The Flash Recap: Future Shock — Plus, Watch the Arrow Crossover Promo

This week on The CW’s The Flash, Barry was powered down by a run-in with an electrifying new adversary, while Dr. Wells’ investment in Barry’s future became just a smidgen more evident.

First and foremost, the episode “Power Outage” raises a pair of provocative questions. As alluded to above, there is the ongoing matter of Dr. Wells’ specific stake in not just Barry’s future but The Flash’s. Conferring with his AI assistant “Gideon,” Wells observes how “the subject’s” penchant for heroics is keeping him from realizing the full scope of his abilities. That said, “the future remains intact,” as evidenced by that front page of the 2024 Gazette. Barry just needs to “kick it up a notch” if he is to use his powers to help a greater humanity versus the random Central City citizen.

Later, there was the question of how far Wells (or anyone in this fight) will go to preserve their interests. Because at one point — after seeing that the future has been altered Power Outageby The Flash’s incapacitation, shifting the future Gazette headlines to ones about a “Red Skies Threat” (versus “Vanishing”) and, sigh, a scrapping of the Wayne/Queen merger — and with the metahuman Farooq (aka “Blackout,” had Cisco had time to name him) on the loose inside S.T.A.R. Labs, Wells sets “Girder” free, to stop the threat. But when Tony is fatally felled by “Zappy,” Barry is aghast to learn that Wells played a role in his doomed mission. “He didn’t deserve to die,” Barry argues. To which Wells counters, “Did Caitlin? Did Cisco, me…?” Keeping an eye on the far bigger picture, the doc adds, “I don’t have the luxury of sharing your ideals.”

Of course, it was also good to see Robert Knepper back as Tockman/Clock King, a role he originated on Arrow — here staging a cop shop coup during the Farooq-caused blackout, gunning down Eddie and (briefly) taking Iris hostage. With Barry short-circuited, The Flash was unable to save that day, so he (ugh) makes a point to later visit Iris and apologize, promising to “never be late again.” (Iris notes that her “best friend is always saying” the same thing, in case the moment wasn’t on-the-nose enough for you.) When The Flash says that Iris is “worth being on time for,” it leaves Miss West a bit flustered (Flashtered?).

At episode’s end, Wells tells Gideon that he must “revisit our initial thesis,” saying that Barry’s “attachment to people” is what will keep him up to speed — and thus keep the future “intact,” as confirmed by the Gazette‘s restored headlines. For the final tag, we see Wells covertly secure a DNA sample from dead Farooq, intrigued as he is by the metahuman’s ability to stop The Flash.

What did you think of “Power Outage”? And of the Flash/Arrow crossover promo (embedded below c/o the fine folks at Television Promos)?

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  1. Shahar says:

    great review! Although the readmore is not working and the entire recap shows up on the front page of TVLine

  2. Briggs says:

    Oh, this was a Dr. Wells episode. Not that Barry took a backseat, but Dr. Wells definitely took the spotlight in a big way. His obsession with Barry and his role as The Flash was in the spotlight, and he is so deliciously devious I can’t wait to see what he does in the rest of the season. The fact that he remembers all the names gives me pause, though. I mean, can he really be a bad guy if he memorizes the names of the dead?
    Barry and Caitlin grew a bit closer in this episode. I *still* don’t ship them as a couple, but definitely as friends. That moment where they thought they were going to die and reached out to each other for comfort was emotional for me. I swear I almost whimpered on their behalf.
    Cisco bravely going on his own to turn on the generator showed a whole new side to his character. Not that it wasn’t apparent before, but we get to see more and more that there’s far more to Cisco (and Caitlin) than we thought.
    Barry learning to believe in himself, being one with the Speed Force, hit me particularly hard, but that’s just because of things that are happening to me, personally, at the moment, and nothing to do with Barry himself. Knowing that people are the key to Barry’s powers is very telling.
    The villains played a very pivotal part in this episode. Don’t care what anyone says, I loved them.
    Iris being able to save herself builds on her learning self-defense as a child from her father. She’s not just a damsel in distress. A-hem. Sorry, something caught in my throat…
    The extraction of DNA makes me wonder. Just what is Wells up to?
    Loved this episode, and it’s a great lead-up to the two-parter next week. And who *loved* the promo during the episode? Me me me!

