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Faking It Finale: EP Explains Karma's Dream, Liam's Sacrifice and More

Faking It Finale

Faking It‘s midseason finale was a little bit Scandal, a little bit 21 Jump Street and all kinds of crazy. And when the dust finally settled, some relationships were elevated to new heights, while others were (seemingly) shattered beyond repair.

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“Our first season finale was so epic that I felt like we set the bar high,” executive producer Carter Covington tells TVLine. “I wanted to continue the tradition of Faking It being a show that has crazy season finales. I think we succeeded.”

Uh… Yeah, I think that’s safe to say. Here’s a quick rundown of what happened Tuesday, you know, in case you blinked:

Theo, who was revealed to be an undercover cop, arrested Karma, her parents and an overly aggressive Amy; Liam’s dad got their charges dropped, but only after he agreed to someday join the family business; during an argument with Theo, Lauren screamed about being intersex, a revelation which will likely win her class presidency; and lastly, Shane outed Duke, who then publicly declared his love for Shane at a televised press conference.

Below, Covington previews how the finale’s twists will affect Hester High’s finest when Season 2 returns in 2015:

AMY & KARMA | First, the good news: “In the end, I really wanted fans to know that [Karma and Amy are] going to be OK,” Covington says. “She’s going to forgive Amy and try to move forward in their friendship.” Now, the weird news: “That dream Karma had shows her feelings are complicated. There are definitely still trust issues. Plus, she was dreaming about herself kissing Amy, so what’s that?”

KARMA & LIAM | Because Liam has learned nothing about lying this season, he’ll choose to keep his personal sacrifice a secret from Karma for as long as he can. Of course, things will get tricky when he finds himself interning at Skwerkel alongside a “nihilistic” socialite named Zita (Pretty Little Liars‘ Chloe Bridges), who will prove to be “a little bit of a twist in the road for the Karma-Liam relationship.” As for Karma, “we’ll see a little of how this loss of innocence has affected her. She’s always wanted her life to be like a teen movie, and now she’s realizing that might not be possible.”

SHANE & DUKE | “It’s kind of a ‘be careful what you wish for’ scenario,” Covington says of Shane and Duke, who the show is using to “explore what’s happening in professional sports with athletes coming out, how they’re being supported and how sponsors are lining up to represent them.” Sounds great, right? Well, there’s a catch: “Shane’s going to realize that he had Duke all to himself before he outed him. Now he’ll have to share him with a lot more people.”

LAUREN & THEO | “Theo is definitely going to come back, and he’s going to want to explain himself to Lauren,” Covington assures us. “There are so many obstacles to them being a couple, but when she asked, ‘Was any of it real?’ he only felt pressured to say no because his boss was right there. We’ve always felt like his connection with her is real and genuine, so we’re going to explore that.” As for Lauren’s turn as class president, a position she’s getting as a result of being intersex, you can expect plenty of inner conflict. “She’s becoming accepted for the one thing she still hasn’t fully accepted about herself,” Covington says. “It’s a new coming out story that we’re playing with. Plus, just seeing Lauren is power is going to be a hoot.”

Your thoughts on tonight’s Faking It finale? Browse photos below, then drop a comment: What do you hope to see when the show returns in 2015?

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  1. Ok for real how many times is Shane going to out people?

    • Faithnz says:

      And they make out like its not a big deal at all. Who the hell is he to out anyone. Its each persons choice whether or not they come out.

  2. paris says:

    Can Karmy just be real!!!!! I need them to be real.

    And I’m gonna need them to stop with this Liam/Karma thing. They just dont have any chemistry. Even Liam/Amy have more chemistry.

    • cyclone says:

      but Reagan and Amy have so much chemistry it’s insane. I think it’s Karma, she just doesn’t have chemistry with anyone, barely with Amy if as I said you compare to Amy and Reagan.

      • Faithnz says:

        Agreed. Amy and Reagan have more chemistry than Karma/Amy. I honestly hope they dont get together. It’s always come across as Karma, Karma, Karma – selfish, self absorbed.

        • Karen says:

          Okay, but can we please actually note a few things:

          1) Karma loves Amy. Not necessarily in a romantic way, but she would never ever try to hurt Amy intentionally. When it comes between Amy and Liam, who she has a HUGE crush on and actually have feelings for (yes, most of us queers don’t necessarily have feels for him, but he IS the brooding, handsome, still big-hearted, trying-to-be-moral guy. Just because YOU don’t see it doesn’t mean Karma doesn’t) she CHOOSES AMY. Every time. She ISN’T as selfish as some might think.

          2) Amy DID sleep with Liam. Because she wanted to hurt Karma. Sure, because she was hurt. But the motivation was to cause hurt. This is selfish. Okay? Understandably human, but selfish.

