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Sons of Anarchy's Katey Sagal Breaks Down Emotional, 'Perfect' Gemma/Jax Scenes: 'Charlie and I Were Bawling'

Katey Sagal Sons of Anarchy

Warning: The following interview contains major spoilers for Sons of Anarchy‘s penultimate episode. If you have yet to watch, don’t click any further.

Much like the Sons of Anarchy fans who have spent Season 7 rooting for Gemma Teller’s demise, Katey Sagal assumed her character’s life would likely end before the series was through.

“I wasn’t surprised. I was just glad I made it to Episode 12,” Sagal admits with a laugh.

In an emotionally charged scene near the end of Tuesday’s episode, Jax finally tracked down his MIA mom and offed her via a gunshot to the head — making Gemma’s death the third fatality of the episode, after Juice and Unser were also killed.

Below, Sagal opens up about her character’s fatal end (and why it was Gemma’s “ultimate manipulation”), the on-set dynamic she shared with TV son Charlie Hunnam and the guest stars she got to work with in her final Sons hour.

TVLINE | Did you have a heads-up from [showrunner and husband] Kurt [Sutter] about the way Gemma would go out, or were you completely surprised when you read the script?
Oh, I knew. Charlie and I both knew that was coming. We knew probably three episodes in. Kurt was still figuring it out, but we had been forewarned. We didn’t know the circumstances. We didn’t know where it was going to go down, just the same way with Tara. I knew that Gemma was going to kill Tara, but I didn’t know how. And I didn’t know how Gemma was going to die, but I knew it would be at the hands of her son.SOA Jax Kills Gemma

TVLINE | Were you bummed to not make it to the series finale? I was a little surprised that Gemma died in the second-to-last episode and not the last one.
I’ve always seen it as ultimately Jax’s journey. It made sense to me that the finale would be about Jax and wherever he goes. So no, I wasn’t surprised. I was just glad I made it to Episode 12. [Laughs]

TVLINE | There’s been some debate as to whether Gemma should die, or live without getting to see her family again. Was this the ending you wanted for Gemma?
This was the best way to go. At one point, I speculated where she was going before Kurt told me exactly where she was going, and I really thought a living hell would probably be more torturous. I don’t think she’s a person that could function outside of her little insular world. I just don’t see it. I don’t think she knows how to get a job or make money! [Laughs] All those things she has not done. This is actually the merciful way to go.

TVLINE | Did that inform the way you played those final scenes with Unser and Jax? Because Gemma seems oddly at peace with her death by the time Unser finds her.
The truth is, ever since Episode 11 when Nero finds out and she gets in that car and she’s just driving and singing a song, she’s resigned to realizing that her life is never going to be the same. Does she know that she’s going to die? She assumes in the near future, but I don’t think she knows exactly when. The performance was informed a lot by what the writer intended for it to be, which was her resolution, her release of not carrying that secret anymore. That secret of the Chinese killing Tara just caused so much carnage. It was horrible. She’s just had enough of all that, so there is a release about her.

TVLINE | But why not commit suicide then, instead of letting Jax live with having killed his mom?
There’s two ways to look at it. Either she doesn’t have the balls to do it herself, so once again, she’s going to have somebody do it for her. [Laughs] That’s the ultimate manipulation. She loves her son, so there’s part of her that feels it will be healing for him, in a weird way. He’s trying to get revenge for Tara’s death the entire season. He’s just off the chain. So she feels in some way that this would do Tara right, to kill the killer of Tara.

SOA1TVLINE | What was the dynamic like between you and Charlie as you filmed those final scenes together?
The first part, when he comes into the living room, I’m not surprised that he’s there. And we both felt that the scene was written very conversationally, without a lot of histrionics. The scene wasn’t written to be like, “Please, save my life!” [Laughs] That’s not the dynamic, and Charlie and I had a conversation about setting that tone. Charlie said, “This really has to be like we’re just having a conversation.” And then those last moments, when I’m walking out to the garden and he’s following me — before every take, we were both just crying and hugging each other. It was very sweet. It makes me cry to think about it. Because it is Jax and Gemma, but it’s also Katey and Charlie and seven years. There’s a lot that goes into those moments. Charlie and I were bawling. That’s what was happening right before we played those scenes.

TVLINE | Speaking of that first scene in the living room, I was devastated to see Jax kill Unser. Was that heartbreaking for you, as well?
It was all heartbreaking. But if you really take it apart, it all happened in, what, three minutes? It was still very quick. Gemma didn’t have the time to process it. At this point in the journey, nothing is surprising. All bets are off. Did she think Unser was going to die? No. But the minute Jax shows up, he’s off the chain. So who knows what’s going to happen? It was definitely heartbreaking, but there wasn’t a lot of processing going on, because we moved on so quickly.

