time, or if they do cancel it, it will be for reasons likely totally unrelated to all the stuff with Katrina.

          • Jemjean says:

            All the networks are down due to cable shows. Why keep watching a show and making everyone who actually loves the show miserable? Find one that’s more in the gamer arena. You won’t have to bother with backstories, or drama, or real-life situations or complex love stories…… It’s just all there for you. I’ve lost two shows I loved on FOX. Their problem is that they take shows and for some reason, want to make it a universal fit. It won’t happen because half the people are receptive to what is offered and love it and the other half spend their time trying to change what the other half already loves about the show. For those of you who didn’t see Fringe, you really lost out on a smashing show. John Noble was amazing as an addled genius with flaws and a lot of quirks (just out of the ha ha hotel) and his Walter character was a doll. I never knew my grandfathers, and I sure would have loved John in that role. But it was gone in three seasons, despite the excellence. Note: Fringe was probably not in my demographics, neither is this show. But I think relying on kids for ratings is a mistake. The older demographic seems willing to sit back and just enjoy. The demographics for The Walking Dead didn’t include older viewers, I’m sure. But every older “demo” I know loves the show with every bit of enthusiasm as any kid, maybe more because we tend to watch for the human story behind the face of the zombie apocalypse scenario. I hope FOX remembers that.

          • Jemjean says:

            Not necessarily. Unusually good initial numbers don’t add up to much for the long haul. Every show promoted the way this one was will draw people of all types. But when it comes the people who really like the show as a whole, that number will drop off. I’ve seen it happen. Either they find they don’t like it, or they decide to DVR it or another show rivals that show and they prefer that show. So, they know it’s the fans who love the show as a whole who will stick with it. People with a gripe about one character are not really into the show.

      • Carla Krae says:

        Thank you!

      • cat says:

        Well sorry that fans actually care about one of the stars of the series and want her to be featured just as much as her male counterpart. In case you forgot, this show is about ABBIE and ICHABOD, but when about 80% of this season has been about Ichabod and Katrina’s martial and child woes, that’s not equal footing. And don’t call it whining, its genuine fan concern. The writers wrote “Mama”, yes, but that still does not make up for this first half of the season. And I, too had a problem with them pushing Ichabod aside and substituting him with Hawley in that episode. That was not smart of the writers – again. But don’t come here and tell fans they can’t be concerned for the season and try to make this an Abbie vs Ichabod situation.

        • Uhhh says:

          When fans say that they don’t even need Ichabod to have a show, THEY are the ones making it an “Abbie vs. Ichabod” situation, and sentiments like that are all OVER Tumblr. This is NOT the Abbie Mills show, yet that is very obviously what this certain faction of fans clearly want.

          But even the “it’s all about the Cranes” stuff is unfounded. The episode that aired tonight (pied piper) was ALL about Abbie’s history. Katrina didn’t even show up. So that’s another episode that was all about her to go with Mama. And the one with the Wendigo? Also all about her story. So that’s three. And she is an integral part of every single episode, even the ones that deal with Katrina and Henry (who, incidentally, is the main bad guy this season, so of course he gets a lot of play). Even in Deliverance, who was it who did the investigating and found the bad guys’ lair? Who is it who figured EVERYTHING out? It was Abbie, that’s who. This notion that Abbie has been pushed aside is fiction.

          • Ever think maybe the “who even needs Ichabod” comments might be born out of frustration in being unheard, ignored or ridiculed for wanting equal representation for both witnesses? When things are this dispropotionate in favor of Crane, is it really surprising that people get a lil resentful? Things are already Ichabod vs Abbie just by the fact that he’s receiving more of the screentime. People are just reacting to that.

            Also I’m on tumblr – a lot, especially in the shadier and more critical parts of the SH fandom – and I’ve only seen this a couple of times, and only as a form of non-literal venting. I’m not sure where you’re seeing this “all OVER” because I’ve been all over and it ain’t there.

            And wow, yes, there’s a whole 3 episodes dedicated to Abbie this season – out of ELEVEN. You don’t see a problem with that? Meanwhile we’ve spent several episodes each on the Cranes marriage, on Henry and his redemption arc that no one wants, on Hawley and Katrina completely failing to be a spy. There is a huge imbalance here, one that has been noted not just by numerous fans but also critics, and if you’re not seeing that then you’ve got some kinda blinders on.

            And yes, Abbie DOES do a lot of the work – and she gets none of the credit for it. She’s painted as the bad guy for wanting to kill Henry, she plays bodyguard to the Cranes but gets no screentime for her own personal life (aside from being hit on by the douchebro who used to bang her sister), and she never gets a thanks or a well-done. But Katrina is being hailed and praised as a “skilled operative” and “powerful witch” while she clumsily eavesdrops worse than a 3 year old and fails to levitate a bloody twig.

            All that said, at this point I *do* want the Abbie Mills show, because the show this season has managed to turn Ichabod into an entitled, unlikable, selfish manchild. If the option is this Crane or no Crane at all, I’ll take the latter, but I’d rather have the season one version back.

          • Uhhh says:

            Ah, there you go, you’ve outed yourself as a member of the crowd who wants to watch an hour of Abbie Mills getting fro-yo with her girlfriends. Forgive the rest of us for wanting to watch a show about two people (and their allies) thwarting the apocalypse.

          • delorb says:

            Uhhh…You’re forgetting that we aren’t getting a show about “two people (and their allies) thwarting the apocalypse.” We have gotten endless arguments on whether or not Henry can be saved, as the dead bodies mount. We have gotten endless lies told by Katrina for long past reasons. Endless arguments and reconciliations between this married couple, all while they’ve forgotten the apocalypse or anyone outside their family. The people Henry killed? Fodder. His assault on Jennifer? Happenstance.

            And if memory serves, we won’t be getting any end of the world stuff because Moloch is DEAD. Remember him? There is no need for any witnesses (and therefore no need for Abbie), if the show continues to focus on the Cranes and where their marriage is or isn’t.

            I think you just ‘outed’ yourself as someone who is happy with this crap just because you can say you have Sleepy. Well, the majority isn’t satisfied with having a show, we want a good show.

          • worldtraveler9 says:

            Just because Moloch is (allegedly) dead doesn’t necessarily mean the apocalypse is not going to happen. There are new characters coming in (Orion, a “divine demon” ) who, for all we know, will be filling Moloch’s shoes. Considering the information noted in the pilot which talked about a seven year period of trials and tribulations, I think it premature to assume that the apocalypse will not happen because Moloch is gone.

          • deb says:

            I agree with you there is so many Abbie obessed fan out there that they won’t be happy until the show is all about her. That she is the only lead character and everyone follows her rules and does exactly what she tells them to do. If this show gets canceled I will be blaming them because of all the compaints and all the comment and stuff they have done. They don’t like Katrina because she takes Ichabod from Abbie they have never given her a chance.

          • She had plenty of chances. About 12 episode worth. The character is a bore…

          • Jemjean says:

            Well said!

        • deb says:

          I understand some people think she is boring and that is fine what bother me is the ones that want the show to be canceled because they think Abbie is not beening treated fairly because she is not the main lead. I have been on some of the other chats about the show and they are talking about how to watch the show without giving it ratings so that the show would get canceled

        • Jemjean says:

          The show is called Sleepy Hollow! What did anyone expect? It IS about Ichabod. Almost everything that happens in this show has something to do with Ichabod being in Sleepy Hollow. And I agree with the previous poster. You can’t toss characters you don’t feel a personal connection to just because you don’t. Katrina is part of Sleepy Hollow and in this instance, she is Crane’s wife and I would dare to say most of us like it that way. Headless is the mental case, bad guy. From there it’s imagination and manipulation. We tuned in to see the show knowing this. I do know they are going to go back into Abbie’s family history as well because it’s tied with Crane’s and we need to know why she is a witness as well. But this show is far from the Abbie Crane hour. Her role is as second witness and our pov.

          • First of all Abbie nor Ichabod should be referred to as the first and second witness. The witnesses suppose to be equal. Not one above the other. And I wish that some would please stop referring to the original Sleepy Hollow story. If you do so I can also refer to it and say that by all intents and purposes Katrina should not be married to Ichabod. Furthermore we did not all tune into Sleepy Hollow to view the CFD nonsense. So, do not even go there. Speak for yourself.

          • delorb says:

            In the original short story, Ichaboob only wanted Katrina for her property, which he intended to sell as soon as they were married. Katrina wanted Abraham and got him. She used Ichaboob’s attraction to her property to get Abraham jealous enough to step up his game. The reason Ichaboob left in a huff, is because he realized he’d been played by Katrina. Sound familiar?

            As for wanting the show to be about Abbie, nope, its just so happens that the Abbie back-story is more compelling. A parent that went crazy trying to save her children. An absent father. One sister in and out of the mental institution. On the road for the Sheriff gathering objects. Another sister closed off from the horror of her childhood. Horror that we will never know about because that storyline of her missing memories was just DROPPED. Dropped in favor of Henry killing and Katrina fainting, more or less.

            Compared to Ichaboob who had no idea he was a witness until he awoke. This after being married to a witch for 6 years. When the series started I may have wondered why she lied to him, but after a year and a half, I don’t. She’s an habitual liar, case closed.

