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Revenge EP Defends [Spoiler]'s Death, Previews Emily and Victoria's New War

Revenge Daniel Death

Sunday’s highly anticipated Revenge death may have been a shock to viewers, but executive producer Sunil Nayar tells TVLine the plans were set in motion before Season 4 even began — and that the victim was excited to take one for the team.

“Josh [Bowman] and I spoke at the beginning of the season about the journey we wanted to take Daniel on,” Nayar explains. “He and I were on the same page, wanting to take a big swing at the end of our winter finale, and wanting to see if we could do it in a redemptive way; that moment between [Emily and Daniel] was so beautiful at the end. It was also a way for us to keep shifting what the show is about so we never get complacent and the audience never knows what’s coming next.”

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Speaking of what’s coming next, read on for our full interview with Nayar, who previews the impact of Daniel’s death, the rise of Malcolm Black and the new reason Emily and Victoria will find themselves at each other’s throats.

TVLINE | That final conversation between Emily and Daniel was so intense. How do you feel about the way you ended things between them?
That moment was so touching and beautiful, the idea of him dying doing something extremely noble. He finally understood what it means to be a responsible human being by the end. It’s a huge loss for the show, but we wanted to take the audience on a new journey with Daniel and Emily this season. Fans were even really talking about them getting back together again, which I took as a real credit to the way we told this story and the way [Emily VanCamp and Josh Bowman] acted those scenes.

Season 4, Episode 1

TVLINE | Now that her brother is dead, will we see or hear from Charlotte?
We’re going to track the idea that Charlotte’s up in rehab, and we certainly talk about how she might play into the show as we approach the end of the season. We don’t have any definitive plans yet, but she’s always on our minds.

TVLINE | Victoria, I imagine, must feel pretty guilty for setting her son’s death in motion.
Well, she did and she didn’t. That becomes a vital debate between Emily and Victoria going forward: Who’s to blame for what happened to Daniel? One of the things we wanted was for everyone to have a small hand in what could happen. Emily was going to get Kate back to the house regardless, but Victoria did get the wheels in motion. And David, obviously, is the one who brought this threat to town in the first place. Our whole world is to blame for what happened to Daniel.

TVLINE | What about David? Is he still going to try to kill Victoria in 2015?
He definitely has unfinished business there. Daniel’s death obviously derailed what he was planning on doing to Victoria, but these episodes we have coming up in January are fabulous. We’ll strive to answer that question, and I think the answer will surprise the audience in many ways.

RevengeTVLINE | I assume Malcolm Black won’t be too thrilled about what happened to Kate.
[Laughs] I think that’s a very good way of putting it. Malcolm’s not going to be thrilled, if and when he learns that his daughter is dead. When we come back, it’s basically a direct pickup.

TVLINE | Should I be worried about Jack, since he’s the one who shot Kate?
Absolutely, and also emotionally. Jack had to do something he never thought he’d have to do to someone he got completely duped by. He’s in a new headspace, and you’ll see Jack dealing with the trauma of having done that, but also finding new strength in his ability to help control a situation.

TVLINE | And then there’s Margaux, who’s now carrying the last hope for the Grayson line. What pressure will that put on her, and what danger will it put her in?
You’re going to see a very different Margaux going forward. It’s not going to sit well with her that Daniel died in Grayson Manor in an attempt to help Emily — but her rage and sorrow are not beneficial to her carrying a child.

Season 4, Episode 10

TVLINE | I’m also loving the unholy alliance between Nolan and Louise. Where’s that headed?
It’s headed to such great places. The two of them are fabulous together, and we’ll soon be meeting her brother, who’s also amazing. You’ll see a friendship growing; the audience is going to love it, and the two of them together are just wonderful.

TVLINE | For many fans, this has been an Emily-Daniel or Emily-Jack show. With Daniel gone, will Emily gravitate more towards Jack?
Definitely, though sadly it’s because they’re bonding over death and grief. What’s also nice is that you’ll see Ben step up and take a bigger role, which will make for an interesting dynamic between partners Ben and Jack. Ben’s someone who’s new to all of this; he doesn’t have the baggage and history that Jack has with Emily, so there’s a kind of newness that I think will really appeal to her.

TVLINE | My ears perked up when Ben mentioned his ex-wife. Is she coming into the picture?
You’re very perceptive. We’re certainly talking about the ex-wife character, and we have lots of good ideas for her.