TVLINE | You also had some wonderful scenes with Hal Holbrook as Gemma’s dad, whom we haven’t seen in years. It must have been nice to get that closure for Gemma.
It was absolutely beautiful. He’s just wonderful and so soulful. The minute I met him, I felt connected to him. I love that Kurt wrote that she goes to say goodbye to him. In that moment, she’s almost looking for somebody to say, “You know, you were a good girl.” Gemma’s carrying so much guilt, and she’s wrapping up her journey. In doing so, she needs some validation that she wasn’t just [a bad person]. Gemma has done a lot of good things in her life, too, and her father was a reminder of that.

TVLINE | I loved your scenes with Michael Chiklis as the truck driver, too. There was immediate chemistry, much like with Gertie, the waitress played by Lea Michele a few weeks back.
It was really fun to do all those scenes, especially because you’re out of the compound. You’re off the lot, you’re out of the garage. That was all really great, and I thought Michael did a wonderful job.

TVLINE | Do you know what happens in the finale? Or will you wait to watch it with the rest of the audience?
Of course I know what happens in the finale. And of course I’m keeping it a secret. [Laughs] I was there for the last shot of the last episode.

TVLINE | Has it been tough to say goodbye to Gemma after all this time? Or are you relieved to step out of her shoes after an emotional seven seasons?
I will definitely miss her. I feel like the way it all ended is perfect. In some ways, having a character die is probably the best way to let go of a character because that character’s been put to rest. She can’t really hang around. I can’t really wonder what she’s going to do next. I can’t do all those things that you might do, especially with someone like her. She had closure, and I have closure playing her. That was a great way to do it.

Sons of Anarchy fans, were you shocked by Gemma’s death in Tuesday’s episode? Sound off in the comments.

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  1. Ma says:

    Katey’s scene with Hal Holbrook was so touching. She really is masterful in her understated, nuanced scenes. She’s been killing it quietly in these past two episodes, among her best. Bravo, Katey.

    • Kim says:

      agree completely.

    • I didn’t want gamma to die or go to prison. I envisioned her being out cast from her and sharing a new life alone from her dad’s home. And fading out from episodes then having a few episodes after in the seasons, to see how see built a new life n then fade her she retired planting roses etc.

  2. CanadaChris says:

    Juice, Wayne and Gemma… what an episode. I wasn’t expecting Gemma to meet her fate until the finale.

  3. The Carpooler says:

    Well, Unser beat the cancer.

  4. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    WOOOOOOW………….Juice is dead, Unser is dead (about time) and Gemma FINALLY gets it!But why didn’t she tell Jax about JT? She should’ve told him that too.

  5. Rdub says:

    Look at the flowers Lizzie….I mean Gemma. Guess Kurt Sutters never seen Walking Dead. Smh!

    • rachelle says:

      And if he had? Does TWD have “killing a character while she looks at flowers” copyrighted or something?

      • ? says:

        It’s from Of Mice and Men by Steinbeck. And no doubt a whole bunch of other classic sources, too. It’s a pretty obvious device. And effective.

      • Tori says:

        Damn, Rachelle. Find your chill.

        • rachelle says:

          I’m chill, thanks. The commenter sounded like she was shaming Kurt with her “smh.”

          • Rdub says:

            Well you’re wrong. The “S” was for smack not shake. I smacked my head because the “look at the flowers Lizzie” was pretty popular in pop culture.

          • rachelle says:

            Ohhhhh. All right. I only meant that TWD isn’t the only one who can do it. Like someone pointed out above, it’s been done before and will probably be done again.

    • Carrow says:

      I thought that too. Ha!

    • Yea, I thought that too. lol. It didn’t take anything away from the scene, still heartbreaking but I definitely made a connection.

    • cherylsaye says:

      I guess Rdub hasn’t read Of Mice and Men or Alice in Wonderland?

      It’s not a TWD reference nor did they collide. TWD got it from “Of Mice and Men..” as did SOA, as has many other films, television, music, etc… George tells Lenny to look away before he kills him while telling him about rabbits.. It’s means a compassionate murder instead of looking in the persons eyes. A killing with love; a killing that is necessary but not wanted to be done. And Gemma is in a garden of white roses. Her blood “paints the roses red” which is a reference to Alice and Wonderland. Hence the, “Red Rose” title. That’s why it was flowers. But it was not a TWD reference. Of Mice and Men, Killing of Love, Rabbits, Alice and Wonderland, Painting Roses Red…

    • cherylsaye says:

      It’s not a TWD reference nor did they collide. TWD got it from “Of Mice and Men..” as did SOA, as has many other films, television, music, etc… George tells Lenny to look away before he kills him while telling him about rabbits.. It’s means a compassionate murder instead of looking in the persons eyes. A killing with love; a killing that is necessary but not wanted to be done. And Gemma is in a garden of white roses. Her blood “paints the roses red” which is a reference to Alice and Wonderland. Hence the, “Red Rose” title. That’s why it was flowers. But it was not a TWD reference. Of Mice and Men, Killing of Love, Rabbits, Alice and Wonderland, Painting Roses Red…


    • cherylsaye says:

      It’s not a TWD reference nor did they collide. TWD got it from “Of Mice and Men..” as did SOA, as has many other films, television, music, etc… George tells Lenny to look away before he kills him while telling him about rabbits.. It’s means a compassionate murder instead of looking in the persons eyes. A killing with love; a killing that is necessary but not wanted to be done. And Gemma is in a garden of white roses. Her blood “paints the roses red” which is a reference to Alice and Wonderland. Hence the, “Red Rose” title. That’s why it was flowers. But it was not a TWD reference. Of Mice and Men, Killing of Love, Rabbits, Alice and Wonderland, Painting Roses Red…

  6. Amber says:


  7. christel powell says:

    Omg that was so shocking I cried like a baby but I love the soa so much I hate to see it end but kurt you did an awesome job

  8. rachelle says:

    What an amazing episode. Unser has been living with terminal cancer for years and this is how he goes?? How depressing. His death was the only one I mourned in this episode. It caught me so off guard. Loving Gemma is so toxic! Everyone caught up in her orbit gets burned. And as much as I wanted to see Juice and Gemma go, I felt a twinge when they were both actually killed. I guess that’s part of being human! Sometimes you feel bad even when you don’t want to. I feel bad for Jax because of what he had to do. I thought he was going to chicken out and as much as I hate Gemma and wanted her dead, I wanted him to. I felt how Nero felt; that it would destroy Jax to have to kill his mother. Jax has done a lot that he can’t come back from, but this is the worst. I feel bad for him, that his own mother drove him to this end. Ugh and I’m calling it now, but Jax is dying next week. There is zero doubt in my mind! He will sacrifice himself for his club. I’ll be bawling my eyes out for this finale the way I did for the last one when Tara was murdered. I’m not ready! Bravo, Kurt Sutter, you evil genius. You both hate and love us.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      That’s why he decided to kill his mother. He figures he’s a dead man anyway. Or perhaps killing Gemma was part of the clause in the Mayham vote. It was her lies that basically killed all those people in the first place. Hard to say what’s going on in Sutters twisted mind.

    • daskcool says:

      Why would ANYONE cry for a murderous, maniac like Jacks? All of them deserve to die they are scum bag thugs for crying out loud.

      • rachelle says:

        Yeah, I get that. But it’s hard not to feel something for a character you’ve been following for 7 years! Plus, like I mentioned in my comment, sometimes we feel human sympathy when we don’t want to or expect to.

      • I definitely get what you are saying. I’ve watched from the beginning and I used to like Jax, but not anymore. He had a chance to get out and didn’t. He’s kinda like Walter White, and you know what happens to the one who knocks… Jax Teller’s time is up but it’s been a wild ride. I feel the most sorry for Juice. He was a prime example of being caught between a rock and a hard place. I keep thinking that even if he came clean about Gemma right after it happened, Jax probably would have killed him for accusing his mother. I wish Juice would have left the club when he had the chance.

        • cindy says:

          Yeah I liked him too. And Opie. Opie was the only real man on the show that wasn’t hiding under Gemma’s skirt….lol…. They should have made Gemma president.

      • cindy says:

        Amen! They all need to die, save the kids.He couldn’t even pull the trigger till his Mom told him too. Jax portrayed as a victim is all bs. Its just an excuse to make him girly than he already was. Same old story end. Trying to make it right with everybody before he dies. I guess he will do his farewell tour next week that we all have to suffer through to get to the last 5 minutes like always.

        • Chaz says:

          I would like to see an ending (like the Sopranos) where Jackson is sitting at the head of the table with SAMCRO. he is still the Prez and life goes on as usual.

    • Carol says:

      Evil genius is right on spot lol
      it’s been a wild ride
      soooo wish I could meet Katey

  9. James D says:

    pretty intense i expect nothing less with Sutter. I was sad to see Unser go but Polonius has to go i guess. Juice went as I expected him to go, protecting the club. It will definitely be bittersweet to watch this end. Jax is going to meet Mayhem, And Thomas and Abel will grow up away from the club which is really the best gift Jax could give them. Great work from Katey and Charlie tonight.

  10. Cameron Rice says:

    I wasn’t surprised at all about gemma’s death, I’ve been waiting for it all season and it finally happened, I’m just glad she’s dead

  11. A's mom says:

    Is it just me or does it seem like Wendy is the only winner lately. Seems like she played everyone to get what she wanted. She played Tara & Gemma against each other and Tara was killed off, she played Jax against Gemma by telling about Juice and she got killed off. She got Max without bitchy mom Gemma who she never liked, Tara was killed too and she got her son.

