The Flash Recap: Cool, Cool, Cool

This week on The CW’s The Flash, a warm visit from Felicity could barely offset the cold reception Barry got from a new nemesis.

This episode, as the headline suggests, was cool for three reasons.

Felicity crossed over from Arrow to check in on her lightning-struck, once-comatose friend Barry, sure, but also to obviously see if their “spark” was still there, or if it ever was. This made all the sense in the world given the “break-up” Felicity and Oliver went through in the other show’s season opener, that she would test the waters to see if Barry was in fact The One. Instead, they sat there on the train toward the end, laughing at themselves for being perfect for each other yet pining for someone they can’t have. “Opposites attract” and all. So as improbable as it is that Barry would leave things with the “remarkable” Ms. Smoak (as Wells aptly put it) at just a goodbye kiss, doing so frees Flash fans to further buy into the Barry/Iris thing. Theoretically. Polls!

That Felicity during her visit got to talk semi-freely with the S.T.A.R. Labs peeps about her own role in another superhero business was simply awesome, both in how we saw the likes of Cisco fanboy over The Arrow and in how Ms. Smoak was able to pass along some knowledge as well as helpful hacks. (The argument she made to Barry about Team Arrow evolving one by one, whereas The Flash’s crew was thrust together overnight, was spot-on and delineated for the viewer the different ‘tween the two.) That said, I for one am not entirely OK with the mysterious Dr. Wells likely having deduced the Arrow’s identity, but we’ll give him some rope for now.

After three weeks of one-off villains, the introduction of “Captain Cold” (a far better name than Leonard Snart) was executed perfectly, both in the casting and the plotting. Wentworth Miller’s “Blue Steel” Flash Captain Coldgaze suits the character well, and the tag at the end — in which Snart allies with Mick Rory aka Heat Wave, to be played in Episode 10 by fellow Prison Breaker Dominic Purcell, was the stuff geeky goosebumps are made of. It’s gonna be a long six weeks or so.

Elsewhere in the episode, what started off as a groan-worthy B-story about Joe’s feelings on the Iris/Eddie matter wound up packing some emotional punch, as the grizzled detective explained the burden he now has watching over his partner, knowing how difficult it would be for he and his daughter to look at each other should something bad ever happen to Eddie. With that established — and Joe having basically given his endorsement of the man who saved his life during a Captain Cold confrontation — I can’t imagine that plotline will take up much more oxygen moving forward, unless Eddie gets jelly of Iris’ fixation with the “red streak.”


* “What do you think about ‘The Fla–‘”

* “I want to see it. And by it, i mean your speed. In case you thought I was talking about something else. Which I wasn’t.”

* “Let’s just say that my team has a similar set-up… but with more pointy objects.”

* “And I’m talking to air now. Which is odd. And I’m still doing it.”

* “Believe me, it took much more than watching Oliver do the salmon ladder to get me to trust him.”

* “when it comes to hacking, I’m the fastest woman alive!”

* And the big oops: “If i had a nickel for every time the Arrow told me to back off, I’d be as rich as Oliver Queen. Who I mention only because he’s the richest person I know. Or used to be.”

What did you think of Felicity’s visit to The Flash and the introduction of Captain Cold?

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  1. Et al says:

    When did Wentworth get hot again?

  2. Lysh says:

    Great episode. I totally love the crossover and now I can’t wait even more for the Arrow/Flash crossover.
    Wentworth gave a very…chilling performance. He was perfect.

  3. BrittBrat says:

    Felicity has some great clothes!!! That dress with the cutouts was cute too!

  4. StephonJS says:

    Captain Cold was too cool (no pun intended). I hope Whitworth stays around for YEARS to come.
    This episode was as good as the pilot. I’m loving the special effects and acting is great.
    Felicity and Barry together too cute. Felicity need to drop Ollie from her heart and mind and focus on Barry.

    • Briggs says:

      Per their conversation, Barry is still hung up on Iris, as well. So it really should go for both of them if they’re actually going to make a go of it.

    • That’d be terrible for her, as long as Barry is hung up on Iris.
      Now, if he got over the Valley Girl AND Felicity moved on past Oliver “Sister Swap” Queen, THEN it might work. ;)

      • mallah says:

        In the comics it took a long time for Iris to come around to Barry. That should be explored here in this show also. This incessant need to have unrequited love in a show, in just about every show on television these days is getting old. Let Barry date others…in fact I would love to see what would happen if he dated Caitlin after her mourning isn’t so stark anymore. Being hung up on someone is just…tiresome.

