Vampire Diaries Photos: The Gang's Thanksgiving Takes a Killer Turn

Vampire Diaries Thanksgiving

Here’s something to give thanks for: The entire Vampire Diaries gang is finally back together! (Well, almost the entire gang. Sorry, Bon-Bon.)

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New photos from the show’s Nov. 20 episode (The CW, 8/7c) find Elena hosting “Friendsgiving” at the Whitmore dorms, while the boys head to Portland to investigate this Gemini Coven we’ve all heard so much about. I’ve got to say, it feels really good to see Stefan, Damon and Alaric standing together. Side by side. On the same plane of existence.

Of course, in true TVD fashion, it isn’t long before the holiday descends into utter chaos. Per the episode’s official description, Jo finds herself “fighting for her life,” while Alaric struggles to “help from a distance.”

Alaric definitely has a type: constantly in danger.

Browse photos from the episode below, then drop a comment: What are you thankful for on TVD this season?