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Sleepy Hollow Finale Post Mortem: Tom Mison, John Noble & EP on Henry's Grand Gesture, [Spoiler]'s Death

Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Midseason Finale Tom Mison

Warning: The following Q&A contains major spoilers for Monday’s Sleepy Hollow midseason finale. Proceed with caution.

Stick a sword in Moloch, because he’s done.

Sleepy Hollow‘s midseason finale ended with a game-changing cliffhanger: Though Henry (AKA the Horseman of War) looked like he was going to skewer Ichabod with the Sword of Methuselah, he instead plunged it into Moloch’s chest, destroying the demon and effectively ending his fledgling reign on Earth.

The big twist came at the end of a packed episode that also saw Frank Irving agree to wield the sword — his signed-away soul couldn’t be ruined by the weapon, the Witnesses theorized — only to die during a battle with Moloch’s minions.

But is Irving truly dead? What does the Horseman Formerly Known as Jeremy plan to do now that he’s literally killed his idol? And how will Mr. and Mrs. Crane — whose marriage rests on very rocky ground — handle this new development?

TVLine chatted with stars Tom Mison and John Noble and, in a separate interview, showrunner Mark Goffman to find out.

TVLINE | Moloch is no longer! Can you tell us about the decision to end that character and to have Henry do it?
GOFFMAN | From the pilot, Moloch has been this mysterious big bad, and incredibly frightening and terrifying — a creature we’ve often kept in the shadows. We set up very early in Season 1 his goal: Moloch shall rise. He wants to come to Earth and begin his earthly reign. That’s really the next step of the apocalypse… Everything this season has been gearing toward his rise. But this time, [as opposed to in the Season 2 premiere], we felt like he should accomplish it. To make an unexpected twist on that, he should die. Then the question was how.Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Midseason Finale

We started seeding, over the course of the season, the slow disenfranchisement that Henry was having with Moloch. He’s looked toward this creature as his true father, as the one who saved him… What was so interesting to me was what Henry wants, and what he’s always wanted, is this unconditional love from a parent… He’s still looking for that love, whether he knows it or not.

There’s that moment in the midseason finale when he says to Moloch, “I’m vulnerable now, how can I face the Witnesses?” And Moloch basically says, “Well, if you die, you die. That’s your job.” That also to me was how I got the idea for the title, “The Akeda,” coming from this story that everyone knows from the Bible of the binding of Isaac, where God asks Abraham to sacrifice his son… [Everything] leads to this climactic moment where Crane is unable to sacrifice his son. He’s unable to do it. And Henry has just come from this moment where he knows full well that the creature he believes is his father or has been treating as his father, has placed his love and affection toward, actually doesn’t give him that love and affection. But his archenemy, Crane, does. That pivotal moment leads him to make that decision and of course, because he’s Henry, he has to do that very cleverly.

TVLINE | Did you know the twist was coming for a while?
NOBLE | Not at all, until the script broke.
MISON | It was only a couple of weeks before we got the script.
NOBLE | It was quite late.
MISON | Because it’s an event that changes everything. Not only changing the characters involved, but it’s our main baddie who suddenly is dethroned. It’s bold.
NOBLE | The raison d’etre of the first half of the season is destroyed. So what are you left with, then, without any driving force, good or bad? So what needs to be created now is a new raison d’etre, a new reason for going on with the story for all of the characters. Otherwise, we’d just go over the same ground again. And that’s a challenge.

TVLINE | Who’s in charge of Purgatory now?
GOFFMAN | Yes! Great question. One of the exciting things for us in storytelling is, what happens to Purgatory when its leader is killed? It’s kind of like in an awful dictatorship, when the leader of a country is killed and the country is thrown into chaos. There’s fighting and factions, and demons can be popping up from all over. There’s the devil you know, and that devil had a certain kind of order and a certain kind of plan in place, and all that is throw into chaos now.

TVLINE | We see very brief reactions from those watching Henry kill Moloch. Can you give me a hint about how Ichabod and Abbie will take this turn of events?
Well, I think they were surprised. [Laughs] Relieved they’re not dead, certainly. That’s what exciting about when we jump back in in January. There are so many ways this could play out. Did Henry do it to save Katrina? Did he do it as a power play? Is he now going to be the new ruler of Purgatory? Does he not give a s—t about any of it? Is he planning to go on a walkabout? There’s a lot of potential ways that all seem reasonable, to me, that this could all play out. Abbie and Crane are going to have to adjust pretty quickly.

TVLINE | Earlier in the episode, we saw the Cranes’ marriage is in a rough place. How does Henry killing Moloch affect them? Does it change anything between them? Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Midseason Finale
One of the things I think we’ve looked at over the course of the season is what a really difficult position Katrina’s been in. She’s been in Purgatory, which is the equivalent of a level of hell, for over 200 years. We saw how much that weighed on Abbie, basically being there for just a day. So that’s got to take a toll.