    • herman1959 says:

      Ditto. I know we can’t see Captain Cool every week but I hope he comes back with (with “Mick”) VERY SOON. Also, don’t cross Dr. Wells…just ask Cisco.!

  5. Bwhit says:

    This is the first time when I’ve watched a show like this that I wanted MORE of the villian. It’s not just because I like Wentworth Miller, it is because of how perfect he played the role. I can’t wait to see more Captain Cold! I love Felicity and Barry’s chemistry too.

    • I want to see more of Captain Cold only if they can improve on this terrible introduction and they did have great chemistry, I can tell because every character, besides the couple themselves, and their mother couldn’t shut up about it.

      • Briggs says:

        You make the same kind of comments on Arrow articles. If you aren’t enjoying either show, why are you still watching? Do you just want to make sure we have enough negative comments to ‘balance’ out the positive?
        And don’t tell me not to tell you to quit watching. I haven’t, for one. For another, if I don’t enjoy a show, I stop watching. And commenting. I don’t know why others choose to waste their time in this manner. It’s not like the EPs of any show visit these comments sections…

  6. mdbchud says:

    The show gets better each week. Loved the cross over. Is there ANYONE Felicity doesn’t have chemistry with?? Wish she could be on both shows!!

  7. Rex says:

    Iris…still not interesting….

    • Bwhit says:

      This! I have tried to like her but it isn’t happening.

      • aura says:

        She doesn’t have a real storyline yet. That’s the problem.

        • Chia says:

          She has the most important storyline. The thing is people who haven’t read the comic books don’t know yet.

        • theangelgirl says:

          We are only at four episodes. Her story line will be more prominent as we go further in the show. She is the female lead. To suggest she won’t have a story line is ridiculous.

        • She has storylines. What she doesn’t have is a personality or anything that says she even likes or understands Barry. They really need to do something with her and fast, but when you put her next to Felicity, even “opposites” attract is a crap explanation for liking a girl who doesn’t understand half of what you say and can’t be bothered to even try to get you. I can’t root for that. Felicity belongs on Arrow fine, but she exposed some glaring flaws in Iris as a character and as a primary love interest.

          • becca says:

            And yet, you all don’t make the same assessment of Oliver and Felicity, two people who have absolutely nothing in common outside of the Arrow stuff. Felicity and Oliver wouldn’t even be friends and he doesn’t really “get her” either, and yet fans rooted for that pairing from the first time he went to her because he needed her to repair a laptop.

            I think it’s very suspect that “fans” are so quick to write off Iris, especially when she DOES understand Barry and supports him unconditionally. She doesn’t get his passion for science, but that doesn’t prevent her from going to see scientific demonstrations with him, does it? She’s his friends, and not every friend is exactly like you and likes the same thing. It’s unbelievable that people would even think that’s how friendship works. It doesn’t. There’s trust and mutual respect there.

            If you can accept opposites like Oliver and Felicity becoming an item, why are you so hard pressed about Iris and Barry?

          • Nicky says:

            Wow. Iris has zero personality? What show are you watching?

            “Anything that says she likes or understands Barry.” In case you missed the actual dialogue in the episode, or the dialogue in the pilot, or the dialogue in any episode really, Iris keeps telling Barry what an amazing guy he is. In each one, you’ll see her say something great about him, which is the main reason why she insisted so much to have him ask Felicity out. Felicity saw him as great, and that’s what Iris wants for him.

            What she doesn’t “understand” of Barry is his science language. How rare, right? How ‘unspeakable’ for a person who is smart but not GENIUS level of smart that Barry is, to not understand science without explanation?? How dare she be a nice, delightful girl? As if, if you had someone of your friends or family talk science to you, you wouldn’t be like “hey I love you but I don’t get you, so tone it down to average English level.” You all act like this isn’t something /any/ normal person would do or act like.

            “Iris’ flaws”? Really? What are her flaws? That she was friendly with Felicity and didn’t try to poke her eyes out like we’re used to on TV? That she tried to reconnect with her father and once he explained to her what his problem was, she went there to apologize not once, but twice? That she’s not gonna end her relationship with the guy she’s falling for just because her father asked so? No. Your problem is that Iris isn’t some chick to pine for Barry since the pilot, your problem is that /he/ is the one pining for her. If it was the reverse, you’d all be voting for her as ‘the girl who dreams to get the hero.’ But that’s crap. Those two grew up together. Iris has NO IDEA that Barry has loved her for all of his life. She thinks he sees her as a best friend. So what does she do? She does her best to help him be happy and be with a girl as incredible as Felicity. You’re gonna hate her for being oblivious to the fact that a guy has feelings for her? Then the problem is yours; not Iris’, not the writer’s.