TVLINE | Lastly, you seem to be pulling out all the stops lately. Are you consciously using this season as a chance to do all the things you’ve wanted to for so long?
Yeah, we really are. There have always been talks [of a final season], and the network has been so wonderfully supportive, … There’s definitely the fear of when you make things real — like Victoria knowing that Emily is Amanda Clarke — it’s like, “Well, where do we go from here?” But to the credit of our writing staff, any corner we paint ourselves into is exciting for us because we always figure out how to get out of it. To say we’re approaching this as the last season would be wrong, but we’re not scared to make choices that will make people ask “Where is this going?”

Revenge-rs, do you feel a little better about Daniel’s death after hearing how it fits into the larger story? Drop a comment with your thoughts on the late Mr. Grayson below.

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  1. Tim says:

    I actually cried! A first for me and a Revenge episode.

    • me too! the last 2 minutes of the episode were so intense, like putting a whole episode in just 2 minutes, great work and also proof this show still has so much to offer, as ridiculously revengefully funny as it is. looking forward to what happens next.

  2. S. says:

    Well, basically, he admits they do it for shock value. I don’t really feel the death of Daniel will have that much of an impact on any of the remaining characters. Victoria has already lost so much and suffered a lot; Emily as well, of course. If this show gets another season, I’ll lose faith in TV forever.

    • SALLY BARTOE says:


    • Sandra says:

      You are aware that he was going to be a father right? Thats a big impact on the mother of the child who will truly be impacted. In addition to Daniels mother she will either seek revenge on Emily for him trying to save her of all people or she will team up with Emily to seek revenge together. It can go many ways.

  3. Netty says:

    YES! & one of those fans hoping for a DEMILY reunion was me! Someone should really set up a hotline to help fans deal with TV deaths. This sucks!
    The only redeeming quality at this point for Revenge is Malcom Black. I think he is going to bring a much needed reboot. Victoria and Emily at each other’s throats yet again, what’s new?
    I don’t like Louise & Nolan bonding, I feel the writers just don’t know what to do with Nolan’s character anymore. A romantic arc is always a safe bet and a much needed storyline in the show.

    • DL says:

      The showrunner said “friendship.” I know a lot of people have been clamoring that they can’t stand the idea of a Nolan/Louise romance, and the thought never even crossed my mind until people mentioned it. I really think we’ll see some fabulous plotting as BFFs, but no more than that.

    • jkt says:

      I am sorry to see Daniel go, and I was ready for he and Emily to get back together. (I was never a fan of the relationship he had with Margaux.) I think they should have shot her instead. This would have given Ems and Daniel a reason to come together as a team and seek revenge (of course, during this time, they would realize how much they still love each other). They could have kept her alive in the hospital until the baby was full-term (this is a nighttime soap about the uber rich, so in that world, it would be possible). By the end of the season, she would be delivering and then dying, Daniel and Ems would be ready to remarry and they would finally have the life they deserve and a child to raise. Of course, at some point they could kill off Charlotte. I am a little tired of her. And Victoria deserves to be locked up to suffer. I think death is too easy for her. Louise and Nolan are good together. I didn’t like her at first and her obsession with Daniel was stupid, but there is chemistry there and I think I would like for her to stick around. She seems to be a good match for him. She is a bit pyscho, but so is Emily and that relationship always worked. He is a caretaker and I think he can handle Louise.

      Of course, my little storyline can never happen as Daniel is gone, but if I were a writer, I would have done something like this. Let toast to the completion of this season and hopefully a new season for 2015-2016. I think at least another full season would be needed for the show to be truly complete.

      P.S. I don’t like Ben. He annoys me both as a cop and a love interest for Emily.

  4. pamela says:

    honestly i stopped watching this show every week at the end of last season unless the promo for the weeks episode seemed good, i just read the recaps to catch up. now with daniel gone i’m just going to read the recaps now. big mistake and loss for the show.

  5. Babygate says:

    I’m not sure there’s a need to defend anything. Josh said he wanted out and that he was pitching Daniel’s death since last year. And he was right. Daniel was the most uninteresting and inconsistent character on the show. One moment he’s good the other bad. One moment he’s strong the next he’s weak. And that moment between him and Emily was weak, IMO. She didn’t cry much and his acting was really subpar. At that moment I kind of chuckled because of how awkwardly it played out.

  6. Davey says:

    I want Emily to wind up with Nolan at the end. Nolan needs to get away from Crazy Louise fast.