      • Jemjean says:

        Oh, I didn’t see your post before I submitted mine. There are a lot of us who feel this way. If Abbie isn’t in every scene, or Crane’s love interest, or getting complimented on the character’s brains, beauty, intelligence, fortitude, it’s some sort of crime against humanity. I like the job Nicole is doing. She is our POV and she’s completely relatable. But if Abbie is not in a scene, is she being sidelined? This is not Abbie Hollow. Katrina has just as much right, if not more, to be a fully fleshed character.

        • That is the problem, Katrina is not fleshed out. She is a one note character….DID.

          • Jemjean says:

            And when she is fleshed, she will still not be good enough, because you still have the Abbie thing in your brain.

        • delorb says:

          Its not Katrina Hollow either.

          • Mike says:

            Thank you, Katrina’s character is on par with Jenny’s. Has Jenny been fleshed out nope. So they are NOT treating Abbie or anything related to her as equal in importance to Ichabod. Example in Akeda when they find one of Abbie’s ancestors turned to stone (who they didn’t even bother to name I might add) they could’ve had a flash back from HER perespective as to what happened before and what happened in that chamber, that would’ve have been not just interesting bus scarry, no we get a flash back of Ichabod, Abraham and Katrina. Like we don’t know what the story was with them. Those little things that they could give Abbie they don’t. I hope Nicole gets another project where she’s trully treated like the leading lady she is.

          • Uhhh says:

            We couldn’t have Abbie flash back to the stone ancestor because SHE WASN’T THERE! In all these episodes, you don’t know how these flashback’s work? Good Lord, you people don’t even pay attention to how the show works. We didn’t need to flash back to how she was made into stone, anyway. WE KNOW.

            I love how people, in trying to make the case that the Mills backstory is getting the shaft, proceed to retell TONS of Mills backstory. Look at how much you know about their history! WHAT do we know about Ichabod Crane’s childhood? His parents? WHY HE IS A WITNESS? Virtually NOTHING, that’s what.

            As for the First/Second Witness thing, Seeing as Ichabod Crane was a Witness in 1781, I think it’s fair to say he was FIRST. I believe the show itself has even referred to them as such.

  5. Kat says:

    i’m concerned by the lack of Abbie in many of these photos. I don’t get it. The Crane Family drama is the most uninteresting part of this show. Move on!

    • Jemjean says:

      No, most of us are fine with the human aspects of Ichabod’s transport from two centuries back. His sense of loss and longing for his wife are some of the most human aspects of the show. His friendship with Abbie and his jousting with a modern world are funny and relatable and that is the function of that relationship. We know confused Crane through her interactions with him. The fact is, Abbie isn’t carrying the baggage that Crane is carrying. She can’t relate to what he’s going through. Katrina is a much needed character or him. She is family, she is his contemporary and she is a much needed ally for them both. I can’t imagine the show without her and I know she is still being formed. Remember, she has a farther way to go to be able to function in this world and she is handicapped by her own baggage.

      • What you posted above is a joke. To think that Abbie does not have any baggage and Crane due because of his lying, useless wife. Those two people bring all of the baggage and pain upon themselves addition to getting other people hung up in their mess. If this was real world I bet Abbie would run away from those two as fast as she could. They are a mess.

        • Jemjean says:

          And we explored Abbie’s fatherless, foster care existence and her lying w/ regards to her sister. We know about her experiences in the forest, her career interests, her apple pie connection, her ancestor’s existence in an abolitionist house, her fostering Henry until the fire, and her ancestor’s diaries that lend information to the cause along w/ other documents, bible etc. She likes lattes, she has had two relationships that went nowhere, her mother was in a mental institution for her visions and crack, she and her sister have made peace with her mother, need I go on? We know pretty much all of her story in the present. Crane has no present, so flashbacks are necessary in order to shed light on his past life. If that offends you, you haven’t been seeing anything past Abbie and that’s not a good reason to watch the show. Every character has a place (but Irving. I really don’t understand unless he’s coming back as a demon). Gnash your teeth and have a fit, but Katrina is a main character in this incarnation and most of us like it that way. If anything, Abbie’s new “interest” will be responsible for less time for everyone. But that’s ok. Crane/Katrina need time to catch up.

      • lynn says:

        How in the hell does Abbie need Katrina? What are you on?

      • Uhhh says:

        See, this is typical of these fans: “Those two people bring all of the baggage and pain upon themselves” Ichabod Crane is killed on a battlefield in 1781 and wakes up 231 years later with NO idea how or why, ends up in a completely foreign time and place where everyone and everything he knows is gone, and had NO say in the matter, and you have the gall to say he’s brought “all of the baggage and pain upon” himself? Are you out of your mind? Oh how I wish that you Abbie-worshipers would spend just ten seconds trying to look at things from Ichabod Crane’s point of view. Instead, you spend all your time complaining that Abbie pays his bills and he doesn’t say “thank you” enough for your liking (twice an episode last season wasn’t enough–at WHAT point do friends get to stop thanking each other for every freakin’ thing? At some point it DOES become implied, you know). Like I said days ago: It’s INSANITY.
        I do agree, however, that Abbie has plenty of baggage, too, but talk about bringing it on yourself! She could have supported her sister and told the truth about what happened in the woods when she was a teen. She didn’t. She could have had a little more sympathy toward her mother. She didn’t–she blamed her for everything. She could have had a little more sympathy for her sister in the mental hospital. Nope. She spent her entire life judging first and asking questions never. She’s the very epitome of someone who reaped what she sowed, and it was ONLY after meeting Ichabod Crane that she started to be able to come to grips with her past and make amends. And all of what I mentioned here is what made Abbie such an interesting and flawed and relatable character. But there’s none of that this season. You guys wanted Queen Abbie, Ms. Perfect, and the writers have given her to you. And, imo, she’s boring as hell.

        • amjm2014 says:

          I want to know what you mean by *these fan* firstly. I am a fan of the show and no particular group of them. It seems to me that every person on this show has baggage and trying their best to deal with what is going on in their respected lives, But I would beg to differ if you implied she is the most boring person on this show.. Katrina and all the media critics have said. But IMO if she is that person to you and she is the co-lead knowing that she has a prominent role in this show then why are you watching.. or are just sitting by waiting for the ones you want to see pop up?

  6. Mango Cherry says:

    Wow, thanks MG for tanking the former hit Sleepy Hollow! Goodbye smart writing, cool characters & diversity. Nicole B. I wish you the best and if there was a possible way for you to leave I would support it. Maybe KW or Lyndie could fill a “MG revamped” witness position (remember MG has special skills…the kind that comes out of his brain :-)

  7. isee says:

    People can complain about Katrina all they want… But man is she pretty. Also, she’s been a regular since season one, so what’s with all the “she’s too much part of the story”?

    • Aly D says:

      Pretty doesn’t equal a quality or well written character.

    • Tina says:

      that mindset is exactly what is the problem with this show. Simpleton.

      • isee says:

        So it’s a simple mindset to think someone is pretty? Man, somebody better tell all of humanity. Notice how I was simply complimenting an actress, and not saying it was the only reason I watch the show. The show may not be what it used to be, but it is still worth a watch. I like the revisionist American history aspect of it.

    • Moment says:

      I think the problem with Katrina is that there has been too much Katrina and too much time focused on her. I think she needs to just vanish for a few episodes and for the focus to return to the Ichabod and Abbie dynamic and less damsel in distress.

      • Angela says:

        See, that’s the thing about Katrina for me-I want her to get out of “damsel in distress” mode. I want to see her working alongside Ichabod and Abbie and Jenny and being part of the fight against the apocalypse and all that. The moments when she was working with them so far this season, I quite enjoyed. I liked the interaction between Katrina and Abbie in particular, both antagonistic or helpful, and wanted to see more of that.
        But some people just don’t seem to want her around, period (which is odd, considering all I heard last season were complaints about wanting to see Katrina be more developed as a character), yet the show clearly has no plans to let her go anytime soon. So that leaves the show somewhat limited in what they can do with her, it seems, to try and make everyone happy. It shouldn’t, mind-I think the show should go forth with whatever it wants to do, since the writers are the ones writing the show and not the fans. But given how interactive shows and their fanbases are nowadays, they have to try and keep the balance somehow.

        • herman1959 says:

          Angela, I was one of the people calling for the Katrina character to be developed last season, but the problem is it wasn’t done THEN. The show moved on without her and now not a lot of people care. It’s like Katrina was almost an afterthought until this season when somebody woke up and remembered to do something with her, but now it’s a little late. Timing is everything.

          • cat says:

            basically too little, too late. Exactly. The opportunity to make people care about her character has come and gone.

      • worldtraveler9 says:

        Since Katrina is clearly no longer a “guest” of Headless and Henry, common sense indicates she is no longer a “damsel in distress.”

        • Yes she does still need to be save. What about in the season finale when she called for Ichabod instead of taking that big a$$ sword off of her back and be useful. What make is sad that she had a fireball or something aimed at the creature. Why did she not just destroy it. IMO she is still a damsel in distress, just not captured.

    • Yay says:

      lol yes she’s pretty…and?

    • Well done – everything that’s wrong with this show summed up in one post.

  8. Carm says:

    Maybe Abbie is doing something they don’t want you to see until the episode airs. None of these pictures tell us anything important.

  9. While I will always want more Abbie and Jenny, I am also really excited to have Katrina be more developed. I love the //idea// of her so much, and I hope the show does her character justice when it returns.