            Being right for someone isn’t a list of commons.

          • Ty says:

            Captain obvious here but, look at the poll results, what you are seeing is the tendency for people to react more coldly towards interracial pairings. Yes, there I said it. The numbers don’t lie.

            I agree with the general point that the Iris story line is the least interesting so far, but I felt the same about the laurel story line and the thea story line before things got more interesting.

    • This is true.
      BUT she wasn’t ANNOYING this week — which is a first.
      That’s improvement.

    • Iris (in this show) is a bunch of stereotypes from many superhero shows piling together:

      * She’s one more of many superhero heroines that were dabbling in journalism-reporting field. I really don’t know why many superhero writers love their heroines to be a journalist/reporter lol.
      *Point 1 makes her do the next stereotype, which is interested and then investigate about the mysterious superhero (she even said her instinct already told her it’s a guy! Lo and behold!).
      *Actually I wouldn’t mind that, IF ONLY Iris hadn’t had one more tiring recycled attribute, which is the main hero’s childhood/long-time acquaintance-turned-love interest *rolling my eyes*.
      *Still, I’ll probably be OK if they play with their dynamics so that it feels fresher and a bit different than others, but so far Barry-Iris’ and also Barry-Iris-Eddie dynamics are nothing new to me. She’s boring, the chemistry lacked, and I’m bored.

      As much as I like Barry-Caitlin, be it their characters, chemistry, and interactions; I’m afraid it can’t be done. Yes, Barry-Iris is not as “fixed” as, say, Louise-Clark or Mary Jane-Spidey, but they also canon enough that the writers probably won’t dare to do something like “Arrow”, with Oliver and Felicity. Not to mention Flash also had that confusing time travel plot and characters from the future like Professor Zoom (Eddie?) that tied with Iris’ fate tightly, so it’ll be really difficult to discard her as Barry’s love interest.

      • Shreya says:

        To say that Iris and Barry aren’t as “fixed” as Clois/PP and MJ is totally wrong.
        They have one of the most STABILE romantic relationships in comics history.
        Iris Allen is the queen of the Flash family; she not only marries Barry, but is also the mother of the Tornado Twins aka. Don and Dawn – and grandmother to Bart Allen aka Impulse. So the entire DC speedster universe basically relies on WestAllen boning ;)

        • Your comment is actually NOT helping Iris’ popularity at all, imo. It instead giving more glaring proof that Iris is just there as love interest, superhero breeds and nothing more. Instead of being convinced, I instead have impression that she even less interesting that I’ve already thought.

          • *breeders, sorry typo.

            The thing is, character like Iris (in the 2014 TV) could probably be easily accepted and popular back when the comic books and her character was still newly created, and not many superhero shows made. But as time goes by, and many superhero shows (and shows in general) have been produced with their own evolving heroines’ personalities throughout the years, giving the heroine the bunch of stereotypes like they’re doing now with iris is not a good idea, makes her and her interactions boring, stale, and feels nothing new in the table.

          • Shreya says:

            Oh, you are more than free to dislike the character Iris West. I really, really don’t care that you, or any other human being on this earth, don’t find her compelling at all. You were just so wrong about WestAllen not being as “fixed” – as you put it, since there obviously is circa 70 years of comics history to prove otherwise.

            But I am curious, what is so wrong with a female character’s main plotline being a love interest?
            Almost every major superhero has that one girl, that one true love, who makes them who they are. Barry Allen wouldn’t be the Barry Allen/Flash he is without Iris and vice versa. They are a part of each others identities.

            I for one absolutely LOVE that Iris West is a bubbly, happy-go-lucky girl who just has a really nice personality, whilst still having that bitchy sorta attitude :) She loves coffee, she loves to blog, she’s extremely curious, and she just wants whats best for Barry. + The way Grant smiles and looks at her in every scene they have together, just spells chemistry to me!! ;)

            Besides, at Paley Fest in an interview, EP Andrew Kreisberg said that The Flash, when it comes down to it, really is a story about a boy who loves a girl. :)

          • C121592 says:

            The show is four episodes long. Good grief. Unlike Felicity, she has a back story. Felicity, when they don’t have her moping/focusing on Oliver, is a blank slate. She can be whatever the writers want her to be. Iris, can me modified, but in the end, she is going to mesh with the comics. That’s just how it is. Give the character a chance. I like that she is normal, smart, and beautiful. She gets and loves Barry. She’s just not IN love.

