Emily Deschanel Talks Bones Season 11: 'I'm Up For It!"

Bones may indeed outlive us all.

Fox has yet to order an 11th season of the venerable procedural, but there are indications that a renewal is not so much a question of if but when.

First off, the show (which is listed as a “sure thing” to return next fall in TVLine’s 2015 Renewal Scorecard) has been pulling decent Thursday numbers — a rare bright spot during a rough fall for the network. Additionally, Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz — whose contracts are up this season — don’t seem anxious to head for the exit. Deschanel, in particular, is gung-ho to continue.

“I’m up for it, yeah,” she tells TVLine. “I feel like there’s still more to tell.”

The actress acknowledges that there are still a number of outstanding factors to be settled. “The network has to pick it up, for one,” she notes with a laugh. “And people have [expiring] contracts. But under certain circumstances, I would definitely consider [returning].”

Showrunner Stephen Nathan, meanwhile, agrees with Deschanel that Bones has not overstayed its welcome. “We don’t feel that the show lacks life or the characters lack places to go,” says the EP, adding that the Powers That Be at the network and studio “all seem to be telling us to keep going.” (Reporting by Vlada Gelman)

UPDATE: Bones was renewed for Season 11 in early May.


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    • Corrine says:

      Yes…bring it back. On with making it interesting, but for heavens sake NO SAD ENDNGS. I wont watch reruns if I know it ends crappy. Come on writers, you can make entertainment with happy endings. We have an investment… don’t kill the fun.

      • Wendy Diest says:

        Agreed. Killing Lance Sweets was a huge writing error! Lets give the show a happy farewell when the time comes…i’m hoping the show will continue on! I’m upset about ‘The Finder’ why did they end that show? Given time that show could have gained the following Bones has. I don’t understand why that show didn’t make it.

        • Judi says:

          I agree the Finder was a good show, but one of it’s main cast members died so that was the end of it.

        • John Abbott says:

          Agreed, but we need to see more of Zack Andy! What ever happened with him… we need final resolution to who really is King of the Lab!

          • Evy Aragon says:

            haha yes i totally agree king of the lab.. i really liked this show its really inspiring. Let it come back to fox. season 11 come on baby.!!

          • 민아린 says:

            for a moment, i was scared that it was the last ep and last season and it was pretty “empty” compared to past episodes (specially the ones with serial killers) and nothing really felt “resolved”. Good to know that there’s a season 11.

          • 민아린 says:

            I’m glad i’m not the only one who misses Zack Addy :(

        • Janet Torres says:

          Bring sweets back

      • Sue says:

        YES, YES PLEASE KEEP IS GOING. I’m sure we where all upset about Lance, I was extremely upset about the lose of Vincent, but that’s what we are drawn to as it makes it takes it so much more into the direction of reality. We have all lost close ones or family members. This is The Best show on TV. I say keep it up and keep it going. We so desperately need more of this type of shows on TV. I’m one of your biggest supporters and a super fan. There are so Few show out their of its kind. More family oriented, no extreme violence or language. It encourages young people to want to learn, apply themselves, be more like BnB or any of the very important crew. It shows the ugliness of what’s really out there and the difference one could make it they applied themselves to do something with their lives. So, PLEASE keep up the great work and I hope we are still chatting into episode 23.

  1. bonesfangirl says:


  2. EL says:

    All Bones all the time makes the world a better place.

  3. Emma says:


  4. thisismenow says:

    The show still has a lot of potential, so I’d be up for it. But didn’t David mention he’d be willing to do a season 11 too. Let’s hope Fox will give us one more and if it has to be the final season call it upfront.

  5. July Lark says:

    Why yes, as long as David comes back too, and BnB become the center again. Not at all interested in seeing Booth with a new partner or Bren with a new partner either.

  6. it would be great to have S11, but whether they get renewed or not, the fact that Emily (and the rest of the cast & crew seem to feel the same) enjoy the work and the show so much that they would like to continue, that’s what really makes me happy. That says a lot.

