Grey's Anatomy Recap: Wife Support

If you were looking for a way to feel better about your relationship stat, this week’s Calzonacentric Grey’s Anatomy was for you! Over the course of the hour, the unhappy marrieds took turns seeing which of them could hit further below the belt. But at the end of “Bend & Break,” did they decide to bend for one another or break up? Keep reading and find out!

SHRINK RAP | Even with a referee counselor present, matters scarcely improved. For instance, when Arizona said that she gave up Africa to return to Callie — and her surprise baby with Mark — Torres accused her missus of accusing her of saddling Robbins with “a kid [she] never wanted.” And when Arizona complained that, anytime she attempted to make a decision about her life, Callie made her feel selfish, her better half retorted coldly, “I’m sorry. Did I make you feel selfish when you decided to sleep with another woman?”

When it became clear that all the couple was really taking away from therapy was an inclination to sarcastically start sentences with “I feel,” their therapist suggested that they take a break from one another. Callie was absolutely against it, arguing that they couldn’t grow closer by moving apart. But Arizona… she said that she wanted the break – say, 30 days?

The rules of Calzona’s in-home disengagement? Although they would still cohabitate and trade off parenting duties, they’d have separate quarters, refrain from having sex and not even speak except in case of emergencies. Since Callie was against the split to begin with, these conditions naturally left her fit to be tied. (If looks could kill, Arizona would’ve dropped dead when her wife walked in on her giggly study date with April!)

WORK RELEASE | At least, Callie and Arizona were able to distract themselves from their marital troubles at work. While the former seemed to bungle one case after another, the latter ticked off Alex by second-guessing his instincts. But, on the plus side, Arizona finally, finally managed to impress Dr. Herman (who at first preferred suck-up Ethan Haas from Masters of Sex).

As the break wore on, Mer sensed Callie’s stress – her fit in a supply closet was a great tipoff – and invited her out for drinks. Lots and lots of drinks. By the end of the night, they were so wasted that Mer was hilariously wondering aloud whether her true love had actually been Cristina. “Did you get excited by her vagina?” Callie asked. Since Mer’s answer was no, yeah, no. 

Speaking of getting excited by vaginas, when a blotto Callie got home, she and Arizona shared a kiss that very nearly turned into more. (It didn’t, but they still broke the no-sex rule badly enough that it set their days-separated count back to 1!)

OH, SHEET! | Two weeks into the break, Callie was able to talk about it with Mer without seeing red. And, when Callie slept in an on-call room after working on a patient fix all night with her gal pal, Arizona freaked, fearing her spouse was sleeping with someone else. And to have Arizona be so irrationally jealous, Callie admitted to their therapist, “feels nice.” Then it dawned on her: Could that be a sign that this cockamamie break is working?!?

Later, rules be damned, Callie seduced Arizona as she practiced performing surgery on a Jell-O mold, and to make it even hotter, they agreed not to tell their therapist. Unfortunately, that left Arizona unprepared to perform a surprise surgery the next day. “I thought you were special,” Dr. Herman spat after the debacle. “Today you embarrassed me.” What’s more, if Arizona screwed up again, Herman swore that she’d dump her.

POINT BREAK | After that tongue-lashing, Arizona might have blamed Callie for her predicament. (Who didn’t kinda think she would?) Instead, as the break came to a close, Arizona told her wife and their therapist that she was relieved that the separation was over, because “I need my anchor.”

Then, the other shoe dropped!

Callie revealed that she didn’t want to get back together. Having set right all of the cases that had troubled her over the course of her month (mostly) without Arizona, she said that she felt so free that “I don’t want to fix us anymore.” She loved Arizona but thought, “Maybe instead of loving you so hard… I should love me.” In any case, she wanted more for her wife “than being stuck with someone who feels stuck.”

And that, it appeared, was that.

OK, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Were you more surprised that Arizona wanted to remain in the marriage or that Callie didn’t? Hit the comments!

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  1. N says:

    I loved Callie!