    • kiwirevengefan says:

      Agree. Nolan and Emily should sail off in a super yacht as BFF and go to that villa in Italy (or somewhere) that Aiden gave Emily the key to. They can throw great parties and live happily ever after.

  7. I understand why they did it for story reasons, but I’m disappointed they killed of Daniel. His scenes with Emily this season were pretty much the highlight. On the other hand, Jack is completely dead weight as a character. Obviously killing Daniel has much higher stakes storywise, but I’m still sad that Daniel is gone and Jack is still breathing.

  8. Liza says:

    I love revenge for all the action and lies, but i also love to watch a tvshow for a good love story, i don’t see good chemistry between jack and emily, so i’m very sad that they killed daniel off, don’t know for what i have to keep watching the show now

  9. Whatevah says:

    One of the reasons I started watching Revenge again was because Charlotte was gone! Please don’t ruin my happy place.

  10. Timmah says:

    I stopped watching this show in the 2nd season when it went from being one of the best shows on TV to a second-rate soap opera. Is it worth picking up again?

  11. Michele says:

    I don’t like Louise at all and wish she had never been introduced to the show. Like someone else mentioned, Daniels death does nothing for me, at all. I wish Emily/Amanda would hook up with Jack. They had the best chemistry of all the characters.

    • kiwirevengefan says:

      You have got to be joking right? Emily and Jack have no chemistry at all. One kiss in season one. Nothing since. Since Aiden has died Jack has teamed up with Margeaux and then the FBI agent. So he is really breaking his neck to be with Emily, not!

      • Kathryn says:

        Thank you!! This has been my thought all along…i bet that anyone that started watching the show in Season 2 would have no idea why people wanted Jack and Emily together. There has been very little interaction between those two, must less chemistry, in the last 3 seasons. Emily/Amanda has totally changed and neither she nor Jack are the wide eyed innocent kids that had a summer together years ago.

        As Emily evolved and matured, she developed an honest, real relationship with Aiden who knew all of her secrets and history, and still accepted and LOVED her for who she really was. Jack did not know very much about the adult Emily, and he never approved of, or accepted, what little he did see.

        Some people say that revenge is all that Aiden and Emily had but I don’t see that… It might have been what brought them together, but they were ready to close that chapter, move to a beach in the Maldives…to get married and start a new life out in the open and without the revenge hanging over them. That is, until Victoria took her own revenge… So very sad…

  12. lea says:

    NO BEN, PLEASE. Save me the misery of watching his awful character.

    • I KNOW!! I hope his ex-wife kills him, he’s boring and cocky without cause. I just always want to punch him in the face …

      • Kathryn says:

        I got the same feeling about the character in The Client List that the same actor portrayed. Perhaps it’s the way the writers have written these characters, but I got the same feeling about the actor there too… Boring and cocky… without warmth or lightheartedness.

  13. callum says:

    Are you all crazy???? I read some of your comments and I’m aghast! I thought the death scene was beautiful and unexpected and emotional. I have loved this show from the very first episode and ever since I haven’t once been disappointed with the writers, the actors or any of it. I felt this was another brilliant episode and a great mid-season finale. Bravo!!!

    • Sam hiber says:

      Thank you ! I couldn’t agree more!

    • Kim says:

      I agree. I thought her level of emotion was perfect. Getting mad at him after he took a couple bullets for her? I smiled at that, because that’s her reacting out of shock, not the robotic Emily. She said in season 1 she didn’t want to hurt him, and I think up until last year, she meant it.
      It was poetic justice for him to go like that. He took her ability to have children when he shot her, and he won’t see his grow. But with all of that baggage between them, you couldn’t expect her to lie down sobbing like she did with Amanda and Aiden. But she felt sadness because in the end he chose to be a better person, and proved it by giving his life for her.

  14. Kelly Deeny says:

    I’m always interested in learning the “why’s” behind a pivotal moment in a TV show that I love. However, I still feel like I got sucker-punched. I went in to Season 4 expecting that Jack and Emily’s relationship would be a focal point. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised to find myself drawn to the new Emily & Daniel dynamic. They were finally on even playing fields and the possibilities of this new development were boundless. I didn’t suspect Daniel as the victim primarily because he had finally come into his own. I wanted very much to see Daniel and Emily team up as business partners and to amp up the banter. Their scenes were some of my favorite so far. I’m disappointed but will continue watching to see how this show-changing decision affects the second half of the season.