  7. aa says:

    I want a S11 too, especially to wrap up and resolve ongoing storylines……but please turn around S10 first to the show that I fell in love with…i.e B&B working as partners, getting storylines and actually sharing more than 3 scenes together, ALL which have been lacking this 10th season…. Please & thank you Stephen Nathan.

    • Livvy says:

      I so agree! The threes scenes- opening at home, middle in the diner, conclusion at home- are so disappointing this year. These two actors create electricity on the screen and are the reason for the show’s brilliance and success. Get Tempe out of the lab.

      • aa says:

        B&B dynamic and their partnership really is what makes BONES shine, their banter & chemistry is something special & which has made Bones a success all these years, so why on earth Stephen Nathan has pretty much separated & reduced their partnership/scenes to virtually nothing for the annoying & overused Aubrey new character of 8 eps, is just beyond unbelievable & creatively just stinks. WHO DOES THAT?

        • Badpenny says:

          It is not even Stephen Nathan’s doing. Since Emily had her baby her character has done less and less. Brennen seldom goes with Booth to crime scenes, outside of the original body discovery. She is seldom in interrogations any more, etc. Last year it was Sweets doing all of that with Booth. This year it is the new guy. For whatever reason the dynamic was changed even before Stephen took over as show runner.

          • aa says:

            Not really at all….S7-S9 all after Emily had her baby Brennan went out in the field with Booth, had scenes with Booth THROUGHOUT the eps….I can assure you B&B scenes were not reduced to THREE scenes in an ep and mainly only to bookend the episodes, this is NEW to S10 and something that has happened under Stephen Nathan’s showrunning era.

          • 1mars says:

            I agree with aa, BnB scenes have been reduced to almost nothing this year, wasnt it pathetic when ED posted a pic of her,DB and HH saying she was so excited she got to work with them that day. That says it all, its not her, it’s the writing, I enjoy the minor characters but BnB are still the center, the stories should revolve around BOTH of them.

          • Stacey says:

            Depends on the episode though. I am doing a rewatch of the series and has gotten post pregnancy, and Emily’s airtime has been significant reduced since becoming a mother. The lack of being in almost every scene. I personally at the moment believe it’s about the greater storyline. Booth is dealing with life post prison and Sweets death. His reduced trust in the FBI and now a newbie who is so not Sweets and having to deal with working with him when they don’t know each other. If Brennan was there all the time, we wouldn’t see the edge to Booth which I do think is there at the moment… We still see them. When Daisy had her baby, they were together more. And the first two season was very intense. So it really depends on the episode. And the season isn’t over. I do think Emily requested less airtime. Stephen Nathan has been around since almost the beginning….he isn’t the reason there has been lack of Brennan in the field! I think it’s all Emily and the need to introduce Aubry and he brings newness. While Brennan and Booth have done so much in 10 seasons, and it wouldn’t be new to see them driving together unless the episode warrented it. They had some very good quality scenes…

          • 1mars says:

            Stacey, if that’s the plan, It isnt coming across for me. as far as I can tell, Bth is perfectly happy with his Jr partner and Bren working almost exclusively in the lab and a cutesy little domestic scene each ep. How is Aubrey helping him, in which way, other than smart mouthing Bth, that’s what Bth needs, um, ok, I don’t see it. Bring back BnB as the center, I miss their bantering, the chemistry, their working TOGETHER.

          • Stacey says:

            You usually can’t see a plan or what they are attempting until the season is over or time is on our side. I look back and I see subtle signs in past seasons for what they wanted to accomplish… While I agree Brennan should be out in the field more, I do think there is a reason why, and not only because Emily probably requested less. We won’t know until the season is over. I do also think Aubry is new. For most of the last nine years there was a similar pattern to episodes. He provides newness. I have seen the last few season offering similar. Every episodes is different!

          • Joolzac says:

            I agree with Stacey as well. This show is a living thing. It can’t, and shouldn’t, stand still, it has to move and grow and change, just as the characters would in real life. If people want a season 11, the show has to move forwards, not backwards. I’m still loving it just as much as I ever did, and however many seasons we have left, however the characters and story lines change, I’m totally on board with it.

