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Elementary Boss on Joan's New Life, Sherlock's 'Rougher' Protégé & More

Elementary Season 3 Spoilers

Sherlock resurfaces in New York during Elementary‘s Season 3 premiere on Thursday (CBS, 10/9c), but he won’t be getting a welcome-home party — or even just a warm welcome — from Joan.

Tensions between the former partners are at an all-time high thanks to the fact that Sherlock disappeared without a word and now, just as suddenly, he’s returned with someone new by his side.

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How will the two women in the P.I.’s life get along — if at all? Do Sherlock and Kitty have a secret agenda for coming back to NY? And will a new Big Bad torment our players in Season 3? Below, executive producer Rob Doherty takes on those questions and more.

TVLINE | How different are things for all the characters in Season 3?
Approximately eight months have passed since the events of the Season 2 finale, and we start with Joan. We see that she has constructed an honest-to-goodness life since Sherlock left to work with MI6. She has her own apartment, she is in a relationship and, in addition to continuing to consult with the NYPD, she has taken on a handful of private clients. It is not long, however – spoiler alert – before Sherlock resurfaces. And it is understandably very awkward. We’ll find out that Sherlock left New York without so much as a goodbye.

But the most surprising thing of all is he has taken on a new protégé in Kitty Winter (played by Ophelia Lovibond), [who] is based on a character from canon. Kitty Winter was a very small but very important character in “The Adventure of the Illustrious Client.” So even though she doesn’t get a ton of attention in the story, she stood out to us, and when it became clear we were going to have Sherlock come back to New York with a new partner in tow, Kitty became this very intriguing candidate. And the more we talked about her, the more we liked the idea.

TVLINE | What brings Sherlock back to New York? Is there a specific reason?
Yes. In the premiere, Sherlock alludes to certain plans with respect to New York, but it’s not something he or Kitty elaborate on. Most importantly, he enjoyed the most successful professional relationship of his life in New York, and to a certain degree, he thinks the only way to come close to replicating that experience is by coming back. Again, London didn’t work out. MI6 didn’t work out. He has decided to become a mentor again because he thinks it will be helpful to him and his process. But geography plays a factor in what he does.

VIDEO Elementary Season 3 Mini-Trailer Pits Joan vs. Sherlock’s New Protégé

Elementary Season 3 SpoilersTVLINE | You mentioned that Kitty and Sherlock have reasons for coming to New York. Is there a bigger, grander mystery that will flow over the whole season? Or am I reading too much into it?
No, not at all. Kitty has something of a murky past, and that’s something we will speak to very early in the season. Like the character she is based on, she went through a terrible trauma and recovered from it and, eventually, caught the eye of Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock is very aware of her personal history. As a character, I would say she’s very coiled. She is certainly rougher around the edges than Joan Watson is or was. And so, to a certain degree, Sherlock treats her differently, but not when it comes to instruction. He is, as always, a taskmaster. But he’s also sensitive to the fact that Kitty needs help in other areas. Something we’ll see right away is that Kitty is very driven and more desirous of the education that Sherlock’s offering than Joan was when he first met her. Joan had this very specific function in Sherlock’s life in the beginning, and it changed very gradually over time.

TVLINE | Are Joan and Sherlock, as rivals now, going to be forced to work together when it comes to assisting the NYPD?
When Sherlock resurfaces, he would like to resume his work at Captain Gregson’s precinct, but learns very quickly it’s not up to the Captain. Gregson is willing to let him come back, but it has to be with Joan’s approval. The person who stayed, the person who the Captain can depend on, is Joan Watson. And so, he would not risk disrupting their collaboration by bringing Sherlock back in without her OK. So part of the business of the premiere is Sherlock, a very proud person, attempting to explain this to Joan and get her permission to return. I don’t think I’d be giving away too many secrets to say you will be seeing them around the same precinct and around characters such as Gregson. But at least early on, we want to try to give them each their own investigative work and trajectories.

TVLINE | How do Joan and Kitty feel about each other?
Things don’t get off to a great start for Kitty and Joan. In fact, their first confrontation is physical. So they most definitely get off on the wrong foot. Joan, of course, has never heard of Kitty, but Kitty has heard plenty of Joan. As far as protégés go, she’s the gold standard, and Sherlock will often, for better or worse, compare Kitty to Joan. And that can grate on you after a while. So Kitty is predisposed to, if not dislike Joan, then to be competitive around her.