  3. david says:

    i was only disappointing because i thought it was part 1 of crossover (it starts next week) but this was a fantastic episode in my opinion

  4. Sparky says:

    Watching The Flash and Arrow I can’t help but notice how the storyline seem to flow better on the Flash than on Arrow these days. Makes you wonder if Kreisberg focus is more on The Flash and maybe Guggeheim needs a little help steering the original ship. Don’t get me wrong going to keep watching both, there is a lot to love just an observation.

    Can’t wait for the crossover next week, looks like it will be a lot of fun. Diggles reaction to Barry, what Oliver’s big secret will be that is revealed on the Flash….should be fun!!!!

    • Kate says:

      I sort of agree, but I think when we step back on this season of Arrow, a lot of the disjoint will make more sense. Like, that technically, Oliver is being kind of jerk. Felicity is walking that line between being totally right and being stubborn. Then the focus episodes have felt like weirdly forced in because they just did them all at once. But once Sara’s murder gets more centrally focused and Ra arrives and Ray takes more steps toward his project overtly, I see our team getting over themselves and refocusing on a mission.

    • M3rc Nate says:

      I think right now The Flash is just starting (only episode 7 of the first season) so its really stream lined, its really simple, its a origin story…where as the Arrow is in season 3, its a more complex and convoluted story, SO much more has happened, so much more character development and characters having their own story-lines and plots.

      I also think in general the Flash might be a simpler/lighter show because of its more upbeat tone. Yes his (Barry’s) mother was murdered but still, this show is NOT as dark as the Arrow series is.

      If TL;DR: The Arrow is in season 3 and from the pilot has been a complex 1000 piece puzzle with a 5 season long story already planned out by the creators/showrunners/writers where as The Flash is in season 1 (episode 7) and is a 50 piece puzzle right now, a much more simplistic origin story is taking place right now, and the show had already been established in the Arrow world (back-door pilot on Arrow) so the characters didnt have to be established for as long as they did on Arrow.

      • Blah says:

        The convolution of arrow season 3 is due to poor writing rather then any perceived plot difficulties. The writers didn’t have to kill Sarah, laurel doesn’t have to become the black canary, and felicity doesn’t have to date Daniel
        shaw. (Seriously at this point I’d bet ray killed Sarah as revenge for Oliver killing his wife/gf/bf/whoever when he was an assasin like a chuck s3 copy paste)

        • Briggs says:

          Okay, could we not have a bitter Arrow rant in a Flash comment section? I get that you decided not to watch season 3 (as evidenced by your use of the name Daniel, unless you were attempting to be sarcastic), but some of us are paying attention to the pieces being put into place and are waiting *patiently* for the season to play out instead of deciding it’s crap early on and never watching again. This kind of comment says more about you than the show’s writers.
          ((Oh, and I didn’t bother the other guy because he’s clearly willing to see where things go from here.))

          • Blah says:

            Sorry that came across as more bitter then intended I was just trying to say that a show being in s3 is no excuse for poor writing

            For various reasons I haven’t been able to watch the flash yet but I’m greatly looking forward to catching up as I am reading good things . However since the next episode is a crossover I feel that the comment was in the right place.

            Ps I’m an arrow fan and I’d like it to be good but for me it’s writing has been a mess since the midpoint of season 2

          • Briggs says:

            It would still better fit in a recap about the two-parter, but I’ll let it slide. The thing is, I disagree with you on this. I think the second half of Season 2, in particular the last three episodes, was very well done. Since you never said *why* you thought it was bad, that’s as specific as I can get.
            Season 3 has been slowly building to the big storyline of the season, which is either Sara’s murder or finding the killer once they know who it is (since I presume the rat is in hiding). It can seem disjointed, because the eps have been so different, but the multiple plotlines require juggling, and the Arrow writers have proven that they are capable of paying off muliple plotlines (like with the woman in the red shoes from Season 1). I’m waiting to call it because they haven’t had the chance to pull it all together, yet. I have no doubt they can and will do so.

  5. JAllen says:

    I don’t think Prof Wells was interested in stopping the Flash, he was interested in as he said “stealing his powers.” I think it will be an important distinction

  6. Nate says:

    Anyone else notice that the names of the dead who were not Blackout’s friends or Ronnie were all Super Heroes? Elongated Man, Atom Smasher, Damage, Amazing Man, and Fire respectively.,

    • Dave says:

      Yeah, and with Firestorm on his way, I suspect some of these guys could show up with powers down the road. Fire and Elongated Man could be especially fun.