  15. Weezy says:

    Seriously? A surprise…Except a bunch of us have been calling this for 4-5 episodes. It’s so painfully obvious how writers foreshadow everything. If a major death is coming up and all of a sudden an actor starts getting alot more scenes and is acting differently than usual, you can bet that he/she is about to be killed off. The Revenge writers made it more obvious than most…

    • kaylie says:

      Yea I agree. It was very obvious it was going to be Daniel from the beginning of the episode. A bit like how the last episode of Pretty Little Liars they killed off Mona, they spent the entire episode talking about her. *sarcastic voice* That was obvious at all!!!

  16. Elizabeth McFarland says:

    Well, #Loland88 is definitely an unholy alliance, #Wondertwins Activate! I just loved how Louise soaked Nolan with that hose- it was such a comedic moment in such an intense show that it had me rolling on the floor!

  17. Elizabeth McFarland says:

    Who knows, maybe the love story for Nolan will be between him & Louise’s brother! LOL!!!

  18. Ella Wade says:

    Should have been Charlotte.

  19. nicky says:

    i was suddened to tears!!!!!! i will miss Danny boy so much!!!!!!!!

  20. sherry says:

    I don’t know who I want Emily with now that Daniel is gone. Like Jack, but he is boring and Ben, don’t know that much about him. In the end she might just leave with her father. Why didn’t they kill Louise. I don’t pay no attention to her. I can’t stand her. Nolan needs to run.

    • Carly says:

      They didn’t kill Loyise because she and Nolan are the most refreshing and fun thing that’s ever happen to this show. This show had absolutely no lightness or humor until those 2 came together.

  21. Michael says:

    First off with Louise & Nolan relationship. I have always enjoyed the relationship that Nolan &Emily had they truly care for each othrt like brother & sister. With Louise yes she may be crazy but it seems that Nolan brings the good out in her and vice versa. I feel that she can truly be better because of his friendship & love for her.
    Secondly, everyone has at one time or another hated Daniel or even disliked his character. So you guys hating on revenge. Yes it sucks he is gone. was I rooting for him & Emily/ Amanda to get together yes but i wanted more character development. I felt like Josh did a great job of redeeming himself with the character of Daniel in that last scene. He did love her, he sacrificed his life for her. He went out on top. Better to go out on top then to go out with people hating you.

    • Kim says:

      I like what they’re doing with Nolan and Louise too. They both come from similar backgrounds, in that they grew up with parents who broke them down completely as people. I also laugh because she and him are what happens when Yankees and Southern Belles mix company. :-)

  22. tvgeek says:

    Just when I was starting to kind of like Daniel. :(

  23. Is anyone else thinking what I’m thinking? Ben = ick Ben + Emily = really?

    • And to add to that: Aiden was awesome, so next to him, Ben looks like a stalking moron. You need someone who has different qualities but is oh-so-manly for Emily to fall. Srsly. Did Takeda have a son?

  24. Avashnee says:

    I was never a fan of Daniel, but what he had done at the end was really amazing. I actually cried. You should not have killed hid character especially now that he is a changed man and going to be a father.

  25. Julie danduran says:

    No I liked the idea that Daniel and Emily may become alies eventually. I have to admit at the beginning of the season I was going to quit watching, but when Daniel and Emily started to become more interesting I was back to watch each week. You should have taken Victoria out. I am bored with her.

    • ggggg says:

      Daniel and emily had the best chemisyry in season 1. Those romantic scenes were the highlights of true love. It was high time that they reconciled demily. They do have s great chemistty. As for jack, his chemistry with emily is not at par with hers and daniels. Emilys romantic arc has no delightful end. It should have been either aiden or daniel

    • Totally agree, an unlikely friendship/partnership with Emily and Daniel is something I would have loved to see. Victoria is so one demensional and played out, I so wanted her to be the one who got it, but it was obvious by the way the show was focusing on Daniel he was going to be the sacrificial lamb -.-

  26. Sam says:

    This season has really picked up and kinda revitalized the show for me to make it interesting again, but I would still like some better/more captivating stories. I think the Louise storyline is a bit dull for me so I’m really hoping they kick that into overdrive. If it goes on another season, I will certainly be happy but I can also see them ending it this season.

    All I can hope is that if the show gets cancelled, they know ahead of time and can give it a proper ending. If the show gets cancelled without notice, I know we will end up with some crazy cliffhanger that will be unbearable to not know the answer to.