…Not only is she having to adjust to life outside of Purgatory, but life in 2015 instead of 1781. And life with Crane who now knows she’s a witch and a spy and all the secrets she had kept from him. Their relationship is in such a different place… They need to figure out whether they work as a couple, and if they do, how? On what level? That came to a head in the midseason finale and now they need to figure out: Is there any reconciliation, or do they move on? I think that’s really interesting territory.
NOBLE | I think [Ichabod and Katrina] would be impressed with what he did, but the previous five minutes weren’t so impressive. [Laughs] He’s a very naughty boy.
MISON | Like John said, when the character’s motivation — it’s driven us since the pilot, it’s the reason Ichabod was brought out of the ground — suddenly it’s done. And then it’s very clever, particularly the episode following: What do we do now when you think it’s all over, then how do you find new ground? Suddenly you’re 250 years out of time with no purpose. That’s been fun to play around with.

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TVLINE | Let’s talk about Irving: Given that we know that Henry has his soul on lockdown, is Frank gone gone?
GOFFMAN | Hmm. There is an answer to that question. I’ll say this: One of the things I love about working on Sleepy Hollow is that “dead” doesn’t necessarily mean “gone.” On other shows, if you kill a character, it’s pretty hard to make them return. Irving’s death in the midseason finale needs to have weight, needs to be real and had a very strong impact on Abbie, Crane and Jenny. And that has to have ramifications in the second half of the season. But I think it’s interesting to see what happens when people come back, like Brooks for example.

TVLINE | Is Abraham’s humanity salvageable? Will we see that play out?
GOFFMAN | This season is really about family, redemption and duty versus family. It’s interesting that a lot of our characters and Katrina, at various points — especially given her relationship with Abraham — is always looking for redemption in people and looking to find what’s good or what could still be good, even in the most horrific of monsters. And so that’s still to be determined. But I think we’ll get an answer to that by the end of the season.

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  1. Ron says:

    THIS is the reason I fell in love with this show! What a fantastic episode. This season, for me, has been very up-and-down. But this mid-season finale was hands down the best episode this season. So much going on–so many important things happening. The character development, the plot, the twists…gah. It was simply fantastic. I really hope the second half of the season can retain most of this quality. I’m really interested to see how things play out given all of the major events that occurred this episode.

    • M3rc Nate says:

      Interesting, i thought the opposite, this episode was extremely predictable, i saw Henry killing Molach a mile out and for all the stuff they did to fill time (get weapons, magic, etc) it ended up being just that, filler that got 2 seconds of screen time (the sword, guns, etc) showing they didnt work them moved on. Yeah the Captain died but hes obviously coming back in some form or another, so thats not that huge…overall the only game changer was Molach dying and with him dying…idk the big baddie just doesnt feel as important to the show anymore IMO….he felt like Satan, and they setup all of this mythology to make it seem like when he came they had to finish their “Witness” duties…but its only the mid-season finale of season 2…feels like they setup all this mythology and then blew their entire wad that they setup for a season 2 mid-finale…

      So, overall, very meh IMO. Not much character development, all the main characters seem securely safe in their “plot armor”. Aka nothing is happening to Ichabod/Henry/Katrina/etc.

      • Brit says:

        I know that ‘Sleepy Hollow’ has gone down hill but I want to strongly urge fans to NOT give up on the show. Give the writers a chance to fix things. Too many good shows hit a rough patch and do not get a chance to rebound because fans abandon ship…networks are too eager to cancel shows that start to drop in ratings.

        • flo says:

          but we’ve waited and waited for the show to give us what was promised. But so far, false promies. It’s not interesting anymore. It has NOTHING to do with shipping. The writing is horrible. The characters are weak. Its amateur tv writing, a sad drop off the platform from last year. People shouldn’t watch just because. They should watch because they enjoy it. Sadly, that’s not the case anymore. It’s BORING.

          • ? says:

            I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks it’s been terrible this year. One of the most inexplicable drops in quality I’ve ever seen a show undergo. I stopped two episodes ago (which is why I still care enough to click on this article and read about a character’s death) and I don’t think I’m going back.

          • Angela says:

            What was promised that you don’t think you’re getting?
            And Brit’s post didn’t say anything about shipping in the way you took it. They were talking about jumping ship, as in abandoning the show after a rough patch.

      • Dana says:

        I thought the opposite as well. I really don’t like what they’ve done to this show or how much they keep favoring Katrina. The Crane family melodrama needs to come to an end. I suspect Parish will take over purgatory and hopefully take mom with him. Irving’s death was stupid, especially if they are bringing him back as some kind of demon that doesn’t own his own soul still. Wouldn’t that be rehashing Andy’s storyline?? Only halfway through season 2 and they’ve already run out of ideas… He should have stayed captain and kept fighting with the team, but I guess they are having Katrina take his place. Bad move.
        This show should be about Abbie and Ichabod fighting the apocalypse and discovering their powers as chosen witnesses. They shouldn’t need a witch to cast spells for them if they’ve been divinely chosen by God to defeat evil, so why is she there aside from Gossman’s obsession with her? It’s not bad if she helps occasionally along with the rest of the team, but this should mainly be about the witnesses. I’m losing interest fast.