      • William Benson says:

        I’ve been HOPEFUL for Elongated Man. The friendship between Ralph and Barry is legendary…the idea of the wiggling nose and all of it. I”ve always liked Ralph and if they can NAIL the casting of Sue Dibny….they may be more fun to watch than Flash.

        Oh and I still hold to the idea that Dr. Wells is actually a version of Abra Kadabra.

    • J says:

      I only recognized Elongated Man and Firestorm. 6 superheroes!? That is why I’m glad the Flash/Arrow will not be connected to the DC movie universe. If they were, the shows would be limited in who or what they can introduce.

  7. Azerty says:

    Good episode overall, not the best ever but good. The villain was ok, I am a bit disappointed that the Clock King was a B story for Iris. I can’t remember if that was just a possibility but isn’t he suppose to team up with Captain Cold for a Prison Break reunion later this season? Or is it just a wish from by brain? Cisco really needs more developpment, I feel like he could be a very interesting character but he is just one dimensional for now. I guess at some point Well’s true motiv will be revealing and eventually Cisco will become the main scientist of the team with Caitlin of course (but she had more development than Cisco I think). And one scene that is not on the recap: Barry showing is powers in front of Eddie??? Ok I know the guy was high on pain killer and I may read between the line here but I have a feeling it is foreshadowing, could Eddie somehow remember that? Barry revealing his identity to his bullly last week made sense to me, but here even with the med, I thought it was either really stupid or the beginning of some development for Eddie.

    • Drinksalot says:

      Would be fun if Robert Knepper (Clock King), Dominic Purcell and Wentwoth Miller(Captain Cold) would be in 1 episode, but it will only be the latter 2. It happens in episode 10 if i’m not mistaken

  8. Rick Katze says:

    Very good episodes with more unanswered questions. I actually froze the newspaper so that I could see the readable parts. Nicely done. looking forward to the 2-parter next week.

  9. Drew says:

    Good episode. It’s nice to have a lighter superhero series, while Arrow and Gotham are much more serious and dark. I usually prefer dark shows, but it’s nice to come up for a breath every once in a while.
    I continue to like the team dynamic on the show. I like how Barry isn’t intimidated by Wells, the way Cisco and Caitlin are. They run. He confronts. I guess that’s the benefit of not being on the payroll. I also really enjoy Barry’s relationship with Joe. It’s fun. I just wish that they let Iris have more of that… she can’t though, because she’s the love interest who is kept in the dark and so her entire character revolves around what she can’t do. It’s the same problem that Laurel had for the first two seasons of Arrow.
    One thing that I didn’t like this week is a problem with a lot of TV shows really. It’s that cops never act like cops. On man took over the police station really, really easily when he could have been shot a hundred times over. Even when Eddie has a clear, safe shot, he doesn’t take it right away. Then he does take a shot, and he only fires once when he should fire multiple shots. Then, Iris has a shot and she shoots the guy in the leg. Why do TV writers always think this is a good idea? How does shooting someone in the leg stop them from shooting you in the face?
    Like I said, this isn’t really a problem with this show. It’s a common trope that always bugs me.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      My issue with Iris was, “Don’t just brandish the gun,” use it — and quickly.

      • Drew says:

        Exactly! This is a girl who was raised by a cop. The only reason for her not being a cop is that her father forbid it. I would have loved to see a new angle to her in this moment.

        • c121592 says:

          Helpless? Twice she’s taken down the bad guy. How is that helpless? She is a student finishing up her dissertation, has a part-time job, and writes her blog. The show just started and she is already a certified bad ass.

        • becca says:

          And yet you don’t criticize actual cop Eddie that stood by a good deal longer before he shot the dude. This criticism is so ridiculous. SMDH….

      • Radha says:

        That was the writer’s faults by having her pause for “dramatic effect”. But yes, she did shoot him.

        • L says:

          Yeah confused about how Iris pausing for about 3 seconds is criticized. She did ultimately use the gun to take him down, correct? The amount of reaching that is being done to criticize this character each week is extremely frustrating, especially because none of the other characters get as much flak (and they all have their inconsistencies, as many characters often do s1 of shows). I wonder why Iris always gets singled out. What could it be? I thought it was a solid episode and the overall chemistry of the cast has is really coming together. Can’t wait for the crossover next week!

