The Flash Recap: Bombs, Away

The Flash Recap Plastique

This week on The CW’s The Flash, Barry learned a few cool new tricks in the course of helping a metahuman deal with her “explosive” personality, while Iris came face to (blurry) face with her hero, the “red streak.”

This was perhaps the most Smallville-ian of the Flash episodes thus far, at least as pertains to the scenes where Iris’ persistent blogging about the “streak” earns her a visit from the speedster, with Barry vibrating his visage and vocal chords to conceal his true identity. Iris is all fangirly Lois Lane upon meeting the mystery man, and even seems a bit breathless at one point as The Flash circles her, closer and closer….

But then the sequence took a poignant turn, as Iris revealed the reason for her interest — because of her friend Barry, who since childhood has been trying to make sense of the “impossible.” Iris thus sees the hope/answers that someone such as the “streak” can provide her longtime friend. Her words visibly affect costumed Barry, who can only offer up in return: “He’s a lucky guy” before running off. (At episode’s end, Barry confronts Iris himself, asking her one last time to give up her blog — lying that he has put his mother’s murder behind him. When she refuses, he is left to declare their “friendship” on a break, her eyes wet.)

Will this new angst — coupled with that “intimate”-ish Irish/Flash rooftop scene — be enough to get viewers fervently ‘shipping Barry/Iris? It’s a start.

There was also some nice character work done this week with Joe, who after lobbying his daughter to give up her obsession with the “streak” noted how desperately Barry wants to tell her the truth about his alter ego. When Barry claims he tells Iris everything, Joe counters, “Not everything” — meaning, he has known since the day Barry was old enough to know what love is that his ward had feelings for his daughter.  (What’s more, Joe seems very much on board with that, though Barry just can’t ‘fess up to Iris.)

We also got a bit more of Cisco in not just metahuman fanboy mode, but legit crushing on Bette Sans Souci aka “Plastique,” especially as it became more and more clear that her options in life were few, if any. (We also learned that Cisco can be very protective of specific Flash suits.) And then there was further insight into what makes the ever-enigmatic Dr. Wells tick — first, as he faced off anew with an old adversary, Army General Eiling (played by Clancy Brown, who simply must return), and then in a flashback to the gents’ years-ago falling out, when Wells pulled the plug on S.T.A.R. Labs’ involvement in some controversial gene therapy. At the close of that flashback, we saw that Wells was specifically sparing test subject Grodd, a gorilla, for whom he himself had planned “a whole different future.”

* He’s so hot…. Genetically speaking. Because I’m a geneticist.”
* “I can’t get drunk! I’m 25, and my drinking days are already over.”
* “I have two [speed suits], and I loved that one.”
* “You didn’t really think this one through, did you?” — Caitlin chiding Cisco, holding up what could have been an explosive boomerang
* “You can walk on water. That puts you in pretty interesting company.” (That said, between that and scaling a building, let’s save some speedster tricks for the rest of the season OK?)
* Anyone catch (a cover of) “I Ran” playing during the final montage? Heh.

What did you think of this week’s episode and it’s ill-fated namesake, “Plastique”?

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  1. StephonJS says:

    I keep saying this: the episodes are getting better and better and so are the special effects.
    Barry learning he can do more (finally): run on water and walk on walls. In no time he will be able to vibrate through walls and timetravel.
    The friendships on this show is amazing. I’m kinda upset Barry and Iris are taking a break.
    Harrison is manipulating everything! Well this what happen when a guy from the future shows up in the present day.
    I do hope Bette is still alive. I know she is suppose to be a super villain and have a connection to Ronny aka Firestorm. I liked her. I hope she comes back.
    Gorilla Grood again :)! I can’t wait until he make his grand appearance!