  2. Anice says:

    Shocked at the ending, can’t wait to see where it goes from here. Well done!!

  3. Angela says:

    DEFINITELY was not expecting that ending! Wow. Yeah, I’m going to be very curious to see what that means for the rest of the season, having to find someone new to battle. It makes sense-they did need to eventually start vanquishing some of the major demons they’ve been battling, it’s only natural new ones would pop up in their place.
    I do find it interesting that Henry might actually be feeling some redemption. For all those who’ve been complaining about Katrina and Ichabod’s sympathy for their son, it’d be kind of amusing to have the Cranes’ concerns proven right and worthwhile. Personally, I like Noble playing evil, so I’d be totally cool with him remaining evil and doing this simply for some sort of power play, ’cause that could be awesome in its own right. But whatever direction they go, I’ll be intrigued (heck, he could even turn into a double agent of some sort, working for both sides).
    And the comments about Irving have me VERY relieved…I’d wondered about the “if they’re dead, do they stay dead” thing. After all, if Ichabod can wake from a 250 year slumber, well… I really hope that means we will see Irving again as soon as humanly possible. What state he’ll be in, though, that I’m going to be interested to see.
    (That “dying and not always staying dead” thing has me nervous for the bad guys, too, mind. If Irving can “come back”, it wouldn’t surprise me to see Moloch someday do the same, which would be…frightening.)
    Very intense finale. I think I was holding my breath for the last ten, fifteen minutes, anxious to see what came next. Anxious to see what will happen next when the show returns in January!

    • Babybop says:

      Oh crap. I didn’t think about that side of the not staying dead thing. You’re totally right. Now I’m a bit nervous.

    • TG says:

      How about Irving returning as the bad guy next season? The team having to battle one of their own. Soulless Irving.

      • Angela says:

        That’s what I’ve been wondering about, yeah. On the one hand, I like Irving and want him to remain a good guy. On the other hand, it’d be interesting to see them dealing with him as a bad guy.

  4. JenE says:

    Frank! They killed Frank???? I am so flipping mad. Katrina is the completely useless & annoying character. She needs to go now, not someone with talent & an interesting storyline (well it was before the idiot writers they have this season got their hands in the pie). This show is so frustrating right now! I want the old Sleepy Hollow back!

    • Angela says:

      You did read the part of the article where it seems to be implied that Irving may not be dead for good, right? I suspect we’ll see him again-Orlando Jones seems to enjoy working on this show too much to just up and leave for good.

    • ... says:

      Orlando Jones is horrendous in this role, so the show would be better off without him. And it’s not like he’s dead-dead anyway, so calm down.

      • Ian says:

        I hate to say it too, but I find Orlando Jones to be a weird actor. Theres just something off about his acting.

        • The Irving character just seemed odd man out, but then so does Hawley. There are too many characters here, and if we’re being honest, there are only five strong ones, Crane, Abbie, Abraham, Katrina (who is getting interesting now) and Henry. Beyond them, there really needs to be no other regulars. I’m sorry Irving but, we didn’t know ye. As for the episode, it wasn’t bad, but the lead in least week was much stronger. And I don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but the commercials are so much longer than they initially were. If I’m sitting through 20 minutes of commercials, how much time is left to tell a story properly? It needs to be tightened up or the time given to the story telling needs to be increased if we are going to be able to hang on. It seems to me that when a show becomes popular, the advertisers flock to buy air time and the viewers and writers are robbed. I think this is the problem here. I really love this show and it’s goofy fun and I’d hate to lose it as I did Fringe (a great show as well), because networks don’t allow us much time to fall in love anymore.

          • backagen says:

            I completely agree. These are the only important characters! I am so tired of hearing what about jenny? exactly what about her ZZZZZZ. She has a constant look of constipation on her face. She seems strained. I did like the Jones character I would have rather them kept him and killed off Jenny. Maybe to take care of his family she will use her Rambo training (WTF?) and stay hidden in the woods.

          • christina says:

            I guess this is the reason why the ratings are dropping because some think this way. There is no way that Abraham and Katrina are stronger characters than Jenny or Irving. Irving odd man out only this season and due to writing. To be frank I rather see Headless than Abraham who is a whiny man who all of a sudden can’t live without Katrina, that entire threesome is tiresome. To each their own but the proof is in the pudding, the show has lost a lot of what made it work in season 1 and you just have to look at what is being highlighted to see where the mistakes are being made.