  27. Hattie says:

    Daniel’s redemption didn’t seem genuine to me. 1) It was too quick. 2) He didn’t address sufficiently his most horrific conduct: covering up his terrorist parents’ mass murder of a hundreds of people. 3) It’s not like he knowingly took a bullet for Emily. He didn’t have time to run away. 4) It was a transparent ploy by the writers to try to make his death have an emotional impact on the viewers. It didn’t work on me.

    I hate that Victoria is going to try to blame Emily for Daniel’s death. Victoria set it all in motion. She set up Emily as a target for Malcolm Black and her son got caught in the cross fire. Only Victoria, David and Malcolm are to blame. Emily doesn’t bear any responsibility at all. I can’t stomach much more of the show centering on Victoria seeking revenge. She’s a terrorist; I will never sympathize with her character.

  28. Louise says:

    I was shocked about Daniel’s death and will really miss him on the show. But I always. Had the hope that Emily and Jack would be a couple! I love this show and sincerely hope there will be a fifth season! I am looking forward to the January eposodies. Keep up the good writing and storylines.

  29. tyranthraxus says:

    I know people have been talking about the Daniel and Emily angle and how many people could see it coming, but what about the Jack/Kate angle. As soon as he hooked up with someone you knew she was going to be duplicitous (look at his track record). I didnt expect her to be an ‘FBI Assassin for hire’ but well there ya go.

    Following on from that, you knew it would be Jack that killed her. That much was obvious. Revenge loves to make murder so .. personal.

  30. Diggy says:

    More than I can’t believe I still watch this show, I can’t believe anyone is still impressed with this show. The whole redemptive bit made it beyond obvious that Daniel was going to die, regardless the red herring poured into Victoria’s drink or the steel cage match in Grayson/Thorne Manor. They do not do nuance on this show which has become just another evening soap about rich people taking shots @ each other a la Dynasty or Dallas (the original). While it’s currently better than season 2, Revenge has never regained the compelling nature of the takedowns of the week. Nolan has long been the only interesting character on the show & even what they have him up to now isn’t that new or interesting. To say Revenge is third tier now would be generous. Time to wrap up it up & make room for something better on the schedule!

    • ella says:

      Lazy writing. The show has become a thoughtless exercise minus the awesome wardrobe until this last episode…party..yaayy! I second the weekly take-downs which were smart in season 1. Since then, there’s been little or no integrity with the writing. Just shock them and appease a few with cheap sentimental character redemption that was more flippant than believable. Yep, third tier would be generous indeed, but only for Nolan!!!

  31. Christina says:

    Nononononononononononono!!!!!!!!! Daniel could have turned out to be a Black instead of a Greyson and Kate could be a new stepsister or her and Emily could have been related”…. DAMMIT!!!! BRING DANIEL BACK

  32. th says:

    How’s team Em’s gonna explain this one to the feds and authorities ? Jack shoots a federal agent to death the night after he shacked up with her.

    The “fight” scene between Ems and the FBi girl was pretty weak. It made WWE rasslin look real. They’ve done better fight choreography than that before.

  33. stephanie says:

    NOOOOO!! I do not feel better about Daniels death at all! VERY VERY DISAPPOINTED! Still hoping that they are faking us out and it is all a ploy to flush out Malcolm!!!

  34. Ella says:

    Yeah right, like Victoria would ever feel guilty for ANYTHING. She is a pro at destroying people’s lives, playing the hapless victim and blaming everyone else for her wrongdoings. Plus, why would Jack or Emily grieve over Daniel’s death?! Nayyar doesn’t really make much sense but I supposed that’s expected from a soap opera trying to be Game of Thrones. Very disappointed.

  35. natalie doty says:

    I have yet to read a “spoiler beware” article, but honestly..( I feel like I should whisper this..) I needed a hug after that episode. I totally went into that ugly cry, yet still trying to be cute, thing that all of us women do. I truly respect Daniel for standing up to his demons and just recognizing that the sorrow he felt was guilt for following behind. & just standing up to what he knew was right! I know Victoria does too, but she’s just a cowardly woman at this point to me. Yes, she fights for her children, but she still has herself in mind. I have to say that at the beginning/ middle of Intel I started to feel for Victoria and realized that Emily and Victoria are both eachothers’ antagonists and protagonists. They’re both right, just in much much different ways. Ha, feelings are just feelings people jeeze no need to kill Aiden or anything.
    #stopkillingthehotones #justplayin #spectacularshowfolks

    PS: I am a huge Lost and Desperate Housewives fan. and I was SO happy that after D.H. ended, you guys started this amazing cake. I’m currently only watching this, just can’t get into anything else, that puts me on the edge of my seat like these did.


