The Flash Boss Talks Grodd's Arrival and Another Arrow Crossover

The Flash Season 1 Spoilers

The Flash has shown restraint when it comes to what its costumed crusader can do — but that won’t be the case for much longer, executive producer Greg Berlanti revealed to TVLine following his Film Independent panel at LACMA last Wednesday. In fact, Berlanti added, one of The Flash’s iconic powers will soon come into play in a big way.

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Below, the EP also discusses the introduction of Grodd, the big confession Barry may make to Iris and upcoming tweaks to the titular hero’s costume. And on the heels of next month’s Arrow/The Flash crossover, the uber producer weighs in on the possibility of another similarly huge event.

TVLINE | Am I wrong in reading the situation as it just being a matter of time before Barry has to tell Iris either that he loves her or that he’s The Flash in order to salvage their relationship?
One hundred percent. I think that’s a fair assessment. One of those two things will be revealed soon enough.

TVLINE | You had a pretty juicy tease there at the end of the last episode about Grodd. Is that something that’s going to be more teased rather than introduced?
I wouldn’t say teased. I would say we’re going to deal with it this year. The comparison I make is a little bit to Slade the first year on Arrow in the sense of we started with the mask in the pilot and then we saw which way we were going. He was, ultimately, in the back half of that first season even more than we would ever do with Grodd this first year because… We’re going to have to get the technology right and all the stuff right to make it look and feel real. But a lot of times, we do this stuff not as a tease as much as a challenge to ourselves of, “Can we do it?” Grodd’s definitely one of those, so we hope we pull it off.

TVLINE | We saw so many different abilities with the last episode — running on water, running up a building, changing his voice. Are there other special abilities still to come?
Oh, he has tons. Definitely. We’re holding back on some big ones still. He famously can phase through things. We haven’t seen him do that yet.

TVLINE | And time travel?
That is the one that we deal with directly in the winter. We, obviously, hint at it from the pilot episode. That is a big — “theme” is the wrong word for it — but that is a big part of the DNA of who The Flash was, so we do deal with that.

The Flash Season 1 SpoilersTVLINE | And with his suit being destroyed by the bomb, is now the time when you’re going to evolve his costume?
We’ll keep evolving it and tweaking it as we go. I think people are waiting to see when it’s going to be a white emblem versus a red.

TVLINE | Are there any big crossovers with Arrow planned for the second half of the season?
We just started talking about that. It’s so much fun to do. They’re so hard to do. But I think they’ll be so rewarding for everybody, ultimately, that that’s our hope, for sure.

Flash fans, what are you most excited to see when it comes to the speedster?

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  1. herman1959 says:

    I’m looking forward to Barry having “the talk” with Iris (whatever it may be).

    • Tai says:

      Same here. I really need her to be clued in on one of those things before too long. I’m actually hoping that it’s the whole Barry is the Flash thing because the longer they go without telling her, the more draw out the fallout will be. As for him being in love with her, really hoping she realizes that one for herself.

  2. Luis says:

    As a matter of fact, I have been waiting for a white background on the lightning bolt symbol, so thanks for that

  3. I’d like to see Ray Palmer give Barry the ring Flash uses in the comics to keep his costume in.

    Barry will go to Iris set on telling her the truth but because he can do that she’ll reveal to him that she’s from the future, thus delaying his reveal by using her own.

    I’m curious to find out if Grodd hails from Gorilla City or if they’re going to ground the concept by making him be a lab animal or something, like Ceasar in POTA. I hope they use Gorilla City.

    • As I miscommented to someone else below, that makes no sense for her to be from the future, as they grew up together.

    • A says:

      The being from the future thing really is not central to the character and really should not be used on the show as it was dumb when they did it in the comics.. The way she has been retconned on the show it would make even less sense.

      • Well, it’s not dumb. It is a fairly integral aspect of the Flash mythos. It is her origins in the 30th (and then post Zero Hour 31st Century) that lead to Barry retiring there prior to his death in the Crisis on the Infinite Earths. It was during that time there that he fathered the Tornado Twins, who in turn fathered Impulse and XS, Barry’s grandchildren.

        It’s all part of the same myth, really.

        • A says:

          The Toronado Twins, Impulse, XS are not integral to the story of Barry Allen/Flash.. and that all becomes way too much of a convoluted plot structure to try to make work on a network sow… in any event even if she was “sent as an infant into the past” as she was in the comics, she wouldnt know about being from the future as the comic book version didnt know either much later.. And I dont think the “new 52 version” which this show is based on is actually from the future anymore.

