Was Castle Wedding Soapy? Did Homeland Fake-Out Fool You? Good Wife 'Twin' Twist? And More TV Qs!

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Homeland, Castle, The Flash and Sons of Anarchy!

1 | Do you, like us, wish that Constantine would spend an entire episode exploring Liv’s father’s house full of curiosities?

2 | What was the best light twist amid Hawaii Five-0’s dark 100th episode: Danny’s not-so-evil ringtone for Rachel? Kono’s job? Imprisoned, hirsute Kamekona?

3 | Was Revenge‘s Daniel confronting Emily in the elevator Josh Bowman’s best scene ever? And if Jack must call Emily to relay sensitive information about Conrad’s murder, aren’t there better places to do so than the police station’s locker room?

Homeland4 | Admit it, you thought for a split-second that Brody was actually alive and not a hallucination on Homeland, right?

5 | Which Comeback cameo did you enjoy most: Andy Cohen, Lisa Vanderpump, Rupaul, Chelsea Handler or Carla Hall? And is it possible the Season 2 premiere was an even more uncomfortable viewing experience than anything that happened during the show’s initial 13-episode run?

6 | Are you happy The Newsroom is making Reese a sympathetic character, if only because it gives Chris Messina more screen time?

The Good Wife7 | Really? The Good Wife‘s Alicia would wash those saucy soup kitchen pots in her designer outfit? There wasn’t even an apron handy? James Castro drops out of the State’s Attorney’s race and it’s treated like an afterthought to an afterthought? Srsly? And holy crap, could the focus group lady have looked any more like Grace?

8 | Did The Originals‘ snowy, sister feud between Esther and Dalia give you Once Upon a Time/Frozen vibes?

Castle9 | Did Castle get married on the set of Jane the Virgin’s telenovela? And did brunette alt-Alexis remind you in the slightest of Camilla Luddington? Also, are we to infer that in the AU, The Wire’s Detective McNulty worked for the NYPD and enlisted Rick to solve the copycat murders?

10 | Having completed two successful spells this season without any training, could Sleepy Hollow‘s Abbie be at least part witch?

The Flash11 | Who had the worst “disguise” — the hooded, maskless Season 1 Arrow, or “blurry” Flash?

12 | Can Supernatural go rescue Adam now? (Hey, we think we found your spinoff character!) And did the show really need to have the drama teacher refer to her female students as “skanks” in an otherwise great 200th episode?

13 | Any other Mindy Project viewers disappointed we didn’t get to meet Gary, the scary-sounding department store manager and Annette’s would-be punisher?

Agents of SHIELD14 | Safe to say that someone at Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. HQ (Coulson himself?) got wind of the “Tuscon” typo that was evident in our sneak peek, but was fixed for broadcast? And was there anything more upsetting on TV this week than Ward’s new clean-shaven, buzzed-hair and totally-not-as-hot look?

15 | NCIS fans, were you glad to see Gibbs/the show finally acknowledge that he had been going easy on Bishop all this time? And are you equally glad to see her ordered to start sitting in her chair?

16 | Did the Chicago Fire/P.D. crossover disappointment a little bit by not giving us a scene of Lindsay reacting to ex-boyfriend Severide’s surprise marriage?

17 | Is it fair to say in the wake of this week’s coitus-drenched Sons of Anarchy opening sequence that basic cable no longer has any restrictions on showing graphic sex save for full-frontal nudity? And why didn’t a single nurse question Leland after he entered the hospital’s critical care unit — a place that was clearly designated for authorized staff members only?

Arrow18 | Still awesome — right, Arrow fans?

19 | Did The Voice‘s Gwen Stefani really need to tell us she was “still nursing” when she had a tough time eliminating two singers? And has a coach ever made a more ridiculous decision than Stefani choosing the hapless Ryan Sill to complete her team heading into the Top 12?

20 | Wasn’t Hayley’s in-car breakdown at the end of this week’s Modern Family the best part of a very funny episode?

21 | Was Caroline’s speech to Stefan on The Vampire Diaries a stand-up-and-cheer moment?

