Vampire Diaries Recap: Almost Human

Vampire Diaries Recap

“What about Bonnie?” isn’t exactly the reaction Damon was hoping to get from Elena upon his return on Thursday’s Vampire Diaries. Her literally jumping out the window to avoid him was merely the icing on his three-layer cake of disappointment.

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But because Elena’s always been a flip-flopper — it’s my favorite quality of hers, second only to her ability to make family members magically disappear — she decided she wanted Alaric to un-compel her into remembering her love for Damon. This would have been a solid plan, had a freak incident (see below) not stripped Alaric of his vampirism, and with it, the ability to jog Elena’s memory.

(Womp, womp!)

It looks like Damon’s going to have to win Elena’s heart back the old-fashioned way, and if it means more of these incredible drawings, I’m all in:

Vampire Diaries

WITCHY WOMAN | There’s always been something off about Alaric’s new boo, and this week, Elena finally put her finger on it: Jo is a witch! To be fair, Elena didn’t exactly stumble upon this conclusion all by herself. “I know what Alaric is and I know what you are,” Jo told her point-blank after catching Elena checking her coffee for vervain. And while it seemed her bewitching nature would derail her relationship with Alaric, it might actually be the one thing keeping them together; she followed him during Operation: Save Damon (and Enzo) and kept him alive after a devastating attack. Unfortunately, because this all went down beyond the Mystic Falls border, Alaric is no longer an all-powerful vampire capable of compulsion. (Try getting into Harvard now, Warner!)

LITTLE ORPHAN SARAH | Speaking of new boos, Jeremy’s lady friend — or is she Matt‘s lady friend? — continued investigating her parents, now known to be Zach Salvatore and Gail Somethingstein. Matt delivered the comforting news that all of her remaining family members are bloodsucking monsters, but something tells me that won’t deter Sarah from sticking around for a bit. Anyone think they know what she’s really up to? Because I haven’t the foggiest.

FRIENDS 4NEVER | Raise your hand if you thought Stefan and Caroline’s big confrontation at the end of the episode was going to result in a kiss. … Oh, everyone? Well, it didn’t. “After all this, I don’t want to be friends anymore,” she told him, at which point she was supposed to say, “I want to be more.” But she didn’t say that. She didn’t say anything. She just stormed off into the night, leaving Stefan sad and alone once again. Could Steroline really be over before it even began?

#JEREMYPROBLEMS | And then there’s Jeremy, poor “hulky, broody” Jeremy. He’s always been an emotional wreck, but now that he’s accepting Bonnie’s gone forever — she’s not, by the way — he’s going H.A.M. on everyone and everything, especially his battered cell phone. That poor little guy never stood a chance. (Side note: If Jeremy doesn’t have Bonnie’s pin, how has he been paying her bill? Such mysteries, those phone companies…)

OK, let’s talk: Were you surprised by Jo’s reveal? Do you think Alaric will remain human forever? Were you hoping for an epic Steroline lip-lock? And how long will we have to wait for Damon and Elena to get back together? We’ve got a million things to discuss, so drop a comment below and start talking!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Just_Wondering says:

    No Steroline keep them just friends

    • Rook says:

      You do realize that they’re on the slow burn.

    • ec says:

      Not even – make out already! Although, that’s probably the wine talking. In fact, for the past couple of seasons, it’s been mostly the wine talking. Usually, I watch VD (heh heh) drinking more than Damon and getting through plot points until Elena shows up. She talks, and it’s terrible for everyone (so I take her scenes as an opportunity to pour more wine). Then I just yell at characters to make out. Stefan and Caroline are absolutely among them.

      • Nykki says:

        I never comment on these things but I think we just became best friends. The wine. The yelling. That’s exactly what happens when my friend and I watch the show. Hilarious! And completely unashamed.

  2. Cara says:

    I thought it would result in Caroline slapping him. He is such a jerkk, he still can’t apologize to her. This relationship is so beyond boring, meh

    • Kirsten says:

      I’m just hoping they can salvage their friendship, it was the best! Makes no sense to ruin it with this maybe relationship crap!

    • Andy Swift says:

      I would have also accepted a slap. After so much back-and-forth between these two, just give me SOMETHING.