          • The story of the Flash is one of legacy. From Jay Garrick to Barry Allen to Wally West to the Twins to XS to Impulse and all other heroes (and villains ) that run the lightning. It is a legacy that also includes a few dark eggs, such as Professor Zoom, who turns it on its head. Time travel, as the article we’re commenting on mentions, is part of the Flash’s DNA. As for Iris having memories of being from the future if she was an infant when she was sent here, there are many ways that could be handled. For one thing, there’s the Superman model, in which her parents could have given her a MacGuffin that tells her she’s from he future – in which case Joe would not be her real father. Then there’s the chance that both Iris AND Joe came from the future when she was an infant to escape from something or someone.

          • A says:

            Well, I don’t want them to go down that route.. it would mess up the continuity of the show… If they had knowledge of the future they would know about the Flash already and much of their actions, such as Joe not believing Barry’s dad’s innocence make no sense. They can go the Professor Zoom stuff but I really dont want them to have Iris or Joe being from the future.

          • Just because they’re from the future doesn’t mean they know everything about everyone. A thousand years is a long time. If we equate the Flash with say King Arthur, in that expanse of time myth and fact about Barry could have become jumbled as is the case with Arthur who, similarly, is said to have existed about one thousand years ago, give or take a century. Even with a Flash museum, how could they know what is real and what’s not? There are museums about Arthur, same as there is literature about him, and yet people can’t separate myth from fact entirely.

    • Manta says:

      Grodd is my ultimate wanna-see on this series, so I really hope they will use Gorilla City’s background and show us the City of the Apes. I hope Power Boothse will voice Grodd again.

      As for the ring: great idea!

  4. JC1 says:

    I think Iris finding out that Barry is the Flash will happen before she finds out he’s in love with her. The writers have said so many times in regards to Arrow that it’s easier and more fun to write for characters who are in on the secret. I don’t think Iris will be in the dark much longer.

  5. I can’t wait until Grodd become the central of the episode. Will Giganta the future girl friends of Grodd appear in the episode?

  6. aura says:

    I still want Laurel to find her way to town and gain the Canary cry :)

    And also for more Barry/Caitlin bonding moments.

    • Radha says:

      I’d personally rather see him bonding with Cisco and get a close guy friend as well. Now if you’re talking about Barry and Caitlin in a friend sense, then yes for more bonding. But if you’re hinting at a romantic entanglement, then no. I don’t see that kind of chemistry between them. And Caitlin’s story about her lost fiancée and the hint that “he always used to say we were like fire and ice.” is more interesting to explore than a potential relationship with her and Barry. I look forward to her dealing with her fiancée’s inevitable return from the dead, because you so know it’s going to happen. I want to see hints of Caitlin’s future as Killer Frost being given to me now. I also want Iris to have more story as well rather than just being the love interest. People keep complaining that Iris has nothing to do, but she definitely has a lot more than Cisco and Caitlin do in the lab. They don’t show them outside the lab enough. They need to be developed characters and right now, they’re not. At least Iris moves around and interacts with different people. Once the writers even things out and everyone can get equal development going, I think the show will really hit its stride.

      • aura says:

        And I don’t see any chemistry between iris and Barry…..and judging by the poll tvline did I’m not the only one

        • I just remember that Gorilla Grodd and Giganta was both member of the Legion of Doom. I also remember that when she debut in the Wonder Woman comics book that she was a gorilla who because some accident in the Holiday College where Etta Candy was a student became a woman. It is several decade later that she got her growing power. Etta Candy became a member of the WW supporting cast during the 40’s.

        • Radha says:

          Oh, a poll said that? Well I suppose that if a poll said that, then the poll’s word is law. Well good for you. I actually didn’t mention anything about Iris and Barry, but yes, we get it. You are all about Caitlin and Barry even though they have shown not a smidgeon of romantic interest in each other at this point. She’s grieving the loss of her fiancée still and Barry is completely smitten with Iris. But yes, there is so much love between them. And Barry and Caitlin barely have alone time together. She has the same amount of screen time with him as Cisco does, so I guess Cisco has chemistry with Barry too. And apparently Dr. Wells as well.

    • JC1 says:

      I’d prefer to see more Barry/Iris moments personally. I thought last week’s episode was good for them. And I think Caitlin and Ronnie have their own story yet. As for Laurel, seeing as how she (and Sara’s death) is the reason I am no longer watching Arrow, I’d just as soon she stayed on that show and far away from this one.

    • Manta says:

      I agree. Laurel should really get the Canary Cry.

      I dispaise the Iris of this show but Caitlin…. SPOILER ALERT

      Caitlin will become the villain Killer Frost.

      • ScottJ says:

        I’m not expecting Killer Frost to appear anytime soon. We have the whole Firestorm arc to get through first and its necessary to keep Caitlin as is for that. The show also can’t use the same villain week after week so if they go the Frost route they will have to either reduce the role substantially, or perhaps keep Frost’s identity a secret.