          • Anon says:

            No, there is change and change that ruins the whole premise of the show (B&B are partners who solve crime TOGETHER) that made it a success for NINE years, change to the point where it feels like I am a watching a spinoff show….FOX sells BONES that B&B are a crime fighting duo who team up and solve crime together, now tell me how do B&B do that when the current trend of S10 is after the intital crime scene, B&B are not even working the case together until the final few scenes and if we are *real lucky* have one B&B scene in the middle *maybe* discussing the case….Either get back to focusing on B&B partnership and their story or just rename Bones to CSI: D.C (joke) or whatever, because what I am watching now in S10 with B&B deminished to 3 or 4 scenes, their partnership barely appearing at all, is certainly not the BONES that I fell in love.

        • Stacey says:

          I agree there is probably too much lack of field work at the moment. But I do think there is a reason behind it. Not in that Emily probably asked for less, but because of the larger storyline going on this season. Dealing with the aftermath of prison and losing Sweets. Sweets was very much an additional partner over the last few seasons so it’s not anything new to see Aubry take up that slack. And the needed adjustment for Booth…But Brennan did have a bit more to do out in the field. But the season isn’t done yet. We might see more… There is only so much togetherness that is new for Brennn and Booth after 10 years, and that has prompted some of the scenes going to Aubry. And Brennan staying at the lab and interacting with the others more. I wish Booth stopped in at the lab more… He hasn’t much unless he is specially required to be there… I still think the show still has potential left. Compared to Castle, BONES still has more going for it as it concentrates on all the cast members…And I love Castle. But Bones is still distinctive…

    • AP says:

      I kind of agree with Stacy…think a lot of people missed the wording in article…”but under certain circumstances I would definitely consider”…..to me that’s telling, sounds like she has some conditions, which she has every right too…

  8. Pat Reno says:

    I definitely want a season 11….love Bones!! There are so many stories that could be expanded on…but the more B&B the better – missing that interaction. I like Aubrey – but need more B&B the center & the must hold!

  9. anon says:

    I think that a series that has been on as long as BONES has deserves a final season to say goodbye for the fans and the cast & crew, to give the characters a good send off …..let it go out on its own terms….so yeah, bring on season 11 and make it the best.

  10. jeyl says:


  11. kmw says:

    A season 11 would be great, but only if Booth and Brennan have more screen time. If the season keeps on going the way it has the past several weeks it will not be much fun to watch anymore. The reason I watch is for their interaction and how well they have made their relationship and partnership work I know they need to have stories for the other characters, but their lack of screen time together is glaring. This is the only show I watch right now and it deserves to go out right. David and Emily not only have done a wonderful job on screen, but their interviews together are funny and fantastic. Please more Booth and Brennan and another year of BONES!!!

    • Nini says:

      I agree I like the crime story but I want to see the conection between them.Most of the episodes from S10 were just the crime scenes

  12. Sara Bones says:

    I think it will be even 11 season finale DB also wants to continue and additionally sometimes directing .ED SH HH want .. from January december so we get news Yes bones11

  13. kmw says:

    If another season means less episodes I am all for it if it means more Booth and Brennan. It is very true they are the center and the center must hold. Despite frustrating year so far I am not ready to let go yet.

  14. Moment says:

    I think Bones will get an 11th season. Never really in doubt for me.

  15. dave says:

    I love this show… its one of my favorites… if the stars want to keep going with it then they should go for it as long as it can keep up with the current standards of the show.. and I know its been said before.. find a way to bring back Sweets DAMNIT!

  16. Daisy says:

    BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!
    Bones is still an AWESOME show!!!😄❤️😄

  17. Donna says:

    They need to let this show die a graceful death instead of killing it minute by minute.

  18. Tran says:

    What are the chances Bones get renewed for an 11th and proper “final season”? Need percentages.

