Is Good Wife Dating Finn? Has Every Murder Character Gotten Some? Did Arrow Miss His Shot? And More TV Qs

Good Wife Alicia Finn

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including The Good Wife, Selfie, American Horror Story: Freak Show and How to Get Away With Murder!

1 | On Grimm, is Trubel a worthy stand-in for a powerless Nick? Or are you counting the days until Det. Burkhardt gets his mojo back?

2 | Anyone else spend 30 percent of their time watching Constantine wanting to straighten Matt Ryan’s necktie?

3 | Can we talk about what’s happening with The Good Wife‘s Alicia and Finn (see above photo)? Are they just friends, talking about their day over a drink? Or are they passively dating? And place your bets! Peter is A) already sleeping with Ramona, B) going to sleep with Ramona before the season is over, C) never going to sleep with Ramona or D) never going to sleep with Ramona… but only because he already bedded her daughter.

4 | Wasn’t it just a bit too convenient for Resurrection‘s Agent Bellamy to find a piece of paper that detailed exactly when he first returned?

The Walking Dead5 | Anyone experience Star Wars garbage compactor déjà vu when The Walking Dead‘s Beth and Noah’s fell into the zombie pit? And really, was 95-lb. Beth With One Broken Arm actually asked to hold down the violently thrashing soon-to-be-amputee? Also, for a show so good with effects make-up, how did Beth’s stitched cheek look no better than a Halloween costume-quality slab of latex?

6 | Admit it: You kind of missed Nik Wallenda’s mom jeans during the Chicago walk on Sunday, didn’t you?

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True Blood The Originals7 | Who’s your bloody-naked-crazy vampire of choice, True Blood‘s Billith or The Originals‘ Elijah?

8 | Was Barbara’s return to Gotham so bone-headed that you half-expected it to be revealed that she’s in cahoots with Falcone?

9 | Can Sleepy Hollow show us how powerful a witch Katrina is instead of just mentioning it all the time?

10 | As much as we loved Voice coach Gwen Stefani’s makeover of Craig Wayne Boyd, did the No Doubt frontwoman squander her fashion credibility by suggesting Reagan James wear sweatpants during her next performance? Speaking of coaches, which would be the bigger ratings blow: People's CourtAdam sitting out a season, or Blake? (Or is the idea of one without the other impossible to fathom?)

11 | How much color coordination is too much color coordination?

12 | Is any given Mindy Project episode made at least 25 percent better by the inclusion of at least one Deslaurier?

13 | Do you miss New Girl‘s old credits? And were you psyched to see the return of Nick’s awkward moonwalk?

14 | Did you kvell when Selfie‘s Henry told Liza, “I’ve grown accustomed to your face,” evoking the My Fair Lady tune? And could David Harewood be playing a character any different from his Homeland CIA honcho?

15 | Sons of Anarchy viewers, did you notice (before Kurt Sutter tweeted about it) that this week’s episode had no music?American Horror Story: Freak Show

16 | Has BVD ever had better advertising than the tighty-whiteys workout session American Horror Story: Freak Show gave Finn Wittrock (Dandy)?

17 | Ladies, is the fact that a pregnant Carrie Underwood looked even better than normal in all of her CMA Award-hosting dresses inspiring, or infuriating?

18 | Isn’t the Arrow so good a shot that he could have put one through Cooper’s gun-waving hand? And how is it that Charlotte Ross looks better than any of the ingenues now starring on Days of Our Lives 27 years after she debuted as Eve?

The 10019 | Have these conspicuous 100 survivors been with us since Season 1…? If so, how have they managed to remain so clean?

20 | Was Iggy Azalea’s “Black Widow” an incredibly odd and inappropriate song choice for Red Band Society‘s Leo/Emma/Jordi love triangle?

21 | When Stalker guest star Jessica Tuck was beating on Arrow alum Caity Lotz, could you not help but think, “If the hottie mistress had a bo staff, this fight would end very differently”?Chicago PD

22 | Chicago P.D. viewers, have you ever seen such a nice looking prison? Is that the Red Band Society hospital?

23 | How in the world did Web Therapy‘s Lisa Kudrow and Jon Hamm keep straight faces during his explanation of “Absolute Last Call,” a business based on “intimate, erotic conversations with older, geriatric, elderly women”? (If you missed it, catch a clip!)

