Once Upon a Time Recap: 20 Big Moments From a Huge Episode

Once Upon a Time Emma Trapped By Snow Queen

This Sunday on Once Upon a Time, just as Elizabeth Mitchell foretold, the ABC drama served up a “sweeping, epic” two-hour episode — and one of the series’ very best since the pilot.

In short: Flashbacks revealed to us how, despite the sisters’ own plot to dupe Ingrid, the Snow Queen was the one who turned the tables, leading Anna to trap Elsa in the urn. Snow Queen lost the urn to Rumple, and then cedes the Sorcerer’s Hat to the elderly apprentice, in trade for transport to our realm circa 1982, with the promise that she’d reunite with Elsa as well as meet her “perfect” match third “sister,” who was about to be born.

Meanwhile in Storybrooke, Rumple was more than happy to “help” Emma with her out-of-control magic, secretly plotting to collect her/them in the Sorcerer’s Hat. But luckily, Elsa showed up in time to argue the case for staying special by holding onto her magic. Still, Rumple came out ahead for the day by securing the “secret ingredient” he needs to free himself from the dagger’s bidding — the heart of someone who knew him before he became the Dark One, and that ticker belonged to Hook, who now is the Crocodile’s puppet. Regina scored a win as well, as in the afterglow of their night together, Robin Hood came across a clue of sorts to the storybook’s origin, in the form of a page suggesting an alternate course of events had they in fact met that night at the pub.

At hour’s end, Snow Queen emerged triumphant — for now — by planting the ribbons on herself, Emma and Elsa, thus giving her the power of all three “sisters” and using it to unleash the curse of Shattered Sight upon Storybrooke.

Here now, in strictly chronological-by-realm order, are my Top 20 moments from “Smash the Mirror” (plus a dozen or so super sound bites):

20 | Ingrid explaining to the Sorcerer’s apprentice her desire to reclaim the happiness of “three girls running with a kite,” by finding a new, third magical sister. It all sounds so benign!ELIZABETH LAIL, GEORGINA HAIG

19 | Elsa chewing out imprisoned Anna, as an act for the guards.

18 | Anna discovering frozen Hans! (Elsa’s all, “Oh yeah, that….”)

17 | Under the spell of Shattered Sight, Anna acts like a real brat to Elsa — but in doing so probably shares some of the actual psychological damage her off-limits sis thrust upon her during their Frozen childhood.

16 | Ingrid realizing, “Everyone sees me as a monster, so maybe it’s time to embrace that and be one,” first by freezing the castle and Anna/Kristoff. Chilling.

15 | The Sorcerer’s apprentice providing Ingrid with a portal to The Land Without Magic circa 1982.

14 | Emma accidentally zapping Henry, drawing blood from her own son. #SaveHenry

13 | After post-coital Robin effusesOnceUponaTime_RobinRegina about the best (ahem) “sleep” he’s had in a very long time, Regina acknowledges that she should have chosen him over evil back at the pub. (And then they resume their “first time”….)

12 | Mary Margaret and David spending a good-sized scene debating if Emma is making a mistake by getting rid of her powers — that while the magic makes her the Savior, maybe giving it up is a heroic act? (But as Regina soon enough reminds the Charmings, they should support Emma’s specialness just as she supported Henry.)

11 | Regina heals Henry, then hears what else is hurting him — the thought that he is “just ordinary.” But as she reminds, he has the Heart of the Truest Believer, and as such has made so much good happen.

10 | Hook’s lengthy voice message for Emma, in which he comes clean about his recent sins (of omission). “I wanted to be a better man, but I failed,” he laments.

9 | One of this season’s deleted Mary Margaret/Regina scenes refashioned into a lengthy talk whilst searching for Emma. Mary Margaret notes how she and David have overcome obstacles because they have hope (ding-ding, 25 cents please!), then tells her frenemy, “You are not all evil, I am not all good.” When Regina counters, “You’re the hero and I am the villain, free will be damned,” Mary Margaret insists, “It doesn’t matter what I believe, only that you do.”

8 | Will Scarlett first “breaking into” the open library, then helping Robin rummage through books of the pop-up and Dr. Seuss variety. (But where did that Alternate Page XXIII come from, hmm? Anyone else eyeballing the library’s dark, scary underbelly and who once roamed there?)

7 | Emma asks Rumple if he would enter the mansion room where the “spell” has been cast, and him admitting, “I wouldn’t go in there for anything” because, he has repeatedly realized, he always undoes the good, he always chooses power — a sad truth that (a horribly, conspicuously MIA) Belle probably is well aware of.

6 | When it appears that Emma will be lost to the hat, Rumple taunts Hook about now having a new vengeance to pursueOnceUponaTime_RumpleHook in life. And then, when his plan goes awry….

5 | Rumple explaining his need for a specific kind of heart — “and as luck would have it, dearie, you’re my oldest friend!”

4 | Elsa arriving to save Emma by explaining how it’s not just Anna’s or Henry’s love that saves them, but their love of self, magical warts and all. After some thought, Emma takes Elsa’s outreached hand, and her powers simmah down.

3 | “I owe someone a quarter!” (Regina, when Robin produces “hope” in the former of the mysterious other Page XXIII.)

2 | Magic-embracing Emma treating her family to a fireworks display.

1 | Super-charged Snow Queen suggesting to Rumple, “I can probably even defeat you, and decorate this place with your bones.” And you believe her.