  2. taahimar says:

    I kinda felt the breakup was coming after they showed the hot sex scene.. call it Shonda a la mode. :'(

  3. Sara says:

    Disapointing episode after last week.

  4. Caitlin says:

    I know that they are “over for now”, but I REALLY hope they aren’t “over forever”. Favorite couple of all time.

  5. A says:

    it broke my heart in two. As much as I think callie and arizona thrive separate… they are soulmates and they have proven they can overcome anything. Oh Shonda, why did you break them up….

  6. Babygate says:

    What frustrates me about this is not that they broke up. I thought that they should have broken up after Arizona cheated. What’s frustrating is that not one single one of their core issues was either identified or addressed. They were referenced but not explored. How exactly is it that Callie getting pregnant translated into her making a decision for Arizona? And, now Arizona says is not about the leg? What about her offer to cut off Callie’s leg? And what about Callie’s constant interruptions? And she made the first move only to be the one to walk away. And why is Arizona so off during the fellowship? Did she not realize that maybe she was better off without Callie considering that being with her caused her to be off her game the next day? And, didnt Arizona tell Callie once before that all she needed was her? Making the same declaration after wanting a six month break kind of invalidates the whole sentiment. This episode was not well written at all and that’s disappointing. The one thing this episode got right is that these two need a reset. Maybe now Callie can find someone that will appreciate her and not take her for granted. Unfortunately, they killed Mark off.

    • the girl says:

      The issues were identified and addressed, which is how you are able to name them. Perhaps not explored to the extent that they could have been but I feel like we have been exploring those issues ever since the plane crash, nothing about their problems is new. I appreciate that they handled it in one episode, giving them the entire episode rather than stretching it out over the season.

    • Mika02 says:

      That’s real life sometimes it’s not one thing in the marriage, sometimes it doesn’t make sense and some times it’s unfair where a break up is concern. That I thin was a testament to this weeks writing very real.

    • Meg says:

      Callie being pregnant meant that If Arizona wanted to be in a relationship with her she needed to be prepared to be involved in the child’s life, most likely in a parental capacity. Arizona, up to that point, didn’t want children. Arizona didn’t make the decision to have the baby with Callie like they discussed earlier this season.

  7. Robert says:

    As much as I love Callie and Arizona as a couple, they’ve grown apart over the last few seasons. It happens to a lot of couples. I’ll be curious to see them apart (dating others) and not fighting.

  8. Jenny says:

    Hope they’re done for good. Tired of their drama. I never liked Arizona for Callie, Callie deserves better.

    • Sofia says:

      I agree. Arizona has been projecting her dissatisfactions on Callie for so long that it became insufferable at this point. Now she’s free to find a new victim to project on.
      It was time for Callie to wave off on this huge selfish bitch. They never hit it off.

    • Mara says:

      Yes! This!

    • Anna says:

      Completely agree! I have been waiting for Callie to leave Arizona, and I am so glad that she got the chance to do the walking away. They have been fighting/fixing their relationship for the majority of the time they’ve been together, and Arizona was never good enough for Callie – she killed fun-Callie. I pray that Callie can find someone who will actually treat her well. I’ve been over selfish Arizona for years.

  9. Alichat says:

    I am ok with this break up.

  10. Sob says:


  11. Holly says:

    I hope this is the end of Calzona once and for all. They’re boring together and have zero chemistry. I like Callie and Arizona much better with other people. Arizona again needs a Lauren or Leah, and Callie should return to men. She and Mark were once my favorite characters on Grey’s and the reason I watched the show. I liked Callie with Erica, however.

  12. Rebecca says:

    I always felt they rushed back together, buying the house and burying their issues. I actually thought I missed an episode because it was glossed over. This feels more authentic and while nothing is forever in Shonda-land, thus feels right for now.

  13. sladewilson says:

    Saw that one coming a mile away. Especially when Callie and Mer started bonding over drinks. What would really be cool would be if it sticks. Please Shonda, make it stick. At least for a while. Bring in new love interests or at least close to it. Lets get back to some serious Greys fun now…

  14. Iris says:

    Dear Addison: I miss you. So. Much.