          • Briggs says:

            She’s the ‘new Laurel’, the char everyone loves to hate. From what I’ve noticed.
            After someone challenges them, though, they don’t usually come back to defend themselves.

          • Lena says:

            People criticized Iris before she even came on their television screens. It appears Matt has joined them. Iris is far from being a helpless woman on this show and the writers are doing a good job. Fans are finding any reason to criticize her. Someone I think if she looked differently this wouldn’t be an issue.

          • Drew says:

            I don’t dislike Iris, just like I don’t dislike Laurel. The problem is that these character are usually on the sidelines and can’t interact with most of the cast because they are being kept in the dark. So they end up looking more stupid than they are, and more weak as well. That problem is being solved with Laurel, but a lot of people have already given up on her. I haven’t.
            With Iris, I just hope that she doesn’t get stuck in the Lana Lang zone. I don’t dislike her though.
            My major problem with her is that she shot the guy in the leg. People on TV always do this and I don’t get why. So she pauses for a few seconds, then lowers her aim and shoots him in the leg rather than just taking the SOB out. In that situation, a person should shoot to kill. No question about it. But the TV trope is to go for the leg, so it isn’t a “Flash” problem as much ad it is an industry-wide issue.

          • c121592 says:

            I am confused as well. It is actually hard for some civilians to kill someone. She is a bright spot. Someone always has to take some kind of shot– even subconsciously.

    • William Benson says:

      The thing I think they’re missing with Iris…is they’re making her into Lois Lane. The fact is…yes early on Iris didn’t know…but she found out fairly quickly who Barry was. I think she deduced it…and that was a pivotal part of her character. This version seems a little too ‘helpless’ to me. I would have liked to have seen her be established as a reporter, keep the best friend of Barry angle…but have her do what she used to do…hound him for ‘crime lab’ stories.

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        That is among my points, yes, contrary to the above veiled/deplorable inference. She’s too much of a Lois clone at this early stage, yet displaying not as much journalistic savvy. (She reads more as a cheerleader than a champion.) It’s largely the writing, but the casting also reads a bit young, even for opposite Barry. (Imagine Kat Graham in the same role.)

        • becca says:

          “She reads more like a cheerleader than a champion”. Based upon what? I’m really interested in understanding the distinction between the two.

          • Briggs says:

            I think he means the blog, but I think that also speaks to her being his champion, in a way, because she wants everyone on the Flash’s side, and while I don’t think too many are against him, she appears to be the only one actively fighting for him. And she’s always wanting to help Barry be better, but there’s only so much she can do because 1. it’s Barry’s choice and 2. it’s complicated by his feelings for her. Like when she was telling him to go for it with Felicity, and you can see him hurting because (while he does have feelings for Felicity) he’s been in love with Iris a lot longer. But yeah, I think Iris being on the outside contributes to her being seen as a cheerleader.

          • Drew says:

            So far, what we have seen of Iris is a woman who is super excited about the Flash. She obsesses over him and is always singing his praises. She also seems really smiley and upbeat. All combined, it reads a little cheerleader-y. Considering the fact that she has almost been killed several times since the show started, I’m not sure that there is logic in keeping her in the dark at this point.
            All anyone is saying is that they want to see more of what Iris has to offer. Yeah, the how just started. So what should people say about her at this point? That they don’t want to see more from her? Would that make you happier?
            Why are people acting like someone kicked a puppy here? Nobody said that she should be killed off or that they hate her.

          • FashionMaven says:

            So am I becca!

            Drew – to both of your comments – I just don’t agree. Plus, this is Iris’ origin story too – so give her a minute to grow into her own. She just started the blog.

            Also – if you ever watched Lois and Clark – when Lois first met Superman, even she turned into a fangirl… Perry wouldn’t even write one of her stories because he said it was a fluff piece with no journalism to it. And she was a VETERAN journalist, lol.

            Plus, cheerleader vs. champion – I hate that you used cheerleader (because that has some sexist undertones you may or may not have intended) – but I think part of that is because Joe/Barry have taken away some of her agency keeping her in the dark. Joe can act more as a champion to Barry because he knows everything. Iris has clearly been Barry’s champion for his whole life – she believed in him long before anyone else did. She believed about his mom when no one else did. Thus, it’s unfair to use the term cheerleader with Barry/Iris. With Flash/Iris, I think it’s unfair was well (the sexism I mentioned), but I think that since she doesn’t know it’s Barry, she’s unable to be the same way with him that Joe is (and I think we’d agree Joe is a champion for Barry/Flash). Also – I think once something happens with the Flash where Iris can use her blog to champion him (maybe public opinion turns on him), then we could say she was a champion for the Flash more fully.