* “Makes me wonder why we didn’t do this a few decades ago.”
* “You’d think a big yellow driving machine would be easier to find.”
* “Is ice cream too obvious? We should lose the ice cream.”
* “That’d make for a quite macabre sight at Granny’s.”
* “You might want to finish buttoning your shirt, first.”
* “I left my talking phone in the back of your truck.” “It’s just called a ‘phone.'”
* “We should probably look into hiring some new guards when this is over.”
* “We’re not talking about a pair of Jimmy Choos here!”
* “This could be the worst idea you’ve ever had — and you hired the Wicked Witch as your nanny.”
* “Do you know what I regret most?” “The countless innocent lives you’ve destroyed…?”
* “Why would a cat want a hat?” “I’ve seen stranger.” (Indeed, he has.)
* “You get a quarter from the ‘Hope Association’ every time you say that word.”
* “My happy ending is not a Stephen King book-on-tape.”
* Am I missing some joke about the car book Robin cited?
* I know Bandit Snow has her skillz, but Ruby really should have been helping track Emma, right?

What did you think of the two-hour “Smash the Mirror”? Are CaptainSwan ‘shippers as filled with angst as OutlawQueen fans are flushed with joy?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. A. D. says:

    Totally Need to do a OUAT in Arendale spin-off!

  2. leigh says:

    Great episode!

  3. Lisa says:

    It just keeps getting better. I sooo loved Robin’s reaction to The Cat in the Hat. That was priceless.

  4. Kelly says:

    Very impressed with this episode. Ingrid is officially coocoo for cocoa puffs, but Elizabeth Mitchell plays her so well and the spell of shattered sight should make things in Storybrooke very, very interesting. Nice reference to the original Snow Queen fairytale there and I enjoyed getting a preview of what we’re in for next with Ingrid using the spell to turn bubbly, happy Anna into a nasty version of herself. Very cool.
    Wow, Robin Hood and Regina? Their chemistry was off the charts! I blushed a little in front of my tv during that “sleep” scene, but in the best possible way. This couple is one of OUAT’s best creations. They’ve done well with making established couples like Snow White and her prince come back to life, but this original couple is brilliant. I love them, I love the chemistry between Parrilla and Maguire, and I’m a big fan of the message of hope they share with Robin Hood and Regina. And I admit I’m a fan of Robin Hood in a tank top. Look at those arms, welcome to the gun show!
    But now I’m sooo curious what’s up with the new book page. Where did that come from and what does it mean? Robin Hood’s attempt to explain it to himself sounded convincing, but it’s OUAT and there’s probably more to it than this being only a matter of “what could have been”. Makes me happy that the book story is moving forward, it’s one of my favorites this season.
    What I enjoyed most about this episode that so many characters actually had time to talk – Snow and Charming about Emma, the amazing Snow and Regina scenes, Regina and Henry and the touching conversation about him not feeling special, Regina making the Charmings understand that Emma shouldn’t give up on her powers by referring to her past mistakes with Henry, the Emma and Elsa conversation that led up to the act of true love… all beautiful moments that really made this episode so special. OUAT should focus more on this. This 2 hour ep had the perfect combination of action and emotionally rewarding moments, exploration of characters and relationships, I hope they can find a way to keep this balance when they go back to the 1 hour episodes.

  5. Lyn says:

    Typos aside, where to start? First, I had a hard time getting past the pounds of false eyelashes on most of the ladies. They were almost awnings! Second, could Robin Hood be any less inspiring? A homely and dreadful actor with lousy posture playing a man who is supposed to be a Baron’s son with low rent diction and zero class. I fully expected him to yell “Stella!” in his undershirt scene. Third, we now have what constitutes a blonde coven, and yet another guy without his heart. So tired of this storyline. Hopefully the spring half will improve.

    • MS says:

      Robin is up to something. He’s trying to change the past for a reason. I don’t trust him at all. And if he changes the past there will be no curse or in the least Regina wouldn’t be the one to cast it. Remember when Rumple was training Zelena and she mucked up and he told her she didn’t have the qualities? She also told Rumple ” I’ll see you again…the next time, you will choose me.”? “I’m not casting a curse, I’m casting a second chance ” There is something fishy going on. Same with Hook. When he talks to Emma I get the feeling it’s not she he is talking to but someone else, someone from his past. His first love. And this is going to spin people out, but I think it’s Belle. Yeah I know she’s with Rumple, but I get the feeling that’s not the real Belle. Why did she change so much? Remember her back in 2×11 when she saved Phillip? She used magic and knew how to use a sword. Something happened the day her Mum died. I think Rumple was involved and Hook too.

      • Kristin says:

        Ugh, you again. And lemme guess – Emma is really Marian and Hook is really Robin Hood and they somehow swapped bodies when they went back in time last season. Or some such nonsense like that.

        • Wow says:

          Thank you! That person is cray cray. All in all, I’m satisfied with this episode, the only sad thing is waiting two weeks!

    • Erica says:

      To each their own; I thought Robin/Sean looked amazing in that tank-those arms! That whole scene was a lot sexier than I thought OUAT would go. Can’t say I didn’t enjoy it (loved it!), despite knowing it’s not morally OK for their current situation. Now that Regina has hope, I think she’ll give an unwitting Robin forgetting potion & hope for a future happily ever after when circumstances are right.

    • Green Jello Frog says:

      I agree with the false eyelashes, you comment made laugh out loud, I thought I was the only one who wondered if the was a BOGO sale on false lashes. I am also tired of the heart stealing, last season Hook’s lips were cursed. I did love Mary Margaret and Regina chat looking for Emma. MM admitting she also slept with a married man.

      I did expect more from this episode. I

    • Green Jello Frog says:

      Green Jello Frog says:
      November 17, 2014 at 3:52 PM
      I agree with the false eyelashes, you comment made laugh out loud, I thought I was the only one who wondered if the was a BOGO sale on false lashes. I am also tired of the heart stealing, last season Hook’s lips were cursed. I did love Mary Margaret and Regina chat looking for Emma. MM admitting she also slept with a married man.
      I did expect more from this episode. I

  6. Chris says:

    Hook dies, we riot.

    • Mikaela says:

      He’s good at surviving though! There has to be someone else in Storybrooke who knew Runple before becoming the Dark One, right?

      • Gail says:

        Peter Pan . If the Dark One could be brought back, I am sure Peter could also.