        • S says:

          I haven’t read the comics, so ur comment is a major spoiler for me lol but just wanted to say thank u! I was afraid they weren’t gonna get together.That they’d stay in this brotherly/sisterly kind of relationship. They have SUCH great chemistry. I love seeing them together. And I LOVE Iris. She’s been an amazing friend to Barry (srsly, the nerdy outings she’s gone to for Barry? pure love and devotion! lol). She’s sweet, she’s strong, she’s smart, I love her. And I can’t wait for Eddie to leave the love triangle but I’m guessing that’s gonna take a while sigh.

          • Lena says:

            Unfortunately, people started hating Iris before the show started, which lets me know more is behind this dislike. As soon as Candice was announced as Iris, tons of anti-Iris comments started popping up around the net. It didn’t matter that people didn’t know what she would be like on the show. They had an automatic dislike for her. And that is when it became really obvious what was happening. In 2014, the CW audience exhibits the ignorance we still have to deal with in society. Iris is a happy, loyal, trusting friend to Barry and people will find any … excuse in the book to hate her. In fact, tons of Caitlin/Barry fans made statements like, “Caitlin LOOKS more like Iris.” or “Barry and Caitlin LOOK like a better couple.” It was all about race and for some fans, it still is.

      • THIS. THIS. You’ve pretty much summed up what’s in my mind too. Could not’ve phrase it better myself.

        I don’t care she cares for Barry or not, suitable for Barry or not. Nice gal or not. Doesn’t change that she is just… plain…. bore. TV Tropes will feast on her character gladly lol. And don’t you dare to put race matter here. Many ppl will still find her boring even if her actress is the whitest woman in the world.

    • Trish says:

      But I like Iris. She’s a sweetie. And she’s a sista. Therefore she gets a chance with me automatically. Yep, that’s right, she gets a free pass card. Don’t care.

      • Brigid says:

        Candace can act and she is just stunningly beautiful. Iris is awesome! Her character is fun, vibrant and smart. Her and Barry have a ton of chemistry and I smile whenever they are together in a scene. Have they even interacted with each other that much? I haven’t seen anything between Barry and Caitlin and think people just voted for her because she is a science geek.

      • C121592 says:

        HAHA! You took the words right out of my mouth. I don’t understand why everyone wants her all over Barry. Let the love grow. People whine about independent women. Well, Iris is exactly that. Independent/ Strong = Boring now? Uhhh, NO.

    • C121592 says:

      That’s how I feel about Caitlin. That said, the show is four episodes old. They are building characters. It way too early to write anyone off.

    • mallah says:

      What is your definition of ”interesting”? That she doesn’t have ”goo-goo’ eyes at Barry? She’s works, she’s blogs, she’s curious, she’s caring, she’s intelligent? If she had a superpower would she be ”interesting”? Maybe with that power, she could like change her color? Would that make her more ”interesting”?

  8. aura says:

    Caitlin is winning!!!!!

  9. Azerty says:

    Great episode!

    • Azerty says:

      Mh is that normal that my other email adress doesn’t allow me to comment? It hasn’t been working for a while now! Anyway I was saying that even Reverse Flash will probably be the main villain of the show, I would love to have Wenthworth Miller as a regular. Can’t wait for the Prison Break reunion with Dominic Purcell.

  10. George Kon says:

    whats up with HG Wells …. The creep factor is off the charts

  11. Luli says:

    Lately, I’ve been enjoying The Flash much more than Arrow…

    btw SnowBarry!

  12. Drew says:

    I really enjoyed this episode. I wish there was a way that Felicity could be a regular on both show. I forgot how much fun she can be when she’s not caught up in the romantic stuff.

  13. GildedRose says:

    Loved seeing Felicity cross to Central City. I’d never watched Flash before. It was fun. Glad she’ll be heading home to Starling, though. As for the chem question, definitely Oliver and Felicity for romantic chem.

  14. Briggs says:

    Balicity was adorable, though Cisco is still cuter, even when he looks like a kicked puppy. Poor guy, he only wanted to do what was right.
    Another quote that really should be listed: “…and nerdrage. Lots of nerdrage.” Actually, the entire internet quote, but that part I loved the most.
    Joe and Iris were wonderful, I love watching a healthy daddy-daughter relationship.
    Eddie stinking at trivia was it’s own kind of adorable. E=MC Hammer for the win!
    Harrison Wells got downright scary in this episode. Now Caitlin and Cisco wanting to step lightly around him in previous eps makes sense. I was surprised they showed that side around other chars and not just in an end credits scene, Which, BTW, a little disappointed we didn’t get one, but I guess that’s okay. That can probably get a little tedious
    In reference to the poll up above: Can we wait until Caitlin has grieved before we pair her up with someone else? I’m well aware that it’s been over 9 months, but it was obvious last week that she was still hurting. Not only that, but… Ronnie isn’t dead… awkward…
    I thanked the TV for that goodbye kiss. Is that weird?
    The villain was very scary. I actually feared for Barry, that’s how scary he was. Can’t wait for him to return.
    The LED vacuum cleaner was awesome. I loved that part.
    I laughed out loud more than once. Can we get more of this in future eps?