            The commercials are exactly the same length and amount as always. Popular show don’t increase ad they charge more for the spots.

          • Moria says:

            Totally agree this is a case where the proof is in the ratings. While rates in themselves certainly don’t equal quality (we all wish), it’s pretty obvious a ton of fans have jumped ship. I believe this year’s about 30-40% lower than last year, according to sites like Futon Critic. (Obviously this past Monday is an exception since last year’s show at this time was a repeat.) But last year we had lots of Irving, Jenny, John Cho, scary Moloch, & scary Headless running around with a machine gun. This year we get CW melodrama, bad writing, & a whitewashed cast. And people have stopped watching. Fox has so few shows that aren’t sports to schedule, and many with terrible ratings, it’s pretty much a guarantee this will get a third season. But I fear the ratings will be even lower in the spring and with no change the third season could be it’s last.

          • Moria says:

            Totally don’t get the “too many characters” argument. This makes me think of the joke book critique that “it had too many words.” Most half hour sitcoms these days have more than 5 main characters. I think an hour long show can handle it. The problem’s not the number- it’s the writing. For the sake of the show I hope it gets a new showrunner for season 3.

          • Dana says:

            Katrina is not a good character. Sorry, but she’s not. Irving on the other hand was. I was happier with the way things were last season.

      • flo says:

        Oh please. Get out of here. Stupid comment. Orlando Jones is the reason alot of fans watch this show.

        • I don’t think anyone’s comment is “stupid”. Everyone has their own feelings about the characters. But the only thing we can agree on is that Tom Mison is essential for this show and that FOX is only looking at ratings, not fans. I saw two shows die on FOX and both had very loyal fan bases. One was Fringe. I loved nearly every episode of that show and John Noble’s “Walter” was just fantastic. I like where this show is heading, it just needs the time to tell the story and we are people heavy here. What happens in the flashbacks is telling an important and complicated story and a lot of us do care about why Katrina is in the picture and how/why she’s manipulated the of course of the story. The horseman is essential, Crane and Abbie and I’m waffling on Henry because I don’t know where they’re going with him. The others? I think they’re pretty expendable as need be. And no offense, but Mr. Jones is not a main character and if you’re watching just to see him, then you’re missing the entire show. It’s been suggested that Jones may reappear, and it seems possible in this show. Also, someone mentioned the amount of principles in sitcoms. Really? There isn’t much to cover in Big Bang Theory, as it’s not a drama/mystery/comedy/romance show. Nerd gets new job is as deep as it goes. I love comedies, but Seinfeld is as deep as I want to get with them, which is to say, not very deep.

          • Dana says:

            Mr. Jones was a main character until they reduced him to nothing this season. Katrina is not interesting and most fans do not care about what happens to her or her backstory. If FOX is only looking at ratings and not fans, then the Katrina people should be VERY worried. She’s a main reason why the show is tanking.
            Abbie is essential as well as Ichabod. Everyone else comes second tier to that. Seems like the producers have forgotten this and the show is suffering as a result. It was much better with them in the forefront and with the great and diverse ensemble cast they had last year.

    • Dana says:

      @Angela, even if he is coming back he still doesn’t have his soul. Can Henry give it back or did he get it back when he slew the horseman even though Henry is still alive? That alone doesn’t make a lot of sense. So did he kill a suit or the horseman? If he could cut off an arm or render it useless, then why when he stuck the sword in did Henry not die? What actually “died” there? I hope they are not bringing him back as a tragic demon because that was Andy’s role and he played that well. We don’t need another one of those. Also, considering how producers jerk fans around, “implied” doesn’t mean anything coming from them. Sad but true. I feel sorry for Mr. Jones. He’s a writer/producer and he knew he got screwed but handled it well. Good on him.

  5. Nick says:

    This maybe just me, so call me crazy if you want, but I was really disappointed with this episode & hated it. It was pretty obvious that with the 5000000000th time they mentioned Henry being good that he was finally gonna be good. & irving’s death wasn’t as affecting because he’s barely been in this season. I thought this was gonna be a great episode but I thought it was the WORST they have ever done. & it’s really disappointing because this was my favorite show last year. It’s beginning to remind me of OUAT/Revenge- kickass 1st seasons, followed by mediocre/disappointing 2nd seasons. I just hope it gets better

    • Ian says:

      No you werent the only one. I wasnt blown away by this episode either.

      Frank dying and Henry turning on Moloch, were the most obvious things in the world and should have been seen coming from a mile in front of your face. And I dont care about the Crane marriage, and Hawley was as pointless as ever.

      I feel like the show needs to reinvent itself, and thats such a bad thing, because its only been a season and a half.

  6. Alichat says:

    I am curious to know how much of what happened was part of Abbie’s plan. And while this was a bold move, I am flummoxed right now. Where do they go from here? Will Brooks return now that ABC has stupidly cancelled Selfie? Will we actually see Ichabod on a hog?? Oh my….the visual that just popped into my head!