  10. evababy says:

    Sigh. We already have had copious amounts of Ichabod adjusting to the 21st Century. There are only 7 episodes left, why do we need to repeat that with Katrina? Is there not enough story to tell that we have to be inundated with more Katrina stuff?

    She just isn’t interesting enough to sustain so much attention on her. I get that the writers have this idea of what she is… but in 24 episodes they have yet to actually translate that to the screen. Doesn’t give me a lot of confidence in their storytelling frankly.

    If it weren’t for Goffman yapping in every interview how powerful she is or how the writers keep putting words in the mouths of the other characters about what a ‘brilliant operative’ she is, we would never know these supposed facets of her character. Week in and week out all we have been shown is that she needs constant rescuing, she can barely cast a spell without fainting, and the only intel she has managed to impart was a set up by the bad guys. And she Whisper Speaks.

    In the end the strength of the show is the partnership between Ichabod and Abbie and the action surrounding their mission, not his tortured love life. The more they double down on the stultifying mess of As the Cranes Turn, the more people will stop watching.

    • cat says:

      It’s writer delusion. I really hope they get rid of Goffman if the show is renewed. The other producers have to be furious for running this show, a huge success in its first season, completely into the ground with his obsession with this boring character.

      • Uhhh says:

        You are aware that he ran the show in season one, too, right?

        • Radha says:

          Well then he clearly wasn’t smoking something in season 1.

        • delorb says:

          You are aware that things started going bad last season, right? There was a definite shift in the show, right around the Necromancer episode. Go back and check, I’ll wait.

          • You are correct. I went back to look at season during the weekend that is when the show started to become more Katrina focused.

          • Uhhh says:

            Oh, you guys are classic. Yes, up until the Necromancer episode the thrust of the whole show was about Abbie Mills’ history. The second half of the first season started to look at Crane’s a little bit, and suddenly you’re all “THIS SHOW SUCKS!” You’re the ones who keep screaming that it’s about TWO witnesses, and yet with comments like this, you just prove that you actually have absolutely NO interest in one of those two Witnesses. You prove that all you want is the Abbie Mills hour. Well here’s some news for you. You’re never going to get that.

          • Uhhhh, how the hell do you know what we will or will not get. I can tell you what we definitely do not need and that is NO MORE Katrina crap. And you are delusional with calling their deluge of Katrina as looking at the Cranes a little bit. Take took over the second half of the Season 1 and all of Season 2. So, if anyone is classic and out of touch it is YOU.

      • amjm2014 says:

        This is to the person Uhhh.. Girl why are you so angry about a show.. it is a show fictional tv show with FICTIONAL PEOPLE.. you keep that up you are gonna blow a blood vessel or something.

        • She sound like she is living vicariously through Katrina and may not have a life. Sad…..

          • amjm2014 says:

            As the Billy Joel song goes ” You May Be Right” which is true in itself if you got to live though a fictional character how sad indeed,

          • Jemjean says:

            Let’s talk about having a life. Why are *you* here? Obviously you could be somewhere else as well. You seem to be living vicariously through the Abbie character, so just what is your excuse?

    • Jemjean says:

      Have you ever considered that Katrina is not meant to interfere with the outcome as part of her involvement? She was a spy and operative, but she paid a heavy price for interfering in trying to remove Ichabod from the equation. Why is “There is always another way” her mantra? What was she wanting to tell Crane before he died? We still don’t know. Her place is as Crane’s wife, but she had a life beyond that and no one seems to catch on to that fact. She is not to be dismissed and takes a different approach to foes. Her decision to stay with Headless did not seem centered on Headless but on Henry and an attempt to temper him. It may have worked, or not. But I think she has secrets of her own that she can’t divulge yet. Writers are not stupid. They are holding out.

  11. Carla Krae says:

    Helloooooo, cleavage. LOL.

  12. Ashley says:

    Well if they’re going to stick with this “more Katrina” thing I hope at the very least they try to develop her into an actually likable character rather than a mostly useless prop. That said, it looks like we’re in for another episode of “Crane family drama” which continues to be one of the worst parts of this season.

  13. Susannah says:

    Now that Irving is gone, I don’t have much keeping me attached to the show as he was my favorite character. Knowing that this episode has Ichabod and Katrina going out on a date, just makes me want to watch even less. What happened to this scary, thriller of a show? Henry and Katrina just sucked the life right out of it.

    • worldtraveler9 says:

      How do we know Irving is really gone? Dead isn’t really dead in Sleepy Hollow — just remember Andy Brooks. As for the date, I highly doubt it will be the main focus of the entire episode.

      • No, matter how you slice it the Irving we liked is most likely DEAD. I rather see him dead then to come back as some kind of ghoul or zombie.

        • worldtraveler9 says:

          In a short video clip in which Orlando Jones talked about Irving’s sacrifice, the last thing he said was that Captain Irving, “as we previously knew him” ceased to exist. Which indicates to me that we have likely not seen the last of Irving.

  14. Pat says:

    The photos, were great. I cannot wait for Sleepy Hollow’s return. This is one show that I always look forward to. “MERRY CHRISTMAS” to all of you at TVLINE.

  15. After the last episode, I decided to just give up on this show. It was a struggle to get through this season and it’s clear the current writers don’t understand or share the vision of season one and this mess is not what I signed up for. If there’s a change in show runner, I’ll try it again but for now, I’ve just decided to consider season one a fun miniseries and cut my losses.

    • jane says:

      Yeah, I’m with you. This whole season has been one big NO. I heard the last two count em, two episodes are supposedly about Abbie. They manged to squeeze in 3 whole eps, out of 18, to the female co lead of thier show, thanks guys. I hope to see Nicole and Tom in something else, this show sucks ass now.

  16. KC says:

    Can Katrina PLEASE go back to purgatory? Ugh, she does nothing for this show!

  17. delorb says:

    I’ve given up on the series to be honest. I loved the balls to the walls action of the first half of last season. I loved the humor among the horror and yes the chemistry between the two leads. I loved the fact that there were black people on the show, who weren’t there because they were black. They were the best people for the job, enough said.

    I loved the IDEA of three strong women in the cast. When they told us last season during NYCC, that there wouldn’t be an Ichabbie, I was sad, but not enough to give up on the show. Then Katrina happened. Or rather didn’t happen. I wanted a strong female, instead I got a magic whisperer who couldn’t do anything.

    She couldn’t get herself out of purgatory. She couldn’t tell the truth to the love of her life (Ichaboob). She didn’t give any Intel on Moloch or purgatory. When she was set free, she was immediately CAPTURED by her son. Then the fun began. Well, fun if you like endless female tropes.

    A magical pregnancy, because well, isn’t she just a walking baby-bucket? She’s managed to faint twice, not gather Intel, not take off a MAGICAL necklace that she KNOWS is magical. She forgot that Henry impregnated her almost as soon as she saw a baby. Not kill Moloch until it was too late. Her greatest magic to date was creating a howler (which was done better on Harry Potter) and to incapacitate an undead soldier long enough for Ichaboob to finish him off.

    I just can’t with this show and I used to be a big supporter. Won’t be watching the new episodes. Won’t be watching to see Ichaboob and Katrina on their ‘wash, rinse and repeat’ marriage. She does something shady, he gets angry and quits her, Abbie says something and he takes Katrina back. Then she does something shady, he gets angry and quits, well, you know the deal.

  18. Sleepy Fan says:

    Love this show. Thanks for the pics and preview! Can’t wait for the show to get back on the air. More Mills sisters! More Crane Family! More Team Witness! I need to know what’s going on with Irving and Henry! More Twistory! So excited.

    • Jemjean says:

      No issues? No complaints about Crane having a wife? No Abbie absence issues? Congratulations, you are a true fan. Welcome to the fold.

        • Jemjean says:

          Someone who is truly excited about seeing the further development in the story. Someone who can put up with a story line they don’t find caters to them. Someone who accepts that their favorite character will not be on screen for every scene much less every episode. Someone who doesn’t sign petitions and send nasty emails claiming that they are being “shafted” because another actor is being fleshed on their favorite character’s “time”. Someone who realizes that not every show or season is going to be exactly what they want. I happens with the Walking Dead all the time, but no one goes ballistic or falls to the floor kicking their heels and drooling. These people are fans.

        • KSennia Visitor says:

          Apparently, a true fan is someone who watches the show with no judgment. Who never questions what they are told, and who believes that being a man’s wife makes a character interesting. And all that’s needed to be a powerful witch is to be called a powerful witch by somebody else. No proof required.

          • deb says:

            but when you don’t watch the whole show. Try to get the show cancel because you don’t like a character. Yes I have read alot of post on different sites that tell people they hope the show gets cancel and the writer never work again. how about #skip for show that have Katrina in it to get the writer to change it to the way you want it. That to me is blackmail. You are not a Sleepy Hollow fan you are a Abbie fan. That is the difference. People who are a Sleepy Hollow fan watch the show for how the writer write it . I find the ones who have a real problem with the show are all Katrina Hater. Why should the writer change their story how they want it done. Since when did it give the viewer the right to decide how a show goes. I find the show on today start off good and then go bad because with social media too many people feel they have the right to tell writer how a show is to go. The shows that were on before social media lasted longer and are way better then today show. You not a true fan when you tear a show apart . Only watch half. A true fan support the whole show and the support writer of the show.