    But for your sake I sure do not hope Shonda drags you back to this sh-thole again. I’m so glad that you’re happy in LA. Please stay that way.

    • bar says:

      Why are you even saying that? There’s like a 0.000004% chance of Addison returning.

      • Matt says:

        I guess because she was referenced in the episode?

        Maybe next year if her show gets cancelled and if it’s Greys final season maybe she’ll comeback for final eps just like I hope Christina does

  15. Heather says:

    Always a huge fan of Callie but not Arizona. I never liked them as a couple. Callie needs someone better.

  16. tahina says:

    Owie is happening for sure..and maybe Lauren comes back for Arizona. :-(

  17. Grey's Fan says:

    Expect to see multiple mentions of Grey’s Anatomy in the “Quote of the Week” story for this week’s episode.
    It’s not called LGBQ for nothing. B is for bisexual not badass. It could be badass. (or something like that)
    “[Singing] Va, va, va, vagina. It’s so pretty. People should say it more.”
    “I’m going to go to plastics to remove you lips from my ass.”
    And, anything involving cheeseburgers.

    Am I the only one who hopes to see more friendships, more surgery and less on the romance on GA this season?

  18. Sutton says:

    There relationship was so played out, old, and totally boring. I’m happy they are over, and I hope they have hot new relationships soon!

  19. Lia says:

    Oh, the feels …

  20. JJ says:

    I stopped caring about 5 minutes into this. I just hope they stay broken up. I was hopeful after last season that this show would morph into focusing on the new intern’s lives. Instead this season is back to the Callie/Arizona drama (done season after season and to death) and more Meredith family drama (who has this many unknown siblings). The story lines are now really stale. Over and over and over done. What worked the first couple times to entice viewers won’t work forever. Time to go.

    • Sam says:

      I agree. Thankfully, I read this recap before watching. I watched the scenes with Callie and Meredith and the very last scene. Over and done in about ten minutes.

  21. Luli says:

    Meredith and Callie were hilarious!! I love this friendship. Also nice mentions of Addison (and Henry), Cristina, and even George!

    Excited for next episode, finally we’ll see more April and Jackson now that her mother is visiting her. And family dinner for Meredith!!

  22. galereeves says:

    well I will have to say this episode Was more shocking than losing the L Word (it really was a hurtful♡♡???

  23. Allison says:

    I enjoyed this episode of Grey’s Anatomy. I like the character/couple centric episodes they are doing. The breakup of Calzona was bittersweet. I do feel that they will most likely be better off apart. I would love to see Callie with a guy again; though she might take a break from guys and girls and just focus on being awesome and amazing in her career. I would love to see Arizona thrive in her fellowship and in time have a new love interest. Those two have hurt each other so much during the course of their relationship that ending it was a mercy to the characters and the fans who love them and have such fond memories of the love that used to be shared between Callie and Arizona. It is a mercy to end it so that the Calzona fans don’t have to watch them be at each other’s throats again and again and again. I cheer for them individually and If they find their way together again, great and if not, that is also great. I love the show and am bummed a new episode is not airing for 2 weeks!! Darn that ‘It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown’ special! Grrrrr!!!!

    • BlueBelle says:

      November Sweeps starts Wednesday, October 29th. The Great Pumpkin will get a better rating/share among the coveted young adults on Thursday, the day before Halloween, than Grey’s believe it or not. Remember it is all about the mighty dollar (which is what sweeps is about) when it comes to network executives.

  24. Sophod says:

    I’m glad they broke up. I couldn’t stand Callie in this episode. It’s like she makes everything about her. The speech Arizone gave in the beginning of the episode was so true. Callie always cuts her off, and this episode was the example of it.

    Like said above, they should have broke up earlier, now they dragged it through and it became miserable.