  2. Azerty says:

    Really good! As dark and twisted Arrow can be, the Flash is light and funny. The humor was great: at first I was not impressed at Barry’s voice change since Oliver does it too but knowing he does it with his powers I really laughed. Plastique was ok, not the most interesting metahuman yet and I am not into Barry/Iris so the break might be a good thing. Also great the special effects I can’t believe for a CW show how great they are. The scene when Barry run on water (as mentioned in the recap I was not expecting that capability so soon) and then escape the blast was cool and well done. I can’t wait to see more of Grodd and also too get deeper into Barry’s mother murder and Wells real motives. Last question: if Barry wears a mask why does he need to blur his face?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Because Barry’s mask is such that it can probably keep a stranger from recognizing him later on, but it reveals plenty for a close friend to know it’s him. (Hell, even “blurred” it’s pretty obviously Barry. Also, he could stand to change up his speech patterns/intonations when “disguising” the voice. Again, totally Barry.)

      • Azerty says:

        Wow second time one of my comment is anwered by you Matt, I must admit I feel a bit like a rockstar right now :D. So yes I understand close friends could regonize him but in every superhero story there is a part a acceptance that the mask is enough even though it’s obviously not. I mean we could say the same for Superman, Batman, Arrow, Wolverine or Captain America. If the mask doesn’t totally cover the face (and even then like you said there is still the voice and intonation) we need to assume it’s enough to keep the mystery. I was just wondering why the writers would make such an effort. But maybe that’s because the special effect looks cool.

      • Luis says:

        Perhaps Barry should give Ollie a call about that voice disguiser Ollie uses.

  3. Skittles&Bits says:

    As much as I adore this show, the villain-of-the-week routine is starting to wear a bit thin for me. Especially when the plot for the villain plays out in predictable ways. That being said, I still think this episode was amazing if only because of the Flash pushing the limits of his powers (the running on water bit was fantastic!) and great dynamic between Joe and Barry and Barry and Iris. That bit with the vibrating vocal chords had me in stitches. Barry’s reaction to Joe revelation about Barry’s feelings for Iris was, strangely, really touching b/c I wasn’t sure how Joe would react and what that would do to their pseudo-father/son relationship. Though in hindsight, it makes sense that Joe already knows since he raised both of them and he’s a cop. As for Iris, I can understand why she doesn’t want to give up (seriously though isn’t she a doctoral student so how does she have time to tumblr about the “Streak”?) but her insistence seemed rather contrived somehow. Barry should’ve just told her that her meddling would make it harder for him to save people; she obviously doesn’t want him to stop saving people so I’m sure that statement would at least give her second thoughts about her new hobby. As usual, the (H.G.) Wells plot line continues to intrigue; anyone know who/what he was talking to at the end? I couldn’t see a thing and all I heard was growling….

  4. mardie186 says:

    Absolutely love this show and Grant Gustin’ s portrayal of Barry Allen. I do honestly feel more chemistry between Barry and Felicity Smoak than Barry/Iris. I hope Felicity becomes a recurring character on The Flash. Loved seeing The Flash run on water/up a building. SFX get better every week. Love Cisco and looking forward to more of Dr Wells backstory.

  5. Why couldn’t that shave Clancy’s head and have him be Lex Luthor?!?!

  6. Leo says:

    Another great episode! Joe and Barry’s scenes get me every time. I loved Iris meeting The Flash. We got even more insight into their bond and it really endeared me to them even more! I felt the chemistry! The Grodd cameo was great!

  7. splarne says:

    Sooooo…you mention the cover of “I ran”. Who is singing?

  8. Tai says:

    I adore the relationships on this show, especially between Joe and Barry. I loved the enthusiasm about the vocal cord thing. That was adorable. But overall the relationships on this show make it even more enjoyable.

    I’m also enjoying the deepening mysteries. I really need to know what is up with Dr. Wells. Like asap. Looking forward to seeing Grodd too. I totally flailed out of happiness. This show is my new TV addiction and it proves why every week.

    My only nitpick is with Iris. I want to like her. I really really do. But she keeps telling us how intuitive she is but she still can’t figure out that Barry is the Streak? And moreover you can’t figure out that he’s in love with you? I’m really going to need an episode where she tells everyone that she was just kidding and knew it all along.