      • Lyn says:

        If everyone from the EF is now in Storybrooke, wouldn’t that include some of the people that served with Rumpel in the Ogre Wars? Or some of Hook’s men who were in the tavern with Hook and Smee when he met Milah? Or could they resurrect the blind Oracle girl who was in the cage at the army camp?

        • ProfessorPreis says:

          Hook and Rumpelstiltskin were born hundreds of years before everyone else. There is no one else left who knew Rumpel before he was the Dark One.

          • Lyn says:

            That assumes that no one else traveled to other worlds. Lancelot was in the EF as was Robin Hood and they are from different centuries. Jefferson traveled at will between all of the portals in his magic hat room. A&E could easily slip in someone who time traveled within those parameters.

          • If there was a woman-sorceress known as The Traveler, then her name would be Esmeralda. After all she could be Queen of the Gypsies, but she prefers her “family” to be called Travelers after Frollo was killed by Quasimodo. I wonder, if she met Rumple before he became TDO, maybe that’s why he wants to leave SB, bc Esmerie Cassidy is Rumple’s mother, only that Nealfire never knew who she was, only that she knew his father and she was the one who convinced Pan to let Baelfire go, otherwise Pan would’ve never got The Truest Believer. That’s why I also think it was Rumple’s mother, that got August to breakup Swanfire, bc she knew the price of doing so, Henry would be born as The Truest Believer, meaning, she probably wanted Rumple to kill his father/her husband, bc they made a deal, if Rumple found a way to be free from the dagger, he would know where to find her, in New Jersey, or probably in Neal’s apartment, bc she knew Rumple would come back, but also knew he would die with Malcolm, but didn’t know Baelfire would die in the process. Anywho, I’m done.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      He won’t die. The writers know a good thing when they have it. Unless Colin O’Donoghue WANTS to leave the show, I think Hook will ultimately be safe. At least he better be or I’ll riot with you!

      • heather says:

        Collin said in an interview how incredibly hard he worked to get the role so I don’t think he will volunteer to leave anytime soon.

    • Anne says:

      not me, i’ll be dancing the happy dance :)

    • xHtc says:

      If Hook dies, I have to do some author searching to do as well. And manipulating. Or blackmailing. Possibly threatening.

  7. Sarah says:

    Who roamed the library ? Could some remind me/explain please and thank ya ?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Emma fought Maleficent, who was in dragon form, in a cave beneath the library. Seems Mal would have as good as reason as Regina to get the storybook “rules” rewritten, maybe is somehow “alive” and planted that clue on Robin Hood…?

      • Sarah says:

        That was my first guess ! Been so long since I’ve rewatched any of this show. Thanks ! :)

      • Moria says:

        I always remember the dragon under the library but forgot it was Maleficent! Do you think another recent movie tie-in is brewing?

      • Gail says:

        I know Maleficent will be back later this season somehow but couldn’t Will Scarlett have slipped the page into Robin’s bag?

      • I think that the sorcerer somehow got the page into Robin’s satchel. I think he is the author of the Story Book. Listen to what the apprentice says to the SQ at the end of the episode. All the talk of Happy Endings, coupled with what Regina has to say about the author controlling Happy Endings, made me think that he was the author. Also, when the apprentice says, in response to the SQ that “sometimes people surprise you,” what if he is not talking about the SQ, but Regina? Plus, the apprentice’s knowledge of the future is much more specific than future knowledge is generally. Would it not make more sense if it was because he was the author of the book?

  8. Donna MaMa says:

    I hate the fact that Hook is now Rumple’s slave, like where are they going with this?

  9. Maroni says:

    Best episode in a long time. Rumple’s so deliciously evil again. Only wish the talk to convince Emma to embrace her powers had been with her and Snow. Oh, and Regina’s a lucky, lucky woman. She deserves it though. Like Snow said. She’s come a long way. Get it gal!

  10. monolah says:

    Robin Hook lol. Freudian slip lol

    Sorry, I wanted to like things about this episode but there was more to dislike than like. So much so that I think I’ve finally given up on this show. Too much is so contrived and it never used to be this contrived. The Robin-Regina pixie dust retcon trying to making the Daniel story meaningless is bothersome because that story is essential to who Regina is and how she became the Evil Queen. Regina chose to become the Evil Queen after she realized she couldn’t bring Daniel back from the dead (just watched that episode with a friend). They are now acting like Daniel didn’t matter. Plus, even if Regina chose Robin in the retcon, he’d be dead because the we already saw the King wanted to kill any man who loved his wife. Trying to pretend that Regina didn’t kill Marian in the past, and not seeming to care that she made Robin and widower and took away Roland’s mother. She has Robin now because she killed Marian in the past. No matter what they try to do on screen with them, it’s unforgettable. It makes Robin look like a terrible husband and father. Somehow I doubt Henry or Snow would be supportive if they knew that’s why Robin was ‘single.’ I hate that Regina has been so disconnected from the main story arc. I hate that Rumple’s story is now all about power (when it used to be about being afraid of weakness and Baelfire). He’s always wanted power, but suddenly, the reasons have changed for no apparent reason. I hate that Regina is for the first time on this show, completely disconnected from the main story arc, so it makes it look like she could care less about what is happening to everyone. The story telling is disjointed. It’s too plot driven and not character driven. I’m glad Emma is starting to get over her Elsa “my powers are out of control and hurt the people I love” issues. I hate that the show only created the issues because #OnceUponATimeIsFrozen.

    • Lyn says:

      The only theory I have about Rumpel’s directional change is the power corrupts.

    • Gail says:

      Wouldn’t Marion have told Robin where she was in the past when Emma saved her?
      He would then know that Regina killed her in the past.

