Sleepy Hollow Recap: 'Even God Thought the Devil Was Beautiful'

Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Recap

Ichabod has a breakthrough in this week’s Sleepy Hollow, and it just may mean the end of all of us.

No, I’m not talking about his dabbling in yoga nor his discovery of online gaming — though we will discuss those in detail in a moment. I mean his realization that he loves Henry, despite all of the malarkey the Cranes’ bent-on-evil son has caused.

When my dad decided not to go nuclear the time I somehow hooked the wheel well of my Honda onto the bumper of his Monte Carlo? That was love. When Ichabod weakens, however imperceptibly, his resolve to take out the Horseman of War… just because he’s his kid? That’s the kind of foolishness worthy of many Abbie Mills eye-rolls.

I’m getting so worked up, I might need a little cabin yoga to calm myself down. While I’m taking deep, cleansing breaths, let’s review what happens in “And the Abyss Gazes Back.”

Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Recap

THE LEFTENANT IN ME HONORS THE LEFTENANT IN YOU | The hour opens with the aforementioned yoga session, during which both Crane executes a not-bad-for-a-newbie handstand. (Abbie’s inversion looks great, too, but you get the feeling she’s done this before.) She explains that they’re gearing up for the battle against evil; apparently, evil is undone by tight abs and buns. By the way, Ichabod is absolutely scandalized by Abbie’s mention of the b-word; his preferred slang for tush is “double jug.” “For the record,” she informs him correctly, “‘double jug’ is much weirder than ‘buns.'” Also: A moment, please, for the glistening, yogawear-sporting Witnesses. Did I just wander into a Bikram studio, or is it hot in here?

Omchabod decides he wants no part of the practice (that’s smart, Crane; get out before the Lululemon addiction takes hold), and for all of his blustering and fussiness, Abbie sees that he’s still really torn up about Katrina’s duplicity. So Mills lets him choose their next stress-busting activity, and they wind up at the bar. (Side note: The show is really getting its money’s worth outta that set this season, eh?) (Another side note: How are we feeling about the unbinding of Ichabod’s hair as of late? Sometimes I get a Sully vibe, and I’m not sure how I feel about that. Anyone else?)

Abs and Ich have only taken a few swallows of their beers before a fight breaks out among the establishment’s patrons, and Lt. Abbie is all, “CAN’T I EVEN HAVE ONE MINUTE WITHOUT HAVING TO REGULATE?” But she intervenes and realizes that the guy causing the most problems is Sheriff Corbin’s son, Joe.

SAY IT AIN’T SO, JOE | Joe is a) recently honorably discharged from the Marines, who had him stationed in Afghanistan; b) a dead ringer for a young Clancy Brown; c) really not Abbie’s biggest fan. There’s a lot of jealousy there; in short, Joe feels like his dad loved Abbie more than he loved his own child. Or, in his own words, “You’re some charity case my dad took pity on, and you got him killed.” Ouch.

Speaking of getting killed: Abbie fields a call on the police radio that there’s a problem at a remote area called Pioneer Point. When she and Crane arrive, a giant beast-type thing takes a run at them. Then, they discover huge, animal-like footprints, two eviscerated corpses and an out-of-it Joe who rambles things like, “My dad knew” and “It’s gonna kill us all.”

MODERN, WOOD-DWELLING MONSTERS | Let’s save a lot of time here and just jump to the conclusion that Ichabod suspects right from that very moment: Joe is the beast that killed the two men. He’s a wendigo, a cannibalistic monster known in Shawnee legend and activated by the scent of human blood. Further, the sheriff left his son an “inheritance” that he needed kept safe: When the Witnesses track Joe to where he’s digging it up near Pioneer Point, Ichabod accidentally cuts himself, triggering young Corbin to transform. There’s a chase, and Ich nearly gets eaten, but Abbie’s tranquilizer-gun skils allow them to knock the wendigo down and chain him up in the Masonic cell.

Jenny feeds Joe some organs from a nearby med school’s cadaver lab, and he reverts to human form. (Side note: Who put the pants on him, do you think?) Corbin’s son relates that he received a letter dusted in white powder while stationed in Afghanistan. The missive said he was cursed — which seemed like a joke before he wendigoed-out and destroyed his platoon —  but he could reverse it by trading his dad’s artifact.

That powder? The Pied Piper’s ground-up flute. The letter’s sender? One Henry “Don’t Call Me Jeremy” Parrish, Esq. H.O.W. And the artifact in question is a bottle of a very lethal poison from China.

