Sleepy Hollow Recap: Womb Raiders

Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Recap

Witch, please.

Katrina hops on Ichabod’s maybe-we-can-save-Henry crazy train in this week’s Sleepy Hollow, and this is after The Horseman Formerly Known as Jeremy impregnates her with a demon.

I understand that a mother’s love knows no bounds, but Katrina, honey? Loosen your corset, because there’s clearly not enough oxygen getting to your brain.

One upside of the situation: Abbie acts as a stand-in for the audience, so she gets to execute some epic eyerolls, incredulous head shakes and general “Have you lost your damn minds?” looks. It’s a good time, or, as good of a time as you can have when an evil hellbeast is knocking around your nether regions.

Let’s review what takes place in “Deliverance.”

SOMETHING’S BUGGING ME | We open on the Cranes in their bed in olden times, and is it just me, or does a naked Ichabod somehow look more naked than the average man, merely because he’s not wearing his coat? They whisper about how he has to head out to New York in a few hours, then muse about what their children will be like. It’s one of the few not-fraught-with-death moments we’ve gotten to witness from the Cranes’ marriage… so naturally it ends with Ichabod horking up a demon spider and spitting it into Katrina’s open mouth.

Katrina wakes up screaming, and it’s the same as the last moment of the previous episode: She’s got some badness in her, courtesy of Henry, and it will continue to consume her throughout the hour.

ICHABOD FOR PRESIDENT | Meanwhile, Ichabod accompanies Abbie to the polling place while she exercises her hard-won right to vote. (He can’t pull a lever for anyone, because Hawley’s ID is good, but it’s not that good.) Ichabod rails against the low national voter turnout numbers and sneers that most people are more likely to weigh in on “American idolatry” (heh) than choose their leaders, then the Witnesses discuss how as a black woman with no property, Abbie would’ve been turned away from ye olde pollery places thrice over. (Side note: I also appreciated the quick line about how Abbie is paying Ichabod’s bills. I’d been wondering who was keeping the lights on at Corbin’s cabin.) Also cute: Ichabod being placated by Abbie placing her “I Voted” sticker on his lapel.

Their field lesson in American civic duty is cut short when some fellow cops mention that a Jane Doe with red hair and colonial garb has been brought into the emergency room. Yep, it’s Katrina, who managed to slip Henry and his goons when they came for her — her illness apparently is part of Moloch’s plan, and one on which Abraham was not briefed — but passed out at a nearby gas station. She’s got a fever of 105, an infection in her abdominal wall and gnarly black veins racing across her midsection like shoppers bursting into Wal-Mart on Black Friday morning.

DEATH CLUB 7 | Katrina’s magic won’t work on the mystery illness — wait, K-tree’s mojo is ineffective? You don’t say! — so Crane and Mills find her some clothes (thanks, some drunk goth girl with a 2-inch waist!) that Ichabod thinks are scandalous… though he can’t stop checking out his wife’s rack. (Heh.) And when Henry’s goons show up, the Cranes make for the archives while Abbie follows the bad guys back to a remote warehouse.

Abs skulks around the warehouse, snapping pics with her cell and brushing up against black-veined cadavers before escaping unnoticed. While she’s away, the Cranes have gathered some intel of their own: Based off an image Katrina remembers seeing in one of Henry’s goons’ notebooks, Ichabod deduces that the men are part of The Hellfire Club, a very old order of very bad people. (Franklin infiltrated their ranks; that’s how he got the key that sprang Abbie from Purgatory.)Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Recap

A VISIT FROM THE EVIL STORK | But wait, there’s more insanity. Further digging in the books reveals that Katrina’s not ill. “I’m pregnant,” she says, hand immediately going to her belly. When Abbie points out that Mr. and Mrs. Crane haven’t had much alone time in the past two centuries (so helpful, Mills!), Ichabod swiftly jumps to the conclusion that Katrina’s got a headless bun in her oven. Jealousy is not a good look on you, Ich. Eventually, everyone settles down and realizes what we already know: The poison Henry procured from Joe the Wendigo last episode has a fun side effect, namely inducing demon incubation in the poor soul who ingests the elixir.

Another visit from the goon squad drives Team WTF to the ruins of the church where Katrina left Henry as a baby. There, Katrina comes up with the idea that Henry will reverse this demon pregnancy if they can only tap into his humanity. “Can you hear yourselves?” Abbie asks the Cranes, but Ichabod is on board and all but defies his fellow Witness to go against him. “Shall we put it to a vote?” he crisply asks her, and damn.

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So Ichabod, with Irving’s help, sets up a meeting with Henry at Tarrytown Psychiatric. They have a conversation that looks like it was framed by Tom Hooper, and it ends with Henry reaffirming his loyalty to Moloch. (Side note: I adore the way John Noble modulates his voice while playing Henry. It’s very subtle, yet very effective.)

