Blind Item: Which Series Is Plotting a Pregnancy Shocker in 2015?

A beloved series has lined up its first major 2015 guest star: The Stork!

Sources confirm to TVLine exclusively that an established program that is covered voraciously on this very site is planning to impregnate its leading lady (the character, not the actress!) early in the new year — and it’s safe to say no one will see the baby twist coming.

The pregnancy — the timing of which defies almost every television convention — has the potential to dramatically alter the DNA of the series. (And this is not a show on its last legs; this baby, and the subsequent implications, will likely be around for a good while). It also comes as the relationship between the mother and father is hardly on solid ground.

Fans of the couple will likely have a mixed reaction, with some complaining it’s way too soon for such a development, and others cheering the inevitable next step — marriage.

Bonus clues: The series in question airs on one of the Big 5 broadcast networks (i.e. not cable), and it has been around for more than two but fewer than six seasons.

Bonus clues (posted 1/13): New Girl‘s Jess and all ABC shows have been ruled out.

UPDATED Feb. 24: The answer, here!

Please deliver your best, most educated guesses to the comments section. 

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Devon says:

    No idea but this will be good..

  2. Erin says:

    Mindy Project

    • meo says:

      That’s exactly what I was thinking

      • Dina says:

        Me too…but I hope not. :)

        • Erin says:

          Oh, I look forward to a pregnant Mindy Lahiri!

          • Josh says:

            Considering the show is always on the brink of cancelation, I count that as last legs, right? I mean, last legs to me means it might be over soon….Or does he mean quality?

          • S. says:

            The odds are high that The Mindy Project will at least get a 4th season because once you do 3, they have incentive to get you to enough episodes for syndication. They also have a deceptive rating in that they’re doing well in a demo (I think it’s affluent viewers and/or 25-34 women) that is hard to get. One that advertisers like. Hopefully that’s still going well, but they’re not on the brink of cancellation per se. Besides, they got another 6 eps to 21 for the season so far. I’d assumed this was for a drama for some reason, but TMP would actually qualify. Mindy’s playing with rom com convention (sometimes leaning into it and sometimes doing the opposite of what’s expected) so I could see them doing this. Right now Mindy Lahiri wants marriage. I wonder if she might get pregnant, then Danny tries to do the right thing, even though he’s nervous about that step, because he loves her and wants this family. Dr. L might then get a bit resistant to it and make him wait til he wants to get married for the right reasons. It may turn out to definitely not be TMP, but if it were I could see them making it work with flying colors.

          • @Josh…The show isn’t actually on its last legs. The full order all but guarantees a fourth season. Syndication demands it and 90+ percent of shows renewed for a full third season(that also have a running tally of 60+ episodes through 3 seasons) receive a fourth.

    • C says:

      This site doesnt cover that show very much

    • ZisforZombie says:

      Yup – agree. I just read that Danny’s dad will be back in an episode where Mindy announces some big news. Kinda fits perfectly.

    • Eva says:

      Are Mindy and Danny “hardly on solid ground”, though? They might be long distance for the near future and not yet engaged, but they’re rather solid.

      • nathybozo says:

        I do think it’s them and I think the part about them not being solid it’s just to add up tension??? Like we could imagine any couple that isn’t together RIGHT now? Idk, Mindy Kaling said something about a huge thing coming up and I personally think this is it. it’d be an interesting plotline imo. I’m excited, sooooo excited.
        And yes, I think TvLine does cover TMP pretty well.

    • Veronica says:

      I was thinking Mindy too. The show mentioned Mindy being careless about her birth control pills (even though she’s an Ob/Gyn) late last season. But is TMP a “beloved” show, “hardly on its last legs?” It’s beloved to ME, and I wish it would last forever, but I don’t think that’s a given.

      • Allee says:

        Conventional wisdom (and this site) speculates TMP will have a 4th season as it’s had a full 3rd. Syndication. Could be her.

        • Zandra says:

          “Hardly on it’s last legs” implies it will be around for more than one, possibly shortened, and likely final season.

          • Allee says:

            If it gets a 4th for syndication purposes, it would have to be a full 4th. Big Bang Theory aside, how many shows are really guaranteed more than one more season?