    • Kay says:

      I kind of agree with this, what if Wendy is a master manipulator and coordinated everything??? Haha I known it’s unlikely but I felt like that scene between her and Jax was oddly random even though they sorta hinted at them reconnecting in past eps this season. It’s kind of like we are back at the beginning with those two but without the main barriers of Tara, drugs and Gemma. I was kind of bummed about it for some reason, except we got to see Jax’s butt again which is never terrible.

      • Kay says:

        I also want to just point out that Wendy is taking Tara’s place literally she became Gemma’s dad’s conservator in place of Tara, she became the mom, and now she is in Tara’s bed with Jax, which no woman has entered yet despite Jax’s recent manwhore episode. Tara fans, how upsetting is that???? Is that what she would of wanted, not sure about that.

        • rachelle says:

          So many good points in this whole line of comments! Great points about Wendy. I also doubt she master manipulated the whole thing, but boy, is she making out. I would actually love that twist, but I can’t see all the pieces fitting. I think someone in a past recap commented that it’s ironic that the most messed up person from the pilot looks like she’ll be the only one to get out alive. And I’m super upset about Jax disrespecting Tara’s memory with these hook ups. But his hook up with that gutter whore was definitely worst than this one with Wendy.

        • Cheryl says:

          I don’t think it’s Wendy taking Tara’s place. I loved Tara but like Wendy said last night; it wasn’t only weird for her to be there because of Tara’s death, it was weird to be there because of her own O.D. on that floor. Two ghosts were living in that home, Tara and the old Wendy. That was Wendy’s home before Tara, Wendy’s bed before Tara and Wendy’s son before Tara. I think Jax believes he is about to die and making love to Wendy is his way of forgiving her and thanking her for taking care of his sons after he is gone.

        • Tara is dead, so she doesn’t “want” anything. Why do the living care so much about what the dead would have wanted?

      • Sally says:

        That was funny Kay..LOL..I agree with everything you said except the part about Wendy being a master manipulator..she’s too dumb to be that!! I was bummed about Wendy and Jax getting together again too..Tara is Jax’s true love and no one will ever take her place AND I hope that Jax doesn’t die..

        • Krisellen Lang says:

          maybe we were all supposed to think she was too dumb…until the very last scene…and then we all realize that Raising Sons Of Anarchy is the new spin-off —–starring Wendy!

      • buttercupp85 says:

        I know some people did not like Jax and Wendy reconnecting…but for me it made sense. I mean, come on, sometimes emotions get intertwined and passion happens. If I was Jax, and knew I was probably dead (depending on what happened in that conversation that we never heard the end of), yeah I’d probably reconnect with my ex-wife one more time (one last time).

  12. Bwhit says:

    I feel like it was justice for Tara but also a pretty clear indication Jax will join the body count. He seemed so at peace if that makes sense, like he isn’t trying to save his own butt (which probably made its last appearance tonight :)) but embracing his probable demise. I do feel this was one last manipulation by Gemma though, telling him it was time. I did get emotional when it came to Juice because I feel he did suffer for what he did and paid dearly. Jax may go out like his dad, leave JT’s manuscript and his journals to Abel and Thomas and they will grow up on that farm with Nero and Wendy, away from SAMCRO like Tara wanted. At least that’s the best ending I see.

    • JA says:

      That would be a cool circle. Both poetic and tragic. It would also hint that Abel may just continue making his father’s mistakes, which would certainly fit the dark tone this show has always done so well. the show stressed in the early years that the absence of John Teller was such a negative thing for Jax. It would be truly ironic if Jax dies by his own actions, thinking he’s doing the best thing for his sons, when truly the best thing for them would be to have a father who is trying to be better for their sakes.

  13. yurie says:

    They both were bawling about how terrible the writing has become. With everything that has happened (or rather not happened) in the past 7 seasons, everything without the fillers would have fit into 3 seasons. This season should not have had more than 6 episodes. There’s good slow (Rectify) and then there’s bad slow (SoA).

  14. mel says:

    Unser and Gemma, just wow. I thought Jax would cave yo her manipulation and let her go. Rip Gemma, you were the best female character ever. The homeless woman shows up in Oregon? That’s gotta have something to do with finale. Vic Mackey as truck driver was a nice touch.

  15. Teresa says:

    Wasn’t shocked but it was still heartbreaking. I t was so hard to watch. I was in tears. Charlie and katey were superb. Did not expect Unser either. Really don’t want it to end. Hoping Jax ends up on that farm with Nero, Wendy and the boys.

    • Meshell Billings says:

      I would love for Jax to end up on the farm with Nero, Wendy, and the boys. I’m worried it won’t end that way though.