    Regarding Ichabod and Katrina, I think exploring what their marriage is now could be interesting, but not at the sacrifice of Ichabod’s relationship with Abbie. They are the heart of the show…..ship them or not…..she needs to remain a sounding board for him and voice of reason if they dive into the Crane marriage in January.

  7. Moria says:

    Wow. Reading this I think – maybe this is what’s wrong with the show this season – half of what the writers tell us is going on, isn’t what they show us. I really don’t feel like I’ve seen Henry slowly getting disillusioned with Moloch over the season. I certainly haven’t seen how spending 200 years in Purgatory has weighed heavily on Katrina compared to just how 1 day effected Abby. I would love to have seen that instead of her just always needing rescue, never having any real witch powers, & being kind of mopey. Not really thrilled with how little Irving’s been in this season – less of him would be really stupid, including how important Orlando Jones has been rallying fans online out of all the cast members. And having watched all of Buffy & Angel, killing off the Big Bad in a finale is meh if the story around it is blah. Sorry.

    • Angela says:

      See, I have felt and noticed that with Henry and Katrina this season, personally. Henry’s been questioning Moloch many times, there was that scene with him sitting on the floor crying at the end in one episode after Moloch berated him…he always seemed to kinda cower in Moloch’s presence, or use his activities towards Crane, Abbie, and Katrina in part to lash out at Moloch for controlling him so much. I suspect he wants the power all for himself but seemed frustrated at Moloch holding the reins for so long, and tonight he finally snapped and had it.
      And Katrina always looked so tired and exhausted when trying to deal with all the changes she was going through, physically, emotionally, and mentally-that to me tells me that her time in Purgatory really had worn her down (to the point where she wasn’t able to use her magic as much, or was willing to be led and sympathetic towards Henry and Abraham, or so forth).
      And I never saw “Buffy” or “Angel”, so while I’m familiar on some level with the basic concept of supernatural-themed shows like this, and big bads, it’s technically new and thrilling to me. I’ve personally been finding the story interesting this season, exploring the characters further and seeing how far they’re willing to go with their loyalties, and wondering who one can trust. To each their own, though. *Shrugs*

      • Kellen says:

        I can see why Katrina looks tired: by the end of the last episode I’d had it with Ichabod and Abbie assuring themselves and everyone else how frightfully superior and worthy they are. You’re the Witnesses; yes, darlings, we know, we’ve heard it ad nauseam. I was wishing Abraham would lop Ichabod’s head off and Abbie would discover that she wasn’t the Witness after all.
        I loved this show when it started: there were two strong main characters who were both KA in their own way, and interesting secondary characters, e.g. Jenny, who’d told the truth and stuck to it while Abbie knuckled under. Now I’m not sure I’m going to make it past S2. Ichabod’s jealousy and Abbie’s ‘how dare you think about your wife?’ routines are simply too ridiculous for words. If it’s supposed to set us up for an Abbie-Ichabod romance, all I can say is “Ick”. If I was interested in soap opera, I’d watch The Young and the Restless.

        • becca says:

          But you have no problem with the Katrina-Abraham-Ichabod love triangle that’s inevitably going to be drawn out in the remaining episodes? Interesting. The show’s already a soap opera with the Crane Family Drama of the week.

          And Abbie’s not saying how dare you think of your wife. It’s how dare you [Ichabod] think of yourself in the face of hell on Earth. How do you miss that.

          • Dana says:

            Exactly. The Katrina/Ichabod/Abraham triangle is horrid. And I’ve gotten tired of Katrina never seeming to take responsibility for her own actions. It’s hard for me to believe she cares about anyone but herself and Henry because all she does is play games with everyone else. Sounds like a psycho… and a boring one at that.

        • christina says:

          The only soap opera is the one where you can see why Katrina looks tired because that storyline hold true to Young and the Restless plotlines. The tired tiresome of Ichabod-Katrina-Abraham is great tv for you I guess not like a soap opera at all. The tired save my son plot was soap opera at all. What show are you actually watching.

    • aar says:

      this was not the season finale.

    • christina says:

      None of what Goffman stated in this interview has been shown on screen. Henry disillusion over the season where he has held steadfast that he is on the side of Moloch until Moloch hurt his feelings and like the big child that he has been display on season had a fight and struck out. I do agree that his overarching theme this season is parental love and that is the problem.

      All of Goffman’s Katrina excuses are just that, first we have no idea how Purgatory effected Abbie since it was a throw of statement that was never fully explored and she seems to have shaken it off. I also have no idea how Purgatory effected Katrina because I have no idea what she was done to her there besides walking around, lighting candles and using Moloch’s mirror. As for her magic it has been come the joke of the show and rightfully earned and her spying skills make her a reliability more than anything. When Ichabod, Abbie and now Jenny can perform incantation with more accuracy then the powerful leader of a witch coven and they have no supernatural training then we really don’t need a full time witch on the payroll.