      • M3rc Nate says:

        So your go to is physical violence/assault? How would viewers react if he slapped her hard across the face? Thats a man hitting a woman right? Well its okay for a woman to hit a man? Nope. I gotta a issue with actors/actresses/Hollywood/NY pushing so hard on all of the “No domestic violence, no means no, etc etc etc” but then all over movies and TV is women slapping men and if the man grabs her to make her stop HES the bad guy whos getting physical. A slap is assault. If Hollywood can get high and mighty and say movies and TV with smoking have pumped “smoking looks cool” into society, you can bet your ass the common occurrence of women slapping men when a man says something rude or w/e seeps into the subconscious of viewers.

        BTW i know this is a show about vampire that rip each others hearts out (literally), both females and males…however when your talking about the realistic human parts of a show, two people talking, two people that are friends, the human stuff, that stuff is still stuff that shouldnt lightly have domestic violence just because viewers like you want to have a tingle sent up their spine cause of the melodrama your watching.

        • Anna says:

          A poke then?

          • M3rc Nate says:

            Lol sure, poke him in the chest and with the finger push with some force so he has to lean back a bit, then walk away from him. Lol sure that sounds good.

        • Chantall says:

          Actually i think stefan deservs a good punch on the head.what gives him the right to act like that towards caroline when any guy is a jerk he deservs a slap in my book..

        • Tab says:

          Omgosh blah blah blah “violence isn’t the answer” well guess what!? NEWS FLASH. Stephan straight knocked her on her a$$ Season 6 episode 14! Haha. A MAN HITTING A WOMAN. They hit each other. AND IT WAS GREAT! ;):):)

  3. Wilson says:

    Someone might have to remind me of the rules, but since Alaric is no longer a vampire, shouldn’t the compulsion on Elena have been lifted anyway?

    • CastAway says:

      exactlyyyyyyyy!!! i absolutely hate it when writers leave such huge loopholes totally forgetting the basics to cause drama. the compulsion should end ! AND EVEN IF NOT, a witch can uncompell elena -_________+

    • Morgan says:

      Ha! Great point, did not think of that, but I believe you have a valid point! If Alaric is permanently human now, that is… I’m sticking with the theory that he’ll vamp out when Jo starts taking him to Whitmore Hospital!

    • Jo says:

      That’s what I said! Elijah’s compulsion of Katherine (when he told her to stay in the tomb) was lifted when they staked him at the dinner party, so he wasn’t technically dead but sort of dead. So when Alaric’s vampire half technically died in mystic falls Elena’s compulsion should have lifted. It annoys me when they don’t follow the rules they made in previous episodes.

    • Jose says:

      Im guessing the rules are if the vampire dies his compulsion dies with them but Ric is very much alive? So im guessong Elena will get het memories back in 50 years down the line if she is alive by the time Ric dies of old age

    • Remy says:

      Yes! It’s a total re-con. Elena should have gotten her memories back the minute Alaric became human.

    • donnamama says:

      Why couldn’t they run back in and get Rick out of there. I know they could be really fast I would have liked to see all costumes

    • Melanie says:

      THIS! And also, I thought vampires did not have a reflection.

      • bluegossip says:

        the reflection thing is just silly and image how many hours the editing team will gave to put in erasing every person’s reflection from every surface…
        Also simply put alaric did not compel elena to forget she loved damon he compelled to forget one special memory that caused her to look at their other moments differently and erase/rearrange the others that didnt make sense without the other memories to fall back on. Which is why she hasnt remebered her feelings for him.

    • rhurac says:

      I think Alaric will just turn back into a vampire as soon as is out of mystic falls….He might have the ability to enter mysticfalls as his human part is still alive…..

    • Cynthia says:

      That’s right!

    • Jordan says:

      Alaric was supposed to have become the strongest vampire ever so that he can compel vampires but not a simple witch? It makes no sense how weak he was.

  4. Morgan says:

    Alaric being permanently human doesn’t make sense. What makes sense is that he can 1) be human in Mystic Falls, like Jo, and Original outside (I assume Jo has magic outside of Mystic Falls), or 2) become a new kind of living vampire, when he crosses the border and the magic comes back. Frankly, if I was writing the show, I’d go with option 2 and see where that takes me, but then again I’d have never had Elena refuse to remember Damon in the first place… Seriously. She and Liam deserve each other.