24 | Have we now seen every How to Get Away With Murder character have sex? And who do we love more: Promiscuous/outrageous/bathroom-sex Connor or heartbroken/showing-up-at-Oliver’s-with-flowers Connor? And yes, while Bonnie obviously had to share the new autopsy findings about Lila, couldn’t she have called Annalise’s cell rather than timidly tap on her bedroom door? #creeper

25 | Scandal’s Cyrus going “three rounds” — are we really buying that?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. JC1 says:

    1) I like Trubel, but no. I want Nick to get his powers back and the sooner the better.
    21) I don’t watch Stalker but…. :( I miss Sara.

  2. 19 | I’m not sure about Sterling, but Monroe has. I RECOGNIZE AND ENVY THOSE BRAIDS. They’re not forgettable

  3. Katherine215 says:

    2. I know it’s his signature outfit, but I would like to see him change clothes once in awhile. Also, really loving his chemistry with Zed!
    14. I chuckled. I loved the scene in Henry’s living room when Eliza was teaching him about women and he just grabbed her. Those two have great chemistry, I’m hoping they at least get them together in the last episode (if it even airs/films).
    19. I think I remember those two from the end of last season (the braids are memorable). But it was seriously distracting how dirty Finn and Bellamy were, even after rejoining the adults. This show has been fantastic so far, though.
    24. I love Connor in both situations. And Bonnie is a total creeper! She’s so weird!!

  4. Cass says:

    7) ELIJAH all the way.
    12) The Deslaurier brothers are everything.

  5. Kate says:

    1) She’s adequate, but she’s only like nineteen so not quite, she needs her fully empowered mentor/big brother (come on we are all vaguely expecting Kelly to drop that bombshell) back and yes, I am waiting, but it appears unless it happens at the end of episode 4, this might be a mid season finale thing.

    18) I know, right? You think when Emily Bett Richards heard that casting she had one of those, really excellent self esteem days (especially probably after initial cuts, probably half the behind the scenes people were like, you know, you two could actually be mother and daughter you look so much alike, and kudos to Arrow for actually casting a person who mathematically would have been an adult when she had Felicity, well, the actors have the right age difference I actually think Felicity is a little older than Emily).

    19) I vaguely remember the girl, they weren’t imprisoned at the Hub City…

    21) I don’t watch that show, but really? I mean even without the bow staff, I think Caity Lotz could take on some people.

  6. Angela says:

    #9: Uh, yeah, I’m all for that happening. Now that she’s finally away from Henry and Abraham, maybe she’ll actually get a chance to get in on the action.
    #24: I’d say that’s a pretty safe guess, yeah. Trying to think of anyone who hasn’t had a hookup yet and…nope, I think everyone’s gotten their moment (or two, or three, or…). And hot as his other persona can be, I kinda like wounded puppy/heartbroken Connor, myself. Vulnerability is a good trait in a guy.
    As for Bonnie, ha, good question. Clearly she’s got her passive-aggressive ways of messing with her boss (she totally doesn’t have anything going on with/any interest in Sam, noooooo…). What I love is how chill Annalise seems with the constant interruptions-if Bonnie showing up at inconvenient times annoys her, she generally hides it well enough.

  7. Anna says:

    #1 – Nope, Nick totally needs his powers back. Fast.
    #3 – I thought so, too, they are totally dating! Do they really not notice? I bet other people are noticing though and it will definitely come up during the election! Also, knowing Peter, he has probably already slept with the daughter and will now also bang the mother, just to be on the safe side.
    #12 – I agree, the Deslauriers make everything better!
    #24 – I love all the Connors, but I love heartbroken Connor a liiiittle bit more. And like Bonnie said, Connor’s everything really does work on women as well. I also agree that Bonnie is really, really creepy. I’m not sure what her deal is anymore. Is she in love with Annalise or her husband? Idk anymore!
    #25 Nope. Not buying it. Not even with the help of many little blue pills.

  8. Kim R says:

    21. On Stalker I was thinking she’s had a tough month. First being killed by an arrow and now this! :)

  9. Whovian26 says:

    21. If they fought don’t forget that’s nan flannigan so it would be quite a battle

  10. sarah j says:

    7)Elijah hands down
    18)Yes she looks fantastic
    22)LOL it is a real prison. They used it on Chicago Fire last season.

  11. skrable2 says:

    Was there any better line this week than State Dept attorney Alex Radziwill (Danny Woodburn) telling Aubry “Welcome to hell,” as the human trafficking murder unfolded on “Bones”?

  12. Liz985 says:

    #3 – I think The Good Wife is gonna turn the Peter/Ramona thing on its head and have them genuinely fall in love with the result being Peter will leave Alicia and marry Ramona. Alicia’s thing has been the “good” wife, standing by Peter throughout all the revelations of his shenanigans. Can you image the upheaval of Alica being dumped by Peter for a nice, professional woman like Ramona? I think that would be some good drama right there and and great way to end the final season and series – Alicia no longer identified as a wife, good or otherwise.