    • Olivia says:

      I totally agree with your comment. Especially the plot vs characters part. They are going the Glee route where songs used to be chosen to support the plot and then they eventually ended up building said plot around the songs. Now OUAT is building plot around the Disney flavor of the month, character development and continuity be damned. Also Robin Hood must be one of the most boring characters I have seen. I dislike Hook but even I can see that Colin is a good actor. But Robin is just… there? The retcons and continuity holes/nonsense make it super hard to enjoy anything. Spending whole episodes noticing how little sense things make is exhausting. I’d like to enjoy what’s happening for once instead of rolling my eyes. Eh, time to stop watching again, as it is it’s a waste of time. Waiting for the show to fix itself.

      • Lyn says:

        I couldn’t agree more about Sean [Robin Hood]. He’s this season’s Michael Raymond James [Neal]. There is just no there there.

      • Mako says:

        Same Robin is so boring. I don’t mind Hook at all. At least he has substance. But Robin is just there and Sean is not even a good actor. He could do better cause ice seen other movies. He just doesn’t put the effort with Robin and it falls flat.

        That and the retcon with the whole romance. I mean what man in their right mind would date and sleep with their wife’s killer. Unless he actually wanted Marian dead.

        • Mikaela says:

          In the original timeline, Robin already thought Marian dead. Not at the hands of Regina, but because an unrelated incident. She ran off got captured by Regina and then was killed. By all rights, she deserted Robin and their child so I can’t fault the guy for moving on.

          • Moria says:

            Being captured and killed isn’t deserting her family, but I agree that Robin can’t be blamed for having mourned the loss of Marion & moved on. I’m sure someone else knows exactly how long she’s been gone, but it’s for years right? Then she shows up for just a few days before being frozen & his feelings are supposed to be unchanged? That’s unrealistic.

            It would be weird beings faced with an alternate timeline where the person you care about (Regina) had a different personality & she also killed your wife. But in this timeline your wife is not dead & that person tried to save her life. I can see how some would hate her but also how some wouldn’t. You could hate that other Regina from the other timeline but not this one.

            Having sex in the crypt though was a really bad choice by the writers.

          • Mikaela says:

            @Moira: According to season three, Roland was just a baby when the accident that “killed” Marian occurred. The Merry Men hightailed it out of there believing Marian to be dead. The accident didn’t kill her so on her journey to find them, she is caught and imprisoned by Regina during her “Kill Snow White” rampage.
            Several years passed after that until Pan’s curse sent them all back to the EF and Regina then met Robin and they fell in love during the missing year, putting Roland around five or maybe six.
            The confusion in Robin occurs because he’s already mourned the loss of Marian and has moved on with his life.
            Robin has never known Regina as the Evil Queen, he knows her as Regina. I’m sure he knows she’s capable of the evil she’s been accused of but also knows the kind and good Regina. His feelings for Regina never changed, he just has to make a choice and I think no matter what happens to Marian, he’ll choose Regina. The heart wont lie and as of now his heart belongs to Regina.

        • merwordup says:

          The travesty is that he is paired with one of the strongest actresses on the show. Lana Parrilla. And I think him and his storyline is pulling her done.

    • Rumple’s story has always been about power. He has never been able to give it up even for Baelfire, and refused to go to the land without magic. He even made sure the spell worked so he could keep his power, working the Savior into it. His tie to Hook, when Mila chose Hook, is just as deep, and Mila left the weakened Rumple. Rumple never wants to be powerless again. As for Regina, Tinkerbell told her that she had another soulmate. I dont think the point of these villains is that they are villains, its that they make the choice to be villain, just like the powerful moment where Ingrid decides to be a villain completely.

      • abz says:

        Exactly, a large theme within the show I think is the notion of “evil being born” . Regina brought it up this episode and we also got to see it actually happen with Ingrid when she gave up and decided to become the villain everyone thought she was.

    • abz says:

      I’m not a fan of Robin, and while I agree his treatment of Marian right now is sad and his willingness to let go of the fact that she killed his wife is really odd, that’s besides the point. How is the Robin/Regina relationship a retcon trying to make the Daniel story meaningless? They aren’t acting like Daniel didn’t matter. Daniel will always be a part of Regina’s history and who she became. However over the course of the show, they are just exploring Regina’s evolution and growth. She isn’t entirely the same person we met in the first season. She’s trying to change and she learned that it might be possible to find love again and Daniel’s death didn’t mean she’d be alone forever.
      And part of Rumple’s character has always been about power. There may have been other reasons, but you don’t become the Dark One without a little desire for power. The reasons haven’t changed for no apparent reason. Neal is dead. He has Belle, but even she never seemed like she would ever be enough for him. And let’s not act like he gives a damn about being a grandfather when he was just willing to sacrifice his son’s love and his grandson’s mother to free himself from the dagger all the while holding on to the power he has.
      Regina’s story arc is separate from the main story because it is setting up the story for the second half of the season. This first half, Emma has been brought to the primary focus as it really should be since up to this season, she’s been one of the least explored characters on the show. And how is Regina not caring what happens to everyone? Did you not see how she defended Emma’s identity/magic to Snow/David, or how she helped Henry believe he was far from ordinary or how she tried to save Marian even though it hurt her to see her back, or how she helped destroy the snowman, etc. She’s been trying to balance her own issues with that of the town as well as she can.
      I also disagree that it’s entirely plot driven. There was a great balance between both character and plot. These episodes gave wonderful moments with Emma learning to accept herself, Regina/Snow’s heart to heart, Regina/Henry, Hook outing his lie to Emma and revealing him blackmailed by Rumple, etc.

      • merwordup says:

        When they shown a page of Robin and Young Regina in the “Once Upon A Time” book, that is when the relationship was retcon. Regina lamented the fact in Season 1 that the OUAT book never shown any of her young background, but just the times of the Evil Queen. Now in Season 4, they want to put that story in there? Smart people aren’t buying that.