    • Riana says:

      I guess it works the same how Tyler was a werewolf. The spell returned him to human and Jo used her medical expertise to heal him. Maybe Esther made it so his compulsions don’t wear off.

    • Anna says:

      Esther stabbed Alaric in the chest, that’s how he became an OV. When he was stabbed, his death seemed to have been immediate, well I don’t remember him bleeding for a certain amount of time that would allow someone to save him, like it happened tonight with Jo. So if the writers decided in reenacting his death in season 6 that he died a little bit slower than I remember, then Jo being able to save him, makes sense. Think about how quickly those people in the van at the beginning of tonight episode died: snapped neck for Ivy, slit throat for one of the guys… Those are brutal, swift deaths. However, Damon and Stefan, who were shot when they died, had more time to survive. I think that if Stefan or Damon was in that field instead of Ric, Jo could have been able to stop the bleeding and our Salvatore brothers would have been human too.
      I for one, am perfectly fine with Ric being a vampire, he has never enjoyed being one. The only thing I’m not OK with is the reason why Elena’s compulsion wasn’t lifted off: RIc isn’t a vampire anymore.

      • Maryann says:

        I am wondering if the amount of time since a vampire’s human side died would play in. Damon and Stefan would have died of old age, while Alaric was still looking the same as a vampire as he would have as a human.

        • Anna says:

          Hmm, how do you come up with Damon and Stefan dying of old age? It has nothing to do with being shot in 1864 and dying in 2014. It’s more about reliving to the point the EXACT moment you died. Seems to me that you overthink a little bit too much!

          • Laura says:

            Maybe she’s curious about how Damon and Stefan would fair as a human? Remember Katherine when she became human? Time eventually caught up with her and she (well, her body) eventually died of old age.

  5. Fran says:

    Alaric no longer being a vampire isn’t making sense to me either…. But I’ll take it if it means we’ll continue to get a reset of the Damon and Elena relationship. I was pleasantly surprised they didnt have Elena just get her memories back and revert back to the craziness of her relationship with Damon. I like both characters separately, but together they were a mess. If/when they do get back together, hopefully it will feel more natural. Im still not enjoying the way they have to ruin the frienship of Caroline and Stefan to force a romantic relationship. But I’m enjoying this season loads more than the past 2 combined. They needed to shake some things up. Hopefully they stick with it.

    • Alice says:

      If we are wedded to a Delena endgame, and all signs point to that, then I am hoping she doesn’t get her memories back. That relationship was so unhealthy. But at this point, I don’t think Damon is at a place where he’d snap Jeremy’s neck to make a point, and Elena isn’t dating his brother. So starting over from here might be their best shot at a healthy relationship- at leas as healthy as relationships get in Mystic Falls/Mystic Falls Adjacent.

      • murley says:

        I agree with both of you. I really want a Damon and Elena do over. Love Damon and always liked Elena up until she was in love with and dating Damon. She was really unbearable. Make them a couple I can root for instead of an unhealthy mess. Also I feel like a person’s vampirism being stripped away by magic while you don’t die is different than a vampire dying so it’s is perfectly legit to say it didn’t lift the compulsion. Also want to root for Stefan and Caroline so I hope they can rebuild.

  6. donnamama says:

    I wonder if Jeremy is going to get a story line. Enough already. BTW is he still a hunter.

  7. sleaze says:

    I bet jo is kai’s sister that didnt die.

  8. Babybop says:

    I LOVE that you just referenced Legally Blonde. Every time I saw Alaric in the earlier seasons I just wanted someone to say “If I’m going to be partner at a law firm by the time I’m 30, I need a boyfriend who’s not such a complete bonehead”.

