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Revenge's Latest Victim Speaks: 'It Was a Very Fitting End' — Plus: Find Out When You'll See Him Next

Daniel Dead Revenge

As gut-wrenching as Revenge‘s latest death was, we hope you didn’t use up all your tissues yet. It turns out you still have one more chance to say goodbye to the Hamptons’ dearly departed.

“I’m actually in a couple of flashbacks in Episode 11,” Josh Bowman tells TVLine less than 24 hours after Daniel was gunned down protecting Emily. “One of those [flashback] scenes was the last thing I shot, and that was very strange to do. I’ve been on this show for four years now, so it was a sad day, but one that I’m going to take with me always.”

Below, Bowman tells TVLine why he supports Daniel’s death, what it was like reuniting with Henry Czerny and which Hamptonite his character would most likely haunt — you know, if this was a very different show.

TVLINE | I know this was a decision you and [showrunner Sunil Nayar] came to together. Why, in your mind, was this the right time for Daniel to die?
We’re on our fourth season, and this is a show where that can happen at anytime. I think it was a good decision for the story, and I think it’ll definitely serve its purpose to help the writers move forward. A death on this show can impact all the other characters; Daniel’s will definitely have a big impact on Victoria, Emily — and Margaux, of course, because of our little baby on the way.

TVLINE | Maybe it’ll be a boy.
[Laughs] Yes! Daniel Jr. Seriously, though, my character wasn’t someone you’d root for at the end of Season 3, but by Episode 6, people were hoping Daniel and Emily would rekindle their relationship. Or they were rooting for Margaux and Daniel. Whatever they were doing, it was a credit to the writers for making him redeemable before he died.

TVLINE | Did you watch the episode?
Yes, and it was quite sad actually, to be honest. I don’t usually watch the episodes, just because I don’t think many actors can look at themselves subjectively, but I had to watch it last night. I thought they did a very good job across the board.

Revenge ConradTVLINE | I’m also glad we got to see Conrad last night. How was working with Henry Czerny again?
He’s just an absolute wizard, that guy. He’s not only an amazing person, but a wonderful actor. He takes me out of the scenes when I’m in them because I just want to watch him. He’s phenomenal and I think the show misses him a lot. He is and was a fantastic asset to the show. I’ve tried to pick up some of his quirks — Henry’s not Conrad’s — and lace them into my performance.

TVLINE | You do know the fans have a theory that he’s not really dead, right?
[Laughs] That Conrad might come back? I don’t know if that’s the case. He looked pretty dead to me in Season 3.

TVLINE | Now that the Book of Daniel has closed, what was your favorite part about him?
I loved being an a—hole, to be honest. Anytime Daniel was being nice and straightforward, you know, anyone can be nice. Being an a—hole and doing these awful things was a lot of fun. But I loved it all, really, every bit of it. I’m going to miss it very much.

TVLINE | So this must have been a bittersweet decision for you.
Yes.  helps the story to move forward and potentially reach its conclusion by the end of this season, but who knows? They probably want to do another season, but I have no idea.

TVLINE | If Daniel could come back and haunt one person in the Hamptons, who would it be?
Tyler. [Laughs] But he’s dead, so I guess I couldn’t haunt him.

TVLINE | You could hang out with him.
Yes, I’d hang out with him. No wait, he’s in hell, and I’m not because I sacrificed myself. Seriously, though, it was a very fitting end to save Emily from a bullet after I shot her. … It came full circle.

Revenge-rs, after getting Bowman’s thoughts, how do you feel about Daniel’s death? Drop your thoughts in a comment below.

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  1. bar says:

    Wish you would’ve asked about Charlotte. I know she’s universally disliked, but from the preview from the next episode it appears she won’t be resurfacing, which is very strange.