  16. Stormie says:

    Her death for me wasn’t brutal which is what she deserved. Look how she killed an innocent woman in Tara then she just gets one shot to the head.

  17. shboogies says:

    Jax obvi dies in the finale. Sad, but obvi.

  18. Jennifer Olsen says:

    OMG what an episode. I didn’t think Jax would kill Wayne. I knew that Juice was going to be taken out. I was shocked that Jax shot his mother Gemma I cried. Katey Sagal is one awesome actress. Cannot wait to see what happens in episode 12 I hope that Jax doesn’t get killed. I wish that there would have been a Season 8 Kurt Sutter is one awesome director. I am going to miss watching Son’s Of Anarchy. I cannot believe the series is coming to end. I did have the chance to meet Juice and Chibs in person in Orlando at an I4 ride for Bikers against Child Abuse. At least I had my picture taken with them and had them autograph my Sons Of Anarchy Shirt. That is something I will treasure. I have Seasons 1 through 6 and can’t wait for Season 7 to come out. Best Of Luck to everyone on Son’s Of Anarchy. You will surely be missed.

    • anna says:

      That is so awesome, good for you! My claim to fame for the SONS is that I’m related to the owner of “Jimmy’s Burgers,” the burger joint where Nero, Jax, Chibbs and Bobbie shot a scene in the parking lot a couple episodes ago. My cuz never even mentioned it, then it aired. and i was like, WHAT!

  19. How not to end your story: And they all died. The end.

  20. Neek says:

    This show is nothing short of amazing! From start to finish NONstop awesome! I’ve never watched a show that was non stop awesome, save the Shield. Guess good writers are hard to find. I love/hate Gemma. RIP Unser😔

  21. David says:

    The homeless woman and the truck driver, there is a connection here with Jax’s eventual death. Somehow tying in J.T’s crash and death. Wasn’t it only Jax and Gemma, who have only seen homeless woman? Truck triver see’s her and comments ” she reminds me of my wife” I might be off here, but….

    • cindy says:

      I have been wondering the same thing too. And even if it comes to be true, its sooooo typical of Kurt Sutter. He stopped being original a long time ago. Its like he’s on some big ego trip of wanting everyone to secretly want to know what he’s going to do next, And how deviate his thoughts are. Yay Sutter…….next……..

      • Tracy says:

        Jax is limping. That means he will probably lose control of his bike on the corner his dad did. Just putting that out there right now…

      • cheryl says:

        Milo is the only person besides Jax and Gemma that has acknowledged the Homeless lady’s existence. We know that Gemma is behind the accident that caused JT and the homeless lady’s deaths (and we’re the only ones who know it now) and JT collided with a semi truck driver. When the homeless lady looks at Gemma while Milo is waiting, she glares at Gemma. It meant that Gemma was on her way to die and a “semi truck” was going to take her to her death as well. It meant karma for JT, not just Tara. It was the viewers answer to whether or not Jax would ever know the truth about JT. The answer is no, but Gemma is still going to get a little karma for that.

    • cherylsaye says:

      The truck driver was the only star of Kurt’s old show, The Shield, that has not made an appearance on Sons.

      While this may be a connection with the homeless lady and the truck driver being in the same spot (due to Jax being with JT’s old bike in a previous episode) it also could only be a metaphor: Jax “fixing” JT’s bike for Jax “fixing” JT’s club–putting it in working order, making it work again, etc.. which is (in reference to the comment below) very typical of Sutter (to use a metaphor) and in that scene, the truck driver taking Gemma to her death, or karma (and the homeless lady silently watching on….she almost glared at her…somewhat looked like revenge almost).

      Although, I am only speculating as well. That’s just what I took from those scenes. I am still trying to figure out the foot hurting scene!

      And yes, it’s only been Jax and Gemma that has seen the homeless lady (although she was behind Juice last season).

      • Stu Pidasso says:

        Too me it looked like Gemma thought she knew her. I thought it was the baby sitter at first. The way she looked at Gemma was like she was afraid of her.

        • cherylsaye says:

          The babysitters mother is the homeless lady. That was revealed last season. That’s why they look alike but Gemma has seen that homeless lady before. They’ve even spoke. She’s had that same outfit and stroller for years; years Gemma has accounted her.

          • anna says:

            Maybe the bag lady represents Mayhem, (or the Crow)….whoever “sees” or acknowledges her presence, or whom she follows and watches—has died: Bobbie, Gemma, Juice. The trucker saw her: could be that he or his profession plays a part in the series’ ending, or it was just Gemma’s ending. I love symbolism, Sutter is a master at this. JT’s bike, blood only on Jax’s right foot (the foot he is limping on), the bag lady, JT’s complete manuscripts that Jax hasn’t read, yet , Jax handing back Juice his Jacket in front of JT’s memorial. ….all represent clues to this story’s ending. Bravo Sutter! You have kept us entertained and coming back for more whether it was because those who loved your writing had something to rave about the next day, or, those who hate and critic your efforts had something to complain about. This is YOUR show to do YOUR way. As it should be for a true artist.