    • ZisforZombie says:

      Holy crap this is a fantastic idea. I think Peter and Alicia’s relationship has grown stale, and this would be an interesting way to shake things up.

      • Liz985 says:

        :-) It would be a great way to shake things up! Having Peter skirt-chasing the intern is too predictable. And having Alicia not defining herself in a role (wife) but as an individual would complete the evolution of Alicia Florrick (as I think the Kings have defined the show’s journey as her “education”). We’ll see. Love the show, so it’ll be a fun ride.

  13. Donna MaMa says:


  14. lessthan says:

    19.) I remember them both from season one. Monroe had epic braids and Sterling played a drinking game with Clarke in episode 9 :).

  15. mike says:

    21) yeah, I was like, kick this beotches arse Sara. C’mon!!

    If that ending to last weeks arrow proves true..i will hurt someone. I swear

  16. rowan77 says:

    3. I think right now Finn and Alicia are building a strong friendship – but it will become something more as they are no longer adversaries in the courtroom. She doesn’t seem ready yet for a romantic relationship so the slow moving situ will make for a stronger relationship when it happens. And I believe it will. As for Peter – I’m gonna say B – And I’m going to say it happens right after Alicia sleeps with Finn or Peter thinks she’s slept with Finn. And I hope it’s the former. Alicia deserves to get some from a good guy hottie like Finn.

    11. About that much.

    13. I did miss them. It felt wrong. Couldn’t they have retooled the opening without scrapping the song?

    14. Nope, because I stopped watching this show. Love John Cho. Love Karen Gillam. This show as just devoid of anything that made Pygmalion and My Fair Lady work. The actors deserved better.

    25. No.

  17. broncfanwa says:

    1. One, two, three, PLEASE don’t let me go too much higher…….

  18. robandco says:

    #25 had me laughing for a good 10 minutes

  19. Foshi says:

    18) I’m so proud to say I watch a show where the writers celebrate a woman who is smart, strong, funny, vulnerable, emotional, and beautiful. I LOVED that Felicity saved herself and I’m glad Arrow didn’t need to use his bow. Felicity is a hero even without a mask.

  20. Daisy says:

    8. I was hoping beyond hope that Barbara leaving town to “stay safe” would be the last of her. Barbara ruins everything!

  21. M3rc Nate says:

    7) Though Billith is more visually stunning, wow The Original’s team did a FANTASTIC job on Elijah…that is extremely realistic looking.
    9) Amen, im just waiting for the episode (probably finale) where she dies, which leads to Abbie being there for her partner and their chemistry/bond growing strong and stronger until they end up together. Katrina is a bit too “damsel in distress” for my liking, especially for a powerful witch.
    13) Yes that new opening was weird and I loved the return of his awkward moonwalk.
    18) Yeaaahhhhh….they use how good of a shot the Arrow is (and others) to fit the story, they are HIGHLY inconsistent with what he can and can’t do. He goes from the best Archer in the world who can hit a dime thrown up in the air from 50 feet away (while hes running) to him missing the broad side of a barn cause the story demands he can’t hit his target. Lame
    21) Wait…Caity Lotz was on Stalker? I need to watch that episode! Why didnt Caity tweet that she was gonna be in a episode on TV?

  22. David4 says:

    Horny Connor can have his way with me wherever he likes, and the sweet Connor can give me flowers. :)

    • ChrisGa says:

      ^^This every day of the week and twice on Sunday. As for #7, Daniel Gillies is one of the most beautiful men on television, a statement that I would never make about Stephen Moyer(not that he’s bad looking at all, but just sayin’). Also, Elijah’s badassery trumps tired a$$ Bill/Billith at any given time for me.

  23. Jared says:

    Theres ALOT of great talent on AHS:Freakshow but Finn Wittrocks Dandy is stealing the show week after week! Cant FX just give him and his mother Gloria a spinoff?!?

  24. Emily says:

    7) Elijah. Only because that picture of him covered in blood will be my desktop picture FOR THE REST OF ETERNITY!

  25. 1. I like Trubel well enough, but I am counting the days until Nick gets his powers back. The show is called “Grimm” after all, not “ex-Grimm”!
    2. Matt Ryan’s tie bugs me. Then I get distracted by his accent.
    8. Barbara’s return to Gotham was idiotic, but pretty much in lines with anything you might expect from a comic book ingenue.
    9. Katrina’s supposed to be a witch, but how much magic have we actually seen her do? Come on, “Sleepy Hollow”, show us the goods!