As a last ditch, Ichabod grabs his son’s wrist — and gets a flash of a memory of a frightened child running through the forest. “That was you!” Ich breathes, and I immediately think that we’re going 12 Monkeys here and that the boy Ichabod and Abbie saved from the plague in Season 1 is going to turn out to be Jeremy somehow. But 1) that makes no sense, even for this bananapants show, and 2) Ichabod later makes it clear that the memory simply proves that Henry is still a lost child underneath all of the evil. Bottom line? Calm yourself, Roots.

Oh, and the demon in Katrina’s womb? It’s Moloch.

RED’S DEAD… BUT JUST A LITTLE | Back at the church, the witch’s belly goes from Sports Illustrated swimsuit model to 39 weeks and counting in the space of a minute. With time running out, Ichabod and Abbie’s hail Mary move involves liberating a tablet from the warehouse (and getting the Sleepy Hollow sheriff’s department to back them up), breaking it open and using the Franklin-created prism inside to shine a demon-busting aurora borealis on Katrina. (Side note: Will no one get this poor woman a mystical epidural?!)

The plan works — Moloch is banished (for now) — but Katrina stops breathing in the process. My first thought: Abbie, are you the worst first responder ever? GIVE HER CPR! Second thought: I’m glad Ichabod learned resuscitation techniques since Abbie’s near-drowning in the library. Third thought: Watching both Abbie and Ichabod simultaneously lose their stuff crushes me. Very nice work on Tom Mison’s part, especially.

Katrina eventually is revived, and the Cranes have a tearful reunion while Abbie sneaks outside to give them their privacy. But when Ich eventually comes to find his partner, they celebrate with a fist bump. Yeah… you guys might want to hold off on that until after you figure out what Henry is doing channeling lightning. My educated guess? He’s not looking for an eco-friendly way to get off the grid.

Now it’s your turn. Did you enjoy Ichabod’s frustration with dial-up? Are you impatient for Katrina to show us what she can really do? Did any part of you wish that, when Katrina was running through the woods during the cold open, she’d lift both arms in the air and then the show would cut to the opening credits? (Just me?) What do we think about Sheriff Reyes now that she’s Team WTF-friendly? And was anyone else surprised at how much they felt for Abraham as Katrina was being taken away? Sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Sarah says:

    I’d rather Katrina leave the show and never have to come back.

  2. I just want Katrina to go away forever. I’m tired of her always needing to be rescued. And her whispering.

  3. JP says:

    Nothing is too banana’s for this show Roots. I also thought back to the plague episode wondering the same thing. And FTW: 12 monkeys refrence in the recap

    I just wonder what the endgame is with moloch and the 4 horseman. They have already planted seeds as to why the horseman will betray Moloch: Abraham (lust for Katrina) and Envy (Henry wanting to be loved)… My crazy wacky theory… Se7en deadly sins get worked into the way to stop Moloch

    This show is just firing right now. I need to WTF on my TV every night.

    • JP says:

      Need ^Team WTF

    • Angela says:

      My crazy wacky theory… Se7en deadly sins get worked into the way to stop Moloch

      I like this idea. I like this idea a LOT. *Nods* Makes perfect sense with the evidence you bring.
      It’s nice to see someone actually thinking about the storyline for this show and enjoying it for its craziness instead of getting into ridiculous character hating.

      • Tina says:

        actually, fans have been trying to throw better and more interesting ideas at writers for free but they seem to be ignoring us.

    • I’m starting to think that the season will end with Moloch coming to Earth and just sitting on the couch watching American Idolatry because he seems to have no endgame.

  4. Heather says:


    • I just can’t with Abbie’s constant attempts to persuade Ichabod and Katrina to kill THEIR OWN SON, I’m not the biggest Katrina fan but compared to pretty much everything else in this episode, she’s pretty tolerable.

      • terry says:

        He is not their bouncing baby boy! HE IS A HORSEMAN OF WAR!! Abbie is the only one using common sense this episode. And being smart and helpful and awesome as usual while the Cranes dealt with their family drama.

      • Marlene says:

        What the hell are you talking about? Their so call son has hurt a lot of people including them. He is Evil. He is the Horseman of War. Yes, get rid of his ass.

      • Olive says:

        You’re daft. Have you even been watching the show? Their son is the personification of evil and is trying to destroy humanity.

  5. pamela says:

    i agree, i think katrina should be written out in the season finale, ichabods character would have more room for growth that way (plus i’m team ichabbie) there are plenty of good storyline choices the writers could use to do so.

    • Angela says:

      Why should they have to kill her off just for either of those things to happen? Why not just expand on her character instead?
      I hear people complain all the time about the concept of “fridging”-killing a female character just to advance the male character’s storyline/get them together with someone else, and how offensive it is. And now people are actually suggesting that very thing happen with Katrina. Eh?
      My attempt at posting before didn’t go through, so I’m going to try again: I liked this episode, myself, mostly because of the character interaction throughout. Loved Abbie being supportive and reassuring to Katrina, Ichabod and Henry’s face off at the institution was great, and there were some lovely, sweet moments between Ichabod and Katrina as well. I’m glad Katrina finally got away from her captors-I’m all for her working with the others from here on out and fighting alongside them. Maybe she can finally start regaining her powers again, too.