          • Jemjean says:

            What really irks me are the girls who keep making mention of how strong and confident Abbie is, even given her treatment of her sister, when she was too scared to back her up. Katrina is not perceived as a strong women, yet she’s been through and done things in the 18th century that Abbie would never even imagine. Abbie fell apart being in Purgatory for a short time and yet Katrina has been there for over 200 years and managed to pull through. Just what is required for strength? Black pants, leather jacket and fast talking appear to the be secret to that. Shallow and clueless about female strength. That’s alarming.

  19. Eminado says:

    I don’t know how a photo of Abbie staring at something would be too super-spoilery to show. I just don’t buy that at all.

    As some have said, all Katrina did last year was whisper unhelpfully and this year, we have to sit through her and Henry plus the most boring love triangle in history. Nobody cares about that or her marriage with Crane. Last year was fun and scary; this year is dull and boring. And a lot of it is due to focusing on Henry’s mommy and daddy issues, Crane’s boring marriage and the “love” triangle. If they want us to like Katrina, then she should be useful instead of using mirrors that help Henry, fainting and not being able to use nursing or witchcraft because the two worlds were merging or whatever,

    In addition, it was bad enough to turn Headless into a simp by making Katrina his motivation but does that story line need to go on forever?

    Thanks for the images. I’m done with the show but good luck anyway, While the ratings aren’t what they once were, the show will still get a third season so somebody must be enjoying it.

  20. Lady T says:

    oh look….white people.

    • WOW says:

      That someone makes a comment like this about THIS SHOW just blows my mind. I guess the cast has to be 100% POC, then? Is that what you are demanding? Three out of five lead hero roles isn’t enough for you? So sorry that Ichabod Crane and his wife (and therefore their child), have the gall to be white people. Apologies.

      • Tina says:

        To be more accurate, Irving and Jenny barely had any screen time in season 2 which is why some people are upset. They weren’t leads in Season 2. Hawley and Abraham had more screen time than they did.

    • KSennia Visitor says:

      “giggles” Just what we never ever get to see on TV these days. Every show is just black people, Asian people, Latina/o people, native american people. Poor white people get she shaft all the time and it’s just not fair.

      If you’re going to kill someone just so we know it’s serious now you don’t have to always kill the white people. It’s just so unfair. Poor white people.

  21. barbara ruffin says:

    I don’t care what they do with the Cranewreak of a marriage I just want them to get back to what was supposed to be the premise of the show.. which is two witness stopping the end of days. Now if the show can do that I can care less if Ichabod and Kan’trina go on a date or not.. I want to see action, twistory, and the connection that that Abbie and Ichabod during the first season and some of it during the second one . And if they did a show with Abbie Mills in I would be there to watch .

    • KSennia Visitor says:

      The Abbie Mills show would be amazing. The CraneWrecks, so not fun.

      Kat can’t act, she’s selfish, boring, unhelpful, weak, unsanitary, a murderer, and oh yean, boring.

      Ichy is a great character as a witness and a sweet guy when he isn’t under Kat’s evil spell.

      I’ll keep watching as long as there is Abbie though.

    • Jemjean says:

      Here’s what happens. The Walking Dead is about zombies. I didn’t watch at first because I thought it would about Zombies. But when I found that older people were watching as well, I took a look. What I found were stories about the people affected by a zombie end of times and fighting to live. It was character based and the zombies have become pretty much a threat that they live with, but their biggest threats are other people. Daryl is one of the most popular characters. I don’t think Daryl even had many lines until the 3rd or 4th season and it wasn’t until they gave him two episodes that we found out what his life before the apocalypse had been like. Rick, the lead, lost his wife and he spent and entire season hallucinating and ripping himself apart over this. The question was, could he pull himself together and lead again. He did. But the point I’m making is, even a graphic novel can be made into a series if you minimize the craziness of the situation and have the characters react to it as layered people. Sleepy Hollow seems to be following that forumula. Marginalized characters, like Katrina, are brought into the fold slowly and that’s ok. People bitch about season of that show as well and talk about walking away, but the reality is, it’s a good show, whether you like it’s pace in once season or another. Too slow, too fast, too much, too little. They’ve explored that on TWD as well and it’s still going and I still love it as much as when I started watching because it does slow down and new characters are added and zombies are nasty, but people are nastier.

  22. Gail says:

    Love Sleepy Hollow. But it seems like Fox does not promote the show like it should. I see more support from them for Gotham. Come on Fox lets see more promos for the show.

    • It is as if they are not proud enough of the show to promote it. The whole situation is just strange. I guess one day the full story of what happened and what is happening will come out. Something beside Goffman, is not right.

    • Jemjean says:

      I’ve noticed this myself. Where is the commitment? The majority of us love it as is and you need to support us!

      • I am going out on a limb to say a majority do not love the show as it is, useless you have taken a worldwide survey and can prove it is so. If you care enough about the show and your pal Katrina you should not be supporting how that character is portrayed. It is an insult for one against women.

  23. Jemjean says:

    I sat through achingly boring episodes in which Abbie squares off with her sister, yeah we all have those relatives we just don’t get along with. I watched Corbin knocked off in the pilot because….why? He was great. I’ve read post after post after post of kids being just blubbering on because the Crane character has lived a more interesting life than Abbie has and in order to get to where we need to be, his past life must bring us to the point of why the apocalypse is happening now, first. I’ve read post after post blaming every un-Abbie moment on the Katrina character, who has been ignored more than any character on the show until the second season and she’s still on the back burner and still you bitch. So why all the blubbering about Katrina? A lot of viewers really love the relationship between she and her HUSBAND. I know commitment might seem a foreign concept to a kid, but adults watch this show as well and monsters are fine and the apocalypse is coming in seven years, but this show cares about the concept of family along with all the crazy. Remember the Jenny/Abbie drama I just mentioned? Didn’t that distract away from the mission? Sure. Did that turn me against the show? Of course not. The Abbie character needs family in her life. However, the Crane character is doomed to remain sans family after admitting he wants her with him? It’s the Crane character alone w/o contemporaries and everyone else, and you don’t get that concept either. If you don’t get it, why are you here? It’s fun, it’s funny, it’s goofy, it’s a little bit scary and it’s romantic and it’s dramatic, not to mention informative if you’re not a past history buff. The Katrina character is still growing and I and others want to see her become a full-fledged part of this show and provide Crane with a beloved contemporary who can aid the team in the demon fighting department as well. And if you’re going to pull that “chemistry” out of the pack, let me say this, just who does Irving have any chemistry with?

    • great summary…totally agree with everything you said. Some people want the Abbie show…maybe they can put it on BET and go away and leave us SH fans alone.

      • Angela, you are such a hateful person inside and out. You come on Facebook and say disgusting comments and then you come on here and dare to say such racist things? So fans of Abbie should go watch BET if they want shows about her? You guys cry that all the time and then when we do make spaces for ourselves, you then cry foul when there’s not enough white people. You understand that way of thinking is one, that’s racist and two, you’re generalizing her fans and need to understand that Abbie fans are far more diverse than the backwood neighborhood in which you’re probably raised from? If you go anywhere you see a large group of people from all walks of life supporting Abbie Mills. Like stop. Your REAL hatred for Abbie is transparent. Call it what it is. You’re racist and probably bitter that a person of color is actually adored by the fandom. There’s plenty of shows/movies out there that cater to the status quo, but Abbie Mills and leads just like her are a novelty in itself. Let those fans have their space.

      • Perry says:

        Your comment is highly offensive and ignorant. I’m a white woman who wants MORE Abbie and LESS Katrina. Actually, no Katrina would be great, seeing as that character has contributed prominently to Goffman’s systematic dismantling and destroying of a once unique show.

      • SSngwa says:

        Angela, you’re a disgusting racist. Please don’t claim to be a fan of SH. Your comments are hateful and hurtful.

    • Your preference for the Cranes and disdain for Abbie is showing. You should quit why you think you are ahead. Your comments are becoming repetitive and one note. We get it that you dislike Abbie and love the Crane.

    • delorb says:

      You want to see Katrina on screen but moan when others want to see Abbie, hypocrite much? This marriage that you speak of is based on LIES. LIES that Katrina continues to tell Ichaboob almost every time she opens her mouth. There is no way a marriage survives after as many lies as she’s told him. You want to see a married couple on screen, but this one is dysfunctional and destructive. When Ichaboob confronts her about Mary, she lies. When he asks about his son, she stares blankly.

      She’s an affront to any woman with a brain. They want us to think this person is smart, but she doesn’t put two and two together after ALMOST giving birth to Moloch then seeing Henry with a newborn. A newborn she felt bad for even though she knew it was MOLOCH. They want to tell us that she’s a spy, but she writes a letter that GAVE NO INFORMATION. She supposed to be this great spy that covered up Mary’s death because she’s all about saving the world, but insists on saving Henry. Even if it means the whole world ends. I’m sick of her and her weak whispery ways. If she’s not going to rip someone to shreds with her magic, then they should kill her off. End of story. Falling for some man who kept her captive is NOT a good message to send to anyone. I mean, didn’t that kind of thinking end when Luke raped Laura?

      • Uhhh says:

        Here’s a hint for you. If you want people to take ANYTHING you say seriously, stop calling him “Ichaboob.” He is a character just like Abbie, with his own set of challenges and problems and flaws and disappointments. Spend 30 seconds trying to see his point of view and maybe, just MAYBE you’ll get more out of this show than just complaining that your favorite character isn’t on screen every second of every scene.