22 | Does Scandal‘s Olivia Pope deserve an Emmy for that surprisingly convincing faux emotional breakdown she performed for her dad?

23 | So, has How to Get Away With Murder‘s Annalise ever won a case on, you know, her own? And for a chronic adulterer, wouldn’t you think Sam would know better than to kiss Bonnie right out on the front porch of the Keating home/office? As for his wife Annalise, are her intermittent tearful breakdowns true signs of vulnerability or sneaky attempts to manipulate Sam’s emotions?

24 | When is The McCarthys going to do an episode that revolves around Ronnie and his mom’s weekly Good Wife viewing party getting derailed by a football overrun?Capital One Samuel L. Jackson

25 | Show of hands: While fast-forwarding through recent commercials, who briefly thought RuPaul — and not a bespectacled, red-pants-wearing Samuel L. Jackson — was stumping for Capital One?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Lucy B says:

    … we’re not gonna talk about the awful green screen behind Castle’s wedding? Really?

    • Anon says:

      I’d rather talk about why Ryan, Espo, et al. weren’t at the wedding.

      • Dani says:

        IKR, or Lanie. For Kate to get married without her BFF was unforgivable. All three should give the happy couple the cold shoulder for a couple of weeks. Also, did it remind anyone of the wedding from Lois and Clark?

      • JC1 says:

        I agree. That’s the only problem I had with the wedding. The green screen didn’t bother me.

      • TVLine Fan Girl says:

        Yep, that seemed like a HUGE miss.

      • Fran says:

        I don’t know, that didnt bother me. They obviously just wanted immediate family at the wedding, which I think kind of fits Kate’s character. She never wanted a big wedding. I could understand them being a little hurt by not being there, but they also need to understand that it was Rick and Kate’s day not theirs, and be happy for them. I sincerely hope none of them are actually mad, mad about that.

        • Q says:

          “They obviously just wanted immediate family at the wedding, which I think kind of fits Kate’s character. She never wanted a big wedding.”

          Little agree, but… Espo, Lanie, Ryan is her only “family”
          Rick has there his family, and where were her????!!!

          It was BIG mistake (and that terrible green screen! o boy!)

          • c-mo says:

            Her father is her family and he was there. Her co-workers aren’t her family.

          • BrittBrat says:

            Just because they aren’t blood related, doesn’t mean they aren’t family!

          • Fran says:

            Oh I think her coworkers are her “family” as well… That’s why I said immediate family- as in parents and siblings only. Don’t get me wrong, I would have liked them there, but it doesn’t bother me as much as it does to other people.

        • BrittBrat says:

          I was talking to c-mo mainly.

      • Kim R says:

        I didn’t like that either. For me, it felt like after the extremely unhappy reaction last season’s finale generated, this was a quick fix they shoved in to marry them. I am glad they married them, which should have happened last season with her in her beautiful dress in my opinion, but I felt like it was a quickly applied patch. :(

        • c-mo says:

          I’m glad you’re not a writer for the show because I loved the wedding, the guests and the attire; it was all perfect. I can even forgive the backdrop because they were going for “dreamy”.

          • S. says:

            Exactly, that dreamy vibe was on purpose. Apparently it’s not that far off visually as far as how sunset in the Hamptons looks according to someone not involved in the show that commented on Twitter–it’s just that ethereal. There’s a reason people vacation there and it’s partly because of incredible things like that. As for a ‘quick fix’ nope, it was their plan all along and they actually would’ve done more but had to scale back due to time issues. The original proposal was at the swing set that has meant so much to them. I’d say small, intimate moments are more their thing, not big ceremonies. When you say immediate family only, it means you have an excuse to everybody who gets grouchy about not being invited. Start bringing in Ryan, Espo, and Lanie and they’ll be the tip of the iceberg. You’d have to bring in Jenny, Gates, other colleagues of Kate’s at the precinct, Castle’s poker buddies and people involved in his book publishing, just a whole bunch of folks who’d expect to be included and who probably were the first time. Good luck telling them “no no, you’re my friend but we’re just not AS close as these other friends.” Side note: I hope Kate kept the presents after the first time. I bet nobody’d have the nerve to ask for them back a month or so after Rick was gone.