    • G. says:

      Also, while she continually TELLS us how smart she is, she continues to do some incredibly boneheaded things — this week’s example being signing her name to a blog tracking the Streak, which will instantly put her on the radar and make her Everyone’s Least Favorite Damsel-in-Distress of the Week. (yawn)

      I don’t think the producers and writers know how to handle the canon love stories. Oliver/Laurel and now Barry/Iris have both been pretty bad overall, in some similar ways and some very different ones, too.

      I’m a little tired of the “let’s lie for months and years to someone in order to protect them” trope, too. The inevitable fallout from an epic-level orchestration of betrayal — it makes Barry and Joe look pretty stupid, too. How do they THINK Iris is going to react when she finds out they’ve been lying to her? Lose-lose all around, as it kinda makes me dislike the two of them more now, too. Dumb decision, writers.

      • Isobel says:

        Agree the show can say she’s intelligent, but she comes off like Eddie the police guy as not that bright, at least compared with the other characters on the show

      • ThinkMcFly says:

        ” this week’s example being signing her name to a blog tracking the Streak, which will instantly put her on the radar–”

        Okay, now explain how that’s her fault? She knows absolutely NOTHING about “The Streak” or the fact that he’s a superhero who fights other superpowered beings. How is she supposed to arbitrarily guess that he’s got enemies? She didn’t even know he was human until this episode.

        • Me says:

          Thank you! How is Iris supposed to know that Barry is the Streak? This isn’t like Oliver showing back up in Starling right when the Arrow appears. People are grasping at straws at this point trying to find reasons not to like her. Barry and Iris treat each other exactly the same. She doesn’t see the prolonged looks of longing. He hides it from her. She loves the hell out of him, she just isn’t in love yet.

          • S. says:

            And she may not want to see it. She considers him a friend, that’s all, and if she let herself see how much he likes her, she would lose that friendship because she absolutely does not feel the same way at all.

  9. Drew says:

    It was also funny when Caitlin wondered if she sounded like Felicity when she was rambling.
    The relationships on the show are really coming together. I know that people don’t like Iris, but people never like the leading lady… probably because they’re rarely the “every man” character. People root for the best friend who goes un-noticed, not the pretty, popular girl. But then again, the writers usually allow the best friend to be closer to the lead male and have more of a quirky personality, so that might explain it too. Either way, I liked Iris tonight. She showed how much she cares about Barry, even if she is a little bit slow (a counter to his speed?) when it comes to the whole “Barry is the Flash” thing. I mean… lightning is his logo. Figure it out.

  10. Jordan says:

    My favorite thing about this episode was its admission that every superhero show in which a hero comes face to face with a friend or loved one but isn’t recognized because they have a mask covering about a third of their face is utterly absurd. Barry vibrating his face when Iris saw him was a nice touch.

  11. Briggs says:

    I wanted to slap Barry when he ‘broke it off’ with Iris. Especially after the burgeoning sexual tension on that rooftop. That being said, I can understand his reasons. He wants her to love him, not The Streak. That being said, he has to tell her.
    Who else thought the scene with Joe was adorable? Joe loved the vocal modulation (which still sounded like Barry, but if you didn’t know, maybe not as obvious?), and he knew. He knew about Barry’s feelings, which I thought was *so* good. Daddy Joe always knows.
    Poor Bette. That general had better get his.
    Cisco is adorable, as usual. I felt sorry for him, I really did. Though the part where his nerdrage turned to crush at first sight was a laugh out loud moment.
    Caitlin making the Jesus reference (‘interesting company’) made me smile. And trying to give Barry a buzz, even if he did burn it off quickly. I don’t know who was more disappointed, him or her.
    How scared should we be of Harrison Wells, now? Did he let Grodd loose on purpose? How evil is he? He’s willing to kill to keep Barry and other metas safe, but sent Bette into the line of fire. I can’t wait for them to start answering these questions.
    A great episode.

