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Awkward's Ashley Rickards Talks Jenna's Choice, Lacey's Surprise and More Season 4 Finale Twists

Senior year just got real. Awkward‘s fourth season finale threw some major curveballs at the Palos Hills gang, including a life-changing twist for the Hamilton family.

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First, a quick recap of what went down during Spring Break: Lacey found out she’s pregnant, Jenna fell even harder for Brian, Tamara became engaged (!!!) to Brian’s friend Adam, Jake slept with Gabby, Val decided to quit her job and — most tragically of all — Matty appeared to accept that he’s lost Jenna forever.

Below, star Ashley Rickards discusses the finale’s biggest twists with TVLine, then ponders what Season 5 might have in store for your favorites:

TVLINE | Let’s start with Lacey’s big speech to Matty. Did he really miss his chance with Jenna?
Listen, it’s never over until it’s over. Those two characters are still alive, right? That’s basically what’s going to have to happen for Jatty to no longer exist — someone’s going to have to die. What Lacey meant is that Matty is too indecisive when the ball is in his court, and in a sense, she’s right. She wants her daughter to be with someone serious, someone who’s not going to mess with her head and string her along. It’s right for a mom to feel territorial like that.

TVLINE | Is Jenna’s new military man the right guy for Jenna? Is he sticking around?
I mean, God knows I love a man in uniform. We’ll see more of [Brian], for sure.

Season 4, Episode 21

TVLINE | We’ll also see more of Lacey now that she’s pregnant! How does Jenna really feel about becoming a big sister?
Well, Jenna’s not going to be an only child anymore, which I think is fine. When you’re an only child, life rocks for a while, but then you get into adulthood and — speaking from experience as an only child — that whole thing about all the focus being on you turns into a really bad thing. It’ll be good for [Lacey and Kevin] to have a screaming distraction. I’m sure Jenna will make an adorable babysitter, too.

TVLINE | Moving on to Tamara, do you think Jenna is more likely to help plan her bridal shower, or help her break off the engagement?
I’m hoping Jenna doesn’t get too involved with that. Anytime she gets involved in other people’s relationships, they start to crumble, especially when it’s a friend’s relationship. So I’m hoping Jenna just sticks with the party planning aspect of it. Maybe she’ll surprise us all and throw an awesome bachelorette party — as long as she doesn’t rent that party bus again.

TVLINE | Gabby sleeping with Jake was also a surprise, especially since it happened so quickly. How do you see that changing the dynamic of the group?
I’ve been kept in the dark about that, unfortunately, so I’m right with you guys.

TVLINE | What was your reaction to that during the table read?
Well, this kind of happens a lot with this show, where we get the script and I’ll read it and won’t necessarily understand everything that happens. I was talking to Erinn [Westbrook] three weeks after filming, and she mentioned that scene, and I was like, “Oh! I get it now!” I didn’t even know that it happened.

TVLINE | I have to say, a part of me was worried Eva might show up. You know she’s lurking in the shadows somewhere.
[Laughs] Oh yeah, she’s lurking. She was probably at the house next door, just waiting.

TVLINE | That was actually her dressed up as Matty’s dad.
That would be so weird.

TVLINE | Anything you can tell us about Season 5?
They’re still writing the scripts, so I can’t promise this, but we’ve never seen Jenna in a bikini. So we’re skipping that part and going straight to a bunch of naked people — and Jenna will be one of those naked people. As of right now, that is happening. Just a ton of naked people to get the ratings up.

Awkward fans, your thoughts on tonight’s season finale? Any lingering questions you need answered? Drop ’em all in the comments section below.

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  1. Evan says:

    For a show that very much fell out of the groove it had in the first and second seasons, the show rebounded a bit this year and, especially in these final stretch of episodes, had a pretty good showing. The finale kind of loaded it on with the twists and cliffhangers, but it does make me happy to know that the creative team is going into next season knowing it’s the last one. I’m assuming they’ll stretch out the final months of senior year to last the fifth season. My guess is a final season will set up the reunion of Jenna and Matty, as that’s the only thread they’ve really kept going throughout the entire series’ run. The show, as I said earlier, is nowhere near the witty, sharp perfection it was early on (and the shift is 100% evident as soon as Lauren Iungerich left), but they’re setting it up for a respectable finish.

  2. Nicole S says:

    I want to know if jake and Matty are still gonna be for ends after he finds out jake and gabby cheated on him.