    • Dude says:

      Actually they did. That’s what they meant by “Did it take place on the set of Jane the Virgin’s novella” a comically cheesy show within the show.

  2. Ashton says:

    I agree with most of these but number 20 is spot on!

  3. erninlow says:

    #14. While watching the episode I thought, “don’t get rid of hot bearded Ward!” He looked so good and now it’s ruined.

  4. Luis says:

    11. Nothing worse than greasepaint and a hoodie

  5. gretchen thad says:

    Okay, the green screen was not good but, surprisingly, the wedding was perfection. Call backs to the past were fun. And the alternative universe was pretty well done. The episode move the story forward; Castle and Beckett were able to work through some of the problems brought on by his disappearance. And the vows were as romantic as any I’ve ever seen.

  6. Tran says:

    Some of the episodes of Homeland feels like you’re living in The Twilight Zone and Carrie continues to be more crazier than ever.

  7. Jamie says:

    #4 – YES! definitely thought AND HOPED!, #6 – YES!!, #9 – cheesy wedding but loved alexis with black hair!, #10 – hopefully, this season better be going SOMEWHERE good!, #13 – obviously, #16 – yes a little disappointed but they were throwing a lot at her, next week she can deal with it, it was a GREAT crossover event all in all, #22 and 23- those are both some serious manipulation tears by Pope and Annalise, very impressive work by both, I think Annalise is both manipulative but also hurt. i LOVE #TGIT!…all in all another great week of TV!!

  8. MKS says:

    Det. McNulty was the name of the cop for the scenes filmed NYC when they shot the pilot. And it was a horrible attempt for the wedding ceremony. Something a public access channel show would use. Very unprofessional.

  9. Angela says:

    10. That’d be one heck of a development if she were. Maybe that encounter in the forest when she was a child had more of an effect on her than she realized?
    23. I think we’ve long ago established Sam doesn’t exactly think a LOT of things through when it comes to the women he sleeps with, so that doesn’t really surprise me he’d do that. As for Annalise’s emotional moments, I think it’s a mix of both. She’s definitely manipulating the hell out of Sam as a means to mess with his head after all her discoveries about him-we’re all aware of how good a manipulator she is in general, so yeah, she’s doing that here, too, for sure. But I do believe there is some genuine pain and hurt and anger lurking under those tears as well. I think she’s a very confused, complicated woman right now.
    And winning the cases? Again, she’s good at manipulation, and she’s got an interesting group of students working with her. Go with what’s working, I guess, right? It would be interesting to see her win a case without all the maneuvering and underhanded play once, though, yeah.

  10. Brian Bauer says:

    #11 – Maskless Arrow is the worst costume. Blurry faced Flash? That’s a classic comic book move.

    • Tim says:

      the blurry face is cool

    • Danyelle says:

      i think the point is that as a “disguise” neither work that well, like iris wouldn’t recognize barry there?

      • Brian Bauer says:

        It’s one those staples of comic stories that every one just accepts. Lois Lane can’t figure out that Clark is just Superman without glasses? If superheroes were real, they would all have to wear full face masks to hide their identities. Besides, I think they toned down the special effects of blurring his face so it wouldn’t wander into creepy supernatural horror territory.

  11. Lyn says:

    I’m stunned to realize that Castle is the only show I watch of those mentioned in this article.

  12. Castle was awesome!!! Show is Called Castle not Espo,Ryan or Lanie!!! The episode in which they were making wedding guest list…they both wrote down who had to be there…each other and not anyone else.Family is the important thing.

  13. sarah j says:

    2)Danny wearing a Hawaiian Shirt and saying how much he loves Hawaii.