  12. James D says:

    really fun episode cheese rooftop scene aside. I loved the visuals of Barry phasing his face out that was pretty dope. Always great seeing Clancy Brown he’s great in everything he does. I also really liked Bette i hope they didn’t really kill her off it seems such a waste to have Plastique for one episode. I honestly had reservations about Tom Cavanaugh in this show i love him but this didn’t seem like his kind of role but he is easily my favorite character can’t wait to see his arc playout. I totally geeked out when they revealed Grodd he has to be one of my favorite dc supervillians (come on how can you not love a genius ape bent on world domination)

  13. I enjoyed a lot about this episode. Was pretty bummed that Metahuman-of-the-Week is a corpse now, though. Not sure how I’d feel about her coming back — being blown to smithereens is usually pretty final, wouldn’t you say?

    Unlocking new Flash powers is fun … though I enjoy weeks where Caitlin and Cisco rack their brains to fix the latest problem Barry is having, too. This was a pretty decent mix of action and character focus, which I’m glad to see the writers can be trusted to produce.

    I don’t know that I’m ever going to “like” the way they’ve chosen to direct, write, and portray Iris West, but I certainly like her better than Laurel … and that’s saying a lot. That being said, there are three things in the handling of Iris I’m not a fan of:
    1) Her inability to realize certain things that MANY other characters have figured out, coupled with her valley-girl intonation in some, but not all, episodes … makes her come off as extremely unintelligent. I don’t read the comics but everything I’ve read suggests she is supposed to be a lot smarter than she’s acting.
    2) She’s currently boring. All we ever see her do regularly is write a blog — and make some terrible decisions while doing so — and date a guy whom we’re all pretty sure is Not a Nice Guy. She was tons more enjoyable when interacting with Felicity and now with Cisco and Caitlin (though very briefly), and her scenes with Joe are always good. But you can’t have a main character who only ever has good scenes with Joe, bad and strident scenes with Barry, and smooches on her boyfriend. This isn’t the road map to an interesting female heroine. I believe the actress can rise to better material; it just has to be presented to her.
    3) The months-from-being-over betrayal story arc is so, so tired and boring. Barry and Joe look pretty dense thinking that keeping a major secret from Iris is EVER going to be seen by her as ‘a good idea’. Of course it’s going to end badly, and of course Iris is going to be crushed by being lied to on this kind of scale for this long. Please nip this in the bud ASAP. I don’t think anything interesting is to be gained by having someone important to Barry’s life be the only person in the cold about his real identity. It certainly didn’t help Laurel’s storyline any.

    • L says:

      Keeping the love interest in the dark about a secret identity is a major staple of comic book storytelling… your points could be the same about any of them… why didn’t Lois ever realize Clark was Superman? He doesnt even wear a mask… why didn’t anyone on Arrow realize who Oliver was? He’s got the same unique stubble…. You just have to go with it.

    • Carl says:

      Your first point makes absolutely no sense. How did those others figure it out though? There were particular extenuating circumstances i.e. Barry saved Joe without wearing his mask/costume so of course he saw or the people at STAR Labs knew something was up with him because they were treating him for nine months. If it was so easy to figure out Barry’s the streak then everyone on the police force would know, or why not the entire city. By what method of osmosis do you expect Iris to have figured it out? Ridiculous.

      When has Iris ever been “strident”? Here’s the dictionary definition of the word: 1.
      (of a sound) loud and harsh; grating. 2. presenting a point of view, especially a controversial one, in an excessively forceful way. When has Iris presented a point of view in an excessively ‘forceful’ way? When has she been ‘loud’ or harsh-voiced with Barry? I’m really curious, I’ll wait. We’re in episode 4, they’re literally formulating the basis of her character’s arc and you’re out here complaining that we haven’t seen anything (meanwhile, there has been a lot of great foundation-setting in terms of her two most important relationships with Joe and Barry but you seem like you didn’t bother to watch those scenes or are purposefully ignoring it because it doesn’t fit in with your skewed ideas, so I’ll leave you to it).