  2. Gail says:

    I was totally taken by surprise last night when Daniel Grayson was killed ! I thought it was soooo sad, since it looked like he and Margaux were going to make a go of it and raise their baby together ! I was thinking that Jack was going to save them BOTH (daniel and emily) ….Daniel is an incredibly good looking guy and I will miss seeing him….He’s also a pretty good actor ….I hate having to wait until January to see this show again….you were right about David Clarke’s erratic behaviour…Sometimes I find it hard to follow the storyline about who all these “bad guys” are that we never see on camera…..(aka malcolm ? ) ….also, I find Nolan’s flip flopping of his sexual preferences annoying ! Pick a side Nolan ! ….I do love his jazzy clothing though …..I think he and Jack need to reduce the number of times they call Emily “Em’s ” though… really bugs me ! ha ha……..

    • Netty says:

      I don’t think anyone buys Nolan as a Bisexual, this is like the Padma storyline yet again. Why can’t he just be gay.

      • El says:

        I agree. Let the man be gay. Period.

      • TV Gord says:

        I wonder if it ever enters your mind that those of you who say things such as this sound just as bad as those who say, “Why can’t he just be straight?”.

      • Meg says:

        Because bisexual people exist, too.

        • Netty says:

          Nolan is gay and trying to make him otherwise is just not believable.

        • An says:

          That’s right anyone who studied the psychology of human sexuality can tell you that heterosexuality and homosexuality is basically a spectrum and ANYone can fall at any point on it. So Nolan having a relationship with Tyler and then with Padma is believable; is it considered the norm? To some people, it’s not, but to the person (or character in this case) it is. Accept it and move on. It’s extremely rare that a person is %100 heterosexual or homosexual. We all have tendencies for either side. Just thinking that someone looks good, whether same or opposite gender is an excellent example but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you would like to enter into a sexual relationship with that person. Besides, if you watch his behaviours, he checks out bother genders throughout the series but he does tend to prefer men more so than women.

      • Tiena says:

        I think is desgusting that you guys are trying to tell someone which way they should sexually lean. He’s bisexual, get the heck over it!

      • kiwirevengefan says:

        I think Nolan was truly in love with Padma. He went into a deep depression when she died.

        • Paul says:

          Most bisexual guys to tend to end up being involved with people of one gender, rather than the other. Or even have a preference.

          I think in Nolan’s case, he has clearly been with more men. Amanda remarks that the bikini’s for his pool haven’t gotten much use.

          Given who he is and the way he acts, the fact that Padma has been his only real female love interest isn’t really a surprise.

          But just because he does tend to end up with men, more often than women, certainly doesn’t mean anyone should think he isn’t as equally attracted to them.

          I think viewers would prefer Nolan to be with a man, the dynamic is usually more interesting. But I wouldn’t be opposed to a love triangle involving him, a guy and a girl (a genuine love triangle, Marco pining over him doesn’t really count).

    • Patsy says:

      For goodness sake don’t kill Daniel off, I was just starting to have hope that the guy could be a stand up guy, also let’s not have another baby not having a living father, come on , give me a small flicker of hope. A long recovery, amends, you know the drill, write it. Don’t you believe in miracles? Daniel living to really apologize to Emily, and make up for his past transgressions?

      • audrey mayes says:

        Please don’t kill Daniel off. Losing Anden was bad enough. You are taking the best ones. I can’t believe we’re going to lose them both.

  3. Netty says:

    I really hope Conrad is alive, he should come back & kill David for real this time.
    Ok so what was the point of bringing David back if he hardly has any screen time whatsoever with his daughter. Poor Emily.

  4. Netty says:

    Next they need kill off Louise, David and Margaux…Ben can stay for the love triangle factor and to watch him lose Emily to Jake

  5. Goodbyenoway says:

    Tissues? Seriously? Not only was the character awful but Josh Bowman was probably the worst actor in TV history. He was atrocious with an accent that is not to be found anywhere in the USA. Good riddance.

  6. Azerty says:

    Revenge is definitely not as good as it was at the beginning I think a lot of people think that and I agree. But the actor is right, if the writers had killed Daniel at the end of season 3 I would not have been sad and I would have said good riddance. But the way they redeemed the character in half a season, I have to admit they did a pretty good job.