TVLINE | Is there any kind of recurring Big Bad or ominous figure along the lines of Irene Adler or Mycroft in Season 3?
Golly. Caught on the wrong day, Kitty’s a little ominous. We will be building to something in the first half of the season, for sure. There’s a character from canon known as Baron Gruner, and he is an important part of Kitty’s backstory, in the short story and in Elementary. That’s somebody to keep an eye out for.

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  1. Rusty says:

    I think this new storyline will be a death sentence for the series. Not having Joan and Sherlock working together as a team and now making them rivals, stupid idea. I am surprised that the studio went along with this.

    • cmsfl says:

      I agree. I have stop watching several shows because they changed the char/actor/story line. There are too many shows on TV now that do not consider the fans. I’ll DVR and read reviews before I waste my time.

      • Erin2 says:

        These people are creating a story and it’s not their jobs to pander to a bunch of over zealous fans think they should have input on story lines!!

        • prish says:

          The viewers are the fans. I thought the whole idea of the arts in general was to pander to fans! Study how they ended the Glades series.

          • Sara says:

            It’s a terrible idea to mold the story to what the fans want! Fans aren’t writers….they don’t know how to construct a good story. They always want everything to stay the same and nothing to really change

          • Mitra says:

            The few rare moments of real drama Elementary style was when Watson and Sherlock meet up in the Browstone, all dark, mysterious and everything covered in plastic sheets. When Watson asks him why he came back to NY, the chemistry between them was palpable. It really does take two great actors to create such a brief moment of pure drama. Well done JLM and LL.

    • johnhelvete says:

      I am actually very intrigued by the show mixing things up a bit and not simply repeating the same formula. I am sure the show is going to have Watson and Holmes interact with each other, and being at odds will probably be fun until they put aside their differences and start working together again. I kinda like that Joan is not going to simply forgive Holmes after 8 months and not saying goodbye, and that the writers are going to have her need time to trust him/or want to work with him again, instead of using TV logic and having her forgive him at the end of the first episode of season 3.

    • prish says:

      My husband is already groaning, griping, and complaining…and he’s never read the Sherlock Holmes stories, nor has he seen the new episode…all he’s seen are the preview clips shown on TV. The suits had better get the team back on track, fast.

      • Anne says:

        Aren’t we glad the writers don’t write for people like your husband? I’d rather they not pander to a small, vocal fan group who want things to always stay the same. That’s so boring.

        • Grey says:

          I don’t believe in pandering either and I don’t believe that’s what the majority of fans are saying. Just because the writers come up with a new idea or twist doesn’t make it right or, more to the point, entertaining. I like for characters to grow and evolve but a dumb idea, imo, is a dumb idea. And how do you know exactly that it’s a “small, vocal fan group?” Apparently it’s not otherwise the ratings wouldn’t be on the continuous slide they’re on. I think (my opinion) that this new story line is just going to continue that decline. But we’ll see. The proof is in the pudding as they say. Maybe viewers/fans will latch on to this new twist once they’ve seen it in action. But for me this new dynamic/twist isn’t making me eager to watch the show again and they had already pretty much lost me as a regular viewer by the end of last season.

        • Radha says:

          The show is about Sherlock and Watson and that is who I want to see working together. Sherlock and Watson have always been a team and I don’t like that the writers are messing that pairing up. I’d rather they have Sherlock and Watson work through the issues rather than bringing in a new character to “stir the pot”.

    • matilda says:

      I agree with your accessment 100%. The networks are famous for taking a really, really good show and totally screwing it up. This was one of my favorite shows and now it will be a different show altogether. I hope this is not another screw up. Stop trying to make a good show “better”.

    • Mitra says:

      The few rare moments of real drama Elementary style was when Watson and Sherlock meet up in the Browstone, all dark, mysterious and everything covered in plastic sheets. When Watson asks him why he came back to NY, the chemistry between them was palpable. It really does take two great actors to create such a brief moment of pure drama. Well done JLM and LL.

    • Sandy Lynn says:

      I have seen the first few of this new season, and totally agree- why do they always mess with what works.

    • Eileen says:

      I agree.

    • Eileen says:

      I find the addition of Kitty annoying at best. I’m beginning to find what used to be one of my favorite shows not so much.

    • Lloyd Hooten says:

      That is so true. Look at the shows,” Revolution”, “Dark Angel” and so on. You go from one plot to another. It just isnt fair.