  14. 24 absolutely cracked me up. It hit a little (a LOT) too close to home for me not to be funny. I don’t watch Good Wife, but football was ALWAYS messing with Mentalist and now CSI. Ugh. lol

    And yes, the background for the Castle wedding was super fake-looking and super cheesy. That was the only part about it that I hated. It darn near ruined it for me because I kept looking at it, rather than paying attention to the vows, her dress, them, etc. I wasn’t bothered like some by the fact that their friends weren’t there. It was mom, daughter, and dad, and that was it. Their friends should understand and be happy for them, especially given what happened when they tried to get married before. This time, they wanted it low-key, quiet, and just them and their family. I get it. *shrug*

  15. Whatevah says:

    20..I love Modern Family.

  16. Drew says:

    11. I actually liked the face paint more than the mask for Arrow. They once mentioned that he didn’t wear a mask because it cut off some of his field of vision. So now I find it distracting when it looks like the mask is in the way. Plus, he still has to wear the makeup, but it magically vanishes when he takes the mask off.

  17. STP says:

    #14. I actually didn’t notice Brett Dalton was shirtless because I was so engrossed with the shaving. I didn’t like the Beard of Treachery at first, but now I’m in mourning. It was just so hot! #RIPWardsBeard

  18. selinakray says:

    11. For me, it was his voice. Iris grew up with Barry and didn’t recognize his intonation? Or his height? Physique? When he’s standing *right behind her*? Right.

  19. Jared says:

    I really liked The Flash’s blurry face..it was actually kind of cool. It seemed like something straight out of the comics.

  20. Tom says:

    6 | Are you happy The Newsroom is making Reese a sympathetic character, if only because it gives Chris Messina more screen time?
    It is nice to see him getting more screen time. It’ll be even nicer to see Kat Dennings in that universe
    17 | Is it fair to say in the wake of this week’s coitus-drenched Sons of Anarchy opening sequence that basic cable no longer has any restrictions on showing graphic sex save for full-frontal nudity?
    I hope so. I really do.
    20 | Wasn’t Hayley’s in-car breakdown at the end of this week’s Modern Family the best part of a very funny episode?
    Most anything regarding Haley, save for them trying to stick her with Andy, is the best part of an episode of the Office clone Modern Family
    24 | When is The McCarthys going to do an episode that revolves around Ronnie and his mom’s weekly Good Wife viewing party getting derailed by a football overrun?
    Gotta think it’s bound to happen, especially given CBS is the network the Pats are most likely to be on any given week

  21. kokoniasta says:

    3, 9, 16 Yes Yes and Yes although i’d like to know why Ryan and Espo weren’t at the wedding.

  22. B says:

    #24–Right?! When the mom hit record I told my husband she better make sure TGW had already started or they’d end up with only 20 minutes of the episode.

  23. Number 20 hands down. Hayley’s episode ending breakdown was slap my ass hilarious.

  24. Jim says:

    The boxing glove arrow was the best moment of the week. I laughed so hard.

  25. Brittany says:

    #20. Hayley was great in that scene but I was still so bummed from the scene before when Andy said about buying a ring for Beth. Sigh. I totally ship Hayley and Andy.

  26. Helen says:

    I agree with the Castle wedding sentiments. Cheesy background distracted from what should have been one of the biggest moments of the show. And not having Kate’s family from the precinct there was not a good choice. I hope at least we’ll get some Lanie sass about that in the coming episodes.

  27. Liz says:

    Re:11…. I’ve always considered bad disguises a super hero trope. Even for the ones who arguably are more fully concealed: batman, Spider-Man, etc. timing issues alone should be a huge clue. I always think people’s expectations are really the greatest concealer of a heroes identity. If your actions as a hero are so opposite of who people believe you are, it will take being hit over the head with the truth to accept it.

    • herman1959 says:

      Exactly what I was thinking – Barry is the last person Iris is expecting to be The Flash, so that plays into her inability to recognize him.

  28. auntiemm says:

    I was finally enjoying NCIS this season until this episode. I’ve warmed up to the Bishop character but really??? After 40 years she’s the only one smart enough to find the soldier’s remains. I get she’s smart but it’s annoying to me.