            Also – I think Iris champions “doing the right thing” and “good” and “showing the world the Flash so the world can be inspired”. None of those things are cheerleader-ish.

            Plus, I was a cheerleader and let me tell you – it’s hard work. Please don’t use it as an insult.

            I still find your criticism to be splitting hairs though – I think you just don’t want to like Iris. And that’s okay – but please just admit it.

            In general I tend to find the Iris criticism to be unfounded in most cases and imbalanced and unfair in the rest – almost to the point that I’m beginning to think there is something else going on.

        • William Benson says:

          I don’t know. I think part of it is the writing. Like the writers just don’t know HOW to write a good strong female character without making her silly (Felicity), clueless (season 1/2 Laurel), damaged bad@$$ (Sara), Over the top b-word (Caitlin (but again I get that’s kinda what they want with her for Killer Frost angle) or ingenue. To write a professional woman who’s on the ball…hungry for a story…strong and determined…I think you’d need to hire Joss Whedon for that…(but I hear he’s busy). :)

          In the books Iris was always Barry’s yang to his yin. He was shy, appropriate and mannered…while Iris was a working jounalist with contacts who’s hustling to make a name for herself. Where they’d come together was heroics and their desire to see the right thing done. Not as shrewd as Lois…and I think a little more quick on the uptake. Strong and independent.

          The other aspect of Flashes (Barry, Wally, Jay) that was unusual was that their story was always a love story. The flashes married…they mated for life. Those relationships helped ground the characters in a very real way.

          Just my .02.

        • Rawles Marie says:

          What you’re completely missing is that this is Iris’s origin story just as much as it is Barry’s. They’re both young and they’re both just getting started down their destined paths. Why on Earth anyone would expect her to already be experienced, hard-boiled reporter when she only just started to get into journalism right when Barry got his powers (GASP AN INTENTIONAL PARALLEL) is beyond me.

          • Briggs says:


          • L says:

            Exactly! What part of origin story don’t people get? Didn’t Iris state from the beginning that she wasn’t even interested in journalism? Her interest in the Flash has obviously served as a catalyst for her growth, which I’m assuming we will continue to see. I don’t really know where ‘she reads young’ came from, but if we’re talking about actors that seem a bit out of their depth, then we should also be criticizing the the actress who plays Caitlin, who is unable to pronounce medical terminology without looking like her brain is going to break in half.

          • c121592 says:

            Thank you.Iris needs to be allowed to grow. This show is 7 episodes old and people are grasping at reasons to not like her.

        • FashionMaven says:

          Given that Iris West as a character IS a lot like Lois Lane in character (except she’s a much sweeter character) from a comic canon perspective, I find your criticism odd. And now you’re criticizing her for shooting the villain in the leg and the 3 second delay (that was CLEARLY there to cut to the flashback – so blame the DIRECTION, not Iris)?

          She shot him in the leg and saved herself. And everyone else. But – that’s … bad … because .. ? WTH?!

          Also, you’re seriously trying to say that Candice Patton looks younger than Barry? I think she looks more mature – not less (in terms of maturity – she doesn’t look aged). Grant actually skews younger than she does to me (he has a baby face). If anything makes her look younger, it’s the way Barry and Joe treat her like she’s a child. And bringing up Kat Graham doesn’t remove the issue of you constantly harping on this character. Though I LOVE it that the writers keep batting down your insane and unbalanced criticism EVERY week as though to see what inane criticism you’ll come up with next.

          The amount of Iris-bashing going on with this show is so disturbing… From the SnowBarry shippers – it’s obvious why (in more ways than one), but from a “critic” like you? I don’t believe you want to like Iris, portrayed by Candace Patton. And I find that sad – for you.

          Thankfully the writers aren’t writing their show to please you – because it’s clear they won’t be able to write Iris in any way to please you – even if they dismantle every. criticism. you. level. at. Iris. every. week. In fact – maybe I should thank you – or people who think as you do. I think the writers/showrunners will find that this is essentially a “some people will never be satisfied” and stop trying to please you and simply write their story with their 2 leads (Barry and Iris). I mean – I think they are aware of the mindset about Iris before the show started (Laurel, Lana, Lois, … race) and are working hard to bat down those criticisms in the writing.