        • Jemjean says:

          They don’t consider the lead character, Ichabod Crane (yes, he is the lead) and his background (in Sleepy Hollow, of all places) important? That is the name of the show. The character everyone is so worried about has been around and on screen almost throughout. So why the Katrina character hatred? If they have what they consider one strong woman on-screen almost constantly, what is the beef? Katrina will move forward when the writers are ready and I’ve already seen enough bits to know they are. So now what? Is Katrina too witchy, too pretty, too married? Has to be one of those. She is, If you look back at her story instead of whining, very strong. Her story is actually much more complex her modern counterparts, along with Crane’s. This is not a video game. It’s a fun show that serves up layered characters and their history with monsters thrown in.

  24. misstt says:

    I wish that they would focus on Abbie and Ichabod equally. It bothers me to see that even in these pics, she is sidelined. And yes I know she is in every episode but the bulk of character background and development goes to Ichabod and Katrina now, and their SL is boring and repetitive.

    • I have to agree with the comments made above.. I mean why shouldn’t we are viewers of SH demand more of what the creators of the show says it would be the Two Witness fighting the Apocalypse. And for me that means Abbie Mills and Ichabod Crane but what did we get this season CFD which only a few scatterbrain people want to see. If they had shown Katrina in a different light then I would or could have grown to like her character because she was told to us that she was a witch with great power.. I didn’t see that, she was a spy… hmm was it shown? I mean if you called sending a Crow-a-gram that had no vaild intel.. then yea she is a super spy..oh let not mention that she is was send to kill Moloch baby but all she did was allow it to suck off her essence so he can grow. She yea she was a thing of wonder for this season. So yea if they had a Abbie Mills show on BET i would be right there watching it because it sure would be better than watching what SH has become.

  25. Lucy says:

    Save the Captain and heal his Daughter For Sure.Now Ichabod needs new clothes now!

  26. Lily says:

    This is why the show is going to crap. Katrina’s storyline is a snooze fest. The next half of this season is going to suck.

  27. Jemjean says:

    Those of us who aren’t teenaged girls, like Katrina/Crane and their marriage. They are family. Crane needs that connection. Henry is a message in and of himself on what loss of loved ones does to people. The Abbie/Jenny relationship is an echo of the same message. Ichabbie shippers just don’t get it. The show is not that shallow. There are plenty of viewers who can appreciate the sacrifices Katrina has made as a wife who gave up everything to save her husband. Her character deserves more respect and she deserves a place at the table. Crane needs to acknowledge this. He’s never even thanked her for sacrificing herself to free him. He needs to realize this. That’s what is at the heart of that relationship. Try going for a deeper read and you see why Crane needs Katrina. This show may be over a lot of heads. There is a theme here and it’s not Ichabbie, It’s Ichatrina and AbbiJenny. Nothing I write will enlighten them. But a good portion of us get it. So thank you writers for giving us depth within the goofiness and monster show. You are reaching us.

    • guest says:

      Funny I was gonna write the same thing for Ichatrina shippers, nothing the sexist tropes, the damsal in destress the crtuch for the man pain, nothing gets through to them to about why Katrina sucks as a character. But they don’t hear me.

      • Jemjean says:

        Maybe they have plans you are not privy to. In any case, attempting to force a show to change based on a character you fear (because she is Crane’s wife), is petty. Abbie has been getting of attention and you know it. I’ve heard that S3 will be back to Abbie’s family history, but I’m guessing that’s not good enough for you. I’m still looking for some literature that indicates Abbie is the only star of the show. I keep coming up w/ Crane, Abbie, Lyndie and Katrina. Huh. I guess it’s not the Abbie show after all.

        • amjm2014 says:

          Well I can’t speak for everyone but, I as a watcher of the show I do no fear poorly written characters (sic Katrina) I don’t really care if she is Crane wife.. He can have her I rather for Abbie to be with someone who has a back bone and not wishy washy. I rather for the show to concentrate on both of the leads in the show.. Abbie and Ichabod and leave all the other stuff at the wayside.. I mean the show was supposed to be about stopping the Apocapylse right? so that other love triangle stuff can either be put in as by the way information or show off screen. So if they do show more Abbie stuff during season three then that would be great because we got enough of his this season. And since you want to say you been looking for information claiming that Abbie/Nicole is the sole star of the show you won’t find any because they always says she is the co-lead along with Tom/Ichabod. And Lyndie Greenwood, John Noble, and Katia Winters and Orlando Jones (before he was killed off) are all supporting cast. So no it not the Abbie show.. it a combine effort of all the actors but, Abbie is and will always be shown more than your beloved Katrina.

          • KSennia Visitor says:

            Katrina was fine when she was still in Purgatory and was just a vision here & there. But she just hasn’t the acting chops nor the storyline to be shown so much. 24 hours of Crane Family Drama.

            If they let her go all evil eventually and stop being a DID and explain why she only has two facial expressions and no chemistry with anyone but is still beloved then maybe I’ll grow to tolerate her.

            The problem is it’s going to take a really good writer to turn this show around, make it about the two witnesses and the apocalypse, bring back Jenny and Irving, and then give Kat stuff to do without shoving other characters to the wayside. Then it’d be the show I fell in love with again.

    • jake says:

      Would that us be the 5 people still watching LOL. People are so up their own asses with delusion that it’s funny. Something will change because in the real world a show that starts off with 14 million viewers and goes down to less than 4, heads will roll. It’s show BUSINESS ie money. So if they want to make any they will need to fix this crapola.

    • delorb says:

      I see that my reply wasn’t posted. I wonder why? Does TVLine not want to hear dissenting voices? Pity. TVLine I thought you were better than this. Guess its time to find another forum.

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        I see that your original reply used a seemingly benign word that nonetheless is part of our Spam/offensive language filter. Sorry! But it happens.

        • delorb says:

          I thought I took pains to not use any cuss words. Oh well, it was a pretty good post that I thought would get a conversation going about all the problems with this season. Problems, plural. I didn’t even think to save it.

    • If you must know most of us that watch the show are over 18 and we do understand the complexity of the show and how and why they may need that connection. But if the show would have started off with that concept instead of blindsiding us with the CFD than no one would have much to say because it would have been laid out on the table when we first start watching And if you think most of the people that are disenchanted with the way show are Ichabbie Shippers than you are wrong on that note. Most of us just want the show to be like it was when it first came on.

  28. deb says:

    All the obessed Abbie fan who hate Katrina saying things like she a lair and Ichabod deserved to be with Abbie. While lets look at Abbie past. She lied when she didn’t tell the truth that sent her sister into a mental hostipal. She never stood up for her sister, turned her back on her sister. Never checked up on what her sister was doing and she was the big sister who should of looked after her sister. Shed became Jaded and won’t let anyone come close to even Ichabod she keep at a distance. Now I like how the show is going of course we are going to see Ichabod and Katrina work on their marriage they just can’t come back and they oh we are fine the marriage is good. No Fans of Ichabod and Katrina would like to see them work it out.
    I don’t want a show that just has Abbie and Ichabod and Jenny fighting demons. I want a show like how it is now with learning about who the character or. The reason we don’t see flash back of Abbie because she was born in the 21 century. The flashback we see are of Ichabod and his life on the 1781 which have something to do with what they are fighting.

    • delorb says:

      deb, when she tried to see her sister, she was told that she was on the ‘no’ list, as in she couldn’t have seen Jennifer even if she tried. She also told us that when she last saw Jennifer, after getting arrested for stealing guns, Jennifer rebuffed her. As for her lying, she was trying to save her skin. As in telling a lie so that she doesn’t get sent to a mental institution or put back into the foster care system. Something a streetwise person like Jennifer would have also done. That she didn’t seems like a writing contrivance.

      Compare that to Katrina not telling Ichabod about his son. Compare that to Katrina not telling him about Mary, the FIRST time he asked her. Compare that to Katrina, after 6 years of marriage, not telling Ichabod that she’s a witch or that he’s a witness. KNOWING that he’s on the same side she is on. KNOWING that he’s working closely with Washington (someone she set Ichabod up with). KNOWING that he’s going to have trials and tribulations. Even after he awoke, she still kept things from him.

      As for flashbacks, anyone can have them, doesn’t matter if they are from the present century or past. Or don’t you remember Abbie’s flashback in the Sandman episode. IMO, I want to see the dynamic duo fighting demons each week, with a powerful witch by their side along with a weapons expert in Jennifer, and Irving covering up for them or joining them. Remember that scene from Conan the Barbarian, where he tears off the horns of that demon? I wanted to see Katrina do that. Instead we get her passively and quietly getting tied by up my headless, then screaming (through her mouth gag) at just the right moment for Ichabod to hear her from the house. If one thinks about it, then one comes to the conclusion that there is NO reason why she should have stayed with Abraham. As a powerful witch, she should have been stronger than headless. If headless had come for her over and over again, she should have been strong enough to rebuff him until he got the message.

      • deb says:

        Frist she had more thing to tell Ichabod about why he was a wakened and not dead 230 years later then to tell him he had a son but I don’t know where he is because she didn’t know he was the horseman of war she was lighting the candles for his soul not because he was alive. And she did tell him about Mary when he asked yes she said it was not the right time but she did tell him. She didn’t kill Mary she just cover it up and yes that is bad It was also war time back when they were married so they didn’t really have a lot of time together. They probably had other thing to do, We don’t know if she would of told him after the war and they were together more. I just wish people would stop trying to get the show canceled because they don’t like her. I also like people aren’t jumping that maybe Jenny shouldn’t for give her sister. And she still did not stick up to for her sister. She didn’t try harder to find out and help her sister she was a cop she could of found away. Using that she was a street kid dose not wash. But because of course Abbie can do no wrong and it alright for her to do that it is ok with the Abbie fans.

