Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Hookups, Mergers, Deaths and More in 2015

Vampire Diaries Spoilers

Still reeling from Thursday’s Vampire Diaries midseason finale? Well, don’t get too comfy, because it sounds like there’s more heartbreak on the way in 2015.

Executive producer Julie Plec — probably because this week’s episode was such a freaking downer — decided to brighten fans’ spirits Thursday night, tweeting 12 spoilers from the new year. Assuming she isn’t pulling our collective leg, here’s what we can expect when TVD returns Jan. 22:

1. Two of the Gemini witches, either Kai and Jo or Luke and Liv, will merge.

2. We’ll meet the real Sarah Salvatore. (Bye, Felicia Monique!)

3. Bonnie will return — changed! — to the present day.

4. Younger versions of Stefan and Caroline will be shown in flashbacks.

5. Caroline will experiment with “the functionality of vampire blood.” (Can Sheriff Forbes be saved?!)

Vampire Diaries Spoilers6. Enzo encounters a (new) lady friend.

7. Jeremy will apply to art school.

8. Matt will find his true calling in life.

Now, for the biggies…

9. More than one person will die — which is always a given, yet always stressful.

10. This one’s too good not to quote directly: “Stefan Salvatore fixes a friendship… and then some.”

11. Here’s another one I have to direct-quote: “Elena Gilbert gets a proposition that could change her life forever.”

12. Lastly, there will be a hookup, a breakup and a makeup — though not necessarily involving the same couple.

So, TVD fans… Which twins do you think will merge? Which current couple will call it quits? And is there any hope for Sheriff Forbes?! Drop a comment with your best guesses below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. love says:

    Lemme guess..hookup-caroline and stefan duhh…break up bonnie and Jeremy.(they really fit not)plus Jeremy applying to art school gave that away.. make up-damn delena obvs. I think kai/jo/liv could die..don’t care for any of those characters..who else think Damon and bonnie could hook up thus leading to the break up. .just a thought

    • aplwrites says:

      Tyler is a definite death candidate. He has done almost nothing. The decision to make him human with the wolf gene back to dormant.

      • Rook says:

        No its one of the witches who will die, because of the merging.

        • aplwrites says:

          The spoiler literally says more than one person dies. So one of the witches dying does not satisfy the quota.

          • Cate says:

            but it doesn’t rule it out. Just that they’re not the only ones.

            Unless they want to make Kai a thing moving forward, my guess is he dies in the merging, neatly tieing up that story line.
            (Alaric does not need anymore dead lovers. It’s getting kinda ridiculous.
            Also, I really like Jo. I want her to live. If they can’t keep her on, it would make sense for her to go back home and be the leader of her coven or something like that. And maybe finally changing that ridiculous rule.)

          • Cate says:

            given how many people currently on the show have died already, I don’t really care about spoilers about anybody dying anymore?

        • lorna says:

          Please let Liv die. What an awful actress. She is annoying.

      • Adrian Womack says:

        Tyler is not going to die most likely its Liz cause Tyler loves her and promise her he will protect her but you know what they all say promise is alway broken.

      • Bec says:

        Tyler should die for what he tried to do to Jo

    • Fx says:

      Yup, pretty much. Bye Vampire Borefest! You will be missed.

    • Hailey says:

      My Guess: Make up: Damon and Alaric (As friends)
      Breakup: Alaric and Jo, or Liv and Tyler
      Hook up: Jeremy and Bonnie, or Damon and Eleana , or possibly there’s the slightest chance of Enzo with Zach’s daughter

    • Kara says:

      I agree with your predictiond besides the Damon and Bonnie one. I would love it but it’s too soon. The rest is really obvious, the hookup is Steroline and makeup is Delena. The mythology is good this season but the awful couples keep making the show almost unwatchable.