    • I think the introduction of Heat Wave was the ‘after episode scene’ this time.

      Re: thanks for that kiss, I was silently thanking the writers for doing that, so no. ;) Not weird.

      The Flash definitely seems better equipped to handle louder, ribald humor, and puns, and all kinda funny stuff. I hope it always stays lighter and brighter than Arrow.

      • Briggs says:

        You’re right, I was actually referring to a Harrison Wells end scene, but that does count. I think I’d be more excited if I were a fan of the comics, or Prison Break, or both, but it is pretty cool. I think Harrison has me hooked on the future stuff…

    • 222 says:

      This is television….time is an illusion!

  15. Patrick Maloney says:

    Way to ruin an episode with your everywoman nerdiness, Felicity, but you weren’t what was wrong with the episode because I still don’t understand how the show could possibly destroy such a fantastic villain.

  16. Eliza says:

    Great episode. Loved Wentworth Miller.
    Oh, and….Oliver, Barry & Ray — not too shabby, Felicity :) Not too shabby at all (wouldn’t mind having these guys care about me)….

  17. Ashley says:

    This episode was really great, but all of the Flash episodes have been pretty good so far, although I still prefer Arrow. Barry and Caitlin have no chemistry that I can see. It’s clear they are just friends, and she is still very much in love with Ronnie, who is obviously not actually dead. Not a spoiler since I don’t read comics, but it’s obvious (and Ronnie & Caitlin have lots of chemistry). Barry and Iris would be very cute together. While Felicity and Oliver are obviously meant to be. Olicity all the way!

    • Not seeing how Barry and Iris would be cute.

    • brenna says:

      I agree with you completely!

    • Nicky says:

      Couldn’t have said it better myself. Barry and Iris have a magical relationship. It’s heartbreaking how he’s forced to lie to her for Joe’s sake. It will take a while before WestAllen takes off romantically, but a slowburn is what we’re here for ;)
      Barry and Caitlin: Great friendship, not a drop of romantic chemistry. They just don’t fit.

      And of course, the love of my life: Olicity! <3

  18. Chay-Chay says:

    Loved it! I think Felicity Smoak’s dynamics fit in quite well with team Flash. It was a well rounded episode and I think of all the villains we’ve dealt with on a weekly basis thus far, Captain Cold is my favorite. I love the way the writers/producers tied up loose ends with Barricity. It all felt like a natural progression. Loved how Dr Wells knows so much about Felicity and how he’s very interested in her because if her intellect. All in all I was very pleased with this episode. It was everything I wanted and more.

  19. Lou says:

    Fantastic episode and once again Felicity rules everything. Loved her and Barry even though I don’t ship it or anything. They are going to be great friends and can’t wait to see them meet up again in the crossover. Loved all the Olicity undertones too. Wow. Also they really need to do something with Iris soon because I’m finding her pretty boring so far. I think she needs to be told the secret soon. Wentworth Miller was brilliant!

  20. A says:

    I loved it! Felicity was awesome and Wentworth Miller was super cool. Felicity (Emily) is just one of those people who happen to have major chemistry with everyone :)

  21. Atiporn Vinaikosol says:

    Fabulous cross-over. Felicity rocks as she always does. Yep, and Wentworth, I am also his fan!!!

  22. Foshi says:

    I came for the Felicity and stayed for the Olicity. Seriously, more in this episode than the last two of Arrow. The Flash may be growing on me but I’m still finding several of the characters one dimensional. Please do something about Iris cuz right now I’m bored when she’s on screen and I want to like her.

  23. Amber says:

    More Oliver/Felicity in The Flash then we got in Arrow last week. lol

    Here is hoping Oliver feels Felicity absence as much as she felt his.

    Great episode. Felicity and Barry need to be friends forever. I loved the pacing of episode. Character moments and action and nothing felt rushed or overwhelming. Arrow should take notes.

  24. Belle says:

    Loved Felicity on Flash. There is a battle in my house. My husband wants Felicity on Flash (his preferred show) and I want her to stay on Arrow (my show). But I really enjoyed Flash, so uh oh, new show to watch for me.