      • Izzy says:

        Expand her character how? We are now 20 episodes into this show, and we’ve had three episodes this season already focus on Katrina and saving the damsel. At this point, the writers don’t seem to care about fleshing her out, only using her for whatever convenient plot point they need. And since every episode spent on her barely furthers the plot, it may be better for them to kill her off in as dignified a way possible. She takes away screen time from Jenny and Irving, and her presence always means Abbie has to excuse herself or stand off to the side so the Cranes can have their alone time. It’s slows the story down, and honestly, their marriage is so over-the-top sappy the Hallmark channel thinks it’s too much. And before you say this is about shipping, Abbie deserves way better than emo Crane. You know, someone who doesn’t think the person who just tried to kill his wife is just a sad little boy who needs a hug from his papa.

        • Angela says:

          Expand her character how? We are now 20 episodes into this show, and we’ve had three episodes this season already focus on Katrina and saving the damsel.
          I dunno, by letting her actually work with Ichabod and Abbie? Get actively involved in the action and planning? Let her get her powers back and put those to good use? There’s a few ideas.
          The problem is, if the show dares to actually do that, then fans will freak out and have a fit because god forbid she upset the balance/bond at all. I have no disagreement with those who don’t want her in the “damsel in distress” role anymore, I want her out of that, too. She COULD further the plot, if the fans would actually settle down and allow her to do so and not immediately jump on hating her and the writers for anything they do try and do with her. But they either want her dead or evil, and that, to me, seems far too easy a way out.
          I’m all for Jenny and Irving being back, too, by the way. It hit me tonight that it wasn’t until, what, late spring/early summer when the announcement came that Jenny would be a series regular? Depending on when some of these first episodes for this season were filmed, they might’ve been filmed before that decision came to be. I know Jenny will show up in a couple episodes from now for sure, and I hope she’ll be a big part of the show from then on out, because I too like her and want more of her. And I want Irving free from the hospital, too.
          I’m really not that surprised that Ichabod and Katrina would want to try and redeem their son. I’m even willing to believe Henry could be manipulating their emotions to make them sympathetic to him, as part of his bigger plan. Yes, he’s evil. Yes, Abbie makes some very logical, excellent arguments. But look at the parents who defend children who turn into violent criminals. It’s a thing that happens. And it doesn’t surprise me it’s happening here, and I’m willing to wait and see how that part of the storyline progresses-for all we know, they may decide very soon their hopes are futile (and there’s times it looks like Ichabod’s wanting to just say “Screw it”, too). We don’t know how that’s going to turn out, if their hopes will be validated or not, so I’m wiling to see where that goes.
          And I like the moments between the Cranes myself *Shrugs*. They’ve been separated for centuries, of course they’re going to be intensely emotional and passionate in their reunion.

          • M says:

            Fans react to what is given AFTER the fact; multiple episodes are already written way ahead of time to let that affect the outcome too much. Katrina was already poorly written and not fleshed out at all and that’s the reason people don’t like her and they still don’t like her. The writers seem unwilling to write for more than three people at a time so the screen time they are giving a bad character could be used for characters already developed and interesting and fun like Jenny and Irving. It has nothing to do with shipping and everything to do with Katrina being treated as if she is precious to the plot with no evidence of it at all in 20 episodes.

            Not to mention, everything she’s said up to this point to Ichabod has been a lie. Sure, that’s pure love, he should fight so hard and risk Abbie’s life and the outcome of the Apocalypse for that. Gimme a break.

          • Angela says:

            @M: It was just a possible theory as to why we might not be seeing much of Jenny and Irving right now, that’s all. I could well be wrong. Either way, again, I don’t argue that I want to see more of them, too. And yes, I know the fans react to what they see on screen. I’m just saying that sometimes these stories will take a while to unfold, too. If others don’t want to be patient with that, fine, that’s their deal, but the season is young and I know this is all going to pay off to something, so I’m willing to wait and see how it all plays out.
            Katrina was already poorly written and not fleshed out at all and that’s the reason people don’t like her and they still don’t like her. The writers seem unwilling to write for more than three people at a time so the screen time they are giving a bad character could be used for characters already developed and interesting and fun like Jenny and Irving.
            And my point is that fans can’t have it both ways. They can’t complain about how badly written she is only to then turn around and complain when the show DOES try and do more with her character. She COULD be fleshed out and better written for those who feel she isn’t right now, if the fans would actually allow that to happen without freaking out over it first.
            Fair point about being able to write for multiple characters at the same time, however, sometimes a show will also rotate its focus, too. That’s going to happen on any show with multiple characters. Jenny and Irving did get fleshed out last season, so now, at this point in the season, the show wants to try and do more with Katrina, in part as a response to those who complained about her character not having much to do last season. I know Jenny’s going to show up in a couple episodes for sure, and I’m pretty darn sure the further the season goes the more we’ll see of Jenny and Irving, too. They wouldn’t have made Jenny a series regular if they weren’t going to do more with her.
            It has nothing to do with shipping and everything to do with Katrina being treated as if she is precious to the plot with no evidence of it at all in 20 episodes.
            1. Given the tone of some people’s comments, somehow I really doubt that.
            2. She’s married to one of the main characters AND mother to one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. That alone kind of tells me she’s majorly important to the plot, yeah.
            Also, oh, noes, a character on a TV show lied?! Surely this makes her the most horrible person ever! If anything that adds to her mystery and intrigue for me.