      Irving and Jenny well rating are what they are.

  8. Lady T says:

    This episode sucked!

  9. Danielle says:

    Gorgeous episode, really well done. I just have one teensy request before end of season: A Ichabbie kiss, please. With the headless horseman on top?

  10. Susannah says:

    I’m truly not interested I the Crane Family Drama Hour. I watch this show to be frightened by scary supernatural things. To see the Witnesses band together and fight evil. Not to see how Icabod and Katrina can work out their marriage problems and reconnect with their son. I can’t believe Iriving died for this mess.

  11. Babybop says:

    I saw all of the twists coming a mile away, but I will admit I was a bit nervous when Henry started to swing the sword… I guess that means they did something right! Though I was confused that Ichabod didn’t even seem a little concerned when Abbie got shot. Unless I missed something.

    Anyways, excited for the back half of the episodes!

  12. Nay says:

    I think I’m done and probably won’t be back for 2B. It’s bad enough that they made Henry Ichabod and Katrina’s son in order to push the Crane family drama bs, but killing Irving and now the Henry/Jeremy possible redemption is too much. Good luck to those willing to solider on.

    • Gdv says:

      I, too, wasn’t thrilled with the Henry twist. I would have liked the ep better if Katrina had sacrificed herself for Henry’s soul. Then she could be evil and we would see how that would play out. And I love Irving. I wish they were utilicizing his character more. Hope he comes back!!

      • Lucy B says:

        Oh, that would be interesting, to have Katrina be a big bad! She’s been kind of wishy-washy this season, which I am guessing is how they’re showing her struggle with her time in purgatory, but her turning evil, and Ichabod trying to redeem her, especially if she turned evil right after he prompted them putting their relationship on hold, would be interesting drama.

  13. annoyed says:

    Everything in that title is a spoiler. Why do the peopke who havent yet seen the episode need to know that Someone dies and that Henry makes a grand gesture? Why even block out the name of the character if you’re already giving that much information away? A title that says ‘EP discusses finale’ would have sufficed.

  14. Alia says:

    THIRD SEASON PLEASEEEEE. This tv show is really fantastic, I love Ichabbie!!!!.

  15. B says:

    I thought this was a perfect mid season finale! I’m not sure Moloch was or is the big mastermind behind everything, Henry was pulling all the strings this season with the goal of bring Moloch to earth! Most of this season makes sense now because it had me confused

  16. Kate says:

    I keep wanting to be engaged in this show in the 2nd season but, partly because of John Noble, I find myself thinking often ” I miss Fringe”. The mythology of this show is boring and the plotting is pedestrian. I am forcing myself to be invested and that’s never a positive thing. I enjoy the two main characters and that’s mainly why I watch: to see their interplay off one another but I find the actually story gets in the way rather than enhancing it.

  17. Coal. says:

    Frank was criminally under used this season and that took the sting out of his death. The Jenny character is barely recognisable from last season, they basically took all the skills her character had put them into Hawley. I did enjoy having the whole team together for once (even Hawley) united in a singular purpose. I’m not sure if I will be back for 2B.

  18. Larc says:

    Maybe it’s time for Ichabod to stand back and let Abraham have Katrina. Of course once Abraham realizes what he thought he wanted all along is really his, he may have second thoughts. Now that Moloch is dead, he’s likely out of a job.

  19. Shay says:

    So are we really going to ignore the drop in quality of this midseason finale, and really the drop in quality of the entire second season? This show has bent itself over backwards to make an unlikeable character (Katrina) and and unlikable storyline (katrina/crane and their family back and forth) likeable. This is almost asinine at this point.

    Abbie may as well have not been in this episode according to this article. Goffman seems to have nothing to say about her seperate arc: only her in relation to others.

  20. katedfw says:

    I love Irving and will definitely miss him! I hope he can comeback in Ghost form or flashbacks to help the witnesses!

  21. Donna MaMa says:

    Hopefully Katrina will go off with Abraham – – Hawley may die as I hear he was just cast in another show, I do believe as a major character – it is ashame that the writers cannot get their act together, they could have done so much with a “scooby gang” – I know others were against this……………………….

  22. Donna MaMa says:

    Does anyone know where “kindred” went? Is he still alive?

    • Jax&Juice's Girl says:

      Pretty sure he’s alive, I liked the episode Crane cracks me up love how he was ”where do I buckle?”…….on a motorcycle! He still has a lot to learn about the 21st century LOL!

  23. Lucy B says:

    Ichabod’s being excited about the motorcycle was a nice throwback to when the show balanced the evil End-of-Days fighting with the humor of his perception of modern life- I’ve missed that, as the show has gotten more and more mired in the mythology. The mythology is interesting and well done, but there’s a reason fans still talk about Yolanda- those elements were what made the writing phenomenal!