        • abz says:

          The whole point of this searching for the author storyline is to change Regina’s destiny. The page that was found was a while after Daniel had died and it isn’t replacing the one in the current book as evidenced by them both being the same page number. I think the page being found was to show that the author had considered an alternate path for Regina’s life, but given his or her stance on villains not getting a happy ending, they decided to stay on course with the book and make Regina suffer for her sins. And just because the show is trying to explore Regina’s efforts to find love AGAIN, doesn’t mean they’re retconning her entire relationship with Daniel. You can have several loves in your lifetime and that is what Regina has been learning after thinking for many years that she’d never love someone again.

    • merwordup says:

      Thank you monolah for being a voice of reason. Is nobody else concern that Robin is not even caring that his wife is still frozen? Like, he is willing to find some information about a book for Regina, but doesn’t even have the decency to look for other answers as to how to unfreeze Marian. And where is his son Roland? We don’t even know if the boy is being taken care of because he is too busy shagging in a crypt.

      And Regina was actually trying to be a good person and pushed Robin to fall back in love with his wife to save her and to stay away from Regina. Hook and Hood both are men who do not listen to their love interests when they request for them to back off. And Hook is still a lying SOB. Even with his heart, he couldn’t tell Emma the whole truth. In the phone confession, he made himself look like a victim. However, HE is the one that blackmailed Rumple first. And he also failed to tell Emma that he threaten Belle. Rumple would have never and bothered with Hook until he entered his shop. They are retconning Rumple because if he really wanted to take Hook’s heart. He could have easily done that earlier in the season. I find it cowardly that Hook doesn’t even have the decency to tell Emma the confession to her face. But since people swoon over Hook, they ignore any wrongdoing he does.

      And you are right about Emma. I’m dismayed that they changed Emma just for Frozen. She never feared her powers. Everything is being plot driven instead of character-driven.

  11. Donna MaMa says:

    did anyone think Belle was in the room while hook was leaving the message for Emma lol

    • LM says:

      I did! Where was Belle? I kept waiting for her to show in the shop or library.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      I did! I thought she was FINALLY going to learn the truth about Rumple, but alas no. It kills me that Hook’s message got deleted.

    • abz says:

      I was so waiting for her to walk out or have the camera switch to her face revealing that she overheard what Hook said.

    • abz says:

      One of the best moments of the episode for me was Snow/Regina’s heart-to-heart. I love their interactions and what Snow pointed out about things not being entirely black and white. Keep ’em coming.
      The Snow Queen is crazy and I LOVE it!! It’s gonna be sad when Elizabeth Mitchell leaves. I kind of hope she doesn’t die because she’s so amazing on this show.
      So glad the Snow Queen has the upper hand on Rumple. Obviously it won’t last, but I’m just so sick of Rumple being in control of everything. I want him to squirm and I want Belle to find out the truth. She’s been manipulated into believing he’s changed when really he’s just the same and he’s still willing to kill to be in control and for power.
      If Hook dies, I’m gonna be PISSED!! They cannot do that!
      Was anyone else wondering why Regina didn’t just magic poof and get to the library right away? Her comment about getting there as fast as she could seemed a bit odd. And seriously I know the magic poof disappearance is a signature villain move, but I would love for Emma to learn it.
      Love Will Scarlett and can’t wait to find out more about why he’s not with Anastasia (seriously hope she’s not dead!)
      I just love Anna. She’s so fun and quirky and lightens things up. And love the Emma/Elsa bonding. I love their friendship.
      Still not a fan of the actor playing Robin Hood. I’m just not liking him.

    • GeoDiva says:

      I was hoping she was too!

      • heather says:

        Emma’s very technologically advanced compared to everyone else living in Storybrooke my thought on this is Emma’s going to be going through her phone and see something that has been deleted and get the message(one can only hope right?) or Belle is going to be going through some video camera footage for some routine checks, and start to see some unsettling things. It was confirmed by Robert Carlyle himself that it ends badly for Rumples character so I guess all we can do is wait and see.

    • Kristin says:

      I hope so. Otherwise, that entire beautiful, character-developing voice mail that Hook left Emma was pretty much meaningless since Rumple ultimately deleted it and then took his heart.

  12. Z25 says:

    The “Cat in the Hat” moment in the library cracked me up! Will and Robin make a fun team. I liked Will’s line about his “lunch and dinner” too. As soon as Will mentioned the clocktower and the library I thought of Maleficent too! I half-expected her to burst through the floor in dragon form any moment.

  13. Bianca says:

    This OutlawQueen shipper is over the moon at this episode!!!!

  14. Emily says:

    I hope Hook confesses to Emma what Rumble is doing to him unlike last season where he kept his cursed lips a secret from her.

    • B says:

      Can he though? If Rumple has his heart.

      • Gail says:

        True love will allow him to tell her eventually despite the fact he doesn’t have a heart. She already knows something is not right when she noticed him staring at her unnaturally.

    • Julia says:

      He left a message on her phone..will she listen?

      • ninergrl6 says:

        Gold deleted it, unfortunately. I want Hook to fess up to Emma too. Just TELL her. What’s the worst that could happen? Gold crushes his heart & he dies? Well Gold is threatening that anyway! At least telling Emma what’s really going on would clear Hook’s conscience and not make him a slave anymore, even if he died as a result. BTW did anyone notice (or care) that Hook’s heart was bright red? As in healthy & good & not evil? I loved that & was hoping either Hook or Gold would mention it.

  15. steven teem says:

    I think Henry is behind the magic and the one creating the magic book.

    • Meredith says:

      I thought the exact same thing

    • Larc says:

      That thought occurred to me as well. Henry’s real mother has magic, his adoptive mother has it, his grandfather does and his great-grandfather as Peter Pan did. Who better for all those magic strains to come together in?

      • John NYC says:

        But then why would Mary Margaret have to have given him the book? OTOH was Pinocchio’s adding a page(s?) and rebinding the book totally a ruse? I wouldn’t think the book could be altered by someone not connected to it’s maker.