    And Gibbs justifying Bishop’s treatment on losing Kate and Ziva…..didn’t Ziva leave to honor Gibbs? If Gibbs is serious about Bishop then bring on the head slaps.

    • Jaramukhti says:

      That wasn’t the point at all. Gibbs didn’t assign Bishop that task because he thought she was the only one that could do it — he gave it to her because he was still going easy on her. He was internally mad at her for letting the suspect get away. Giving her that task was just a way to keep her occupied. That is why when she wanted to go with them to Da Nang, he wouldn’t let her.

      The rest was explained through the episode — namely, WHY Gibbs has been treating her with kid gloves up to now.

  29. lame says:

    I can understand not wanting to talk about the worst use of a green screen since Ed Woods planet 9 from outer space. How about that obvious artificial grass and obvious artificial sunlight, “really” that was the best they could do for the climax of the Castle Beckett trajectory,

  30. Luli says:

    9) LOVED the Castle wedding.
    11) Definetely the Arrow
    21) YES, Caroline deserves better, so glad she gave him that speech!

  31. Yuvi says:

    12. I would LOVE to see Jake Abel back on supernatural for a longer story arc than he did before.
    With good writing I think Adam could pull off a spin-off, too – maybe he’ll be a part of another group of hunters, or maybe even still struggling to hold off Lucifer? (I’d totally watch that!)

  32. bj says:

    15. YES!!!! It’s about time!!

  33. Pat says:

    Is any TV wedding not schlocky? We’ve been working up to this one for years, so I’m glad Castle finally did the deed.

  34. Dani says:

    Castle marriage was so rushed. The gang from the precinct wasn’t even there. And the fake background. 7 seasons of trying to bring Beckett and Castle together, and this was the culmination? It was bad. Other cop procedural couples did it better. Ahem Bones. They should have had the wedding last season finale and cut all that amnesia nonsense.

  35. M3rc Nate says:

    1) Eh, Constantine needs to up their game IMO not have a episode all about a house, as mysterious as that house seems. Arrow is fantastic, the Flash is fantastic, im gonna need Constantine to step up and be way more fun or interesting for me to stick around.

    2) Stopped watching H50 about a season ago or so…have finally hit the point in my life where I cherish a hour of my life too much to watch procedurals that are fairly boring and focus WAY too much on the “case of the week”.

    3) Stopped watching Revenge after…season 2? (on Netflix). Again just didn’t hold my attention.

    4) Haven’t watched Homeland since Brody was killed off, not saying it can’t be really good right now but how they have had Carrie be since the pilot, im going to have to be REALLY REALLY bored on a weekend to start watching Homeland again. Strike Back is 100x more interesting and fun.

    5) I dont know what “Comeback” is.

    6) Haven’t started watching this season of The Newsroom, last season wasn’t all that great IMO (compared to the first) so i’m gonna have to be really bored to DL it and watch.

    7) Don’t watch the Good Wife.

    8) Not caught up on (I bailed) OUaT so i dont know the reference.

    9) Lol, yes….god that was AWFUL! Way to put no effort at ALL into the most important moment of your series. Castle is about Richard and Kate’s love story, and the biggest moment of that you have on a cheap deck/back yard set with a green screen? Lol pathetic. You know you were gonna do this (wedding) for months, you could have found a beautiful spot in California (shoot it as if its the Hamptons) and built a deck and shot the scene there…but nope, we got a green screen….Castle, falling below expectations yet again.

    10) Yeah i have been curious about Abbie doing spells…

    11) Mask-less Arrow 100%, the “blurry” Flash actually distorts his facial features, where as with the facial hair, the mole, and overall chin/lips/cheek bones you can easily tell the Arrow is Oliver.

    12) I’ve never watched Supernatural

    13) Dont watch the Mindy Project

    14) I get why he shaved and cut his hair, but I agree he looked pretty badass with it. I was hoping for something more drastic like him dying his hair blonde.