          • Dani says:

            I don’t think more development is going to help, and I’m one of those people who used to defend her. I think I’ve heard the female producer on the show likes her a lot, and so that’s why they keep trying to do something with her, but at this point it’s time for her to go. Either that, or just have her pop up a couple of times per season to do some magic. Maybe that compromise can make everyone happy. All I can say is at this point it’s hard to deny that any time she shows up for a significant amount of time it’s not good. They need to stick to the heart of the show and that’s Ichabod and Abby’s mission as witnesses, not an hour of “The Cranes Need Counseling Again.”

          • speakingbadger says:

            Katrina is an important part of the show. Abby has her sister, and Ichabod has Katrina. They are the people that keep them sort of grounded and connected to someone, other than just being witnesses, plus they are they people that motivate them to stick with it. If Ichabod loses Katrina, he has no real reason to care whether he fulfills his role as a witness… other than Abby, he has no one and losing his love forever crashes his reality, making him probably want to be dead and gone, since his century ended a long time ago.

            Besides it also messes with Abraham, as the Headless Horseman, in the sick little love triangle, whom also loves her, so even if she dies… he can still have her, so her leaving the show does not really fit, it destroys the balance needed in the show. If Abby loses her sister, that also destroys the balance as it destroys the only family that Abby has… although Abby has more reasons to want to fight, since this is the time she is from and time she was born into, and she’s a good police officer, so it is sort of instilled into her to want to protect and serve.

            Can they do more with her, yes, should they, yes… but we’ll just have to wait and see what happens, there must be a plan in there somewhere and I am sure we will begin to see it as the series progresses.

      • Marlene says:

        I think you are looking for a love story. That was not suppose to be the premise of this show. The romance direction is not a good one. Just let it go. If you want love and romance there are other shows heavy into that, plus there are a few soap opera still around. The Crane family arc is ruining the show. The episode last night did the ratings no good….they went down, again.

        • Angela says:

          No, I’m not. I’m fine with romance taking a backseat-I appreciate the sweet moments between Ichabod and Katrina, but I don’t expect an hour full of them, nor would I want an hour full of them. I said I wanted the show to expand on Katrina’s character. I’m in complete agreement with those who don’t want Katrina being the damsel in distress anymore-I’d be all for the show allowing her to get her powers back, become the powerful witch she should be, and working alongside the others in their mission. Abbie, Jenny, and Katrina, in powerful witch mode, could make for one hell of a female trio.
          I do find it strange that people are complaining about the Crane family arc-their son’s one of the four horsemen, sooo, yeah, family issues are kind of going to crop up as a result. I can certainly understand people wanting other storylines to develop alongside that one-more about Abbie’s life, more involvement from Jenny and Irving-and I’m in complete agreement with everyone on that aspect of things. I want to see more of those kinds of stories, and more Jenny and Irving, too. And luckily, from what I’ve seen of info for upcoming episodes, we’ll start getting those storylines and people coming in and back, and hopefully they’ll be here to stay.
          But so long as Ichabod’s married to Katrina, and so long as Henry remains his son, his family issues will be part of the show. Sorry to those who aren’t invested in it, but it’s there, so…*Shrugs*.

  6. jessa says:

    Mystical pregnancy is a really gross trope, and as if they hadn’t objectified Katrina enough in this show, now she’s just a womb with a vacancy sign. This episode was pretty meh over-all. Where was Jenny to help Abbie spy on the hellfire people and to be on Abbie’s side in the vote about Henry? Irving was a plot device to lure Henry. And after all this, Crane still thinks Henry is redeemable? Can we replace Ichabod with Jenny as the second witness? Because Abbie was once again the quick-thinking hero of this episode while Crane mostly just cried over his boring wife.

  7. Raven says:

    I’m sorry but did you not see Katrina kick those Bastards out of her way?
    I don’t like this review. Its highly opinionated and shows very little respect for half its fandom. I thought your job was to give a neutral, fact filled review with only a small corner for your personal thoughts. I’ve certainly read better than this, even from Crabbie shippers.

    • Chris says:

      Katrina had one move, then spent the rest of the episode in damsel mode. Falling in the street, she’s oh so pretty but can’t do a darn thing.

      Its old, she’s weak, even her little hex spell didn’t work.

      • Linda says:

        Well, to be fair, I think she ‘fell’ in the street do to the fever/pregnancy.

        • M says:

          She fell in the street because of the fever but was able to punch and knee two grown men and cast a hex moments before and after she did? Uh huh…

      • FG says:

        Her spell did work! It was to warn if Henry’s forces were coming and it did just that. Also falling to the street was most likely due to her fever/pregnancy.