    • chris1 says:

      Not really, good riddance still applies.

    • MeYouWho says:

      They should have killed him in season one like they stated they did, but then the dopey females swooners have to write in & the dumbass writers change the whole story.

      If this isn’t the last season Josh should be planning to be dumped since Emily dates every co-star.

  7. El says:

    I loved season 1 and 2. I hated last season. Season 4, has been Ok. This show went from super amazing to extremely cheesy……… needs to end. But I can’t stop watching. Please please let it be the last season. Victoria must die and repent before doing so. Emily needs to be happy with her father and Jack.

  8. Glen says:

    I wish Daniel didn’t die, it would be nice to see him & Margaux raise their baby. I’m upset 😔

  9. ChrisGa says:

    Definitely not on par with the first season but I do think this season has been better than the majority of what transpired in seasons two and three. I do agree with a couple of the above posts, namely Nolan and his supposed bisexuality. Love the character and Gabriel Mann is a genius actor but this character has never read anything at all to me other than G-A-Y. Give the guy a man already(not to mention one that will stick around)!

  10. schu says:

    I’ve watched this show from the series premiere and it’s completely crazy when you think of how many characters they’ve killed off. Literally other than Emily’s real mother (who only did the guest stint) and Charlotte’s rehab hiatus (coughcough-no-one-likes-your-character-so-we-have-to-send-you-away-for-a-bit-coughcough) everyone seems to have died, Frank, Jack’s Dad, Tyler, Padma, Declan, Amanda, Sammy (RIP), Takeda, Pascal, Aidan, and now Daniel. It’s actually quite remarkable when you think about it that the show can still surprise you at all.

    • Louis E. says:

      You forgot Conrad’s father and Victoria’s previous “true love” Dominic.Both disappeared (one without explanation and one with) without dying.

  11. chris says:

    I really enjoyed the first few seasons of Daniel — where he was this great character that had flaws but then they suddenly put him on this dark path that to me was truly unforgivable that just led them into this corner that they couldn’t have get not get out of. Good luck Josh Bowman. Hey revenge writers — you keep killing off great and interesting characters that really there won’t be anyone left.

  12. Jasmine says:

    I think you guys should bring him back because he was one of the main characters and it would had been a great thing if they were to get back together. I felt that having the death of Daniel did a real number

  13. I really wanted it to be Charlotte or Margaux…… For once, I actually liked Daniel and then they killed him. Such a shame.

  14. Donut says:

    I am so upset that Daniel was killed. Josh is a fantastic actor and I really enjoy watching his performances. Despite that the character has a reputation of doing bad things, he didn’t really do anything bad. He shot Emily because his heart was torn apart and he was genuine with her. He’s also a terrific brother and tried to be a good son. I’ve always had the hope that he would reunite with Emily. Those two were so cute together. I’m so upset that he’s dead!

  15. S O N I X says:

    i’m not really happy abt it.. i guess in the next ep he gets admitted in the hospital and gets back in form because he deserves more.. and i’m really tired of Victoria’s role.. its the same thing over and over again…

  16. Sally says:

    I still love the show and am very sad that Daniel died…didn’t expect that and I’m sure he will find another great show to be a part of..

  17. Beda says:

    Am I the only one who doesn’t like Jack? He and Ben (supergeek) are totally boring. I’m sorry they killed Daniel off (if indeed they did) just when he was likeable again. I would like to see the end of Margaux, Louise, Jack and Ben. David can go too. What a terrible actor. I truly hope this is the last season.