  16. Rita says:

    OK, first of all this was such a good episode!!!!!!! I can even touch on all the awesomeness! I am wondering how Hook is going to get his heart back, I think it will have something to do with Emma of course. She is going to have to fight for him now, I hope it is revealed to her that 1) while under Rumpelstiltskins influence he can’t help what he does 2) She finds and listens to his message… I think it was cool Elsa helped Emma. I could write forever my thoughts. It was a rockin episode

  17. Dean says:

    Yup Frosty the snow queen is nutty as they come too bad they don’t have therapy in Arendelle. Rump only proves he always will be a power hungry douche. And Emma and Elsa now wearing queenie’s sisterhood bracelets you can be troubles rising. All in all not bad

  18. StephonJS says:

    here’s what we learn tonight ( sorry if i forgot something):

    Robin and Regina were suppose to be together but faith (or some higher power) intervene
    Ingrid wasnt lying about Anna putting Elsa in the urn, she just left out the fact that she cast a spell on Anna.
    Rumple took the Urn from Ingrid which is how it ended up in his cellar. Rumple thinks he is Beetlejuice now lol.
    The Apprentice had the hat at some point and lost it again (during the 2nd curse maybe?)
    Arendell is literally Frozen in time, so when they do return they will pick up where they left off
    The Sorcerer sent Ingrid threw time and space to The Land Without Magic in 1982. Im guessing her magic let her age gracefully…
    Rumple needs Hook’s heart (happy dance, but he isnt going to die) to use the hat to removed the link between Rumple and the dagger.

    A lot of questions were answered in this 2hr episode (well 86 mins). And new things surface. there are still some questions unanswered. the final 3 episodes should explain those final questions.

    Every Elizabeth Mitchell. She has taken cray cray to a new level (both in past and present day).
    Will helping Robin help Regina find the author.
    that stand in who was clearly Ruby who walked by Robin and Will in the diner
    Emma finally accepting her powers.
    I’m still loving the FROZENSWAN friendship. they will be bonded for life long after this story arch is over.
    Rumple seeing the hero in Emma rather she sees it or not
    Regina telling Robin when they were suppose to meet and the new page.. well a 2nd version of a page showing up.

    Emma didnt have control but I still didnt like that she use her powers on Henry
    The love sick puppy dog returning. And think i was starting to accept Hook then he started crying over the phone.. smh
    Rumple trying to trick Emma into going into the hat. BAD IMP!

    I’m taking a wild guess but what if the Sorcerer told a certain man child on Neverland about Henry. He had to power to find Emma for Ingrid. Maybe he did the same for Peter Pan.

    OVERALL: Great episode!

  19. robinepowell says:

    Ruby has conveniently disappeared since the actress went on to another show.

  20. Becky says:

    The twist with the alternative picture for the book blew my mind. I wonder if this will be the beginning of something like the flash sideways from LOST coming to this show. Or it could make a great what if episode too, similar in concept to what Grey’s Anatomy did not too long ago. Would Regina have run away together with Robin, lived an outlaw life? How would Snow’s father have reacted? Or Rumple who needed Regina unhappy and desperate to cast the curse for him? Would Snow White still have met Prince Charming if Regina had found happiness?

  21. laurelnev says:

    OK. Elsa (& the whole Frozen thing) have officially redeemed themselves in my eyes.

  22. Tiffany says:

    Epic Episode. Loved it with all my heart. Frozen spin-off needed. Please. They needed to figure out a way Elizabeth Mitchell, Elizabeth Lail and Georgia Haig can stick around StoryBrooke.

  23. Moria says:

    Can anyone tell me what I missed in the last minute or two of the show? My DVR stopped! I got to where Ingrid told Rumple she could probably take him and…nothing. I hate that. Thanks.

    • Koi4u says:

      If you’d like it in a nutty nutshell…

      Rumble: I don’t know how or what you did to stop Emma from going in the hat, but you’re being really annoying… Get out of my business…

      Snow Queen: What? I did nothing of the sort. Elsa did it. Now my dear Emma accepts herself for who she is. Aren’t they the cutest things? Sister power~

      Rumble: Don’t underestimate me.

      Snow Queen: Try me. I just needed the ribbons. And you don’t underestimate.

      (Magicks ribbon on and caresses it)

      Because we’re sisters~
      We’ll stay together~
      We’ll finally be a family,
      Since her magic is tame~
      Our magic’s different, different structures,
      But I don’t give a damn- just want a sis’ who feels the same,
      Believe it Rumble~
      We’re magic girls- we’re magic sistas’!!

      And with all this magic bond power and my mirror… I’ll have all the pesky Storybrooke citizens out of the way…

      (Proceeds to break mirror and cast the shattered sight curse to everybody in town)

      We’re gonna’ live forever!!!~

      Meanwhile: At the Abandoned Manor

      (Enjoying Emma’s Fireworks)
      *Cue Katy Perry*

      (Ribbons magic onto Emma/Elsa’s wrists)

      Emma: What the hell!? Where’d these ribbons come from? They can’t come off… And what’s that feeling?
      Elsa: I don’t know… but I feel that too.. Like it’s restraining my magic…
      Emma & Elsa: !!!!!??????

      I apologize for the randomness, I’m in a rather good mood at the moment. ^^”

  24. M.V. says:

    i know OUAT is about disney but i couldn’t help but think of Pixars Monster inc with the door portals ( maybe soon they will include pixar treats although Brave is the only one that could work). Also more of Mickey Mouse as the sorcerers apprentice is needed.

  25. Nina says:

    So…do we ever get to meet the Sorcerer? He knew Emma would be born…does that mean he wrote the book?

  26. prish says:

    The husband says there sure are a lot of mental problems. He wants the regular Storybrook characters back. He’s not into the Frozen emphasis. He slept through the movie, when I tried to get him ready for the characters. I was taken how the movie had a lot of qualities of the 1930’s movies, which this generation of young people would not have experienced. Interesting how history does repeat itself in freshness for generations.