  36. Krystine says:

    I hate the show so much that I love it. No matter how ridiculous things get, I always come back. I need to see how it all ends.


  37. Iszuana says:

    I’m so sad that Daniel died especially now that he and Emily are in good terms. I was hoping he and Emily are back together. They match. I love to see both of them together. I hates Victoria. She’s pure evil. After what she did to Emily/Amanda, she’s wants to revenge on Emily/Amanda. She should be good to her after finding out that she’s Amanda Clark because of her, that Amanda did what she did. The writer should kill her off instead of Daniel.

  38. SALLY BARTOE says:


  39. Dawn Isham says:

    So saddened by Daniels death just when he came to a new depth of love and what betrayal does to a family! Shocked beyond…hoping for Victoria’s demise!! But yes after reading truly felt so much compassion for emily and Daniel.

  40. lisa says:

    David didnt pour all that stuff in the glass. Just a little bit. And he warned Emily to not come when something looks dangerous. I dont think he gave tha glass to Victoria, I think he was going to drink it himself.

  41. Missann54 says:

    I loved the finale but did not see Emily with Daniel. He was totally cruel when she was hurt and she was best with Aidan. Daniel was too weak.

  42. oldresorter says:

    tell the show runner ben just got hit by a bus, so his plans for Ben need

  43. torres424 says:

    Daniel should not have died i was hoping for some emily daniel time i feel like revenge will start to bore me now .

  44. Revenge says:

    Not at all, he was a favorite and I might stop watching now. Without Daniel the show doesn’t make sense.

  45. elly says:

    Well, the show really can’t go on for ever… A final season won’t hurt as Revenge is very exiting and continuing season after season will eventually bore people as this is not a show like ,’Mentalist’, that can go on for ever an that is also exiting. I however do hope or would love the two childhood love ones (Emily and Jack)will end up together as they just fit… And i do know many viewers will agree.

  46. GuyAwks says:

    They really should be approaching it as the last season- where else can the story go? Please just give us some narrative closure and an epic finale (preferably with Emily and Victoria dying in a blaze of glory) and call it a day.

    • ella says:

      Lol, both of them dying should do it, right after they found out David’s crazy ex-wife stole and kept as her own Victoria’s new infant (Emily) that Victoria and her painter-lover had, an event entirely blocked out of Victoria’s mind due to its traumatizing effect. So find closure in the fact that David is not Emily’s father and that Victoria is her mother. But hey, good news is that Charlotte is still Emily’s half-sister, nothing changed there, but she never came back to the show thank goodness. Jack goes for men, only the ones in uniforms. Nolan turns out to be David’s real son and lives happily ever after with Victoria’s first son, what’s his name. Margaux can do whatever she pleases, nobody cares, now that her hair is too short. Have I left anybody out? Oh right, David was really innocent and a good man so all the deaths proved needed to clear his name but in the end he fell in love with Louise and moved south with her. The writers leaked all this info on a secret site to which only I have access.

  47. Jimmy Bird says:

    I wish we had writers for nitetime drama like we had 30-40 years ago.I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to Josh Bowmen i was shocked and sadden. Great shows like Dallas,Dynasty,Gun Smoke just mention a few had writers that kept us tuning in every week for many,many years.’Rest In Peace Daniel Greyson”

  48. 1. Can you guys please start writting interesting character development for characters you DON’T kill?
    2. You don’t fool me, David was either trying to kill himself or fake his death, not kill Vicky! (Although seriously, I’m cool if you kill her already)
    3. Ben is weak, dumb, and boring. Please have his ex-wife be nuts and kill him off in some stalkerish fit. Or reunite them or something. Do not trifle with JEmily fans anymore. Come. On.
    4. Seriously don’t do the Ross and Rachel thing where you wait till the last dang episode of the show to put the meant-to-be couple back together. Let us enjoy them together for at least half a season!!
    I love this show and the premise, just start giving the characters a little more love in the writing pleeeeease.

  49. I have watched the show from the start. Love it. Hope it ends this season though. To continue with new reasons for new revenge….meh. I’ll be tuning out. Best to know when to get off the stage.

  50. Great 4 seasons, now time to get off the stage Revenge!