        • delorb says:

          Her having more things to tell, just makes her sound all the more shady. All those lies, which, you have just admitted to. Its not a good foundation for marriage.

          She was married to Ichabod for 6 years. Surely she knew that the man she married would want to know about the birth of his son. It wouldn’t matter if the son were alive or dead. Her knowing he would become a horseman also had no bearing on telling him. What was the first thing Ichabod did after learning a son was born? He tried finding out about his son. He had Henry almost KILL him, just so he could travel to purgatory to ask Katrina about him. That is something you tell a man. Her lighting candles weren’t for her sons soul either. It was her penitence for leaving him to whatever fate had befallen him. Even she knew that she’d failed him.

          We have also determined that she had plenty of time time to tell him EVERYTHING, either during her marriage to him “honey I’m a witch and a spy”, or when he almost died of disease (John Doe), “honey, I gave birth 9 months after you died”. He spent a lot of time in Purgatory. Time enough for the truth to be told, but when he asked her a hard question, she just stared at him blankly, then he was pulled out by Abbie taking him to be cured.

          BTW, there wasn’t a war when Mary was died. If there had been, then why was he sniffing around Katrina on Abraham’s property talking about crop yields? Shouldn’t he have been in uniform on some battlefield? They weren’t even married at the time Mary died.

          Look, no one is saying that Abbie is perfect, but it was pointed out in the STORY, that Abbie asked her to LIE and why Abbie asked her to LIE. Its on Jennifer that she didn’t. On the show Abbie tells us why she hadn’t kept in touch with Jennifer. She says what their last encounter was like and how she tried to help, but Jennifer would have none of it. So she’s supposed to push and push and push, but Katrina gets a pass? I think you’re too much a Katrina fan to see awful her character has been written and portrayed. All of which has come from the SHOW and not from fans making stuff up.

          • Deb says:

            Frist the war started in 1765 to 1765 so yes the were at war second when you are a spy you take an oath to your country not to tell any one. You think all the spies out there tell their love ones oh by the I’m a spy. I don’t think so. As for beening a witch I’m sure there is a reason she didn’t tell him will come to light. Yes I agree cover up Mary death is the one hardest look past. But Ichabod may be able to forgive her if his love for her to strong enough. He has never been mad at her for not telling him about having a child. He understand. He has never brought up the fact that she didn’t tell hi about his son except when he found out. I’m not too much of a Katrina fan. I love the show. I like all the characters I think they each bring a driffent view to the show. They made Ichabod married and brought his wife into this time. I want them to make the marriage work. I hate shows that have them married during part of a season then either kill of one of the spouse or have them break up. I would like to see a show I like to keep them married and work out there problem. She doesn’t have to be up front with them she can be in the bavkground. But my problem is all the obsessed Abbie fans that are telling people to do postion to get mg fired and to get the show canceled because they feel Abbie beening mistreated. All the Katrina fans want is for Ichabod to stay married to Katrina. So I think it the Abbie fan who are hurting the show. I didn’t start out defending Katrina until for the frist going to sites to talk to people about the show, that I saw so many Katrina haters out there I decided to defend her and got attack and called name by the Abbie fans. Again I like the show and if people would just sit back and enjoy the sow and give them a chance. That is our only investment in the show is to watch it . It doesn’t coat us any thing but our time. The actor, actress and flim have a more invested in the show it is their livelihood. We don’t have the right to tell them how to do there job, just like other I Have the right to tell us our jobs that have nothing to do with our work. Just because social media gives us tools to voice our opion about stuff it doesn’t give us the right try and get people fried and say nasty thing about real people and not their character which again I have read on other sites.

          • delorb says:

            Deb, as I said above, one must go by what has been presented in the show. We are told that Ichaboob first met Katrina when he was torturing Cicero (Sineater). We’re told that in 1781, he died on the battlefield (pilot). We’re told that he has been married to Katrina for 6 years (his diaries). That would mean they got married in 1775. We’re shown Mary arriving in the Colonies prior to any marriage between Katrina and Ichaboob or Abraham, ergo, prior to the war.

            When she realized he was ‘the one’ (Sineater), she knew what was coming for him. Prior to marrying him, she realizes and mentions that he can see demons. Cicero tells Ichaboob to find her and that she will put him together with Washington. Why would a simple Quaker nurse have a direct pipeline to the leader of the rebels? That alone should have been the time to tell him or for him to figure out that she’s a spy. We were also shown that she didn’t tell him she was a witch. He had to see her grave marker (pilot). Her reasons for not telling him ring hollow 200 years later (after he’s been enchanted and put to sleep). After he finds out he’s a witness, the need for secrets fly out the window. You’re on the same side! Jeez.

            Her not telling him about Henry also doesn’t add up. When he wakes, there wasn’t any time to tell him everything. When he visited her in episode 2, there arguably wasn’t time. But when he nearly DIED in episode 3 (John Doe), he spent a lot of time in purgatory. That was her opportunity to spill all her beans, but she doesn’t. Even when he confronts her this season (Weeping Lady) and asks her point blank about Mary, she LIED. Her first response to him was a LIE. Go back and look. Why lie at this point? There was, is no reason.

            I’m not a fan of Katrina at all. I loved (past tense) the show. As a woman, I’m tired of
            the same female tropes. ‘Lets put her in a corset because we think she’s hot, never mind the plot’. The demon pregnancy. The damsel in distress. The fickle woman who is only faithful to the man currently in front of her. Her character doesn’t add up. She’s all over the place. What I hate is that whenever this is brought up, the Katrina fans
            (whether they admit it or not), poo-poo those issues and whittle things down to shipping. Never mind the fact that they are shipping just as hard. Or that their reasons for liking her as is, means that they don’t mind her tropiness. Yes, its a trope that all her value can be wrapped up in who she’s married to.

            If that is what they’re going to give us, then I quit. If that’s their idea of a strong female (let alone a strong witch), then yeah, she shouldn’t be on the show. If they can’t write her well, kill her off. Its sickening to see more and more of her badly written character, while the better written character, Abbie, gets shuffled to side-kick. They can have them happily married or miserably married, just shore up her CHARACTER! I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

            “I didn’t start out defending Katrina until for the frist going to sites to talk to people
            about the show, that I saw so many Katrina haters out there I decided to defend her ”

            So regardless of how she’s portrayed or how she’s written, you’re going to just defend her because some people are being mean. Wow! That’s a very irrational response, but thank you for admitting it, I suppose.

          • Jemjean says:

            Deb, we all know why these girls are pushing the Abbicentric aspect of the show. Katia may somehow rival the character of Abbie in the show and wouldn’t that be a disaster for them! I think the creaters/writers have already figured this out and are having a good time watching the posts go back and forth. In reality, the Abbie character is in nearly every single scene but the flashbacks, and this is why they dislike that aspect so much. Finding these girls is easy because they send up so much hate you can’t miss them. Most of the rest of us are happy with the show and can’t wait to welcome the Katrina character to the regular call sheet. The coming second season photos look great as do the videos.

      • Jemjean says:

        I’d like to point out that Headless is immortal and physically huge. An angel has produced a special weapon to use to kill him. What the hell? No one on this show can kill him, that’s why he’s such a danger. So what the hell is she going to do when he comes at her? No coven in sight.

  29. sherrybunn0523 says:

    Less Katrina and more Ichabbie. Katrina storyline is killing this show.

  30. Tina says:

    This place has turned into a war zone and the war taking place here is somehow far more interesting than majority of Season 2 so far.

  31. Jemjean says:

    Actually, the nastier the little girls on here get, the more childish the “problems” they create. Do you think the people who read this don’t get that? Regardless, Katrina is going to stay. So get your kicks from lavishing fan love on Abbie or don’t bother. For the rest of us, it would more than fine. We also embrace the Crane family story and are fine with the series as it is. YOU are the problem. If this bothers you so much, then don’t bother. Wow, mind-blowingly simple.

    • amjm2014 says:

      I resent the fact that you assume that the individuals who speak highly of the character of Abbie Mills as childish is because they don’t agree with you? Let me tell you I am a 40something grandmother of 2 and my little girl days are gone. When you say things like that it only makes some of he people who read these post more passionate about defending her.. Like I have said in some post on here and other sites I don;t care about the shipping stuff.. What I care about is the quality of the show which was far better last season than it been this season IMO and yes we all have those things called opinions while you may not agree with me and that is alright because even God had some disagreements with the Devil. But what I want to know do you want the people to lavish love on Abbie or just don’t bother doing it a all? Because that statement you made makes no sense. And if you want to embrace that story arc then that is fine with the people who are like minded like you..not every one has too. So please stop belittling the other posters on here as childish because they don’t agree with you because that is just annoying.

      • Jemjean says:

        You have never seen the girls’ sites have you? It’s not a pro Abbie sentiment. It’s a hateful, nasty and altogether horrible example of bullying. Unless and until you look at all of it, you won’t know what I’m talking about. I logged on to say that I loved the show, I thought Katrina was pretty and a good match w/ the Crane character. I was attacked, berated and called a racist for liking the choice the show made on the Katrina character. Maam. you can’t speak to something you have not seen or experienced. Pro Abbie is one thing. Nasty, spiteful, crude and ugly is quite another. It that aligns with your version of God, then I can imagine where they got this ugliness and THAT is way beyond annoying.