  3. madame peeples says:

    I thought gabby was a virgin. On the party bus episode she was making matty wait. Wtf?

  4. Lulu2 says:

    This show has gone off the deep end. Random twists out of no where just for the sake of cliff hangers.
    I’ll save you all the trouble, Tamara won’t get married, Matty will find out about and forgive Jake, Lacey will go to college, and “Jaddy” (seriously is that a thing?) will realize they were meant to be.
    You’re welcome.

    • Charity says:

      Matty is suppose to be with Jenna that is the main part of the show. Everyone loves them together. I think in the next season Matty will actually have the balls to tell Jenna how he really feels. I think Gabby and him are not going to last long. Jenna knows Matty better than anyone.

  5. Lauren says:

    Was that the season finale? I thought they shot a graduation scene?

  6. Jenn says:

    Has Jenna found the one ?
    Will Matty fight for what he loves ?
    Will Gabby and Jake come out about their hookup ?
    Is Tamara going to get married ?
    Omg I need answers !!!

  7. Leanne Gorman says:

    I dont want awkward to end i ave been addicted to it since it first started they should bring out a film it wud be amazin…. matty and jenna cud get married and all…. i hope matty and jenna get back together there so perfect for each other #awkwardrocks

  8. nati says:

    season 5!!! siiiii!! I love this show…i love when Sergio says “sadita” :) and i want Maty and Jenna back!

  9. Ella says:

    I’m so over Matty and Jenna. The incessant need to be in each other’s business and pursue something romantic one week and platonic the next has gotten old. At this point, the better people without each other. Speaking of better people, I LOVE Sadie and sexy Sergio <3 More of them next season, please!

  10. Rebecca Jester says:

    I would really like for Jatty to come back Season 5. They had a lot of terrible times, but speaking from experience I think they are truly meant to be. They make a cute couple, they are great friends, and they know that they love each other and they are just trying to push away from it. I’m hoping Jatty comes back in Season 5 and that Awkward continues into college because I would be lost without finding out how Jena’s life goes!!

  11. Rebecca Jester says:

    Has Jenna found the one ?
    Will Matty fight for what he loves ?
    Will he finally tell Jena they belong together ?
    Will Gabby and Jake come out about their hookup ?
    Is Tamara going to get married ?
    Brian needs to go, make him leave!!
    Omg I need answers !!

  12. Alecs says:

    I really dig Jenna and the new military guy Brian!!!!!😍😍😍😍

  13. Pamela99 says:

    Awkward has had a downfall with season 4. I used to love the show. The last episode was too much. It cramped too many events in 20 minutes. It made no sense. Jenna’s random strolls on the beach where she “casually” runs into Brian (guy she randomly met the day before); Val’s encounter with the “dolphin” which was actually a shark and it did not react at all at a human’s caress on its fin; Tamara’s random engagement and Jake and Gabby’s awkward hug which escalated very unexpectedly….
    What happened?

  14. Pamela99 says:

    Sergio and Sadie are the best actors on the show

  15. kleevis says:

    I think brain has a dark side and Matty and Jena will grow as a couple. BUT I really wanna know is the it will start up again.

  16. lizbeth says:

    The show still has a long time to go before it ends right ?????? This is so good you guys should go on forever !!!!! I’d die if you guys finish this.

  17. tracy says:

    I have been rooting for matty and jenna its nerve racking everytime they become single and i think oh here is there chance then one of them hook up with someone. I cant believe jake and gabby but thats what is gonna break her and matty which makes matty single to hook up with jenna only if jenna breaks up with brian though seems to go that way everytime one of them becomes single im yeam matty and jenna all the way i actually cried when matty rescued her from collin i thought they were gonna hook up then

  18. Estefanny says:

    I just want Matty and Jenna To be together!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate how they both pretend they don’t love each other😠 when clearly they are meant for one another😘💑💋

  19. Missy says:

    I really just want Jenna and Matty to get back together. Yeah, their relationship has been complicated (they’re in highschool, of course they have a lot of issues, but they’ve ALWAYS had feelings for eachother, no matter who else they’re dating. It would just be so wrong throw that away because of a guy Jenna met on spring break. With her leaving for college, that relationship can’t last anyway. They don’t have the history to make it work. Jenna and Matty could go in different countries, and they’d still find a way.

  20. BC says:

    I will probably die of a heart break if the final season ends without Matty and Jena getting back together for life!!!!!!