    15) Stopped watching NCIS when Ziva left. Not because i loved her character so much or anything, but because the show will never change, it prints cash so they will change the show as little as possible so people keep watching. Its not a creative TV show, its a cash cow that they are milking every dime from they can.

    16) Haven’t watched it yet, not really all that excited to, just cause i dont like or watch SVU.

    17) Lol you guys are kidding right? All they showed was man butt…just like 9 outta 10 SOA episodes with nudity…full frontal are you kidding me? There was nothing even close to full frontal…hell there was barely side boob in that montage of sex. You need to get your facts together before you make a dumb comment like that.
    He could walk back there because the door said “Authorized personnel only”….your aware that during visiting hours (which it being during the day, could have easily been) family (direct family, typically parents or spouse) are allowed by there by the head Nurse at the desk? Hence why once he got past the doors he could walk around freely without getting questioned or stopped, its assumed (especially with the flowers) he was allowed back there to visit a wife/child/family member.

    18) Yes, very awesome, loved it!

    19) Dont watch the Voice.

    20) Haven’t caught up on Modern Family

    21) Kinda….i mean she is still a Vampire who has murdered innocent people, slept with Klaus who makes Hitler seem like Mr. Rodgers, drinks human blood….so how much of a leg does she have to stand on?

    22) Dont watch Scandal

    23) Dont watch How to get away with Murder, i expect it to get cancelled

    24) Dont watch The McCarthys

    25) Eh, not me

    • Drew says:

      Hmm… Klaus has been alive for 1000 years, right? So if he were to kill 1000 people per year, that would be a million people… Which is less than 1/10 of the number of lives that Hitler is responsible for ending, not even counting soldiers who died in battle.
      Yup. Hitler was that bad.

      • M3rc Nate says:

        But you forget, these Hitler killings your counting are because of him but not by his hand, how many people has Klaus killed because of the people hes turned into vampires and they have gone on to kill people? Also how do you weigh Klaus killing 1000 a year with his own hands/teeth vs Hitler with just orders….i’d say overall in the “evil slaughterer” category they both belong together with a few other real humans (Kony for example).

        Overall the point stands, this guy is a walking mass murder on the highest scale and also basically a demon (living dead, feeds off blood, half vampire half werewolf etc)…

  36. Stephanie says:

    14 – I wasn’t all that sorry to see the beard go, but I have to say I’m not a fan of the buzz cut. Meh.

    • Temperance says:

      Maybe one in ten guys with that cut look OK – not good. The rest look awful, cheap, and like serial killers/mental patients (or all three at the time time). It is distractingly bad.

  37. becca says:

    Think Rizzoli and Isles will be renewed?

  38. PFitzDC says:

    #7–THANK YOU! I have to wonder if the Kings are off working on a new project, because the writing on this season of The Good Wife isn’t anywhere CLOSE to the last season. The Castro “announcement” was the last straw. For heavens’ sake! He was the reason she got into the race and was the basis for her ENTIRE PLATFORM, and she shrugs it off? This is just the most egregious example of its nonsensical writing, but there’s a l-o-n-g list. Very, very disappointed.

    • Jenna says:

      I agree – this season has been so uneven. After years of playing the political game for Peter, we are supposed to believe that she’s naive to the process and optics? In the past, she has advised clients on many of the same issues that she’s stumbling on now. Plus, House of Cards and Scandal have already exposed many of the political antics being highlighted. When will we hear about what the other members of the firm think of her joining the SA race right after they joined forces?

  39. Mary Cefalu says:

    Instead of Gibbs just telling Bishop to sit in a chair (finally), I wish he would have fired her. She is a WEAK replacement for Ziva.

  40. BrittBrat says:

    9. Castle- It did look Jane the Virgin. It also looked really cheap and was kind of distracting. I do wish their friends were there.
    15. NCIS: Yes! Yes! Yes!
    16. Chicago Fire/P.D.-Maybe they will cover it later on?
    18. Arrow- Still really cool!

