Vampire Diaries Thanksgiving Scoop: Steroline Drama, 'Revelations' & More

Vampire Diaries Spoilers

Elena and her pals celebrate “Friendsgiving” on Thursday (The CW, 8/7c), but this being The Vampire Diaries, it doesn’t take long for the happy holiday to — as Candice Accola put it during a recent set visit — descend into total “madness.”

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And because Turkey Day is a time for sharing, star Michael Trevino said fans can expect “some revelations at the Thanksgiving table that will blow your minds,” in addition to plenty of romantic drama, all of which is detailed in full below:

CAROLINE VS. STEFAN | For starters, don’t expect to see Stefan and Caroline sharing a plate — or even a table. “She made it very clear at the end of the last episode that she hates him,” Accola said. “So when planning a Friendsgiving, according to her, he doesn’t necessarily fall into that category anymore.” You also shouldn’t expect to see Caroline dealing with those complicated emotions in, shall we say, a healthy manner. “Usually, she just likes to cover [her problems] up and pretend everything’s fine,” Accola says, “so we’ll probably see a little bit of that.”

TYLER’S TROUBLE | And Mr. Lockwood won’t need to ask for a second helping of awkwardness; he’ll be getting it whether he wants it or not. “You’ve got to imagine me,” Trevino explained, “Liv’s right here, and Caroline’s right there, so I’ve got the ex and this new girl I want to be dating. [Caroline and Tyler] have an exchange, but I think they’re at a common ground. There’s no drama there or animosity.”

ROAD TRIP | So, where’s Elena’s ex-boyfriend in all of this? While the girls, Tyler and Luke are busy passing plates, Damon, Stefan and Alaric head to Portland, where they find “a of s—t,” according to Ian Somerhalder. “It was a lot of fun to be back with the boys. I really dug it.”

KAI’S PAST REVEALED | Kai may be an evil sociopath, but you’ve got to admit, there’s something impossibly lovable about the li’l guy. Of course, I could be singing a different tune after this week’s history lesson. “We know why he’s in 1994, but [on Thursday], we see a little bit more of his violent past and exactly what it was that brought him to be locked there,” Chris Wood said, adding that you’ll see Kai’s “attempts to take over the coven and what went wrong.”

TVD fans, how are you hoping the characters sort out their various messes, both romantic and supernatural? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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  1. Darla says:

    After that disgusting webclip they released i have no interest ever watching another episode of this horrid show ever again. Lets have Damon Carolines abuser (i say rapist thats what i think happend the end but i don´t have time for Damon stans to get all outraged about it) try to convince stefan to date caroline by telling him jokingly that he has been there and done that (yeah you did her good whilst abusing her! you tool) and she´s good for it is disgusting and beyond gross ADD to that Carolines former teacher Alric cheering Damon on about effin/abusing is former student! OH and how romantic is that they have to convince stefan that caroline is worthy of dating/loving off to a great start steroline.

    • Mell says:

      Steroline is just messy.

      • Nik says:

        Agreed. Caroline and Stefan as pals are great. I just don’t see any chemistry with the two characters in the whole Steroline mess. I hope they don’t hook up and ruin it anymore than what’s already happened this season.

    • dana says:

      Ummm i recall caroline sleeping with him willingly. Where is a rape in that??

      • Fran says:

        The OP is referring to the fact that Damon was compelling/controlling Caroline during that whole time, so she didn’t exactly have free will. It’s been a long standing discussion among fans as to whether it was rape or not.

  2. Sibi Stella says:

    This Steroline thing needs to end once and for all: they had a good friendship and they should have been JUST friends. Why does Caroline Dries and Julie Plec ruin everything good in this damn show?
    Caroline Forbes is more close to her rapist than his called best friend.

    • Darla says:

      Because they´ve run out of stories to tell thats what steroline is leftovers and it´s gonna be as epic as joey and rachel on friends

      • Darla says:

        OH and its another way for Julie no fanservice Plec to honor the Delena fans more because if steroline is a thing delena isn´t threatened by stefan.

        • Laurel says:

          Bitter much? I excepted that Stefan and Elena have moved on. Maybe Damon and Elena will be over too and I’m okay with that. I however do NOT Stefan to take Elena back! EVER!!!!! If that happens I will be done watching this show! Stefan and Caroline are cute together. They are happy together which is a nice turn of events after both of their past relationships. They have great chemistry and great base for a relationship. I just want them together even if it isn’t romantic. Those are the best ships. The ones that you root for even if they are knocking boots. As for Damon, what he did was wrong. He knows it. Stefan knows it. However I don’t think Stefan knows the extent to which it was done. The guy wasn’t in the room when they were having sex for god sakes. What Damon did to Caroline is basically what Katherine did to Stefan and even Damon to an extent. Doesn’t make it justifiable but doesn’t make him irredeemable or unforgivable.