  19. jj says:

    I have enjoyed the current season minus episodes with Daisy. Those I just skip.

  20. paladin117 says:

    Bones is not the show it used to be.Booth and Brennan are no longer the center and please kill off Aubrey.Bones has lost its core and is a shell of what it once was.Booth and Brennan have become as cold and sterile as their new house.What are they going to do with this seasons finale,frame Christine for murder.

  21. B says:

    I want an eleventh and final season with an announcement from the network that gives the fans and the cast and crew the chance to say goodbye properly without the worry of wether or not it will be renewed or not

    • Bones4ever says:

      I think that BnB should be more affectionate and work together more. I mean what happened to the romance? And I think that they should definetly continue BONES for a very long time, because it is my favorite show. Do not make the 11th season the last one; they still have a story to tell.

  22. Tameka Lyles says:

    I enjoy watching bones so I would like to see another season <3

  23. Rachie says:

    I will watch it as long as they’re making it & if they aren’t making it anymore, I’m watching re-runs. Bones is my favoritest show on television.

  24. Donna says:

    I would love to see BONES return for season 11 . . . I am extremely disappointed with the return date of March 26th for BONES. Why such a long wait? It would seem as if FOX is trying to kill the show? They hardly promote BONES and it still gets better ratings than the shows they do promote, even thou the ratings have been dropping a bit. We need Hart Hanson back. I’ve been a Bonehead from the beginning and don’t want to see it end like this. Parker is hardly mentioned any more. What happened to “the center must hold”, Brennan and Booth are the center and they are barely shown together. I miss all of the chemistry between the characters. Brennan should be helping Booth get past the loss of Sweets and the trauma from being framed and locked up. All we’ve been seeing is Aubrey being forced on us. Even Sweets was introduced to us slowly. We need more: Booth and Brennan moments, Brennan and Angela moments, Parker and Booth moments and we need BONES back before March. Please bring back the old BONES. I’d really like to see at least a season 11. . . Love BONES

    • Bones says:

      Cheer up :) Bones is more than likely coming back for season 11. They are one of their top three shows for Fox in primetime. Also, Bones FALL finale is Dec. 11, but their midseason finale is sometime in January – so we only go two months without Bones and not three :)

    • Jerry & Madelyn Hester says:

      Aubrey is great!!! I hated that they killed Sweets off… But Aubrey is a delightful character… He is a keeper!!!

  25. Sandra Holl says:

    Bring it back for years to come!!!!! Bones is the best show on TV!!! I never miss it…not even the reruns! Bones is my life!!!!!

  26. A. woods says:

    I love this show! There’s still so much potential for the characters. There are also minor characters that I would love to see again like the country intern and Wendell and Aristoo

  27. Matthew Weber says:

    Now if only we could get that sort of response from either of the main Castle actors. I like both shows, but I’ll be more sad to see Castle go.

  28. Michelle says:

    Definitely continue! Bones Forever!

  29. John says:

    I have a feeling fox will not order a new season because they won’t be able to afford David & Emily’s contract increases.

    • Stacey says:

      Sometimes it’s not money at this point. I am sure they are both aware that the show is pretty expensive at year 10. Give David more directing opportunities. I don’t think it is coming down to money. It’s about creativity. By now they both have their schedules down to a science, and it will pretty hard to find another job like what BONES gives them. So if FOX wants them, and they know the show only has so much capital to entice FOX to keep them going.

  30. Alyssa says:

    Yes. More Bones. I agree to Emily. There ARE more things to tell. I can still see as far as two seasons for it. <3

  31. Athena says:

    You bet!!! Can’t get enough of Booth and Brennan and the gang. But please, we need more B&B scenes and flirtation/ romance from those two. Keep ’em coming!!!

  32. Michagan says:

    Yes season 11 would be fantastic, but need more brennan and booth of old. It is really all about them and their entertaining interactions.

  33. Julie says:

    Bones is the only show I watch, It teaches you things. I could do without some of the gore, but the characters are incredible, the storylines are interesting, and the plots are fascinating. It has gorgeous women, and great guest stars.