    • Lloyd Hooten says:

      That is so true. One show was Revolution which I liked very much and they changed their format and went off the air. Bummer

  2. Badpenny says:

    There is nothing in this new story that interests me at all. I will give it 3 episodes to keep me, but if not I have no problem moving on. There is plenty to watch on Thursdays.

    • prish says:

      I am looking forward to it, since I read the original story, “The Adventure of the Illustrious Client”. It was daring for its time. Doyle was, obviously, commenting on a prevailing attitude. There might be something to Sherlock bringing Kitty into Joan’s life, someway to help Kitty.

    • Sandy Lynn says:

      I agree, but I so loved the show!

  3. Boiler says:

    I really look forward to the show. If they are split so be it but I can’t believe this is permanent. Lucy Liu and Jonny lee Miller are fun to watch

  4. James Price says:

    Ophelia Lovibond is now in Sherlock. Is that enough reason for me to start watching again?

    I think it may well be.

  5. Penn says:

    I’m really not interested in this scenario at all. I enjoyed Sherlock and Joan always being in close proximity. It was more interesting that way.

  6. dman6015 says:

    Big risk splitting up Holmes and Watson. The only thing that came close in the original stories is that Watson fell in love and got married. So even though it’s a distraction, it didn’t change their partnership.

  7. Tali says:

    I like the sound of this storyline. It mixes things up and should leave the door open for a great story arc to Joan and Sherlock teaming again. I’ve enjoed this series so far and have faith in the writers ability to bring about change without losing what made the show great in the first place. So excited for the premiere tonight!

  8. Gail says:

    The reason I watch is the Sherlock/Watson theme; wasn’t sure at first how I would like having a female Watson, but it did work, even though I didn’t like Lucy Liu’s character. She just didn’t do it for me in this series. I do like the character now. Just like one of the comments below, I’ll give it a few episodes to see how it goes, I can always change my TV channel

  9. Grey says:

    I was going to ask if I was the only one not the least bit interested in this new protégé nonsense but apparently I’m not. :-| What are they doing?! [Sigh]

    I have to get up really early for work (4:30 AM) but if a show is a favorite I’ll make an effort to watch it live instead of delayed. “Elementary” *use to be* one of those shows but honestly, after reading this when 10PM rolls around tonight if I’m tired I’m going to bed. And I seriously doubt I’ll be watching this delayed either.

    Oh well, at least the first couple of seasons were enjoyable.

  10. Coal says:

    Good on the writers for telling their story their own way. If the story telling was left up to some of the fans Watson and Holmes quit being investigators and declare their undying love for each and each episode would be about exploring their romance.

    • Radha says:

      Just because people are annoyed they are splitting up S & W, does not automatically mean it’s because we want them together as a couple. I want them together because they are a classic iconic pairing. They started screwing up their dynamic last season and it seems that the writers are still all about that nonsense this season. We’ll see.

  11. Tonya says:

    I just finished watching the first episode of season 3. And it was the most awful hour I’ve spent watching tv in a long time. Joan has turned into a snotty b**ch. the dynamic is gone and I don’t want to waste anymore time or energy on this show. Too bad, because it was awesome for two seasons and I was so excited for it’s return. Oh well.. Onward.

  12. PamH says:

    The magic of this show for me was the relationship between Holmes and Watson – their friendship and their respect for each other. The dialog and chemistry between them was so engaging. Joan and the actress are not charasmatic enough to carry a large part of the storyline on her own. I found those parts tonight rather boring actually. And previously, I loved the concept of Joan helping him with his drug addiction – going to meetings with him, encouraging him, etc. And how he tried so hard to help rid her of her demons. A true friendship and partnership. From what we saw of Kitty tonight, that dynamic is not going to be duplicated. Anyway I hate being negative but I’m feeling frustrated. I don’t mind when a show makes some changes – in fact, that can be a good thing. But they have changed the very crux of the show – for me anyway. I think it’s a mistake and I think the ratings will reflect that. It will be interesting to see if I’m right or not.

  13. cats says:

    I agree with everyone the story of Sherlock and Watson has always been them as a team not all this other nonsense. I watched last night and it was horrible. I am done will watch something else they spoiled the Sherlock and Holmes story. I stopped watching other shows for the reason the are dumb. If they have to bring crazy ideas they are not good writers

  14. I am looking forward to the new episodes of Elementary it will be interesting to see how it all pans out it needed a little zing to it

  15. snip411 says:

    I agree. I don’t think this new story line will fly. The writers should just keep writing more mysterious for Sherlock and Watson to solve. When it gets to into the characters it starts going down hill and the series don’t last. ie; E.R. House.