        There would also be the problem of how to keep Star Labs in the show. The three characters from there all have comic book futures that could make that very difficult, and for now Barry really needs his support team.

  7. Rick Katze says:

    While I no longer follow the comics for better than 40 years and thus have to real knowledge of what is likely to happen, I find that the TV development of the Flash is somewhat similar to the TV development of Arrow. Interesting to watch the little pieces come together.

  8. I just can’t imagine them every pulling off a good Gorilla Grodd on a CW TV budget.

    • I can’t wait to see Gorilla Grodd in action and what he connection with Dr. Wells? I also can’t wait until the writer will tell the full story behind Dr. Well/Gorilla Grodd next year.

    • Thankfully he has mental abilities so they could do a thing where for most of it he’s in the shadows (figuratively rather than just literally I would hope) and only revealed for a few minutes or something. Dunno what would be better though: TV budget CGI or a costume.

    • Manta says:

      Why not? If Game of Thrones can create 3 CGI dragons, Flash can surely create 1 CGI gorilla.

      But since I would love to see not just Grodd but Solovar, Malavar, General Silverback, Doctor Zaius and the rest of Gorilla City I think they should go for a less expensive way. Costumes and make-up could not be so bad. Remember Tim Burton’s Planet of the Apes?

  9. Matthew says:

    I am absolutely over-excited that they are for real going to do Gorilla Grodd.

    The “Iris doesn’t know” subplot is rapidly becoming more annoying than any “willtheywon’tthey” I’ve ever seen on TV, so even if they don’t get together, the reveal of Barry as the Flash needs to happen soon. I also wish they’d call him the Flash sooner than later.

    I also think it’d be cool for him to get the costume ring, but I don’t know how they’ll pull that off.

    I’m in the minority, and not the typical CW viewer, so a lot of my gripes are with the twenty-something relationship stuff that’s on the show. I’d rather they get that resolved so it can become a problems-solved-by-science type show. The little CSI/Sherlock evidence collection in the Pilot episode hinted at something very rich in the crime-solving department.

    The main mystery of who Harrison Wells is and the identity of Reverse Flash in the Pilot are working quite well. There’ll be thousands who claim they know what’s up, but I honestly can’t believe anyone has figured it out. I’m hoping for some insane plot twist where it turns out Wells is a time-traveller whose being mentally controlled by Gorilla Grodd in secret, but who knows?

    • PJ says:

      Thank you Matthew!

      Ugh. I like the show but now fast forward through the whole Iris angst stuff. The writers have given Iris nothing to do – she pulls the show down. Barry had way more chemistry with that girl from Arrow than he ever did with Iris. Feel sorry for the actress as its not her fault.

      Oh Barry will not have the talk – he will mope about how he needs to to do it all this season. But Iris will put it together/overhear something then will get mad she wasn’t told and put herself in jeopardy because she was so hurt that she wasn’t told. Sigh. Then Barry will save her and for a split second she realizes Barry’s feelings for her but yet go back to her boyfriend. Then we have awkward, across the room looks and things not said for another season and just as ratings start to slip (or the writers run out of ideas) to finally get together only to be torn apart (her father dies or something). Wish the writers were not so lazy.

      Bring on Grodd and the other stories and table the whole “willtheywon’tthey”.

      • I am glad that Iris West don’t need to be save every episode.

      • keyonna says:

        The writers haven’t given iris anything to do? As opposed to caitlin and Cisco who we’ve barely seen outside of the lab? Iris is helping the world realize that Barry is a hero and not some crazy part of their imagination. She’s making the flash a beacon of hope for the city.

  10. Robert says:

    I am loving that the producers dedicated to being as faithful as possible to the Flash of the comic books; the. Interview convince me that the Flash and the extended members of his universe are in good hands.

  11. Sela Wright says:

    I’m really looking forward to watching the journey unfold not just for Barry, but for Iris as well. Let’s just hope TPTB stay on course and close to the comics as Barry & Iris are essential characters to The Flash story. Seeing as how they will be addressing the time travel aspect early on, perhaps we’ll get a peak at future WestAllen.

  12. les says:

    Big fan of arrow and flash. As flash progresses i would like to see his. Costume look more like the comic. Great show.

  13. Doctor Clu says:

    I love Arrow and Flash. Two all time favorite heroes of mine. Was happy to see General Eiling and the Captain Atom reference (Cameron Scott). Iris is a lot of fun and I love how she interacts with Barry adorkable nature. Finally can’t wait to see the first hero I collected full time as a kid, Firestorm, making a live appearance. That will be awesome. :D

  14. fffjjug says:

    how many episodes are in season 1 and is there going to be a season 2