          Please can we STOP with the St. Amy and Karma (or Liam) bashing. I honestly think all the characters have pretty understandable motivations. Calm yo’self.

          • Donna Brooks says:

            “Please can we STOP with the St. Amy and Karma (or Liam) bashing.” OMG, THANK YOU!! I have said this before elsewhere. I agree w/ your whole post, but you really nailed it w/ that statement. Also, this idea that chemistry is all it takes to make a relationship work is naive. It also takes compatibility and commitment. So many people turned on Karma just b/c she didn’t hop in the sack w/ Amy at the end of last season, which would have been a real disaster b/c she wasn’t ready for anything like that!! People jumped on the Reamy ship, even though all we’ve seen them do is make out. They just like Reagan b/c she’s hot & she’s a lesbian and knows for sure who she is. That’s all great, but honestly, that kiss in Karma’s dream b/t Karma & Amy was really HOT!! They *do* have physical chemistry; it’s just that the show has not given them the freedom to be more passionate until now. Amy’s journey of self-discovery concerning her feelings for Karma came to a conclusion in the jail cell. She was completely honest with herself and Karma, and realized that she’s been in love w/ Amy since the day they met. Now the focus will shift to Karma & we are going to see her making self-discoveries about her feelings for Amy. Karmy already has the compatibility and commitment, and we haven’t seen that in the Reamy relationship. I think the chemistry b/t Karmy will improve as the girls are less restrained in their romantic/sexual scenes.

      • Amy & Reagan may be lust more than love. They have a physical attraction but so far not much else. Reagan can be found dj’ing in bars, a place that Amy probably rarely goes or has interest in, where Amy & Karma enjoy watching movies in silence so they can commentate. When Amy enterer the beauty pageant just to prove a point to her mother, Reagan seized it as a means to expose the entire beauty pageant industry for sexism. Karma would’ve likely talked Amy down from ‘the dark side’ of reacting to her mom & entering the pageant. Physical attractions may be fun and great distractions but don’t often last over time.

    • nanami says:

      i totally agree

  3. Riana says:

    Actually Karma dreamed of herself having sex with Amy. That’s something different entirely.

    • adri says:

      No karma is the one with the dream. That scene shows a dream inside a dream. I didn’t catch it at first either,but what made me realize it was all karma’s dream was because amy is seen being kissed by Reagan and karma and then she “wakes up” next to liam. But Liam is with karma in reality he wasn’t actually camping with amy.

  4. sam says:

    i hope to see reagan

  5. Pat says:

    How could we not comment on Reagan and Amy?!

  6. cyclone says:

    Damn! and I was really hoping Liam was going to leave for that art thing, never to return again.

    And is anyone else confused about the “dream sequence” was it all from Karma’s point of view (even the Reagan and Amy stuff)?

    • I agree! I’m also still not clear whether it was one or two dream sequences! I thought it would’ve been briliant if it was Amy’s dream first (her seeing Karma) and then cut to Karma’s dream of Liam & Amy. Right now, it seems like it was all Karma’s dream.
      I’m admittedly also over Liam but mostly bc they haven’t given him anything to do beyond being largely a placeholder who bangs on art (and sometimes Karma). They gave him one strong episode this season (his house) and I thought they’d do more with that but haven’t yet. I like him okay, I just don’t believe the premise that a womanizing teenage boy miraculously changes his ways. Plus, I haven’t been watching/supporting the show to see another hetero story in the first place.

  7. shelby says:

    # nothing on lauren + theo ” anthony” they are such a cute couple he was so geninue i just really hope for them to work out next season # tauren or #anturen ?

  8. Rook says:

    Lauren is a sophmore which makes her either 15/16 and Theo is 20…..

    • johnhelvete says:

      Lauren drove Amy and Karma to Dallas to get the cake with the weird name in season 1, Lauren is at least 16.

    • shelby says:

      Love has no number they just make since like pb + j . Life would also perf if liam told the dang truth to karma and amy got over karma and fall in love with reagan like she was just starting to do.

    • crystal says:

      The age factor in faking it concerns me greatly. First there’s Reagan and Amy, then Duke and Shane and now Lauren and Theo. To be fair though, I don’t know how old Duke and Shane are supposed to be but I think that its something worth keeping an eye on.
      Also can someone please explain the end to me? I’m a little confused.

      • Anthony Rizzo says:

        You are right Crystal. The age differences in all the couples is noticeable but I don’t really see these characters as true high school students because they fail to do high school things like go to class and do adult things like have sex in public places, go to bars and nightclubs. I see them more like left back college students. As for the end it is Karma’s dream with in a dream. Karma has a nightmare that Amy and Liam went camping together instead of Amy and Reagan and in that dream she dreams that Amy just woke up from dreaming about her and Amy making out when it was supposed to be Amy and Reagan.