      Your third point is about the only thing you’ve written I agree with. Yes, Barry and Joe do look stupid. Iris holds the moral and emotional highground. There’s nothing cute about lying to someone you supposedly love, belittling her ambitions, pouring gasoline on her dreams (and Joe has done this before by preventing her from joining the force). I should hope we get to see all three of them deal with the consequences of these silly choices.

      But again, we’re in episode 4? I can’t understand this wild impatience to see the entire story happen in four episodes. What else are we supposed to do the rest of the season?

    • Me says:

      Someone help me out. Exactly what hasn’t Iris figured out that EVERYONE else knows? What? He took off the mask for Joe. He told Caitlin, Cisco, and Wells about his powers. Felicity overheard him tell Felicity. How does that make her not smart, or lacking in intelligence? Iris has an actual life. She is in school, has a job, and a love life. Everything she does doesn’t revolve Barry. That said, she still takes time out for him because she loves him. There is no way for her to know what Barry does when she’s not around. She has no reason to suspect anything. Why should she?

  14. mars says:

    Did anyone else keep thinking gambit when ever she used her powers lol. And next week he’ll fight colossus. Too funny.

  15. Nick says:

    …coupled with that “intimate”-ish Irish/Flash rooftop scene…
    Irish/Flash? I love the Emerald Isle as much as the next man, but me thinks you made a mistake. Sorry, couldn’t resist the lame joke. Although, considering how many times you had to write “Iris” in this recap it was bound to happen.

    Thanks for the solid recap Matt.

  16. tvgal says:

    The rooftop scene with iris/the streak confirmed that they have insane chemistry together.that scene was sooo coool,It had me smiling from ear to ear.their ‘breakup’ scene was great too.
    I agree with others they should give iris other things to do.and enough with the secrets,barry and joe should tell her before the xmas break

    • Georgia Madman says:

      tvgal put down the crack pipe and watch the episode again. The Barry/Iris relationship has as much fizz as flat ginger ale. Is it too late to recast Iris with Erica Durance as Joe’s (adopted) daughter?

      • Lena says:

        It is YOUR opinion that they have no chemistry. I noticed you went right a suggestion for a “white” woman to play Iris. It’s not going to happen deal with it.

        • georgiamadman says:

          No I went for a better actress. The actress who plays Abbie Mills in Sleepy Hollow who be great too but she already has a job.

      • Briggs says:

        if they haven’t replaced Katie Cassidy, as *so* many people keep suggesting (right up to this, the third season of Arrow!), you aren’t getting your wish, either. Matt, can you do another poll, this one without Felicity, so we can see what he numbers might be without her influence?

        • Me says:

          Actually, the stupid polls need to stop. Everyone can’t be the quirky sidekick. Iris is great. People making up reasons not to like her at this point.

      • herman1959 says:

        Wow, you sound really bitter, and all about a TV show…hmmm.

  17. Liz says:

    I loved this episode but it once again highlighted my main issue with the show: Iris being kept in the dark. Joe and Barry keeping such a huge secret is obviously bad on a personal level, but it also keeps Iris away from the main action. Sure, maybe her investigation into the Streak will lead somewhere interesting, but it could also lead to Iris being put into damsel-in-distress mode and that is the last thing we need.


    I really hope Iris learns the truth by mid-season, and I pray they don’t try to stretch it out into season 2. It took Laurel almost 2 whole seasons to learn the truth and that was ridiculous. I don’t want the same thing to happen to Iris, especially because I like Barry/Iris much more than I ever liked Oliver/Laurel.


    Speaking of Barry/Iris…I know some people aren’t feeling this relationship but I think the rooftop scene proved how much chemistry they have. I loved all of their scenes in this episode and I hope their “break-up” doesn’t last long.

    • L says:

      It took darn near 50 years for Lois to find out the truth.

      • JC1 says:

        What works in comics does not always work in live action TV shows.

        • Briggs says:

          Barry has good, honorable reasons for keeping Iris in the dark. I think he should just tell her, too, but I understand why he’s not.