  18. Lorraine says:

    Is josh and Emily still together in real life

  19. Marissa says:

    Why didnt emily or jack attempt calling an ambulance he had been shot isn’t that the first thing you would do?? I have loved revenge since day 1 and I’m gobsmaked that Daniel was killed I can see how it fitted the story but I think it could have been saved for later on in the series. I’m going to miss him and was getting really interested about how him and Emily had come to common ground I though there would be a story of them working together to achieve yet another revenge but I guess that won’t be happening

    • Totally agree. They just sat their shaking their heads at each other, not even trying to save him which made the whole scene less believable. I was annoyed. And I think Daniel and Emily working together as allies would have been interesting and fun, but of course they had to kill him off as soon as he was becoming an interesting character with an interesting storyline! Could they put all that creative effort into a character they don’t kill maybe? I love the show but I think this proves they’ve been slacking with character development, just waiting to pull out the big guns for a tear jerker. Not cool writers!

  20. Diane Bowman says:

    By the way my husbands family is from Berkshire, England. I loved the Daniel character. It brought so much out if his character in relations to every character in show! I thought he enhanced it so much! I could hardly sleep after seeing the show because he was going to change and be a better person for his baby! How sad that
    He died before we could see his change!He will be missed. Loved watching him & Emily together most if all!!!!

  21. meeee says:

    Pissed he should be alive, call ambulance or something. If he is truly dead I dot think I will keep watching!!!

  22. Mandyy says:

    Im so sad that u had to die😭my and my cousin were crying so hard😢 Revenge wont be the same without u😪 i dont even wanna watch Revenge anymore. Jk of course i will. I love the show💖.And i wanted u and Emily to be together🙊but my point is that we love u Josh✌️

  23. Kel says:

    Tears!!! I shed tears!!! One of my favorite characters on television, with great chemistry with his fellow castmates. Love the way he went out, but it would have been so nice to see him and Emily get closer. We had such a tiny hint of a possible friendship. JB is fantastic, and while it was easy to pick up on his accent, that didn’t deter from his work.

  24. Marie says:

    Oh no! Daniel was my favorite and even when he was evil, I was rooting for him and Emily. Their chemistry was unbelievable! I kept thinking he was going to switch to her side. That would’ve been an interesting angle. I’ve watched the show every episode since the pilot, but this is definitely the shark jump for me. Can’t imagine this show without him. So bummed.

  25. carol says:

    Was Totally shocked to see Daniel die, had hoped he & Emily would get together again.

    • Jessie says:

      yes. I was quite disappointed that Daniel had to die. I thought he and Emily would get back together. I don’t like Jack and Emily together. I think their relationship has cross the border of lovers. I think it’s more of brother-sister relationship or very good friend. Just like emily and Nolan. Hope the preview of Daniel being buried is only somebody’s dream or nightmare :)

  26. callison says:

    What a fantastic actor. He was a loyal son, an evil son, a loyal brother, the man who shot his newly wedded wife, a hated business man and his character changed each week. He is amazing. Hope to see more of Josh Bowman.

  27. Pedro says:


    What is the point of concealing who died in the headline if there’s a picture of him?

  28. farramnissa says:

    nah, i dont like that ‘daniel’ is dead. i think, why they did do that? daniel wants to make everything better with margaux, i mean he wants a new life. i dont like the plot of the story that daniel must dead. but yeah, the causing of his dead probably can caused the shorter of the season.

  29. Jeana says:

    I’m SO upset that he died! Wth! Should have killed margaux instead of making her pregnant! Her character was just annoying. I loved Emily and Daniel together! I may just stop watching the show now.

  30. Beverley says:

    I am in Afghanistan and Revenge is not aired there so I cheated and read the comments before I had a chance to download the episode, I was so sad I could not watch the download for 2 days, I did not want to see Daniel die. Why didn’t they kill Jack instead, he is so boring and judgmental. Now that Daniel and Conrad are both dead there is no more reason for me to continue watching the show. Victoria overact every scene, horrible woman, why couldn’t you kill her instead. Now that Conrad is not there to banter with her, her scenes are pathetic, David is pathetic, her love scenes with David makes me want to vomit. We have being watching Emily ruin people for nearly 4 years for this idiot and you bring him back and he does not have a relationship with her. Your writers suck. Only thing they did great this year was develop a renewed budding relationship with Emily and Daniel. They were the only 2 with any romantic chemistry on the show. Every other couple sucks.. Sorry Emily I love your character but I cannot watch you develop a relationship with Jack, cannot stand the guy. Good luck.