  41. Algalhi says:

    Funniest Hawaii 5-0 twist was Danno wearing an aloha shirt & raving about the food in Hawaii. Scott Caan doesn’t care much for Hawaii, so that was an inside joke.

    Love Gwen Stefani on the Voice! Saying she’s still nursing and thus more emotional spoke to us women – we get it.

  42. Briggs says:

    9. It works for me. Besides, considering the way the last wedding went, cutting back on the extravagance was definitely the way to go. Less can go wrong that way.
    11. Yeah, the face-blurring was the better disguise. Someone else mentioned it, but if they’d blurred anymore, it would be like those effects used on ghost shows to indicate possession, and that’s not something you want on the Flash.
    18. The glove was perfection. We all know Oliver wouldn’t actually make a glove arrow, but hook a glove that’s lying around to stop a fleeing ‘villain’? Absolutely.

  43. arial2 says:

    Re #15: I’m glad it was Bishop who called his attention to his going easy on her. I don’t really care where she works, as long as she produces. If sitting on the floor (as she did at NSA) makes her work better, fine; quirky work habits aren’t bad, just different. I absolutely hate rigidity in the workplace; it can lead to employees afraid to question bad input.

  44. I would totally love, and fully expect, an episode dedicated to the house of Liv’s Father or at least the long, dark hallway.

  45. Jennifer says:

    #9-I’m still trying to figure out the “whimsical” episode but yes, that background was odd not to mention Kate’s wedding “pants”. The top was beautiful but those pants?? Not knowing for certain but assuming it’s natural, I’ve always thought Alexis looked great as a redhead, this episode only confirms that she should never mess with the hair color.

    #25-I was thinking Mike Meyers’ SNL Spocket’s skit, maybe next time Samuel L Jackson can get the monkey and do the dance…

  46. Kissane says:

    #1 as watching I turned to my bf and said “Constantine is a time-lord” he has psychic paper, and his house is bigger on in the inside!

    • And don’t forget, he has that card that appears as any documentation the holder needs it to be – I seem to remember at least one of the Doctors having one of those as well.

      • Kissane says:

        Yeah, that’s the psychic paper I was referring to. All he needs is a magical screwdriver that doesn’t work on wood and it’s truth lol

  47. Ram510 says:

    11) The Hood is stupid and I don’t understand how Wildcat didn’t figure out its Oliver, he was in plain sight.
    20) Haley’s breakdown was awesome and she has quietly been a scene stealer for a while now

  48. gabe says:

    That background on castle was horrific and considering the Castle amnesia plot has gone absolutely nowhere this season, it just leaves me wondering, wth was the point of that season finale. It didn’t lead to a compelling storyline and didn’t payoff of their wedding at all. This was just a huge miss on every level.

    • JC1 says:

      it just leaves me wondering, wth was the point of that season finale. It didn’t lead to a compelling storyline and didn’t payoff of their wedding at all.
      I actually have to agree with this, even though I’m one that didn’t mind the season finale at all. I was excited about the new storylines/”mythology” for Castle, but I really wasn’t expecting it to be handled like it has been. I thought it would be an ongoing storyline in the background of all the episodes, not just dropped and brought up once or twice a year. So in retrospect the whole missed wedding feels like a lot more of a waste now than it did then, when I was all excited to see what the payoff was, and now we still don’t know. :(

  49. Alichat says:

    3) It was probably the first time in 4 seasons that Daniel has been even remotely interesting. Jack needs to learn how to text.
    4) For a split second I hoped, because the dynamic of the show is so much better with him on it. And they did such a good job of keeping the cameo quiet, it was a genuine surprise. But I’m not a fan of that episode. Ugh.
    9) The Castle CGI was AWFUL! They film in LA! Could they really have not found a nice beach spot to film?
    11) Flash. You can tell it’s his face, and the voice is a dead giveaway.
    23) Everybody makes out on that porch. Annalise’s porch is the new lover’s lane. And I don’t know if Sam is just stupid or arrogant. That man comes on to every woman he knows. And I don’t understand Annalise kicking Bonnie out. Who will she insult and abuse now?