    • lee says:

      Those gas station guys saved her. Otherwise the hellfire people would have recaptured her easily.

    • Rebecca says:

      ‘Crabbie’ shippers? How petty.

      • Annie says:

        I thought it was hilarious. And whatever with the Katrina hate elsewhere in the comments. I am fairly sure this is coming solely from Crabbie ‘shippers. “Poorly written” and “not fleshed out” – I mean, what now?

        • Rebecca says:

          Poorly written and not fleshed out has been the cry of many a reviewer about Katrina’s character, not just commenters. But I suppose they’re all Ichabbie shippers too, right?

    • Tina says:

      Sweetie, the whole part of being part of a fandom is that you have an opinion about a show.Just like your opinion about Katrina, everyone else has an opinion as to her character. You can defend it, and others can hate it. Just the same. Get use to it.

    • Marlene says:

      One kick do not make her a good character…she is still a useless damsel in distress. The reviewer is being honest and calling it as he sees it.

  8. Aurora says:

    Really was thinking Katrina should die to royally piss off Ichabod towards Henry. The show definitely loses its spark and charm when it’s not just Abbie and Ich. Three’s a crowd for sure.

  9. Babybop says:

    I want to punch the Cranes in the face for thinking they can “save” Henry. At least Abbie has some sense in her. Though I’m still convinced that all this is going to lead to Abbie and Katrina both being in danger and Ichabod having choose which to save. BTW, “Womb Raiders” is the best title for a synopsis ever.

    • mia says:

      I don’t like them pitting the women against each other, but if it came down to a choice, he would have to choose Abbie. Abbie is absolutely necessary to the cause. They’ve managed pretty well so far without a witch.

    • Donnarie2 says:

      I strongly suspect redemption will prove the only way TO stop him. What else would you suggest? The Horseman of Death cannot be killed. Can the Horseman of War? And if he can’t be, how else do you stop him but to make him WANT to stop?

  10. Sheldon W. says:

    I’m in the increasing kill off Katrina demo – unless of course she gets to do more than just be the series’ designated DiD.

    And after just a couple of episodes the ‘don’t let’s give up on Henry’s humanity’ thing is getting tired.

  11. Hodan says:

    The weakest episode so far. I am putting this show on my DVR so I can ff a lot of speeches in the future.

  12. Linda says:

    I think Abbie was like ‘oh no she’s not breathing, what ever shall we do’ not knowing that Ichabod learned freaking CPR by what, watching TV? and thought this was her chance to get rid of Mrs. Crane. ;)

    • Angela says:

      My guess is he remembered the CPR from the moment a few episodes back where it had to be used on Abbie to bring her back after her near-death encounter with the Weeping Lady.

    • oh joy says:

      Do you write for the show? I think you’re grasping at straws. Stop being immature and petty to start something.

    • Alichat says:

      For a split second, I wondered if that was it as well because as a police officer, Abbie should have basic CPR training. And I really hope it’s not that, because I just don’t think it’s true to her character that she wouldn’t fight tooth and nail to save the wife of someone she considers family. But it was just odd her sitting there and doing nothing. Now if she had started CPR and then Ichabod pushed her aside, insisting she let him do it…..that scene I could buy.

  13. Alice says:

    This episode was embarrassingly bad.

  14. lee says:

    I don’t want them to save Henry. He is so much better unapologetically evil. I don’t want Crane Family Hour. I want Abbie and Ichabod fighting the apocalypse with Jenny and Irving and for Hawley to fall off a cliff.

  15. LemonLime says:

    From the moment I read, ‘Witch, please’, I was hooked. Your recaps are the most enjoyable, Kim Roots. That, and of course, Mr. Ausiello.

  16. Ashley says:

    I have tried so hard but I just can’t get behind Katrina. I really wanted to like her, but as a character, I just want to shake her.
    Also, missed Hawley in this hour. And Jenny as well. It was kind of a slow episode (or maybe it seemed that way because I fast forwarded through most of it because of Katrina). They’re almost halfway through their season, I’m expecting more.

  17. Donnarie2 says:

    Six words:
    TOM MISON: Performer of the week.
    Damn, he’s a great actor.

  18. taylor says:

    Can Abbie and Jenny be the two witnesses? Crane is too easily distracted by his family drama.

    • clearhaven says:

      Thank you!!! Too distracted! Although it would seem he is actually under an enchantment spell. Remember Katrina’s dream in the beginning, when he was talking about how their daughters would be, and he was like they will be enchantresses like their mother(indirectly implying he is enchanted by her) and then Katrina gave him her that shady surprised look. Crane never acts intelligent when he’s in the same proximity with that woman. It hurts to watch.

  19. This was the show’s worst episode with a plot filled with villains that were summed up by Abbie in one sentence and a plot that had made you question why they didn’t try it before.