          It just makes the criticism seem more and more contrived and desperate every week though. And exhausting.

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            You’ve made some terrific points, FashionMaven, and I will for certain keep them in mind as I continue to watch the show. I want to feel the “pull” between Barry and Iris, but am not quite there yet — though I have faith in the writers, just as they eventually sold me on (the possibility of) Laurel-as-Black Canary. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

      • FashionMaven says:

        Iris has taken down TWO villains on this show – and that’s helpless to you?

  10. Joey Padron says:

    Good episode. Great to got two villains in one episode. sad Tony died. Not good Dr.Wells wants to study Blackout’s power that made The Flash powerless for awhile. Preview for crossover episodes looks great. can’t wait to see it!

  11. lissab99 says:

    Is it possible that Dr Wells is Barry from the future?

    • Drew says:

      Possibly. Or maybe his kid. But I would like to see him turn out to be Rip Hunter or someone like that. I think he would be a fun character to see on TV.

    • J says:

      At this point, it seems too obvious that he is the Reverse Flash. I think he is a red herring. With the resemblance, they should make him Cobalt Blue trying to steal Barry’s powers.

    • Jane says:

      I keep thinking with the name Harrison Wells and now with the name of his AI assistant being Gideon that he has to be H.G. Wells.

  12. James D says:

    good episode. still trying to figure out Dr. Wells he’s clearly not the Reverse Flash/Professor Zoom, and i doubt he’s Barry from the future. very intriguing his motives are not yet clear which I like. cool seeing Blackout but as others have said I would of prefered to have Clock King as the main story. Seriously Iris shoot the mofo what were you doing?

  13. scope says:

    Great episode! I loved the character development of Dr. Wells and getting more insight into his story. The crossover promo is insane! I am beyond excited!

  14. I really love how good the show is with continuity. At first when they released Girder I was like, “Where’s Mist?” Then we see Mist at the end.

    What’s the over under on Ralph Dibny appearing now in a future episode? I want some Elongated Man, dammit!

    • Briggs says:

      Well, Ronnie Raymond is coming back, so anything is possible. :) Add to ‘Justice League on TV’ even more (Arrow, Flash, Atom, Arsenal, BC, etc).

    • William Benson says:

      I said above that the friendship Barry and Ralph had was such a great part of the silver age of comics…that I hope they bring him in…complete with a really well-casted Sue Dibny. Be really neat to see them on TV…though how they’d do his powers cheaply could be tough…but how cool would it be to finally see the nose wiggle?

  15. I’m not the first/only one who noticed the voice of Gideon was Morena Baccarin, am I?

    (If I am, give me credit when you run this as a TVLine exclusive Mitovich!)

    • Briggs says:

      According to IMDB, it’s Jesse Sarah Villinsky. But I can see where it sounded like Morena.

      • Alex says:

        IMDB is notoriously inaccurate, especially before an episode has aired… It also doesn’t list her as Gideon, to be fair.

        …plus I’m fairly certain I’d know Inara’s voice anywhere.

        • Briggs says:

          I clicked on the ‘full cast’ list, and it said she’s uncredited. I also recognized Morena right off when she voiced Black Canary in JLU, so I’d like to think I knew what she sounded like, as well. But I’ll be sure to rewatch some of Firefly or Serenity to double-check.

  16. Tom says:

    I’m really enjoying the Flash just wish they would remove all Flash/Iris scenes don’t like them and find them pointless.

  17. Donna MaMa says:

    at the very end we see Well’s eyes with yellow flashes, was that a reflection of what he was seeing or was it him???? comments please

  18. Donna MaMa says:

    Why didn’t Joe tell Barry what happened regarding the previous episode with Iris’s picture on the wall with the knife????

    • QuasiWordNerd says:

      Perhaps because telling Barry would mean admitting that he is rethinking his own vow to help catch the villain who killed Barry’s mom for fear of his daughter’s life? And personally, I just have a sneaking suspicion that he’s still not over the whole Dr.-Wells-is-THE-villain hypothesis, and telling Barry would be reckless and presumptuous at this point, since Barry trusts Dr. Wells with his life.