    • DoctorWhoFanatic says:

      Callie is a selfish jerk. She always has been, always will be. People blame Arizona for everything and call her selfish — and I agree that cheating was unacceptable — but even now Callie refuses to see how HER behavior has helped lead them to this point. I can’t stand her anymore.

      • RLH says:

        I am SO glad I am not the only one who feels this way! I have always thought Callie was overbearing and suffocating, not Arizona.

        • DoctorWhoFanatic says:

          I’m glad someone else sees it too. I love Callie, she’s a great character, but in relationships she is selfish, stifling, and self-absorbed, and I’m so over Arizona getting all the hate.

          • did you guys fail to notice that Callie has been there for Arizona through thick and thin.. She was there for her when Arizona had her leg cut off, when Arizona cheated on her, when Arizona wanted a new house.. she did everything Arizona asked off her and now when she comes to think for herself you think she is selfish?
            in my opinion, they are better off apart and I hope they work it all out and find their own ground in the world..

      • Sam says:

        Honestly I think that Callie has suffered but Arizona has gone through more. Since the crash Callie and Arizona have drifted apart. But why promise Arizona something you can’t keep? Why play with her feelings and then take her leg way? So I totally I grew with Callie being selfish and also didn’t she cheat on Gorge with mark? Because if I’m correct that Callie is being a hypocrite.

  25. NickRNZ says:

    I don’t think they are done for good.

    HOWEVER during the separation Callie is going to hook up with Owen (remember that what if episode?) and fall pregnant. Callie and Arizona will then get back together just in time for Callie to find out she’s pregnant.
    Owen gets to be a Dad, only for him to die horribly in a plane crash or something…

    Sounds awfully familiar, but why not?!
    Ok maybe I got a bit carried away =)

  26. Yolanda says:

    Bring back Erica Hahn for Callie. They were perfect together.

  27. Alia says:

    I tired of Calzona’s drama.

  28. Alia says:

    I like Callie/Owen.

  29. Lies says:

    Single callie is back! I feel sad about the breakup, but callie is a lot more fun when she is single. I miss mark, i think they still made a mistake to kill him. It would have been a lot better if he took a job somewhere else because he couldn’t stop thinking about lexi in that hospital. He could have start his own buisness in the same city right? that way he could still see his child. But never mind, it was a great episode. Hope we get to see jackson and april back soon because it has been to long!

  30. TinLV says:

    I figured Calzona would break up, I just thought it would be Arizona that called it quits. I was rooting for them to make it, but its more realistic if they break up. Anyone think Callie and Owen will be the next couple ?

  31. jen brown says:

    I really liked the meredith/Callie drinking and bonding. Can we explore that more?

  32. ggny says:

    Callie and Owen are gonna end up together. Ill bet on it

  33. Tennisnsun says:

    I was totally bored after last week’s outstanding episode. Much more interesting to skip around among the Drs. stories than to focus on those two for an hour.

  34. Jan says:

    Yes, to your last question. Loved the scenes with Callie and Mer. Agree with those who want more emphasis on friendships than romantic relationships. HATE Dr. Herman; can she leave, already?

  35. Brock says:

    By far the best hour of TV this season. I loved it. Was NOT happy with the ending, but I knew as soon as Callie did, it was over. It was EMMY worthy, for me. Those two were BRILLIANT!

  36. Reese says:

    I was only upset that their break up didn’t happen sooner! I suppose this was more realistic though – they’ve been together for a while and they have a child and all that, which makes it much harder to just drop a relationship and walk away.

  37. ShariaLynn says:

    Im glad they broke up. Callie used to be bad @$$ and fun. Homeless, but fun! Even after George she had a snappy attitude. Shes been so boring since Arizona. I hope they pump her back up.