  20. Tess says:

    What I dislike most about this season of sleepy hollow is the fact that it’s no longer about a bunch of different stories and characters that ultimately connect to the overarching plot about the apocalypse. And it’s not about the two witnesses and their individual backgrounds that are still connected to to main plot.Now it’s just about one witness and his entire family with Abbie tagging along in the background and her sister sometimes making appearances. Sleepy Hollow isn’t about the Cranes. It should’ve never been about the Cranes. Or if they were going to make it about the Cranes at least alternate it so that we’re also learning about Abbie’s family and how they’re connected to the apocalypse. We shouldn’t have to wait two seasons to know about her family when the Cranes were introduced AND have their own storylines within the narrative.They need to fix this. I watched this because I wanted to see TWO people battle the odds against them in an attempt to stop evil. Not one man and his quest to redeem his son and save his wife all the time with the help of his trusty sidekick Abbie.

    • Donnarie2 says:

      This is just verifiably untrue.
      This is War: about all of them
      Kindred: Using monster to save Katrina: CRANE
      Root of all evil: Jenny possessed by coin. MILLS
      Go Where I send thee: Abbie’s case worker’s daughter kidnapped. MILLS
      Weeping Lady: Ichabod’s ex. CRANE
      Abyss Gazes Back: Joe Corbin’s son MILLS
      Deliverence: Katrina demon baby CRANE

      Three and three. Any questions?

      • Dani says:

        No questions, it’s just that you’re wrong. The episodes that you say are about “MILLS” aren’t. The coin episode was about Henry Parish (or CRANE) using a coin for evil purposes. Jenny just happened to be one of MANY people that were affected. So, it was mainly a Crane episode. The caseworker and her daughter episode focused on THEIR family, not the Mills family or any of Abby’s history/backstory. Joe Corbin’s son, was once again about someone else’s family, but not Abby or her background and family. Even though the son complained about his father spending time with her, it was ultimately about her telling him how important he was to his father and them. You know what’s funny? You meant to shine a light on how fair thing are, but you actually did the opposite if anyone thinks about what happened in these episodes. Abby’s kind of getting screwed. I honestly hadn’t thought of that until now. Thanks, I guess?

        • Dani says:

          And what happened to some of the people that used to be connected to Abby? Did they just disappear? Like Andy or that attractive latino cop that was her ex. I wouldn’t mind him coming back and ‘tempting’ her a little. ;) I wouldn’t expect it to work out because she’s got other obligations, like Ichabod, but it could be fun to watch.

    • Dani says:

      Well said, Tess. I think you’ve summed it up perfectly.

  21. Matthew b Lawler says:

    But wasn’t touched on really in the episode or the recap that has me bud is there were other corpses in the warehouse that had signs of the same supernatural pregnancy that Katrina had does that mean that other demons have been successfully born into this world over those failed attempts to raise moloch? Also is the supernatural pregnancy what moloch I was referring to if you episodes back when he said that he had bigger plans for Katrina she was some shard of Hell or something

    • Matthew b Lawler says:

      I’m sorry Katrina was referred to as one of the hellfire shards a chosen vessel that still doesn’t make sense because in that episode Moloch simply said he wanted Katrina turned but it seems quite evident that if this plan had worked Katrina would’ve been killed

  22. jules says:

    Another great episode for me. It’s really hard to please everyone because so many fans rely on their favorite characters to carry the show, to be in every scene, to have the best lines, but I really enjoy all the characters equally because they’re talented actors, and the writers are on their A game.

    • Mel says:

      Thank you! Well said. I used to enjoy reading the recaps, but, I think from now on I’ll skip the recaps and comments. All whining about how certain characters are this or that and mashing names together in such insipid ways. Gah! It was good this evening and I totally enjoyed the whole story and everyone involved–the story is progressing along at the show’s pace–I just hope the writers and show runners ignore the internet and the whiner’s club.

      • suzi says:

        I also agree. I love the show and for me that means enjoying the whole package that the creators/writers have envisioned, not my personal preferences. As with all of favorite shows, there are often characters or plot developments that I don’t enjoy, but I accept them and move on.

      • robin says:

        Forgive people for critically analyzing the media they consume. I’m sure it’s just easier to sit back and swallow thinly veiled rape situations and find them fun and silly or how people of color are being underutilized on a show that was once praised for it’s diversity and call fans who point out how problematic that is overzealous.

        • robin says:

          Also this is the THIRD “Save Katrina” episode THIS SEASON! People are completely justified in being annoyed by that.

        • Angela says:

          I’m assuming by “thinly veiled rape situations” you’re referring to Henry impregnating Katrina against her will, right? ‘Cause otherwise, I’m not sure what you’re referring to with that. And if that is what you’re referring to, I’ve yet to find anyone who thought of that as “fun” and “silly”. I for one saw that for the horrific thing that it very clearly was.
          And everyone seems pretty well in agreement on wanting to see more Jenny and Irving, whether they’re happy with show developments or not, and Abbie certainly hasn’t been underutilized. “Overzealous”, to me, is a reaction to those who are freaking out over Katrina having a main part in the storyline, which, again, is going to have to be the case considering she’s married to one of the main characters. Some of it may be due to how her story’s written, but some people who hate her really should just admit that they hate her because she’s in the way of a favorite pairing.
          (And to those who suggest just killing her off or making her evil, then, I’ll simply say this: if you’re bugged about Ichabod’s angsting now, he’s sure as hell going to angst over a dead wife-remember, he’s loved her for centuries and all that. And if she’s turned evil? Well, if he’s thinking he can redeem Henry, just imagine what he’d think he’ be able to do to try and redeem Katrina. Just saying.)