        • Mell says:

          I’m a Delena fan since S3 but I do not ship Steroline. I’d pair Caroline with Enzo or send her over to TO and have her with Klaus. Stefan and Car had a great friendship and its so sad to see the writers destroy that friendship. They need to stop this pairing and make the friends again

  3. Robert says:

    I am wondering if we will find out if the twins are related to the new doctor in town? Which we already figured out she is Kai’s sister.

  4. Kinsey says:

    Love Stefan and Caroline, I’m super excited to see their exchanges but Stefan needs to earn Caroline’s affections again!

  5. Kay says:

    I’ve watched this show from the beginning and I can say I’ve loved it ever since. There have been some rough patches, particularity in season 5 but other than that, I’ve loved it. This season feels like the old TVD again. Also, Steroline FTW!

  6. Sam says:

    Not a fan of Tyler and Liv, it just feels pointless to me. I’ve never liked Luke + Live anyways, they take away too much screen time and that’s saying a lot since I’m gay. I’d prefer seeing more of Caroline and Matt or even Bonnie. I’m happy Alaric is back though, he’s an important character in everyone’s lives. I’m loving all the Steroline and Bamon scenes, espeically Steroline since I’ve loved them since 2×02.

  7. Jessica says:

    Looking forward to the Steroline.

  8. TVDiva says:

    Damon of course wants to see his brother happy as long as he is not with Elena. It’s pretty clear that Stefan has no intentions of being that guy with Elena. I guess I m over the back and forth with Caroline. She has seen Stefan he can be nice and he can be an ass for a reason or two. Just kiss the guy and move on. Pouting isn’t going to make him want you.

  9. Angus says:

    Lost all interest in this series. Hope this is the final season. CW needs to make room for some new stuff next year.

  10. Katherine P says:

    STEROLINE IS REALLY BAD JUST END OUR SUFFERING ALREADY its just not right they don’t have romantic energy it all forced and wrong, NO STOP THIS

  11. Lulli says:

    I would really love if the writers didn’t go for the obvious and have Stefan and Caroline stay friends. I just can’t bring myself to be invested in a possible romance between them, especially when they completely destroyed their friendship to pave the way for it. But! After last week’s shameless fan service, I’m sure I shouldn’t get my hopes up and expect a Steroline hookup. Stefan will probably wake up and realize that Caroline is the love of his life, lmao. Julie Plec will “honor” us again *cough*.

  12. Guest says:

    They need to stop boring us with the Stefan & Caroline back n forth! why cant they just stay good friends

  13. jay says:

    I realllyyyy hope steroline doesnt happen, i like them so much better as friends.. i love the show but if steroline happens im finsih

  14. Bamon says:

    I think damon is beginning to fall in love with bonnie. Breaking up wit elena, compelling alaric just to save bonnie, saying good things about her… Etc. Wow,they really look cute together though. Long Live Bamon shippers

  15. Giada says:

    Lately I’ve been watching again the first series and it was totally different, more involving… I really like Damon, but actually the storyline has become repetitive, just sex scenes and eternal love declarations, going ahead like the first three seasons and the story between Elena and Stefan have never taken place. I think it’s changing the nature of the show a bit too much… No way Caroline and Stefan can be good together, aw, still remembering how Caroline was interesting when Klaus was there. By the way, am I the only one that thinks writers have an amnesia? Alaric and Damon talk to Stefan about Caroline and they say she’s perfect for him because she never slept with Damon…ACTUALLY have you seen the first season when they had sex and he bite her whenever he wanted? Hope season will develop in a good way :)

  16. CJ says:

    I’m a big Steroline shipper. Love their chemistry as friends and I would love for them to become more. I used to ship Stelena but after the way she treated him and went with his brother I really hope the writers do not go back with Stelena again. Stefan deserves better. I’m glad they are finally steering away from that triangle because it was getting old. I am also glad they are switching up the whole Elena constantly being the victim and needing rescuing. And I think I am going to like Elena falling in love with Daman again (I hope she does at least). She obviously still has some kind of feelings or she would have no interest in getting those memories back but she is trying to get them back.

  17. Rebecca Suke says:

    Just hurry up and reunite KLAUS & CAROLINE. Caroline & Stefan need to just stay as friends.