  9. Tiff says:

    I want Caroline and Stefan to get together but first I want Caroline and Enzo to make Stefan jelous first

  10. bluegossip says:

    not sure if my comment is post or not so i will say it again, to the people questioning as to why elena remained compelled. Basically its because alaric didnt compel her memory of damon he compelled just the one which caused her rearrange all her memories of damon. With his vamperism gone elena prob remembers the birthday moment they shared but thats like picking up the first domino and straightening it hoping it will straighten the rest of the fallen ones. Remember the process it took to get her to forget her feelings for damon, it wasnt your typical compulsion. So that could be a reason.

    • Anna says:

      Ric replaced her memory one by one. Once he found out that key memory, whenever she remembered something, he rewrote what happened by removing Damon from the scenario. I’d agree though that given the fact it took time for the compulsion to work, maybe it’ll take the same amount of time to be gone so maybe, things will be different at the beginning of next episode. I like Delena but seriously, I’m enjoying the break from them and would like to see Elena with someone not from MF. So, I sincerely hope I’m wrong and she won’t regain her memories of Damon so soon.

  11. NO Steroline romance. They make no sense romantically!
    They should stay FRIENDS ONLY!!

  12. bluegossip says:

    this literally my fav show and as much as i loved the last couple of seasons the last being. The least liked for a few reasons (Katerina petrova r.i.p), i her season 1+2 teases from this and the back to basics approach has made this so far one of their best

  13. bluegossip says:

    besides they have enzo there. Give caroline a loyal bad boy, i think the writers have just realised that they had spent so much time building delena up, they never thought of what happens to Stefan after the love triangle, and there was his friendship caroline ready to be exploited as some kind of emotional reward to the stelena fans.

  14. Hilary says:

    I quit watching the show after they made Elena a vampire. But I keep up w what’s happened all for Stefan/Caroline. I just might watch again if they get together finally.

  15. Maryann says:

    Could someone please explain to me how Alaric could have been cured of his vampirism? How does that fit in with the rules of this universe? I am going to try to logic my way through it, so please anyone who has any ideas on this chime in. (1) This would not work for a non-original. They would have simply burst into flames. (2). We see Alaric with what looks like a stab wound, with the doctor treating it. Where did this wound come from? How does keeping that wound from killing him work? Isn’t a vampire already dead by definition? And what was the deal with the terrible changes to his face? (3) if I understand correctly, Mystic Falls kills vampires because they can’t exist where there is no magic, so they burst into flames. But that is obviously not what happened with Alaric. For him, when the magic went away, he became a severely injured human? I know the difference for him was because he was an Original, and his vampirism had a rather unique origin, the details of which I have forgotten. But how did all of this work exactly? At any rate, any feedback would be appreciated, because none of this made any sense.

    • Nick says:

      Im gonna keep this short and simple .. It was darktime and the sun is the only reason vamps burst in flames unless they have ring which wouldnt matter anyway bc thats magic and that whole scene was at night OBVIOUSLY

    • Anna says:

      Obviously, you miss the last episode of season 5.

      2) Esther stabbed Alaric in the chest (S3, if I’m not mistaken), that’s how he became an OV. When he was stabbed, his death seemed to have been immediate, well I don’t remember him bleeding for a certain amount of time that would allow someone to save him, like it happened tonight with Jo. So if the writers decided in reenacting his death in season 6 that he died a little bit slower than I remember, then Jo being able to save him, makes sense. Think about how quickly those people in the van at the beginning of tonight episode died: snapped neck for Ivy, slit throat for one of the guys… Those are brutal, swift deaths. However, Damon and Stefan, who were shot when they died, had more time to survive. I think that if Stefan or Damon was in that field instead of Ric, Jo could have been able to stop the bleeding and our Salvatore brothers would have been human too.

      3) MF doesn’t kill vampires. Crossing the border of MF strips them of the magic that made them vampires in the first place because vampirism is a magical curse (re Esther and the curse to make her family vampires). The people you saw in a previous S6 episode burning into flames, died that way because Tripp exposed them to sun while holding them in the back of his van. It had nothing to do with crossing MF borders.
      In season 5, the travellers having stripped MF of everything magic, any vampire in MF, will return to the state he was before becoming a vampire which is dead. So basically, if you died of a gun shot with vampire blood in your system, you’ll wake up as a vampire, right? However, if you happen to cross into nowadays MF, the minute you step foot in the city, you’ll instantly become a person with a gun wound i.e. a human in need of help. If someone’s there to help you, well you’ll survive; if there’s no one, well, you’ll die of your gun shot.