    • Nick says:

      Just what I was thinking

    • Kathryn says:

      That’s what I was thinking too. Either that, or The New Girl.

  3. Amber says:

    Once Upon a Time!

  4. amanda says:


  5. K says:

    Rayna James ladies and gentlemen and the baby daddy… Luke Wheeler!

  6. NC says:


  7. Jennifer says:

    So everybody IT IS NOT BONES. and I guess not NCIS either.

    Could it be Castle?

    • Not Castle. Castle is on season 7, and Castle and Beckett are already married and not on shaky ground as a couple.

    • lemonlime623 says:

      They’re already married, the item said they’re not on solid ground and with the baby they’ll think of marriage.

    • Pam says:

      Not Castle. They are in season 7 right now.

    • vili says:

      Castle is in Season 7 and they have already married

    • G. says:

      Castle is DEFINITELY on its last legs.

      • Katherine Houghton says:

        LLOL, how true. But with this show you never know – did Beckett marry the REAL Rick Castle or a 3XK doppelganger? First season was only a half of a season, so . . . I wouldn’t put anything past these writers!

        • N says:

          Good thought! Maybe he’s NOT the real Rick! I love it!

        • dorid says:

          Come on guys. Castle is not Grimm!

          • Briggs says:

            The only reason this rumor gets any traction is because Rick is supposedly so ‘different’ this season. And he is… if you don’t take into account that even Rick can have some character growth. /rant
            it’s not Castle, anyway, since they’re in their seventh season and Kate’s already married. The clues clearly state the show is between it’s second and sixth seasons, and the pregnancy might push them into the next logical step, marriage. Unfortunately, that doesn’t apply here. Knowing Castle as I do, we won’t get a pregnant Kate until next season, and the perp (who turns out to be innocent) is the one who delivers the baby. A close second is Castle’s dad delivering his own grandchild, but that’s a stretch, even for this show.

    • Shannon says:

      Not Castle….Kate and Rick are already married and the series is in its 7th season.

    • J.B. says:

      LOL it’s obviously not Bones especially since they already announced they are writing Emily’s real life pregnancy into the show.

    • Julia says:

      Bones already confirmed that Brennan will be pregnant in the show again. Castle is already married too so a baby wouldn’t push them into marriage.

    • Delirious says:

      Castle was my first thought when reading the title and the article, until I saw the “Fans of the couple will likely have a mixed reaction, with some complaining it’s way too soon for such a development, and others cheering the inevitable NEXT step — marriage.” part, as Caskett are already married. And since it mentions the leading lady, I’d discard all other chars.

      I’d think it’s Good Wife, Scandal, or Nashville. Because I don’t see Revenge going there.

  8. Betty says:

    The Good Wife? Nashville?

  9. My guess is Once Upon a Time (either Hook and Emma or Robin and Regina) or The Mindy Project!

    • Christy says:

      I can’t even begin to guess if you’re right but I would love the writers endlessly if it were Regina and Robin.

    • C says:

      Once Upon a Time just did a baby last season.. cant see them repeating themselves

      • Meghan says:

        OUAT is essentially a soap with fairytale characters. We didn’t have an UNEXPECTED pregnancy, yet. It would fit, and I could see them doing it “shortly” after a pregnancy storyline. (especially since that one wasn’t exactly planned by the writers)

      • Cant PlayNice says:

        Why not? They repeat themselves all the time. The curse is coming:( The curse is defeated:) Regina and/or Rumple are good :) Regina and/or Rumple are evil :( And so on.

    • Moxie Sue says:

      Regina and Robin are a good guess, considering how many times they’ve hooked up lately.

      • sofia says:

        That was my first thought too. And although I want them to have their baby girl, I think that it’s still too early in their relationship for a pregnancy.

      • Ashley says:

        But Lana isn’t “the” leading lady. The article is heavily hinting it’s THE lead, not just a lead. Jennifer Morrison is the lead. I don’t see them doing a Captain Swan baby so soon. It would be interesting (I’m a big CS fan), but I wonder if they’re bold enough to do it? I’ll be surprised if it is.
        I have to guess New Girl (Jess, not CeCe, she’s a regular but not the lead) or OUAT on a long shot (Emma, not Regina, as she’s the main lead).`

        • Ashley says:

          Or Scandal. That’s the only other show that fits, although with all the crazy stuff happening on that show I don’t really think it’s that surprising.