          • JC1 says:

            The only good reason he has is keeping his promise to Joe, which I respect. But I don’t understand why Joe is so adamant about keeping her in the dark, especially when this episode seems to indicate that not knowing is putting her in more danger than knowing would. The longer they keep lying to her in the face of all common sense, the worse it’s going to look.

          • Briggs says:

            it’s a safety issue, which is why they kept trying to get her to stop writing about the Streak. The villains are dangerous. Joe didn’t even want Barry doing it in the first place. Now, I think he should tell her, too, but there are good reasons for it. It’ll turn out to be a bunk reason, but they feel that have the right.

  18. S says:

    Honestly, I sort of find Iris annoying and a bit selfish. I know she has noble intentions for what she’s doing, but her ‘hero’ has asked to please stop writing about him and she doesn’t care. Her best friend asks her to please stop and she doesn’t care. It’s not about her exposing him to the public because that’s what they ‘need’ right now…she’s doing this for herself. Making him known to everyone is only going to lead to problems.

    • L says:

      It’s called having agency. As we all know, Iris becomes a reporter. Going after stories that you believe in kind of the point. Iris is getting character development and growing into a profession that she will eventually excel at. She already put her goals on hold once (being a police officer) at the request of her father. She is under no obligation to do that for the rest of her life. If the men in her life can’t handle it then that’s their problem. Maybe if they told her the truth they could avoid problems in the future.

      • C121592 says:

        I was bothered that The Flash didn’t tell her why he wanted her to stop writing stories. Barry and Joe made up lame excuses. Heck, Barry goaded her into putting her name on the blog. You could see that he hurt her when he belittled what she was doing. Once she explained why she was doing what she was doing, I was on her side. If Barry, as Flash had simply told her, she is endangering her life and those she loves by doing this, she probably would have stopped the blog.

    • Alexa says:

      Him running around saving people with an increasingly threatening/unknown metahuman population who may begin to act out – without having some form of public profile is actually more dangerous and detrimental to his hero mission. Even on Arrow we see how necessary it was for Green Arrow to gain some form of public acceptance and an ‘in’ with the police force at least. He did that by having a personal connection with Detective Lance and Laurel pulling strings with the DA’s office. Barry’s going to do it with his ‘in’ with Joe and his job as well as Iris as the window into the hero. Let’s not forget that The Flash even asking her to stop writing has more to do with Barry/Joe wanting to stifle Iris than any ideas about messing with his mission. But I see it’s easier to just make Iris responsible for everyone’s poor decisions.

      • Briggs says:

        Somehow, Laurel set the standard for all comic leading ladies to be thrown over for someone else. Which wasn’t really her fault, but now Iris is getting unearned ire because of it. The Flash fandom is only a few months old, and I’m frustrated with it.

  19. GhostWolf says:

    One of the few shows I actually don’t FF (other than the commercials of course) any scenes. I simply adore Barry & Joe’s relationship and the scene between them about knowing Barry was in love with Iris for a long time was beautifully done (not to mention how Joe was giggling about Barry’s ability to alter his voice as he does). Also cute was the bits about him not being able to get drunk (unless it is 500 proof and even then it doesn’t last too long – work in progress).

    As for Iris, I’m find with Barry taking a time out with her. She is so involved in finding out anything about The Streak that she can that she doesn’t see the full picture especially the danger she is creating for herself if meta-humans / criminals think she knows anything of his whereabouts and can be used as leverage. Barry needs to move on from the clueless wonder for now.

    As for Eiling, I can see him coming back from time to time with his desire to identify assets and capture them for his own use. Still don’t know what the endgame is for Wells.

    I see many years for this show. While Arrow is dark and gloomy, the Flash is the flip of the coin with its brightness. The unwilling hero to a determined hero.

    • C121592 says:

      How is she Clueless when no one tells her ANYTHING. Writing a blog doesn’t endanger. He endangers himself eveytime he puts on that suit to save someone. That’s just the way it is. Blaming Iris for Barry’s actions is as lame as when Oliver claims that he can’t be with Felicity because he doesn’t want to endanger her. WHAT?!?! She was in danger the moment you CHOSE to show up in her backseat.