      If the writers were really smart and really wanted the show to get its former groove and glory back they would make this proposition to Elena actually be the option to make her human again, a.k.a. when people liked her and when the show worked. Then she could go back to Stefan (a love story that I could buy and believe in, plus it never dragged the show dowb like Delena), Stefan and Caroline could be friends and Damon could be with Bonnie. But the writers are just bent on keep ruining the show with the Delena non sense.

      • sanya says:

        Really dude u like that boring human elena..?? She was dumb..and dull and BORING..! Delena is cheesy but way better..okay. and ewww Bonnie and Damon..a..NO..plzz dey r like BROTHER and SISTER..!! Steroline suits each other and yeah Jeremy needs 2 break up with bonnie..they DO NOT work out..!!

        • tiffany says:

          agreed! Delena is my favorite couple to date… she’s so innocent and he’s so messed up! I HATED human Elena… she makes a much better vampire. Steroline… meh… they’r e ok buh bye Bonnie and Jeremy!

          • JJ says:

            Ugh, I hate the idea of Bonnie and Damon.It would feel too forced and unnatural to me. I liked Stefan and Elena in season one but they are dead and buried and now I much prefer them as friends. I think Steroline has potential though. And its obvious that DE is endgame.

  2. Remy says:

    Since when does vampire blood not cure everything? Now we’re told it doesn’t cure cancer??? I call re-con!!!

    • I Heart Damon Salvatore says:

      Actually, it does kind of make sense that vampire blood can’t cure cancer. We haven’t seen it really cure a disease before, I don’t think (it’s been five years, my memory is muddled). Cancer isn’t a wound or a supernatural curse. Also, theoretically it’s possible the regenerative properties in vampire blood would only make the tumor grow more quickly than it already is.

      • Cora says:

        What was it that had been wrong with Megan? Wasn’t it a heart problem or something? I remember she had definitely been dying and then vampire blood did cure her permanantly.

        • Cate says:

          Maybe that’s the part where the experiments come in?
          She knows it has been done before (kinda), just not *how*.
          (I can see how in terms of supernatural cures, illness and traumatic injury or maybe something like poison are diffferent things. Especially if it’s about the body ‘growing’ ‘wrong’.)

      • rachi4ever says:

        Looks like you were spot-on with this idea! Did you see the promo for this week’s episode? The vampire blood sped up the guy’s cancer and he died… Wow- good call!

    • Nate says:

      Maybe it doesn’t cure anything permanent cause the blood always leaves your system after some time

    • Wordsmith says:

      So if you’re a vampire who died with cancer, does that mean the cancer keeps getting worse and worse forever?

      • I Heart Damon Salvatore says:

        I would assume no, because your body is technically dead. Like you don’t age, tumors won’t grow. Then again, hair and nails apparently grow so….now my head hurts.

    • Adrian Womack says:

      You really think blood can cure cancer.

      Cancer is a natural death getting shot is just something that accidental.

      • Destynn says:

        We’re not exactly being realistic in the first place, rotfllll its a show about vampires, as much as i love it, i still know better lololl

  3. Pedro says:

    since there are no couples right now apart from Tyler and Liv and Jo and Alaric, I don’t really care who breaks up.

  4. C says:

    Please kill off both sets of twins… couldnt care less about their storyline.

  5. larrouxgirl2 says:

    Let’s let Kai and Enzo kill each other. That would make me happy.

  6. sarah j says:

    Hook up:Stefan and Caroline, so not looking forward to that.
    Break up: Jo and Alaric because she dies OR Liv and Tyler because she dies
    Make up: Bonnie and Tyler

    I guess Sheriff Forbes will die as will Kai.

  7. I wish the hook up was Caroline and Enzo – love these two!

    • Dani says:

      Agreed and Enzo obviously digs her. And they had great chemistry in their road trip episodes. I also don’t get the Kai hate. He’s the most fun scary villain this show has ever had. He doesn’t cry over his parents every 2 seconds (sorry, I love Klaus but he’s a better protagonist than villain) and he’s not likely to get all mushy over Elena

    • Nik says:

      Yeah, that would be cool. Enzo and Caroline are fun to watch together whenever they share the screen. I’m on board with that!