  25. Mary says:

    Hmm. So Felicity had most of the best lines.

  26. G. says:

    The kiss at the end was wonderful. I’m glad they did it, both because they both got to see what that future they’re not taking would be like … and because it’ll help them close the book.

    This was a pretty nice episode: no time wasted on meaningless flashbacks, and an overall very light and basic crime of the week, allowing for a lot more time to develop the team (via Felicity) and Captain Cold.

    Oh, and Iris was not annoying this week, so yay!

  27. jules says:

    Great episode with Wentworth, he is so easy on the eyes. Iris is one lucky beautiful girl, she has two good looking men in love with her and she oozes chemistry with both of them. I really enjoyed that scene with her and her dad (the amazing J. Martin) regarding the silent treatment he was giving her, I had a feeling that was the main reason.

    • Iris is far more likeable, FAR more than anywhere else, when in scenes with Joe.
      The problem is, she has to have scenes with everyone else. And those aren’t working very well at all.

      • Briggs says:

        *sigh* I still don’t understand these ‘no chemistry’ arguments. I’m really sure that there *is* chemistry. They practically grew up together, there would have to be. I tried on the Caitlin/Barry ship, and I still don’t see it. They just seem like good friends. And she’s going to need good friends when Ronnie comes back from the dead. So, yeah, confused.

        • Anna says:

          I’m totally for Barry/Iris, partly because Ronnie/Caitlin have awesome chemistry as well. I don’t see it between Caitlin and Barry as well. And Caitlin may be winning in the poll, but Felicity isn’t on this show, so if it were between Caitlin and Iris, the numbers might be different.

          • herman1959 says:

            Thank you, Anna, for reminding people that Felicity is not on this show. And may I add that this was only episode 4 of The Flash; there is plenty of time to develop characters who have just recently been introduced. A lot of Arrow fans seem to be projecting that shows timeframe/dynamic on The Flash. Please let this show roll out in it’s own time and don’t overwhelm it (or The Flash recaps) with your Arrow shipping. Thank you from myself and other new Flash fans who are in agreement.

        • Sure, you can have sibling-like chemistry. Except even that is not on display 80% of the time. You don’t automatically have romantic chemistry with everyone you grow up with. (Also, I can’t stress this one enough: being in love with your foster sibling is mild to moderate creep factor!)

          Iris showed more concern for Barry than in all previous episodes so far, just in the scene at trivia night. Pushing him to be happy. She has generally been very “me me me” in all her scenes with Barry prior to that.

          Here’s the problem: for someone who DID grow up with Barry, I find it very hard to believe that she doesn’t have even the slightest INKLING that he might be carrying a torch for her. Or that they’ve never discussed it. And that she can’t see how he winces every time she kisses Eddie — just as he must have every time she’s had any other boyfriend in her past, unless they’re suggesting Eddie is Iris’ first romance ever. (And let’s face it: she’s way too pretty to have never dated before now.)

          And since I can’t believe any of that … it makes Iris seem EXTREMELY self-absorbed. What I’m confused about is what Barry gains from a relationship … with Iris. I TOTALLY get how he makes her a better person; it’s obvious for all to see. All I’ve seen so far is that she’d have zero effect on him … or make him worse.

          I don’t get the Caitlin/Barry romance angles; it’d be an interesting relationship, but the producers of Arrow/Flash are VERY one-track-mind; It Is Written [TM] that Barry will be with Iris and that Oliver will be with Laurel, so there are No Other Possibilities. So I don’t even consider Barry/Caitlin or Barry/Felicity. They were DOA couplings to begin with.

          But Iris? What does she even bring to the table? How does SHE make Barry better?

          • Briggs says:

            People are dense. They just are. Personal experience talking, both from my own life and from my friends, who have also been in Barry-like situations. It sucks, but it does, in fact, happen.
            As for the sibling angle, it’s not like there’s any resemblance, or that Joe ever treats them as brother/sister. I see it as a non-issue, especially since he was 11 at the time that arrangement started. They grew up in the same house. That doesn’t mean it’s borderline incest.
            Iris helps Barry not take himself too seriously. And, honestly, I don’t know where you get that she’s self-absorbed. She’s never *not* tried to help Barry. If anything, she may be a little *too* involved in his life, though, again, they did grow up together, so I don’t know that there would be such a thing. In fact, the whole reason she went with him to the press conference with Harrison Wells was because it was important to him. That is not the action of someone who is self-absorbed.
            She has a life outside Barry. Is that a crime? She was stressed keeping her relationship a secret from her boss, holds down a full-time job, goes to school (I think?), and has taken it upon herself to follow news on The Streak. She’s not exactly sitting at home eating bon-bons.
            She pushes him, tries to get him to socialize, and tells him that she thinks he’s a great guy, all the time. She’s very supportive, and always has been. She’s part of what anchors Barry. I don’t want to be in the room when she finds out he’s been lying to her, but she’s good for him. Something outside the Flash and police work that ‘forces’ him to have a little fun once in a while, as she sees it (again, because she doesn’t know what he’s really been doing). She reminds him that he’s human. Joe does, too, but as we’ve seen, Barry doesn’t really listen to Joe.