  19. b says:

    Is the scientist in the wheelchair, really The Flash from the future, who has come back to the past to make sure of an outcome for his future self ( which is really Barry )?

  20. Al says:

    Does anyone think the article about the “red skies” could be a reference to Superman? Maybe Lex or Zod was able to convert the sun to red, taking supermans powers away. Maybe flash will save supe and they form the JL.

    • William Benson says:

      No…most assuredly the red skies is in reference to the ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’ where Barry was killed in 1985. Granted they resurrected him 24 years later…but for awhile Barry was dead. I have no doubt that’s what they mean.

  21. I thought the Flash was great last night and I enjoyed seeing the Clock King again. I liked the Barry/Caitlin scenes a lot and I like the character of Iris a lot. Overall there’s not much I’m not enjoying, but to weigh in on what I think is a contributing factor to these “wars” that happen about the heroes and the women in their lives…it goes back to classic show don’t tell. The MANY viewers that aren’t comic book experts were never shown Oliver or Barry falling for Laurel or Iris…but they watched/are watching real friendship or relationships seeming to develop with other female characters. Now I like the actress who plays Iris very much and at least she has real chemistry with Barry, but the writer’s need to be careful because an episode like last night where there’s “something” happening between Barry and Caitlin – even if it’s just freindship – well, I could get attached to that. If they want Iris/Barry to be successful they really can’t give Barry/Caitlin moments like they did last night.

    • c121592 says:

      I agree about the writers needing to be careful. I saw CAITLIN, not Barry, appear to have a feelings shift. I don’t want that. Let them be friends. Iris has been basically his only one. He needs someone he can trust with out a faux romance popping put of it. I don’t want them awkward with each other. Fans need to get over acting like they run the show. Felicity was a blank slate. A character that had virtually no back story, so she was recreated. Iris is not. She is everything to Barry. People need to stop trying to rewrite history to fit their own little fanfic agendas.

    • Luli says:

      I’m so for Caitlin and Barry. and I do like Iris, she is a cool character.

    • FashionMaven says:

      I see no chemistry with Caitlin and Barry – so I cannot really comment there, but even then it’s hard to compare the holding hands part (with NO eye contact) to the searing, smoldering chemistry with Iris/Barry/Flash… it’s like two different planes entirely. Even Iris/Barry – the neck massage she gave him – seemed more natural.

      I wish I could get into Caitlin, but something about DP’s delivery irks me – it’s like she’s working so hard to “play” a nerd that she’s coming off as stiff and wooden. She was so much better in her scenes with her “dead” fiancé.

      It could be that the writers are going to do a Caitlin-Barry thing – but it is not endgame. By any stretch. Besides the fact that I think Caitlin is going to be wrapped up with Firestorm and possibly become a villainess, Iris/Barry are comic couple royalty – on Arrow you can flip the Green Arrow/Black Canary thing away and not disturb much since in the comics they were dysfunctional and not healthy – but Iris and Barry? No – that’s like Lois and Clark. You cannot mess with that (and we’re not talking about the new 52).

      Besides – Joe practically broadcast Iris/Barry as end game when he talked about the universe putting people together… so I’m down for that.

      But I think the writers have a reason for the Caitlin thing with Barry (still don’t see chemistry there – that hand thing felt forced and weird to me – and I thought it made Caitlin seem helpless – even more so when she was begging at the end – and people think Iris is helpless and a DiD?). I think the writers are trying to make sure we all connect with Caitlin somehow – so we feel it if/when she turns evil. I think that there may be some stuff that comes up with Firestorm though – in the comics, she becomes killer frost because she gets rejected by him (part of him)… I wonder how that might come into play here.

  22. FlashFan4Ever says:

    i like the show very much. if I miss it on tv, I watch the episode online. but I don’t get how barry being in a coma was able to shock iris and then when iris grabs his hand before he rand away shocks her again. is the electricity running through barry cause the hand shock from him and iris or is it like when you take a sweater out of the dryer and it shocks you or when you open the car door and you have a shock? I give this show 5 stars. cant wait for season 2… and when the professor used one of the bad meta-humans as a trick, was wow and sad. to think that a bad guy would be more bad just for his freedom… I didn’t see that coming until he got killed. the guy that got killed looked more alien then human…

  23. FlashFan4Ever says:

    I think barry should wear a mask under the mask he has on. the mask he has on I still can see barry’s face. he should have a better cover mask.