      1) OV burst into flames when killed with a white oak stake. Regular vampires burst into flames if exposed to sun or if they’re simply lit on.

      • Connie says:

        Has it occur to anyone that MF is basically a cure for vampirism now? You can erase all of season 4 of everyone looking for a cure (what a disaster that was). All Elena needs is to cross the border with Jo and she could save Elena from drowning. Voila Elena is human again! So can Stephan and anyone that didn’t due an immediate death.. Now that would be a fun refreshing!

  16. Maryann says:

    I am very disappointed that Alaric is no longer an Original, but is now human, just to drive the plot twist with Damon and Elena. IIMO it would have made for a much more interesting story line if he had remained the one Original in the world who was not one of Klaus and Elijah’s siblings.

    • Yanez says:

      I agree with you Maryann. I’m hoping that Esther’s spell to make Alaric an original vampire is strong enough to the point that when Alaric leaves Mystic Falls, he somehow becomes a vamp again or if he dies again outside of Mystic Falls it triggers Esther’s magic causing him to turn back into a vampire.

  17. AndreaLOVESDamon says:

    best season ever. I want Damon and Elena back together but am prepared to wait for it. Damon is a changed man from who he was when he first met Elena so while he does have to undo what she remembers, he’s not likely to do any more harm. He just has to sit there and give that green eyed stare and all will be well with the world

    • Anna says:

      Oh boy, I hope you’re right because I can easily see Damon manhandling Liam. After killing that Whitmore guy, even though he knew he was a friend of Elena, I don’t think Damon’ll ever be not likely to do any more harm. He revels too much in his selfishness to restrain himself.

    • Mia says:

      Damon has blue eyes…..

    • Sara says:

      Wow…you need to get out more

    • Kirsten says:

      Oh yeah he is such a changed man that even while he was having the summer of his life with Elena he was out killing people behind her back! Sounds like a changed man to me! Hahahaha!

  18. If they wanted to make sure Damon and Elena would never be together again all because Ian and Nina hate each other you should have just kept Damon dead – or at least kill Elena. Ridic.

  19. Jenny says:

    ok I really dislike where they are going with the whole Elena Damon story.. It’s utterly painful and predictable…everything about this show has become lazy. I watch out of loyalty to Stefan and Damon because they’re the only remaining saving graces on this show.

    And girls can we just take a moment to admire the beautiful specimen that is Damon?! Who wouldn’t want that guy at their door? :P

  20. Jodie says:

    Wait if an Original dies doesn’t compulsion wear off? Alaric didn’t die but he’s not a vampire anymore so shouldn’t Elena remember….??? So confused

  21. fangirl137 says:

    I just don’t get Sarah at all. At least I find April Young funny. Also, they twisted the mythology. Whoever Alaric mind-juju’d should’ve been back to normal. Just like what happened in season two. Oh and if Bonnie’s using AT&T still, they let you pay even without knowing the pin. ;)

    • ejdax37 says:

      Oh yes the phone companies would gladly take anyone’s money who is going to give it to them, but try and cancel and they need birth records and a DNA swab, you know for security, lol. (And yes I was so disappointed in this episode the only thing I want to think about is the cancellation polices of phone companies.)

  22. Gurvir says:

    I was hoping Stefan and Caroline would kiss and make up , but writers like to tease us don’t they!

  23. Done says:

    Damon and Elena, ehh! Hate them, so sick of them. He brings out the worst in her and Damon tries to be better for her, therefore being not himself. The continuous repeated story lines with them are crap.

    Steroline should just be Friends. This whole show has gone down hill and has been going downhill since Delena started in season 3. Like seriously, what justifies being with someone like that especially after the things they have done to your family and friends. Makes no sense.

  24. Other easy solution- if Elena wants her memories back, step over the MF town line. She drowned, so she would have a few minutes before she died. The compulsion goes away the instant she steps over, and stays away. She just walks back over to the safe side immediately after. Done and done. I’m ticked the writers are being lazy. We watch this show enough we know how everything works, for crying out loud. It better at least be mentioned.Also, I want Damon to be with Bonnie. I’m growing a major hate for Elena. Go with the books for a while, even if it would be really weird and awkward for all the characters involved.