    • Renee says:

      In an article I read, the truck driver isn’t referring to the homeless woman when makes that comment, he’s talking about the vending machine.

  22. Rick says:

    Jack will meet Mr. Mayhem and the by law he spoke of is probably not letting the boys join when they get older.

  23. john nice says:

    disapointed they wrote that scene to kill jemma, i know some bad guys but no one i know would kill his mom. pick between wife and mom, guess who would go? besides she dis what jack didnt have the ball to do , kill tara, she was going to turn him in, take his kids away, she should have been gone, jemma did him a favor and he killed the wrong person, he would be tormented for life if he really would do it.

  24. katedfw says:

    I am still shattered from last night’s episode! I haven’t cried that heard since Opie said “I got this”! I can’t imagine what next week will bring!

  25. Stu Pidasso says:

    So, what was with Jax’s foot hurting?

    • wrstlgirl says:

      That’s what’s driving me crazy. They made a point of showing him tying his shoes and then tripping over Chibs when he stood up. Chibs even asked him what it was about and Jax answered “I don’t know brother” or something like that. Then he was limping for the rest of the episode. What is that about?!?!?!

      • Sam says:

        Will it cause him to crash his bike? His leg gives out?

      • Jax&Juice's Girl says:

        Well so far there’s only 2 theories about what’s going to happen to Jax:1. Dies by the Mayhem vote OR 2.Die like JT on his bike (that whole foot/ankle limp was weird but that could a BIG part).
        I have to say kudos to Katey Sagal for playing a badass BITCH that we loved to hate on this show and if not for Gemma there’s no SOA!!!!

        • wrstlgirl says:

          I think it’s option two. Who knows, Sutter may have a surprise up his sleeve and Jax might live :-)

          • Jax&Juice's Girl says:

            I was kinda thinking that option too. The scene were Jax was talking to the presidents of the other charters when he asked them ”there’s something I want in return”. *I think that’s what he said then they cut it off showing SAMCRO waiting in the other room. Maybe they will let him live and leave the club so he can be with boys.

          • wrstlgirl says:

            Either the option to go out on his own terms or to give up the patch and walk away. I can’t wait to see!!! My BF thinks maybe he was told he had to kill Gemma as part of the deal since she was the one who’s lies caused all the problems. In the episode before he seemed resigned to not killing her. Who the heck knows, lol.

      • anna says:

        Jax is wounded as the leader of the Club, Chibbs caught him as he tripped. Chibbs will be the new leader in power, or somehow will be the deciding force in the final direction of Jax’s life. I think

      • bryansf says:

        I think it is an allusion to Achilles of Greek Mythology – his heel was the only thing not dipped in the water of immortality (by his mother, mind you) and therefore was his ultimate downfall, and causing him to be mere-mortal. I think this is foreshadowing Jax’s ultimate demise – he has seemingly been ‘immortal’ all of these years, escaping death at every turn…but he is about to become Achilles.

    • Bwhit says:

      It has to be setting up that he is going to die in a similar way to his dad. They showed JT’s bike the episode before, the line of semi trucks when Gemma was sleeping and his foot. I don’t know how, but they are all tied together somehow.

    • michelle says:

      I need someone to confirm this…I think there is a small drop of blood on jax’s sock heel that can be seen for a second when he takes off his shoes at the end of the episode. I am not sure about all the theories but my first thought was that something either bit him while he was sleeping, like a rat or mouse, or something crawled in or was intentionally put into his shoe while he slept.

  26. Walkie says:

    The show continues to masterbate itself without giving any care towards plot.

    So Jax is now a serial killer? How many people has he murdered? And somehow he’s never caught? Terrible.

    And what was with that terrible music montage at the end?

    Sutter gets in his own way far too often.

  27. Kate Hansen says:

    Ip from what I have seen . Jax dies in the end:( By choice.

  28. Was I the only one who thought for a second that Gemma was going to end up running off with Vic Mackey? His tenure at the FBI should be over by now.

  29. Valerie West says:

    nero is going to miss gemma they loved eachother

  30. chevygal86 says:

    Oh my goodness! !
    I’m so upset me personally I loved Gemma she did everything to keep the family together even if that meant killing Tara she thought she was protecting Jax I’m just pissed that he killed his own mother, but I guess that’s just how it had to be but Jax n Gemma r my fav. I think next episode Jax will probably go out like JT. I hate to see it but I’m sure that’s what it is,, Katey u r amazing and Charlie u r beautiful!!!