        • C121592 says:

          I’ve said it several times in comments, but there is no Barry/Caitlin chemistry. She’s gorgeous, but so sad. She is only thinking about Ronnie. She and Barry haven’t had a moment where you could see them together. Not once. Heck this was the first episode where she didn’t come off as angry. I actually liked her.

      • I don’t get the hate for Iris in the slightest I’m not sure she could possibly be more likeable she is awesome with Barry,Eddy and her Dad so far plus she doesn’t do Laurel bitch face

      • I don’t think that’s Iris, I think that’s Jesse Martin who is killing it. She is just being the stereotypical contrary daughter character, he is playing the dad with enough panache to overcome her.

  28. Jenny says:

    GREAT episode. I love how light, fresh, fun, quirky this show is.

  29. Joey Padron says:

    Great episode. Wentworth did great as Captain Cold. Felicity did great in the episode. So excited for The Flash and Arrow crossover episodes!

  30. Meg says:

    I loved this episode!! It was by far the best of both the Flash and Arrow has produced yet this year. Felicity really is the best right?! She makes everything better I am sure of it. She and Barry are the cutest thing, too bad they love others. I seriously said Oliver/Ray Palmer who? Thank you DC/CW powers at be for making this awesome sauce Captain Cold/Felicity cross over the best yet. Love these shows.

  31. scotlore says:

    Great episode on The Flash tonight. I was really looking forward to Felicity paying a visit and it was great! I like the chemistry between Barry and Felicity a lot. And she also fits with their team. Perhaps when Arrow eventually ends its run the character will move to Central City. In the meantime I hope there are more visits. Also, a great turn by Wentworth Miller too.

  32. Dan says:

    really? how do Captain Cold’s first four lines said to Heat Wave not count in the favorite quotes, considering we know its Dominic Purcell he’s talking to?

  33. Sheldon W. says:

    I got chills when Snart put on the parka and goggles. (It’s always great when a superhero show gets the details right.)

  34. mupp says:

    I’m in love with Felicity, there is never enough of her on my tv.

  35. MattySi says:

    Didn’t Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller play brothers in Prison Break? It seems fitting that they be cast in another show as characters that team up.

  36. 222 says:

    Where does Barry live?? They still haven’t addressed that yet. I swear if he still lives with Iris then that ship is sunk! They’re already too much like brother and sister, I understood growing up in the same house as kids, but if he still lives with her and is in love with her then that is SUPER CREEPY!!!

  37. Barry and Felicity have way,way more chemistry than olicity ever has fact!

  38. RichCD says:

    Great episode. But when did Felicity and Caitlin have the conversation shown in the recap at the top of the show?

    • Lambsilencer says:

      Yeah, that was a bit misleading when the announcer said “Previously on ‘The Flash'”. That scene was from the “Arrow” episode “The Man Under the Hood”, where Caitlin and Cisco visited Starling City.

  39. Sarah T. says:

    Overall, a great episode. I think The Flash gets consistently better every week. Captain Cold is definitely the best villain they’ve introduced so far and I’m glad he wasn’t captured so he can come back later. Wentworth Miller was perfectly cast.
    Felicity was great on the show too. I agree, she can have chemistry with just about anyone. I thought she did a good job of developing the Iris/Barry plotline as well. I like Iris. I don’t think they’ve had much opportunity to develop her character yet but we’re only 4 episodes in so I think the writers will get there. Grant Gustin is perfect in the role too.
    As a side note, I swear I recognize the music they use when it’s a scene for “The Flash”. Maybe it reminds me of Spiderman (Tobey M. years)? Or maybe the original “Flash” TV show? That’s been years ago though so that’s a long shot.

  40. brenna says:

    This was a great episode, and Matt, you nailed all the reasons why. I began watching Flash because I am an Arrow fan and wanted to see the connections. Can’t wait for the big crossover mid-season finales. I’ve got a feeling they are going to be great. And Felicity is just so fun on both shows. This episode really had the right mixture of funny and serious conversations.