    I’m sticking with the show, but I hope it can regain its footing and not fall prey to the Big Drama-only curse that happens with many supernatural shows. (RIP, Witches of East End…)

  24. flo says:

    Boring. Boring and more boredom. Weak character development – or none at all. The finale was not surprising, maybe to those with no imagination. It’s not the same show I use to love. It’s gone steadily downhill and doesn’t look to be coming back any time soon. Certainly not with Mark Goffman helming it.

  25. christina says:

    It is saying something if the best part of the show was the motorcycle ride and Ichabod excitement that he wanted a one when this was finished. Everything else was predictable, what twist Henry has been have one big temper tantrum the whole season, Moloch as the big bad has never truly been recognized, I was more intimidate with him when he was a fuzzy figure in the background, Abraham has been reduce to a wuss so I wasn’t expecting much from him.

    Of course Irving was going to die didn’t he sell his soul to Henry and it wasn’t as if the show was using the character any way.

    This fall season has had more problems than not and I only hope the writers can fix some or I don’t think they will get pass a season 3

  26. evababy says:

    So let me get this straight… weird lightning flashes all over the city that are hitting the ground and hail that is blood, and nobody in Sleepy Hollow seems to care? The Weather Channel had hours of coverage just showing graphics of the Polar Vortex. Would it have killed them to show people panicking in the streets? Or flash to a nervous and scared newscaster doing a remote speculating about the odd weather? And talk about a perfect time for The Kindred to make a triumphant return.

    Why waste time on actually showing how this is a Freaking Apocalyptic Event that is centered on one town, when we can spend umpteen MORE minutes on the Crane Family monologuing about their non-existent sacrifices.

    Meanwhile sideline Irving ALL season so that when he dies his death has NO emotional resonance. At least with Person of Interest when they killed off Carter they upped the stakes big time with her front and center for half a season, single-handedly taking out the corrupt cops so that when she died, you were utterly gutted because it was a real moment of triumph for her. Unlike Frank who basically killed a Suit of Armor.

    But…no we have to spend all season watching ‘As The Crane Family Turns’ and becoming emotionally removed from Frank’s plight. Because God Forbid they could mount ONE mission to attempt to save Frank.. but wait they couldn’t… they were too busy running to save Katrina all season long.

    Notice how even this interview is all Ichabod, Princess Peach Katrina and Henry. We are lucky Goffman even remembers Abbie exists.


    • Dana says:

      “At least with Person of Interest when they killed off Carter they upped the stakes big time with her front and center for half a season, single-handedly taking out the corrupt cops so that when she died”

      I wish this were true but it’s not. They had her front and center for the 2 episodes leading up to her death. It wasn’t that season that made people feel gutted, but the whole time she was on the show. I will say that the writers did a better job with her, even though she was marginalized too, than what’s happening on this show now, especially with the poc. It would have been nice if Carter actually took down HR, but she just captured their boss. It was big, but it didn’t end them.

      The common theme between these 2 shows is a reduction in quality overall and basically ‘whitewashing’ the show with characters that don’t necessarily work out as full time cast members. TV is increasingly becoming not my thing. Books are much better. You don’t get the visuals, save for in your own mind, but there’s so much quality writing out there.

  27. MCL says:

    I forced myself to continue watching. I usually let them stack up on the DVR & watch it if I can’t sleep. Last season was so much better I watched them the same day they aired. Will finish out this season but if they don’t get better story lines I’m done. Although they may get cancelled anyway. This has been one big soap opera with an evil character in a bad black costume thrown in. So silly looking…not trying to offend anyone. I really wanted to like this season but every time I give it another shot I’m disappointed. Compared to other shows in this genre like Constantine & Supernatural they are seriously lacking. What happened to the writers?

  28. alyssa says:

    I really love this show to start, I have seen every episode and it’s amazing. I love the modern day spin of sleepy hollow. The one thing I absolutely wish to see is Irving come back. I would also like to see how Jeremy or Henry came regain his humanity. This was a very suspenseful midseason.

  29. Radha says:

    First off, this wasn’t even a good recap. What if someone didn’t actually get to see the show? They would, like I am, wonder if Abbie was even on this episode. Because apparently she wasn’t. At all. Not one mention of her.

    Then the interview. It’s like Abbie doesn’t even exist anymore. I can’t believe what I’m reading. An entire article just dedicated to talking about Crane, Katrina, Henry, Headless and Moloch? What even…? I haven’t watched the last five episodes, but I’ve been reading the recaps–and I don’t know if I’ll ever go back and watch them.

    This show used to be so amazing and it pains me to see what it’s become.