  31. chevygal86 says:

    Or Nero is gonna be pissed cuz Jax kills Gemma n he goes stupid and kills jax… Idk just a theory?

  32. It was a stand up and applaud episode. Gemma loves Jax and her grandsons, She knows for them to heal she needs to die. She has been in shock since she killed Tara trying to protect her boys , then too late finds out Tara had not given Jax up. Through out her years she made many rash decisions that haunted her , but Tara’s death by Gemma’s hands took the wife and mother away from her boys. She knew her time had passed her and she was tired of all the lies. Does Jax find out his mother knew John Teller would be killed ? Does not seem anyone is left to tell him.Gemma was strong and weak ,I would have her in a mental institution or prison . In that garden she cut Jax’s ties to her and took with the blame for all the death’s that had started with her lie and her obsession with with her position in the club and her sons life. I shed tears for Gemma, Unser and Jax as all died for love,Gemma of Jax, Unser of Gemma, and Jax inside for his mother,his wife and boys and his club.

  33. Charlie says:

    I was hoping gamma would die this season. But then I thought it would be fitting for her to live the rest of her life knowing she messed up and she would no longer have access to jax and his boys. Because that is all she live for.

  34. Nash says:

    What’s with all the prison Sex? I got over it the first few times but damn Kurt. I just gotta ask

    • stu pidasso says:

      I have never seen anybody pounded like Juice was. That Chinese guy looked like he was pounding in a nail.

    • cindy says:

      I know right? What’s up with that. Sutter make sures all prison scenes are guy’s getting it in the a** and then stabbed. Really?…….If he like’s it that much why didn’t he just do it once and then on his own couch hit rewind-play-rewind-play-rewind-play-…

  35. Robby Horine says:

    Gemma’s story end should have been that she turned states evidence and went into witness protection. Where she was shuttled off to Chicago to live with her shoe salesman husband, sleazy son and her airhead and very easy daughter.

  36. Alherns says:

    The saddest part about Unser being killed is he’s the only one other than Jax that loved Tara almost equally. I understand why Jax had to kill him though, but if Tara is looking down, she would only see Jax exactly as Gemma: two idiotic killers.

  37. Mike says:

    I think Marks and Charlie Borowski are going to get killed in the finale. Tying up loose ends.

    Wendy and Nero will take the boys away to the farm where they will live happily ever after.

    Jax is going to meet Mr. Mayhem at the hands of the other Presidents and his special by law is going to have something to do with dissolving the club in Charming, protecting his boys and trumpeting the peaceful, tormented ways of his dead father.

    That’s my prediction.

    • Old post but you obviously had read the series companion book that had got leaked, posted this comment picking two things from companion and two things incorrect so youd look smart but wouldn’t be figured out about reading companion book. Lol pathetic loser

  38. John Moshier says:

    I noticed jaxs is limping around is this gonna be part of his fate

  39. Guest says:

    I was happy with Unser’s demise, I was yelling for Jax to shoot him. After Unser mouthing off to Jax in last week’s episode, I hoped Jax would beat him to a pulp, but shooting him did the trick too. He was annoying as H this season. Trying to be a good cop now when he’s been crooked all along

  40. samcrowed says:

    See how jax was limping? He got hurt the night before when he rigs up a building with explosives. This is the place where the mayhem vote takes place. Jax is going to kill all soa and himself in the explosion. And put an end to the mayhem. He is not going to save the club. Chibs is the only member left alive.

  41. Shadyone63 says:

    Sorry. This episode ruined it…made it fake😡

  42. Carol says:

    I’m surprised Jax killed her. How do u live with killing ur mom? Or telling ur children u killed grandma? Mayhem may take him down next & then just 2 ex-junkies will raise his sons. Regardless I’m very sad to see the show end. We’ve named our dog Jemma…a white pit bull. Today I’m hugging her saying oh no Jemma u die. So Gemma/Jemma will continue to be a household name at our place for next 15 years lol….Katey Sagal is awesome we were super glad to see her in this & hope more from her soon.

  43. I was just really disappointed that Jemma didn’t kill herself and save her son from carrying that one more piece of tragedy. Killing Jemma has already been foretold by Nero as what would ultimately bring Jax to ruin so…I hate to say it but Jax is doomed and has set up the end of his life giving his boys a mother and safe place to live with a Grandfather…Nero to guide them as well as cleaning up the mess he made with his club. So, I guess he’ll go out pretty clean for all the terrible choices he has made but still I rather this was not the end. Jax has never been a bad person but he sure has done some bad things.