  31. Vanessa says:

    Noooo! Wanted to see Daniel up to the end of the season. let Victoria die not u…aaaa! plz come back

  32. pds says:

    I dont know if I am watching it anymore, they kill off all the nice people. I really wanted Emily and Daniel to get together and make Victorias life hell. I would rather Margaux die at childbirth because of a backfire from victoria.

  33. jizanne naidoo says:

    I love revenge , the story line … Especially the love story parts , but now people have no reason to watch revenge . Many people including myself , watched it to see emily and daniel together .

  34. Susan Brooks-Cragun says:

    I’m so sad about it, I am torn with the decision to end Daniel, but if it’s what they needed to keep the show going, then I’m alright with it.

  35. jo branning says:

    That guy Sunil Nayar has really lost the plot. He’s totally massacred what used to be a fantastic show. None of the original storyline stands and most of the original or interesting characters have been killed off. Which is why I don’t watch it anymore and I expect Josh Bowman is probably glad to be leaving.. I seriously can’t see the show lasting very much longer at all.

  36. Lisa says:

    I hate Daniel is gone because I hope him and Amanda would get back together.

  37. Suzy says:

    I’m sad to see some of the main characters go so fast.
    Why don’t the writers just bring back Mason Treadwell and make the story juicy again?

  38. Avril Casper says:

    I have to say I will miss Daniel, I liked his character and I certainly did not expect him to be shot so it was quite a shock. If the series is ending then I guess it was the right decision to have made.

  39. cocon1262 says:

    It has been a struggle to watch the show after the 3rd season. It started brilliantly, but i don’t know if bringing David back was a good idea. He was powerful when dead. That is what could be exploited. We needed those flashbacks of him and Amanda. That would’ve been anything writers wanted. And i don’t agree that David should have been killed now. It would really have punched a note if he dies after.bonding with baby and seeing love flourish, for a short while, with Margot. Anyhow that’s over now. Proper timing would have been before he dies.

  40. etta says:

    I’m pissed bring him back I tell you bring him back

  41. Faizana says:

    I am very disappointed and SAD because Daniel dies. I will not continue to watch,Revenge

  42. Nadine says:

    I loved Daniel. I was very saddened to see him go. He is just a beautiful actor. I’ll miss him.
    Very shocked seeing him shot, and then die.

  43. Time to put the ax to this train wreck. The story lines are ridiculous and trying to make them connect to make it cohesive is a joke. The has gotten more over the top,especially Victoria’s character.? It’s time this show get the proverbial axe.

  44. Lindy says:

    I, for one, was not ready for Daniel to be gone!! I don’t think he was ready to give up his struggle with good and evil. Loved his character.

  45. arsolar clemons says:

    Gonna miss Daniel,but I feel its time for revenge to throw in the towel,i feel like they have taken what started out as a summer replacement show and stretched it out to last four years, was watching out of habit not enjoyment bringing her father back and hooking him up with the woman who framed and sent him to jail along with her husband was the last straw for me,after all Emily did to avenge his “death” its just time for this show to come to an end

  46. kathy says:

    Chemistry between Emily and Daniel so much better and interesting than Emily and someone else. Could have been an interesting story line pairing the two together. Bummer
    Daniel was a favorite character of mine.

  47. Hanna says:

    Daniel will probably be revived by miraculous methods. The core cast has gone from spectacular in Season 1 to sub-mediocre this season. Get rid of the new, boring redhead whose name I can’t be bothered to recall. David is nothing as I expected. He walks like a zombie, and the fact he cannot figure out what to do or convey with his eyes is pathetic. In the original trailer, he looked like a great actor, but having been on the shelf so many seasons he’s forgotten his craft.