        • amjm2014 says:

          Well I can say I do not know of these site because I don’t go looking for those types of sites.. If you can tell the name of them I will check them out and come to my own conclusion on the matter.. But as I said I don’t ship so and could care less who end up with whom.. If you know that they are saying things on these sites and it offends you why do yo go on there then?

          • Jemjean says:

            When I am attacked for merely making a remark, I want to know why. Start with twitter and just input Sleepy hollow and everything related. I actually had to have one of the Katia Winter pages flagged because what I saw was so disgusting. I also saw the way the other girls were being treated and took it to heart. I like this show and I like the character they are attacking. I also believe that sending emails to the show’s writers threatening them w/a petition and basically making all fans miserable isn’t acceptable.

        • Answer me this….why is she a good match for Ichabod?

          • amjm2014 says:

            Are you asking me.. or the person JemJean? for me I don’t think she is a good match for Ichabod (Katrina ) that because she makes him lose perspective of what his role in the this War is. I will even go IMO that him and Abbie has a better connection than him and Katrina did. Yes I know they are married but even married people lose that after being away from each other for so long.

          • Jemjean says:

            I’m so glad you asked. She is his wife and risked her life in order for him to survive and become the witness, enabling him to fight for a cause they shared. They are both sensitive and caring people who as shown briefly, have been happily married. Katrina change Ichabod from a man who supported the crown and had never thought of the plight of others, to a revolutionary supporter and abolitionist. She supported him in that role and as a husband while making her own contributions to the cause. She tried to protect her husband from being linked to the horseman of death, only to be threatened and harassed by her own coven and then banished to Purgatory for her efforts. She made certain he was protected and as informed as she could provide for him upon his wakening. We don’t know what her years as a captive were like, but we do know she has been alone and losing strength. She was a loving, protective mother, leaving her child with Grace Dixon only when she knew it was dangerous to him to be with her. She is a strong, independent force for what’s right, giving of herself to the end and yet harbors deep compassion for all people. She is more than a good match, she has made him a better man.

      • deb says:

        It not that you love Abbie so much it that most of Abbie fans are bully the Katrina fans calling the names like stans. the B word I don’t swear so will not say the word Called a white woman and not in a good turn. Plus I have been told to bow down to my betters because I beneath comtent because I like Katrina beening married to Ichabod. Also told I simple minded because I like season 2. I have watch this show from the start. I do feel we won’t get a season 3 and not because of Katrina not beening like I think it will be because of all the hatered and Just not for Katrina but her fan as well,

        • amjm2014 says:

          Yes I do love the character of Abbie Mills character because she is the heart and soul of the show. She bring the realism of the what is happening around the premise of the show to the viewers. I am aware of that people are not happy with how the Katrina character is protrayed but don’t blame the fans of Abbie for this find fault with the writers of the show for that because they have said that she is a powerful witch but, that seemed to not have been shown maybe they show it in season 2b but we as viewers can only go by what we have seen thus far. And you can not be made to bow down to anyone whims if you like Katrina then say it loud and clear and don’t let anyone change your mind about that. If they don’t get a 3 season i don’t think it will be because of the Katrina hate as you say.. it will be because of the rating system because most people won’t watch a show in which they don’t like and from what I read most people are not happy with Season 2 not because of the character of Katrina but how the show has veered from premise of what we was told the series would be about.. and that is Abbie and Ichabod (two witness) stopping the Apocalypse.

          • Jemjean says:

            Stopping the apocalypse is the idea of the show. That doesn’t mean that every moment of the show is dedicated to that idea or it would be one monster every week and that’s it. If you want the characters to be believable, then they need to have conflicts and emotional freedom. Doesn’t anyone think fist bumping, fighting, fist bumping, fighting etc. would be really tiresome? You need to take some down time and sort through what is going on around them and in their lives in order to have any connection with them beyond the cute Crane meets modern moments and amazing revelations. This isn’t a sitcom or a cartoon. These characters do have human needs and problems and that is part of why we love them. The premise never wavered, you just forgot that the characters are interesting and their struggles are part of the mission as well.

          • amjm2014 says:

            I haven’t forgotten the premise of the show and I understand that is has to change in order for it to succeed but the direction it has change to is not appealing to me. Like I keep implying it has nothing to do with shipping it has to do with the quality of the show. and for me it has gone down since Season 1. And yes all the fist bumps, and fighting and monster of the week has it place among the show . To me it makes the show not all this romantic BS of Cranes

          • Jemjean says:

            A lot of Walking Dead fans had a problem with a few season. The group was split and we had a chance to get to know individual characters. Then they didn’t like the fact that the group was living quite peacefully at the prison for a season. Then they didn’t like the time it took for Rick to pull himself together after his wife died giving birth while Rick was giving her the cold should because he wasn’t sure the baby was his and so on. They are smart because they concentrate on the characters and continue to build on them. It takes time, and it takes away from zombie fighting, but it’s what makes it interesting and human. I don’t really think anyone wants a show that doesn’t give characters room to grow, change and expand. Katrina needs to be in the real world to do so and she hasn’t had that chance yet. Crane has been in the real world for quite a while now and he’s still trying to adjust. The Katrina haters would be horrible novelists.

  32. deb says:

    Frist Abbie is not the heart and soul of the show. It is called Sleepy Hollow not the Abbie show. Plus I scream loud and clear that I like Katrina beining Ichabod wife I didn’t even care at frist if she was hardly on and in the background as long as they didn’t kill her or send her off with headless. But of course that was not good enough for the Abbie fan. I even tried to give reason way she not so powerful right now that not using her powers for 231 year in purgatory would put a dent in her power of not good enough. That there could be reason why she didn’t tell Ichabod she was a witch and spy, not good enough my reason were throwing out that when the name calling by Abbie fan began. I agree the writer should of written her better why we don’t know maybe they have a reason. Also what gets me this is a show for us to enjoy when you don’t you stop watch at least I would. What I don’t get is that some Abbie fan feel they have the right to send out petition to get the writer fired and the showrunner fired and hope he never get another job. I don’t understand why some fans feel they have the right to do this. They wouldn’t want people to come into their job and tell them how do it or try and get them fired. Some have gone after far and to tell people how to watch the show so they don’t get the rating to get the show canceled. so that is why I said that most of Abbie fans with get the show canceled. Before social media people watch show that the writers wrote and most were good. because they did have social media telling them to change it and then if they do they make it worste because it doesn’t add up. Most of Abbie fans have not like Katrina from day 1. because it meant that Abbie and Ichabod couldn’t be a couple. I know since season 2 that has changed because they now feel she is to good for him. But again Ichabod in a hard place he loves wife and son so that has put him in a hard place. The show is for everyone to enjoy and feel free to talk about the show. But I find unless you like Abbie and her alone. YOu are beening bullied in a world where we are trying to end it is real strong on the fan site of this show. So will I still scream I like Katrina no because I am tried of being bullied. So I guess the only people who will soon on these sites will be Abbie devoted FAns I don’t understand why they just leave the post alone when someone post something nice about her. Instead of tearing it and the poster apart.
    The only difference I see from season 1 and season 2 is that it just not about Abbie and Ichabod and that they are going into more to Ichabod life because of the other 3 character are link to him again I don’t see a problem Abbie is still there and the showrunner has said that they will be getting to Abbie more and the final is about her and going into season 3, but again not good enough for most of Abbie fan. Also I believe they have all new writer for season 2 not sure why but of course they have their own idea about the show which is their right since they are writing the story. Now I use the most for Abbie fans because I know it is not all of them.

    • Jemjean says:

      Deb is absolutely correct. This was billed as a “diverse” show and a certain demographic decided that mean black-centric with the exception of any attractive white character they thought might hook up their “hero”. This is not a black show, it’s a diverse show, which means everyone has a means to enjoy it. Abbie is being held up as a role model. Fine. I don’t care, I like Nicole myself. But smiles and fist-bumps don’t add up to romance and that’s pretty clear. Nicole herself has said as much. But what is most despicable is the treatment of the actress who is blocking that fantasy. She has not been working with the rest of the cast, has gotten lousy remarks from fans based on her proximity to their “love interest” for “their” star (co-star folks, Tom’s name comes first and it’s not alphabetically billed) and counter to popular belief, she is also billed as 2nd witness. That might be why her family history comes next. Also, historically it has to follow from where it all started and unless Abbie existed in Biblical times, that won’t happen. All this pushing and shoving and spitting and petitioning and twittering is for one reason only. They want a black show. Fine. I’m all over it. But this show is not that show. I’d like to see more black males. Why are all the males in this show white? It comes down to this. I’m not going to stop watching, people who don’t know about this entire incident, aren’t going to stop watching and at the end of the day we’ll benefit because we back the writers and we care about the characters, all of them, including Katrina. And some really great things can be coming with her. A coven sounds fantastic to me. I want to know more about how that works. And of course, Crane will have family with him, which to me, is what this show boils down to. Abbie went through the 15 years she snubbed her sister and her sister is now working with her. Irving took care of his divorce issues and we don’t know what the status of that is. Katrina is here, she’s finally with her husband and potentially a good weapon. You don’t know and I don’t know what her character is/was or will be. Until then, just sit back and try not to be bat s*** crazy over her. Guys, diversity doesn’t work when one faction wants to change an entire show over one character or can’t share. S1, Crane and Abbie/Jenny/ Irving/divorce, S2, Crane /Katrina and Abraham, S3 Abbie history. It looks pretty balanced to me.