    I could watch it for another 5 years at least. It’s nice to see how the characters develop and grow.

  34. wgsecretary says:

    I loved Bones. I stopped watching when they killed Sweets. I had read that he had wanted time off to direct. So, I was going to give it another go since at least the seemingly out of nowhere, just for shock value death was at least requested by the actor. But,then, he gave an interview and mentioned he had wanted to be open to returning and that his last scenes were filmed without any of the main cast, at night, and he didn’t even get a send off. So, no. I am holding a bit of a grudge. I don’t care if it comes back or not.

  35. kwalk says:

    I would LOVE to see Bones continue! Like Stephan Nathan said, “There’s still more to tell.”

  36. Lois says:

    Love Bones – I’m in for season 11.

  37. geraghtyvl says:

    Yes on a season 11! Love this show!

  38. Julia says:

    I would like to see Bones go into an 11th season.This is my favorite show.

  39. Ruth Ann Walker says:

    Yeah, Yes, Absolutely, bring it on more Bones, more seasons. Love the show & like others this is only show I watch & then re-runs. Again MORE of B&B. They make the show, love their bantering together, funny little face expressions from both, field work & interrogations together, their different opinions on subject matter, THEY ARE THE BEST. Please look back on past episodes & just watch how well they work together, I like their love scenes, dancing together, Booth tickling her, their laughter together. In past episodes Brennan was in field, etc more than in lab, She has the Squint team, Hodgens, Cam & Angela to do the lab work for identifications, murder weapon, etc. I miss Sweets too, and I think Aubrey is ok, (he sure can’t take Sweets place), but TO MUCH OF HIM. Ruth Ann

  40. kmw says:

    In seasons past they have had episodes that they were apart, but not straight episodes. They were together plenty before Emily had her baby and plenty after she came back. Right now they are not leading cases together, but only maybe getting first, maybe a diner scene, and the last scene at the FBI and then at home. The Lost Love in a Foreign Land they had NO SCENES between first scene and the next 40 minutes of that show. In that episode David and Emily had plenty of scenes with everyone else I just cannot believe that this episode or the last three were about their schedules. I know that Stephen Nathan had said they wanted him to get integrated to the show but this has been too much. They NEVER pushed Sweets down our throats this much I really love this show and I want it come back, but if they are not going to have more scenes it will be hard to watch. I watch for BOOTH and BRENNAN being partners at work and at home. It does not matter if the case is good if they are not running it. P.S. I WOULD also like to know how BONES would be coming back in January, when it was stated it was going to be March

  41. lynneric says:

    Please keep Bones on the air. That is the only show on regular TV that we watch on Thursday nights. There is so much garbage (reality shows, unfunny comedies, overly violent shows and scandalous shows) that we watch 12 shows on the major networks, otherwise it is TNT, reruns or DVD’s.

  42. Monica Perejda says:

    Definitely would like another season of Bones Love the show

  43. BONES is the most fun, intelligent, and entertaining show on TV! Forever please!

  44. Retha Fields says:

    Love this show. Recently started DVRing & watching “reruns” on TNT, & the current series on Fox. It is all I watch. This show is fun & seriously entertaining. More B&B, their chemistry and interactions is what hooked me. Bones is so smart and so not “your everyday kinda girl” like Angela, and Booth brings out her “tender” side. More, more & more BONES.

  45. Susana says:

    Yes season 11 Here we go!!!!

  46. Amanda says:

    yes,I LOVE Bones. Keep is going!

  47. Lynette says:

    Make a season 11 please

  48. betty says:

    As long as there are stories to tell with grace and style I say forever. We have certainly seen evolution, growth and great character development over the years and we the fans contunue to connect with the show and its characters

  49. clgodsil1 says:

    I want to see bones continue. It is a story with a never ending story. I just wish that Sweets wouldn’t of left, he really pulled the show together, but I think his son needs a chance to grow up on the show….