          • herman1959 says:

            Agreed, but it’s time for the writers to turn Katrina so that she is putting energy INTO the plot (by helping) instead of sucking it OUT by having to be rescued all of the time. This is what most people are really complaining about.

          • Dani says:

            I think he’d get over it if she died. I don’t think he knew about her when he first woke up and he was fine. He didn’t get angsty until she showed up again, which is understandable, but still points to the fact that her being their is what’s doing it to him. Really, his focus should be his mission as a witness, not constantly pining for his secretive wife while she’s off with her headless ex. Having her as a permanent fixture on the show isn’t working. I’m sorry, but it’s not.

      • Tina says:

        If you can’t take fan criticism maybe you should try skipping being a fan altogether. Ratings show for themselves. Turning a blind eye will only help in getting the show cancelled sooner.

    • Brigid says:

      Thank you Jules! The most intellegent thing I read in this post and its comments. I don’t understand the hate for this show and quite frankly all the other well written shows I watch. Instant gratification is all that people want any more, not great character development and a story arc that always makes sense in the end. The reason I love tv is the amount of time that they put into developing characters that I get to know so well that I actually start to care what happens to them. The negativity that people put out there is disheartening because it comes off more childish then intelligent. It makes it hard to come to the show recaps and read all of the angry comments from the future show runners of America. I can’t wait to watch all of their well written and produced 13 to 22 episode tv shows! I trust television writers and their vision because they wouldn’t be there if they weren’t talented and I sure can’t write anything remotely as well as them.

  23. Moment says:

    I don’t think 18 episodes works for this show. I would prefer Season 3 to be 13-15. The pacing is all off.

  24. KC says:

    “Team WTF” – LOVE this!

    Also, Katrina can leave this show any time now…..I dislike her more and more each episode.

  25. F.G. says:

    This review missed multiple parts like where Abbie reminds Katrina to have faith/hope, that they will find a way when Katrina brought up sacrificing her own life in order to stop Molloch, That was a beautiful moment between the two women. Also Katrina using her magic when sick to make sure they were warned when Henry’s minions were coming, how Abbie persuaded Reyes to help was rather genius and the fact that Abbie kicked the Hellfire’s Club butt with a tray table. Also the cute scene with Abbie leaving the Cranes to have a moment of privacy. This episode had a great pace and showed both the great partnership of the Ichabod and Abbie (they got each others back) and the loving 200 plus year relationship of Ichabod and Katrina. Which had been talked about a lot, but shown very little until now and it was needed to been seen. This show requires a balance of its characters for it to really work, now we need to see more of Irving and Jenny for all the characters to be really represented. Also I certainly hope the writers continue to tell the story they want to tell it and pay little attention to the lip service that fans (including some reviewers) are giving to some characters and/or “ships”, because it surely takes away from enjoying the ride and success of the show. Everyone should just enjoy the ride.

  26. scampi says:

    I was not as grabbed by this episode as I usually am. Starting to bug me how little we see of Orlando Jones. I thought it interesting the writers felt need to spell out that Katrina sees Abraham while others see Headless. We got it already. I don’t particularly want Ich and Abbie as a romantic pair, but I feel ‘chemistry’ better between Behaire and Mison than Mison and Winters. I could live with a free Ichabod and rotating matches. At least let Katrina display some real power and fire. Displayed a bit more spirit in this episode than we’ve seen to date. I can’t buy into the poor Jeremy line. Yes it was horrible what happened, but I can’t see a comeback from being Horseman of War. A bit confused as to why he didn’t want to touch Icabod when he’s touched him before. Wasn’t that how we met Henry–sin eater?

    • Donnarie2 says:

      Yes, WE got it, because we’ve been seeing Abraham with his head for weeks now. But ICHABOD had not “gotten” it. He had no idea, and his reaction to finding out was fascinating. Of course he’d be surprised. And I say KUDOS to the writers for remembering that this would be troubling news for Crane, and giving it the moment it deserved.

  27. Rinnie says:

    Well I loved the episode…

  28. Tina says:

    Horrible episode that used the recycled material from several other shows and continued to push Katrina into her final coffin. I really thought the Sleepy Hollow writers were better than this. Last night’s episode reduced Katrina’s character even further by blatantly reminding us that she is nothing more than another Cordelia Chase; A damsel in distress, and ultimately a vessel for misogynistic undertones. Her own son impregnates her with a demon baby, and she defends him. She needs saving, all the DAMN time. The most laughable part was when the only clothes they could find for her was tight leather pants and a corset. I mean – you can’t get much more amateur and stupid. STUPID. I’m so disheartened by this show. It was my favorite last year. WHAT THE F*** HAPPENED? Did the writers suddenly do some kind of bro fist bump and have a few too many? PLEASE, start listening to the fans. Go back to what made season 1 awesome. You had a scary villain that this year, has become a whipped, jilted lover. Another villain that has mommy and daddy issues. It’s pathetic. The ONLY bright spot in all of this mess is Abbie Mills. Her strength and intelligence shines through every time. Ichabod needs some work this year though, but they’re partnership should always be front and center. And PLEASE bring back Jenny and Irving!

