Supernatural May Introduce Retooled Spin-Off Over Multiple Episodes

Supernatural Spin-Off

If The CW takes another stab at a Supernatural spin-off, the new characters may appear in more than one episode of the long-running drama.

While last season’s attempt at an offshoot, Supernatural: Bloodlines, introduced its cast and plot during the course of one hour, showrunner Jeremy Carver tells TVLine that one of his takeaways from the backdoor pilot — which didn’t ultimately go to series — is to spend more time establishing the ensemble.

“I think maybe one lesson would be to take a couple episodes to introduce some of your new characters to the fandom so the fandom could get used to them and is rooting for them,” he says.

Supernatural Spin-Off SpoilersCarver may get his chance to win over the fans. Although Bloodlines was not picked up, the network “would love to get another Supernatural spin-off [on the air],” CW president Mark Pedowitz said during the Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour this past July.

“The support they give us is incredible,” creator Eric Kripke says, adding that Pedowitz “definitely” still wants to make the project a reality. “I think there’s a real opening if we can come up with it.”

Adds Carver: “It’s definitely something we’re actively discussing… So many stories have been told. So if anything, it makes it a bit more difficult to get it right. But it’s definitely something we keep on discussing.”

At the moment, the premise of a potential new series is just in the “thinking” stages, Kripke notes.

“Our feeling on the spin-off is we want to do it if the idea is right,” he explains. “We want to do it if it’s something we’re really excited about and it’s a corner of the universe we haven’t seen yet. We don’t want to do it just to jam a piece of business through. We want to do it if we’re going to come up with something that’s as good as the mothership… Me and [executive producer] Bob [Singer] and Jeremy [Carver] and stars Jared [Padalecki] and Jensen [Ackles], we all decided that it just has to be idea first. If it’s not an idea that we’re all totally in love with, we’re not going to do it.”

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  1. Lyle Chipperson says:

    What’s that? A spinoff? Why not a spinon? Tss.

  2. Drew says:

    The story behind Bloodlines sucked and didn’t fit with the established series. I’m glad that it was kept to one episode that I can easily pretend never existed.
    The show does keep introducing characters that I would love to see more of, like Cole, the Men of Letters in the old days, the werewolf girl that they let go a couple of seasons ago, the Golem… The thing is, I will not care about monsters. Supernatural I’d about hunting monsters, not feeling sorry for them. I don’t want The Vampire Diaries or The Originals, and that is what Bloodlines offered.
    There are a hundred spinoff ideas that could work. They don’t need to force a new story on us. They just have to look at what they’ve already established.

  3. TDS-Matt says:

    Another thing that might help is it not being utterly terribly.

  4. CBWBDK1 says:

    Stop with the spin-off BS! That bloodlines episode was just horrible!!

  5. Jerry says:

    It definitely has to be the right characters. Unfortunately Supernatural has killed off a lot of potential options. You could give me an hour of “Bobby Singer’s Garage” and Id watch it.

    • Jane says:

      Yes. I miss Bobby so much. He would have just smacked the Demon out of Dean and called Sam and Dean idjits for letting things get so messed up

      • aliceincalifornialand says:

        LOL! What a fantastic thought!
        I can see it now, Bobby was splendid. I personally, love Supernatural so much, (see my email address) I do not need a spin-off, but if one has to be made, please do it right! Sam, Dean, Castiel, and yes, Crowley, deserve only the best.

  6. tebe says:

    Make a spinoff about Jody Mills :3 How she gets a job in a new town and suddenly falls in the middle of mystery :3 I’d watch sh*t out of that :3

  7. Giacinta says:

    They’re joking!
    Carver isn’t capable of comiing up with anything decent.
    Bloodlines had to be the worst pilot for a spin-off ever. Pathetic!

    TPTB just don’t understand that Sam and Dean made Supernatural a success,

    Just leave SPN alone and come up with another show that s not touted as a spinoff!