  41. clara54 says:

    Story is unfolding nicely. Felicity should be with Oliver- more chemistry than any of the others, but, it should be a viewer tease. Iris needs to get a clue. The actress should also have her thyroid checked. Sensed a red flag watching her on the screen.

    • herman1959 says:


    • C121592 says:

      Red Flag? WHAT? Why is okay for Felicity to pine over Oliver but Barry can’t pine over Iris. I am really starting to wonder about all this hate.

      • clara54 says:

        Are you obtuse or what? There is NO hate intent. To clarify? Felicity should stay with Oliver because there’s no chemistry with the other actress ( my opinion) Iris should get a clue? Meaning she should pick up on Barry’s feelings! The RED flag in regards to the actress? Several years ago, Oprah had goiter & wasn’t aware of it until a viewer brought it to her attention- the actress playing Iris, appears from my NURSE perspective to have something going on with the thyroid and it’s merely a red flag that in my opinion, the young lady might want to check out- Geez, C121592 get a grip, learn discernment and stop making assumptions, why don’t ya?!

  42. michelle says:

    All but one quote is from felicity

  43. Amy says:

    Great episode. Felicity Smoak is one of my favorite TV characters and she was just brilliant. I loved the capacity in which she was helping team flash. My favorite thing, though, was seeing how she was affected with the whole messy relationship with Oliver. It was heartbreaking, especially the conversation she had with Barry on the train. P.S. thanks for using Abed’s cool cool cool in this article’s title!

  44. jj says:

    Gave up on this episode before the second commercial. Can’t stand Felicity.

    • brenna says:

      You are definitely in the minority on that.

      • Briggs says:

        He usually comes around to stir the hornet’s nest like that. Don’t feed the troll. I’m aware he might actually feel that way, but until he comes by and actually says that, I’m labeling him a troll. They usually don’t come back and defend themselves.

        • jj says:

          I am back and yes I actually feel this way. I stop watching Arrow because of Felicity. She was fine in Season but becomes whiny and unbearable in Season 2.

          I am also aware that I am in the minority. But still that’s my opinion.

  45. I loved seeing Emily Bett Rickards cross over as Felicity, it made for an extremely entertaining hour of television. And the wardrobe people seemed to be enjoying themselves as well, her outfits were totally on point. Also great to see Wentworth Miller on screen again.

  46. Alex says:

    I love that Wentworth is back and I can’t wait to see Ronnie return. On ships, I love Barry and Iris as friends/siblings but I just can’t ship them romantically. Its funny. I love Iris but I guess the whole “i’ve known you all my life, i loved you all along but you don’t see me” is kind of cliche to me. Also I just love their friendship and I don’t want that to change.

  47. Dramaqueen says:

    I think Felicity is kinda like to Barry What Diggle is to Oliver. They are better friends because she has at least an idea of what he is going through, she can be an advisor to him whether he wants it or not, plus she keeps superhero secrets every day. His team are n00bs and much more peppy then their kinda hole in the wall/ Starling city constantly on the brink of disaster by super evil people and Oliver’s grumpy cat like dimeanor– that she’s in love with. Barry needs a Felicity, just like Oliver needs Diggle. And he needs Felicity for sure but not in the same way. Barry has got the Hacking skills covered (Though not nearly as badasss)
    AND Wentworth Miller has always been hot, and he’s a hot Villian. Arrow has been lacking in the hot Villian’s .. I wish they would strut Harley Quinn, but they cut her out of the season finale of the second season. Cassidy Alexa Will get her day. Not just an easter Egg.

  48. Michele says:

    So far The Flash has been great! I thought Wentworth Miller was a great villian, looking forward to seeing him more.

    Now I’m also an Arrow fan and I like Oliver and Felicity together but I’m not opposed to a Felicity and Barry romance. However, the outfit she wore to Trivia Night was ridiculous. It was a great dress and Emily Bett Rickards looked fabulous in it but it was so inappropriate for where they were. It was still daylight out forgoodness sakes! I felt it was a terrible ploy to amp up the sexual tension between Felicity and Barry and fuel Iris’ encouragement of Barry asking Felicity out. They were fine on their own. They don’t seem to have the great sexual tension kind of relationship, there’s is more awkward/cute will they/won’t they go for it type relationship. When the writers weren’t forcing the UST the interactions between Barry and Felicity were great, especially the scene on the train and the kiss.

    Overall I thought it was a great episode and can’t wait for more!

  49. Nicky says:

    Oliver for Felicity and Iris for Barry. No question. <3