    • AnnieM says:

      That would be great – she’s been annoying to me ever since she became a vampire. Jo could go with her and revive her. I was not too crazy about the books, as I like Caroline how she is on the show. And the whole bit with the angel wings I thought was silly. ::shrug::

  25. rebecca says:

    So since Jeremy is not a hunter in Mystic Falls but is a Hunter out of Mystic Falls doesnt that mean Alaric should still be a vampire when he leaves?? I think Jo just saved him from dying and that when he leaves he should still be a vampire!

    • derik says:

      Best explanation I can come up with is that normal vamirpies were born of a biological process…so they are what they are “naturally” outside of Mystic Falls. Alaric was born of magic so when he crossed the town line the magic was erased and will not return when he leave…and POOF he’s human again.

  26. Andrea says:

    I personally think they should stick to the original, Stefan and Elena should just reconcile and Caroline, like in the books, should die. I love Caroline but I don’t agree with her and Stefan, its stupid. Damon needs to get Bonnie back and end up with her, its clear there is something there. Oh writers can sometimes either be so boring or brilliant….

  27. hello says:

    I honestly think Elena not hung up on Damon is the superior Elena

  28. Confused says:

    Am I the only one who didn’t fully understand Alaric’s conversion? He didn’t die and yes magic doesn’t work inside Mystic Falls so what? Shouldn’t he be back to being an original once across the border? Even if Jo saved the human him, how does it affect the vampiricism? It should have merely stopped him from dying. Shouldn’t he remain an original outside of mystic falls?

  29. Max says:

    Not even I would wish Stefan Salvatore on Caroline. It’s bad enough they made her fall for Klaus who was scum but Stefan is and always has been perfectly awful.

    • Fran says:

      Stefan isn’t perfect (like everyone else on this show) and he’s being a dick to her his year, but I don’t see how you can say he’s always been awful…. He’s certainly not worse than Klaus.

      • Daisy says:

        I completely agree with you! How is Stefan ‘perfectly awful’? Damon is FAR worse than Stefan (maybe non-ripper Stefan :)). Seriously, Damon has killed Jeremy, fed off and manipulated Caroline, and has threatened Bonnie more times than I can count, yet Stefan has “always been perfectly awful”? Stefan’s not perfect and yes his way of dealing with Damon’s ‘death’ hasn’t been perfect, but his reasons for leaving and wanting to start over made sense to me. I would take Stefan over Damon any day of the week. At least Stefan tries to be a decent person. He fails horribly sometimes, but he tries. Damon is an a-hole and doesn’t care that he is one.

  30. Trope says:

    It is rly stupid that Alarick a guy that is improved original vampire(stronger than originals) becomes human because somel ame spell… He was strongest vampire in their universe because he was improved original by Esther. Either he becomes vamp again when he leaves mystic falls or writers are insane. I mean magic and powers in this show are lame…

  31. lo says:

    Omg, I’m so tired of all the Damon/Elena back and forth, and now we have to watch this all over again while he wins her back. Yes will get hate from shippers, but not saying don’t want them 2gether, just that I’m tired of the “new/ridiculous story lines to try and keep it interesting.. Better season than in past – but very predictable at times- who didn’t see that she wouldn’t be able to get her memories back

  32. Kay says:

    Wonder if the writers will ever figure out the show was so much better with Damon away from Elena…..I’m guessing not!!! Also what the heck…Damon just forget Bonnie over there and it’s all Elena….Elena….UGH!!!!!

  33. K says:

    Well this show has officially become tedious. They are totally going to make us sit through Elena falling in love with Damon ALL OVER AGAIN. Is that what each season is going to be? Find a way to break them apart just so they can bring them back together and have it be ‘epic’. Gag!!!
    What gets me is the lack of consequences these characters face for all the crap they do. Tyler hits and kills a kid and nothing happens? The kid’s parents don’t care?! No one gets arrested?! That’s something that I find hard to swallow on this show….these characters are so self involved that they only care about what happens to them. All the innocent bystanders that get killed because of the main characters mean nothing; just as long as they save the vampires so they can all have sex with each other.