  8. Morgan says:

    Or you could use already established characters for your spin-off that are already fan favourites. I know she’ll be back in an episode this season, but I kind of want to see more of Charlie and Dorothy in Oz.

    • alistaircrane says:

      I love Oz but didn’t like Supernatural’s take on it. Charlie or Jody Mills could headline their own spinoff, though.

      • Patrick says:

        Maybe. You have to be careful of going into what I call the “SNL Abyss.” That is where an amusing idea is stretched into a skit that is too long, or a repeat skit (or character). In other words, if a little is good, that doesn’t necessarily mean that more would be better.

        Take Charlie. Most of her appearances have dealt with lighter fare, wherein Felicia Day delivers some well meaning awkwardness that is funny, and charming, and just fantastic.

        But it might get real old over the course of an entire season that focused on her. I think her character would make for a great sitcom, but IDK about an hour long series.

        The guy above got it right. Its Sam and Dean. Those characters (ie the actors that play them), as well as shaky show development, has kept SPN on the air. It isn’t the stories, some of which have been ludicrous. It is the characters and the actors that play them.

        That said, of course they want a spin off. They are paying Sam and Dean a fortune to do the show. Far more than what a middling hit would normally have to pay out. They want a successful spin off because it can be made for a fraction of what they are paying S and D.

  9. Will says:

    maybe they can spin Castiel off and away…

  10. Linda says:

    Well I finally got something to post…I’ve been trying to leave comments and nothing has gone through

    • Linda says:

      Purgatory with all the monsters/creatures that the Winchesters and other hunters have killed, earlier MoL with Henry, preseason young John and Mary, Samuel Colt and Wild West..there are so many Supernatural characters that the fans have loved that can be revisited.

    • Drew says:

      What is with that? It gets annoying after a while.

  11. Charissa says:

    Just stop trying to introduce new characters and give us a spinoff with Matt Cohen as young John. I’m pretty sure fans would watch that.

  12. Becky says:

    Bobby Singer prequel.

  13. Anonymous says:

    There should be a spinoff of a demon turned good and a human friend encounters with demons and other monsters.

  14. AK says:

    I like the idea of a Supernatural prequel with young John, Bobby, Pastor Jim, Ellen, etc.

    • Brinx says:

      That definitely sounds like something I would watch!!! (Maybe John raising his boys making him into more of a sympathetic character.)

      Also I want the story behind Cole hunting Dean. There are twelve years we don’t know about. Seeing Dean Winchester be killed first by the police by then by the FBI then come back and killed by police when he was a serial killer with his brother. How did Cole explain this? How did Cole track down Dean? All leading up to where we met him in season 10, the last episode would be the phone call with Sam’s location.

      (The Winchesters have been in the news a lot, he would have to make sense of it somehow.)

  15. Rachel Eckstein says:


  16. Garth, Charlie, Jody, Crowley – any and all of these would make into an excellent spin-off. Got to give us characters we care about and like.

  17. scribe says:

    Cas and Crow _The story of an angel and a demon traveling in a Winnebago discovering their humanity while in a quest to teach people the difference between good and evil, one bar and selfie at a time.:-)

  18. mac says:

    Just spin-off Cas into his own show…
    He can carry it!

    • Matt the Bruins fan says:

      Yeah, because his subplot with Hannah has been such riveting viewing this season… I’m sure 42 minutes of that every week would be a huge success.

      The problem is the show has killed off most of the characters interesting enough to build a spinoff around (Ellen, Jo, Rufus, Bobby) and can’t afford to lose any of the recurring ones it has left. Introducing a bunch of new characters in an obvious backdoor pilot that marginalizes the stars of the parent show just isn’t going to fly, whether they stretch it out over a couple of episodes or not.

  19. Jared says:

    The main reason why Supernatural is so popular is because of the chemistry between Jared and Jensen. That’s definitely gonna be hard to replicate in a spinoff unless they spinoff a popular character already established in the original series.

  20. The best forgotten they could use in a spin-off would be a growing-up half human-half demon Jesse Turner! That would blow my mind.