        • Brittany says:

          JMo, Lana, Bobby, Ginny & Josh are pretty equal in the lead category so I wouldn’t count out Regina. I just don’t see the Savior being pregnant as the show’s next step, and they made a pretty big show out of outlaw queen having vault sex. OQ is also on more shaky ground than CS after the mid season finale IMO

    • Julie says:

      Emma and Hook haven’t even had sex yet right?

      • Ashley says:

        Nope, and they’ll at least heavily imply it and show the morning after like they did with Regina and Robin, so doubt it’s OUAT.

  10. Anna says:

    Well from the fact that its a leading lady, its a major show, and its been around for more than two seasons but less than six, I can only guess Scandal? I’m kinda hoping not though…Shonda is smarter than that.

    • deenabraun says:

      Shonda is smarter than that? All she writes is crappy soap opera so I wouldn’t be surprised–but very disappointed.

  11. Maddie Mae says:

    As much as I hate guessing this, I’m gonna guess Once Upon a Time….

  12. Chris says:

    Emma & Hook on OUAT?

  13. Claire says:

    I’m going to guess Scandal.

  14. Luis says:

    Sure, I’ll toss a line in the lake – “Once Upon a Time -” Emma and Hook!

  15. Noel says:

    Dawson and Casey on Chicago Fire.

  16. tommy c says:

    Olivia and fitz in Scandal ?

  17. Merina says:

    this to me is screaming Arrow

    • Christy says:

      Who would it be on Arrow?

      • Seriously … who would have sex with Laurel?

      • B says:

        Maybe Ollie knocks up Felicity?

        • S. says:

          I thought so too, but two problems–Is CW considered one of the big five (to me it is, but maybe not to others) and Ollie and Felicity have barely kissed at all, so at what point would they have slept together? Unless she, in her grief over Oliver, Felicity sleeps with Ray and has his kid? At which point I stop watching because no freaking way. Or Roy, maybe, which I still would not like but I would try to deal with. Try, being the operative word.

        • mrklee says:

          Maybe Roy & Thea

        • Stop says:

          They’ve never had sex and Oliver is now “dead” and will likely be MIA for the next three episodes so I don’t see how that’s gonna work.

      • B says:

        My first thought was Arrow, but I don’t think it fits…not that that means they would never go there. It would be an awful lot to bring up a pregnancy when we already have the “Oliver doesn’t know he has a kid” drama and Diggle’s baby Sarah in the same season.

        • Mo says:

          “Defying conventions” … it would certainly be unusual to have all that AND add in another pregnancy at this point in the season.

        • Sean says:

          Also it said alter the DNA which I found as an odd saying instead of just change the dynamics or something and Arrow was talking about DNA in the most recent episode

          • Kate says:

            And the blind item did say that the “relationship between the mother and father is hardly on solid ground”. That could be a cryptic way to describe Oliver’s “tumble” from the cliff.

          • kath says:

            @Kate”the “relationship between the mother and father is hardly on solid ground”. That could be a cryptic way to describe Oliver’s “tumble” from the cliff.”
            Nice one. DNA and ‘not on solid ground’. But could Felicity get pregnant that quickly, since all they’ve done so far is one kiss?

          • Briggs says:

            It *could* have been something that’s covered in a flashback (hence fan complaints, not to mention those that want Oliver with Laurel being upset), but I seriously doubt this is what’s happening. They *did* say that it would be unexpected, that we wouldn’t expect them to go there. And it would make for an interesting conversation with the mother of Oliver’s first child, given that he’s missing for both their pregnancies, for different reasons. But I don’t think that’s part of the plan, even if she and Thea are supposed to have a lot of scenes together in the back half of the season. I’m more thinking Thea finds out how good Felicity really is at her job, and enlists her to find Oliver. But I don’t see it being because Felicity is Oliver’s babymomma.