      • I haven’t posted on this thread in a while.. so as i read some of the comments this i came across this post.. And it made me think what do you consider a black-centric or black show? I want to see more people of all races on this show.. not only black males. And can you explain this to me.. “Also, historically it has to follow from where it all started and unless Abbie existed in Biblical times, that won’t happen” Like i said not a shipper of anyone don’t care about who end up with whom. I just want to see the show to suceed and be one of the best on TV that it can be. And tell me what faction wants to change the entire show to fit one character.

        • Sandra says:

          For those of you who have a problem with Abbie sharing the spotlight, here is an interview with Tom Mison about the female LEADS in the show:

          Considering Milson is the “man-out-of-water” in a show populated by game-changing female characters, certainly not the norm in entertainment, I had to ask what his thoughts were on his place in the ensemble. None were disappointed by his response:

          One of the things, when I read the pilot, that made it appeal to me so much is that you have two female leads who aren’t defined by a man. You have Abbie who is just a strong modern woman with important things on her mind. And you have well, a witch, who is far more powerful than her pathetic mortal husband. And you don’t see it enough. All too often scripts are, the women are the girlfriend or the daughter, and they have very little to do other than support the male character’s stories whereas this, the female characters have been well rounded and clear and individual. And that’s hats off to the show for doing that.

          Winters agreed, stating:

          [T]hat’s what I loved about the characters as well. There should be more female characters like that.

    • amjm2014 says:

      I say she is the heart and soul of the show for me because she brings the balance of things to light.. she don’t let her emotions get in the way of how she goes out to do the job she is called to do. Crane on the other hands let his emotion lead him instead of the what his role as witness on this part we can agree to disagree. And I never said that the show was called the Abbie Hour that is something you said so don’t twist my words (DEB) I always referred to the show as being Sleepy Hollow. I don’t know about anything about a petiton to have anyone fired so I will not speak on that. I can say that most of the fans I have talked to don’t like the Katrina character not because she is blocking Abbie from getting with Ichabod it s because she is shady or untrustworthy I guess I am in that boat too because I think she has ulterior motives than what her actions are showing. I won’t get into all the stuff whether Katrina is this or that because I made my statement clear.. I don’t like Katrina but she is not my favorite character and it has nothing to do with her being married to Ichabod. I won’t co-sign with you on saying that season 2 is good because I feel that is not but like I always that is my opinion..I just wished they the writers, show runners listen to the fans and critcs alike so we can have a show that everyone like.. not just certain factions of it.

      • deb says:

        first I wasn’t twisting your words in the first comment you left out to me. You said she was the heart and soul of the show if you said to me I wouldn’t of said what I said. And it is find you like her, but I feel different about her she doesn’t bring emontion because she block it years ago yes a lot to do with her upbringing so it is easy for her to block. Where Ichabod has never had to block it so it is harder for him

      • Jemjean says:

        Yes and she didn’t let her emotions get in the way of her abandonment of her sister either. She was a foster care kid with problems and then went into being a cop, an authority figure who follows rules rigidly. That is her flaw. She is rigid in a world that is changing. Katrina is the opposite, her flaw is her wanting to see good in people and her compassionate nature. Both polar opposites. Crane is a warrior, but he also wants to show compassion for others. Jenny is also a warrior and compassion doesn’t really seem to be her main focus. She’s been hardened as well, with very good reason. Henry, well he’s just a mess, but through no fault of his own. His parents weren’t there to protect and console him, through no fault of their own. Abraham is a dominant male presence who took pride in being able to possess anything he wanted, and was so enraged that a possession was denied him that he became a monster. That’s a summary. I’m pretty confident I’m close with the summary. We need to know as much as possible about each character in order to understand their choices. Katrina included. She is a part of this team.

  33. deb says:

    I know a lot of people don’t like Katrina, yes she has been poorly written. but if you really gave her a chance. She desevers a happy ending just as while. She gave up a lot in her fight against Moloch, she was probably raised by her mother who was probably a witch we will find out more when the eposide Spellcaster comes out. In the first show when Ichabod was dieing she was going to tell she was a witch but the father stop her because there wasn’t any time. Yes she didn’t tell him she was a spy and a witch. But she did it to protect him. I will agree that covering up Mary death is the hardest I do wish the writer hadn’t done that. But if Ichabod truly loves her he can forgive her. Because no matter what the ones who hate her say she didn’t kill Mary we saw the flashback Mary went to attack her and Katrina moved out of the way. She lost raising her son because she was trained that they must fight this evil. Her coven put a spell on her that set her to purgatory where she was for 231 ones years just think at what that would do to a person. To wake up every day in that place, with only your stregenth to hold you and your love for your husband. She is a new time she has no real friends and her husband has lost trust in her. She is feeling lost alone so yes she would talk more to Abraham but that doesn’t mean she loves him. I wish she would take off the necklace. Maybe if Ichabod spends some time together that may happen. I want to see them work on their marriage not just told about.

    Now I have notice on another site that people or talking about boycotting. doing a petition to get her off the show, not watching the show that Katrina is in hoping with the rating down they we get the message that some do not want to watch Katrina. To me this is blackmail. you don’t do want we want we will see rating go down and the show will get canceled. Think they are not going to do because if they let the viewer tell them how to do their show. Then other viewers on other show will start then it be the viewer writing the show and not the writers. What I don’t understand is how people say they are watching to support their favorite actress. How is only watching part of the show helping them. How is attacking the other actress on the show helping them. How is only watching part of a show getting any enjoyment out of it and understanding where the story.

  34. Jemjean says:

    I just checked the comment boards for other fantasy shows and guess what I found? The same haters here are posting the same crap there! OMG! You girls have absolutely nothing to do, do you? You’re driving other people crazy as well. I just took a little trip to the fairytale show, you know, Captain Hook and Cinderella and such? LOLOLOLOL! The same furor over there over characters that little girls have a problem with. Dear Mr. Goffman, take a look if you have a minute. It’s actually quite amusing.

  35. AthenaMay24 says:

    So, I found this because my friend mentioned the new angel guy Orion and I was interested. I just read through all of the comments on this page, and I’m frankly disgusted. I agree with some of you, I disagree with some of you, but I fail to see how almost everyone commenting is so rude to each other! I love the show, and until reading all this mess I could enjoy it without thinking of all the “fans” fighting.

    I personally like Katrina a lot, she’s one of my favorite characters, and I knew people didn’t like her, and that’s okay. I’m good with that. Whatever. But do you need to insult each other and the show by saying all these nasty things? If other chats about SH are like this I will stay away because I feel like it’s tainting my ideas of this show. Will y’all go back and read some of the things you’ve said? They could hurt feeling.

    On the subject that seems to be debated most, namely why favorite characters don’t have more screen time or better opportunities, we all have favorite characters and types of shows and types of relationships we want to see more of. But petitioning the network and trying to watch the show without adding to its viewing number? What is that? Some comments here call it blackmail and that’s what it is. I had not heard about it until I came here and I wish I hadn’t at all.

    Sleepy Hollow is a wonderful show, in my opinion. It’s character based (and, yes, ALL characters get just as much screen time as they each need) while still having demon fighting and a small amount of politics and love. Why are Katrina and Ichabod bad characters for not wanting to kill their son? I can see why Katrina couldn’t kill baby Moloch, what with Henry taunting her about the one thing she feels most guilty for: leaving him. And the show has nothing to do with race, why do you have to make it? I don’t have a single thing about the show I do not like. Not the way some of y’all do. Yes, I have things I want to happen, like Katrina and Ichabod patching up their marriage. But all I can do is wait and see if it happens. And that’s all a fan SHOULD be able to do. This is not a Goosebumps novel where you can choose your own ending. If you feel that strongly, then write fanfiction about the way you think it should be. Respectively debate about it with your friends (my best friend ships Ichabbie, and that doesn’t bother me). There are a million things you can do, but some things you shouldn’t do.

    I apologize if anyone feels I have offended them, that was not my intention, I just got fed up with this whole thing.

    PS: I’m a teen, so those of you who aren’t, not all of us are nasty Ichabbie shippers or whatever.

    • Jemjean says:

      Honey, I’m not a teen and you’ve written a very smart and respectful post. I think a lot of us here are only here because we, as you did, discovered what was going on under the surface. I went to a site, just as you have, to express how much I loved the show and the Katrina character and I was actually threatened. Then I twittered and found sites with specific goals (one to have the Katrina character removed) and another with a petition whining about Abbie deserving better. I’m not even sure what that is, but they actually sent it to the show runner.
      I’m sorry you dropped in on the drama. You sound like a very grounded, good kid. I wish everyone felt the way you do about the show. I certainly would like to see it continue as it has been as well. But I wouldn’t worry about ratings. I’m sure most of the viewers are not involved with the hater group and I’m even more sure that the writers/producers of the show already know that. The reason I post is because I’m a born fighter (Scottish) and I don’t care to be attacked for just giving my opinion.
      I hope you don’t let this group mar your enjoyment of the show. I know I won’t.

  36. Sandra says:

    Not long now. So glad to see it back.