  38. Ah says:

    It’s actually still bothering me today. They need to get back together they are the best couple and I’m sorry I know calie loves Arizona for a fact she just did something on her own that dosent mean you drop a whole marriage. That’s marriage you don’t always do it together like figuer things out at work But you are together you talk About that later and just make it work I don’t believe in falling out of love with someone you either are or your not and if they didn’t try to fix eachother and take one another for who they are it will be fine ! Ugh just I want them back together already. It all makes me sad :(

  39. clair says:

    Love them to bits hope it’s not for good. Love them stax

  40. Marie says:

    I am so sick of Callie. She used to be a fun character, but over time has evolved into a state of constant Poor Poor Pitiful Me. I hope this is the start of something different.

  41. sierra says:

    They need to get back together! I will not like the episode if they don’t.

  42. Sam says:

    Callie was amazing! Hope she finds someone else. It’s good that she realized the relationship was over.

  43. gil2.0. says:

    Arizona is gorgeous and so is callie… Theyve been through rough times and survive… so i find this ironic to be too simple for the break up. They could grow apart for maybe a few episode and it will awesomely wonderful to see them back together. They are one great ambassador of making the viewers still believe on survivng marriage despite devastating issues.. I WANT THEM BACK TOGETHER. THEY ARE MY PERSON :( I MISSED THEM TOGETHER ..

  44. erica says:

    Ok so i am i the only one who sees chemistry between Callie and Owen??

  45. Blessed says:

    So glad they’re over!! Arizona way too needy!!

  46. Ms. R says:

    Glad that they finally broke up, I’m so tired of their drama already! There’s no married couple who fights with each other most of the time right? Hell, that’s ridiculous! They should’ve been broke up since Arizona cheated on Lauren (or what some people called her Bitchwell. Lol) I like Dr. Robbins, but not Arizona. She’s being unfair & she keeps blaming most of the faults in their relationship to Callie and she’s been cheated to her wife TWICE! I want to see Callie be happy again & ‘dance in her underwear’ bcs Arizona just ripped off the happiness from Callie. Please Shonda, just break them apart & let them dating with someone else bcs Callie deserve someone better than her. Period.

  47. Ms. R says:

    Glad that they finally broke up, I’m so tired of their drama already! There’s no married couple who fights with each other most of the time right? Hell, that’s ridiculous! They should’ve been broke up since Arizona cheated on Lauren (or what some people called her Bitchwell. Lol) I like Dr. Robbins, but not Arizona. She’s being unfair & she keeps blaming most of the faults in their relationship to Callie and she’s been cheated to her wife TWICE! I want to see Callie be happy again & ‘dance in her underwear’ bcs Arizona just ripped off the happiness from Callie. Please Shonda, just break them apart & let them dating with someone else bcs Callie deserve someone better than her. Period. #teamCallie

  48. carla says:

    This is marriage ups and downs we all grow every year. What made us fall in love, They are two Doctors who enjoy there job they put there job first. Every time Callie had a problem with Arizona she ran to Mark. Callie wanted a kid but Arizona didn’t. Callie always wanted her way. We all have that person in our marriage that is the one who is the fixer upper. Its not that they didn’t love each other they both are head strong. They both wanted there job and more of it. We both have to give and take. Sometimes one partner might have to give up there wants to stay marriage Shonda made it hard for both of them. Shonda said they cant always be happy, I think Shonda took Callie and Arizona to far. They had a lot put on them. PTSD does change a person plus losing a leg some people are stronger some are not. Look at our Veterans coming home from war the ones who have PTSD they cant talk to there love one or there family. Some leave because of what they had to do in war. Arizona loosed her leg plus saw workers die. This is a show but how can anyone go threw this without changing. I do believe if there is a season 12, I would have Callie and Arizona find there way back to each other. I think all of the cast should have happiness. Season 12 should be it the cast are all changing you don’t see the warm and glowing. When cast like Yang lift it was hard and to see if other cast leave it will damage the show. Life does go on we have to make are marriages alive. Love the one your with it is easy to walk out. Shonda kills the best couples in love to bad for the show, Greys will be done unless she brings Callie and Arizona back to each other and MER. and Der.

  49. what’s needed here is a new love interest whose not a doctor,twentyfour seven will kill any relationship..find calli a beautiful butch ,.rich, world traveler, etc