  44. RoberTG6 says:

    So now that most of the charachters are dead , what will be the ending , let’s hope that it doesn’t end with Tig and Venus ride of in the sunset . I think Jax and the other charter made some kind of agreement , because after the metting ended he said : I was glad to be your president , or something like that , and he didn’t even hit that hammer or whatever it’s called.
    Pretty much Jax will die in the final episode … that’s my guess

  45. R3dbirds says:

    Wow. As much as I knew that Gemma had to die, I held out as much hope as I could for her to live. Didn’t see the Unser death coming. My questions?

    1. Why is Jax limping?
    2. Why did Nero say to Unser, to protect Jax?
    3. How big is Juice’s butthole while in prison? (Lol)
    4. Does blood on Jax’s shoes mean he’s going to die, or is that just a spiritual death?

    Oh Lawd!!!!!

    • cheryl says:

      1.) Good question.
      2.) So he wouldn’t kill his own mother. It would ruin him.
      3.) Huge!
      4.) Spiritual death. Throughout the entire seven years of the show and all the horrendous things Jax has done, his white shoes have never been stained. It meant that he now has blood on his white shoes, or his innocence is now officially stained.

      • K2NT1 says:

        VERY OBSERVANT CHERYL!!!! I never thought of that. I thought it had to mean something but also wondered if he would get raided with the key evidense out in the open sine I read some where that us “fans will be pissed off about the finale” Jax said but he stated he is satisfied with it… I wonder… UGGGGHH!! Lol!

        • cheryl says:

          Oh don’t get me wrong, I have thought that Jax was not going to make it out of the final season alive since Season 4. However, that particular scene represented his spiritual death. The entire episode, “Red Rose” was full of symbolism, so I went in prepared to interpret the episode. ( Sutter said on FB Tuesday afternoon that Red Rose was his favorite episode of the entire series and since he loves symbolism and literature, I was prepared) the entire episode was full of it! The truck driver, homeless lady, white roses, gardens, etc..)

  46. anna says:

    Hey fellow fans I just had a thought, doesn’t Jax have a bad heart like his Mother and Brother? Foot pain could be an extension of a heart problem, blod clot, impending heart attack.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      That’s one of the many theories being discussed :-)

    • anna says:

      Final episode Scenario: Jax somehow ties up & resolves the chaos he has caused between all the rival gangs (well enough where they can continue business between themselves w/out Jax’s intervention and w/out further retaliation towards Jax). The bylaw clause is that a member can now walk away f/the Charter and relinquish his patches if chooses to do so. Chibbs becomes the new Prez and decides to let black members into SAMCRO. Jax gives up certain people to the D.A./strikes a deal to get her off his & the club’s back. Nero accepts how Jax had to deal w/Gemma (or at least makes Jax think so), and Jax is on his bike on his way to Norco to try to start being the father to his boys that Tara always hoped for, and POW!! Heart attack. Just like Tara was so hopeful that her life was coming together, Gemma was around the corner. Who knows.

  47. Ok…….what is the symbolism of the homeless girl appearing occasionally in some episodes? Your thoughts please. Thanks

    • anna says:

      I’m trying to make sense of that. Maybe, she shows up around a certain character when its his or her’s “time.” Or, she represents the sequence of who gets “offed.” Didn’t She walk by the ice cream shop and Bobbie made some comment about her (I think), #1. Juice throws the murder weapon used on Tara in a dumpster, and she follows up behind him, #2. Then she shows up at the truck stop where Gemma is on her way to Oregon, #3. Maybe she represents Karma, wasn’t she an innocent victim of JT’s accident? I have a feeling we will see her one more time. Its hard to pinpoint, her appearances are so sporadic, random.

      • She was frigging death! Or at least the reaper of the teller family and those connected, she always showed up right before a death, even in Ireland shortly before the couple who were going to adopt Abel died, heck her cart in the last episode had an umbrella in it handle pointing up which represented the grim reapers sickle, the crows flying over the final scene represented all of Jackson’s fallen brothers coming to meet him in the did nobody ever put that together? Even 3 years after finale?

  48. Alibeth Pratt says:

    Killing your own mother fits right up there in social taboos with a mother-in-law killing her daughter-in-law. Just once I would have like Gemma to be a little less narcisstic and said to Jax I’m sorry I killed Tara the woman you loved. These characters were one dimensional antisocial intense all the time which is why the show did not win Emmys. I have to admit it kept you at the edge of your seat by breaking every taboo in the break.

  49. I’m very disappointed!!!! Poor script!! Juice gets raped again, then killed, Jacs shoots Wanye and his mother!! his mother!!! then have sex like nothing happen!!! I could have wrote a better 2nd ending, and made it entertaining “VERY DISSAPOINTED”

  50. I was very disappointed, Juice gets raped again, then killed, Jax kills Wayne then Gemma his mother!! his mother!!!! after that have sex with Wendy! I could have written an exciting, entertaining, thrilling, A WASTE OF 2ND LAST EPISODED!!!!!!!