      • Nuadin says:

        To add, it’s very common in high school for relationships like that in Texas. In Texas, the legal age of consent is 17 or a three years difference if they are under 17. So in Texas, it’s legal for an 19 year old to be with a 16 year old for instance.

        Not saying it’s good or anything, just something that may need to be considered.

  9. Can you only write one sentence to post here?

  10. Having a womanizer and a lesbian making out in the LAST scene in not one but TWO season finales is unnecessary. It would have been a more satisfying cliffhanger revolving around Amy, Reagan, and Karma. Karma’s distrust over Amy & Liam had already been established.

  11. Anthony Rizzo says:

    I know that Karma is too scared to admit her love for Amy because to her it would mean sacrificing her perfect view of her life as a teen movie but Karma is playing a very dangerous game with Amy’s emotions. So if the Faking It writers are reading this take my advice. Make Amy’s relationship with Reagan Amy’s top priority. Stop Amy from running after Karma at her every back and call. Let Karma be the one to chase after Amy. Let Karma realize that relationships work both ways.

    • Miracle says:

      I totally agree with you

    • aina says:

      same here i want amy to be happy as much as i want karma and amy to be together but i think it will piss me off if season 3 would still revolve around amy chasing karma,i hope they make it backwards so karma would know how amy felt being rejected constantly

  12. eric says:

    Am i the only one that wants Liam and Amy to get together somehow?

  13. Yolanda says:

    I do not watch shows in which lesbians do have sex with guys. It’s so stereotypical. Yeah cause every lesbian needs to sleep with a man because without it she doesn’t know if she’s lesbian or not… Give me a break! It’s in every freaking show! But you do not see gay guys sleeping with women on TV shows. Ugh! I stopped watching after that horrendous season one finale and I’m glad I did after reading this!

  14. Amosimo says:

    CANT WAIT FOR SEASON 2B, I NEED AN EXACT DATE! I want Karma to finally kiss Amy on her own accord and make it lead to a hot sex scene!!! XD

  15. Acacia says:

    I just honestly want Karma and Amy to be together and have Liam move on with someone else…also Theo and Lauren are the best couple ever and I hope they get through their relationship and have Lauren hear him out in his explanation. But seriously, Karmy needs to happen for real this time for season 2B

  16. marmalade says:

    In 2015!!?? Waaaaat!? NOOO!. No, that’s can’t be true. I can not stand it…

  17. Bianca says:

    But what about Amy and Reagan?

  18. Rita says:

    I want want Amy and Liam together.They are sooo perfect.At the end of the episode when I saw them together i was completely crazy about how cute they are.They have a lot of chemistry and they will be a perfect couple and I thing that Amy like guys too.

  19. Aliyah Veira says:

    I think Karma should give Amy a chance in a real relationship. I love Liam as much as the next guy, but he’s too secretive and has too much baggage. All Amy wants is Karma. There should be something huge that happens….. Like Karma gets pregnant with Liam’s baby….. Or Amy and Reagan team up against Karma after she does something stupid because of her mixed feelings……… Just my opinion.

  20. karma’s dream? wasnt it amy’s fantasy? when reamy are camping right ?

  21. Bri says:

    Liam and karma are cute together. I think amy and karma are just better as friends they fight way to much which would cause stupid breakups in there relationship, also if karma’s straight let her be straight why does she have to be a lesbian just because amy is. Also amy is probably not my favorite everyone always calls karma selfish she literally tries to keep everyone happy. No one calls amy selfish and she had sex with Liam lied about it made Liam lie about it kept it from karma. Also if karma doesn’t feel the same way about amy how does that give her the right to sleep with her boyfriend.

  22. Alex says:

    I love Shane , he is doing everything he want without think about other people feelings and it’s bad thing to do , but! sometimes is good for them he made the people that he outed better life I mean now thay can be themselfs!

  23. haley price says:

    Well..Liam and karma got into a fight And u didn’t know they were going to get back get together so when liam and amy did it they were both hurt because of karma.So karma shouldn’t have been mad at liam and amy.But i love karma but she can be a bit dramatic

  24. RaeB says:

    I’m just going to state the obvious and say that Lauren and Shane have the best chemistry on the show. I know he’s gay and as far as we know not bi. However, considering how frequent forced homosexual shipping is in fandoms among characters that are established as strictly straight, I don’t feel that bad about wanting them to happen

  25. tsevca says:

    I´d like to see Oliver come back. He had more chemistry with Amy than all her female love interests. And Amy herself hinted she´s more bisexual, so it´d be good to actually have her interact with some guy in this way, not just have drunken one night stand. But I guess people wouldn´t react to it well. They want her to be lesbian, so a boy having more chemistry with her than girls, would ruin that.