    . Emily is losing her looks as the years have gone by. Either she stopped wearing her hair extensions, or just says short dry hair and I don’t care. Big mistake because she needs the hair to distract from the hump on her nose, her crooked lower teeth, and beady black eyes that have taken the place of her former graceful moves, glowing skin, beachy haired femininity covering a vengeful purpose.. Whatever she had in Season 1, the youthful glow, and more frequent confident smiles with the counterpoint of Mixed Martial Arts w/Takeda and Aiden has been replaced with boring, confused performances week after week that I believe come from her dislike of her character. Season 1, Emily was beautiful, sexy, smart, and purpose driven. Now, she’s practically crying to be let out of her contract.

    I accept Jack in the role of policeman as opposed to any other options at this point.. It was a surprise, but makes sense. Where’d his son go? Maybe to the same dimension Charlotte has gone. The show could lose both and not miss a beat. Jack’s partner can go to that dimension as well.

    Nolan is my favorite character. His purpose is being underutilized this season. His romantic dalliances are less interesting than his brain power. Emily gives him an order, and like a brilliant minion, he fulfills her demands receiving zero gratitude. His acting is spectacular.. I find Emily’s lack of gratitude for Nolan’s loyalty and genius an ugly personality trait. In the end, I sense Nolan will turn out to be Emily’s brother. Victoria is hanging in there – her acting chops giving respect to her craft despite the yanking around she is expected to pull off each episode.

    I don’t find Margeaux as fascinating as she finds herself. I don’t see any on screen chemistry between Victoria and David so I have no idea where that will land. I frankly wish all the earlier seasons dead people would come back to life, and replace all the boring new cast members.

    Conrad was an excellent anchor patriarch on Revenge., and the show is floundering without him. He reminds me of a more self-serving John Forsythe.

    We have to remember the cast is comprised of people who act – some better than others. Each brings something that adds up to a whole. The dynamics between Conrad and Victoria were a critical part of Revenge. Emily and Nolan. Takeda and Aiden. With everyone shot to the four winds – especially the mystique of Takeda, and the lack of proper closure with his death – I confess I don’t tune in on Sunday nights. I watch when I can on hulu. What we have left is to try to create something out of Jack, Emily, Victoria, Nolan, and David. Maybe Conrad and Daniel if they’re still alive. Somehow, to me – Revenge now feels like there’s no “man” in the house..

    • Truth says:

      I like and appreciate a lot of what you said although I would go a little easier on Emily you’re right enough and I don’t think the show is making it easy for her either.. I also like the red haired girl a bit but she could be better. They really screwed up, makes me wonder if tv shows aren’t purposely becoming letdowns.. There really was no reason to kill all of the important people and offing Daniel was just ridiculous and so far the storyline that came from it is lame, it just makes me want them to tell the truth about what happened, and like they couldn’t have come up with a better cover story.. He didn’t need to die to make a story and be a hero either. Then Charlotte doesn’t exist anymore all of a sudden lol, like rehab is some magical place in another dimension or her condition was really even that bad before she left.. meh, maybe they want to upset people or lose them as loyal fans, whatever they’re thinking or not thinking, they need to chill on the kill button. And I honestly wouldn’t be opposed to them backtracking their story to keep some of these people alive and pretend their deaths never happened as her brother’s death apparently never happened for Charlotte..

  48. fanlb says:

    The writers really killed the show when they killed Daniel. Fans were hoping they would get back together. He was the only hope of revenge for Victoria to see the two of them living in her castle. Why would they get rid of one of the main characters. I wish this was a dream an he really did not die. Revenge use to be my favorite show and now I don’t evern want to watch with out Daniel.

  49. Carol Desilet says:

    I have never missed a single episode of Revenge. It is hands down my favorite show. I was crushed when Daniel’s character died on the lady episode & I am not certain if I will be watching it again. To me and many others I know who watch, Daniel & Emily were the show.

  50. garf says:

    I love that Daniel Grayson (Joshua Bowman) was on the show and now I feel very strong that he shouldn’t have been killed. I will miss him and I feel it was too soon.