  8. Babybop says:

    Am I the only one that wants Bonnie and Damon to hook up?

    • Kay says:

      No, your not really hope for a Damon/Bonnie hook up and Elena/Damon break-up for good…They are so boring together….Also Bonnie really needs to get rid of Jeremy I see no love there at all..

      • Guest says:

        For one, Bonnie would’ve mentioned Jeremy at least once during the 4 moths she spent with Damon. As it is, she’s just with him only to make Jeremy happy, there’s nothing in it for her.

    • murley says:

      Nope! I love them together, so dynamic to watch. Bonnie is probably way too loyal to do that to Elena but I still would love it.

    • coru says:

      shipping Bamon is like still shipping Stelena..never happening. The make up is likely to be Delena

    • I wish!! I know it will probably never happen, but one can dream.

    • zed says:

      You are not the only one! Bamon is hot!

    • Lauren says:

      Nope. They have such great chemistry and their relationship has progressed so interestingly over the seasons, it would be a damn shame if they didn’t explore those characters in a romantic context

    • JJ says:

      I doubt you’re the only one but I certainly don’t ship them and nor do many others. She’s Elena’s best friend and Damon’s love would be cheapened if he fell for Bonnie after everything he and Elena have been through. It would take a very long time and even then I can’t think of the circumstances that would lead Damon to fall out of love with Elena and fall for Bonnie. And I mean when he realized Elena was the one after he saw Katherine’s true colors, I understood. But Katherine then Elena then Bonnie? I just wouldn’t buy Bonnie being the one for him after him pining after Elena for 6 seasons.

  9. Maya says:

    Please be one of the characters who dies is Enzo. He is such a waste of space.

  10. Maya says:

    Please let Enzo be one of the deaths.

  11. Renete says:

    Hook up: Damon and Elena (I really want it, I love them :)
    Break up: Jeremy and Bonnie or Jo and Alarick
    Make up: Caroline and Stefan :)

  12. Amazcake says:

    Make up: Stefan and Caroline
    Break up: Either Tyler and Liv (because Liv dies) or Alaric and Joe (because Joe dies)
    Hookup: Elena and Damon obviously

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  14. Teyla says:

    Enzo will fall for Sarah Salvatore and a new love story will begin. ( I hope the TVD writers stop under utilizing Michael Malarkey and give him a good storyline)

    Kai and Jo will merge and Jo will loose, which results in Alaric being alone again.

    Caroline and Stefan will finally take their relationship to a new level.

    Damon will realize he has feelings for Bonnie and that feeling will go both ways. Bonnie and Jeremy will break up for good.

    Kai will fall for Elena and Elena will try to make him a better man. There will be a lot of judgement coming Kai’s way… and he will like it.

    I don’t get why Vampire Blood will not heal cancer…. I’m pretty sure Meredith Fell was using vampire blood to heal her terminally ill patients.

    • coru says:

      Elena and Kai hooking up..there’s a thought.

    • Jamie says:

      Kai and Elena? Yucky. Bonnie needs to come back changed for the worst and darker than ever considering her friends (save for Damon) seem to not careless that she’s stuck in a purgatory like world BECAUSE of them. Hook up with Kai and start causing a bit of havoc. Elena needs to be single because everything she touches turns to crap.

  15. Maryann says:

    I want to see:

    -Enzo and Kai dead
    -Kai die in the attempted merge
    -Bonnie’s return
    -Sheriff Forbes recovery
    -Jo and Alaric have a chance to be happy

  16. Josh says:

    Bonnie comes back but then dies saving Elena’s life. Elena, per usual, goes about her day after.

  17. Indie says:

    Hook up – Steroline Yawn or Enzo/Sarah Salvatore
    Break up – Ric/JO or Bonnie/Jer or Liv/Tyler
    Makeup – DELENA yay!