  27. prish says:

    I don’t get Snow White/ Mary Margaret wearing such boring clothes. Hey, we want to see pretty.

  28. Gail says:

    I am guessing/assuming The Apprentice is really the Wizard and will ultimately be involved in defeating the Snow Queen though he currently is in the hat.

    I assume the Frozen flashbacks are now complete. Is Anna supposed to be frozen for centuries? How come she will survive being frozen when others who have been frozen didn’t. I assume Disney wouldn’t allow Once to kill her and there is the heartbeat that Elsa heard. Was she flash frozen like Birdseye so she is still fresh?.

    • tarpellia says:

      Centuries doesn’t fit the timeline. Anna met David when he was still a shepherd, and probably 5-10 years before he met Snow. (The timeline here has been a bit vague.) Assuming another 2-3 years until the curse was cast, 28 years for the curse, plus another 2-3 years since it was broken, Anna has been frozen about 40 years.

  29. Emily says:

    When Charming was looking for something of Emma’s to pour the locator spell on and the screen shifted towards Hook I thought he’d get doused!

  30. dks says:

    wonderful episode tonight. just hope Emma will continue to be comfortable with herself. no matter what comes down the pike.

  31. ninergrl6 says:

    In general I’m loving this season, particularly because it focuses so much on Emma. While I thought the first hour tonight was a little choppy (did it seem like there were more and/or misplaced commercial breaks than usual?), I enjoyed the second hour immensely. Even though the “believe in yourself” resolution was cliche & it took everyone FOREVER to get to Emma, I still loved it. My heart is breaking for Hook, but I knew Rumple’s plan was going to involve destroying him. Kudos to Colin O’Donoghue in his last scene for that instant switch from happy/relieved/in-love Hook to bitter/torn/heartbroken Hook. I got chills. Jennifer Morrison was particularly awesome in this ep too. I wish OUAT was 2 hours every week! I can’t get enough!

    • Gail says:

      I think there were more commercial/ ABC promos because they had more time. With two episodes and only one opening and closing credits to run they gain time for commercials. Also the show ran until 10:01 PM again allowing more commercials within the show. I usually DVR shows and for a 2 hour show start watching about a half hour after it starts. With FF during commercials. I usually catch up to live before too long.

  32. Charity says:

    I will join in the riot if Hook dies! (Actually, I’ll just curse really loudly and stop watching. No more Hook, no more me. I’m 100% serious.)

    I’m sorry, I think Robin and Regina are incredibly icky. They had sex in the crypt where all the hearts Regina stole from people are! Good heavens, Marian’s heart is probably in there, too. So they had sex right beside his wife’s heart. Yeah, I don’t find that romantic, I find it gross and troubling. And we’re supposed to root for them? Uh, no. Ewww.

    I hope Emma punches Rumple in the face for what he did to Killian. For starters. She had better save Killian and his heart! I hope Rumple loses everything — Belle, his powers, and his shop in the divorce settlement.

    The Snow Queen is completely crazy, but I kinda dig that about her. I wish she would redecorate the town with Rumple’s bones.

    • G. says:

      People really need to mature past age 10. (And by people, I mean, people including you.) There’s no reason to stop watching a show if ANY single character dies — you stop watching when the writing’s not good anymore.

      Between people threatening over something that hasn’t happened yet and the people rioting about Will Gardner being killed off on The Good Wife, I’m so tired of it.

      Stop watching when the writers stop being able to put a good episode on. A good writer can tell an awesome hour with ANY character missing, temporarily or permanently.

      • Wilson says:

        I agree with you so much. If people don’t like a turn a show has taken, they can always stop watching. But I find these “threats” ove a single character so silly too. You can’t be that invested in a show if you’d give up an ensemble show over 1 chara. I was upset about Will from Good Wife too, but it’s drama television and the actor wanted out. Will was much more central to Good Wife than Hook will ever be to this show anyway. I get Hook has a lot of young, female fans, but come on he has as much depth as a glass of water and the charisma of a wet sponge. OuaT would survive without him just fine.

        • Brigid says:

          Your definition of Hook is my definition of Belle. I think the only character this show can’t live without is Emma. Villains and love interests can come and go but Emma is the hero of this show. By the way, I am a 41 year old woman who likes Hook and think he is a strong character and I know men who like his character too. It’s not just young females.

      • Charity says:

        Guess what? Everybody gets to decide what their own personal dealbreaker for any show is. You don’t get to decide for anybody else or act like the Great TV Judge over their choices. Personally, I think the writing on this show ISN’T very good anymore. It really puts plot and gotchas over character, and I don’t like that. They’ve totally ruined the character of Snow White, and that has been bothering me for awhile. I’ve watched the show since the very first episode, but I’ve been losing a lot of my affection for it over time. Hook and Emma are the only characters I truly enjoy watching anymore. So if they kill Hook, it will be the final straw for me. Not a “threat,” just a fact. And that is 100% my choice. I’ve stopped watching shows for many various reasons. (For instance, I stopped watching The Good Wife before they killed off Will because I grew to actively dislike Alicia instead of root for her, and I don’t care to waste time on watching a show whose main character I don’t enjoy.)
        Why do you have to insult other fans and insinuate they’re immature because they have a different opinion than you? Frankly, I think THAT is immature. Your opinions aren’t the only ones that count.

      • John NYC says:

        Emma might be the sole exception for me, but as she’s the core character that’s sort of a given.

        Otherwise I liked the show before Hook and I expect I’d like it afterwards. Though I don’t expect that character to be deleted anytime soon.

    • Ginger Snap says:

      And I will join the parade! Can’t stand the guy!

      Now if Rumple would just crush Hook’s beady little heart, I will be happy.

  33. justme says:

    Didn’t they hire the Wicked Witch to be their midwife (not nanny)? It is a great line, but the OUAT writers forgot their show’s previous storyline.