  20. Imzadi says:

    Clancy Brown is a great villain; I always look forward to his appearances. I felt so sorry for Bette, as she was a lovely young woman who could never know love, marry, have children due to this condition. I had tears in my eyes at the end. For some reason, it made me think of Brittany Maynard, the young woman with the stage 4 brain cancer who died by physician assisted suicide November 1. Both of them died too young due to circumstances they could not control. I find I have tears in my eyes again.

  21. Sarah T. says:

    The Flash just continues to get better every week! Shot out to Grant G. for showing continued character development too. I wasn’t originally convinced that he would be the right choice for the part but I actually love him in this role now.
    I agree that this is a bit formulaic BUT that’s usually how superhero comics/shows/movies are so that’s what I like about it. There generally is a villain (or metahuman) of the week that has to be defeated along with advancing a bigger story line. I feel like the writers are doing a good job of that though I do hope that Plastique isn’t really dead.
    Iris is continuing to grow on me somewhat. Is it a bit trite that she doesn’t recognize Barry? A bit but that’s also typical of superhero story lines so I’m not overly bothered by that. I actually did feel more chemistry between her and Barry on the rooftop and I think part of that was because Barry wasn’t trying to be her friend and was actually flirting with her (the wink when he first appeared at her work and told her he would give her a head start to get to the roof top kinda got me). I still pull a bit more for Kaitlin/Barry but that’s just me (I rooted for Chloe on Smallville and Felicity on Arrow).
    I’m definitely concerned with Harrison Wells and his character (especially the connection with Grodd) so interested to see how that plays out.

    • herman1959 says:

      Ditto, Sarah T., to everything you said, except for the Kaitlin/Barry “pull”, although I must admit that I liked Kaitlin much more in this episode. I’m enjoying the show the way it is; excessive Arrow-like shipping is not needed here. Iris is the love of Barry’s life and Felicity (as much as I like her) is not needed on The Flash.

    • C121592 says:

      Sarah T, you hit the nail on the head. When Barry, as the Flash, was flirting with Iris, I was great! Barry doesn’t show that side to her. Yes, it was very Superman/Lois Lane, but that was fine. It was sexy.

  22. crazymuch says:

    This show is fantastic!. I love love the chemistry between Iris/Barry and Joe/Barry. If this show ever decides to go in a different direction, so will I. Another brilliant episode!

  23. The proper introduction to Grodd was nothing less than fantastic, but that doesn’t mean Plastique, who is a vast improvement to the comics, doesn’t deserve to make a return either.

  24. JC1 says:

    I was sorry that Bette was killed off. I would have liked to see her make a reappearance. Beyond that, Joe and Barry’s relationship continues to be the core of this show, and that scene between them in Barry’s lab was fantastic, both Joe cracking up at Barry’s vibrating his vocal cords, and Barry learning that Joe’s known that he was in love with Iris for years, and being ok with it. I was really happy about that, because I was sure they were going to drag in some unnecessary drama by making Joe disapprove somewhere later down the road.
    I actually think they’re doing a better job with Barry and Iris than they did with Oliver and Laurel. I wasn’t thrilled with the way they set the relationship up, but I think that rooftop scene and the friendship breakup at the end has potential. Iris needs to be jolted out of thinking of Barry as just a best friend/almost-brother.
    I’m not so crazy about them keeping her in the dark, because there really isn’t any good reason for it, other than “because comics” and manufactured drama. Joe seems to have decided that knowing will put her in danger, but I’ve never figured out exactly why that would be. This episode pointed out clearly that she’s putting herself in more danger because she doesn’t know, so do they tell her? Of course not. SMH. It works for the moment, but the longer they keep lying to her, the worse it gets (this was also a huge problem I had with Smallville).
    The only bad part of this episode was Cisco. I am not fond of this character, but usually I can just ignore him. But I found him to be excessively annoying in this episode from his raving about “his” suit being blown up to his crush on Bette. It was just grating.