    I hope Liv & Luke merge and Liv dies

    Elena’s proposition – for her to be human again, seeing as Kai has the traveller’s magic, they might find a way to reverse the immortality, who knows

    • 221bsam says:

      I thought it might be for Elena to become human again too, I’m not sure they’d do that though do you think? where would that leave her & Damon? (will be together in the end) unless he was to become human again too?

    • Hailey says:

      Whenever I see that characters are dying later in the season, I always take that as my least favorite ones are and I am often disappointed greatly.

  18. Me says:

    I really don’t want Kai to die…It’s kind of awkward not to want the psychopath to die but he’s just so Klaus 2.0. I want him to stay and cause trouble :) Also, I find him quite cute secretly… But that’s a big secret ;-p
    Make up probably caroline + stefan (hope just as friends)
    Break up : uhhhm, who are together???
    Hook up: damon + elena (?) I hope anyway, they’re still awesome together :)

  19. Indie says:

    – Liz Forbes
    – The twins’ dad (i’m pretty sure Kai is going to skewer him)
    – Jo or Luke in the merge – even though i hope Luke survives and Liv dies.
    – Elena/Stefan/Damon (seeing as one of these three might not return next season)

    • Cora says:

      Do we have conformation that there will be a next season if one of the three quits? I keep worrying that we are halfway through what may end up being the last season. There is a lot of speculation that Nina is leaving which you would think would make both of the Salvators too damaged in a season 7 if Elena dies. I am desperate for the show to go on, even if they have to bring in another actress to play Elena.

  20. Jess says:


  21. 221bsam says:

    Can I just say, some of you are really smart, the whole episode I was thinking; why can’t Caroline just cure her Mum? but yes, you’re right, the vampire blood gets metabolised/absorbed by humans & so, of course disease wouldn’t be helped by it. Do we think Caroline will want to turn her Mum? that would be really harsh for her if her Mum decided rather to die too when her Dad wouldn’t complete his transition & chose death. I read somewhere that Caroline will turn off her humanity this season, I could see Sherriff Forbes’ death as the catalyst, I wonder if (no humanity) Caroline would hook up with Damon again, not that I want it, I love Delena but, if they’re determined to keep them apart, stranger things have happened in Mystic Falls. I’m so relieved to read today about Bonnie & Damon being a red herring (IGN) I didn’t see that being at all popular with the majority of fans plus, it made no sense! Damon has loved one woman in 173 years also; not exactly a nun ;) he’s hardly just going to get with Bonnie. Not to mention, Bonnie has listened to Damon talk about Elena for four months (his own admission) so if they “hookup” as you Americans like to put it, she’s going to know she’s just being used, I think Bonnie’s smarter then that, even traumatised Bonnie. I actually don’t mind this Delena story line, this to me feels like really falling in love, season 4 they found each other but was it a lot of lust & not much else? him telling her he’s listening & offering to cook her dinner, those are boyfriend qualities right there. Can we just mention how bloody evil the people who edited that promo are? talk about false optimism, I somehow knew it wasn’t going to be plain sailing, as much as I’d love a miseltoe kiss. What I do hope is, the rumours aren’t true & Ian & Nina don’t want to do romantic scenes together anymore, I know they split up a while ago & they are both professionals but, if she is feeling regrets, can you imagine how hard that would be to see him every day? I don’t care about their personal lives persé I just hate to think two people who seem to be as kind & awesome as the two of them are being miserable on set. Feeling trapped & hating your job sucks! I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

  22. Jessica says:

    Delena needs to end and Steroline needs to never happen.

  23. Me says:

    Honestly if you are not a fan of DE and then now Steroline that we are being force do you keep on watching the show!!!

      • Alice says:

        Seriously! I really couldn’t care less about who Elena dates. I mostly fast forward her scenes- and watch everyone else. But especially Bonnie because she’s awesome.