BESTING THE BEAST | Enter Hawley, who’s brought in because he knows some Shawnee who might be able to help. But they kinda hate him. So Ichabod accompanies him to what looks like SAMCRO: Native American edition, and they succeed in securing a cure for what ails Joe. But they’re too late: The men return to the cell to find that Henry has just walked right in (seriously, Witnesses?) with some armed goons and convinced Joe to come with him.

Henry, naturally, welches on his end of the deal. So everyone goes on a Wendi-Joe hunt, during which Ichabod and Abbie use themselves as bait. It’s well-established that Mills and Crane are friends and partners and adore each other, so why am I so touched at both Tom Mison’s reading of “Of course I’m coming with you!” and the gentle way she puts her hand on his chest before they run off to lure Joe out of hiding?

In the end, they manage to corner Joe and de-Wendigo him, though it’s a close thing and for a moment, Abbie thinks she may have to kill the offspring of her beloved mentor. Later, she agrees to write him a recommendation letter for Quantico. Not so sure how much weight a rec from someone who blew off their program is gonna carry, Joe, but more power to you.

Meanwhile, Ichabod raises his blood pressure with a first-person shooter game — I’m going to work “scurvy louse” into my insult repertoire ASAP — then informs Abbie that after chatting with Joe, “Now I must fight for my son.”Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Recap

That’s nice and all, Ich, but said son is at this very moment distilling the nasty Chinese poison into a magical (and, I’m assuming, rather lethal) spider that sidesteps its way into Katrina’s bed and crawls into her open mouth. Ick.

CRAZY IS AS CRAZY DOES | Meanwhile, over at Tarrytown Psychiatric, Henry has informed Irving that the drunk driver who put Macey in a wheelchair also is a patient (and another client of Henry’s). And if Irving wants to get out of signing away his soul, all he has to do is kill the man. It helps that the drunk driver is a jackass who’s not really all that sorry for ruining the Irving family’s life. Frank comes close, but has a flashback to that weird, apocalyptic vision he had in the library, and he stops himself from ending the man. Later, Irving calls Abbie and tells her everything. She reminds him that he’s a good man. “Even God thought the devil was beautiful before he fell,” Irving intones, asking Abbie not to let him down, then hanging up.Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Recap

Now it’s your turn. What was more amusing? Abbie’s mention of “hamburger double jugs” or Ichabod’s “arachnid fellow” reference during the superheroes discussion? Are you with me in my worry that Ichabod’s desire to treat Henry with love will be his undoing? For being this cool-guy, bounty-hunter type, isn’t Hawley rather bad at hiding his smittenness? (Photographic evidence at right.) Were you happy to have Clancy Brown back in the Hollow? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. The guy who played Joe Corbin and Zach Gilford need to play brothers in something, now. Maybe Corbin’s got a long-lost/illegitimate son somewhere?

  2. JenE says:

    I know I am being shallow here but I too loved Sully and his awesome hair. And very much enjoy when Ichabod has his hair down. That is what really sucked me into the pilot (drooling a bit), when Ichabod wakes up in present day and sees the asphalt for the first time. Very niiiiiiiice.

  3. Ian says:

    OK, so am I the only one who wanted Joe to pick Abbie up and swing her around there at the end instead of their little sibling-y shoulder check? I don’t even care about the age difference, Joe’s a man now (and boy is he ever. Zach’s got a good hard body), and they had so much chemistry all up and down this episode. I want some sweet, sweet Abbie/Joe lovin’. (P.S.: Hawley can go kick rocks. Stop sniffing around your f*** buddies’ sister, a-hole. Ugh. So nasty. And really, where does he think it could go? Abbie isn’t giving him a second glance, and even if she ever does, once she finds out about him and Jenny, she’s REALLY not going to give him the time of day.)

    LOVED seeing Clancy again so much! If they could bring someone back from the dead, it needs to be him. And Nicole did such a great job in the flashback. Abbie was so different back then.

    Cool plot with the Wendigo curse. And yay for loose threads coming together.

    • Joe E Dangerously says:

      Um, Hawley isn’t “sniffing around” anywhere. He’s there for the artifacts or whatever. And you call that “nasty” but you want to see a 30-year-old woman bang the kid she used to babysit? Wow… You’ve got problems.

      • Ian says:

        LOL, they pretty clearly established there that he’s REALLY in town for Abbie and he’d have skipped town by now if he’d gotten everything he wanted already.
        And yes, dveloping an attraction and romance between Abbie and Joe would be welcome, I never said I want the show to have them jump into bed together while it still feels like they’re surrogate older sister and younger brother. The Hawley thing is still epically gross though.