          • kath says:

            Felicity told Ray that Oliver regrets kissing her and she was stunned when Oliver said he loved her so it’s doubtful that there was anything more physical between them much less baby-making flashbacks.
            I was thinking that the Felicity/Thea scenes could be Felicity getting angry at Thea for trusting Malcolm which made this whole mess in the first place. Guggenheim did say that Felicity would not be looking for Oliver. In terms of looking for Oliver, Thea would be more likely to go to Malcolm (who probably told her Oliver was dead) or to the police.

          • Briggs says:

            When did Felicity ever talk to Ray about kissing Oliver, let alone her thinking he regretted it? Last I saw, the only kiss she’s talked about him with is the one they shared at the end of the Cupid ep. A better question is when has she talked about Oliver to Ray in any way that didn’t involve the company?
            And I want to know where you got the info that Felicity isn’t looking for Oliver. I don’t need a link, but a mention of where the information might be would be helpful, as I’ve yet to find it on Google.
            And I never said I wanted that to happen, but that I doubted it would. Twice.

          • kath says:

            At Verdant, Felicity assumed that Ray was regretting kissing her. Ray said no, and that he couldn’t imagine any man regretting kissing her and Felicity replied that she could think of one. Someone asked Marc Guggenheim if she was referring to Oliver and he replied ‘yes’.
            Another person asked Guggenheim if Felicity will be looking for Oliver when he’s gone and he replied “No, because she knows where he is and where he isn’t”.
            If you go to Marc Guggenheim’s twitter account in the replies section, they’re both there.

          • Briggs says:

            Which post-finale tweet? He’s prolific.

    • maf23 says:

      is Laurel considered a leading lady?

      • B says:

        Not by any of the fans, LOL.

      • C says:

        Laurel is gonna start being Black Canary.. i cant see them interrupting that with a pregnancy storyline.

      • Ashley says:

        Her name is further up in the credits only because they haven’t changed it, but she only has a 19/20 ep. order per season out of 23 eps, while Emily’s in every episode. Emily’s the female lead.

        • Stacy says:

          Ha! This cracks me up. The writers/creators are so insistent on their belief in the Laurel character, but the majority of fans clearly favor Felicity. And the numbers tell the truth, I guess.

          • S. says:

            They kind of have to be, because of the comic book origin where Laurel and Oliver do end up together. They have a lot of leeway, yes, but they can’t go completely off-book.

          • Briggs says:

            And they haven’t. They were exes before the new 52, as well. They just happened to have been ex-spouses.

          • JC1 says:

            They don’t “end up together”, more like sometimes they’re together and sometimes they’re not. And seeing as how in the new Green Arrow comics they’ve brought Diggle in and reintroduced Felicity, and Dinah Laurel Lance doesn’t exist, I’d say it depends on what version of the book you’re talking about.

        • tamara says:

          Katie aka Laurel is the female lead. Unlike felicity, Laurel is given arcs outside of the male lead. She is second in the credits for a reason.

          Emily Stans are obsessed with trying to make her the lead. She’s not

          • Briggs says:

            If we’re really calling Laurel the leading lady, then it’s *definitely* not Arrow we’re talking about when it comes to this spoiler.
            Now, if we’re going by screen time… it would actually be very easy to think Emily is the leading lady. After all, a lot of her scenes are with the leading male, or related to his role as the vigilante (though she’s had plenty of time with Ray, too), so thinking she’s the leading lady is an easy mistake to make, given how much time Laurel has (not) been getting.
            And had things gone according to plan, Laurel actually *would* be partially defined by her relationship with Oliver, so it’s not like she’d escape that ‘problem’. This *is* the CW, and if the CW does anything well, it’s romantic drama. That being the case, it’s not terribly surprising that *one* of the ladies on the show is having romantic issues with the male lead. The actress not having top billing is really beside the point.
            If we’re going by screen time alone, no, Laurel is not the female lead. So, technically, both women are still in the running. Or would be, if Oliver were intimate with either of them. Which he hasn’t been. So, Arrow is still very much disqualified in this spoiler.
            Unless, of course, Laurel slept with Ted Grant off-screen…

          • S. says:

            Felicity is a lead also, as her arc with Stalker Ray has nothing to do with Oliver as it gets more screen time than Laurel’s training.