  21. Ugh bloodlines was horrible because all the great things of Supernatural were missing. Instead of great music, it had cheesy music. Instead of sarcastic, fun, characters, everyone was way too serious. Also, too many entitled kids. And the whole Romeo and Juliet thing? Yuck. Why can’t we have Bobby Singer takes over Heaven spinoff. Or Charlie in Oz? Does it have to be in reality? Does it have to be entitled, useless kids? Don’t just spend more time putting them into the show, make them characters that aren’t the opposite of everything supernatural is. If these characters had showed up in a real episode of supernatural, they’d have been hunted or eaten, or both.

    • Sheila says:

      Bloodlines was a typical CW show: pretty people who can’t really act and pointless plots. Supernatural has good actors with chemistry and good writing.

  22. Great ideas. I’m really pleased to see that it looks like Kripke will have a more active role in this spinoff attempt, and that Jared and Jensen are being consulted this time around. I’d love to see Jared and Jensen have producer credit on the spinoff–they know the original show far better than anyone else still actively involved with the show at this point, and they could, hopefully, prevent some of the truly disastrous missteps from the previous effort.

    I’m also pleased that they want to tie the spinoff more closely to the original show, and I truly hope that means no more destruction of canon to fit it in. One of my biggest problems with the Bloodlines spinoff was the way they warped Supernatural canon, and the other was that I had no investment whatsoever in any of these characters. That’s understandable for a completely new show, but if you’re going to put Supernatural’s name on this show then make it recognizable as Supernatural. I’m a huge fan, have been since S1, but I’m not going to watch and partake in a new show JUST because you want to slap the Supernatural label on it. It’s an incredible waste of 10 seasons of history and world building. Supernatural has a vast assortment of characters, unfinished stories, and ideas to build on–if you want Supernatural fans to love your new show, USE THEM.

  23. Toni Basilio says:

    As Long As There Are More Supernatural Seasons In The Future I Don’t Care!! I Mean Lassie Ran 19 Years!!! Jensen & Jared Make This Show & Need To Stay Together! Maybe Cole Hunting Dean/ Sam, Or Men Of Letters, Anything That’ll Keep Sam & Dean ( JA&JP) Together! Long Live Supernatural!

  24. Jenna says:

    They just don’t get it, do they? They don’t need to INTRODUCE new characters. They already have so many awesome characters that they could create a new show around. Sheriff Mills, Charlie Bradbury, etc. – those would all guarantee a success. My personal favorite would be this: Bring back Gabriel, Lucifer, Michael, Zach, maybe even throw in Castiel as the lead. Then let the spin off deal with the angel plotline. And have Sam and Dean go back to the urban legend related family business (because I miss those!) instead of being side-character-puppets in the angel-demon war. It’s a win-win, and I’d certainly watch both shows. Probably enjoy them more than the current plot direction of SPN.

    • Toni Basilio says:

      Yes! I Guess I Really Miss The ghost hunting monster chasing and urban legends stuff too! vampires werewolves wItches And all that stuff love it! I just love jared and Jensen together and the sam/dean characters absolutely rock and honestly I hope that they never ever go away

    • LeAnn says:

      I’d watch an angel spinoff with an ensemble cast, no one lead. Bring in Gabriel, Lucifer, Michael, Raphael, etc.. Spin Crowley and Castiel off to it and I’d watch in a heart beat.

  25. Toni Basilio says:

    Yes! I Guess I Really Miss The ghost hunting monster chasing and urban legends stuff too! vampires werewolves wItches And all that stuff love it! I just love jared and Jensen together and the sam/dean characters absolutely rock and honestly I hope that they never ever go away

  26. Giacinta says:

    The only spin-off I would ever consider watching would be a prequel.

    The story of the Winchesters from the moment we saw John sitting on the Impala with little Dean and Baby Sammy in his arms.