      • herman1959 says:

        By my calculations Abbie was about 15 when she babysat for Joe, and he was 9 which means she is now 30 and he is 24. It’s not so much of a difference when they’re both adults. A teenager and child – no; two young adults – yes.

  4. Amy says:

    The guy playing Joe Corbin could be Clancy Browns son

  5. Mo says:

    Good lord, give me all of the ichabod in workout wear please, whether hair is tied or loose.

    I too am quite concerned about his love for Henry. Touched also, but mostly concerned.

    Totally creeped out by creepy spider creeping on Katrina. Nothing good can come of creepy spiders.

    I am amused by Hawley’s smitten-ness, but glad Abbie doesn’t notice. Not sure how that’s going to play out because Jenny is sure as heck noticing it too.

    And bless the writers for the Sheriff Corbin flashback, and the casting directors for finding that “young Clancy Brown” to play his son.

    • Alichat says:

      I was rather surprised she didn’t wake up when the spider was crawling over her. I mean, you’re sleeping in the same house as the Headless Horseman…..and the dude has a temper, and is dying to make you the Queen of his apocalypse. I don’t know, maybe you shouldn’t be sleeping so soundly. And I was rather disappointed that they didn’t switch the Chinese poison out with a fake bottle. I would have covered all bases being the only person there with a guy that doesn’t really trust me all that much.

      • Joe E Dangerously says:

        You’d have to get a fake bottle that would pass for the one he’s looking for and fill it with a substance that at a glance would pass for the poison. Not as easy as it sounds.

        • Alichat says:

          Corn syrup watered down a bit, red food coloring, some bug bits from the backyard or bag ‘o bugs from the toy store. The hardest thing would be the bottle, but if Henry doesn’t know what it looked like originally, he might buy it. It would be hard, but I thought it odd that no one out of the four of them voiced concern….’maybe we should try to switch out the poison or hide it in case Joe doesn’t trust us and gives it to Henry.’ After everything that has happened, someone should have been the doubter.

      • herman1959 says:

        “the Queen of his apocalypse” – funny!

    • Angela says:

      Nothing good can come of creepy spiders.
      Amen to that.
      Yeah, my eyebrows shot up at Ichabod’s mention of still loving and caring for Henry, too. I understand his sentiments-a parent’s love for their child is a strong one, and no doubt he wants to set right all he’d missed with his son-but yeah. I suspect that Ichabod will come to regret those words sometime soon.

  6. juliebestry says:

    No love for Ichabod “winning” the breath-a-lyzer?

    • So much love! But I’ve gotta cut myself off somewhere, or this recap just turns into a transcript of the episode. — KR

      • To be fair, that was the least funny of his quips in this episode because what possessed him to play with a piece of equipment that he had no idea what it was for lol and could easily break?

    • Brigid says:

      I just laughed again at winning the breath-a-lyzer! That was so darn funny!

    • Angela says:

      Oh, yeah, that was good, too! Didn’t he say “I won.” or something like that?
      Loved the whole “buns” thing throughout the episode as well. I think I shall now refer to hamburger buns as “hamburger double jugs” :D.

  7. The most contrived hour of television this season, with a character we are supposed to care about because he’s the never before mentioned son of Corbin.

  8. Babybop says:

    This whole “trying to save Henry” thing is just a terrible idea… On a side note – does Hawley have any other clothes? I feel like he’s worn the same outfit every time we’ve seen him.

  9. Carla Krae says:

    Sully of Dr. Quinn was HOT.

  10. Coal says:

    Jenny is criminally under used this season, I miss kick butt, slightly unhinged, gun wielding, save the world Jenny not pining for a man/ one part of a potential love triangle Jenny that I’m seeing this season. Oh and #FreeFrank

    • BeaAnn says:


    • Katherine215 says:

      I totally agree! I miss Frank and Jenny so much. I was really hoping they were going for a team dynamic this season, but for the most part, it’s just been Ichabod and Abbie, with a smattering of Jenny and Hawley.
      I think I’m in the minority with Hawley, but I really kind of like him. He reminds me a bit of Han Solo circa Episode 4. Not a fan of the proposed love triangle, but I wouldn’t mind seeing him with Abbie. He’s a nice contrast to Ichabod, who, for me, has been acting like he’s got a stick up his @ss a little too much for my liking.

  11. ninamags says:

    So the Wendigo for the win!!

    It was also mentioned prominently in The Blacklist!!