    • Nessa says:

      I LoVE that you mention her similarity to Cordilia Chasess early roles in Angel, it’s a very old trope that I am fairly sick of. I frankly don’t want any pairings in this show, I feel it gets in the way. Honestly I have never ever been a fan of the damsel in distress. Ever. I can’t and wont identify with that kind of character period. It seems silly for them to push such a strong willed, and sassy smart female lead, only to follow it up with someone (whom should be so ingrained in the plot that they would be impossible to replace) that could honest to God be replaced with a wet mop and have it have zero impact. You know what the best part about this is? That Abby resembles that character that Cordelia finally became that you could not help but scream, you go girl!!! Before I get the Katrina hater comments… Let me say they are all warranted. I can’t help it. I was excited to finally have her character delivered to us with such high hopes badass… It fell through so hard that it now resides somewhere in the vicinity of China. I want her to be evil so bad, not because it gets her out of the way, but because she could in ally have a chance at a truly awesome role. I want Orlando back. Straight up. Jenny is fun sometimes and I have not been impressed with Mr. treasure hunter extraordinaire… This season is really starting to sag beneath the family care and share time. I want my dynamic duo back. The ones whom agreed not even 3 episodes ago to put bros before hoes (as it were). So much dissatisfaction.

  29. chaouad says:

    i don’t understand the hate for katrina ….

    • MJ says:

      Me either. I like Katrina. I do not want Ichabod and Abbie to be together. I think they definitely have the brother/sister vibe for me.

      • FF says:

        But why does disliking Katrina = Abbie/Ichabod as a couple? Why are you fabricating that as a reason when people have literally complained that Katrina is slowing down the plot and being poorly devloped and utilised to the point that it has a drag effect on not just the story but the characterisation. No one has mentioned that a lack of Katrina automatically means Abbie and Ichabod will be a couple.

        Are you just trying to ignore every other reason stated here for disliking Katrina? Or are you so pathologically afraid of Abbie and Ichabod being a couple that you have to bring it into a discussion that has nothing to do with it?

    • nomorebrats says:

      They are mainly a bunch of sick in the head petty little girls who want his wife killed off just so they can satisfy their weird desire to see the 2 main characters romantically/sexually involved.
      These stupid kids ruin shows like this all the time, its why I stopped watching them.

  30. dman6015 says:

    I want to know what survey the producers commissioned over the summer that the results told them to make Irving and Jenny almost completely disappear, while upping the Katrina content??? Did we really need a new sheriff character, just to throw in another non-believer???

  31. Joanne says:

    I gotta say, Katrina is certainly distracting the Biblical Witnesses. How about that Headless, fighting for right? Makes you wonder what happened to that big, strapping remorseless killer of last season. Could it be, he hates Henry so much he’ll switch sides?
    Too many characters, too. Irving and Jenny aren’t getting any play. And, while the stories are the best thing since Rod Serling’s “Twilight Zone”, they don’t seem to be forming a pattern, they’re just unrelated folk tales with great special effects.

  32. From the opening 10 minutes, I could see Abraham eventually turning on Henry and Molloch

  33. Jess says:

    I enjoyed the episode and I’m saying that as a Ichabbie shipper (I’m in for the slow burn, though). I especially loved the scene between John Noble and Tom Mison. Their acting was superb. I may not agree with all the decisions that the writers are making but I love the show and I have faith in them. I was thinking maybe the first half of the season was focused more on Crane’s family so in the second part the focus will be shifted to Mills’ sisters? Let’s hope so because I really miss Jenny.

  34. tv stalker says:

    whats team WTF?

  35. DidntWork says:

    I love the character of Katrina and am amused at all the little girly pants who don’t like drama in their drama. Let’s face it, what they really want is happy.happy Icabod RomCom, preferably with a twist of Twilight or 50SOG because that was the last book they read, and it was like, you know, literature and all….

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    TVLine killing it as always!

  37. Nirah says:

    Please know that the fans don’t actually make the writers do anything. As was stated in a previous comment, most episodes are written in advance, in other words before us fans actually ever see them. The whole thing with Katrina is that she lacks passion as a character. Now, I have no problem withe premise of her but her romance with Ichabod has been (I find) often stilted and more than a little bit awkward, even by Revolutionary America standards. She does not have a lot going for her right now despite all that we’ve learned about her and she has not been utilized in her screen time to the best of her abilities at the point in which this article was written. A lot of people are pro-Evil Katrina because there appears to be more potential there than where she was at that time. Plus, Katrina is basically evil at this point/episode, whether she knows it or not. This is evil is not of her doing but in the way she is used by other characters.