    There would be tons of stories to tell, how John found out about the supernatural by going to Missouri, how he coped with being a solo parent, how he started to train the boys, how Dean had to bring Sam up practically on his own, moving around from school to school, Sam and Dean’s first hunts, etc, etc

    Then we could explore the characters of a younger Bobby, Pastor Jim, Caleb.
    Even Meg, Lilith and Azazel could be in it as they are old demons, maybe Lilith in a kid’s meat suit going to school with Sammy or Dean in incognito, to check up on them.

    There is so much that could be done and it would still be about Sam and Dean.

    • christina says:

      I was just about to type this and then u beat me to it. A prequal!!!

      • jag says:

        Ive written a comment here and it stuck to me a prequel will be the best option.Mine involve the days of john and moma Winchester still young and just about to meet.

    • Traci says:

      Love this idea!

    • Vic says:

      This is probably the only spinoff that would interest me, because it could still be Sam-Dean-centric and Dean’s humor could still be included.

      I have no idea how the series is going to end, but personally, I think that Gabrielle/Loki is God ; )

      A prequel that includes the key characters from Supernatural, with glimpses of how Gabriel/Loki/God played a part in everything would be, to quote one of my favorite hunters, “awesome.”

  27. joey meana says:

    I would have like something with Tessa and reapers. The four horsemen, death was my favorite. Archangel Gabriel story, his relationship with Lucifer and why he decided to live ass a trickster. I liked charlie but I think it was the chemistry between her and dean that made her enjoyable, so not sure how she would be without him but it would be interesting to see. I still want meg and can to run away together. There were so many strong characters that were killed off but that shouldn’t stop prequels.

  28. In a show with a pile of deceased fan-favorite characters and a penchant for bringing people back from the dead, I don’t know why they want to go the “let’s make new characters” route. Unless it’s just that none of those fan-favorite characters are played by actors that want to carry a show full time.

  29. The biggest problem with Bloodlines, other than the fact that, quite frankly, it sucked, is that they used the term spin off. It wasn’t a spin off. Mork and Mindy was a spin off, Laverne and Shirley was a spin off, Trapper John, MD was a spin off …yeah I know, I’m old. There were no known, favorite or previously used characters (from SPN) in Bloodlines. A spin off would be taking Garth or Charlie or The GhostFacers, or Crowley, or a young John Winchester (MOL) etc and making a show around them. Bloodlines was just another, cater to the young crowd, vampire show. Also, it didn’t have the “feel” of SPN. It was too “slick and shiny”. SPN fans will know exactly what I mean. The whole time I (painfully) watched, I sat there wondering why Sam and Dean were even there and how this could, by any stretch of the imagination, be considered a “spin off”. We SPN fans gave it our best shot out of loyalty but I’m sorry, Bloodlines was a huge disappointment.

    • ohhhhhhhhh yes…use Jody Mills for a spin off!!!

    • Jay says:

      I’m so glad that you said that. It was WAY too clean, too “CW”. Most people don’t remember that Supernatural is older than the CW channel, originally a WB show. The whole time I watched the show, I became progressively annoyed throughout the episode. There is no gritty, in the trenches feel that we got from Supernatural, yet there was supposed to be a war brewing.

  30. Kady says:

    I agree with those who have said that the reason why SPN has worked is largely due to Jared and Jensen, and their chemistry. Find that again, or give us a show about already established characters we love and want to see more of, and they might have something to work with. MoL, or young John and Mary are my suggestions.

  31. GhostWolf says:

    They really don’t get it and didn’t learn anything from the c**p known as Bloodlines which was a total wasted episode. Use what is established such as the Men of Letters or current or past characters – why stay with the current timeline but have it as a prequel spin-off. If they are going to do what they did last time then don’t bother. Still won’t watch.

  32. My vote is for a Cain and Abel spin-off. You already have Cain, you just need Abel. An Angel and Demon hunting monster’s together would be totally awesome.

  33. Carver and Co are so dumb why create new characters for a spin off when we have a multitude of loved characters i would love a Cas and Crowley spin off both angel and demon forced to work together to keep rogue angels and rebellous demons from upsetting the natural order throw in a few leviathans not the boring corparation types but crazed killers to keep Cas and Crowley on their toes

  34. Derrick Williams says:

    A spin-off about Cain would be awesome or introduce him as a series regular!