  34. vivienne says:

    Hmmmmmmm i tink stefan and caroline shud date cos dey are xo sweet 2geda

  35. Liza says:

    Worst. Episode. Ever. I have been a devoted fan of this show since Day One, but I can barely stand the ridiculousness of their plot points anymore. And how they change the rules all the time. They drug out the love triangle WAY longer than it ever should have been. Damon and Elena finally are together and they throw obstacle after obstacle in their path. Why can’t they just be together?? It is intolerable!!! Alaric somehow becoming human again yet Elena is still under his compulsion? I know I am rambling, but I am beyond irritated. Thankfully, we have the far superior “The Originals” to enjoy now. I hope they end this train wreck of a show this season!

    • Tay says:

      Exactly! I love Damon and elena together, but I am so tired of this back and forth nonsense. It’s gotten ridiculous. Just put them together instead of dragging it out for another season and give us a new and good plot to get involved with.

  36. TG says:

    Loved Damon’s voicemail to Bonnie. I want more Damon & Bonnie darn it. They lit up the screen!

  37. Bobby says:

    Is the spell line of Mystic Falls now a way for vampires to become human again?

    • Baileigh says:

      This is wat I walked away with last night, if their original death was not instant, meaning that with medical treatment they could be saved, technically yes if they could be saved by medical intervention all of them (Damon, Stefan, Caroline, Elena, Enzo, etc) they all could be human again. It would be interesting to see if any of them realize that and decide to take the risk themselves.

  38. Baileigh says:

    Correct me if I am wrong with this , however in one of the previous seasons didn’t Katherine send Damon to kill Elijah becase she knew that once an Original vampire died/ceased to be all their compulsion was erased? Katherine wanted Damon to kill Elijah because Elijah had compelled her to stay in the tomb until he told her she could leave. What is the difference between that incident and now?

  39. Kim says:

    i still can’t stand elena and i’m really not looking forward to watching her and damon fall in love all over again…been there done that!! he and stefan both are too good for her!!!

  40. Liza says:

    ahhhh we are back watching damon making elena fall for him allll over againnnn can’t wait, um not. Boring as hell. I really hate the fact that they friendzoned stelena so much that it really feels that elena forgot her love for stefan too. But who cares about stelena right, the writers don’t. As for steroline, well i like them as friends so i hope they will go back to that. Love damon and bonnie but there is no hope there. The only thing that makes me excited for this show is Kai and the story with the new salvatore girl.

  41. michelle says:

    Stefan left Carloline 3 times after damon left in savanah and whe she laid it out for him after ivy came back. he walked away. Jo’s attitude was a disconnect from last week. she seemed mad about the compelled by Alaric. He had reasons she does not know about

  42. debbie says:

    oh give me a break, elena can go to hell she’s just so annoying and plsssss no steroline n can u bring bonnie back cos its tiring seeing Jeremy like this.

  43. unkniw6 says:

    We want Bonnie Back
    How long get Bonnie Back

  44. unkniw6 says:

    We want Bonnie BACJ

  45. Ellamae says:

    I still believe that caroline and klaus should be together even though he’s moved to the originals

  46. Cherry says:

    No comments about Bamon I see! I loved that moment when Damon called her voice mail so that he could hear her voice. I reckon if she comes back (which she probably will) then she will listen to her voicemails, hear Damon’s message and will start to fall in love with him. I could be wrong but I totally want them to be a couple! Stefan and Elena, Damon and Bonne, Caroline and Klaus! If it does not end that way I think I would be disappointed!

  47. msry says:

    When alaric lost his magic all his compulsions s hold have disappeared as well

    Didn’t that happen with Elijah

  48. Emily says:

    I am glad we got Damian back the last 5 bored me time to get bonnie back & some real action in the show it is silly Elaine is not in love with Damian after all the crap to get him home please let us have bonnie back soon

  49. Alexis Cross says:

    Does anyone know the actual name of the song at the end of Season 6 Episode 6?

  50. denzo says:

    My co-worker’s sister-in-law makes no sense when she thinks that Delena isn’t going to happen. It obviously is.