  26. Ian says:

    2) Won’t really matter how askew his tie is when Constantine gets cancelled shortly…
    5) Not really relevant to the question, but it’ll be interesting to say the least what happens with this Beth/Noah/Daryl/Carol quadrangle.
    7) Elijah. Hands down. Daniel Gillies is more attractive than Stephen Moyer could ever hope to be.
    9) No doubt they’ll figure out some huge power display for Katrina down the line. It’s just a matter of these writers writing as they go along though unfortunately. The lack of planning and considered storylining and character development had been quite obvious this 2nd season with Sleepy Hollow.
    11) I’m crying
    14) Bye Felicia.
    16) Hottie in only tighty-whities ceiling shot ALMOST makes me want to watch AHS. Not even almost though. I hate Ryan Murphy with every fiber of my being.
    24) Regardless of what Connor they’re showing us, he just needs better development. This episode just had gay sex for sex’s sake too, which isn’t a good thing.
    25) Who can feel sorry for Cyrus? A hooker that’s way out of your league isn’t going to be into you, Cyrus. Why be heartbroken the hooker’s informing on you to enemies, WHEN YOU’RE PAYING FOR THE SEX anyway? NONE OF IT IS REAL. So stupid.

  27. Amy H says:

    #2 More like 50%.
    #3 Isn’t Finn married? I swear he mentioned that last season. Did I miss something?

  28. Jason Paul says:

    #23 Web Therapy was golden this week! Dan Bucatisky talking about his baby’s potty-whisperer and the “defeca” killed me.

  29. Bri says:

    7. Elijah. All day.
    13. Not liking the new New Girl opening at all.
    24. I’m totally over the Conner sex scenes on HTGAWM. Every week. I’m exhausted.

  30. fatalsin says:

    How if it is set in 1954…did AHS play Fame by david bowie on the record player?

  31. herman1959 says:

    (4) The writers covered that by having the agent say she just put the pieces of Bellamy’s life together that day – so it made sense that she had the piece of paper on her desk. The bigger question is how Bellamy was able to just walk into her office undetected (security was a little “off”). The writers are good at covering on this show.

  32. Cate Amos says:

    #21 – I was thinking the exact same thing. If nothing else, this week’s episode showed Caity Lotz’s range as an actress. It’s nice to know she can take a break from being a badass.

  33. Rinnie says:

    13| I really do not care about the opening but I was ecstatic to see the moonwalk return, like seriously I jumped all over the place.

  34. L says:

    1) sooner Nick get’s his powers back the better.
    2) I don’t really think about Constantine’s tie.

  35. nikki says:

    Peter and Ramona would make an awfully good-looking couple.

  36. Ultravioletblu says:

    14) those two have amazing chemistry and I hope we see them get together in the finale

  37. LaPiquante says:

    7) Elijah. Definitely, always, Elijah. Also, I can’t be the only one to have flashbacks to Damon in chains at Evander Holyfield’s house, I mean, the Mikaelson’s Mystic Falls abode, right? So I was less surprised when it ended the same way. Once again, disappointed that the lady didn’t rescue her distressing dude.

    13) Haaaaaate the new intro. Feels as awkward and mood-changing as Veronica Mars’ season 3 titles. But I loooooved seeing Awkward Moonwalk again. Great revisit.

    14) so disappointed that ABC is giving up on Selfie. It was finding its legs–I adore the kooky, somewhat insane boss. It’s a show that was killed by its obnoxious title, methinks.

    20) YES! So weird. So not appropriate for the story or characters AT. ALL. If RBS gets cancelled, choices like that are why. (ABC, please don’t cancel it–I can’t tell why, but I really dig it!)

    24) The answer is Connor. All Connor is Great Connor. Annalise irritates me, the girls are boring, Asher is my new favorite clown (ascots and polo shirts–all the time please!!), but Connor is stellar. And isn’t there just too much tapping on Annalise’s bedroom door by everybody?

  38. Gail says:

    I think Peter has already fathered a child with Ramona, which would explain her 12-year absence from practicing law as well as explain why Peter hired her as his lawyer over other likely more qualified candidates.

  39. LC says:

    18. Definitely, but I think he also uses a bow with such high tension that his arrow would’ve gone through the guy’s arm/hand and into Felicity.

  40. Sims says:

    Question: I recently binge watched Mom. That show is really doing something… I thought it would be just another sitcom (and some episodes are) but it seems to be dancing a line between some fun & sometimes deep stuff. Am I alone in thinking that??