  35. Charissa29 says:

    If you include recurring Charlie, Cas and Crowley. Hell, I’d watch Charlie, Cas and Crowley argue over where to go for dinner!

  36. Felicia Day – Charlies spin off or a Men of Letters style show would work.

  37. Better yet, Supernatural Horror Story. Hey it could work :)

  38. Rowan says:

    They should just do a men of letters spin off. That way they can have henry Winchester involved and it’s something we care about – somewhat of an “origin” story to the winchesters. I asked Gil McKinney who plays Henry at a con this weekend whether it’s something he would be up for and he seemed fond of the idea. Sort it out CW!

  39. mtlemons says:

    If they are smart they wouldn’t even try to get us interested in the bloodlines characters now over a series of episodes because we have all already decided that we hate them. It’s over, they blew that idea, it’s done! If that’s what they wanted to do they should’ve done it in the first place cuz now we will never like them or any episode that those characters may be in in the future!
    There are plenty of good ideas in these comments. They know what we want and what we will watch so what’s the problem?! Oh, it’s that they want MORE than just the supernatural fan base to watch, they want to have the teenie boppers to watch it too! Well it doesn’t work that way……. give us what we want or don’t put the supernatural name on it!
    (Rant concluded)

  40. Katie says:

    Firstly, I am a huge Cas girl, and there’s no way Cas can carry his own show. I love him to death, he’s my favorite character, but that brand of quirkiness won’t live for too long and they’d be forced to change his character into something more run-of-the-mill, and take away what makes him Cas. And frankly, most Cas fans love his friendship with Dean – no one (watching for Cas, anyway) would want to see them ‘break up.’
    Really what they should do is accept that the Supernatural fanbase is primarily women, and capitalize on that. As in, oh, I don’t know, maybe make a female lead? Someone above me suggested a Charlie “men of letters” idea and that sounds fantastic! If Felicia Day isn’t available to lead a television show, they could use Claire Novak, since we know she’s going to be in at least one episode this season. Or Kate, the girl from Bitten. I loved that episode.
    I, for one, would never watch a prequel show. Like, that just doesn’t interest me at all.

  41. Jennifer Rodriguez says:

    I think the Ghostfacers would be an amazing spin-off.

  42. Anne says:

    I think the spin off should be about Sam & Dean’s early years,like After School Special or Bad Boys,just following how they grew up and what not. Bring back,Colin Ford and Brock Kelly.

  43. danny says:

    Supernatural: Roadhouse
    now that’s a good spinoff!

  44. For crying out loud – you’ve got a spinoff with the farm and boys’ home from “bad boys”. think about it. RAWR!

  45. Christine says:

    I would watch a Charlie spinoff in Oz, but I bet there are a ton of copyrighted things that would make that difficult. I think the best would be Garth. I love him. Then again, a prequel Men of Letters would be interesting and retro storytelling seems to be an in-thing right now.

    Bloodlines was awful. Just watching it made me feel uncomfortable.

  46. Lauren says:

    I initially thought Tracy Bell was going to in the reported spin off–then they announced it was going to be about Clans–then the backdoor pilot aired and sucked. Let’s not mention that episode ever.

    They can make another spin off with Jody, Charlie, Garth and Tracy. Or, they can give Hannah and Cas their own show ’cause the Angels need to go.

  47. Davina says:

    I’d watch a spinoff with Crissy and her crew. That might be interesting. That actress really held her own with Jared and Jensen. It would also be realistic for them to stop by every now and then.

  48. Lori says:

    Instead of a spin-off, they just need to quit messing around and start up a new show that stars Felicia Day!!!!!

  49. Ella says:

    No more spin-offs! Focus on making the original show even more awesome. Like season 5 awesome.

  50. Pat says:

    That spin off was the worst episode of supernatural, if you can call it that, in 10 years.