  34. Gail says:

    I wonder if we will get a flashback that will show that the Ice Queen was responsible for activating the Wicked Witch’s time portal so that Emma could get Elsa from the past. Or will they just talk about it like Hook and Emma did explaining how Hook found Emma in NY.
    There were only a few years between when Elsa was put in the bottle and Emma freed her.
    David was a shepherd when Anna visited him, However long it was from then until he met Snow is how long Elsa was bottled.

  35. TW says:

    Love the Lost shout out in that the missing page from the book was page 23. (4 8 15 16 23 42)!

  36. Sarah says:

    I’m surprised no one’s mentioned the cuteness in the apprentice just happening to drop the Snow Queen near a Tron poster. Got a big “HA!” from me on that one lol

  37. Nichole says:

    While I loved the US Intelligence show from last season and was very sorry to see it go, I had hoped it would be a return this season of Ruby to OUAT. Wonder if there is any plans to bring her back on the show or if the actress has already found something else? Great double episode too, had me checking how long was left for the last 15mins or so as I thought if they finish the episode at this point on that cliffhanger (Emma going into the room) I would have screamed!! lol

  38. Monty says:

    I gave this one an A because they actually allowed time for conversations and character moments. That’s the kind of show I always wanted it to be.

    On the other hand, not too thrilled with Operation Adultery. Come on, Regina! Find some self respect!

  39. Wilson says:

    I gave it a ‘B’. Not as good as the best season 1 episodes, but close. I’m not a big Frozen fan, but the Snow Queen as a villain I like.

  40. Quen says:

    I’m in love with the way Regina and Robin Hood love each other. I hope they get their happy ending.

  41. JM says:

    I have mixed feelings about this episode. What I didn’t like:

    – The way they are writing Snow and Charming. Last episode, Charming couldn’t get out of the way of a pole falling? (No matter what show, that scene never works. When you push someone out of the way, you go with them, you don’t take their place). Snow’s reaction to Emma. Now this episode where they consider that maybe it’s a GOOD thing that Emma loses her powers??? Just too stupid.
    – The way Snow has time to ‘chat’ with Regina when her daughter is in trouble and may make a huge mistake by losing her powers.
    – Regina and Robin ‘sleeping’ in the crypt – ewww.
    – The way Robin has conveniently and coldly forgotten that Regina killed his wife and that Marian is still frozen (which, btw, is a copout by the writers to avoid the triangle relationship altogether and to give Robin and Regina time to be together).

    What I liked:
    – Elizabeth Michell
    – Rumple, and the way he says ‘dearie’!
    – Emma’s growth with her powers
    – Rumple taking Hook’s heart. Hook deserves that for not being honest with Emma.
    – Answering all the questions about the ‘Frozen’ backstory, except one – ‘Why doesn’t Elsa remember what happened?
    – The Knave
    – The ‘Who wrote the book’ storyline
    – Regina’s talk with Henry and how special he is.

    • Jason says:

      The Snow Queen took Elsa’s memories when she was put in the urn. Rumple mentions it when he shows up and takes the urn from the snow queen. The Snow Queen had a rock like the Pabbie gave to Belle last week. It was a memory rock charm?

  42. Lisa says:

    I fall asleep with the frozen parts and was disgusted by the promotion of adultery.

  43. Lyn says:

    Wouldn’t it be cool if during the first season A&E had filmed a scene with Jared Gilmore that mimicked Fred Savage in The Princess Bride? In OUAT’s final season they show young Henry closing the book and smiling.

  44. Thomas Healy says:

    I, myself, was wondering where Ruby has been. It’s a little sad to see the show focusing on a character only to have them fade into obscurity… Or it was just that Megyn Ory wasn’t available.

    • John NYC says:

      The show Intelligence (which was then canceled) was the initiator of her missing and she’s listed on a couple of projects so her time very well might be limited.

  45. D.says says:

    Did anyone else spot Anna in Storybrooke in this episode? I think I found her,

  46. Gerald says:

    Totally thought Belle was in the back room when Hook was leaving his message in Rumple’s shop. Belle was strangely absent.
    It was cool to see the Apprentice, butI want to meet the Sorcerer.

    • tarpellia says:

      It was a waste of a scene if she didn’t hear what Hook said to Emma’s voice mail considering that it took place in Rumple’s shop.

      But, considering most of this season has been a wasteland of disjointed episodes, it’s really not a shocker. They’re trying to cram too much in about all of the characters in each episode and the whole series is suffering. Seasons 1 & 2 had so much stronger writing. They were able to highlight characters like Hansel & Gretel, Red, Jiminy, and Whale while tying it all into the overall story. Now it’s more “here’s a scene with this Frozen charafter and here’s a scene with Regina and oh, we’d better show Snow White so let’s add this scene too” and nothing really feels cohesive.

      • ninergrl6 says:

        I feel the exact opposite. To me seasons 1 and 2 (particularly 2) were choppy & disjointed with random one-off episodes that didn’t fit into the big picture. I watched the first 2 seasons very passively, sometimes waiting months to catch up on my DVR. However, since early last season the show turned into something I MUST watch live and I absolutely can’t wait for each new episode now. I think in large part to the half season arcs, I’ve enjoyed seasons 3 and 4 MUCH more than the first 2. To each his own.

  47. vargesz says:

    It bored me. #epicstorytellingfaliure

  48. Ram510 says:

    It was a good episode but I felt like for all that happened with the major moving parts it could’ve been condensed down into 1 epic episode. I didn’t feel like you needed to see both episodes to keep up, you could watch one and not the other and still know what’s going on

  49. eviloverlore says:

    You left out of quote-ables the very rarely heard, “Regina is right!”

  50. Cat says:

    I assumed the car “book” was a reference to Regina’s Mercedes 560 SL. Vintage. He found the “handbook”. And note he is clueless on even what it is! The car is worth so much more than Robin Treestump.