    I love the show focused on the Witness’ fight against the End of Days. Not focused on the Crane Family Hour. And I’d like articles on this site to focus on ALL of a show and its characters, and not just talk about certain characters the entire time. I’ve long had this problem with TVLine when they interview that horrid woman, Julie Plec about Vampire Diaries. Some of us appreciate when you ask questions about ALL the characters and what is in store for them. Not just about the stupid, tired love triangle.

    And it’s clearly the same thing here. No questions about ABBIE. Just all about what’s going on in Crane’s life with his boring wife and his apparently redeemable son.

    It’s making me start to dislike Crane. And it further proves to me, that the writers are so bent on squashing anybody from seeing Crane and Abby chemistry, that they’ll do anything in order to not mention them together or spend their entire time talking about anything BUT Abbie.

    And this is not coming from a “SHIPPER” talking. This is coming from a fan seeing what makes the show WORK. And it not working this way. But no, are they learning their lesson? Nope.
    Very disappointing half of a season and an even more disappointing article.

  30. Terry says:

    Boring. Yes. I saw that Irving death coming. How could you not? It was so predictable. This whole season has been one big BORE fest. Poor writing. NO character development. Poor Ichabod has been reduced to jester, and Abbie to sidekick. This is an ensemble cast, but the stars are ABBIE and ICHABOD, NOT Katrina, NOT Henry, and certainly not new guy who got more screen time than Jenny AND Irving. Terrible writing all around. What happened to this show? It’s been dumbed down so much I question where these writers are coming from? Did you pick them up fresh off the Twilight fanfiction reject farm? You sideline Irving for the majority of 11 episodes, bring him back and then kill him off. Meanwhile, Katrina goes back and forth from Abraham to Ichabod, and they swordfight over her while she’s tied up, more than once, is forceably impregnanted and gives birth to yet another evil child. She can’t do any magic because she’s been weakened, yeah, since day one episode one. It’s so disgustingly sexist, its almost hilarious. Abbie has been reduced to memaw, midwife. The black sidekick. Jenny apparently doesn’t exist anymore. And the new Sheriff? She must be hanging out with Jenny somewhere. I just want to SCREAM at these writers! And please FIRE Mark Goffman! As showrunner, he has completely annihilated this once great show.

  31. Kelly Muck says:

    You know I was thinking and know quite a bit about the myths and legends that are out their in the world. Now it seems to me that I seem to recall biblically that Lucifer was the greatest devil in Hell. In addition their were 4 horsemen not 2. So it would seem to me that old Moloch their gave us a clue. He did say their would were horsemen before and more horsemen after you. Now according to biblical writing the 4 horsemen had weapons of their own, bow, swords, etc. Perhaps this can be working into upcoming seasons. Also their are a lot of different devils and demons that are in mythos, just to name a few Belial, Ashtoreth, Bel, Asmodeus, Lilith, etc. I would think to that Purgatory could have a bit more of a stance. What if to take purgatory that was the only step to get to the root of all evil? And would good really want it extinguished. The nature cycle is balance in all things. Now that evil has changed a bit wouldn’t that set off alarms as to what good is going to do and how do you restore balance. And yes Moloch rose but he never accomplished what he rose to do. Meaning he started the chain but was he the one that was meant to complete the apocalypse. Let’s face it the Bible talks about Satan being thrown in the Lake of Fire but anyone see a cliff note on the others in hell that might be running around. And who is in charge now that Evil lost a general or was it good he fell?

  32. jay says:

    I think it would be a more meaningful twist if katrina changed sides…u know., make her evil. At least 4 an episode!

  33. Edith says:

    I know that every writer gets writer’s block at time’s but heck I just want the show to go on! I miss it already, but for, “Sleepy Hollow,” to be replaced with, “The Following,” is utterly CRAZY! I followed, “The Following,” the last time it was on and it was the same thing over and over, KILLING, KILLING, and more KILLING and people wonder where their kids get all these idea’s just keep watching and/or playing all those highly over priced killing game’s they play. At least “Sleepy Hollow,” had some American History in it! I love the show and I just love Ichabod Crane so, “PLEASE BRING IT BACK,”! When does the show come back on?

  34. tsevca says:

    That was terrible episode. The end was so obvious and it was clear shortcut. The whole time, Henry has no problem with Moloch´s attitude towards him and Abraham. And in the episode of apocalypse, he suddenly feels hurt by it, defends the promise to Abraham to give him Katrina, when he was the one to take her from him as punishment… Why else? They clearly didn´t know how to get ouf the situation.
    And where were the remaining horsemen? Weren´t they supposed to be part of it all? That was the biggest dissapointment. I already didn´t like the Horseman of War, not because it was Henry or things like that, but because he was something, but not horseman. It was some other creature. I get the actor is past the years to ride on horse, swinging a sword, fighting with it, but that´s their job to figure it out. I was hoping the remaining two to be better. And for the all four to ride together…