          • Hmm says:

            In reply to S, Felicity’s “arc” with “Stalker Ray” would qualify her as being relegated to prop male characters. Aside from seeing her mother and ex boyfriend enter the picture, she is solely tied to Team Arrow, outside of which she has no real story. Roy had the Mirakuru stuff, Diggle has the Suicide Squad/his wife and child, Laurel had her alcoholism/has the Black Canary, Thea has the Malcolm stuff. I haven’t seen Felicity do much more than be a supporting factor in Team Arrow and utilized as a romantic pawn in not one, not two, but THREE men’s lives (if we’re counting Barry/The Flash).
            To that point, I don’t think Arrow HAS a leading lady. I see Oliver as the leading man. But neither Laurel nor Felicity seem to be a “leading lady.” However, if I were going to have to choose, I’d consider Laurel leading over Felicity for the reasons stated above.

          • kath says:

            Unlike Diggle who appears to have no job and Roy who works for Thea, Felicity actually has a very good job outside of Team Arrow as a vice president of QC/PT. She’s also the character the producers use to get viewers to like a new character they are considering for a spin-off i.e. Barry Allen and Ray Palmer.

            Arrow only has one real leading character, Oliver, but in terms of screen and storytime, Felicity is the lead female character. Thea’s barely had any screen time this season and what she’s had has been as a pawn in Malcolm’s war on Oliver, and after 2 1/2 seasons they still haven’t figured out how to integrate Laurel into the ‘A’ plot which is why they keep giving her outside ones.

          • Briggs says:

            I think Ray can hold himself up quite well. He’s there, in part, to give Felicity that other storyline, seeing as she does still need a job. if anything, he’s her prop, not her his. And even with that, he’s still not in all the eps, seeing as he wasn’t there with Cisco and Caitlin came in to ‘request’ a tour of the Arrow Cave.
            And again, it would be far easier to buy Laurel as BC if she’d had as much screen time as Felicity in these last two seasons. And if you want to get really technical, her storylines are tied to men, too. She started drinking and abusing drugs after losing Tommy. A lot of her anger and wrath was attached to Oliver/Arrow (depending on which ID was annoying her more at the time). Lots of great scenes with her dad, who acts as her reality check these days.
            Let’s be fair. This is the CW. Women having storylines that don’t involve men just doesn’t happen. Though that may have more to with the fact that show really only has three regular female chars to the five males than anything else.

        • Caio says:

          No she’s not. Like it or not, Laurel has more screentime when she’s not just someone’s sidekicks, she constantly gets her own storylines, etc… I love Felicity, but she’s little more than a sidekick, potential romance to Oliver.

          • Briggs says:

            Oliver called her his partner. Roy’s the sidekick. Felicity even managed to save herself and her mother during an ep *that was mostly about her*. Her interaction with her mother only involved Oliver when he met the woman. And her time with Ray doesn’t have to do with Oliver (unless you count making him jealous). And she’s had more onscreen time with Roy and Diggle when Oliver was nowhere near the Arrow Cave. I’d argue she has as much to do, away from Oliver, as Laurel does. Not only that, but she went to Central City to see Barry, by herself. She’s not just some prop/tech guru/romantic interest. She’s a whole person, with or without Oliver.

          • I doubt it is Olivia Pope because when Kerry Washington was carried her child that the writer would have make Olivia Pope expected her love child and the running joke who is the father?

    • Rich Abey says:

      Only problem: Does Arrow have a leading lady? Nope. Oliver is the only lead character & the rest are all supporting characters.

    • Luis says:

      Has anyone in Starling City had sex this season?

  18. Sarah says:

    I’m calling Dawson on Chicago Fire

  19. Monica says:

    the mindy project

  20. Reno Botelho says:

    Regina (aka the Evil Queen) on Once Upon a Time? Pregnant with Robin Hood’s baby!?!

  21. She says:

    The good wife?!

  22. Edward says:

    I guess Felicty on Arrow

    • kath says:

      But Felicity isn’t in a relationship with either Oliver or Ray. The last time she slept with a guy was 5 years ago.