    • Dmac says:

      Because this show was always more than ships. It had action and friendship and it was thrilling. Now it is s complete soap opera. I still watch bevause I hope that the writers get a clue and realize the world doesn’t revolve around Delena and we get the old Diaries back.

  24. Guest says:

    we are owed a delena makeup & hook up. Thats all i want.

    • Kara says:

      The writers don’t owe you jacksht, be happy you got that pathetic rain kiss famserviced to you, because the backslash was so epic that julie plec had to make a statement about it. Dullena’s reign of fanservice is done.

  25. Kat says:

    I think this was said at the bottom, but it seems the only real way for Caroline’s blood to help her mom would be in turning her, either right before her cancer death or after an unnatural one. All usual human processes, like hunger, fatigue, heart, etc. stop w/death, so, so would cancer. It couldn’t grow without the other human processes. So, while, the blood won’t cure it, like blood heals injuries, she could transition and be done with it. But she won’t.

  26. Swarley says:

    Ok i’ve just about had it with this show. So, a raging witch-killer is on the loose and they just act like, ‘meh’. I expected them to join forces to find Kai and destroy him but instead they just go on with their lives like nothing close to a massacre will happen. What the hell is up with that? Seriously? I mean, i understand the tv formula to create enough build up for an episode and i have watched TVD since the start and noticed all kinds of lame ass excuse to pour drama-action-horror-romance in one episode but damn this really got me all flustered. Don’t get me wrong, i will stay up for upcoming episodes and finish the series but this episode just filled my ‘wtf-tvd-logic’ jar.

  27. zed says:

    I am so looking forward to Bonnie’s return! She is one great female character on this show and that is the only thing worth watching! Hook ups- break ups- no brainer- Delena will, unfortunately hook up, as will Steroline- and down the line I think Stefan will be killed off, hopefully for real- and that would be great – cos we might see Damon turning dark and cause havoc!! There should be a twist with the Gemini witches-

  28. christine says:

    I think the Kai and Jo story line has been one of the more compelling storylines. I like Jo and Alaric. Liv and her brother are “meh” and Tyler is pretty useless. I am glad to see the show veering away from the stefan/elena/damon triangle. Its a nice change of pace. I like Enzo, Caroline for the first time…..Bonnie.

  29. Adriana says:

    I hope Bonnie and Jeremy will have a very hot “i missed you” sex(yep…im a beremy fan)-make up
    Jo and alaric-break up
    Enzo and caroline-hook up

  30. Julie baguma says:

    Caroline and klaus. What about Taylor?

  31. Julie baguma says:

    Damon ending up with Elena? What about Stephan?

  32. Olivia Pope says:

    So boring, who care about the hook-ups? This show sucks in relationship, steroline, delena and beremy are just BORING!

  33. Omar says:

    “More than one person will die” really means “More than one person will die and the rest of the series will be about getting them back”

  34. astaples1 says:

    My thoughts:
    Jo and Alaric will officially hook-up causing Jo to become pregnant. Jo will no longer want to do the merge being pregnant and all. They will kill Kai. Liv will die in the merge and Tyler will kill Luke activating his werewolf gene again. Maybe that will lead to more exciting Tyler scenes. Stephen and Caroline will make up, but will probably remain friends considering the amount of people who are not for “Steroline.” If one of the three major characters were to die off, I feel like it would be Stephen. If Stephen died, Caroline would then turn off her humanity. Bonnie will come back a little off, break-up with Jeremy and realize she doesn’t need a man. She’ll join forces with Enzo and they’ll become the next hot couple. Maybe Enzo will turn Matt into a vampire after he has killed Stephen and he decides “Matt’s fate.” Probably nothing will happen with Damon and Elena. That’s an old story line. I feel like if Damon and Elena did hook-up it’d just be like “meh” that was not as good as I was expecting.