  16. Mitra says:

    The few rare moments of real drama Elementary style was when Watson and Sherlock meet up in the Browstone, all dark, mysterious and everything covered in plastic sheets. When Watson asks him why he came back to NY, the chemistry between them was palpable. It really does take two great actors to create such a brief moment of pure drama. Well done JLM and LL.

  17. Marlene says:

    Why tamper with a great combination. I’m really not thrilled with “kitty.” Sherlock and Watson have a charisma that can’t be duplicated. Their scenes in the brownstone were the best part of the show.

  18. Ann says:

    Why mess with a great show? The first episode of Season three wasn’t worth watching! Get rid of Kitty and get back to the dynamics that we all love – Sherlock & Watson.

  19. victory says:

    love elementary….but they introduced a new girl…..bad bad bad choice….lost it’s magnetism….lost it’s appeal….too scattered now…..where have the good writers gone…..please have the new girl leave to take care of her aging grandmother…..it’s an insult to lucy liu…..she is splitting image of the famous nefertiti statue, and great actress…..how dare they upstage her!!!

    • Brian says:

      Sad need to get rid of kitty killing a good show

      • Mitra says:

        Elementary will always be somehow a “marginal” show because of its stance on social issues, because of the pace and the dialogues which are exceptionally “un-cliché” and openly critical of the status quo in America, such as domestic terrorism as opposed to always Islamic terrorists (episode about anthrax), addiction, rape and above all the need for social cohesion which this show has repeatedly shown to have a firm commitment to. So, I wonder to what extent the introduction of a young and wild East-Londoner who has had a “damaged past” will be yet another way of Elementary putting forward social issues with regards to young women from a less affluent background being duped by the older men from the upper class. Kitty, in the canon was badly abused by a German count. In Elementary, Kitty, clearly an East-Londoner, has a working class accent, very different from that of Sherlock’s. Surely, there is something intriguing in that which I’m sure the Elementary writers have worked on and which is an ample enough reason to trust them and go on supporting the show. For those who miss Watson, don’t fret, Watson will be back in a big way after Kitty because that’s in the canon and Elementary will never break away completely from the original stories.

  20. DeeDee says:

    We’re now on Episode four of season three… and I find nothing interesting let alone compelling, about “kitty”… Is this just a really bad pandering to the idea that Lucy Liu is no longer in her twenties? Anyway… Kitty is just a horrible idea, poorly executed.
    Elementary was one of my favorite shows the first two seasons. They need to kill off the Kitty character and resume the classical idea of Holmes and Watson being best friends as well as colleagues. I suspect I’m not the only fan who will stop watching before this season goes much farther. A shame really.

    • Mitra says:

      Episode 4 of season 3 was the best that Elementary writers have produced so far. What a brilliant idea to have Artificial Intelligence on one side and Sherlock whose intelligence is believed to be somehow superhuman on the other. The philosophical debate of whether Sherlock’s genius makes him out to be an “automaton” with no sense of ethics or morals is the pivotal question. Sherlock’s interaction with Bella the computer is compelling and moving. For the first time he refers to his mother and in the same light as Irene and Watson, he speaks about love, but only in an empty room and with the lilac -dressed Bella the computer doll. A very moving episode, brilliant performance by Jonny Lee a Miller as usual and the finishing touch was Michael Cristofer’s husky voice at the end, deconstructing Sherlock. Absolutely brilliant!

  21. joe says:

    Lucy Liu is a terrible actress, always has been,always will be. I hope they phase her off the show.

  22. Debra Stone says:

    Get rid of Kitty I liked the show the way it was she NEEDS TO GO

  23. Tony says:

    The writers of the great show Elementary have totally missed the mark by introducing the character “Kitty” to the show and have screwed up the chemistry bewteen Holmes and Watson. I for one will stop watching the show and have deleted it from my TIVO programming. What is missing is the interaction between the main characters of the show that are now left on the sidelines as an afterthought. Get rid of Kitty by killing her off, the sooner the better.

    • Mitra says:

      Episode 4 of this season was fantastic! For the first time Sherlock speaks of his love for his mother, Irene and Watson. For the first time too, he speaks to Watson about how much they mean to each other and for once Watson tells him she wishes to hug him. All that because of a doll Bella whom Sherlock thinks has maybe the answers, including to what Love is. Finally, our dear Sherlock, beautifully acted by JLM as usual, struggles with his acute sense of justice and the great Micheal Cristofer challenges him by putting him in a position where he and we would want to know once and for all whether the genius of Sherlock is of a man or of an automaton! Bella is yet another female, albeit a doll who will have an important role with him in that she forces him to ask himself this question. Brilliant writing, acting and everything else! Kitty stops being annoying as well.