    • Rich Abey says:

      Felicity isn’t a leading character on Arrow. She is a supporting character along with Laurel, Diggle, Roy, Lance, etc.

      • kath says:

        So there’s no leading lady on Arrow? That puts the show out of contention.

        • Briggs says:

          It really depends on whether you go with who gets higher billing, or who gets more airtime. The real reason it’s a moot point is that Oliver hasn’t been sleeping with anyone this season (or since the mistake that was Isabel, even), so that kinda disqualifies the show right there.

          • Toni-ann says:

            Unless he comes back and him and Felicity get right to the good stuff since they said the revelation would be early in the year…

  23. Jared says:

    Once Upon a Time?

  24. allison says:

    Rayna and Luke on Nashville?

  25. sarah says:

    Greys Anatomy

  26. John Derrick says:

    I think there will be a baby in “The Big Bang Theory”. My congrats to the Wallowitch Family. Just a guesd

  27. Jill says:

    Mindy project?

  28. tw says:

    Please please tell me it is NOT Olivia Pope.

  29. Fitz finally got Liv pregnant on “Scandal.”

  30. Kay L says:

    Sounds like the Mindy Project to me!

  31. Lynne Brown says:


  32. Lisa Johnson says:

    Probably How to Get Away with Murder.

    • Nona says:

      Could be Felicity pregnant? Thea Pregnatn or Laurel???? Ohh I hate speculations hehe

    • Luis says:

      Have you seen ANYONE on that show have sex this season? They’re all far too busy brooding.

      • kath says:

        Diggle and Lyla? But they just had a baby.

        LOL that everyone else is too busy brooding (Oliver, Thea, Ray) or being rejected (Felicity, Roy).

        Wait….. it could be Laurel and Ted Grant! That would be one way to keep her from putting on the Black Canary costume.

        • Briggs says:

          LOL That would be presuming they were sleeping together. Unless, over the next few weeks (since they may jump ahead), they start dating as well as training, then it’s possible. Even then, doens’t quite fit the narrative they’re setting up.

  33. cynthia says:

    Regina and Robin on OUAT

  34. Mari Johnson says:


  35. Hawaii five-0
    Danno and Steve are having baby! I knew it!

  36. Ruth says:

    I’m gonna go w/ Robin & Regina on Once Upon a Time…Emma and Hook are a possibility, but they seem pretty solid right now…so R&R.

  37. Gwen says:


  38. vili says:

    Maybe Hart of Dixie?

    • B says:

      I think they already announced that Rachel Bilson’s pregnancy was being written into the show. But maybe the how and who of it happening would be the surprise?

      • A-C says:

        But they say the show isn’t on its last legs and Hart Of Dixie’s time seems counted. They said the baby and the consequences of it will be around for a while, so I’m assuming it means the show isn’t in any danger to be cancelled

    • brandydanforth81 says:

      That’s exactly my though
      1.tvline it
      2.its in season four so that fits
      3.Rachels pregnant in rEal life and they are goNna write it inl
      It hasn’t been announced as a final season so it’s not on it’s last kegs
      Wade & Zoe aren’t on solid ground
      Zade would just be getting back together so for some it’d be too soon by put for Zade shippers they’d be thrilled

    • Jason says:

      I don’t think it would be a big enough shock considering Rachel Bilson is already pregnant. Also, Dixie is pretty much always on shaky ground.

  39. And says:

    Scandal! Without a doubt Scandal. For a second I thought maybe The Good Wife, but I feel like it’s on it’s last legs! My money is on Scandal!

  40. S. Sore says:

    Regina on OUAT and I called it after the morning scene in the hllway

  41. Amanda Smith says:

    I immediately thought The Good Wife and I don’t even watch that show!!

  42. TJ says:

    Once Upon A Time – Robin & Regina

    • Leonie1988 says:

      Regina probably has an anti-pregnancy charm on her. She is not a woman to take any chances. And she is sleeping with a married man…

      • Brittany says:

        1. true love can break any curse. it’s a repeating theme they love to remind us of
        2. marriage vows say till death do us part. Marian was dead in their timeline and brought back from the past to a husband who had moved on. kind of a unique situation, which is probably why Marian agreed to step aside