    Of course, I first heard about that creature 10 YEARS ago on…. Supernatural!


    • BlueBelle says:

      First time I heard about a Wendigo: Charmed Season 1, when Piper is slashed/scratched by one when she has a flat tire and in a phone booth making a call. Later in the episode, she turns into one.

  12. B says:

    Hawley’s hot but I want Joe to stick around he’s fine!! Like Ian said Zach’s got a good hard body ; )

    • BeaAnn says:

      I was kind of disappointed when Joe said he wanted to follow in his dad’s footsteps and then said he wanted to go to Quantico. I was hoping he meant he wanted to stay in Sleepy Hollow and join the gang!! I hope he’ll be back to help later!!

  13. Amy H says:

    I really watch Sleepy Hollow for the Abbie/Ichabod dynamic. I love how they play off each other. As for Joe, “Hey, just got cured of being a Wendigo. Now I’m off to Quantico.” Really? Thought he’d stick around to fight the good fight.

    The breathalyzer bit was too funny. There are so many of those throwaway lines in this as Ichabod navigates the “new” world. I love it.

    • Angela says:

      I know they managed to save Joe here, but when he talked about going off to Quantico all I could think was, “‘Cause who doesn’t want someone who used to transform into a weird freaky creature with a thirst for blood working for the FBI?” It made me briefly wonder if this isn’t the last we see of Joe-like, Joe does go to work for the U.S. government, and somehow what had happened to him here ties into Henry and Moloch’s evil plans which eventually put our government at risk as well (’cause what better way to gain total power of a nation than to overthrow the government?).
      Could be totally wrong with that guess, too, but it’s an idea that intrigues me…

  14. Joanne says:

    Gotta move to Tarrytown! It’s just filled with hot, hunky men. OK, back to the show. Yes, the casting of Joe Corbin was genius, just another example of the incredible thought behind this production. Crane can wear his hair loose or back, he could be bald and he’s still the most gorgeous man ever. Love the angles of his face.

  15. flo says:

    I think the fan base is here for the wonderful Abbie/Ichabod dynamic. Romantic or not, its these two that keep the show watchable. You dont get compared to Mulder and Scully for nothing. They are clearly becoming closer, with Abbie no doubt teaching him about comics. Its precious.

    I too gagged a bit when Ichabod quickly defends his evil son, but I understand it. His guilt and sadness are what’s keeping his hope in Henry alive.

    I hate Hawley. Please make him go away. He’s out of place and just doesn’t fit in the team. I dont understand why he was brought in! He is doing what Jenny does and therefore taking away her screen time. And sorry, but Matt Barr has no chemistry with Nicole at all. He has more chemistry with Tom. And certainly not here for any surfer puppy boy who might cause a rift between the sisters.

    Yes. I loved Sully. Tom must be wearing Joe Lando’s old hair.

    • Angela says:

      Yeah, like the review said, the little moments between Crane and Abbie never fail to be heartwarming and sweet. I was all, “Awwww” when Crane said, “Of course I’m coming with you” to her.
      I don’t want Hawley to be a rift between Jenny and Abbie, either, but I’m still curious about him in the sense that I want to know which side he’s working for. He’s clearly a huckster, but he’s got skills that both sides would want and could use, so hopefully the show will reveal more about him in that regard as the season goes on.

  16. les says:

    Another great episode, the actors were brilliant and the plot was intriguing, hats off to all involved. Love this damn show!

  17. Danielle Nordahl says:

    I think I am only one who doesn’t mind Hawley and Abbie – and I am staunch Ichabod and Abbie shipper. It just sort of pisses me off that there are countless shows where male best friends or brothers fall for the same girl and she eventually has something with both of them, and no one is “disgusted”. Sure, I’m a little peeved a guy would come between their fragile relationship, but it makes sense when you think about how they are probably trying to play on that jealousy that Jenny had in the past with Abbie. There relationship isn’t completely mended and this could bring some great drama, which is what television is all about. Also, if Ichabod can have a wife that they have to save practically every episode, Abbie can have a little fun on the side to remind herself to live a little. Speaking of which, surprised no one brought up how obviously jealous Ichabod was when he walked in on Hawley and Abbie in the Archives. Sure, it could be a platonic jealousy, but those seeds usually bloom into something else.

  18. Mark says:

    I think the jincan is to turn her into pestilence or to force the horseman of death to perform the ritual or both

  19. Liza says:

    LOVE the loose, flowing hair on Ichabod!!!! And the reference to Sully? Awesome! Loved him too!