      • Mitra says:

        After Watson moved out of Brownstone, it was important for Sherlock to have a permanent companion there in so far as the balancing of empty times and spaces were concerned in the storyline and the scenes. Kitty was a perfect solution to this, because she already existed in the canon, she has an intriguing past and she was in London. It’s also normal from the point of view of the writers NOT to make this new brownstone companion of Sherlock’s a repeat of Watson/Sherlock. So, kitty’s age, wild manners and even her annoying interaction with everyone is absolutely necessary in that she needs to slowly find her own place with Sherlock and Watson, as though they were her foster parents. On the contrary, it was thanks to Kitty that Sherlock felt secure and comfortable enough to express his bond with Watson in episode 4. Kitty serves a purpose and that is what is allowing Sherlock to feel needed emotionally, now that Watson has her own life. Kitty is where Sherlock was before Watson came into his life. Let’s see how Watson can rehabilitate Kitty too and if indeed Sherlock is capable of becoming ever closer to Watson via their shared interest in helping Kitty get over her traumatic past. Surely, all this is good. Isn’t it ? Stop moaning and get on with supporting this intelligent and insightful show !

  24. Iron Duke says:

    The thing I dont like about this show is Sherlock is hard to understand. Speak up for crying out loud. I am sure they taught you voice projection at your drama class. Lets see more of Lucy Liu.

  25. Shelly says:

    I am watching tonight’s “Elementary”. I am probably going to stop watching after tonight. They sent Joan off with her boyfriend. I much rather watch the work of Joan and Watson than this rather shallow story line that they have developed with his new partner. The acting doesn’t have the depth and the story line is weak. I agree with others who have written. I do not watch much television anymore….and this will continue.

  26. Kendra says:

    Get rid of kitty she’s ruining the show

    • Eileen Lou says:

      Kitty is a drag on the show. I don’t enjoy the series as much with her in it. I’m still watching for now, but ….

  27. Norah says:

    I have to say this new relationship between Joan and Sherlock is extremely annoying. Are we to believe that Joan is equal to Sherlock in her detecting abilities. Come on it changes the whole Sherlock persona that fans have loved for ever. It doesn’t bother me that Watson is a woman but now she is appearing to be equal to Sherlock or even superior at times. I don’t like it and can see many fans becoming frustrated with this. Remember what we love about Sherlock. His ability to surprise others with his unique abilities. Remember what we love about Watson. His/her devoted loyalty to Sherlock and amusing frustration with his arrogance and then admiration and awe of his abilities. Stop making Watson sherlocks competition and nemesis

    • Mitra says:

      Unfortunately, I think Norah is right to some extent. Elementary writers need to shift the the balance of power more towards Sherlock and less towards Watson and Kitty. I suppose, a show like this, being in the US and all will have to maintain the hardline ‘feminist’ stance, otherwise it will be branded as sexist. Watson is also appearing more and more in a “bad mood” with Sherlock, no matter what he does. This is also quite unpleasant, because the canonic playful and warm friendship between the two is far more exciting than this constant attitude of Warson playing ” la grande dame”! In this season, the writers have to make up their minds whether their Sherlock Holmes story is about Watson and her moods, Kity and her past, however interesting that may be, or about the legendary Sherlock and how his genius shines in solving the unsolvable cases. I would opt for the latter, simply because the show actually revolves around the first rate acting skills of Jonny Lee Miller and his charisma. Without him the show would be a mediocre one, so why not give HIM the trump cards and not constantly play into the sort of political correctness that justifies Watson’s disprportitionate importance in the show?

  28. charmaine says:

    Don’t like the new Protégé for Sherlock. It is upsetting the whole series and I can see it bring dropped very soon. It has become boring and am not watching the show as much as much asd I use to. Too bad, it was so good with just the two lead stars and an interferring brother.

  29. missiris says:

    I have stopped watching. Goodbye.

  30. Arthur Pepper says:

    As of latest episode, it appears Kitty has left the show for England. Any late confirmatory word on this? I’ll be sorry to see her go for good.

  31. J Sallows says:

    Drop the rich accents spoken/mumbled rapidly, or insist on better diction! Please!