  35. Amy says:

    Lets see hookup caroline and stefan but hopefully Bonnie and Kai. make up damon and elena. . Merge Luke and Liv hopefully probable be luke who dies because he does not seem to have much of a part but i am fine with either. as long as Kai does not get killed of and i don’t mind jo . well Caroline’s mum will probable die and well one of the twins but maybe tyler..

  36. Destiny says:

    Stefen is so hot……………,………………………..

  37. elizabeth says:

    I think that damon and elena should break up because they are the worst cuple on the show that’s why i think elena should be with stafan . And i also think that bonnie should stay with jeremy . and damon should date no one .and caroline should date tyler

  38. Adrian Womack says:

    You’ll need to wait until the season starts in 2015.

  39. JJ says:

    Am I the only one who likes Jeremy and Bonnie?.. well okay, I like Jeremy. Really don’t like that he is pining for her, yet Bonnie hasn’t mentioned him but I still hope they end up together.

  40. Chance says:

    Obviously the Hookup won’t involve Luke, since Julie Plec makes her gay characters asexual.

  41. debbie says:

    Bonnie did nt mention jeremy @all, even wen she finally said it, she said I missed u guys, so no hook up 4 beremy and I could care less 4 others, Liv and tyler are so boring

  42. shereen s says:

    I’d be really happy if Steroline just happened. I don’t see why everyone is hating on them. Stefan practically lost his ex-girlfriend (Elena) to his older brother and who was there? Caroline. Yes, there were others but as Stefan said, Caroline was always there when he needed to cry meaning she was the only person he depended on to let his feeling out. If viewers are gonna get pissed over the fact the Stefan and Elena aren’t gonna get together or Klaus and Caroline are never gonna happen; news flash, we don’t always get what we want. I can’t confirm Steroline will be together but maybe if they got together, something else will bloom. The fact that people have set their mind on a show that is still on going, is purely sad and idiotic because as long the series continues for more seasons ahead, ANYTHING can happen to anyone.

  43. Cara says:

    Honestly, I love every character on this show. I mean even though some have got quite annoying and useless over time (Tyler, Jeremy, and Caroline) they all are still very important to the show. And the fact that all of this stuff keeps happening, and they completely overthink how to solve the problem just shows how desperate the writers are to keep the show going. I really hope they can save this show, and return it to its former glory. And why can’t everyone just move? Obviously, Mystic Falls is not a safe place, and they all want to be happy and together, right? So they should all just move!

  44. Dani says:

    I’m hoping for a Luke/Liv merge because Liv is so overly dramatic and boring I’d be fine with her death. Can he merge with Elana too so we can get rid of her?

  45. dawdaw harvey says:

    Im hoping g the make up will be stelena an hoping g Sheriff forbes survives an carolibe gets her happy ending an best of alll bon bon comes back is a highlight for me xxx

  46. Lis says:

    Liv and luke need to leave the show their purpose is irrelevant, I hope Kai just kills all his sibs then leaves the show.
    Hookup: Stefan and Caroline
    Makeup: Jeremy and Bonnie
    Breakup: Tyler and liv

  47. Jessi says:

    I think Kai and jo will merge.
    I think carolines mom is gonna die.
    and i think elena and damon will end

  48. Kara says:

    Yes! Delena and Steroline both suck, Delena is disgusting and abusive, Steroline makes me angry because it ruined their beautiful friendship.

  49. The make up is Stefan and Caroline will be only friends
    The break up will be Damon and Elena -Damon will realize that Elena does not love – but loves his brother
    The hook up will be Stefan and Elena renewing their love for one another – they are each their 1 true love and they are Soulmates.
    Jo will kill Kai and merge.

  50. Mason says:

    It would be rather interesting for the show to keep Luke as he’s the first proper gay character we get to see develop and so seeing him more embroiled into the group could be interesting, maybe with a more permanent love interest?

    However as for killing people off goes I really wish it would be Tyler, he has been dragged on for too long and he needs to go!